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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ JUMIN !!
Jumin gives gifts and acts of service. The revolving door of women his father brought in and out of his life profoundly impacted Jumin's view of love. He hardened himself to the idea of it all, closing his emotions off in order to protect himself. Allowing himself to feel, to love and be loved in turn, is a foreign concept to him. However, Jumin is well accustomed to offering physical things as a means of showing appreciation; so giving gifts is a natural part of his immediate range. The same goes for providing acts of service. He's long been seen as the capable businessman, secure in his ability to complete tasks efficiently, so actively doing things for you comes easily to him. Jumin presents you with flowers often, and buys you new jewelry every few weeks. He also indulges you in your hobbies, giving you things to support your endeavors in order to silently cheer you on when words don't come as easily. He offers to help you even when it's clear you don't need it, —just to be sure, and he's on top of every chore and every need you share with him.
Jumin likes to receive quality time & words of affirmation. As a businessman, Jumin knows how precious time is. He's worked against thousands of deadlines by this point in his life, —has set a thousand more in turn, and understands the importance of punctuality and diligence. By no means is his interpersonal relationship standard different in that regard. He feels loved and special when you actively make time for him, because he knows that when someone does that, it's because they care. A lot. Jumin has many insecurities about being in a romantic relationship, worried that he might make one wrong move and watch the foundation crumble. More than anything, he fears being alone. However, those worries can be quenched easily enough by some softly spoken words. Whisper in his ear when he's almost asleep, —pull him in and kiss at the shell of his ear before telling him you're thankful for all the things he's done for you. Shower him in praise every once and a while; let him bask in it. Offering words of affirmation to him will let him know he's doing alright, especially on the days when he feels inadequate as a lover, will go more than a long way. It doesn't take much to soothe him down when it comes from you.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ YOOSUNG !!
Yoosung gives physical touch. He's far from shy about loving you. In fact, Yoosung is beyond proud to have you by his side. He really feels like he hit the jackpot with you, —admires you as a person as much as he loves you as a partner. He thinks you're the best, sweetest, most capable person in the entire world, and he shows all of that through lots of varying physical means. Whenever the two of you go out together, his hand is sure to slip its way into your own very quickly. Behind closed doors, he's infinitely clingier. Not that he doesn't understand personal space, and he'll be sure to give it to you if you express that you need it, but Yoosung's main and most prominent love language is physical touch, and he'd like to be near you as often as possible. It doesn't have to be overt: something as simple as sitting close together with your knees resting against one another's is something he'll offer to show he loves you. More than anything, he likes to give you hugs, —the kind that feel a little crushing at first until you relax into them. The warm kind that make you feel safe. Yoosung likes to play with your fingers and hair, likes to trail his fingers down your arms when you're resting against him. He'll press kisses wherever he can: your knuckles, the crown of your head, your cheeks, your forehead, —you name it.
Yoosung likes to receive words of affirmation. All things considered, Yoosung is by no means a demanding partner. In fact, he expects very little from you and would never press for something you were unwilling to give. Still, even someone like him, who comes across as very happy-go-lucky and aloof, needs reassurance every once in a while. In reality, he might need it more than most. He might not show it, but insecurity eats him alive at night, keeps him awake. It doesn't have to be gushing praise, —it doesn't even have to be overwhelmingly overt. Just small acknowledgments in tiny increments, like telling him he should rest because he worked hard today or reminding him to eat properly because he needs to take care of himself. Compliments about his appearance are the least needed since Yoosung isn't much concerned with looks of all things, but he does like to be told that he's handsome, and even if being called "cute" isn't favorable from others, he likes it when you say it. When it comes from you, it doesn't feel condescending, and it doesn't feel like you're speaking down to him or downplaying his maturity. It just makes him smile.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ JIHYUN !!
Jihyun gives quality time + acts of service. Guilt runs deep, and Jihyun has not shed the skin of the man he used to be. He has yet to grow into the new flesh of the person he's always yearned to be. He hesitates to touch or offer words of affirmation, lest he make a mistake. But he feels most confident when you sit alongside him; when you watch him work, sit somewhere in the distance and let him take candid pictures of you that he treasures. That quality time fuels him, gives him hope for a brighter future; one where the stars never fail to shine. He likes to feel your presence, even if only from a distance sometimes. Jihyun also goes out of his way to be kind, not out of obligation, but out of desire. When you smile, he feels the warmth of the sun on his skin, —and he seeks to bathe in it for as long as you'll allow. So, he makes you tea or coffee in the mornings, memorizes all your favorite add-ins and the exact amounts you prefer. He pays close attention to the things you enjoy and will offer to help whenever he gets the opportunity. He would go to the ends of the Earth for you if the need arose, but for now, he hopes this freshly prepared lunch is enough to show his love.
Jihyun likes to receive quality time. Since brushing death, Jihyun has come to realize that life is short. In realizing that, he likes to take your time, even if that seems selfish at points. He wants nothing more than for you to be with him, no matter what either of you are doing. He's happy to sit in a silent room with you as you read or finish up some work. All he wants is to be near you. Sometimes, he thinks it's because he hasn't quite grasped that you really do love him, which is of no fault of your own, and unconditionally at that. He hasn't fully processed that you'll love him even when he's weak, —even when he's down and has no idea how to stand up on his own two feet again. All he really wants is for you to be there through all the seasons of him. Experience the chilliest of winters, the most colorful autumns, the sweltering summers, and be there when the middle ground is found once more in his blissful spring retreats as new flowers blossom in the wake of his pent-up tears. He just wants to know that he can turn your way and find you there, ready and willing to listen or even just sit with him for a while.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ SAERAN !!
Saeran gives acts of service. It's something he's long grown accustomed to, but this time, they're all of his own free will. Words often fail him, and he clams up when the pressure builds, insisting that there's nothing he wants to say. Be patient with him; give him the time he needs to process things, to accept that he deserves to be loved and to love you. Until then, look for his love in the acts of service he provides. His affection is threaded through the snacks he brings to you when he knows you've been working on something for a while, —it's written in between the lines of the way he makes your dinner plate first and takes it when you're finished to wash the dishes before you can make the move to do so. Saeran's love is muted sometimes, and maybe it's not as loud as he'd like it to be, but he's trying his best one day at a time. Let him take care of the chores he knows you dislike, let him soothe his fears of being unworthy as he asks if you need anything every time he gets up to go to the kitchen. He doesn't yet have another way to tell you how he feels. But know he cares, and he's trying every single day, both for himself and for you.
