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i-cant-sing · a day ago
I KNEW YORIICHI WAS Y/N'S FATHER!!!!!!!!!! i suspected, but reading it... what a shock
And he'd be such a good father too, contrary to what Muzan believed. Sure, Yoriichi definitely was gonna force Muzan to live like a woman for the rest of his life and he most likely would've punished Muzan for a lot of things, but Yoriichi would've been a total softie for you.
Yoriichi would've been rough with Muzan, both in and out of bed, but he would've played the role of a loving father to you, and a nice husband to your mom.
Muzan would have had to constantly walk around on eggshells with Yoriichi, because while Yoriichi appeared to be calm and collected, he would've bent Muzan over the nearest surface and made his legs all woby for the month as soon as you were out of sight.
And the worst thing is... Muzan would've liked it. He would've fallen in love with Yoriichi and all his punishments, would've fallen to his knees at the snap of his fingers and be the submissive partner Yoriichi needed. And Muzan did not want that. He did not want to lose his power and reign as the demon king, just to play house with yall.
Funny thing is that Yoriichi loved Muzan (in his own weird way) and it wouldn't be wrong to say he was a yandere for you and Muzan. And if Muzan had stayed, you probably would've grown up with two loving parents and not face any of the terrible stuff you do now.
So in short, Yoriichi was a low key sadist, and Muzan was a low key masochist and the two would've made a power couple and you would've been SPOILED rotten with them as your parents💖💖
Tumblr media
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crysatoru · a day ago
so idk if you write threesomes/poly so if not, ignore this please but imagine… being sandwiched between the tsugikuni brothers… pls they’re both so fine 🙏
Oh, I definitely do! And gosh, they're just so damn hot.
Imagine having two adorable puppies entirely at your mercy. Making Michikatsu sit behind you and litter kisses on your neck, back and face and making Yoriichi eat you out. You could feel Michikatsu's hard cock pressing against your back and how slippery it was from just your moans alone.
"Are we making you feel good?" He would ask as he nipped on your neck softly, and Yoriichi would look up at you with innocent, glassy eyes. The mere sight of his head between your thighs was almost enough to make you cum.
They would be ready to do anything you wanted them to, and all you have to do is ask.
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smol-ackerman · 11 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"what do you find so entertaining? what's so amusing about this? what do you take life for, exactly? why can't you understand? how can you forget?"
KIMETSU NO YAIBA: Entertainment District Arc: Ep. 06
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cathianemelian · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
I'm not obsessed with him at all
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kingkyoujurou · 2 months ago
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creds: ooreonii
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whoreforunrealboys · 15 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yoriichi "the GOAT" Tsugikuni
This part gave me goosebumps 😩
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koroart · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
“ What do you take life for, exactly…? “
First complete drawing of 2022! ✨
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ella390-the-potato · a month ago
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An emotional start...
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ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ ᴠs ᴍᴀɴɢᴀ
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owarinaki · 14 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kimetsu no Yaiba s2 yukaku hen - Yoriichi recap
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i-cant-sing · 2 days ago
This is an image of me. Idk I wanna submit it
Tumblr media
Bestie, you is so brave for sending your own pic, especially one that looks like this. I know you a hot bitch now😩
This is probably Kamado reader's reaction to finding out that Muzan was actually pregnant with her. BUT BUT she also finds out who Muzan slept with to conceive you.
It's Yoriichi.
Okay but shutup, it makes total sense. Like Muzan had shape shifted into a lady and was gonna kill Yoriichi, but then Yoriichi gave Muzan one of the best Ds of his life.
Like Muzan is super mad and traumatised from Yoriichi because hes been the only person ever to dom Muzan, and Muzan did not like that change in power. That's why he's been getting all those flashbacks of Yoriichi. So, when Muzan got pregnant with you, he ran 🏃‍♂️ for his life. Cause he knew that Yoriichi would either kill Muzan and raise you all alone, or force him to become a subservient housewife, forever to act like a human and raise you as a human child.
Anyways, Yoriichi chased after Muzan cause he in love, and then he finds out that he gave birth to you and it turns out that Muzan was right. Yoriichi was gonna force him to live like a housewife and raise you, and Muzan did not want that. So, Muzan had to very regrettably leave you behind to escape Yoriichi. And then Yoriichi took you in, raised you for as long as he could, which meant that you were a hundred year old baby for quite some time before he died and gave you to Kamado Clan.
