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#you all are too nice to me pls之
hueseoka year ago
kingdom come.
Tumblr media
synopsis: with the royal council pressuring you to produce an heir, you try and give in to their requests and find a husband that will give you a childjust not from the person theyve been thinking of though, but rather from the man who has always been secretly in your heart.
Tumblr media
pairing: taehyung x reader
word count: 10.5k
rating: 18+
content: light angst | fluff | smut | secret relationship au | modern royalty au | heavily based on the king: eternal monarch | ft. royal guard!taehyung, queen!reader, prime minister!jimin
warning/s: light tones of sexism | talks about parents passing away | explicit sexual content | swearing | oral (f. + m. receiving) | brief handjob | breast play | nipple sucking | unprotected sex (its fiction yall okay always be safe !!) | cum eating | soft mushy vanilla sex tbh
Tumblr media
opening note. finally, my first taehyung one shot after being on hiatus last year 之 this is my first royalty au fic too and my knowledge of it is quite limited so if i have things stated wrong here, i apologize !! plus, i really have mixed emotions about this fic since i think its really,,, a mess sjdksjs and writing this took all of my brain cells so pls be nice to me 打
special thank you to @yoongberries and @kimcritique for beta reading this fic and keeping up with me as i complain how this story took my soul SKSKSJS you guys are the bestest 朮
Tumblr media
Taehyung stares at you as you sit there by the edge of the dock, looking afar with your palms supporting half of your body while leaning back. From how you look at the moment, you appear young and calm, like a woman who was simply enjoying her day by this place, and not someone who had the burden of being the queen of the Kingdom of Corea on her shoulders. He gets reminded of the first time he met youyou, who was only ten that time, while he was fifteen, being introduced by your fathers who were great friends while serving in the militaryas compared to things you were experiencing now, you definitely had it easier way back then.
Captain Kim? A voice from his ear-in speaks and he focuses his attention elsewhere. Prime Minister Park is here.
Prime Minister Park? he repeats, furrowing his eyebrows. For what reason? Its not Friday today.
He says he needs to speak of important matters with Her Majesty.
Her Majesty specifically requested to have free time for the first half of this day. Did he not get the memo? Just tell him that whatever it is, he can just submit a written report about it.
But he really insists on speaking to her personally, Sir.
He sighs and glances at you again who is now looking down at the water, the edge of your toes touching the surface, splashing some of it away with an amused look on your face. It was a rare occasion to see you this relaxed really, being so in peace, that the mere thought of just asking you to go back to the palace with him was something he was definitely dreading to do.
Alright, he says nonetheless, Ill be bringing Her Majesty with me. Give us at least twenty minutes.
Yes, Sir.
Taehyung begins walking towards where you are, his footsteps heard against the wooden floor of the dock that before he even stops beside you, youre already glancing up at him, squinting since the sky above the both of you glowed and slightly hurt your eyes, a small smile on your features nonetheless.
You look like you got pooped on, Taehyungie, is what you say, snickering and turning back to the sea.
Prime Minister Park is at the palace, Your Majesty.
You raise an eyebrow and hastily snap your head towards him again. He is? For what reason?
Important matters, he says.
Ah, you sigh, nodding and pulling your legs back to you, Taehyung helping you stand up by grasping your hand and lifting you up, guess I should probably head back then, right?
He shakes his head contrary to what you were expecting as a response. I doubt its anything really important though. Prime Minister Park tends to say white lies about a situation to meet with you often. I can just tell Hoseok to tell him that you wont be going back to the palace soon.
But what if its a real problem? I cant just assume that hes not telling the truth.
Im pretty sure hes not.
You snort, using the hand that was still in his to pull him closer to you, Taehyung stumbling but you easily catch him in your awaiting arms, wrapping them around his torso that causes him to blink rapidly, getting flustered at the sudden boldness of your actions as he clears his throat and takes a look around your surroundings cautiously.
Are you jealous? you ask.
Your Majesty, someone might He ignores your question, trying to drop your arms around him but you wouldnt budge.
Were the only ones here. I specifically told Agent Jung that no others would be needed to follow since I have the captain with me.
Taehyung gives up and takes off his ear-in instead before he presses his lips together into a straight line. Im just saying that we still need to be more careful.
You still arent answering my question.
Im not. Im not jealous.
You smirk and place your chin on his chest, staring up at him. Really?
Then why are you preventing me from going?
Because I dont want you to waste your time on him.
Ah, of course. You roll your eyes, aware that hell just keep denying it even if you ask him again and again. Anyways, you havent even given me attention all day, you say, your lips pouting at him. You know why Im here, dont you? Why arent you comforting me?
He sighs.
It was early in the morning when you called him via the phone line that connects to his room, saying that you were going to the docks today and enjoy the breeze of the sea and the view of the mountains from the far off facing island. You told him it was mandatory for him to go with you, so right after breakfast, you would expect to see him at the stables where youll be waiting to take your horses and leave. And he did obviously, but he knows better than to believe that enjoying the scenery would be your real reason for heading here.
Taehyung caresses the top of your head, smoothing your hair flat as the wind continuously blows some strands away, and you close your eyes, smiling. How are you? he asks then and you embrace him tighter, pressing your cheek against his chest as you stare below, enjoying the warmth his body gives you.
Im okay.
Are you sure?
You look up. Well, its been a year since my parents diedand Im here in the same place we often go toso am I?
Im okay, you say again before he can start a speech on how to feel better. Not 100%, but I am. Besides, I have you here.
Then you should know too that you can tell me anything and Ill listen.
I know. You let go of him and fix his tie. And I also know that its still pretty illegal to call the queen by her first name.
He breathes out a laugh as you do the same, playfully tightening the tie around his collar. Well, you wouldnt possibly order to kill the head of your security, would you?
I could, you answer without missing a heartbeat, Taehyung giving you a look of surprise before you pull him down to give him a quick kiss on the lips, but since youre unbelievably handsome, Ill let you off the hook.
He lets out another fond laugh as you start marching back to where your horses were staying, glancing back at him to see that he was jogging behind you to match your pace, putting his ear-in again while you extend your hand to him.
Taehyung looks at it longingly, as if hesitating, but still takes it at the end, causing you to grin.
Your Majesty, Prime Minister Park, or perhaps Jimin to you as he so kindly offered the first time you met, smiles once you enter your office, bowing his head down also in greeting.
He was dressed in a black suit with black slacks, a white dress shirt underneath that you note has the first two buttons opened. It makes him appear younger in a way that it looked like he was off attending a wedding as one of the groomsmen rather than visiting the queen. He was always someone who stood out because of his taste in fashion, a quality of his that you noticed he had when he started running for his position.
Prime Minister Park, whats so urgent that you have to go here unannounced? You get straight to the point, heading towards your desk and sitting on the chair while Taehyung stands by the side, chin up and gaze directed forward.
Well, Im aware that today might be a hard day for you, Your Majesty. Im simply here to check how youre doing, he says with his hands held behind him.
I didnt know checking how I am was part of your tasks.
He chuckles with effect, gaze glancing down shyly on the floor before he looks at you again. It could be. Its not that hard to arrange for it to be included.
You raise your eyebrows at him, trying to determine what was on his mind but youre left with nothing. Lets just cut to the chase, shall we? Why are you here?
Well, Your Majesty, he showcases another friendly smile, feet leading himself closer to your desk, the royal council and I have discussed some important matters regarding the future of this kingdom. Matters which obviously includes you, the queen.
What matters?
His smirks. We think its best if you start finding a suitable husband, Your Majesty, someone who can stand by you and help you produce an heir. With all due respect, youre not getting younger by day, and as much as its no issue for the extended royal family to be next in line for the throne, itd be preferred if it came from you.
You stay looking at him, leaning back on your chair and folding your hands on your lap, tilting your head. And I assume youre supposed to be the first running candidate as my husband?
You dont see it, but Taehyungs eyes flicker to you then to Jimin who remains smiling, an unexplainable look in his eyes that he definitely doesnt show whenever he was out in public. Nevertheless, Taehyung honestly doesnt question how the royal council would choose him as their top pick on being your future husband since Jimin was as attractive as a man could ever get. He was the youngest prime minister to date with great intellect and charmingly good looks. If he were to be the person who will always stand beside the queen, a lot of your people would be pleased and the royal court would only gain more popularity and perhaps more credibility too. In the short time he served as the prime minister, his approval ratings always skyrocketed.
Well, yes, Your Majesty.
You hold his stare. Well, do I have a say on this or did you along with the council just made a decision behind my back?
Please dont take it as an offense. We are just thinking of whats best for the Kingdom of Corea.
And should my love life concern that?
No, of course not.
Then what?
The future leader depends on you. He chuckles. I think out of all of the people here, you should understand it the best. After all, we wouldnt want something to happen thats similar to your situation right now.
You clench your jaw. Care to elaborate on that more?
Well, youre an only child, and a female too. If the late king and queen just listened to what the council said, about trying again until they produce a male successor, then we wouldnt be talking about this now.
Just get to the point.
You need a king, Your Majesty, Jimin says finally and firmly. Frankly, the royal council isnt convinced that having a queen on her own to rule this kingdom would be effective. You are the first woman to be reigned as ruler in this monarchy, so you would understand their doubts on it, wouldnt you?
No. I dont get why they would have doubts on it just because I dont happen to be a man.
You have to have certain skill sets, you can say.
So, basically, youre saying that I dont have what it takes to lead this kingdom?
As soon as the words left his mouth, like a switch being turned on, Taehyung grabs his gun from his holster and points it towards Jimin aggressively, the gesture not even making Jimin flinch or acknowledge it in some way.
You glance at Taehyung while Jimin slowly turns his head to his direction, scoffing lightly as he looks at him, scanning his posture with clearly judgmental eyes, sneering.
How dare you speak of Her Majesty that way, Taehyung says with gritted teeth.
Taehyung, you sigh, and his heavy gaze flickers to you, put the gun down. Hes still the Prime Minister.
He just insulted you, Your Majesty.
Im well aware of that. However, please, put your gun down.
Jimin tilts his head at him in a mocking manner, raising his brows, taunting, and Taehyung unwillingly retracts his weapon, putting it back in the holster attached to his hip.
Jimin looks back at you and bows his head. I didnt mean it to sound like an insult, Your Majesty. I am just passing along what has been talked about at the meeting with the council.
You scrunch your forehead. Youre belittling my capabilities as the queen. How is that not supposed to count as an insult?
Its merely just constructive criticism. Its nothing personal or something you should take against.
Then should I start mentioning some of your flaws too as the prime minister? You know, coming here unannounced and completely ignoring my orders is a sign that you see yourself as someone too powerful.
Am I not, though?
His statement makes you scoff out a laugh while he grins. Not as powerful as me definitely, you say smugly, your pettiness somehow getting into you. Now, please, if thats the only thing you went here for, you can kindly leave.
He doesnt look pleased at your response. Would you at least think about what I told you today?
Of course, you slide closer to your table and place your elbows on the surface before clasping your hands together, but let us get one thing clear, you smile, if I have to choose the person I will rule this kingdom with, then it is most definitely not you, Prime Minister. Im just getting that out of the way now before you get your hopes up.
Jimin raises his eyebrows, eyes appearing darker as he glares at you, but before he can make his true emotions known, he changes his expression quickly, not wanting to appear rude again. Its obvious by his sudden hard features that he was enraged at what you said, perhaps not expecting that you would already claim such a thing. It wasnt like you always showed interest in him though. Whenever he would visit, you would remain professional and indifferent.
Noted. He smiles, the smile not meeting his eyes and looking forced as it can be. But let me just remind you too that the council will only give you one month to find a husband. If not, well, I guess youd have no choice but to settle for me. He bows his head again. I wish you a good day, Your Majesty. And my condolences on the death anniversary of the late king and queen.
You plaster a similar fake smile. Thank you.
With a clear of his throat, he adjusts the front of his elegant suit and heads towards the door, not bothering to look back.
The moment hes gone, you sigh and bring your head down on the desk, your forehead pressed against your forearm. You already werent feeling well today because as mentioned, it was your parents first death anniversary. The kingdom was supposed to hold a ceremony later after lunch in honor of it, and you were ready to pour all your emotions out earlier at the docks, so that when you attend it later in front of the press and the rest of the royal court along with the government officials and royal council, you wont be a sobbing mess. And after the talk with Jimin, it just increased your need to cry, but you dont think you can afford being weak like that in the palace.
Your Majesty.
You bring your head back up and you're surprised to see Taehyung in front of your table, eyes already looking at you, his gaze full of concern.
You cough, reminded suddenly that it just wasnt you here in the room, that you straighten your position on the chair quickly as you curve your lips upward. Yes?
You shouldnt have stopped me when I wanted to shoot him.
Theres obvious joking in his tone that makes you chuckle weakly. Dont worry, I already shot him multiple times in my head.
Still, the prime minister should really know his place.
I agree. You sigh. But he has always been that way, always made it apparent how greedy he is for authorityand now he just won the favor of the council again, which I think Ill have to arrange a meeting with before lunch. I want to talk about their demands on what Jimin and I talked about.