Saeran likes to receive physical touch + words of affirmation. Though he rarely reacts to either, whether that be positive or negative, he likes it when you put your arms around his neck, pull him in close, and tell him that he's enough. Not in that exact phrasing, of course, as that might be a bit overwhelming to him, but when you thank him for the things he does, he knows what you mean. He appreciates compliments about his intelligence, especially when they don't pertain to his work. Saeran also feels hideous sometimes; both inside and out, so compliments about his physical appearance and general personality go a long way. Especially when you acknowledge that he pays attention to your needs, —those comments let him know that you take his actions into consideration and that you see him, that you see his expressions of love, even if they're quiet. Saeran also yearns for warmth. Share yours with him. Don't be offended by the way he tenses sometimes, or the way his body reacts slowly to physical affection. He likes it, he just isn't used to it yet. But he wants to be. Run your thumb across his knuckles and let him melt into you, let his weary head rest on your shoulder. He needs it.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ HYUN (ZEN) !!
Hyun gives physical touch + quality time. When he touches you, each one is a way for him to say "I love you" without having to muster up the courage to do so through verbal means. That's the hard part, and he worries that saying it might make it too real for you, —it makes him scared that you might hear it and run. That's just his own insecurity talking, but his perception is his reality. Feel his love through the way his fingertips ghost across your skin, in the way his lips press against your temple. Hyun cares more than he could ever say with words. When it comes to you, he can't act the part. Everything is stripped bare, core exposed when he's with you. In that time, —the time he makes for you amidst memorizing lines and weaving his way through adoring fans, Hyun is quick to realize what means the most to him. He loves his job, loves performing, loves being an actor, but he loves you just as much. The time he spends with you is sacred to him, and he values it. He just hopes you do too. Though he's a busybody, someone who likes to be doing things at all times in order to feel productive, Hyun still cherishes the moments of peace he finds with you, and he'd give anything to make them longer: even infinite.
Hyun likes to receive words of affirmation + physical touch. Though he's accustomed to compliments as someone who works on the stage under bright, white lights, compliments from you about any and everything are just. . . Different. They hold a different weight than all the others, perhaps because you know him so intimately, and when you tell him he's handsome, you mean it in a way that his fans simply can't. You mean it in the way that every part of him is pretty, —even the ones he hates and tries to bury deep inside. You mean it in the way that he's always dreamed someone would. Hyun also likes to be touched as much as he likes touching you; and little things go a long way. Holding his hand, letting him rest in your lap, smoothing your thumb over the side of his palm when you lace your fingers with his. . . He goes crazy for that stuff, watches himself divulge into a lovesick mess when you kiss him and make him feel like he's the only man in the world. All he really wants is to be enough, and when you hold him close, he knows he is.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ SAEYOUNG (707) !!
Saeyoung gives gifts + acts of service. He often feels that his touch, time, and words are invaluable, and his upbringing influenced those feelings into fruition. Saeyoung often feels inadequate and uses humor to cover the scars that run deeper than any flesh wound ever could. Because of this, he often uses his wealth to purchase items for you, and he uses those gifts to express his affections. It's easier for him to give you a present than it is to work up the courage to pull you in and squeeze you until he's had his fill. He also expresses himself through acts of service, —things like getting your favorite snacks and making sure they're always available for you or offering to help you when he sees that you're the one cleaning up around his place rather than Vanderwood, even when he's preoccupied by something else. He's quick to jump at any opportunity to do something kind for you, and he'd even go to dangerous lengths to do it. Not that it'll be necessary!
Saeyoung likes to receive words of affirmation, physical touch, and quality time. He desires everything he fears would never be enough from him. Though he tries not to show it, it's easy for someone close to him (metaphorically and in proximity) to see when he's beating himself up over something. Offer him comfort: hold him, tell him that it's okay for him to not be perfect all the time. He's allowed to feel things, is allowed to make mistakes, because before being a hacker, before being your lover, —he is human. Sometimes, it seems that he forgets that. Your embrace offers him a sanctuary from the harsh realities of the world. Your words numb the ache that lingers in his soul. If you can, he'd also like it if you'd sit with him while he works. It doesn't have to be close to him, —just being in the same room tells him everything he needs to know. He wants your time, even if he's scared to ask for it directly. He wants to crumble into pieces in your arms every once in a while, just so you can hold him together. Saeyoung is human, after all.
Tumblr media
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RFA + Minor Trio with a Mc who asks them to talk to their son about masturbation/ Sex Education
Mention of Teenager masturbating
I actually forgot how I came up with this scenario but I can imagine it would be kinda…funny? Enjoy!
Tumblr media
No matter what it was, you never called Jumin while he was at work.
You always tried to solve the problem on your own, no matter if it was that you fell in the shower or the fact that you had contractions.
That’s why - when you personally called him - he got kind of nervous.
To hear your panicked voice shocked him even more.
,,Jumin Han…our son…began to masturbate,’’ you said.
He was at first a bit…puzzled that this was something you simply told him over the phone, but he also thought that it was amusing that his son was already that old…
,,I found a…oh my God, I am going to throw up - a dried sock under his pillow,’’ you whined.
,,Jumin, please tell him…I don’t know what, just talk to him and make sure to make him wash that sock after…it did whatever it had to go through!’’ you hissed.
This wasn’t as funny as it was before anymore, but Jumin was sure that he would get over it somehow.
That’s why, the next day - Jaehee wasn’t that happy about it - Jumin took the day off and brought some books into his son’s room to explain some things and make sure to let him hide the evidence…
When you first told Zen that you were going to have a son, he was happy.
The first one was going to be a son - big brothers would always make sure to protect little sisters from other boys, right?
He was sure to make his son into a gentleman so that in case he had to take care of you and perhaps other siblings, Zen could die at ease - not that this was something he wished for.
However, Zen didn’t realize how hard it could be to have a son, especially after the other children were all girls.
One day, Zen heard you gasp and gag, making him jump up and go towards you, just to find you in your son’s room.
Your hand was covering your mouth as the blanket, which before was almost on the floor, was now on the bed.
A few magazines with naked women laid around there as well as some used tissues.
You looked over to Zen, who blushed a deep red.
,,This!’’ you hissed ,,will be your job! Make sure that he learns how to handle his body and how to keep this clean!’’ you said, before you went out to wash your hands.
Now Zen was sitting across from his son, explaining to him that he should hide his magazines in a drawer and throw out the tissues.
,,Dad…I also have a few questions about this topic…’’ his son confessed.
This was the proof that men were indeed wolves, but also that his son had a few things he had to handle and needed to know…
For a few days, you kept trying to get your husband Yoosung to talk to your son about different things regarding his body and penis especially.
,,I just think that you, as a man, would do a better job than me - who knows nothing!’’ you argued with Yoosung in bed.
