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birch is in my top 10 this year and there’s only one fearless track in my entire top 100???? confusion but okay
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Tumblr media
Finding other guy’s physique attractive
Feat:- Sakusa, Kuroo & Atsumu
Genre:- fluff mentions of pet names and cute jealous boys🥺
A/n:- I can’t get omi’s pouty face out of my head pls sir give me your hand in marriage 🤲🤲 (simping over anime or any series characters physique 👀😵)
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi:-
You were on the couch waiting for Sakusa to come out of his shower and join you to watch the anime which you wanted to watch for so long.
He plops down next to you on the couch and taps your shoulder indirectly asking you give him his kiss. You smile and kiss his cheek.
“Hi omi. How was practice?”
“Tiring as always what about you?”
“Oh it was great. Do you wanna watch the anime?”
“Sure” You press the space bar and the anime starts playing on the screen. The story line was quite interesting so you guys kept on watching the episodes not evening glancing at the clock on the wall.
“Omi can you pass me the water bottle? It’s on the coffee table.” He picks up the water bottle and was about to give you , but then you squealed loudly and he dropped the water bottle on the floor.
“Love? What’s wrong?”
“Look at him on the screen whoa he is so hot?!?damn he is shirtless omg omg !” Sakusa paused for second to let the words sink in. Who tf is hot? 0-0?
“Look at him. The black haired one,damn he looks so good” you say excitedly not noticing the big prominent pout on his face. He clicks his tongue in annoyance and studies the anime character who has all your undivided attention.
After completing the whole season you guys decided to sleep. Sakusa wasn’t paying any attention to you and plopped on the bed placing the blanket on top of him.
“Omi?” You poke him, he hums “he wasn’t as good looking as you tho!” You tease him . He lifts the blanket allowing you to slip in.
“I wasn’t jealous or anything” he replies and let’s out a huff. “Mhmm sure, he was hot tho”
“Okay my big pouty baby he wasn’t as hot as you”
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsurou:-
Kuroo and you decided to always have movie nights every friday, since saturday and sunday you guys would just cuddle eat food and do nothing.
Watching a movie which you guys heard a lot about and was recommended by Kenma .
“I am so excited to watch this movie!” you exclaim and sit on the couch next to Kuroo, who started devouring the popcorn before playing the movie on the screen.
“Mpf too” 
“Me too? that’s what you meant right?” you chuckle and eat some popcorns as well.
“yeah, let’s play the movie.”
The movie starts playing on the tv screen. You dim the lights and pick some popcorn and eat it, glancing at the bowl you were surprised as the bowl was half empty.
The movie was interesting from the very beginning. The way they were unfolding the story was so catching that you guys forgot that the popcorn bowl was empty and it was raining outside.
“Y/n , is it raining outside?”
“Is it raining outside?”
“I guess”
The eyes were glued to the screen as a villain enters in the movie and the world seems to stop for you. A villain—>backstory—>sad—>emotionally unstable —>y/n loves.
Yeah the villain was super attractive and you were literally drooling at the sight.
“Y/n?” Kuroo calls you as he saw that you were literally drooling for the guy who is not Kuroo smh.
“Kitten? Is he hotter than me?”
Kuroo was pouting and wasn’t at all happy since you were drooling for the villain plus you said yes that the villain was hotter than Kuroo. (Seriously y/n? Wait I would have done the same tho 😏😛)
After the movie ended and the villain was killed you were sad . But Kuroo smiled because less competition (really Kuroo?🤨)
“He was so good looking you know and his character development, he shouldn’t have died you know” you tell Kuroo as you got up from the couch to enter your bedroom to sleep.
“What’s wrong?” You could sense that Kuroo was hiding some so you wanted to know .
“🤨 nothing?”
“Okay fine, you called him more attractive than me . I did not like that , he had all your attention on him! Aren’t I more handsome than him?😅”
“Oh” you start giggling because Kuroo was pouting and was whiny about you liking the character more than him.
“Honey, he is not my Kuroo Tetsurou the guy I fell in love with in high school. This guy was just a character who seemed to be hmm... interesting you know only for a moment nothing else. And he is more attractive than you ... no way” you reply.
“He isn’t” he replies and smiles a bit.
“Yeah he isn’t” you smile at his pout and kiss his lips.