What are your plans regarding it?
Well, obviously, they cant force me to get married in less than a month. Thats ridiculous.
It is, Taehyung agrees. But the council can be really persuasive most of the time. They might also turn to the public to force you.
Yeah, I know. If they do that, then I might just pull off something completely below the belt too.
Like what?
You gaze at him for a long time before pursing your lips. Youll know if the meeting ends poorly, Tae. For now, you reach towards the landline on your table, pressing a number, hello? Yes, Secretary Yoo, kindly arrange a meeting for me with the royal council members at about 9 oclock. Just tell them its urgent and if they dont come, then their opinions on what the conclusion might be afterwards wont be validated. Thank you.
Taehyung follows you as you suddenly stand up and begin walking to the exit. Where are you going now, Your Majesty?
You glance at him, your face no longer showing any sign of nervousness, only contempt. To my dressing room. I think I have to go wear something that will make my opposition apparent.
He gives you a look of confusion and a slow nod, not really fully understanding what you mean by that but knowing you, hes positive you had it all under control.
Taehyung could hear a lot of commotion going on from inside the meeting room, that even he and Hoseok, who were two among the four guards securing the place, would sometimes share glances at each other whenever theyd hear incoherent loud voices from the other side of the door shouting out their takes on whatever you were talking about with them. Until now, he doesnt get how you can tolerate the council members for sometimes acting rudely in front of you just because you happen to be a lot younger than them, and because it has only been a year too that you were crowned. They seem to have it planted in their heads that youre someone they can easily manipulate.
After a few minutes more of hearing ruckus inside, the chaos dies down, and then the doors open, the royal council one by one leaving the room. Taehyung quickly scans the area to look for you, seeing you still sitting on the chair situated at the far end of the long table, looking both distressed and bothered.
You stand up, smoothing your eye-catching red suit, before walking to the doors, Taehyung waiting for you.
How was the meeting, Your Majesty?
Good, you say, gesturing to the other guards to leave the two of you and they bow down, marching away as you turn back to Taehyung. We reached an agreement. Though to be honest, they didnt really review their debate very well. Left a few holes for me to go through.
I agreed to get married and bear a child, you sigh, crossing your arms, but its my choice who gets to be my husband. The council kept on insisting that Prime Minister Park is the best option out there, but marrying for convenience has been long abolished in this monarchy, hasnt it? So, I told them I would choose who I would want to marry.
And? What did they say about it? Surely, they wouldnt just accept your claim and call it a day. Taehyung feels anxious all of the sudden, not knowing exactly where this was going but was having a bad gut feeling about it.
Yes, they tried telling me otherwise, of course. They said it applies only if the king is involved, and not when a queen is. But I said that gender roles shouldnt be taken into account. After all, Im still part of the royal family, and regardless who the king might bewhether he knows politics or is quite clueless about itI still get to be the ruler of this kingdom at the end. I still get the last say.
So, you raise your eyebrows, biting on your lip slightly as you appear hesitant, your eyes though still holding confidence, would you fancy marrying me, Tae?
Straightforward. Youve always been ruthlessly straightforward. It was a trait of yours that he still had a hard time grasping, always leaving him speechless and unguarded. And like right now, he cant find the proper words to answer your question.
He blinks. Um
No, Your Majesty. He bows his head down. I cant.
You stare at him. Alright.
When he lifts his head again, he sees you striding away, and he hurriedly catches up with you. Alright? he repeats. Whats that supposed to mean?
Alright. Okay. I get it, you explain, exhaling harshly. Ill ask you again another time.
Woah, woah He blocks your way and you halt. Ask me again another time? Your Majesty, look, you know II love youwith all my heartbut
Youre too self-righteous, Taehyung. You cut him off. Of course, I already know that you wont be convinced in one try.
There wont be a next time, he says. I cant marry you. Were not right for each other.
You know, I can specifically remember you telling me that too before we started dating.
He swallows hard at that. Yes, but I didnt think that
After six years, wed still be together? you ask. Yeah, me too, love.
____, he sighs, restraining himself from holding you or speaking too loudly for the both of you were still in the palace hallways, CCTV cameras watching your every choice of action, we cant get married. It would ruin you. Your reputationwhat would they say if they knew you were in a relationship with me?
I dont knowthe Royal Public Affairs says that almost all of the people ship us together.
Its a term they apparently use for two people they see who look good together.
____, please, take what Im saying seriously.
I am. You laugh. Im having an adult conversation with you about it. What do you want to hear from me?
That you understand and wont ask me again.
I cant do that.
Why not?
Because I love you, you tell him with a relaxed smile, and Im not letting anyone be the father of my future child but you. If thats what the council insists, then this is what I insist too.
His stomach drops.
Taehyung admits that he imagined more than once about having a family with you, and at nights when hed allow himself to say it out loud while the two of you are in yours or his sleeping chambers, he finds himself wishing that it was really possible, only he knows it wasnt that easy. He cant say it was entirely impossible, but when he was him and you were you, he doesnt want to keep on holding onto a wish that has no assurance to be granted.
Yet here you were, making it seem like what he wanted was coming true.
I cant, he says again however, his own morals still getting the best of him. I really cant.
You press your lips together, wanting to say something but before you can reply, Secretary Yoos footsteps cause you to turn sideways to see her.
Your Majesty, she greets with a bow, Head Lady Lee wants you to get ready for the late king and queens death anniversary ceremony.
You nod at her. Alright. You then turn to Taehyung and give him a look. Were not done talking about this.
He clenches his jaw, no choice to behave now that theres someone with the two of you.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Captain Kim, Jeongguk, one of the best trainees among the royal guards, glances at Taehyung, did you and Her Majesty fight?
Taehyung looks at him, averting his gaze from you who was taking a walk with the prime minister along the garden, discussing the report he had to give you weekly.
You have been smiling and laughing too much the whole time to be honest, totally different from the usual attitude you would show to Jimin. Taehyung knows, however, that it was you attempting to get into his nerves and somehow prove a point. What point? He wasnt sure, and he also wasnt sure why making him jealous was supposed to convince him that marrying you was the right thing to do. Though he cant deny that it was still slightly working.
Jimin looked overall too pleased since last week to see that you were somehow reciprocating his flirty gestures. To think of it, Taehyung felt sorry for him to be used as a tool to make this ridiculous lovers quarrel ignite even more, but because of his hatred for the man who had dark motives in trying to win your heart as well, he starts to care less. Still, his annoyance was still there, especially when Jimin would bravely flirt with you in a more physical waytucking a loose strand behind your ear, holding your waist as he guides you to this place, and leaning in too close whenever you two would speak.
Oh, I just meant that色 Jeongguk clears his throat. Her Majesty doesnt look happy whenever you two talk.
Her Majesty and I arent that close. He looks forward again, now catching you place a hand on Jimins bicep, Taehyungs hands forming into a fist.
But you and Her Majesty are childhood friends, right?
We are.
So, obviously youre close.
Funny how you say obviously like youve known us your entire life.
Im sorry, Sir, I just mean that
Just keep your attention on the queen, Jeon. He gives him the side-eye. And stop gossiping around.
Jeongguk stands straighter. Yes, Sir.
Taehyung shakes his head a little and places his attention back to you.
It wasnt like he was counting, but it has been three times since he said no to you whenever you asked him about marriage since that day after the royal council meeting, and it was obvious that you were growing angry and impatient because of his insistence of really not doing it. Each time, he had to explain to you that it wasnt that he didnt want to marry you because he didnt love youbut it was because he loved you too much that he knew he shouldnt marry you. You would roll your eyes, give him a glare, say a remark about his no good morals, before leaving him with a frustrated expression on your face, always making it clear that you and him werent going to go back to normal until he changes his mind.
He thinks youre being childish, but it was probably because you were put into pressure to find a husband at the same time as well. If you werent going to be successful in convincing him, you were bound to choose Prime Minister Park instead like the council says
Though judging by how youre still laughing with Jimin as he tells a joke perhaps, marrying the prime minister might be the least of your worries.
Ill see you next Friday, Your Majesty, Jimin grins with a bow.
You smile, returning the gesture. Will look forward to it.
Jimin glances at Taehyung who remains immobile, a smirk on his face before walking away to go with his secretary out of the palace. As he strides away, Taehyung hears you sigh which makes him look at you.
You look pretty today, too pretty and dolled up, even wearing that dress you were well aware he liked on you, that just letting his gaze fall on you has Taehyung wanting to grimace because he knows its not for him, but for Jimin.
Well, technically, it still was him that you were dressing up for, but not just entirely in his favor.
I plan on going to the docks later, you tell him. So, I want the yacht prepared and I want you to come with me too.
Where do you plan to go?
Just cruising.
He raises an eyebrow at that. Okay. Ill inform the other guards to
No, its just you that I need, you say, lips curving up into a knowing smile. Besides, I dont think itd be necessary to arm the yacht with guards when Im only going to be around the area.
Why do you even have to go around the area at night? Theres annoyance in his tone that has Jeongguk, who was still there, glancing at him surprisingly.
You look at Jeongguk, flashing a small smile. You can go.
Yes, Your Majesty.
As he scurries off, you cross your arms and look back at Taehyung to answer his question. Because I want to. Is there a problem?
Yeah, youre ambushing me.
Ambushing you? Ambushing means being attacked in surpriseyou dont look surprised now, do you?
When are you going to let this go?
Let what go?
This, Your Majesty. He sighs. Youre trying too hard to annoy me. Youre not talking to me properly, you ignore what Ive been saying, youre off flirting with the prime ministerits immature.
I wouldnt be doing this if you just considered what Im asking you to do.
Do you know how ridiculous marrying your bodyguard sounds?
Youre not just my bodyguard.
I am. I have been since you were fifteen.
Youve been more than that since I was eighteen.
Taehyung stares at you, a pained expression on his face. You really were too stubborn to deal withhe thinks it might be because all your life, you always had everything handed to you. You were the sole princess after all, and the only apparent heir to the throne since as mentioned before, your parents didn't bother having another child. But Taehyung also knows that you werent this selfish, and you wouldnt be this selfish if you felt like you didnt have any other choice.
If I marry you, do you think it equates to us living happily ever after?
Please, you huff a breath, dont treat me like Im a kid who doesnt know what shes getting into.
Youre giving me the impression that you are.
Taehyung, seriously, when are you going to decide for what you really want and not by what you think is right?
I promised your father and mine that I would protect you and look out for you in every I can, he says sternly. And getting you pregnant isnt one of them.
You dare to laugh. Well, I beg to differ.
I dont want to argue with you on this again. You cut him off. We just say the same things, so whatever you have to say, do know that I could care less.
Thats very inconsiderate of you as a queen.
Im not speaking to you as a queen. Im speaking to you as your girlfriend.
Then dont you think that within a relationship, two sides should be
You say that as if youve been hearing my side all the time.
I am. He scoffs. Which is why I dont want to
Prepare the yacht at 8 oclock. You dont let him finish talking once more, a hard look on your features, your eyes no longer meeting his. If I dont see you at the docksconsider yourself fired, Captain Kim. You tell him, not waiting for a reply as you march past him, Taehyung biting the insides of his cheeks before letting out a ragged breath.
There really was no way to reason with you.
Taehyung stares at the ceiling above him.
In two minutes, hes supposed to leave if he wants to arrive at the docks at the right time. He already assigned Hoseok to prepare the yacht and be there in guard for you until he arrives, which honestly, for an hour now, he thinks of not doing.
All his life, he has been there with youalways been by your side; whether guarding you among the crowd, following you around the palace, or just holding you near behind closed doorshes been there, and he watched you grow as a strong sophisticated woman who doesnt grow intimidated with just one threat. You knew your birthright and the power you had because of it, and yet nowadays, from the way you were so desperate to have him in order to produce an heir, it seemed as if that the confidence you had faltered, and he can only guess its because of the death of your parents that until now, you were burdened with.
You rarely show any signs of vulnerability to the people you see everyday. On the day you were told that the king and queen didnt manage to survive in the plane crash they were involved in, you only nodded before excusing yourself to go to your sleeping chambers, locking yourself in and ordering your waiting lady to not bother you throughout the whole day. Taehyung was worried you would do anything rash that time, though when the evening came and you were asked to eat dinner, he was surprised to see you actually coming inside the kitchen to eat, appearing okay though there was still signs of grief in the redness of your eyes and the struggle you had in trying to smile or merely speak.
It has always been apparent to him that you were independent and strong. It was how you were raised by your father who always had the thought of you being the next leader of the country, that seeing you in a rough place after being appointed as the queen of the Kingdom of Corea amidst your pain of losing your parents, woke him up to the reminder that you were human like the rest of them. That no matter how high your title was in this society, in the end, you were still someone who lost two people who were very dear to you, and yet the royal court felt the need to rush you into being coronated. He couldnt blame them though, they were only following protocol after all, but still, he thinks it was only right if they made sure if you were in the right mental state before doing so.
Rubbing his face, he stands up and gets his coat, running out of the halls to go to the stables and get his horse.
