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#YOSHIKI さんの28年ぶりの写真集 #XY が一位獲得🥇🤗‼️嬉しいね🙌❤️




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Some #betterlatethannever #happybirthday wishes to the multi-talented #yoshiki of #xjapan who celebrated a few short days ago. I’m a big fan of the #musician for his music, comics, compositions and philanthropy; the world needs more like him #belikeyoshiki in 2021 #wellwishes w #piercingmetal #kenpiercemedia

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From YOSHIKI’s official YouTube-

“Watch the teaser for YOSHIKI: Under The Sky from YouTube Originals.

Premieres on December 23, 2020.

This YouTube Originals live performance special includes appearances by:


Marilyn Manson

The Chainsmokers

St. Vincent

Nicole Scherzinger



Jane Zhang

Lindsey Stirling



Sarah Brightman

and more.

Watch YOSHIKI: Under the Sky free with ads or get YouTube Premium to watch ad-free.”

😅 A bit of an east/west mashup lineup there…

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YOSHIKI: Under The Sky from YouTube Originals.
Premieres on December 23, 2020

12月23日 本編プレミア決定

@marilynmanson @thechainsmokers @st_vincent
@scorpions @sarahbrightmanmusic
#YouTubeOriginals #YOSHIKI #YOSHIKIUnderTheSky #Teaser #Livestream #MusicDocumentary #Music #Documentary #MarilynManson #TheChainsmokers #StVincent #NicoleScherzinger #Sugizo #HYDE #JaneZhang #LindseyStirling #SixTONES #Scorpions #SarahBrightman

(at World Wide)

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YOSHIKIさんが弾くLET IT GOは、優しくて強い🎹❄️🎶


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You need to see this.

I’m not a fan of YOSHIKI or X JAPAN at all, but I’m crying my ass off from this.

It’s YOSHIKI alone, performing his very first drum solo (it’s set to classical) after two very dangerous neck/spinal surgeries and had an artificial disk implanted. He says that he’s not done with rehabilitation therapy on it yet. He was on the verge of being paralyzed and ordered by doctors to never perform again… and you can see the grief and anguish that he’s been struggling with throughout the entire performance. His world had almost come to an end.

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yay vampire lore time :)

  • vampires don’t actually melt or whatever in the sunlight they just are more likely to sunburn or get skin cancer
  • also they are NOT immortal. no one in this universe gets to live forever unfortunately
  • they DO get fangs >:) because it’s sexy
  • thinking maybe it would be like a cultural thing to have to be invited inside? like that’s just how vampires do their thing and have done it for generations but they won’t like, die if they enter someone’s house w/o permission it’s just like. how u take off your shoes at the door of someone’s home so you don’t track mud in and stuff
  • vampires have a gene that’s like. Cilantro Tastes Like Soap Gene but with garlic LOL…it won’t kill them though it just tastes like soap so they avoid it
  • vampires cannot turn into bats naturally they have to use transmutation magic like everybody else 😔
  • they’re also more likely to have unnatural eye colors, same with incubi/succubi, empaths, and werewolves (and technically polymorphs but they can just do wht the fuck ever with their eyes anyway)
  • i think there’s like…blood dispensaries? where you can get like blood drinks thru people who have donated. it’s not like prescription or anything you can just show up and be like hi can i get a grande blood frappucino thanks
  • i think it would be considered super intimate to actually “drink” from someone like to the point that most vampires will not even think about doing it unless they are extremely close to the person in question and maybe not even then just on principle
  • bcus of that also i think attacking someone and drinking from them without permission would just be outright considered assault but no one does that we live in a fucking Civilized Era
  • also you can’t like…infect other people with vampirism i don’t think? i think it’s something that can only be passed down genetically. same with lycanthropy and incubism and empathy/telepathy and stuff. you just have to be born to a family that already has it or experience some sort of mutation in the womb that makes you develop those traits.
  • also because of that i think it would also be possible to have 2 vampire parents and still not inherit vampirism as a trait because of genetic lottery and shit. ya know?
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