“He doesn’t even have your bed head”
“Y/n!!!! Don’t ruin the moment”
Tumblr media
Atsumu Miya:-
You and him were watching your favourite web series in your bedroom, with the blanket wrapped around. It was very comfy indeed.
Atsumu was lying on your stomach and you were stroking his hair gently, making Atsumu almost fall asleep on you.
“Huh, what’s wrong Angel face?!?! Did someone die?!?” Atsumu jolts from the bed pulling the blanket off you guys in the process.
You were flustered because the character was shirtless and boy was he ripped ughhh. Ahem ~
“Angel face, my body is more ripped”
“Yeah sure” you scoff (the audacity y/n)
“I am hurt y/n” Atsumu clutches his shirt and whines.
“‘Tsumu let me pls watch the series okay?” You request him and continue watching the show.
Atsumu was a pouty baby now and he did not like that you paid more attention to somebody other than him.
He gets up from his previous position and being the jealous boy that he is , he takes his shirt off to take a shower.
“I am going to take a shower” he announces and was about to enter the bathroom that’s when you,
“Whoa whoa wait Mister , maybe I was wrong you are hella ripped. Imma forget about the guy I called hot. I have a hot s/o whoa!” You were blushing at this point.
Atsumu had a smug look on his face and he plops on top of you.
“Atsumu, you do know that you are the only guy I love right?”
“You can shower with me 😒, c’mon”
“Thank you baby”
“Mhmm but I am hotter don’t forget about it”
“Yes yes”
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading. Take care <3
Reblogs are highly appreciated <3
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i'd die for you
Summary: Sometimes, Bucky wishes that she acted like a real omega. He doesn't mean to tell her this but does anyway. Mistakes have been made.
Tumblr media
"You're a dick," she says, tugging on the chains that bind her to the bed.
Bucky grins.
"Yer just lucky I knotted ya before I did somethin' drastic," he says.
"And this is what exactly? Something easy?"
"Naw, pretty omega, my little sun, no," Bucky coos. "This is punishment for mouthin' off."
She didn't mind it when Bucky asked her if he could tie her up. His eyes had looked a little feral around the edges thanks to his rut. They have done this many times before, though in a different way. Usually, Bucky is the one tied to the bed, unable to escape, but his rut makes him want to take control and stay on top of her all night. She makes a pretty picture, naked and held down in their nest so that she can't move. Still, she cannot stop running her mouth, but Bucky doesn't mind. He likes seeing her come out of her shell, sassing him, and swearing.
Bucky turns to the chest of drawers and opens the top one. He sifts through his clothing until he finds the thing that he wants- a tie to stuff in that pretty mouth of hers, while he gets busy stuffing some other part of her, and then again, and again, and again, and then one more time until the fire in his veins has cooled enough for him to sleep.
"You're hilarious. When you mess with the bull, you get the horns, right?" she throws back.
"Heh, good reference."
"What do you mean?"
"Breakfast Club," Bucky explains, turning back around.
"The what?"
"You know," Bucky says, "John Hughes, young Molly Ringwald. Judd Nelson."
"Who?" she says.
"Gods, never mind. It's like talkin' to someone in a retirement home."
Pressing a hungry kiss to her lips before balling up the tie and shoving it between her lips, Bucky looks down at her fondly as she continues running her mouth right up until-
"I'm sorry I'm not as cultured as you are, you furry- mpf!"
"There we go," Bucky drawls, pleased. "You look good enough to eat, all spread out for me. You look so sweet, baby doll."
"Mpf!" she cries around the tie in her mouth.
"Why, of course, omega-mine," Bucky says. "You are so welcome to show that pretty little pussy for me."
She flips him off around the chains connecting her to their bed. Bucky cackles and jumps on the mattress, stalking up to her like a predator. When he's hovering over her completely, cocky smirk firmly in place, he kisses her forehead.
"We gotta keep you quiet. Ya talk too much shit."
She snarls, jaw ticking around the tie. There is an itch in the back of Bucky's head, and he notices his hand reaching for the tie in her mouth. The call gets stronger, and his hand moves nearer like it's separate from his body. It takes him a moment to realize that it's her making him feel that way. It's the vampire ability of enticement, right. Weaker beings have quavered and fallen under her spell, but she cannot make Bucky one of them. Not when he finally has her exactly where he wants her. Bucky slowly shakes his head, bumping his thumb against her nose at the same time. Back and forth. Back and forth, and she hisses, trying to wiggle free.