You stare at your champagne glass, swirling the beverage around it with a glum expression. Deep inside, you already know what his course of action was going to be, but still you wanted to give him the benefit of doubt in case he proves to you that doing the right thing for once was the least of his concerns. However, considering how he was eleven minutes late, you think his morals were really made of steel, and there was no way breaking into them.
Your Majesty, Taehyungs voice enters your ears and you freeze, looking up to face the dark sea before turning behind you to see him, head bowed down, Im sorry for being late.
You blink at him. You came.
You asked for me.
You snort, downing the remains in your glass and walking towards the table to place it back there. I was ready to leave without you in four minutes.
Its not like you really have a place to go to for you to be in such a hurry.
Heyof course, I do.
Anywhere away from you.
Its Taehyungs turn to snort, and you smile. Ill get the engine running, Your Majesty. Where do you want to go?
Forward. You know where to stop.
He nods before speaking on the radio, informing the others that the two of you will be leaving as he walks to the cockpit and you go back to your place, enjoying the sea breeze and its scent that youve grown fond of.
The yacht starts moving then and you hold onto the railings, realizing now that this was the first time you ever got on this vehicle again after your parents death. You tended to avoid it in fear it would bring too many memories, but it was late when you also got reminded that this was your safe haven as well, and instead of swearing not to step foot on it again, you should have cherished it as one of the few things your parents left a good mark on. Its just that your cowardice to face your emotions got in the way again and so here you were.
After a few minutes, the yacht halts in the middle of the sea, not really far from the docks, but not as close. You almost jump when you abruptly feel Taehyungs arms wrapping around yours and you glance back, seeing him place his chin over your shoulder.
You shouldve worn something warmer, he says, hands rubbing your bare forearms.
This is weird, you chuckle now turning around and leaning your back on the railings, usually Im the one hugging you first in public.
I missed you. He shrugs. Youve been treating me very poorly for the past weeks.
Its because youve been treating me poorly too.
Just because I don't want to marry you?
Yeah, you whisper, staring at his mouth unconsciously.
Taehyung smiles. Even though youve been driving me nuts, youre really cute too, you know?
What? You look offended and he laughs, leaning down to capture your lips with his.
Youre surprised at the gesture though cant help kissing back, undeniably missing his mouth on yours. It is only in these instances wherein youre completely alone that he manages to be this brave in showing affection, something that you are obviously pleased by. It just never fails to make you melt inside and give in easily, your previous annoyance in whatever he did quickly fading.
You play dirty, you murmur, tiptoeing to peck his lips again when he pulls away and he laughs. You just kissed me as if we havent been fighting.
Hey, you were the only one mad at meI wasnt doing anything bad to you.
Youre making me sound as if Im the bad guy.
You are.
Taehyung laughs, placing a palm on your cheek and gliding his thumb on it gently. What happened at the meeting with the royal council two weeks ago? You didnt tell me sufficient details.
You raise your eyebrows, surprised at the sudden recalling of that event, but you should have expected it coming from him. You could only pretend to appear as something else for a short time when it came to Taehyung, and you didnt know whether to be thankful for that or frustrated.
Why are you asking me now?
Because I feel like youre keeping something from me. He tries searching for your eyes again when you look away, his thoughts at his bedroom giving him the conclusion that you were being like this for the past weeks due to still feeling frail after your parents death. Are you?
No. I told you, the meeting went well. We came to the agreement that I would produce an heir, a male heir as they prefer, just as long as I get to choose who I want to marry.
That sounds wrong, you know. You wouldnt agree to that.
You wouldnt agree to that easily.
You chuckle. Why not? It would finally stop them from talking, right? Perhaps it would prove my worth as a queen.
Your worth as a queen doesnt revolve in you producing an heir for the throne, ____. He tells you. Youre more than that.
Am I? you ask, voice suddenly sounding of doubt and anxiety, something that he hasnt heard from you for a long time, confirming his worries. Dad prepared me to be in this position all my lifeand I always thought I was ready. But its been a year since I was crowned and I feel like I havent done anything to truly deserve the honor.
Is that why youre giving into their demands?
Taehyung sighs. You shouldnt.
I dont see the harm in trying to please them.
You werent raised as a people pleaser. Especially not for the royal council. Its shady enough that theyre trying to disregard your credibility as the queen.
Well, maybe because theyre right.
____, are you hearing yourself? He dares to chuckle. This isnt you.
Who am I even, Taehyung? You chuckle with him, tucking your hair behind your ears that were blown away by the wind. I only used to be the crown princess. I know I should have been more ready to have a responsibility like this but I I didnt think I would have this so soon. Mom and Dad were supposed to rule this kingdom until they were in their 70s, perhaps 80s even, and yet theyre theyre gone.
I know. He frowns. Still, the late king and queen had faith in you. They know you would handle it.
Taehyung, please
____, look at me, he places his palms against your cheeks again, I have faith in you. You always look like you have everything togetherif I had known you were having doubts, I would have assured you that you would do great long ago.
I dont think reassurance would help me feel better.
Then what will?
You saying yes in marrying me.
Theres lightness in the way you speak now that enables him to smile. If you want to because you really love me, then okay. Not because its what the council wants.
Wow, youre agreeing now? You raise an eyebrow. But hey, do you honestly think Im only asking you because its what the council wants?
Yes. Youre usually not impulsive like this.
This is not me being impulsive.
It is.
I want you, Taehyung, you say and he presses his lips together. Always have and always will. Regardless of what the council needs from me, Im not allowing myself to be wed with someone that isnt you.
He takes a deep breath, letting his thumb graze your mouth as he stares at you solemnly and in deep thought. Dont talk like that.
You chuckle. Why? Is it getting harder controlling yourself?
You need to loosen up, Tae. You kiss the pad of his thumb. Sometimes you act all tough, I begin thinking if you really love me or youre just using me for special treatment.
He snorts at the subtle teasing. As if youre really giving me special treatment, love.
Hey, Im letting you kiss the queen. Isnt that special treatment enough?
He laughs and so do you, wrapping your arms around his torso.
He looks down on you as the wind once again blows some strands of your hair away, Taehyung cradling your face and smiling, planting a soft kiss on your forehead before he gently pushes your head against his chest and hugs you tighter.
Hey, he murmurs.
Im always here for you.
I know.
You dont need to hurry and have a child to prove your worth as a leader. I believe in what you can do for this kingdom. Since we were young, you always showed exemplary skills that I am positive are fit to be belonging to an amazing queen.
You sigh and tighten your embrace, closing your eyes. Really?
He smiles. What are you going to do now then?
Ill色 you purse your lips, Ill talk to the council tomorrow.
Ill invoke my authority as the queen of this kingdom.
You laugh at how hes treating you like a child that you pull your head back, gazing up at him who still had a fond gaze on you. By telling them I dont give a fuck about what they want and do what I want instead.
Taehyung bites his lip while he grins. Perhaps tone it down with the profanities, darling, but youre good to go.
You pucker your mouth cutely and he leans down to kiss it with that grin still on his face.
He thinks you still taste like that champagne you had earlier, and he could smell the expensive perfume you always wore that you knew he liked on you, causing him to not want to pull back if it werent for you who tugs the hair on his nape to make him do so. Staring at your eyes, he cant help but think he really would stop the world if it meant saving you. Sometimes his duty as your guard got in the way of you being his lover, but at the end, there was one thing he reminded himself to do, and it was to assure that you were always going to be fine.
I was supposed to seduce you in getting in bed with me, you admit, always so brutally honest and nonchalant that he chuckles, yet you decided to give me a pep talk instead.
Its what you clearly needed, Your Majesty, he whispers, though abruptly glances at his watch. But you know, you still have perhaps an hour before I demand that we go back to the palace.
You raise an eyebrow, fighting off a smile. So?
So色 he places his hands on your sides, caressing them, if you still want to seduce me, youre more than welcome to, my queen.
Taehyung groans as you press yourself closer to him, running your hands along his chest while he keeps a hold on your waist, continuous ragged breaths escaping past his lips as you place open mouthed kisses on his neck. As you pull back to hike you dress higher and remove it off your body, he hastily sits up to help you, kissing your shoulders, your collarbones, down to the cleavage of your breasts while he does so.
It was inevitable. As soon as the opportunity was presented to you, you immediately took it. Thus, you found yourself almost dragging Taehyung to the stateroom, kissing him hungrily, pushing him on the bed and straddling him. Now, its been a few minutes of making out, grinding, and sensual teasing touches all over your bodies. It was practically inevitable too that the two of you would hurry to do the next phase, considering the drive you both had in engaging in your previous actions just became higher, that if you werent going to do anything about it, you might as well just throw yourselves off the yacht.
As the material of your dress is finally taken off of you, he gently pushes you on the space beside him so that he could be the one on top, making sure his lips would not leave your skin as he carries on undoing the buttons of his dress shirt, planning to take an article of his clothing as well.
Taehyung, you whisper, squirming under his touch when his mouth travels lower again, no teasing tonight, please.
I havent even started yet, he reckons with a chuckle before fully removing his dress shirt and tossing it on the floor.
You marvel at his chest, appreciating its build that no doubt was a product of working hard in trying to maintain fit as your royal guard. You let yourself moan a little bit in touching his stomach, missing the way you would lick them on the days youd make love and particularly felt like it, Taehyung just crumbling under you as you did so.
Its been a long time since I took care of you, darling, he murmurs in your ear, nibbling it softly, causing you to shiver.
Your palms move up to his neck, pulling him down. No teasing, you repeat and he laughs again, kissing your mouth.
The way his mouth moves with yours is slow, taking his time, no rush. It only makes you more excited, more eager to take him and let him take you. It really has been a long time since the two of you decided to be this close. You were always busy talking with government officials, attending ceremonies, or plainly just making time for yourselfnot to mention your little fight that almost lasted 15 daysthat having a feel of his touch now, his fingertips brushing along your skin, has you writhing, just aching to be held.
You heave and gaze at him when he pulls away only to kiss you lower, sweet quick kisses that travel along the valley of your chest as he unclasps your bra, shoving it away before he places his lips on a bud and grunts. You unconsciously wrap your legs over his waist while one of his large hands cups over your other breast, squeezing it until he switches places and its the one hes sucking.
Taehyung, please, you whimper.
So impatient, love. He groans, poking his tongue on the nipple before swirling it around, another action that has you squirming. I want to take it slow.
I dont.
He chuckles, lifting his head up. What do you want me to do then, hmm?
You glare at him, knowing what he was up to but he only smiles, waiting for your reply that has you huffing a breath.
I want you to色 You sigh.
What? He continues to suck on your bud, letting it out with a pop as his eyes look up at you. Tell me. Ill do anything you want.
Suck my clit.
Taehyung smirks, giving your breasts wet kisses one more time before scooting lower and dragging your underwear down in such a slow movement. Once he fully removes it though, hes quickly pushing your knees apart, eyes on your cunt as he licks his lips in anticipation, laying down now and getting a good position right in front of your pussy. He drags two fingers against your heat and you moan, Taehyung leaning in to place his mouth against.
Shit. Your eyes roll back inside your head.
His tongue skillfully goes over your folds, teasingly inserting the muscle but pulling back. He then goes over to do as you asked, sucking your clit that emits a slurping sound that arouses you further. You put your hand over his hair and thread your fingers against some of its curly locks, pulling that has him moaning and sending a vibrating feeling against you, making you moan.
Such a pretty pussy, Your Majesty, he kisses your cunt breathlessly, trailing his flat tongue from your entrance up to your clit. All fucking mine, isnt it?
Yes all yours, always been yoursfuck.
Taehyung sucks harder, his mouth rapidly doing wonders all over your cunt while his hands caresses your thighs, moving it to your stomach until he reaches your breast, palming it gently then. You hold onto his wrist, lifting your hips slightly towards his face but he pushes it down, grunting and leaning away, spitting on your entrance before diving in again.
The lewd noises intensify and so does the knot that youve been feeling at the pit of your stomach, though before you can entertain the feeling, you tug his hair harder that makes him pull back, staring at you dazely as you urge him to sit.
Your lips are back on his as you kneel up, meeting his mouth while you start removing his pants. Taehyung gets the point and helps you, clumsily unzipping it and then dragging it down his thighs, breaking from the kiss for a second to fully get it off his body along with his underwear before he holds onto your face and pushes you back down on the mattress, passionately kissing you and placing himself between your legs.
Taehyung, you moan out loud, please please I need you.
Your hand travels down to his navel until you get a hold of cock, jerking it softly, Taehyung groaning and burying his head against your neck. He lets you jack him for a few seconds, lets himself enjoy the feel of your soft and small hand on his cock until he gets your wrist and forces you to let go, instead bringing both of your arms around his neck as he gives open mouthed kisses on your jaw, scooting closer that you start feeling his dick against your entrance.
Are you ready for me, darling? His voice comes out shaky.
You whine, nodding feverishly and he snickers, aligning the tip before he pushes it in, slowly filling you up, moaning and breathing heavily until he bottoms out. You let out a strained groan, eyes fluttering shut at the feeling of being stretched out and so full, while Taehyung continues to breathe harshly against your neck.
