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Tsukimi Sailor Murochin !

Randomly did the Sailor Moon Redraw cause this replace + chapter featuring Himuro dressed as her was way too amazing and I HAD to redraw it somehow.

In time for 2020 Tsukimi o/

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Part 2 of the Pun Fest collection!

Murasakibara x Reader

Word count: 3992

Synopsis: The Yōsen’s basketball team is trying to help out a poor manager’s love life.

Note: I went a little too crazy with this;; it is definitely longer than Kise’s prompt (i’m so sorry my bb)

»»————— ☼ —————««

Everything about Yōsen was grand and lofty, from their buildings, their interiors, their tuition, and even their students… quite literally.

A huge downside of attending there, though, was the location of the campus itself: Akita. The biting winds were extremely harsh and unforgiving, particularly when temperatures dropped below negative numbers as snow continued to pile up even more imposing walls than the famed “Shield of Aegis.” Luckily, as the new manager of Yōsen High’s basketball team, you often got to accompany five towering starter players, where you gladly took advantage of their heights to protect yourself from the harsh weather. 

Still, if you had the choice to either confess to Murasakibara or to stand outside in an Akita blizzard for a few hours, you’d dash to the latter option with no hesitation.

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murasakibara reaching the ball before it hit its peak in the tipoff is still one of my favorite moments. the boy is just too tall, pls


and the best part is this wasn’t the first time, look at coach araki ahahha

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KnB stats because I think the team stats are stupid and as proof how Seirin won with the help of plot-armour


(Red = worst, green = best)

These are the teams‘s average stats. I created a second category for Seirin because their club as a whole sucked and I felt bad for them. However, they‘re still the worst team.

Kaijo is okay, Rakuzan and Yosen are competing for the top. Touou and Shuutoku are there. Not the worst but also not the best.

Here are the different teams:



(Black = not playing)

They are so awful. How did they win. Just…how…



The worst Kajio player is still better than over half of the Seirin players. How did they lose.



Honestly if Special Ability wasn‘t a category, Akashi would be way worse.



This team only has one less ten than Rakuzan yet people still tell me Akashi would win hands down. Open your eyes, people!



They wanted to recruit the best and this is what they end up with? Meh. If height wasn‘t a factor, Susa and Sakurai would have the same total, just to give you some perspective.



Poor, poor Midorima. He and Murasakibara have the highest total yet they still get mistreated like this…they both get reduced to the weird guy who only cares about LuCkY iTemS and the tall man-child who eats sWeEts constantly. The disrespect.

(Seems like someone realized that shooting perfect threes was a bit overpowered and then decided to completly fuck up the character, huh?)

And here‘s to the question which position is the best:


(I have all the positions and the players in another table but that would be a tad much)

Lastly, this is how I calculated the heights:


The other stats were taken from the wiki.

(I hope after this it‘s obvious why I took statistics as my high school exam)

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Could you please do Himuro feeling jealous of guys flirting with his s/o?

Sorry it’s so late, and kinda crappy. I’m out of practice. Summer break just started and I plan on posting at least once a week and getting back in a schedule. I’ve taken quite some time to think about life and the choices I want to make. I feel a lot better (mentally speaking) and have one more request to finish before I open the askbox again. Thank you for everyone who has stuck by me during my on-again-off-again hiatus, your support has kept me going. And now, enjoy!~

The bell rang signaling the end of class and you pack up your things at record speed and head to the gym. Your boyfriend, Himuro, invited you to watch him and the team practice and you were practically radiating energy as you loved watching him playing basketball. Sure he looked good while playing (who were you kidding, he looked good no matter what he did), but you particularly marveled at how he carried himself on the court and the dedication he had for basketball. Himuro practiced harder than anyone and relied on his skills he attained through these strenuous practices. His confident aura, the way he always had fun while playing, the way he get into the other team’s minds, the strategies he comes up, you loved every bit of it. 

‘I wonder who they’re playing against next? I think it was Kaij-’ Next you know you’re on the floor. Realizing that you ran into someone while daydreaming, you flush in embarrassment. Getting up, you bow and apologize for bumping into them. You glance towards them when one of them laughs heartily.

“Well, aren’t you cute. Why don’t you hang with us for a couple hours?”

Did they just….hit on me?

Flushing slightly, you try to excuse yourself but the tall brunette steps in front of you and takes your arm. “Aww, don’t leave. It’ll be fun, promise.” Stuttering incoherent sentences, you smile and try to politely reject their advances and find an escape. “That’s really sweet of you to say, but I’m afraid my boyfriend is waiting for me and I don’t want to keep him or he’ll worry.” Shuffling backwards, you uneasily smile again and attempt to make haste and leave. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. They take a step forward and completely surround you, blocking any possible form of escape. Looking around, you see an open door to a nearby classroom and start to formulate a plan. One of them slipped an arm around your shoulders, nudging you forward. “C'mon, what’s the harm in having a little fun? Life is all about meeting new people anyway.”

An arm suddenly grasps the hand on your forearm. “Maybe you didn’t hear her properly because you were too busy being ignorant assholes, but she clearly said that she has a boyfriend. Now if I were you, I would get lost. Now.” Himuro’s icy tone and menacing glare was enough to make them scram. Sighing in relief, you turn to face your savior only to be pulled into a hug, arms wrapping around you tightly.

“What have I told you about being aware of your surroundings? What if I’m not around to protect you?”

“I was handling myself just fine, Tatsuya. You worry too much.”

Burying his face further into the crook of your neck, he mumbles, “But you’re mine. I won’t allow anyone to take you away from me.” You notice his arms tighten ever so slightly. Pulling away, you realize the problem.

