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felixcarlucci · 14 hours ago
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Me, a boy, and his mom— who is usually great, but occasionally murders people with her bare hands. What could go wrong?
YOU (2018-) S3E01 | “And They Lived Happily Ever After”
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siamofiorimorti · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Victoria Pedretti as Love
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blue-cookie-for-percy · 23 hours ago
How many times is Netflix going to kill Victoria Pedretti?
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im-yunabi · 23 hours ago
If you don't know how to communicate healthily its beacuse it was never modeled for you.
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theothesis · 16 hours ago
A Promise (Written and Submitted by lypta)
A Promise
Love Quinn/Theo Engler Smut
“God, where did you even come from?” Love asked, the last word of her question dragging out a syllable or three longer than intended when Theo, on his knees before her, used his tongue, and only his tongue, to spread her open from hole to clit.
Bracing herself on the stairway railing that led to the bakery’s basement, Love whined on an exhale. He did not relent, greedily licking the length of her pussy as best he could reach, hands free, holding her in place by her ass.
They had a whole conversation in moans, not words, with Theo humming his approval for the taste of her just like he did that first day at the bakery counter. Love remembered, sharply, the smell of him as he leaned down, close to her, holding that carrot cupcake.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” he’d asked.
“Touche,” she thought then, peering down at his mess of brown curls moving like waves as he lapped at her.
With his left hand in the bend of her right knee, Theo tried to lifted Love’s leg, but her pants around her ankles didn’t allow for much.
“Fuck,” he’d muttered, sitting back on his heels. His mouth and chin were slick and shining. Panting, he let go of her ass and brought a hand between her legs.
“Soaked,” he’d said, drawing out the Sssssss as he rose on his knees to reciprocate the kiss Love was leaning down for.
“Mmm,” she’d hummed, arms encircling him. Before she could ponder too long the need to taste herself on his tongue, he pushed two fingers inside her, and when she cried out against his mouth, she could feel his lips curl into a smile.
Love rose back up, willing her knees to keep her standing. At the top of a staircase, she noted, wondering what kind of urgency was possessing them to get them to attempt that...
“Goddamn,” Theo whispered, looking at her with such reverence, it was impossible to miss. He leaned back in and quickly found her clit with the tip of his tongue. The groan was identical between them both, and Love could have sworn she saw stars as she rested her head against the wall, squeezing her eyes shut.
“Theo,” Love eventually managed between gritted teeth, but he was lost in her. And it was so gooooood, the combination of his fingers and his tongue and his unceasing vocalization of the task, like he’d never had anything more delicious in his mouth.
“Christ,” Love said, shuddering bodily, and with a handful of Theo’s hair, pulled him back from between her legs. She closed her thighs on his hand, and he stilled his motion. Breathlessly, she said, “I wanna cum...”
Theo smiled. “What do you think I’m trying to do here?” Placing kisses on the front of her thigh, he started to curl his fingers slightly inside her.
Love wiggled her hips, clamping her thighs together harder, and with a chuckle, Theo withdrew his fingers.
“C’mere,” Love said, motioning for him to stand. He did, and as she pulled at his belt, he caged her in with his arms against the wall on either side of her head.
“Mrs. Quinn,” he started, kissing her on the forehead. “I need you to know something.”
“Hmm?” she asked, loosening the leather and proceeding to work open the button of his jeans.
“I will,” he said, kissing her lips, “before all is said and done –“ another kiss, “make you cum in my mouth-“ a deep kiss that she hummed her way through, “I swear to God.”
“Oh, I have no doubt,” Love replied, spitting into her palm and reaching into Theo’s boxers.
“Fuck,” he breathed, readily relinquishing whatever power he held in the dynamic moments ago as she stroked him.
“Mmm, but right now I need this.” With his jeans and boxers now sufficiently out of the way, Love twisted around in the space between Theo’s forearms on either side of her.
She kept talking. “I promise, we’ll be able to take our time.”
“Yes ma’am,” Theo answered, pulling her ass to his hips and grinding.
“I want you naked,” Love continued.
“Uh-huh...” He guided his cock into her, that easy slide into her warmth making him growl into the back of her hair.
“I’ll get us a hotel room. Soon,” Love said, arching her back and craning her neck to lean back and catch his curses in her mouth as he fucked her.
Now, it was Love bracing them against the wall. Theo gripped her hip with one hand and slid the other up her stomach until he reached the elastic band of her bralette, moving his fingers beneath it to cup her breast, all the while maintaining a rhythm.
They were developing a language, it occurred to him. A certain whimper of hers carried a tone of frustration, and he knew to speed up. A further hum and more seeking of his mouth meant that he was moving at the right speed. The higher the pitch, the closer she was to orgasm, and that was what he was hearing now.