Youre so tight, holy fuck. He grazes his fingertips on your knees, pulling you closer. Every single timeshit.
Taehyung you cry and he nods, understanding, and captures your lips.
He begins to thrust in and out, keeping a slow pace, hissing every time he would fill you completely. You cling onto him, your arms moving across his back while you bring your legs over his hips, enabling him to pound onto you deeper.
So good, gorgeous, you feel so good, he whispers in your ear. Feels like my cock belongs inside this cunt.
Shitit does.
He smiles at the exchange, heaving, getting lost at the way your insides are squeezing him tight.
Taehyung rocks his hips on you faster, your skin slapping together and making you moan out at both the dirty sound and the heavenly feeling. As you force your eyes open wider, you see that he was gazing at you with an enchanted expression, a smirk on his lips that has you clenching at how he looks. The action causes him to grunt before shaking his head and ducking his head to suck on your lower lip.
Im so lucky to have you, he murmurs more. Ill never meet someone as amazing as you, darling.
Taehyung, you half-giggle and half-moan, threading your fingers through his hair.
Love it when you say my name, he adds with a groan, pulling out halfway before slamming his cock back in harder, and I love how Im the only one who can say yours.
You dont know if you feel yourself getting close because of his sweet words or how his hips are still deliciously pounding you, either way, you welcome them with whimpers and hisses, not finding the right words to praise him back, too consumed on how he was fucking you too good.
So in love with you. He moans, pressing his forehead against yours. You make me so happyfuckI love you so fucking much, you know that?
I know. You begin bucking your hips up to meet his. Ihnng love you too.
Sex always felt more with him. Like a true union and the true feeling of making loveno matter how cheesy that sounds in your head. He always paid attention and kept your needs first, even if there were times when he allowed himself to savor what you were giving him too, it was you who he prioritized still. The thought always makes your heart swell up, the need of him to be with you always and the love you have for him growing bigger.
TaeIm close Im close, love. Your nails dig on the back of his neck.
You nod and he reaches down to play with your clit. You lock your legs around his hips tighter at that, closing your eyes and focusing on how good he was making you feel.
Gonna come on my cock, hmm?
You whimper. Yes.
Please, he pants, his speed calming down yet his thumb is still rapidly circling around your clit, want to feel you clench around me, my queen. Want you to use me to get off
You arch your back. Fuckdont stop, please
Taehyung sucks on the skin on your neck, knowing how sensitive you can be on that spot, and rolling his hips on you in a manner that drives you insane, you quickly feel your release, crying out his name in which he picks up his pace again, fucking you amidst your high. Your thighs shake while you squirm, and once you pat his shoulder as a signal that you were starting to become too sensitive, Taehyung pulls out, jerking himself instead to follow you.
You stare at him before forcing yourself to sit up, replacing his hand with yours and putting your mouth over him. Taehyung curses while you moan, tasting yourself and feeling his dick pulsate inside your mouth that you hollow your cheeks.
____, shit, can I can I
You nod regardless of whether he was asking to come in your mouth or face, and bobbing your head faster, Taehyung groans loudly, his seed then shooting inside your throat as he holds onto your hair, keeping you steady while he carries on grudgingly thrusting his cock in your mouth.
You suck him dry, swallowing everything he has to give, and leaning away, Taehyung grins tiredly above you, caressing your cheeks and then crouching down so he can place his mouth against yours.
Youre so wonderful, he murmurs.
Because I sucked you off? You tease as your back hits the mattress again and hes showering your face with kisses.
No, silly, he chuckles, pulling back to stare at you lovingly, because of many things, of course. You rule a country at the age of 24.
It isnt only me. And its not like I chose to be.
Still, he brushes the hair out of your face that is sticking on your skin because of sweat, you accepted the responsibility of being a queen even though you had doubts about yourself. I think I can call that dedication and loyalty.
You chuckle, now being the one to hold his face. Stop kissing my ass. Youre flattering me too much to truly convince me not to propose to you again.
I thought we already agreed not to get married for the sake of the council?
Yeah, but someday, do you think? Do you think its possible?
For us to get married?
No, for you to stop being a coward. But hey, its the same thing, isnt it?
He rolls his eyes and kisses your palm. Someday, yes. Not now. You have more important things to take care of. Particularly a kingdom.
Youre surprised to find him agreeing again so quickly, though doesnt bring it up or tease him once more, instead loving it.
His gaze on you softens. I promise, my love.
You let out a slow exhale of content. Im really grateful to have you, Taehyung. Im glad I can always have you here beside me.
Me too, ___, he looks fondly in your eyes, nodding. And Im always going to be, okay?
You pull him closer again, kissing him as if you had all the time in the world and he kisses back with a grin, sinking the both of you deeper on the bed.
Taehyung shares a glance with Hoseok again as the commotion inside the meeting room becomes louder.
Compared to the last time, whatever was happening at the other side of the door theyre guarding, definitely sounds more disarrayed and chaotic. His curiosity was taking the best of him since this meetings taking longer too, and he thinks that he should have pestered you on insisting that he watches over you from the inside. You have been nervous since morning, took too long in choosing an outfit since you say its your battle gear, before you even practiced what you were going to say to them in front of the mirrorand of course, Taehyung, who was still there watching over you.
Abruptly, the door pushes open and Hoseok and him straighten their postures, but instead of the members of the council going out, its you who does, appearing calm and even amused as you let the doors close behind you.
How was the meeting, Your Majesty? Taehyung immediately asks, following you along with Hoseok forward.
You glance behind your shoulder, meeting his eyes. Good.
You chuckle, noticing the slight annoyance in his tone for being so vague. Well, it turned out better than I expected. Plus, it was in favor of me now.
Which means..?
Well, I guess we really wont have to get married earlier than reckoned, Tae. You giggle happily before turning around, suddenly noticing that Hoseok was still there standing beside him.
His eyes are wide and he snaps his eyes to Taehyung, the way he was gazing at the captain of the royal guards so accusing yet at the same time confused. Though if Hoseok was really going to be honest, he always had his suspicions, he just wasnt expecting it to be true.
Agent Jung, I didnt know you were still here. You try to laugh the embarrassment off.
Im sorry, Your Majesty. He bows down.
Er, well, you already heard it so I dont get the point of denying it. Just make sure you dont spread the news around though. Or else I just might exile three generations of your family.
Hoseok blinks and Taehyung sighs.
Shes joking, he assures him.
Am I?
Your Majesty. Taehyung gives you a meaningful look that has you nodding.
I am joking, you tell Hoseok with a smile. You can go now.
Yes, Your Majesty. Hoseok gives you one more bow and then walks away, leaving you with Taehyung whos still looking at you disappointingly.
What? you ask him.
His disappointing look transforms into something more, and then hes grinning, stepping closer to where you are. Im proud of you.
You snort. Thanks.
Are they going to lay off your back now?
You grin. Wouldnt have done it if you didnt wake me up to my senses though.
Im just great, arent I?
Remind me not to say something that will make your head bigger, okay? You tease.
The way youre laughing is carefree, and relaxed, and so young again, that he believes it really went well this time. He wants to do more than to congratulate youwants to do more than hugging you tightly and spinning you around dramatically like in the movies. But for now, he has to settle in keeping his wild emotions in, instead making his love to you apparent by the way hes staring at you and smiling.
From the way you stare and smile back, it looks like you got his message.
Care to accompany me to the stables now? I want to go ride by the field, you say with a rather suggestive look that has him snorting, turning around from him again to start walking.
Already beside you, Your Majesty.
You look sideways to indeed see Taehyung already there, smiling at you brightly, practically beaming, and you cant help but think that as long as you had him by your side, you were really always going to be fine.
Tumblr media
ending note. AHHHHH okay,,, this fic seriously made me hate english now and just literally squeezed my brains out sjdskdjks on the other note though, i do hope you like it because even though this was such a pain to write, i fell in love more with taehyung in this one to and just wished i could get someone as supportive as him later in my life hehehe. also,,, this was supposed to be pwp yall, but in the middle of writing it, i kinda wanted to make it seem like a queen doesnt need a king to rule a kingdom you know ??? thus, this was produced instead hehe.
feedback is always always so appreciated !! thank you so much for reading
Tumblr media
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Looking for friends/people to talk to
Reblog or message me if you like:
-Stranger Things
-Love, Simon
-Conspiracy theories/true crime
-Vines/awful memes (lmao who doesnt like them tho)
I love other things too but those are just some of my main interests! Thanks for reading and have a nice day yo
((Edit: pls be like age 16+ because Im 19 and dont rlly wanna talk to babies no offence ahaha I love you all rlly))
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transtilinskia year ago
peter's guide to becoming a priority (ft. a rock)
Its not that Stiles hasnt noticed. He has. Its just in the grand scheme of things Stiles cant be bothered. He has twomaybe threefucks to give about life and hes not wasting one on Peter Hale running his hands over everything in Stiles apartment.
Stiles is aware, thank you very much, that Peter is scent-marking precisely at the time Stiles is busiest. Peterknows Stiles, knows his lack of fucks, knows hell get away with being a little possessive shit.
Peters slowly moving up on Stiles list of things to deal with. It hasnt evolved into a Priority but it is a problem, not a capitalized one.
Stiles most recent ex texts him for a booty call. Stiles screenshots and sends it to the wives group chat. Allison calls him immediately.
Knife or gun?
As a present for me? Id rather have a gift card for Cheesecake Factory.
Obviously. I already got you that. For once Im not the one putting a warning label on the wrapping paper.
But someone else is? Wait, dont tell me, no birthday spoilers this year!
Allison makes that little huffy sound she totally picked up from Lydia. Youre not upset about the text?
What? Fuck no, it was funny and... Stiles trails off, his thoughts screeching to a stop and going full speed in a different direction.
The edge returns in Allisons voice. Knife or gun?
Not yet, Stiles says slowly. But wolfsbane bullets.
Your ex isnt a werewolf.
Care to elaborate?
Allison huffs Lydia-style and hangs up. Stiles scrolls through his contacts, hovering over Pettigrew. His lips twitch up despite the situation. Stiles will always laugh over how that contact name genuinely annoys the shit out of Peter.
Stiles finger hovers for a moment, tempted to call Peter.
Allison thought Stiles needed a rant or cry over his ex. Stiles didnt because hes just tipped over to the point where he doesnt care anymore and has moved on.
What a convenient time for Peter to start staking claim to Stiles home.
Stiles bumps this up to a Problem. Still, its not worth his energy to confront Peters weird seduction. Plus, he has Ally to deal with it if he wants.
Stiles gets up in the middle of the night to pee and it hits himbirthday.
His birthday is the only time of year Stiles accepts Peter giving him an extravagant gift with no protesting.
So, Stiles is busy, over his ex, and his birthday is coming up?
Ugh. Okay, its a priority. But only a small one.
Stiles aggressively jabs Peters chest. With practiced ease, Peter wraps his hand loosely around Stiles wrist to drain the minor pain of what basically feels like slamming his finger into a brick wall.
No, Stiles repeats. You only refer your clients to me when its a shitty case, because then I whine at you and you make it up to me by cooking all my meals until Ive closed the case.
Of course, Peter says. This is an unspoken ritual theyve had since Stiles started up his detective-slash-hitman supernatural business.
Peter does lawyer work for supernatural cases that spark vicious glee in his eyes. Currently, his blue eyes are less vindictive and more smug.
Too bad for him and his stupid smug eyes because Stiles isnt falling for this! Peter happens to have shitty clients right as Stiles workload is dying down? Stiles sees right through his strategic moves and is cutting off any further advances.
Nope, Stiles says, plastering on a cheery smile.
Very well. Tell me if you change your mind.
Wait, what?
Stiles never changes his mind. Not on his own. Peter has to work to make Stiles change his mind and vice versa. Its one of their things, their games, to see who breaks first. Stiles was ready to break Peter but hes...forfeiting? He even said if, not when.
A smug smile joins the smug eyes at Stiles gaping.
The barista calls Stiles name, reminding him that theyre at their favorite cafe thats sadly non-supernatural. No petty zapping magic allowed. Stiles moves to pick up his drink and finds himself tugged back in place.
Stiles hadnt torn his wrist out of Peters gentle hold after the quick pain-drain.
Peter lets go and nudges Stiles toward the counter before he can fully absorb Peters characteristic but unwarranted smugness.
Stiles changes Peters contact name for the first time since he decided Peter was more than a string of numbers. That was six years ago, four years after he swiped Peters phone number from Derek.
Ten years. Ten years! Hes had Peters number for ten years and not oncenot once!in all of Peters astounding amounts of fuckery has Stiles ever programmed him as a Priority.
And ten years ago Peter had fucking raised himself from the dead! And did so via traumatizing Lydia! In all of that, Stiles never considered him high enough on his list to be a priority!
Times. Have. Changed.
For the third night in a row, Stiles has dreamed of Peters special stir fry. All week hes felt odd. Hes texting Peter the usual amount, he saw him for their weekly coffee, so why does he miss him?