His face was a bit flushed as you talked about a topic he didn’t really enjoy talking about.
,,He will learn it one by one,’’ Yoosung mumbled, trying to get you to think of different ideas.
At first, you decided to let the topic go, but one day you came rather shocked into Yoosung’s study.
On his desk were a few documents about upcoming operations on several animals while his glasses were laying around somewhere.
,,Oh, Mc what are we having for lunch, I am - what’s wrong?’’ Yoosung said as he immediately stopped talking when he saw your expression.
,,Today is the day you need to talk to your son! Now!’’ you hissed.
When Yoosung entered his son’s room, he could only imagine what happened.
,,You really did it now, at this time of the day, with your parents at home, and without locking the door?’’ Yoosung mumbled.
One by one, Yoosung began to explain the most important things to know.
He was embarrassed and his face was red, but it seemed that his son could learn a lot from him and wasn’t really sure about a lot of things.
,,Make sure to always stay clean. You need to wash your hands, yes? And don’t use socks… if you need something to get… into it, don’t go on illegal sites, just try to google safe or so…’’ he said.
,,And don’t let your mum see this sight ever again,’’ he warned before he quickly hurried out of the room to get some fresh air.
He felt better now that his son had more knowledge, but he still couldn’t look into his eyes, even the day afterward…
The red haired man already knew -  without wanting to know in the first place - that his son was kind of sexually active.
He found various pornos on his computer as his son’s skill of hiding evidence was still trying to improve day by day.
But for him this didn’t matter at all - he was a boy in his teens after all.
Trying various things and self pleasure were the kinds of things that helped him grow.
At least this was his opinion.
He didn’t know that you - his wife - had a totally different opinion on this topic.
,,I..oh my God, you need to talk to your son right now,’’ you said, hurrying into the shared work room of Saeyoung and Saeran.
Saeran didn’t mean to look up, but when he heard your voice, he just had to see what you were crying about.
,,Why? Did he prank the school again?’’ Saeyoung asked, way too relaxed.
,,No, worse. Your son was…I don’t even want to say it - jerking off. In my bathroom.
We have two little girls here. This is a no go.
Explain it to him! Right now!’’ you hissed.
,,I mean, it’s not like they-’’ Saeyoung stopped.
Seeing your angry and serious face made him rethink his words.
,,I don’t know if you’re having fun kidding me or not, but I want you to clear it up with him that if he needs to…do whatever, he needs to do this in his own room.
I don’t want to find any hard socks or tissues.
Make it clear about hygiene, do you understand my words, Saeyoung Choi?’’ you asked.
He understood.
He had chills going down his spine, of course he understood.
And so, he did what you wanted.
His son was rather embarrassed about the fact that his mother noticed and couldn’t look up anymore.
Saeyoung also tried to teach him how not to get a virus on his computer and explained to him - for every situation - that he should keep his pants on with girls.
,,DAD!’’ the boy hissed and blushed.
But at least this topic was now cleared up - for now at least.
The young father sat across the two boys who shared his blood, trying to find the right words.
There was an unpleasant silence between both parties.
What did you expect of a boy, who didn’t have a father or even a big brother to explain to him about his own body?
He didn’t even remember how he did it.
One day he woke up and his penis was standing and somehow some urges came up - or he just went to pee.
Something always worked.
And one night when he saw a new member of Rika’s cult, and an older man noticed what happened to him, it was somehow explained in a rush that he should just go to his own room.
Saeran, in fact, didn't really have the urge to masturbate until he saw you, kissed you, and came closer to you.
It wasn’t until the day the two of you had more things to do together.
In fact, he didn’t even know how he managed to know what he was supposed to do with himself after seeing you naked.
You took the lead and he just went with it and somehow it felt good.
It was actually you who taught him what his penis was for. Why did he have to talk about this with his children now?
He sighed again nervously and then finally spoke up.
,,So, your mother wants me to explain a few things to you,’’ Saeran told them.
,,First of all, the hardened tissues next to your beds should disappear. Mom didn’t enjoy touching them.
And the sticky bed sheets…please don’t hide them.
Second, what is happening to your body right now is totally normal,’’ Saeran said.
He tried to recall whatever you told him the first time the two of you tried to sleep together.
,,But there are some unspoken rules for how we should behave for mom’s sake…’’ Saeran scratched his head.
He tried to explain every possible new thing in their body and at the end of the long discussion, he was actually pretty happy with the outcome…
The mint haired man looked at the son he had taken in.
It was a cute child who unfortunately lost his parents as soon as he was born.
You and Jihyun immediately fell in love with him and fought to take him in - and won.
Since then, he and Lucy have lived the best life.
Now, however, Jihyun had to go through the next step.
He tried to remember how he was taught about the topic - getting hard, masturbation.
When he first realized what happened to him, he was with Jumin in Jumin’s room.
The maid - who was just in her same outfit that day - had a different effect on both boys and the butler who back then was in charge somehow, noticed and made sure to explain everything.
Manners were important.
Jihyun wasn’t like the typical man, he thought.
He never seemed to have the urge to masturbate, never eyed any woman on the street and the only experience he had was with Rika and you.
But he knew that not everyone was like him and he knew that it was his job to help his son get things together.
After all, you took care of Lucy when she first had her first period.
You remembered how softly you were speaking with the little girl who was crying in the bathroom.
Of course, he and the little boy stayed in another room, although the boy was too little to realize that his sister just entered the world of being almost an adult.
You also made sure to teach her the so-called basics of self-pleasure - it was a very important topic in your opinion.
And now it was his task. His son came running to you early in the morning, whining about the fact that his pipy was alive. You didn’t laugh, but he knew you were holding yourself back.
,,Your Pipy isn’t alive. Actually, it’s called a penis…and growing older, your penis will grow too,’’ Jihyun began, feeling kind of stupid.
But for his son, this was a big deal and Jihyun promised that he wouldn’t let him down on that.
Your husband didn’t believe his ears late at night when he heard his son and his friends talking about…their penis.
You were shocked, your mouth covered by your hands as the two of you listened to what the children were saying.
,,Mine is longer,’’ one said while the other one responded with something you never thought you would hear from a ten years old.
,,But why is it like that?’’ your son said and at that point, you knew that neither of the boys knew what was happening with their bodies.
,,I think you should go in and explain and first of all, let them pack in their…you know what, again,’’ you said, patting him on his arms.
,,I am not going to teach strangers about sex education. I will talk to our son, but not to the other two.
You looked at the clock. ,,I will call their parents and tell them that you are going to because our three boys suddenly are comparing their ,,you know what!’’ in our son’s room!’’ This was indeed a reason, but still odd.