Or maybe you were in hibernation, cause you're a demon hybrid and that's possible for you😩 And maybe Tanjuro Kamado found you in the woods, a baby sleeping her ass off and thought you were abandoned and took you in. Whatever scenario helps you sleep better💖
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shizukais · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yoriichi Tsugikuni (継国 縁壱), Kimetsu no Yaiba.
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rengokumylife · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Manga: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Character: Yoriichi Tsugikuni
Btw he is so soft, i love him sm 🥺💞
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cathianemelian · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
"What do you take life for, exactly ?"
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hanakages · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: yoriichi my love </3 i hope this is satisfactory to you anon! i love the request though so i hope this is good because i will be trying my hardest to make it good! + female reader
WARNINGS: blood, grief, sad yoriichi </3
“(y/n), let’s go.” yoriichi spoke into the quiet night.
there was no sound.
“(y/n)?” he repeated again, this time louder. you always scolded the for having such a quiet tone.
the male froze, feeling his body harden. why was there no noise? sharpening his hearing, the male listened. soft breathing. it was short too. he turned his head. you weren’t there. walking into the clearing behind him, the male’s steps were fast by the second. you. all he needed to find was you. the clearing! it was so close. he can’t have it again. he can’t handle it again. you, where were you? it was close. he was getting closer to the clearing! the male halted abruptly at the sight of you. you lay on your back, a small pool of blood forming around you.
tears formed in his eyes. his mouth couldn’t move. you lay there, motionless. the breath of sun user walked forward, slowly, trying to examine you from afar. —a pulse. he could see your body move slowly. the male rushed over, not wasting any second. as soon as you were in his arms, using his haori to wrap around you, the demon slayer ran. you jumped slightly in his arms with every step he took, and blood was beginning to seep through the cloth.
it stained his hands.
it stained his clothes.
the blood was everywhere.
the sound of your breathing was getting softer. no. don’t succumb. are you okay? breath easier. control your breathing. try to stop the bleeding. come one. the more and more he begged for some kind of change, there was none. you didn’t do anything really. your face stayed the same, eyes closed and head lolled to the side.
yoriichi couldn’t tell you anything without the air in his throat becoming dry.
making his way into the nearest wisteria home, yoriichi ran in without a word. he slid open the door to a room, carefully laying you down. he was a man of little words, but he sensed that there were people running to him. faster. come faster. he didn’t like this. why were they taking so long? tears spilled down his cheeks as his arms still held onto you. to mourn. he didn’t like that. he didn’t want to mourn. it hurt the first time with his mother. and the second for uta. the third for his child. the fourth for michikatsu. the fifth for you. he didn’t want that. he wanted you to live forever, even after he was gone.
“s-sir. you need to let her go if you want her to live.” an older male spoke, his wrinkled hands tugging gently on the red-haired male’s arm.
help. help was here. carefully releasing you, you fell back onto the futon. the male’s hands trembled. he wasn’t gentle enough. you fell. you winced. not good. his arms reached out for you, but the doctor stopped him quietly. he had a worried smile. his eyes were serious though. the male gently pulled away the male’s hands, giving yoriichi and softened look.
“go clean yourself up, boy. by the time you come back from your bath, she’ll be patched up and all clean. i’ll take good care of her.” that’s right. there’s someone this time. someone can take care of her.
he rushed. stripping off his clothes quickly, yoriichi jumped into the onsen. the warm water relaxed his tensed muscles, and the male wanted to get out almost immediately. but he had to wait. or else if he went back you’d still look a mess. closing his eyes, the demon slayer let himself submerge into the water, reminding himself that you were alive. alive. alive. alive. his mind repeated it like a mantra, continuously telling himself that you were okay. it took him two hours to finally be ready to see you again, taking his time to prepare himself. sliding open the door, he was met with your soft grin.
“yoriichi-kun, why do you look so sad?” you questioned, reaching out your hand towards him.
the male wasted no time. he bent onto the ground, taking your hand into his own. it was soft. trembling. and tears escaped his eyes, wetting your hand. he could feel your pulse. pressing your hand against his cheek, yoriichi cried softly. alive. he could feel you being alive. so alive. and your smile. you were so blessed. so beautiful. he can protect. he can protect something. your thumb wiped at his tears, causing the male to look at you with shaking eyes.