Suspicious, Stiles checked his work calendar for the past year. And then the year before that. He went all the way back to the first case Peter handed him. Over six years, Peter has been slowly handing over more cases. The last two years have been a steady clockwork of every five weeks.
Peters fucking trained Stiles to subconsciously expect a week of Peter hanging around all day and feeding him. Its so ingrained in his mind that hes dreaming about it! What the fuck!
The worst part? Stiles never would have caught on if he hadnt turned down the shitty case at the coffee shop. Smuggy smug bastard with reverse psychology, making Stiles think he won.
Tell me if you change your mind.
The complexity of this long game manipulation is stupidly hot. Like. Really, really hot. Extremely. Fuck.
Stiles puts siren emojis on both sides of Priority.
From 沌riority:
I recall a drunk promise of no snooping this year
See, to Pettigrew, Stiles would've shot out a series of rapid texts demanding to know whats up. With 沌riority, he remembers to hesitate. He settles for simple.
To 沌riority:
From 沌riority:
Your dear jock wife has reserved a table at the one (1) upscale restaurant you like
On an unrelated note, the downtown movie theater is re-releasing Venom at the same time as the reservations
Again, with a Priority status, Stiles is keenly aware that Peter knowing him so well is not something to celebrate right now. He switches into the wives chat.
To Lydias Jock Wives :
From Queen Apeshit :
this stinks of peter
gdammit he HELPED me get those reservations!! wtf
To Lydias Jock Wives :
monsterfucker movie!!!!! PLEASE
From Queen Apeshit :
duh ofc
canceling now
lyds says text ur werewolf that he has to make dinner for being a bitch
Stiles spins in his desk chair, grinning. Hell yes, an excuse for Peter to cook.
From King of Math Gays:
Nvm Im texting him so hell bring dessert
Also, stop changing the group name FFS
Just because you played lax does NOT make you a jock Stiles!!
King of Math Gays named the conversation Lydias Monsterfucker Wives
To Lydias Monsterfucker Wives:
u say that as if ur not a monsterfucker
From King of Math Gays:
From Queen Apeshit :
rip jock stiles
From King of Math Gays:
There was never a jock Stiles to kill. No rip
Stiles sends 朮朮朮 and returns to his text chain with Peter.
To 沌riority:
no more spoilers
From 沌riority:
Yes, Lydia texted me
Im assuming youll want to hang out with your wives beforehand?
Stiles pauses. When had Ally and Lyds absorbed Peter into their group? Sure, they didnt have a chat with the four of them, but hes part of the planning committee and Lydia texts him. Stiles is stupidly fond of Peter casually referring to them as his wives. Past partners always found that weird.
ya thx
Stiles should leave it at that. Simple. Concise. No quadruple texts in a row. He stares at the sirens and capital P.
Fuck it, they should get brunch. No, dont fuck it! Well. Half-fuck it?
To 沌riority:
coffee fri morn? then meet at movie
From 沌riority:
Sounds perfect, sweetheart
Text me when you wake up and Ill meet you there
Stiles groans.
Peter has Stiles drink waiting for him outside the shop, somehow having convinced the barista to pour an obscene amount of whipped cream on it. Theres too much for there to be a lid so Stiles busies himself slurping it down. Peter takes the distraction to pin a giant BIRTHDAY BOY! button on Stiles flannel.
Stiles adores it. He keeps touching it the entire time he hangs out with Lydia and Allison, only noticing the habit because Lydia swats his hand away.
Watching Venom in theaters again is amazing. Stiles sits between Lydia and Allison with Peter on Lydias other side. The two of them roll their eyes at Stiles and Allisons geeking out over the romcom. Half-way through, Stiles finishes his popcorn and Lydia elbows him to show Peter handing over Red Vines.
Stiles nearly cries over dinner back at his place, finally getting the Peter cooking he deserves. Hes pretty sure hes bursting with happy chemosignals because Peter looks far too satisfied. They all drink wine and chill in Stiles living space, talking and laughing and half-heartedly playing a game of Go Fish.
Allison gives him his gift card, no weapons this year other than a hand-made coupon for One Free No Qs Asked Murder. Lydia has the warning label present, a carefully wrapped vial of a very rare and very illegal potion. She also makes a coupon to match Allisons with One Free Secret Keeper (Including From Ally) Of The Murder.
Stiles cries and almost breaks the vial. They give him hugs and kisses and retire to his guest bedroom.
Peter stays up to continue their familiar and well-loved argument over Bigfoot. Stiles pulls up a video hes been saving for months of Bigfoot Spotted footage. He pretends not to notice the tiny glitch at the end that proves its faked, holding back his laughter as Peter replays the video again and again, increasingly distressed, to point it out to Stiles.
Lydia yells at them to shut up.
Thats my cue to leave, Peter says.
Stiles bites his lip, tempted to tell Peter to stay. Theyve slept in the same bed before, including in sexually charged periods when Stiles was single, but the invitation feels different now. Peters a Priority. This isnt flirting. This is serious, strategic.
You didnt give me my present, Stiles says.
So greedy, Peter tsks. I bought your drink, your button, Red Vines, made you dinner and dessert, indulged you in your infuriating Bigfoot theories
Yeah, yeah, its your day to spoil me, whatever. None of that was your big gift.
Peter hums a non-response, standing up. He shrugs on his peacoat, the dark blue one that makes Stiles want to cuddle up in front of a fire and hold hands and do soft domestic shit. Offering his hand out, Peter says, Youre very confident about a fancy present, sweetheart.
Stiles accepts the help. Peter holds his hand for a prolonged moment before pulling Stiles up to stand a few inches apart. Stiles should put a stop to this. Instead, he admits, I changed your contact name.
Really? Peters flirty smile morphs into delight, borderline giddy.
Stiles steps back, grateful to create space between them, and finds his phone under a couch pillow. Unlocking it, he opens up their recent texts and hands his phone over.
Peter doesnt laugh or smirk.
He stares down at Stiles phone until the screen goes dark, his expression soft in the way Stiles imagines his must be when he looks at Peter wearing that peacoat. Peter places the phone on the coffee table and rummages through his pocket, pulling out a tiny little box with a red bow.
The past three weeks of building tension over what grand gift is coming and it fits in the palm of Stiles hand? Peter gives Stiles things like a laptop or a suitcase for a trip to Europe. One year he bought a king-sized mattress and bed frame.
What the hell fits in a little box? A diamond?
You have to pull the bow off to open it, Peter murmurs after Stiles inspects it for a long minute.
Stiles huffs Lydia-style and rolls his eyes. He delicately undoes the bow, tucking the ribbon into his flannel pocket, the one still boasting the birthday button. He opens the box, revealing
A rock?
Happy birthday, Stiles, Peter says, stepping forward to kiss Stiles cheek, boldly close to the corner of Stiles mouth. Tell me if you changed your mind.
Its been a week since The Rock. Stiles has done everything to check it for magical properties. Its nothing more than an ordinary triangular-shaped grey-black rock.
Hes seen Peter a few times since The Rock and Peters acting no different, hasnt had any sike! heres your real gift moment. Stiles refuses to ask.
What the fuck is this? Stiles begs.
Lydia drinks her tea. She lost all sympathy once he refused to let her touch his rock. You have no rock inside joke?
Stiles glares.
Lydia raises her eyebrows. Anniversary?
I checked. Its eleven years since we met him in his alpha rampage, which is steel. If hes counting by when we became friends-ish six years ago thats candy or iron. Any other anniversary symbols dont mention rocks.
Wow. I expected youd look into that but I hoped you werent this desperate.
Stiles shrugs. He rubs his thumb over the rocks dulled corner. Its probably something obscure.
He could be saying hes rock hard for you.
Stiles plops down next to Lydia, knocking shoulders with her. Hilarious. Are you possessed by me from high school?
Your jokes are still that bad. High school you wouldnt have thought it was a joke, though. Peter was disturbingly focused on you after his, Lydia wrinkles her nose, resurrection.
Stiles tosses his rock back and forth in his hands. He shifts from that traumatic subject by asking, Remember when you created a mountain ash pepper spray and threatened him with it?
Shame I never got a chance. Its unfortunate that I like him too much now to use it. Lydia sets her tea down, twisting to face Stiles with a growing smile, successfully distracted. She teases, Remember when you threw that huge tantrum after you started working on your Spark?
He stalked me into the preserve when I was trying to practice, Stiles defends, cheeks coloring. News of his tantrum spread quickly through the supernaturals in Beacon Hills. Like yeah, he was super hot and I had a lot of fantastic dreams thanks to his looks but I was seventeen, dude. Hes like a rest-of-your-life deal. I wasnt missing out on college years of experimenting.
Wait. Seventeen, Lydia says. Twenty-seven.
Tenth anniversary is tin or aluminum.
Lydia smacks Stiles chest. No, you idiot. What was that stupid phrase you used to say? You thought it was really clever but it was just morbid.
Everything I say is clever, Stiles reflexively says. Then he thinks. Oh, yeahthat will happen when I live another decade. Because I literally could make pigs fly and probably freeze hell over so I needed something new. Shit, that was funny! I totally thought wed die before we graduated.
Oh my god, stop laughing, Lydia smacks Stiles, Im cracking your fucking case. All the werewolves heard you yelling across town and you blew up part of the forest. Isnt that when you came up with the phrase?
Maybe? I was more focused on controlling my magic from exploding to pay attention to what I said. Wait, blowing up the forest... I think I threw a rock at him. Stiles bolts off the couch. Like, my magic went crazy but I was so petty that I picked up a rock and threw it at him!
Stiles closes his eyes, forming a tight fist around his rock. He mimes throwing it, trying to pull up the angst of being a teenager always on the brink of death and the hurt rage that Peters interest in him was all about his growing power.
Peter had watched Stiles fit with amusement, spurring on Stiles anger. The rock had missed him by a wide margin, disappearing into a crater Stiles accidentally created.
Id never be with you, not even if I live another decade!
Stiles eyes fly open.
I texted Ally, Lydia says. She says you have her blessing and wolfsbane bullets, whichever you need. I never thought Id say this but if pigs can fly and we havent died, well. Lydia huffs. I support you in...this.
Stiles flaps his arm at her, knowing she understands the enormous love and gratitude it conveys. His heart pounds too hard to speak. He needs to find Peter.
Tell me if you changed your mind.
Peters front door is open, having probably heard Stiles heartbeat getting closer from miles away, not needing to wait for Stiles scent to reach him. Stiles grumbles, stomping his way inside. Hed wanted to bang on the door.
Peter Hale!
In the kitchen, sweetheart, Peter calls. Have a good day at work, honey?
Stiles does a poor attempt at growling at the teasing. He shuts the door and stomps into Peters spacious kitchen. Peter sports that amused expression, though fonder and less condescending than it had been that day in the preserve. Hes wearing an apron and theres a streak of chocolate on his cheek. Its distracting and extra unfair because hes shaved his stubble into that hint of what Stiles lovingly named hot villain goatee.
You sound like youre having a heart attack. Peter frowns, stepping away from his mixing bowl. His eyes flicker to the rock Stiles clutches. Tensing minutely, he asks, Here to throw it at me again?
You deserved it.
Peter tilts his head. Yes, I did. He takes a step forward. A lot can change in ten years.
Is this the same rock? At Peters nod, Stiles takes a tiny step into the kitchen. Thats really sappy.
Stiles shook off Peters advances when they reconnected six years ago, having moved to the same city. Theyve danced around each other but Stiles never crossed that line to meet Peter, never feeling one-hundred percent confident. Peters had Stiles heart for a while now, he always will, but is Stiles finally ready to hand over his forever, to give every bit of himself along with his heart? Is this what he wants?
Stiles stalls, saying, Like, youre embarrassingly romantic.
And bold, Peter says.
Righteous anger sparks and Stiles finds solid ground, his shaky voice disappearing. He marches forward the several steps between them and jabs Peter in the chest. That was stupidly bold of you to think wed end up together! Cocky and arrogant and presumptuous and
Hopeful, Peter cuts him off, lightly squeezing Stiles wrist from the pain-draining hold that Stiles never tore away from.
Stiles stutters. His heart, too, if Peters eyes lowering to Stiles chest means something. Electric blue flickers around the ring of his irises when he meets Stiles gaze again.
What if I say not for another decade?
Easily, without missing a beat, Peter answers, Ill make sure were both alive for ten more years and ask again.
Stiles takes a deep breath. He only has one thing left to say. Theres a spider on your counter.
Peter twists to look. Stiles has a split second before Peter realizes the spider was a lie. He uses his magic to toss the rock safely on top of the fridge and fumbles into Peters space. He grabs Peters shoulders to steady himself and licks the streak of chocolate off his cheek.
Peters body goes rigid. Stiles leans back, not releasing his hold, to see the slip of fang he knows is there. Peters breathing is carefully controlled, nothing like the quick movement of Stiles rising and falling chest.
This is a yes, you know, Stiles says. Ive changed my mind. Feel free to touch me as inappropriately as you have with my apart
Peter kisses Stiles. Their teeth clack together from Stiles being mid-sentence. It stays messy as they stumble backward and to the side, Peter intent on pressing Stiles into the counter, no chance of escape.