You made sure to call the parents - who took the situation pretty well, but rather wanted to pick up their children to do it themselves.
Suddenly, however, two more dads found themselves in your son’s room and instead of picking them up, the three of you decided to let your husbands talk now.
,,Daddy, is yours always up?’’ your son asked. The other two boys looked at Vanderwood.
Your walls were so thin that you three women had a lot of fun hearing the father’s clueless stammer.
But whatever it was, you all knew that they were doing great…
24.06.2022 // 12:59 MEST 
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hecalledme-jagi · 4 months ago
MC Calling Them Pretty
My mom has this adorable habit of calling my dad pretty. It happens randomly throughout the day, and I’ve always found that to be an endearing way to show affection. So here’s MC calling the boys pretty!
Tumblr media
- You had spent the entire evening admiring him, watching him switch between facial expressions like it was nothing.
- His friendly and publicly seen smiles, the expressions he’d put on for whatever role he was playing, to the personal and intimate gaze he saved just for you, they were yours daily, and yet they still gave you butterflies.
- When the two of you were finally alone, you got to voice the words that had been swirling through your mind all evening.
- “You’re really pretty,” you confessed, only loud enough for him to hear, in the back of that quiet cab.
- Moments like these, where the air is silent--and the world falls away, kept Zen on the edge of his seat.
- Moments where you made it known that he resided deep within you and that you thought about him just as he thought about you.
- He looked at you, surprised in the most lovely way one can feel surprised.
- He burned this moment into every corner of his soul. The humming of the moving car, the yellow hue of street lights coming and going, the sound of your voice, the warmth of your body so closely pressed against his shoulder, the devoted tenderness you had for him and him alone. Every last detail would forever have a safe place and be cherished, saved for a time when he needed it most.
- However, the usual surge of pride and confidence that compelled him to agree with such remarks never came.
- Instead, he came to know a feeling he’d never forget, one that rendered him speechless and knocked the air out of his lungs.
- He felt loved.
- He felt loved, knowing you saw him in a way no one else did.
Tumblr media
- It was his first day off in a while, and you woke up early to spend as much time with him as possible, despite all the effort he put into making sure you slept for as long as you wish.
- You staggered out of your bedroom, still groggy from sleep and your hair an utter mess, while he was already put together and preparing strawberry pancakes.
- You sat at the counter, watching him through a sleepy filter, and smiled helplessly.
- He brought you your favorite morning drink and kissed the top of your head, “Good morning, my love,” he greeted before returning to his position by the stove.
- You hummed in response as you sipped at the drink in your hands and continued to admire him.
- You took note of his broad shoulders and how they relaxed whenever you inhabited his space. You watched as he moved with thought and precision, loving the simplicity of morning routines.
- “You’re pretty,” you drowsily gushed as he looked over his shoulder to admire you the way you had been admiring him moments before.
- A gentle smile rested on his usually serious features, “Is that so?” He questioned with a soft chuckle in his voice.
- “Mhm..” you nodded as you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes, “very pretty.”
- When first knowing you, he would’ve picked your brain, wondering why you would call him “pretty,” but now he understood.
- You called him “pretty” for the same reason he calls you “beautiful.”
- A reason that words, in every language, couldn’t describe to the fullest extent, but that never stopped you from trying.
Tumblr media
- You were watching a movie on the couch, his head in your lap and your fingers in his hair.
- You had lost interest in the movie quite some time ago, so now you just sat and took the time to notice the passage of time on his face.
- His boyish features had now grown into those of a man, smile lines setting in, and tired eyes from long workdays. The blond in his hair was slowly turning brown, and it was softer now.
- You didn’t mind the blond hair, not in the slightest, but you always thought that his brown hair would suit his aging features.
- Aside from the age and the tiredness, you also caught sight of the contentment on his face. He was utterly at peace simply by having you in his company, and out of everything else you noticed, this fact stood out most of all.
- “You’re pretty,” you quietly praised, a smile on your lips and affection flowing from every part of you.
- He looked up at you, his face growing a soft pink and surprise resting on his aged features.
- “Really?” He inquired further, his eyes filling with childish excitement, one that never seemed to disappear.
- You chuckled softly and nodded, “yes.”
- “Say it again!” He excitedly urged as he sat up slightly, drawing closer to you.
- You laughed and closed the remaining distance, “you’re pretty,” you gently repeated, kissing him with the same gentleness.
Tumblr media
- “YOU’RE PRETTY!” You happily exclaimed, hugging him around his shoulders and laughing all the while.
- The sudden excitement startled him at first, but he quickly fell into a similar rhythm.
- "No, you’re pretty!” He echoed back, holding your arms around his shoulders and a grin finding its place.
- You stared at him, taking in his slightly reddened cheeks, his beaming smile, and his affectionate gaze that always had a sort of seriousness in it.
- “You’re pretty,” you gushed for the last time, but with less enthusiasm and more warmth. The kind of warmth that comes after a winter's rain, and for a moment, the world didn’t dare to disturb you.
- His grin faded in awe of you, the redness on his face deepened, and his heart hammered in his chest.
- There were days when he felt guilty for feeling this way, for having you in his life, but at the end of it all, he loved having you and all you had to offer.
I do not own any characters, all ownership goes to Cheritz. Thanks for reading!
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ami-mayaa · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m back on my Mystic Messenger grind.
So all of (or most of) the Mystic Messenger smooches 💋
Who did it best?
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weewoounderoos · 2 months ago
another 3 random hc’s for rfa members + v & saeran
Tumblr media
warnings: suggestive content in yoosung and v’s and mentions of .’s in yoosung’s
i loved writing the first three and the feedback was absolutely amazing, so i felt like writing three more, haha.