“y…you’re alive. my (y/n), i can feel your heart beating.” he whispered, leaning over your body as he sobbed softly.
rubbing small circles onto the male’s back, you felt your eyes become wet too. whatever had happened to this man to have had made him so weakened? why did his heart soar with pain, and cry with grief? you wanted to cherish him. to hold him in your chest. you would forever.
“i’m here with you, for forever. so don’t cry now. not until we’re both gone.”
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anime-to-the-t · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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genyasfuckingguns · 22 days ago
There’s something so pleasing about tanjirou saying “my body’s not suited for water breathing” and the fact sun breathing has such a painful and heavy toll on his body, once again proving how strong yoriichi was and how tanjirou isn’t immediately op like other Main shouen characters, it’s so nice and exciting to see him get stronger not just… be stronger immediately.
Also tengen with his wives is so sweet he loves them so much, and he’s slowly starting to become one of my favorite hashira, also it’s fun to see zenitsu being a badass too and I wish we could see tengen s reaction to that tbh
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myrulia · 3 months ago
𝐻𝑒𝑑𝑜𝑛𝑖𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑐 - Tsugikuni twins x Bratty!Reader
╰┈: ̗̀· ͟͟͞‧✦Synopsis: Provoking both Yoriichi and Michikatsu time and time again push them past their limits to mouth-watering intercourse
╰┈: ̗̀· ͟͟͞‧✦Warnings: Extremely bratty reader, spit, shibari/rope play, blindfold, threesome, double penetration, biting/hickies, Dom/Sub dynamic
╰┈: ̗̀· ͟͟͞‧✦Word Count: 4,232
Tumblr media
” Must you manhandle her? ”
Yoriichi said whilst crossing his arms and looking at the sight before him of his characteristically harsh older brother who had his hand wrapped around your throat and another teasing your body without shame of the audience that consisted of one watching him.
Michikatsu rolled his eyes at his much softer brother while continuing to tighten his grip around your neck, keeping eye contact with the sibling all the while. You gasped when Michikatsu’s large hand was wrapped around your throat, looking up at him with a miniscule grin on your face.
” If they weren't such a slut for attention in public we wouldn't be here now would we [Y/N]? ” 
He forced your gazes to meet, locking his lavender irises onto yours while his hands slid into the fabric of your kimono. You turned to Yoriichi who also returned your gaze, looking at him with begging clear in your eyes and feigning innocence.
” B-but I did nothing wrong, ” 
You spoke innocently, testing Michikatsu. A small moan left your mouth when the grip tightened, squeezing your legs together. 
” I was just being nice. ”
” Knowing her, she most likely is not innocent, ” Yoriichi scoffed at the two of them, approaching you slowly and grabbing one of your wrists to try and pull you away from his much harsher brother. He knew all too well of your bratty behavior so this was nothing new, but his possessiveness took over seeing how much Michikatsu got to touch you and he was not.
” She definitely isn't and was not just being "nice," learn to keep your hands to yourself or I'll teach you how, ” He said harshly, glaring at his younger twin. You look at him yet again, slowly melting into his touch, knowing Yoriichi was the softer one of the twins. You would usually try to wriggle out of the older Tsugikuni's wrath by escaping to him, but this time they both kept you sandwiched in between them.
” Well aren't you two mean. I really was just being nice Michikatsu, ” You said with a small pout, the pout turning into a grin knowing your act was seen through already and noticing Michikatsu's change in levels of possessiveness. Yoriichi had his hands on you so of course the elder twin would pull you onto his lap.
” I'm not only yours, Yoriichi can touch me too, ” you told him, getting comfortable on his lap as if you did not just refute his entire reason of always having a small rivalry with his younger brother.
Once Michikatsu was fully situated on the bed, he kept you locked in his embrace, tearing off the kimono from your skin with ease, leaving you in your undergarments. You blinked when he tore it off as if it had no meaning and crossed your arms, the action ripping Yoriichi's hands from your own. 
” That was my favorite kimono you bitch. ”
Yoriichi's hands moved so fast that you did not notice when he grabbed your face, a small whimper leaving your lips when he began gripping your jaw which contrasted his usual gentle and silk-like tone of voice he used when speaking to you. 