With his hand still in her bralette, Theo began making passes over Love’s nipple with his fingers, and the sound she made, just as the walls of her cunt contracted around his dick, were tell-tale.
“Soon,” he whispered, lips brushing her ear. He refused to fuck her any faster, but she was whimpering. “You promise?”
“I promise,” she said, finding his hand on her hip and bringing it around and down. Together, his fingers and hers circled her clit. “I promise,” she said again, then lost it, spasming on a sob.
Whether or not she even remembered what she was promising or whether it was just something to say in the delirium of cumming, Theo did not know, but it sounded gorgeous and she felt exquisite and he was sure, as he squeezed his eyes closed, bit down on her shoulder, and released inside her that he was in some filthy version of heaven, right then and there.
Now, everything was hazy and tender. They stood still, exchanging sloppy kisses between sighs until he was soft inside her.
“Where did you even come from?” she asked again, watching him in the unsophisticated task of using his hoodie sleeve to catch the spill between her thighs when he slipped out of her.
Theo smiled, seemingly proud to clean up after any mess they could possibly have made. “I was literally just standing there cracking eggs into a mixing bowl, and the next thing I knew, you were standing very close to me, looking at me like that....”
He placed a kiss square on the center of her ass cheek as he stood, pulling her pants up as he rose.
“Come on,” he said. “The bakery was supposed to open fifteen minutes ago...”
Submitted by lypta
(Follow @lypta) 💜😘
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onegayastronaut · 12 hours ago
Hooking Up With Peach Salinger Would Include…
Tumblr media
Requested by anon: Hiii I'm not too sure if you still write for peach I just re watched season 1 and miss her sm could it be fine to request in a peach salinger x fem! Reader smut (if that's cool) where r is like a librarian like joe and peach finds that hot lmao and they end up hooking up in the library all the while trying not to get caught if that's okay
Peach was dragged into the library by one of her friends, and complained about having to go to a place so mundane
As soon as she entered the library, she was looking all around in order to make sure nobody could recognize her
She thought you were really cute, but since you were working at the library, that meant you most likely were not as wealthy as her
However, she couldn’t stop thinking about you, and went back to the library to see you
You noticed her fidgeting around like she’s lost, and decided to go ask if she needed any help
When you asked her a question, Peach started stuttering, which made her even more flustered
After helping her find the book she was “looking” for, she told you that she would come back if she had any more questions
Peach would come by several times a week just to see you, and find excuses to touch your arm
After a while of you not picking up the hint that she wanted you, she finally dragged you behind a shelf and started taking off your clothes
You were scared of someone walking in on you, but Peach told you that nobody would come to this particular corner of the library anyway
Hooking up at the library multiple times after that
Your coworkers pointed out that you would “disappear” at random times, but they had enough sense to not ask questions
You had to get more creative to not get caught, and stopping as soon as you hear something
Peach thinks its hot whenever you put your hand over her mouth to stop her from moaning
Eventually moving things to her apartment because the two of you had come so close to getting caught
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aabria-iyengar · 5 hours ago
am i surprised? no! disappointed? yes!
should they have ended the season with love killing joe instead of the other way around. yes.
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davenettis · 13 hours ago
Why are Joe and Love always shocked that the people in the box are pissed off?
…would they not be? Like …what do we expect here
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ghxstcolwrs · 7 hours ago
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Tumblr media
✫🐢🍓【 joe & love matching 〛⑅ ׁ𓈒𖦹 !
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
彼﹙ʬ 🧨 𝕝¡𝗸ᦸ᪶᪳ 𝗈𝚁 ꢯꦌ𝖻͜𝗅𝗼ᩚᦋ 🐈٠ܲ ❪❪🍸𝙲𝗿ᦸᩚ𝖽¡ɬ᥍ 𝗆ᦕ ﹏ ꉂ認歡⌇🐛 ᯧᴥ ⨾ ທᧉꭐ ᦋꫝxຮᡶc𝕠𐑙ᩁᥐ𝗌٠ ⅌𖣠᥍𝚃 🆉︎z 🐬
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bodisia · 12 hours ago
Please someone finally succeed in killing Joe in season 4. I’m at my limit.
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invisiblevoyager · 5 hours ago
Love when Joe finds a new obsession
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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im-yunabi · 5 hours ago
But can you be a good father if you're a bad man?
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to-love-you-is-worse · 14 hours ago
I find it kinda poetic that Love died bc of wolf's bane. she killed her victims slashing their throat, like a wolf would, and Joe and Love had the "I wolf u" thing... so it fits. She was definitely my favorite character. I stand by you Love, my queen.
Tumblr media
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