゚  ☆ ゜  。  ☆   ゚。 ☆ 。 ☆ ゜  。  ☆   ゚。 ☆
jumin han
if you love netflix shows, he will sit down in his fancy movie theater built into the penthouse and try to watch them & follow the storyline- but we know he wouldn’t understand it (“there’s enough space on the wooden plank for jack too, rose just needs to move” “jumin, honey, stop-”)
goes to you for help on slang he doesn’t understand and would keep written notes on what it means
he loves it when you visit him during his lunch break, especially after stressful mornings. and on days he leaves for business trips, his face breaks into the softest smiles when he sees you waiting at the airport for him
hyun ryu (zen)
when going out for a drive, it’s the “driver picks music” thing so to solve arguments revolving around this, y’all have a spotify playlist for you both to add songs to. you’re welcome
loves having you around to recreate the kissing scenes for “practice” when he gets a new script, but also loves just having you there next to him to help him memorize his lines
always kisses you in the morning when he wakes up- usually he kisses the top of your head or your cheek or lips and he also always makes sure to text you good morning/night texts on nights he’s away for filming
jaehee kang
she keeps every single concert ticket to every movie/broadway/band show you both go to and creates a scrapbook at the end of each year out of them
on nights where she refuses to relax and continue pushing through and working, you tickle her to stop her- once she starts something she can’t ever stop
i feel like you both would have like a small toy/object or something you’d both hide around the shop, and if a customer finds it and reports it, you owe each other a dollar
yoosung kim
when you run out of pads/tampons when those days of the months come, he panics and poor boy ends up buying one of every pad/tampon in the whole aisle (“are you sure you need this sir?” “yes i think that’s what my girlfriend needs”)
you were his study buddy in college! you would work alongside him and help with flash cards, mini kahoot reviews and force him to study to the point he has to force you to help him study
tries to purposely get pocky for study moments. whenever he first got them, he didn’t know what the pocky challenge was until you did it to him and completely through him off. now he gets them for steamy kissing sessions ;)
saeyoung choi (707)
he loves when you indulge in his cosplaying hobby, so if you also want to join with him, he’d find couples for you to both cosplay as (you were probably flynn rider and he was rapunzel tbh)
he probably is too afraid to kill spiders so either you kill it or the spider will need to be charged rent :)
on days he’s a lot more serious and mellow, he just holds you closer, his kisses softer and gentle yet full of love. he spoons you on nights like these, enjoying the warmth being shared between you two
saeran choi
picnic dates are the dates he loves the most- sunny days by the beach or on top of a hill in the countryside are popular spots for these
you always do chores TOGETHER- if you start on them without him, he will literally pout and force you to let him help and have a visible frown on his face until you apologize, which will instantly boost his mood
watches romcoms and loves going “hey! why don’t we do that? :)” so you have to explain why he can’t hang from a metal bar on a Ferris wheel to get you to say yes to a date with him
jihyun kim (v)
is the type to write reminders on his hand, so he could have “store for milk” on his palm and “order coral blue #5” on his forearm
loves staying up with you at night sharing gossip and wine after making love to you- he will listen and talk about anything and everything, carefully attentive and gentle as you both fall asleep and deeper in love
you both have matching heart lockets, each containing a picture of you both from your wedding night at the beach
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garbageforyou · 19 days ago
How I think the RFA would react to MC biting when they're bored
You two are just sitting in the penthouse as he reads through documents and you work through your own paperwork. All this business lingo is so boring so you entertain yourself by biting your beloved
Jumin would be VERY confused, but secretly, he adores it. (I mean, come on this guy is a cat man, he’s used to little nibbles as a sign of affection)
He would pick up very quickly that you’re bored when you take his hand, only to bite him. He knows you and he wants to understand you. You’re interesting to study to say the least
Honestly, he would be amused as he watches you, still processing how he got so lucky to spend his years getting to understand your strange behaviors
You never bite too hard, this is Mr. Trust Fund Kid here, you’re careful not to leave marks in visible spots, but you give his hand little kisses afterwards anyway.
(Although he loves the idea of you biting to claim your mark on him, but he maybe keeps that one to himself for the time being)
Then, you halt and continue on with your work next to him in silence, as if your minute of boredom never happened. The smirk on his face remains as he returns to his documents, but all his thoughts are still focused on your touch.
Headcanon: I think Seven is a biter. (I mean he is a sadist, it’s not that crazy to think about)
And MC biting him totally distracts him from his work and you can bet that he is cherry tomato red in the face, but only because it caught him off guard. He’s still getting used to this whole affection thing after all (aren’t they all?)
Just little nibbles on his hand, mimicking a small playful kitten and making funny sound effects (things like “nom nom” in a cookie monster voice b/c that would crack anyone up)
He chuckles at your display and obviously senses your boredom, so what better than to entertain his 606?
He catches you off guard by swarming you with kisses all over your face and nibbling at your neck, ear, shoulder, anything really, all while making the same sound effect you were.
He adores hearing your giggling while he messes with you, which in turn causes him to giggle
You manage to escape him and go back to your work, breathless and smiley. Lesson learned that if you bite Seven, he’s going to bite back….something you’ll definitely have to do again when you’re not so busy
You were helping Zen read through lines, but after the fourth time, you had gotten bored. He’s a workaholic and you know how focused he can be
So while he was highlighting and making little notes in his script, you began biting his hand and then his arms (*Martha May Who voice* The muscles!)
He was NOT expecting you to do that and you know how easily the Beast™ appears, so this is definitely a distraction
He tried to ignore it and let you keep doing it, since he knew these random occurrences were due to your boredom from time to time. He respects you, he lets you do what you want, he would never use that to his advantage
By the time, you moved up to his shoulders and then to his neck….the script has been dropped and you have been picked up from the couch and spun
“Zen, but your script!” You laughed
“Babe, what kind of person would I be to allow my partner to be bored in my presence?”
“Mmm, I’ll be sure to bite you more often if it means I get your attention” and with that you nuzzled into his neck, nibbling jokingly and the two of you laughing
You had to read this chapter for research on an assignment (whether work or school, it was still atrociously boring) and Yoosung was quietly studying next to you. Of course your mind kept wandering, peering over at your boyfriend’s peaceful state of mind
So, you picked up his hand and gave it a bite.
Yoosung stared at you, his mouth agape, as you kept biting him, little squeals came out of him before he realized you were in a public library and covered his mouth
He couldn’t shy away from your attention or your affection, he found you quite adorable when you did things like this, but he knew he needed to get you back on track
“MC, are you bored?” he asked
You quit biting his hand and looked up at him, “Sorry, sometimes you look so cute, I just want to eat you up” you squished his face
He rolled his eyes at your “cute” remark but the rest left him blushing, “Oh..well, maybe after studying we can…continue” 
OOH, okay, you perked up at that, then he continued “or-I don’t know, I’ll make you a grilled cheese or something as a snack if you’re hungry”
You giggled at how adorable your boyfriend was and gave him a peck, “Alright, let’s get back to work then!” You turned back to your reading and he turned back to his studying, but only after he took your hand to give a small bite and continued holding it for the rest of your study session
Jaehee gets flustered so easily by your random displays of affection, sometimes you like doing them just to get a reaction out of her. Which is why she’s the perfect target for your bursts of energy when you get bored
But recently, she’s gotten pretty good at memorizing your behaviors (I mean, come on, she worked for Jumin. She picks up on things quick), so although a little flustered, she remains calm and collected at your attempts
As she’s reading a new baking magazine and getting ideas for new desserts, you sit next to her, holding out your hand.