” You should watch your tone dear, you wouldn't want to suffer yet another one of dear brother's punishments now would you? You already earned yourself one for not keeping your hands to yourself when the two of us are already enough for your greedy cunt to handle. ” 
He pried your lips open with a thumb of his, locking his gaze onto your eyes this time as Michikatsu worked off the rest of your underwear, leaving you bare and exposed before them and to their complete disposal.
” Watch my tone this, watch my tone that, where’s the fun in constantly being a good girl huh? What are you going to do? Stuff me full to shut me up? How terrifying. I totally would not want that. ”
You continued your antics of testing the younger brother even if your mouth had his thumb in it. Although you did keep up the attitude, you whimpered when the cold air hit your body from the way Michikatsu undressed you. Yoriichi made you face his twin so you took the chance to start tugging on his kimono as a sign for him to take it off. You wished for them to be bare as well seeing as how you were the only one naked. 
” Michi please.. its unfair how I'm the only naked one here. ”
” Aww, you tied my hands up. Just how exactly is that gonna make me shut up? ”
The twins shared a look, one they both knew all too well just how to get you to finally listen and stop acting like the brat you were being.
Michikatsu swatted your wrist away while Yoriichi pulled you closer to his body, giving Michikatsu the chance to get up and grab the shibari rope they had owned and tied your wrists above your head. Since the twins were both rather tall, it made it easy for Yoriichi to reach the ceiling and tie you just a bit higher so you'd have to rely on the younger twin for support. 
” You just keep running your cute little mouth and see where that gets you, ” Michikatsu said rather harshly, tugging your wrists together painfully and tying the other end of the rope to the ceiling, forcing your wrists above your head while you were on the bed. You were still trying, testing them, doing whatever you can to get under their skin and it seemingly work, but you still let a moan slip out from the pain.
” You sit still and look pretty while you get what you deserve for being overly friendly. ”
” You did bring this upon yourself dear, it's only fair we do this to you, ” Yoriichi started whilst placing merciful kisses onto the side of your neck from behind, his hands resting on your waist to keep you utterly still. 
” Well hurry up and fuck me already then? You both are still fully dressed, ” You whined, growing impatient but also doing it on purpose. You knew that they'd get you back regardless, it is how it has always been between the relationship you had with them, being bratty one minute and getting your pussy stuffed the next.
While yoriichi continued with his advances of savory touches all over your skin, Michikatsu's hands returned to grip your jaw with little to no mercy, forcing you to look at him as he taunts a thin piece of fabric in front of your eyes. You were slowly but surely melting under his touch, whimpering and enjoying it while it lasted. ” Who are you to be giving orders? What if we just sit here and torture you..- although I'm sure a whore a like you would enjoy it, hm? ” 
His tone was ever so cold but deep inside seeing you so vulnerable was an atrociously erogenous sight that built up a deep yearning to do such devilish things to your body. He noticed the same with his dear younger brother who just could not stop touching your skin and giving into your whorish pleas to be fucked dumb.
” I might a-as well since you guys dont do anything.. Yoriichi do something, ” you pleaded, squeezing your legs together because the entire thing was only turning you on more. ” Just fucking touch me already.. I need it. ”
Yoriichi raised a brow at his name being called, meeting the gaze of Michikatsu who gives him a nod and moves closer to your face. He watched the two of you intently, a hand of his inching down your body painstakingly slow until his fingertips hardly brushed above your clit, not giving into your begs just yet. It was almost fatal with how the younger twin restrained himself from hushing his dear needy lover and giving into your needs, but at the end of the day you did deserve this. 
” Aht aht, not yet love, just wait a little longer okay? ” Just as he finished his statement that rolled off his tongue as if warmth from the actual sun touched your skin, Michikatsu finally tied the blindfold over your eyes leaving you even more vulnerable and at their disposal than before.
Slowly but surely the elder brother pried your legs open, making sure your legs were spread fully before his fleeting touches rose to your chest, leaving exquisite and hurried touches to your erect buds seeing how they were yearning for him to give them the attention they desired. You couldn't help herself from letting out small moans when you felt their fingers give attention to your body, but even that was hardly enough. 
” Like he said, not yet, you still haven't earned what you want. ”
Right after his retort, it was as if they were mentally connected, for both him and Yoriichi removed their kimonos at the same time, revealing their toned bodies that you were stripped of seeing because of your bratty nature.
” Loves please..~ at least let me see, ” you begged both of them. 
You just wanted- 
No, in fact you needed it.
