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Eto from Tokyo Ghoul might be a psycho or smth, but she’s so pretty~

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Tokyo Ghoul Week 2020 Oct 30:

free day


Eto Yoshimura has a free day.

Or rather, Sen Takatsuki has a free day. Eto Yoshimura is both always and never at work, but this is one of the rare in-between days, so she’s going to spend it however she pleases.

She goes food shopping. Depending on the context of that statement, many different things could be drawn from it. She likes to write her thoughts like she writes her stories—full of double meanings and hidden depth, just to keep her on her toes. It’s a good exercise, and sharpens her pen and mind simultaneously. She likes multitasking.

The food smells good, so she eats some discretely as she walks back to her apartment. It tastes good too.

Home is just as messy as it always is, and she makes a mental note to tell Shiono that he needn’t bother clearing up after her all the time. It’s not in his job description, and the order doesn’t last long.

She hums a song she heard on the street as she puts her food in the freezer, moving some of her supply into the fridge. She’ll label it all properly tomorrow.

The song loops three more times before she steps over to her desk, sitting forward in the chair and leaning on her arms to smell her notes. Her hair sprawls all over the scattered bits of paper, and some of them fall to the floor. She closes her eyes.

It’s not what most people would do on their free day, but it had been a nice change of pace. She’d never gone human-food shopping before, and she wondered what it would be like if, just for one day, humans and ghouls had to do each other’s shopping.

She keeps her eyes closed, but smirks at the thought.

She can smell the frozen flesh from here.

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Eto x Reader: “Cute, but still fucked up.”


Originally posted by ssuzumi

Even though she was an author, there was one part of her life where Eto was not good with words: in the bed. She was too vulgar and grim with her dirty talk. It was surprising to you that someone so articulate could be so horrible with words.

Maybe it was her nerves or the overwhelming pleasure she was feeling, you had no idea. You had been practicing with her to help improve her skills of dirty talking, since in every other aspect of sex she was a goddess.

“You look so delicious today, I could just rip your head off and eat you entirely right now.” She whispered licking your neck sensually, trying to sound seductive but sounding like a feral ghoul.

“Cute, but still fucked up.” You sighed, rubbing your head. Was it that hard to just say something sexual without having to intertwine it with such gruesome phrases? You didn’t think so, but you also weren’t a ghoul, so you had no idea. “Let’s keep trying!” You slightly smiled wondering how her next attempt would go.

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Hello, non! I think you’re asking me for headcanons, but I’m bad at coming up with fic headcanons on the spot so I’m going to give you a meta instead. Arima and Eto are foils, and exact opposite which is what makes their relationship an interesting one. Basically it all revolves around the idea of control, Eto takes control whenever she can, and Arima lets himself be controlled by others. I’ll cover more under the cut. 

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Ooh 👀

Well Yoshimura is there with a dead wife and a little kid (who, he found out by accident, can eat human food) with an international murder organization chasing him and he knows he can’t keep the kid. So he’s faced with three options

  1. put her in the 24th ward with his friend Noroi and basically condemn her to live in hell all her life
  2. put her in an orphanage
  3. kill her

Not that difficult a choice. He risks 2.

So he searches for an orphanage and bam he ends up finding a ghoul scent so he’s like. That’s perfect! If he’s a ghoul, he’ll have no problem dealing with a ghoul kid and since the rest of the kids are humans it means he can take care of human kids as well. Plus the ghoul had well hidden tracks and Eto would be surrounded by many humans so that way V could have trouble finding her maybe - just as much as if he had put her in the 24th ward. So he just drops her off and Donato finds a crying baby in front of the church’s door and he’s like oh fuck not again but takes her in because welp that’s what he does, doesn’t he? can’t risk blowing his cover plus it’s time for mass, he’ll think later.

And that’s how! <3

In this AU, Souta ends up at the orphanage too and they’re a very chaotic set of siblings and Donato is so exhausted all the time can they calm down two seconds - thank the Lord Koutarou is their big bro and somewhat responsible..!

Check out my tag “Family Is A Big Word“ for more on them uwu

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おかわりモア!モア!!! || 山本蟻
*** Reprinted with permission from the artist.  Do not repost or delete source information.

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My #Inktober day 28 - Claws

Okay I had an idea to represent the theme at first, but I ended up not liking it, so instead I drew Eto because she has another form with claws, which I didn’t draw cause it’s ugly

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