Without turning her head, she places her hand in yours as she’s accustomed to and you softly bite her.
Now, she turns and raises any eyebrow at you, a small smile forming on her face as the pink creeps on her cheek
“May I help you?” she asks, placing the magazine down on the table
You start jokingly biting at her hand and then her arm, a soft chuckle escaping her
“You know, looking at all these recipes has me hungry too.” She says, her voice lowered and smooth.
You kept biting her, trying to distract her, like a little playful puppy, until…
“Fortunately, I’ve planned something special for the evening tonight….” Her voice broke your playful energy and when you met her gaze, you remembered that your girlfriend was not so innocent. Heat radiated off your face as you fumbled for a comeback
Dang, she’s good
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se1shuu · 6 months ago
. . . 🎮 YOOSUNG !!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
To go to class or to play LOLOL, that is the question...🖥
» like or reblog if you save/use ♡
» req open
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omelette-boy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
happy bday to me :^]
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mikoyamisheadcanonblog · 6 months ago
RFA Wedding (Part 1)
Tumblr media
Jumin Han
Engagement Ring
Tumblr media
Wedding Ring
Tumblr media
Wedding song: Love Song- Shin-Yong Woo
(Jumin VA sing this song, he might or might be singing this song to his S/O)
-Jumin’s engagement is close to canon unless his S/O rejected him during the party.
-If his S/O did reject him during the party. Jumin wouldn’t be hurt he would be probably calm about it
-Ask for his S/O’s forgiveness and work everything out figuring what his S/O planned for the engagement and his S/O wanted to get married.
-Jumin is more than willing to accommodate his S/O’s need. He wishes for a large wedding something to show off his love for his S/O but if they want something smaller he is willing.
-He will be around for the wedding planning, his S/O isn’t alone. They would have Jaehee and Jumin helping them. Jaehee doing all the phone calls Jumin helping with small details and finding what suits his S/O best.
-Would have the wedding picture in his office
-Even with a simple wedding Jumin would spare no expense as long as his S/O is happy he is happy.
-Jumin believes in old wedding traditions; not seeing their S/O 24 hours before the wedding, not sleeping with someone till they are wedding day, It is bad luck to see their S/O in their wedding gown.
-Elizabeth is at the wedding probably the ring bearer.
-Will spend the whole night with his S/O and sneak off someplace.
Zen (Hyun Ryu)
Tumblr media
Engagement Ring:
Tumblr media
Wedding Ring:
Tumblr media
(Zen would go with something that would remind his S/O of his acting and singing is such a huge part of who is)
Wedding song: Euphoria-Junkkook (BTS)
-It all depends on how soon his S/O wants to get married.
-If their S/O wishes to wait a while it. It will be a long while. Zen’s work will have him busy. He will always make time for his S/O.
-His manager might have an issue with him dating his S/O. It affects his image with how popular Zen is. He won’t let that affect how he feels. In fact, he would fight with anyone telling him to end his relationship with his S/O.
-His S/O might get threatening letters. He will protect this S/O.
-He might worry that his S/O would end their relationship and wouldn’t argue against it. But once his S/O talks about everything going around him he will be ready to ask his S/O hand for marriage.
-He would ask his S/O’s hand in marriage under the moonlight on top of a building.
-The wedding would be a bit smaller than Jumin’s wedding. He is going to show off his S/O
-Midnight theme wedding.
-Fans are crying at his wedding.
-He would sing to his S/O
Yoosung Kim
Tumblr media
Engagement ring
Tumblr media
Yoosung’s wedding
Tumblr media
(Simple and cute fit Yoosung)
Wedding song: A Book In Memory - ONEWE
-Poor boy or lucky. His S/O is his first and last relationship. He knew when he was going to propose he just needed to finish school. So it will be a bit of a wait.
-Will propose after graduation during the party. He will take his S/O on a walk to the park and Ask for their hand in marriage.
-He was nervous, probably spoke of lolol a bit, and tried to make a joke about how he isn’t lonely.
-His wedding is simple and cute something that fits him. He was nervous about the wedding left his S/O in charge of everything. Will make a few remarks here and there.
-Spoke about the wedding a lot in the RFA chat. It was charming the other members found it a bit annoying but supportive.
-Speaks a lot about the marriage part. He can’t wait to be old and gray with his S/O holding hands and watching their grandkids play.
-A lot of gamer friends of his will be at the wedding.
-He took dance lessons for the wedding only to mess up a bit at the actual dance because he was so nervous.
-Stuttered a bit wedding lines. He was too excited, but he shows nothing but love for his S/O the whole time.
Part 2
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rinsramenshop · 3 months ago
yoosung route spoilers
like yoosung had promised you, you both went to go see a movie after the first party you hosted. although he’s injured in his eye, he wants to keep his promise. he enjoys taking you out on this official date, to finally be your boyfriend. you’re worried about his eye mostly, but he tells you it’s alright and to pay attention to the film. he holds onto your hand or he wraps an arm around your shoulder, he just wants to hold you. he’s always looking over at you or smiling because he can finally call you his.
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pili-art · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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juminsmysticmc · 4 months ago
OKAY SO I'M BACK WITH KINDA??? BUT NOT REALLY IN THE SAME TIME NSFW REQUEST?? DEPENDS ON HOW YOU WRITE IT. Because you can make it 100% smutty or not sjxhdjdjjdjdjdjdjd
RFA & minor trio leaving hickeys and love bites on the MC for the first time
RFA + Minor Trio leaving hickeys and love bites on the MC for the first time SMUTTY 
Tumblr media
,,You are mine and mine alone…’’ Jumin whispered as he was on top of you.
Your husband pushed his hips once again towards you, making you moan loudly.
The pleasure was making you tear up as you gasped for air.
,,Says who? You didn’t mark me…’’ you said to tease him.
Jumin smirked as he kept rubbing his body on yours, making you bite on your lips.
The two of you were just having your first time together and Jumin couldn’t imagine how good this would feel with the person he loved from the bottom of his heart.
He lowered his head and inhaled your scent. He first kissed and sucked your neck, making you moan once again before he softly bit into your flesh.
You loudly gasped his name as your body began to tremble.
Jumin placed his left hand around your neck, putting a bit of pressure on it as he kept biting you.
He just enjoyed the reaction his actions had on your body as you trembled and groaned.
Letting go of you he observed his work of art.
,,More… mark me as yours…a bit more…’’ you begged and looked at him with teary eyes.
,,Ugh…’’ he moaned as he pushed himself into you once again, making you both cum at the same time.
,,Your wish shall be my command… my wife,’’ he whispered.