Knowing what exactly the twins were hiding underneath all of these clothes your mouth watered at the thought, hating the fact you couldn't touch or see them. You knew Yoriichi was the easier one of the twins so you'd normally rely on him to always give in but you knew good and well you weren't anything deserving of pleasure. Alas, you were prepared to be a brat right even after they gave you what you wanted but hearing the removal of clothes, you whined like a dog in heat. 
” Fucking let me see..! ”
All Yoriichi could do was shake his head in disapproval at your sudden change of attitude after stripping away your basic senses that were now in the twins' control. ” I think you know you're on display for us right? Not for anybody else so why did you have to upset him? ” 
” Why is he upset then huh, knowing I'm all for the two of you and no one else? ”
Yoriichi held your legs spread, lifting them so that he could finally reveal your mesmerizing ichorus cunt to his older brother who already began his attack on your folds, spreading your lips and collecting your juices onto his long and calloused fingers. You let out a loud gasp of contentment when Michikatsu touched you, already being wet from all the teasing so it was no surprise your succulent cunt dripped with your essence.
His touches slowed and even stilled just when he was about to give in to your grievous appetite of lust. He himself had already got an erection just seeing how much you struggled for any sense of pleasure that the two of them were going to give you eventually, just not without a bit of torture. 
” If that really was the case then why did you have to act like such the brat you are and provoke me? ” 
Michikatsu moved closer to your face despite you not being able to visibly see him, yet his breath ghosted over your lips, insinuating that you were centimeters apart from each other but with the help of Yoriichi, you were held still and could not move even if you wanted to. A small whimper left your lips when he was so close yet so far at the same time, desperately moving closer to press your lips against his but to no avail and  whining when you felt Yoriichi holding her back.
” I might just fuck a baby into you so men won't give in to your childish antics. I'd bet you want that wouldn't you? ” 
He and his brother exchanged another look, one of approval so Michikatsu immediately sunk one of his digits into your saturated cunt that swallowed him in with ease. The exquisite sight was so vehement that a small grunt left his esophagus. Yoriichi was also watching in amazement as his older brother's single finger was doing so much to your dripping cunt because of your desire growing as the seconds passed by.
A slew of curses were muttered under your breath, feeling a singular digit all too memorized to be Michikatsu's plunge further into your depths. Eventually you stopped attempting to fight back against the rope and instead opted for trying to move against his fingers to feel more but even that failed.
” T-Then do it..- You two have been running your mouth yet I-I..~ ..Have felt nothing but your fingers and tongue so far- Go ahead and call me whatever you want b-but even without seeing you two.. I know you're leaking at the sight… ”
You tried to respond with a snappy retort but the wanton sounds that came from your gaping mouth made the simple sentence seem difficult to form. His fingers felt all too good and the overly confident male knew of this. 
Michikatsu on the other hand looked in disgust at you even if you could not see his facial expression, but his nose scrunched in disdain at your attitude and assumptions that you were going to get what you most lusted for, but it was the exact opposite. ” I know you'd expect a "punishment" from me, but why not from my innocent little brother? Maybe he can find a way to surprise you and shut you up for good. ” 
He pried her mouth open yet again, letting a thick string of saliva leak from his lips into yours, watching the salacious elixir drip into your mouth. He closed your lips once every last droplet was on your tongue, gripping your jaw and practically holding you still himself as Yoriichi lines his tip to the entrance of your puckered hole.
” You keep yourself still on my dick, ” He said with abrasiveness in his tone uncharacteristically. Usually he was the much softer twin but since you pretty much could not fight back, it ignited a tempestuous flame in his aching core, something that could not be put out until he got to utterly ruin you.
He held back a small groan as best as he could, but even that proved impossible as he nearly shoved his entire cock inside your little ass instantaneously. The younger twin bit down onto your shoulder, trying to muffle his grunts and impassioned whimpers but to no avail.
Intaking a sharp breath of air, you practically threw your head back at the sudden invasion of Yoriichi's cock inside of your rather tight and inviting hole, tears swelling up as you tried to adjust to his length.
” Y-yes Yoriichi I'm sorry, ” you choked on your words. You tried to bounce yourself on his dick, wanting to feel more desperately and leaning back against him, completely forgetting about the older twin from the way you got filled so fast.