“You’re jealous.” Meeting your eyes, he remarks, “Maybe I am. But only because I’m dating such an amazing girl and I don’t want anyone to sweep you off your feet like I did.” Only Himuro could say something cheesy like that without blushing. 

You delicately raise an eyebrow. “You’re on the Yosen basketball team and you have a fan club full of girls and guys that confess to you on a daily basis. Even that lady in the cafetaria wrote you a love letter last week, didn’t she? If anyone should be jealous, it should be me.” He airily laughs but sees your point. Dealing with his fan club was rather daunting and your reassurance of your love helped him calm the little green monster and all unhappiness dissipated.

“Alright, alright. How about we just go get some ice cream?”

“Ah, a man after my own heart. You really know how to make a woman happy, Tatsuya.” Linking your arm, you both walk to redeem your well-deserved afternoon treat.

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Alo! Your blog is amazing! Can I pretty please have some jealousy headcanons for Nash Gold and Himuro Tatsuya? Thanks a lot~ ♡

Heyy thank you babe! So sorry for the wait!

Nash Gold Jr

  • Nash would be the possessive and the needy one; not a good combo.
  • He would not necessarily tell you about his jealousy, however you would be able to notice a certain degree of madness when the someone he is jealous of is around. 
  • He would be rude, would challenge them, and even openly degrade the one he is jealous of.
  • Expect lots of bitemarks that show people that you belong to Nash.
  • I reckon he can be the complete opposite of this as well: he is a cancer (don’t ask me how), so he might be extremely silent and give the cold shoulder. (you’d be expected to read his mind)

Himuro Tatsuya

  • He would feel threatened, and even if there is nothing, he would be jealous because he would create all sorts of scenarios in his mind.
  • Himuro would be explosive once he has had enough.
  • He would not be able to listen to your argument, he already has decided that you had ulterior motives when you put on that sexy clothing. (it wouldn’t matter to him if it was for to make yourself feel special)
  • He would eventually realise that he was just stupid, but he would never admit it, just feel the shame.
  • Himuro would try extremely hard not to be jealous, but given his possessive and explosive nature, he’d have a hard time trying.
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Omg! You’re open! I’m so sorry to hear what happened though. I hope you’re doing alright. Would it be okay to request some fluffy headcanons for Okamura, Hayama, Murasakibara, and Nash with them comforting their sick girlfriend, please? If this isn’t something you want to do or can’t write for that’s completely understandable! I wish you all the best, love!

thank you so much for your kind words :3 of course i’ll write this for you! it’s such a sweet request. i hope you enjoy !!

- pocky


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Hi ^^ May I ask for a match up? I'm 5'1 19 years old and very daintily but still got curves. I got long blonde/white hair and big blue eyes. I'm mostly dressed in black/ dark colors because I think it fits blonde hair the best.I'm shy and introverted. My friends are telling me that I look sweet,elegant and innocent but also unattainable and very reserved. But those few who know me better can tell that I'm absolutely not like that. I love poker, play video games, I'm lazy and pretty forgetful.

Your match-up: Himuro Tatsuya

  • He enjoys when he does not have to go anywhere or communicate with anyone, so he would be more than satisfied with your introverted personality.
  • At first glance, he is also quite unapproachable, but that makes him so mysterious and interesting right?
  • Imagine a lazy Saturday evening, the scent of pizza and you playing video games together. Perfect match.

Other possible match-up: Aomine Daiki

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Hello!! I just read your post with a group of boys with an African American girl! Could I please have some more but for just Okamura? Maybe he somehow gets her to agree to go on a date with him and how it goes! Thank you

The original post can be found here.

Okamura was walking around town aimlessly, wondering about you and how could he possibly secure a date with you without seeming to be pushy. While out and about, he passed by a nearby street court. First thing that crossed his mind was you of course; eventually, he sat down at a bench to watch the ongoing one-on-one while trying to figure out how to ask you out. 

Ten to fifteen minutes into the game, a new player stepped on the court. ‘May I join?’ the voice called in English. Okamura immediately looked at the direction where the subtle voice came from, and his eyes found you and his subconscious commanded him to stand up and walk to the court. ‘May I too?’ he called in English as well. [Reader]’s lips didn’t move at all, but your eyes brightened up as you saw him. 

‘Sure, two against two then!’ said enthusiastically one of the original players. You and your pair, Okamura, positioned yourselves, ready to crush them. Even though the stipulation to win was to score 20 points and to have at least 4 points advance, it didn’t take long for you to win; you two immediately understood each other’s style, your cooperation for the first time was more than extraordinary: Okamura’s remarkable power forward was well paired with your extravagant speed and shooting precision leaving virtually no chance for the opposition to win. 

After the game, Okamura approached you: ‘Thanks for the game!’ his deep voice was shaking a little, perhaps from the adrenalin or from nervousness. You gave him a warm smile and thanked him too. After a couple seconds of silence, you asked: ‘So what now?’

Okamura, perplexed, couldn’t form a normal sentence. ‘I-I… Want to maybe… get something to eat?’

‘Is it a date?’ you raised an eyebrow.

‘Uh-uh.’ he nodded.

‘Took you long enough to ask.’ you smirked. ‘Could you show me something local?’

‘Absolutely! There is this hidden little place, where I sometimes go after school to get a soup. I think you’ll love it.’

The date went perfectly, Okamura was the complete embodiment of a gentleman: he pulled the chair out for you to sit down, he offered soup recommendations and translated everything, he ordered authentic Japanese tea exclusively for you to taste, and he paid careful attention to keep the conversation interesting. You were extremely pleased with his efforts, and you knew that, even if you wanted to, you couldn’t back out from forming a relationship with him. This was all too perfect, all too sweet. It was not worth throwing away what Okamura had to offer.

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