That night Jumin didn’t stop stroking your skin and biting you.
At the end of your love act, your body was full of his hickeys and it was so bad that he had to make sure that no one else would see you at the swimming pool…
,,Hyun, I can’t believe you!’’ you groaned the next morning when you saw the big hickey your boyfriend left the previous night.
,,I mean, I didn’t even notice! When did you do it?!’’ you asked him, turning around to him.
He was still smirking and proud of what he did.
,,You like it, don’t you…?’’ he whispered into your ear, making you shiver.
And suddenly you remembered that yesterday, just after the both of you had a…rather heated conversation because one of his coworkers looked at you, he began to kiss your whole body, which lead the both of you to have sex.
And since he knew how much you liked him being rough with you, you didn’t notice that the rough kiss he gave you was a hickey.
,,Don’t cover it, Mc…’’ he moaned, nibbling at your skin again.
Zen knew how to make your legs shake.
,,Hyun…please…don’t…’’ you whined as he slowly began to massage your tights.
,,I want everyone to know that you are mine…this is my mark… You are my girlfriend and I want to make sure that everyone sees you as mine… This might be toxic, but no one…Mc, no one is allowed to take you away from me,’’ he groaned, looking at you through the mirror.
His eyes seemed so dark as his mouth was stuck on your skin.
You massaged his head, your cheeks turning red as you nodded.  ,,No one will take me… I will always be yours…’’ you promised him and enjoyed the feeling of him touching your body…
,,Mc… I don’t know if I can do it…’’ he whispered as you sat in front of him, smiling as you observed your husband.
,,Why?’’ you asked him, trying not to laugh.
But the truth was that he had no idea how to leave a hickey…
,,Let me show it to you,’’ you whispered, leading your lips to his neck, and began to suck the skin in that spot.
Yoosung began to gasp when he felt what you were doing.
And a short glance to the mirror showed him that a hickey was slowly showing.
Yoosung’s face was totally red in embarrassment. However, as if a switch was pressed, he began to do just what you did to him:
His lips were slowly on your neck, kissing and licking your soft skin before he strongly sucked at it, making you moan.
You thought that Yoosung would stop there, but your husband had other plans.
The young man began to kiss you in a different spot and tried to leave a second hickey.
,,Y-Yoosung!’’ you gasped, when you slowly felt his hands on your chest, making you moan again.
His thumb was playing with your nipple, adding a bit more pressure before he took off your shirt.
,,,AH!’’ you groaned, feeling his teeth against your flesh.
After he gave you your first love bite, Yoosung made sure to kiss the spot and stroked you even more.
,,I thought you were lost and didn’t know what to do…’’ you mumbled, panting on the bed as you looked up to Yoosung who was out of breath.
,,Well…now you can go and meet Zen to practice,’’ he nodded.
,,You know, I didn’t plan on showing him my nipple. There was no need for the bite there,’’ you teased Yoosung, who suddenly blushed.
,,Jaehee-’’ you giggled as the long-haired woman kissed you all over your body. 
She started on your wrist and was currently going up to your arm.
The two of you slowly got comfortable on the bed, Jaehee’s lips still on your skin.
Suddenly you felt her sucking on your arm.
,,Jaehee! It will be visible tomorrow!’’ you gasped. However, you didn’t pull away. Instead, you observed her as she smiled at her work of art.
,,And…?’’ she asked you and began to nibble at your neck.
Her hands slowly wandered down between your legs, making you gasp her name as she kept touching and loving you.
,,And here too…’’ she giggled and gave you a love bite on your inner thigh, making you groan even louder.
The flesh there was very soft, which made it easier for her to kiss and bite you all over the place.
And of course the both of you didn’t just kiss and stroke each other but also enjoyed intimate touches between each other.
,,Oh, Mc, did you get injured here,’’ Yoosung asked you the next day when he came to enjoy his coffee before returning to his workplace, where Jumin was waiting for him.
,,Mhm,’’ you nodded and looked down on your arm.
,,Yes, I stumbled, fell, and hit my arm,’’ you told him.
Your words made Zen and Jaehee turn to both of you.
Zen didn’t think much of it and led his cup to his lips as you went on.
,,...against Jaehee’s soft lips. I fell against her lips,’’ you smirked, making the white-haired man choke on his coffee.  
,,Saeyoung… Saeyoung, not there…’’ you begged him. However, you didn’t shove him away when he placed his lips against your ass.
,,Why…?’’ he asked you while his hands kept massaging your thighs and rubbing his fingers against your vulva.
,,It’s…dirty…’’ you whined.
Just after you shared your thoughts with him, Saeyoung placed his teeth against your skin and softly gave you a bite, making you moan his name even louder.
,,This isn’t dirty… your moans are dirty,’’ he chuckled and used his free hand to put his fingers in your mouth, making you suck on them.
,,Mhhh…I love you so much, Mc…’’ Saeyoung confessed and began to kiss your neck down to your shoulders.
You were trying to tell him something and so Saeyoung pulled his fingers out of your mouth. He was very happy about it.
,,Give me… hickeys… and more bites… back,’’ you gasped.
Your fiancé smirked and stroked his hard dick before he entered.
And while he was pushing his hard member into you, Saeyoung never left his lips jobless, sucking your whole neck and biting every inch of your body.
,,You overcame me with your wish that I couldn’t see your face today,’’ he whined when you finally laid on your back again, still trying to catch your breath. 
Your cheeks were a dark red as your body felt sticky and wet.
,,Why don’t you do the same…here?’’ you asked him and pointed to the spot on your chest.
,,I wonder…’’ he smirked.
Once again you gasped and groaned his name as he kissed and licked your chest, his lips against your breasts as he left more hickeys.
,,Did you… hit her?’’ Saeran asked Saeyoung the next day when he saw your neck covered in dark red spots, ready to hit his brother in exchange.
,,No…,’’ you cleared your throat and looked away.
,,Oh…OH!’’ Saeran gasped and blushed, turning away from you…
,,Did it hurt?’’ he asked you, his fingers slowly tracing the spot he just marked with his lips.
You shook your head as you put your hand over his, smiling at him.
,,You could never hurt me, no matter what you do,’’ you whispered and pulled his face down to kiss him.
,,Okay… tell me when to stop, okay?’’ he whispered as he slowly entered you.
His hands were now playing with your pink nipples as his eyes were sticking to the one spot on your neck.
,,Ahhh, Saeran…’’ you suddenly gasped, making him almost pull out in fear that he hurt you.
,,Go… harder please,’’ you begged him.
Your boyfriend took these words seriously as he pushed himself deeper into you.