Yoriichi practically had a death grip on your body with how tight he was holding you, and seeing how quickly your attitude changed with the drop of a dime, the older of the two plunged yet another one of his fingers into your pussy that seemed to swallow him in further. 
” All you needed was one of us inside of you and now you're apologizing, ” Michikatsu taunted, scissoring his fingers within your cunt to spread your walls further. The action was only to prepare for you to take his cock, which was thick and throbbing to be enveloped by your warmth, but the male told himself just not yet. He wanted to see you cry, to beg, to shout for him to give in to what you want the most, so he was going to make this as languishing as possible so you learn your lesson. 
His younger brother on the other hand was already giving in to the more malignant side of his barbarous devotion to have his love, the one who he adores to be balls deep within, stuffed with every inch of his essence.
” Maybe I n-need both of you because how are fingers going to p..please me when your brother is inside of me, ” You told him, struggling to say those words as moans left your mouth constantly as you clenched around his fingers.
” If i cant see you should at least f-fuck me.. ”
” And who are you to be making orders? Last I checked you're the one who needed a bit of taming. ” His words were like daggers that meant every bit of coldness, but deep down he really did just want an excuse to see you so submissive and whine for the smallest of touches that he'd grant from here and there. Unlike his much softer brother who already began to gently rock his hips into your behind, creating just a bit of mesmeric euphoria due to him giving into his needs far before the elder twin did. 
Yoriichi let out soft moans and pants into your ear because it was painstakingly obvious that he just wanted to catch a release deep within your depths, so as the rocking of his hips got more lecherous, so did his wails and fidgets that showed a clear indication of just how good you felt.
” I'm your girlfrie..hhnd who wants to be fucked.. are you that stupid to not understand that? Last time I checked you were going to fuck me y-yet its only Yoriichi right n-now..- ”
You retorted back, your tone becoming less and less bratty with every word, having shivers all over your body simply from the tone he was using when speaking to you. 
Even if you tried to act all snappy, you melted underneath Yoriichi’s touch, matching your movements with his, letting out choked moans and having goosebumps all over your body and clenching around Yoriichi from the way he was being vocal. ” C-come on Michikatsu- just fuck me already or am I a-all Yoriichi’s? P-please Michi…~ ” 
Yoriichi heard as Michikatu let out a small chuckle at the way you tried so hard to act so bratty and failed in the same sentence, but it went in one ear and out the other and the male found his hands mindlessly groping your chest, pinching and pulling at your fully pointed buds only making them even harder. ” I'm sure you know- mhn- that we share your body, so.. we simply have to remind you as such. ” 
You are clearly unaware of what the older brother was doing, continuing your whines and moaning for him desperately before feeling him closer. You were going to beg more but choked on your moans, freezing while you took the unmerciful yet delectable feeling of having not one, but two cocks within your now stretched holes. Your eyes began to roll back beneath the blind fold, a delayed but audible wail echoing off the walls and right into the twins ears.
Yoriichi tried to muster up a normal tone but moans slipped in between his words because the rutting of his cock brushing just against the gummy walls of your ass was so viciously enthralling that he picked up the pace without so much as realizing it.
He was so lost in his daze that he hadn't even realized his older brother already lining himself at your dripping entrance just seconds before shoving the entirety of his angrily throbbing cock into your sopping cunt that enveloped him in so much warmth that a deep groan came from his chest.
A devilish grin ghosted upon Michikatsu's features because you finally shut that big mouth of yours, which had been his goal all along but getting his own satisfaction was also secondary and he was not going to let his younger brother have you completely to himself. 
” Finally satisfied? Of course someone like you would enjoy having two cocks inside you, just how much of a filthy little girl are you? ” 
He surprisingly enough kept himself still which greatly contrasted Yoriichi who continued to slowly but surely grind his hips into your ass to feel even the slightest of something. Before the younger twin could register it in his brain, he was already speaking without even realizing it. 
” If you want to prove to us both you really are ours, why not fuck yourself on us hm? I'm sure you wouldn't mind, ” said Yoriichi with such a daunting tone anyone would have thought Michikatsu was the one who spoke, but the male was so avid with seeing how submissive you were rendered and it sparked a new type of gluttony within him.
You tried your damndest to "lean" closer to him to get more attention from him because at the end of the day you were desperate. You were rendered a whorish moaning mess because you struggled to take both siblings, but absolutely loved every second of it. 
That is until Yoriichi's orders registered in your head.