It is not smooth or sexy or anything close to a good kiss.
Stiles loves it. If their first kiss is going to be this desperate mess then Stiles deserves to clumsily get on the counter. Peters on his wavelength, helping him up, smiling against Stiles lips.
Wrapping his legs around Peters waist, Stiles cups Peters cheek and they finally find a matching rhythm. Like everything about them, the kiss goes from negative numbers to one hundred, no in-between, and Stiles brain blue-screens at the best kiss of his life.
Peters hands have miraculously found their away under all Stiles layers, warm and heavy on his bare stomach, and hes sucking on Stiles tongue when the kitchen lights explode. Peter pinches his side, not breaking the kiss, and something in the living room shatters.
Peter sighs heavily against Stiles mouth.
Dont even front, Stiles pulls back, youre totally smug that you made me lose control like that.
Peter nips Stiles lower lip. Of course, he agrees, practically preening. He adds, Id prefer we continue this at your place.
You asshole, I have things I dont want to break, too!
Date first. Stiles kisses Peters forehead, his cheeks, his chin. Im not that easy.
Peter laughs a soft wonderful breathy sound. Sweetheart, youre anything but easy.
Running his hands through Peters hair, eyes locked on the rock above the fridge, Stiles quietly asks, Worth it?
Peter extracts his hands from under Stiles shirt. He takes hold of Stiles right arm, the one he always uses for jabbing Peter, and lowers it. He presses his lips to Stiles inner wrist. Theres no one else I wouldve waited for.
Stiles shivers at the scrape of fangs. Youre worth my forever, too.
Peters other hand grips the counter hard enough that it cracks.
From Dwayne Johnson:
Please tell me Im not Pettigrew again
To Dwayne Johnson:
no u r not my sweet non-priority 歹歹
i have a v v v important q i forgot to ask
From Dwayne Johnson:
Im sighing. What?
To Dwayne Johnson:
Have any shitty clients?
Edit: short epilogue
#steter#allydia + stiles brotp#peter: remus lupin is RIGHT THERE. not that i want a harry potter name but PETTIGREW?? are u fucking w me#stiles: >:) u wish i was fucking w u. but u give off zero lupin vibes dude#peter: u better not be implying i have pettigrew vibes. hes a COWARD#stiles: no no dont worry bro. u give off rat vibes#stiles: also u have the same first name so. good logic#peter: *blurry red angry yoda.png*#oh sweet peter riding the high of his short life as priority#stiles: just to clarify u do not give off The Rock's vibes. u r too lame for that. im just going to b insufferable about rock jokes 4ever#lydia is right stiles' humor never improves and rock hard is his new favorite phrase#when they move in together stiles gets the 5 week craving for food and peter is like we LIVE together i am CONSTANTLY feeding u and stiles#is like ok asshole its ur fault for conditioning me first of all and second of all im having some kind of withdrawal so fix it#pls sign stiles' petition to be knighted as a Jock Wife. every signature counts#he did not suffer through lax for him to not be recognized#the changes in the wives chat group name is fantastic#stiles: Three Wives One Brain Cell#lydia changing it: Two Braincells One Stiles#why queen apeshit u may ask. allison looks so sweet at first but no she is Arent You Tired Of Being Nice? Don't You Want To Go Apeshit?#and she DID#stiles took allison and lydia's phones and changed it from stiles to Favorite Wife#lydia changed it to flannel wife when stiles kept hacking back into it to keep her from having boring stiles#allison just added a clown emoji to fav wife#peter has him as darling boy ofc#they make a group chat w peter and it's named murder quartet#(stiles tries to change it to Jocks & Scandals)#finnickyfox
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teashoesandhair3 years ago
Your poetry is terrible & lame, you should feel some regret & shame, just like your drunk elven father did, when he fucked your mom stupid
Not bad! If its not taking liberties with your impressive creativity, might I just make a few corrections in meter:
Your poetry is terrible and lame.
It brings regret to you, and brings you shame
Just like your drunken elven father did
The time he fucked your mother, plus youre stupid.
You see, the first line was written in fairly passable iambic pentameter, and I thought it a shame that the following lines didnt quite have the same structure. The kernel of an idea was clearly present in the poem you submitted to me, and some of the language was visceral and emotive, but I think that being a bit stricter with meter would lend itself well to the rhythm and flow of your lines, particularly if you ever had plans to read it aloud, although of course that would mean coming off Anonymous, so I completely understand if thats not on the cards for your poetic career. I also really liked the rhyming of lame / shame. The fact that both are thematically as well as semantically linked works very well, connoting negative feelings of self-worth and reflecting in a nuanced yet obvious manner on the psyche of its author.
I hope you make use of my suggestions. I truly have made them with the best of intentions. Let me know how it goes when you submit it to a prestigious poetry magazine; Im sure itll be a veritable shoo-in.
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kamehamethot-archivea year ago
Sorry to drive away from the boys tm but Miruko. Could we pls get sum Miruko. I'll take even the tinest drops mama
listen this is a fic i had orginally written for two of my OCs but i think it fits what i wanted out of my portrayal for miruko so youre lucky you asked so nicely and im letting you have it early. heres a lil dom!miruko for all our subby sapphic needs. ps let me know if i made her a lil too mean lmao i havent seen her in the show yet yikes
Tumblr media
Rumi, cmon.
Shh baby, calm down, her hands smooth over your shoulders and down your back. Gonna give what you what you need.
You can only shove your face further in your pillow, back arching. You dont want what she thinks you need! You want what you want! You could cry with how desperate you are for her, but shes mean, and will likely keep you waiting until youve dripped a puddle all over your expensive sheets.
Youre so desperate, baby, look at you. This pretty little cunts so wet and warm for me. It is all for me, isnt it?
Uh-huh, you breathe, wiggling back against her hand as long fingers part and play with your slippery folds.
Your pussys so pretty, baby. So cute, I just wanna kiss it.
Your breath hitches and you mewl, pressing back and hiking your ass higher. Miruko gets the point, shuffles down a little just enough for you to feel her breath wash over your soppy slit. You whimper in anticipation, wanting so badly to just shove your hips back into her pretty face but you know that wouldnt end well.
Awh, thats so cute. Gonna let me give it a few kisses, baby? Let my tongue have a little taste?
Oh, please! You beg, shaking your hips in what you hope is an enticing fashion, wanting her to get on with it.
Beggin so pretty for me.
Her hands pull your thighs further apart before she hooks her arms around your hips and yanks you back, settling your drippy cunt right onto her awaiting mouth. You hum breathily as she places a few kisses to your mound before her tongue parts you open, wasting no time to dip right into where your juices are flowing out of you. One of her dexterous hands comes to fondle your clit, swiping steady circles over the swollen, wet bundle of nerves while she fucks you with her tongue. The sounds she makes reverberate against your flesh, making you whimper out higher pitched moans than your normally would.
Ru-mi, its a broken whisper, a breathless sound ground out against the pillowcase as she pulls away.
You cant help but look back at her watch her lick away the taste of you from her lips and fingers. She winks at you from her place behind you, drops a small slap against your ass for good measure. Your cheeks brighten and you look away, not wanting to let on how much you liked that. But Mirukos anything but dense and shes very observant, so another slap meets the other cheek.
The sound you make is small, but it still makes Miruko smile, leaving her to look down at you lovingly, both your cheeks in her hands. You forgot she had a mild obsession with the curve of your ass and finding out you like to be spanked will most likely deepen that obsession not that you are complaining.
You taste so good, baby. Know I could eat out that pretty pussy all day, but thats not what you wanted was it? You want something else, sweet thing?
You know what I want! You say back stubbornly, rolling onto your back.
Mirukos eyebrow raises, looking at you as if to say try again, brat. You dont want to try again though, you want her to give you what you want. You let your eyes roam over to the bedside table, where the answer to your aching insides lies. Red eyes follow yours and a smirk graces those pretty lips of hers when she sees what youre looking at.
Go ahead, baby, use your words.
R-Rumi, you whine, wishing she would stop being mean.
Dont be shy, baby. Just say it. Tell me how much you want my dick.
You have to glare, cheeks pink because of course your girlfriend in a total fuckboy about it. Still, the look on her face doesnt change and she waits, the silence lingering until youre brave enough to open your mouth. She wants you to use your words, ask her to fuck you, beg her to stuff you full. The thought alone makes you squirm and you want so, so badly.
Please, will you fuck me?
What? Wasnt that what I was just doing?
No! Fuck me for real!
Baby, tsk tsk. My mouth not real enough for you? How rude! I take my time and open you up all nice with my tongue and its not enough for you?
T-thats not what I meant. I j-just, you pout, staring up at her with sad eyes.
You just what? Greedy baby wants more? Little slut needs a cock to satisfy her? My cock?
Please, you beg, squirming in your spot on the bed.
Your eyes follow her tongue as she licks her lips again. You hope shell take mercy on you in your weakened state, hungry for your release in a way that only she can grant you. She doesnt take her eyes off of you as she reaches over to grab the strap off of the nightstand and something in you sighs with satisfaction.
You watch as she puts it on, tightening the harness around her hips and thighs. It makes your mouth water and you gut clench with longing. You want her inside of you, to come in and tear you down work you over until you cant make a single sound. And the thing is that you know shell deliver, one hundred percent. Miruko will rip you apart and put you back together, piece by grueling piece.
You break eye contact and hide behind your arms when she yanks you close, tapping the head of her dick against your clit. Shes got your legs spread wide over her strong thighs and you feel like you ought to be embarrassed. Its unbelievable how youre still sopping wet, pussy gleaming in the low lights of your bedroom.
Oh, you shy now, baby? Big brat when youre begging me to fill you up but just a little baby when Im about to give you what you want?
Rumi, dont, its a whisper, one youre not sure if you mean.
She doesnt respond. Instead you get a few minutes of her rubbing her cock against your wetness, slicking up the appendage like its not just going to get covered when she puts it in you. The sentiment is appreciated though and you take a moment to thank her for being so lovely.
Oh, baby, she whispers, dick poised to enter you if she would just push forward. I wouldnt thank me just yet. Besides, you do even know if Im going to let you come tonight.
And there is no response from you besides a loud mewl, because pushes herself all the way into you directly after. Your mouth falls open and your hands grip the sheets, pussy spasming against the length inside you. The way it stretches you out is so good, exactly what youd wanted. Its like the fact that she said you might not even get to come doesnt matter, youre just happy to have her inside of you.
O-Oh. Sgood. Just what I wanted. T-thank y-you.
Slipping out of it already, baby? All I did was put it in you. Such a good girl for me. she marvels, watching your eyes roll back as she thrusts slowly, not even really hard enough for you to get any friction out of it.
Please, you sob, hooking your legs around her waist. Wanting more and hoping youll get it. You need her cock like you need air; you need her to give you everything.
Shh, you hush now, baby, She smirks, tilting her hips and pressing so far in that your hips touch. Im gonna make such a pretty mess outta you, baby girl.
Yes, you murmur, tilting your hips in offering. Yes, please.
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paulepz3 years ago
Hi Paule!! Do you have a trollsona?? For your true sign and the old zodiac ?? It would be interesting to see both
Tumblr media
Well, I have two dorks that have been hiding in my folder for months already and I would be glad if you all please accept them
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meltwonua year ago
Tumblr media
| mingyu | wonwoo | woozi | x reader
warnings; f o u r s o m e, name calling, degradation, dumbification, some objectification, forced orgasms, overstimulation, daddy kink, creampies, anal, dirty talk, squirting, sub-space, blowjobs and dp baybee
what isnt in this fic
note; This is the sequel to meanie sandwich ! You dont...technically need to read meanie sandwich to read this part but itd mean a lot to me if u did! Hehe also this is straight up just fucking filth please dont read this if its not your cup of tea. There's literally a warning up there so please please please if youre not okay with any of those things just stay away from this fic. I have warned u!! 唐
Tumblr media
Fuuuuck, her greedy little ass is so tight around me.
Jihoons hands grip your hips from behind as he slowly inches his cock into your puckered hole. Mingyu waits patiently underneath you, his cock already snug inside your pussy as Wonwoo kneels on Mingyus side. Ah, ngh, youre suh--soooo big.. Your arms braced on Mingyus chest threaten to give out when Jihoon finally bottoms out inside of you; feeling obscenely full of their cocks.
Mmm, Im gonna--!!
Before you can even stop yourself, you cum, stars dancing behind your eyelids as you slump against Mingyus warm chest.
Did you really just cum from that? Fuck, youre so easy. Jihoon chuckles, a hand slapping your ass as he begins to shallowly thrust into you; your body already overly sensitive and still cumming when he starts. Bet youd love for all of our cocks right now, huh? Little whore. Making them call me while Im working so I can fuck your little ass. Two cocks werent even enough for you, huh? You want Wonwoo to fill up that mouth of yours? Get you all nice and full?
Shes so desperate for cock, bet shed love for us to just pass her around and fill up all her holes with more cum. You moan, Wonwoos words filled with filthy promise. Pl--please! Mingyu laughs from underneath you as he, too, begins to thrust up into you. God, who wouldve known you were such a cockslut, hmm?
msorry, daddy色
Its okay, baby, I know you cant help. Every time we played with toys, you always asked for more, didnt you?