He slowly lowered his body, his lips touching your shoulder before he softly bit into you.
The sudden change made you yelp and even cum in the end.
You were still gasping while Saeran tried to finish off his job, kissing and biting your body, showering your body with love.
,,With this, everyone will know that you have a lover,’’ Saeran smirked as he observed you through the mirror.
You smiled at Saeran and kissed him before your lips actually met his neck. ,,You need a hickey too…’’
It was actually a big surprise that Jihyun knew how to give hickeys, or better said, you didn’t expect him to be the type to give them.
But when the both of you began with the foreplay, his hands were all over your body and you felt him kissing you and sucking on your skin. You were over the moon.
,,I didn’t notice you doing this yesterday,’’ you laughed. You were sitting on the edge of the bed while Jihyun was drying his face.
,,I want to…feel and see it…’’ you whispered, making him look at you in surprise.
Of course. It didn’t feel like the first time, but the feeling of your lover giving you a hickey made your heart flutter.
You pressed his face against your skin as Jihyun kept sucking on you.
His other hand slowly tried to rub your clit over your clothes, giving you even more pleasure and a reason to moan his name.
Jihyun didn’t stop there and began to bite you.
Your eyes became wet as the pain slowly turned into pleasure.
,,You make my head spin. I’m crazy for you…for your love,’’ he groaned against your ear, this time his finger entering you.
You hugged the mint-haired man before you once again cummed below his touch.
,,Are you happy…?’’ he asked you and placed a kiss on your cheek.
,,More than happy,’’ you nodded and nuzzled your face against his neck, enjoying the feeling after the pleasure.
,,Vanderwood… they will hear me,’’ you whined while the long-haired man pinned you against the bed, his hand holding your wrist as he kissed your body. 
He looked up again to take a good look at your blushed face and your gasping mouth. His fingers traced your soft, red lips before he placed a kiss on them again.
Vanderwood kept his fingers on your body, massaging your breast and playing with your nipple, making you moan even louder than before.
You looked away from him, embarrassed to show him your face, something Vanderwood didn’t like at all.
And that was the reason why he had to give you a punishment, placing his mouth against the skin on your neck and softly biting you, increasing the pressure and biting you even stronger.
You yelped his name as your legs began to tremble.
,,Don’t turn your eyes away from me… every time you look away, I will bite you again…’’ he whispered. His hands were still pinning you down as his hand now wandered down between your legs.
You yelped again and as a reaction, you turned your head away.
,,I said…’’ he began, his lips now on your tummy, ,,no looking away!’’ he hissed and began to suck on your tummy.
,,A hickey? There?!’’ you asked him and moaned louder.
The moan was like music in Vanderwood’s ear and as if it switched something over, he quickly dropped his pants and positioned against your entrance.
,,Come on….’’ you whined, seeing that he was about to enter you.
,,I need to make sure that you can’t hide your face,’’ he smiled and pinned down your hands again over your head before he used his other hand to enter you…
26.02.2022 // 00:53 MEST
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hecalledme-jagi · 5 months ago
MC Calling Them Dude
Tumblr media
- “What’d you just call me?”
- He’d give you a lightheartedly angry glare, and you’d try to suppress your laughter.
- “Dude”
- “I’m not ‘dude’! It’s either ‘babe’ or ‘Zenny’!”
- He’d playfully grab your face and smother you until you gave in and called him ‘babe’ or ‘Zenny’
- “Ok! Ok! I’m sorry,” you’d say through giggle fits.
- He’d forget the mock anger, and look at you like you're the only person he could ever love this much. His eyes would soften and his smothering would turn into gentle nuzzles.
- But just like that, he was demanding for compensation.
- “Hm.. I’m not convinced, I think you need to coax me some more~”
- This would end with you calling him by his preferred pet names, multiple times over, and loaded kisses followed.
Tumblr media
- Confusion and echoing
- “Dude”
- “Dude?”
- “Dewd~”
- “…dewd..?”
- This goes on for a while and you end up on the floor in tears from laughing so hard.
- He’s confused, but if it made you laugh, then he’s happy.
Tumblr media
- He’s heard you call other people that, it’s not uncommon, especially when you're playing games with friends.
- But calling him “dude,” that’s never happened.
- He kinda just ignores it at first, but you keep calling him that, and he starts to wonder what’s going on.
- He’s not as confused as Jumin nor as against it as Zen, but he’s definitely not happy about it.
- “Why do you keep calling me that..?” He’d question, with puppy dog eyes and a pouty lip.
- You try to keep up the act, but does this man make it hard.
- You shrug, “I call everyone dude.”
- “Not me,” he whines.
- “Of course I do, dude!”
- He covers your mouth and gives you a serious look.
- “Stop calling me that”
- You stare back at him for a while, surprised by the sudden seriousness, then you laugh and cuddle him close.
- “I’m sorry, I won’t call you that anymore~”
Tumblr media
- unfazed.
- Calls you “dude” right back.
- It annoys you how unfazed he is, so you keep calling him “dude”
- This goes on for days, and it’s starting to get on both Vanderwood and Searan’s nerves.
- “Ok! We’re done! Don’t call me ‘dude’!”
- “You started it!”
- “Yeah well, I’m ending it!”
- “Thank the stars for that!” Both Vanderwood and Seran would agree.
I do not own any characters, all ownership goes to Cheritz. Thanks for reading!
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luxthestrange · a month ago
Incorrect quotes #390 Mc plays
Mc*With a headset on, in the human world playing games*Oh oh! well... I will not be blackmailed by some ineffectual, privileged, effete, soft-penis'd, debutante...you wanna start a street fight with me, bring it ON-but you're gonna be surprised by how ugly it gets-YOU DONT EVEN KNOW MY REAL NAME...IM THE FUCKING LIZARD KING
Levi*The Lizard queen*😍
Mc be like->
Tumblr media
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mochiiwriter · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
hands off our zen missy
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sapphireicecream · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Yoosung x OC Commission I did for @/_.dreamydandelions._ on IG! 💙✨🐑🎀🎁
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omelette-boy · 3 months ago
✨Happy birthday, Yoosung !! 💚✨
Tumblr media
At first I wanted to do all Yoosung versions but I ran out of time, so just did the Yoosung from the after ending and the valentine's DLC ;-;;
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catdadseven · 3 months ago
hiyah!!! i do not know how many people still like mystic messenger,, let alone want content of it but i made a mymes specific account to maybe share and create more content :D my asks are open for any type of requests so feel free!! i would also love to meet friends who still enjoy this game so don’t be shy!!
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mystic-simping · 8 months ago
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Day 26
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deermori · a year ago
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The time pasted, we are still together.
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