” B-but I can't- ” You mumbled, having shivers emit from your spine when you realized who the harsh tone originated from, but you gave in nonetheless, struggling for breath once your covetous movements continued, tears of pleasure rolling down your face while you struggled against the rope, soft whimpers and fierce sobs leaving your mouth.
When the older Tsugikuni finally felt friction on his embarrassingly eager cock, he could not help but to huff and rasp at finally getting what he has restrained himself from before. It felt so immodest yet delightful that before he was even aware, the male rapidly lunged his dick further inside your sloppy pussy that invited him in further without argue. 
” It seems- that you are.. shit.. so if you want to cum as bad as you c-claim you do.. then fuck yourself on us won't you? ” 
He leaned back on his shoulders, watching the distasteful sight of his brother refusing to not touch her breasts and you passionately giving into his orders. He was well aware of your little act finally being fucked away but that did not mean he was going to let you off the hook easily. ” If you don't do a good job you don't get to cum, simple as that. ” 
It may have been cruel of him, but both the twins were content with that seeing as how you got yourself into this mess.
Yoriichi perked up finally, glaring at Michikatsu while leaning his head on her now marked shoulder, sliding one of his hands down to her waist and the other to her suspended wrists. You got goosebumps all over, leaning against Yoriichi as you kept maneuvering up and down to still pleasure yourself, a small smile growing on your face as moans escaped your lips.
” Only dear brother's? Are you forgetting who's been inside you the longest? ” 
He easily matched the vicious tongue of his brother, kissing your cheek so chaste that it's as if a switch keeps flipping on and off in his mind. 
” T-that's not what I meant.. ghahh~ ..I'm both of yours, ” you whined when his lips came in contact with your face, his gentleness and roughness making you lose yourself. You couldn’t keep yourself from clenching around him, not when he was ball deep inside of you, hitting every spot damn near perfectly. He was also just so caught up in the angelic way your anus kept squeezing him everytime you bounced with a clear goal to satisfy the two of them, but even still, he was making this a cruel punishment. 
” I see you need some help there, why don't we finally take things over from here huh darling, ” Michikatsu suddenly perked up as if he was still in competition with Yoriichi, but that thought quickly left him once he began untying the part of shibari that had you tied to the ceiling, leaving your wrists still bound all the while.
” D-do whatever you want, I-I'm nothing but your filthy whore, ” you mewled, a sigh of relief echoing when your hands were a bit more free. It only took them a few seconds to completely move your body so that now the three of you laid, you sandwiched in between the two brothers who still had their throbbing cocks stuffed within your holes. ” You did well enough, but we'll be taking over from here. ” 
It was all so sudden that Yoriichi had a hand placed on your thigh, lifting it up so they'd have better access to moving their dicks rhythmically to an unforgiving and relentless pace they both set.
Even though you could not see a thing, your eyes rolled to the back of your head as twins left you sporadic with how aphrodisiac their cocks were to your mind, tainting every bit of it leaving you in pure, succulent bliss. With the way Michikatsu's hardened tip hit your cervix, and how Yoriichi was leaving his imprint in your ass, you lost track of time, becoming so delirious and high from how much of their offspring they left inside you.
You had no idea how many times you've released your own nectar onto their cocks, all you knew was that there was an obvious mess beneath your sweaty bodies. You were completely ruined. Your legs trembling, your face stained with tears and slight drool from all of the mind-numbing pleasure, barely being aware of your surroundings except for the two Tsugikuni's voices.
” I think you learned your lesson well enough to watch your tone dear. ”
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sassysaxsolo · 15 days ago
Also, did anyone else SCREAM when Yorrichi's lips started moving? His VOICE. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Was like music to my ears.
Tumblr media
*Chef's kiss*( ˘ ³˘)♥︎
I need him in my life.
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Small edit. ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
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fortune-fool02 · 14 days ago
Imagine this: Muzan is yandere for Yoriichi’s wife and comes to their home one night to claim her. Yoriichi is unable to protect her since he hasn’t had demon slayer training yet. Her kidnapping is what motivates him to become a demon slayer so that he can reunite with her. He eventually saves her from Muzan by almost killing him but he discoveres that Muzan already turned her into a demon. Despite this they stay together until they he eventually dies. After his wife has buried him she stays by his grave waiting for the sun to rise.
Awww! My heart! I love this!
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