Uhm, uh--uh-huh色
But this is nicer than your toys, huh? Why dont you tell Jihoon how he feels, princess? You struggle for words, still slumped over into Mingyus chest as they alternate their thrusts. Fe--feels so big地-and good...
Tumblr media
Someone in the room laughs, although you dont know who it is at this point anymore. Fingers tangle into your hair, tugging you upwards as you look blankly into Wonwoos eyes.
Say ah.
When Wonwoo finally slides his cock between your lips, theres a moment where you feel like youre on cloud nine. Your toes curl and you clench around Mingyu and Jihoon; already wanting to cum again at the feeling of all of them inside of you.
The three males start a steady pace as you brace yourself on Mingyus chest again, fingertips digging into his skin as they fuck you. Mingyu plants his feet flat on the bed, thrusting up into you as he slams into your cervix; muffled cries around Wonwoos cock in your mouth as you cum for the nth time that night.
Shit, she just came again. Wonwoos voice sounds like static to your ears as you start to come down from your orgasm. Jihoon and Mingyu pause for a second to let you ride it out. How are you doing, princess? Mingyu taps Wonwoos thigh, silently telling the male to ease off for a moment so he can check in with you. Wonwoo slips his cock from your mouth, drool dripping onto Mingyus chest as he tilts your face down to meet his, your spaced out eyes meeting his. Jihoon starts to roam his hands all over your ass and lower back as Wonwoos fingertips threaded through your hair start to massage your scalp as you moan.
Ah, um, g-good色
Can you still take more?
Y-yeah, just.. My h-heads a lil fuzzy, daddy色 Mingyu nods, a tiny smirk on his face. Guess we really are fuckin you stupid, huh? You moan sleepily, body feeling warm with all of their hands massaging your body. Mmhmm, b-but I like it..
Mingyus smirk grows, his fingertips leaving your face as Wonwoo turns your attention back to him. Isnt she just the best little cumslut. Letting us use her body like this. Jihoons filthy praise has you pushing back against him, wanting him to keep fucking you as Wonwoo slips his cock back between your lips. You do your best to hollow out your cheeks around his length, tiredness already mildly settling in from the many orgasms youd had.
Fuck, and shes so tight too. When I was fucking her pussy earlier, I thought I was gonna die. Shes really made to take cock, huh Mingyu?
Uh-huh, daddys dumb lil cockslut. Only wants her holes to get filled. But shes so good at it. Itd be a waste for the others to not experience it, hmm? They continue to praise you like you dont even exist, their words making you feel extra warm as you moan around Wonwoos cock.
F-fuck, I wanna cum. Jihoons thrusts increase in speed, a hand slapping one of your ass cheeks. Want me to cum in your cute lil ass? He finishes his question with a small chuckle, already knowing the answer to his question. Shouldnt even need to ask, we already know she wants you to. She was begging for you earlier. Mingyu matches Jihoons pace, the two jostling your body as you try to keep your balance.
Fuck, I need to cum too. Lets fill her slutty little holes with the cum she asked for.
Wonwoo pulls his cock from your mouth, wrapping a hand around himself as he watches your expression. He lets go of your hair, your head immediately slumping forward as you moan and whine above Mingyu.
Y-yes, pl--please, I wanna. Want your cum inside m-me色 The two males in between you share a look, their hands gripping your waist and hips as they increase their paces.
Jihoon cums first, rutting into you as he cums in your ass. He moans as you clench around him and Mingyu, urging the other male to cum inside you as well. M--Mingyu---d-daddy, please cum inside m-me too! You whine, wiggling your hips against the males.
Yeah? Want me to fill up that slutty little pussy? Jihoon cumming in your ass isnt enough for you, so daddy has to get you nice and full, huh? Okay then slut, fuck, take all of it.
It only takes a few more thrusts before Mingyus cumming as well, emptying his cum inside of your pussy. You feel almost delirious, their warm cum inside you making you feel sated.
When they both finish cumming, Jihoon is the first to slide his cock from inside of you, his cum trickling out of you and onto the bed sheets. Mingyu is next, maneuvering your tired body onto your back as he kisses your forehead gently. Wonwoo immediately gets in between your open legs, wrapping them around his waist as he positions himself at your entrance.
Think you can take one more, sweetheart?
Mmhmm色 Wonwoo sheathes himself in your warmth, Mingyus cum inside your pussy acting as a lubricant for Wonwoo as he fucks Mingyus cum deeper inside of you. I want you to cum with him, princess, get his cock nice and wet again. Think you can?
Msensitive bu--but I think so色 Jihoon and Mingyu watch as Wonwoo fucks you hard and fast, the force of his thrusts forcing their cum out of your holes. Cmon, baby, I want you to cum, let me feel it.
Wonwoo thumbs at your neglected clit, rubbing the nub harshly as you cry out; back bowing off the bed as your toes curl behind his back.
Holy shit, did she just squirt? Jihoons voice is filled with surprise as he inches closer to you.
You open your teary eyes after what feels like ages, the three males hovering above you with smirks on their faces. Jesus, princess, who wouldve thought wed get you to squirt tonight. You made a mess all over Wonwoo, sweetheart. The said male between your legs positions himself back at your entrance, quickly bottoming out inside of you as he resumes his quick pace. His cock slams into your cervix, wrecked sobs leaving you as the overstimulation settles in completely.
I--I c---cant...a--a--again色
You can and you will. Be a good little slut and cum for daddy one more time. You sniffle at Mingyus words, nodding sleepily as Wonwoo thumbs your clit again. Fuck, Im gonna cum. I want you to cum with me, you little slut. Wonwoo all but growls as he rubs harsh circles on your clit, opting instead to rut against you.
When you orgasm for the final time that night, you swear it feels like youve blacked out, body twitching and shaking in Wonwoos hold as he empties himself inside of your pussy. Your eyes roll to the back of your head, complete euphoria washing over you. Feeling hands roaming all over your body, you open your tired eyes, watching as Wonwoo slips his cock from inside of you; a mixture of cum trickling out of your used holes and pooling on the sheets underneath you.
Aww, daddys dumb little cumslut is so tired now, huh? But you got what you wanted, didnt you? All filled with cock and cum, just like you asked for. Incoherent babbles are all you can muster anymore, the three males caressing your tired body as the last remnants of your orgasm continue to wash over you.
Your brain feels empty, unsure of how many times they even made you cum, but you feel completely satisfied; eyes already wanting to welcome sleep.
Dont fall asleep yet, sweetheart. We need to get you cleaned up for bed.
You nod to the best of your ability as Mingyu attempts to carry you off of the bed, the cum trickling out of you causing you to moan and clench around the sticky substance. Jihoon and Wonwoo set the bath for you, already clothed and ready to pamper your tired body as Mingyu gets you to sit in the tub.
Thank you, daddy色
Tumblr media
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wildcardduo3 years ago
Akechi's outfit has the roman numerals XX near his neck, which is the number of Judgement. Was that done on purpose? And if so, does that mean the arcana of his Persona changed, or that he got a new one out of his Shadow?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I...I wish I was as cool as you, @ultramagicanus.
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formulawah9 months ago
drivers ranked on how much id trust them to cook for me
lewis - 10/10 honestly, lewis would cook smth nice n healthy and it would taste AMAZING cause hes talented
valtteri - 0/10, after that pizza...its a no from me
max - 2/10 hed probably just pour red bull into a bowl and say bone ape the tit, +2 for trying
alex - 4/10 i feel like hed order something in but add his own twist to it to make it even better
sebastian - 15/10 mans probably gonna bake you a whole pie and a cake for after and will serve it perfectly because hes so outrageously wholesome
charles - 5/10 honestly i dont even know which charles he seems like hed rather take people out to a restaurant rather than cooking
lance - 8/10 he loves mexican and italian and he once said he cooks a really good pasta dish, mr stroll i am free on wednesday if you would like to cook me a pasta dish
checo - 9/10 he just gives chef vibes
pierre - 3/10 honestly i feel like pierre will TRY to cook but it wont end very well, pans all over the kitchen,,,sauce on the floor,,,,the pasta is burnt,,,but points for trying
daniil - ?/10 i get 0 vibes from him in terms of cooking i feel like hed order maccies and claim he cooked it
antonio - 10/10 i trust him to cook for me a lot he looks like he would make a very fancy pasta dish with more wine than tomato in the suace
kimi - 0/10 microwavable meals
kevin - 4/10 seems like hed make smth meaty and meat is hard to get right
romain - 1000/10 the mans got a whole ass cookbook out to you THINK marion would let him NOT cook something amazing?
esteban - 0/10 i love you esteban but i do Not Trust you to make something that is edible ur gonna give me,,,salmonella
daniel - 9/10, main course is simple and enjoyable, but hes gotta be the king of desserts i want him to make me brownies
lando - -15/10, i mean, if you like burnt bits then im sure lando would be so happy to cook but honestly, someone buy this boy a timer
carlos - 8/10 i know a lot of folk arent too keen on carlos but in that one episode of dts he was making food and it looked so nice mr carlos pls deliver ur chicken then leave
nicholas - 6/10 those pizzas he made were so cute i want a mini latifi to cook for me at all times
george - no/10 did you SEE what he put on that pizza what a cursed boy no thank you
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clairecrivea month ago
I agree, you are a very nice person! Hope you have a great day! #均
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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harunnn9 months ago
Tumblr media
I havent been on tumblr much but, wow thank you for all the new follows? Drew Aizawa for my friends and it turned out p nice, so Im posting it here too
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no-body-needs-to-know6926 days ago
Magneto daddy with pillow princess/prince/royal? Spare thots please . 仆滕朮
okay I had to look up this term so if I fuck this up pls spare me shwjajj
the fact that youll let him do whatever he wants with you (as long as it makes you feel good) makes his brain melt. hes also a little touched that you trust him enough to just. lay back and say take me now. after all, most of the villagers would either tense up or start kissing his ass whenever he would walk by. this is...a nice change of pace. hes too stubborn to admit that tho.
he likes how you react the most, even if he is doing all the work. seeing your squirm and moan is enough of a reward for his efforts, and you bet your ass hes smug about it. Youll see him smirk and grin a lot while hes pleasuring you, whether that be between your thighs or while hes on top of you. knowing that youre enjoying yourself because of his touch gives him a major ego boost.
Just sit back and relax, your majesty. Im gonna take care of you.
sometimes he grumbles about how hes putting in all the effort, but I dont think he minds that much. he just likes to tease.
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dontworrysunflower8 months ago
Instagram, post #1
idk what im doing i just think these are fun and cute so why not? and it might even get me back into a writing a little. so this is ariana grande if you couldnt tell but i did change her skin/hair to fit what i had in mind from a book i never wrote on wattpad but i pretend i live it so...enjoy? (i know people accuse her of black fishing but this really isnt it its just my imagination) pls be nice
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram i know all your favorite spots
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y/nfan1 NEW SONG
yourinstagram i fangirled a little
harryfan1 why is he liking her pictures
harryfan2 why does it matter? hes an adult and if you dont like it you dont have to be on her account
yourinstagram DOING IT RN
harrystyles @yourinstagram @normani me too
yourinstagram WAIT OMG-
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harrystyles means i wanna 69 witcha
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gemmastyles HAROLD
harryfan1 .......
yourinstagram i was baking...
y/nfan1 wait a damn minute
normani @yourinstagram CALL ME HOE
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yourinstagram my new single is out now!! like in bio
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y/nfan2 album?
yourinstagram soon
y/nfan3 we got some praying to do
harrystyles so proud of you, love. H xx
harryfan1 are you and harry dating? omg love the song
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yourinstagram youre such a dream come true
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y/nfan1 yesss the only thing keeping me alive
normani PARENTS
harrystyles I was supposed to post that first :(
yourinstagram whoops?
y/nfan2 cuties
harrystyles @yourinstagram heyyyyy
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harrystyles Go listen to my girlfriends album, whats that thing kids say...*chefs kiss*. Love you y/n, youre quite the talented lady. H xx
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harryfan1 GIRLFRIEND
yourinstagram im totally not crying
harrystyles But you are??? Youre sitting right across from me.
normani damnnn okay, so yall that kind of couple
harryfan2 ewww no he can do better
harrystyles Sorry to break it to you hun but there is simply no one better. tpwk, H.
y/nfan1 treat people with kindness my ass lmao
y/nfan2 their relationship is the only thing keeping me sane
ummmm so let me know what yall think??? idk it was fun. i guess send in requests for different people and like a plot of some sort cuz this really had no plot
Taglist: @samaratheweirdo
(Let me know if youd like to be added to the taglist.)
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pendragaryena year ago
Tumblr media
There is a longing inside of my chest For what could have been The weight is heavy, tell the sender that I am ready To see you again I know I'll see you I know I'll see you on the other side Oh, wait for me In fields of gold It's not the end It's all I know So don't let it go Don't let go I won't let go...
New year, old sketch finished. Finally... ;) It was a pleasure to draw you, Mr. Morley. As always. I love your freckles and curls - just EVERYTHING about you tbh. *lalala* Btw: First try on a beard here. Ever. So don't go hard on me, 'kay? I'm TRYING. :P
Hope you like my new piece. I'm taking this with me to Paris in April, where I (hopefully) have the chance to meet and talk to the Morley's in person - in case of Bobby: again. I've been missing him sm.
All in all, let's hope for a great last season (and i am ignoring that i've written "last" here...)! Not too many characters please, focus on beloved ones okay? Like in the good old times of the first seasons? And give them peace already. They deserve it. So, have a nice weekend, guys! Hugs and love, Anne (x)
Tagging some mutuals here, whove already seen and liked my sketch of this piece. Pls tell me if you dont want to be tagged, than ill remove it ASAP. ;) @iishallbelieve @jasperjoordan @geekyogicheese @carrieeve @broashwhat @natassakar @merlination @clarkgriffon @nvermindiseeyou @anilengka @katersann @seabasstianstans @bellarkekomlovekru @guznadia @hostagetakerandhisgirlfriend @junebugninja @fen-ha-fuck-you @peterstarkss @selflessbellamy @sometimesrosy @underbellamy @viviansternwood @grumpybell @charmainediyoza @shelob @little-oxford-st @clarkeindra @katkomskaikru @lovethyblakes @harpermacintyre @wolfheartgirl
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iwaizumri3 months ago
enemies to lovers with atsumu.
滮 miya atsumu x f!reader
Tumblr media
tw. vulgarities, sexual tension (?) not rlly but yeah, lazy writing lol, everything is consensual here!
genre. lil angst, fluff, enemies to lovers!au, pre-timeskip!atsumu, cringe lol but like i had fun writing this
a/n. pls i didnt mean for this to be so long wtf
Tumblr media
ok first of all i LIVE for enemies to lovers aus so dont mind me making this at 3am
idk man atsumu is literally the perfect fit for aus like that
so like the two of you have been rivals for so long, too long like even osamu is getting sick of the constant fights and glares
basically you're kita's sister and you're like the cute and sweet girl everyone knows about and everyone really likes you cause you're always so nice
until fucking miya atsumu appears and you're just scowling at him cause hes so annoying (to you)
"shut up assface"
"make me"
"fuck off"
"make me"
"i hate you"
he loves it; the attention you give him, he loves it
he would do anything and i mean ANYTHING just for you to ask him to fuck off because you just
sound too cute but you didn't hear that from him
i'm pretty sure he knows he likes you and that he's not arguing with you or wtv cause he hates you
osamu knows his twin likes you and cause hes sick of tolerating you and atsumu's constant bickers hes just waiting for you to realise that you like him too
but you haven't and he's dying slowly
you are so fucking oblivious to everything atsumu does
like when you were stressing over a math problem and atsumu practically leans over you and teaches you w/o you asking him
you obviously were like "sus" but cause you were stressed you let him
his heart fucking races when you smile sweetly and thank him for the FIRST FUCKING TIME LIKE??? OMG???
he blushes so bad he fucking leaves without replying you and you're like what a rude mf
another time was when you were over at their volleyball practice and like you made snacks for them cause kita was there lol obviously bruh
then you saw suna and you were fangirling like "OMG ITS SUNABSKSBSKS WTF OSAMU BE MY WINGMAN I'LL MAKE MORE ONIGIRIS FOR YOU"
osamu says no cause he knows how to make his own and youre all pouty and sad
but there was no need to be because suna! talks! to! you! first! and you werent pouty and sad anymore, you're like all blushy and giggly
it pisses 'tsumu off
osamu can tell that hes jealous but he doesnt care so he laughs
which angers atsumu even further and he stomps off
everyone flinches at the loud slam of the door
you unconsciously look around for atsumu but hes not there so you assume he went to the bathroom and continue chatting with suna abt jelly fruit sticks
turns out he liked them as well and you were glad cause every time u ate them atsumu wld find ways to taunt you and say it was disgusting
you complained abt atsumu to suna and he fucking says "why, i think you're cute together"
and you just "..." at him
youre like frozen and like for a moment u think "same" then you're like "NO WHAT THE FUCK THATS GROSS"
you're just thinking like "ew gross no i did not just say same i dont even like him lmao"
so yeah
another funny occasion was when you and the miya twins were studying at library ( you didnt want to cause 'tsumu was there but for osaumu u agreed )
so like ure sitting opposite atsumu and you're scribbling notes and whatever and you FEEL the stare
y'know those intense stares that only happen in shows?? the ones like "im crushing on this person and she/he's so pretty" yeah that
you feel it and you wish it was someone like suna but when you look up
you make instant eye contact atsumu and his practically pop out of its sockets when you do
hes like "shit i got caught that was so obvious wtf"
osamu is sleeping.
when atsumu leasts expects it
you fucking BLUSH
then he blushes and like if osamu was awake he'd be like ??? what the fuck just admit u like each other bruh
youre wondering why he's staring like that and even more, why are you nERVOUS?!
so you like panic and look away and fucking stand up so quick, the chair behind you screeches loudly and resonates around the library and everyone stares at u
but you don't care cause holy shit why was the room getting so warm
before atsumu can even ask you anything, you are dashing out of the room
he clearly chases after you
osamu stays asleep.
because hes an athlete, no shit atsumu catches up to you and youre like red and breathless and trying to not look at him
"why are ya avoiding me"
"im not"
"ya literally ran"
"im just gonna get a drink, 'm really thirsty so let go of me"
then you dash off, and never spare him a glance at all
it makes him so sad omg poor bby just confess alrdy
it pains him so much he goes back to osamu and whines abt it
osamu is sick and tired once again
so you have no idea how happy it makes him when the tension between u and his twin snaps
you and atsumu were having an argument in class cause he was being annoying and getting on your nerves with every chance he got
so now youre both just yelling at each other in an empty classroom, both on thin ice and its like so heated
"at least i don't FLIRT with suna every time i see him!"
did he just
you get angrier and you just spit out whatever
"i do NOT flirt what the fuck! ugh maybe if you'd just fucking shut up when youre supposed to, then we wouldnt fight all the damn time!"
atsumu fucking snaps the moment you blame him for all your constant bickers and fights
"then maybe if you'd just realise that i fucking like ya, then we wouldn't fight all the damn time!"
you're like ...
he realises what he just said and his anger diminishes and he goes pure red
like his ears and his neck and cheeks
so youre both like silent
until you say something really bad and you dont know why you said it but you did
"don't play with my feelings, asshole"
atsumu gets angry again cause why tf wld u say that
hes SO hurt that you doubt his feelings
like so so so hurt
so the next thing you know his lips are on yours
he basically crushes you, like he just slams into you and the impact causes you to gasp and your back slams into the wall
bro it hurts
n e ways
you try to push him away because like ??? why is atsumu kissing me?? like??? we were literally just arguing a second ago
but obviously hes wayyyyyy stronger and you fail so
you kiss him back after awhile
ngl it was kinda hot that he was so rough at the beginning cause he was angry with you like you can feel your teeth clashing you know cause its like deep-deep
but when you kissed back he kinda just melted and softened so he was like just kissing you slowly
tHEN HE ??? SMILES ??? INTO THE ??? KISS ???
oh my god butterflies explode in your stomach
the both of you just stand there and kiss for a long long loooooong time
then finally (sadly) yall pull away and hes leaning on your forehead with a smug smile and instead of feeling like you wanna punch him, your heart is thundering and your face is warm
"lets argue more"
"so i can kiss you like that"
and yeah thats basically it
Tumblr media
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franeridarta year ago
Tumblr media
Anon said: How do you feel about KamiShin?
Its one of my main two kaminari ships atm and my only shinsou ship! so Id say I like it a lot haha
Anon said: i just wanna say ive been following you for a while now, not sure how long so i dont wanna lie but! your art keeps improving more and more and i'm proud of you ok? ok goodnight
Oh my god thank you so much!!! TT^TT that really means a lot to me, both that you see improvement in my style and that youve been around long enough to notice!! <3<3
Anon said: since it's October it got me thinking about when you drew vampire kirishima and werewolf bakugou which I absolutely adored!! would you consider drawing more of them?
Thats!!!! actually a good idea, I had totally forgotten about that AU!!! I might get back on it before the month if I find a good idea for it!!
Anon said: Plz tell me we'll see some more bakukirikami soon, I love ur artz so much and my ot3 is so underappreciated...I mean whenever ur not busy of course
Probably not anon, sorry :( right now my focus for kaminaris romantic life is on different characters, sadly ;; I dont exclude I might get back on the ot3 with krbk in the future, but most probably not soon ;;;
Anon said: The scars comic is so fuckin good 唐
Thank you SO MUCH Im super glad you liked it!!! <3
Anon said: i can't believe you drew the bakusquad but didn't add ......................... that one nameless old lady hawks helped at some point like?? how dare you?? she's part of the squad obv?? so if you draw the squad you MUST draw all of them! like?? what the fuck??
man I was honestly expecting someone to mention something like this under the last two bakusquad pieces, ngl
Anon said: tetsutetsu is crying in a corner bc no one remembered its his birthday too
Its okay anon, Im sure whatever you did to celebrate his birthday was more than enough for him!
Anon said: Can Denki x Shinsou be called ThunderCats??
You can call it however you want, anon!! whos gonna stop you, anyway hahaha
Anon said: IM LATE! I almost didnt send in an ask (read: appreciation ask) this week! Your blog makes me feel safe, and your art style is beautiful!
THANK YOU!!!!!!! SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3
Anon said: Hey do you have a tag for your au with Baks scarlet witch kid?
Pretty sure its tagged as oc: akane ! :D
Anon said: Do you have any more idea or headcanons about the teacher Bakugou au?
Not really? I wrote all of it in that one post and then I didnt really think much about it anymore after, honestly h a h sorry orz my focus isnt the best, sadly
Anon said: im so sorry that youre not feeling great rn :( pls keep making gifts for yourself and treat yourself to some self-care !! we love you and your art.. honestly i could spend an entire day just going through it all because it makes me so happy. thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives.. i hope that whatever it is getting you down, it is nothing compared to the rainbow thats on the way after the storm :) *throws blankets, snacks, and your fav drinks at you* hang in there!!!
Ahhhh anon youre way too nice to me!!! Thank you so so much!!!! it was physical health problems, actually, but Im feeling all better now!! So thank you so much for your care and well wishes, they definitely helped a lot T^T <3<3
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dazai-centrica year ago
can i get uhhhhhh dazai rawing me until i cry? 休♀劾 -兩
"'s-samu, pl-please," you whined from your place on the bed, the handcuffs digging into your sore wrists, tears sliding down your face.
"hm? please what, belladonna?" dazai grinned up at you from between your thighs. he'd been teasing you for god knows how long now. you just knew that you wanted his cock to fill you up; not his fingers, or his tongue.
"pl-please, fuck me," you choked out, the heat rising to your cheeks.
"you'll have to speak up, baby, i didn't quite hear you," he smirked, flicking your oversensitive clit. your back arched off the bed and you let out a low whine.
"o-osamu! pl-please! i've been i've been good, haven't i? i-i'll do anything, i pr-promise! i'll be a good girl!" the words just kept coming, you yourself not sure what you were saying. all you knew that you were desperate for him to stop teasing you and to fuck you properly.
moving up from between your legs, he grabbed your jaw, forcing you to look at him. you did your best to blink away your tears so you could see him properly, and all he did was laugh, before leaning in closer, and whispering into your ear, "oh, you've been so good for me, sweetheart. i just love seeing those teary eyes and hearing you moan out my name like the little slut you are." his hot breath sent shivers down your spine as he nipped at the sensitive skin of your neck.
just as you opened your mouth to whine, he captured your lips in a rather rough kiss. it was less passionate, and more needy. sucking your bottom lip between his teeth, he bit down harshly on it. he smirked against your lips as you whimpered into the kiss. he could hear the handcuffs rattling and he knew how badly you wanted to touch him; to run your hands through his hair. but he wouldn't allow it. he always found it much more amusing if you were restrained in one way or another.
pulling away from the kiss, a thin string of saliva remained, still connecting your lips. you could feel his breath fanning across your face, and you wanted to slap that stupid fucking smirk off his all-too-beautiful face. though, you'd be lying if you said it didn't affect you.
"osamu . . ." you breathed. god, you wanted him so bad.
"yes, my belladonna?"
"pl-please. i want i need you. please please, fuck me. fuck me until i'm begging you to stop, please!" you whined, tears beginning to well up from frustration.
"well, after you asked so nicely, then who am i to say no?"
and he really did fuck you until there were tears streaming down your face and you were begging him to stop, telling him you couldn't take anymore, that it felt too good. he only silenced you by shoving his fingers down your throat as he continued pounding you, filling you to the brim with his cum and then some more, until it was dripping down your thighs and making an even bigger mess out of the sheets below you. he fucked you until your throat was raw from crying his name, from choking back sobs, and from moaning all too loudly.
ask rules :), introduction
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