"None a' that, baby. You're all mine tonight," he says.
She throws her head back and groans loudly. Bucky clicks his tongue.
"I know, I know, honey. Imagine how I feel. What with this boner an' a sassy omega who don't listen?"
Her fangs have slid free from her teeth and are poking out from the tie balled up in her mouth as another snarl works its way up from her chest. Bucky shakes his head, clucking again. He stretches himself, sprawling over her and almost taking up the entire bed. She grunts as she takes his weight but quickly adjusts, continuing to struggle.
"Stop movin'. You ain't gettin' outta those chains," Bucky says, tapping her nose. "Now, are ya gonna present for me?"
Her head shakes as both middle fingers make an appearance. Bucky sighs. His desire is creeping back over him, making his dick thicken between his thighs, leaving him hard and leaking as he brushes himself against the soft skin of her hip. The entire bedroom reeks of sex, not that that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it makes Bucky insatiable. His baby doll isn't submitting yet, however. She's angry. He smells burning wood, like a forest fire, and the distinct scent of her has melted as she lets her fury wash over her. The heady scent of her desire and her sweetness is nowhere to be found-just the fiery scent of his arousal and Bucky's eyebrows furrow in response to his discovery. She isn't even remotely aroused.
Well, fuck.
Instinctively, Bucky leans towards his omega and looks at her, concern creasing his forehead. The alpha in him is screaming at him to protect, soothe, love! Instead of mount, present, fuck! As it had been for the last half hour. Bucky isn't some horrible alpha who would fuck his omega without making sure she wants him as much as he wants her. He's screwed everything up. Hesitant fingers tug the tie from her mouth, and as soon as he has thrown it across the room, she is scolding him with a scowl twisting her pretty face.
"Why am I in pain, Bucky?" she snaps.
"What? Where?!"
"My wrists are burning. These are the iron chains, you dumbass. I told you where the good chains were, but you grabbed the wrong ones!"
"No, I didn't," Bucky says uncertainly.
"Yes, you did! I'm burning up from the inside out!" she says. "Brooklyn, Brooklyn. I'm safe-wording."
"All right, all right, all right," Bucky says, sending a calming feeling through their bond, "I have the key right here. I'll get you out."
He really should have seen her next move coming, but he is a bit of a mindless alpha only concerned with knotting his omega right now. As soon as he unlocks her, she springs, knocking Bucky to the ground and holding him down with all of her might. Bucky growls, trying to get free. The rings on her fingers must have silver in them because Bucky cries out in pain as they touch his bare skin. Where the fuck did she get those?
"Silver?" he gasps.
"Oh, are they?" She lets go of his neck immediately, looking apologetic. "Gods, I'm sorry. I didn't know. I got them at a thrift shop."
"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Bucky growls. His neck burns. She was trying to kill him.
"I just said I didn't know. I'm sorry, okay? Anyway, like you can talk, with your iron chains," she says, showing her burnt wrists.
"Fuckin' piece a' work, you are," Bucky barks. "Don't even fuckin' know how to be an omega!"
"You're being a bit dramatic. I just don't like being treated like a hole to stuff full of your cum, Buck."
"I'm not bein' dramatic; I want an obedient omega!" Bucky spits, his emotions going haywire underneath the weight of his rut. "Round an' round this goes, every time we do this. 'M sick of it! Barton said this would come back to bite me in the ass, matin' with you!"
She recoils as though he has slapped her. It takes him a moment to realize why, but once it does, his eyes widen, and he hastens to explain himself.
"Wait, wait, wait, hold on, no. I take it back. I didn't-"
"Why don't you find another wolf then?" she interrupts coldly, but her eyes look damp with bloody tears.
"I don't- I didn't mean to say that, sunshine," Bucky says weakly.
"It sure sounded like you did."
"I- I didn't, I swear I didn't. No, wait!" Bucky reaches for her, his fingers brushing against her bare leg as she springs off of him.
She starts digging through one of Bucky's drawers, and he sits up, watching her.
"What're you doin'?" he whispers.
She throws a toy at him, striking him in the chest. He used to use one of these fleshlights on his rut, built for an alpha's knot like an omega wolf would be, but it isn't the same now, and they both know that. She glares at him. Bucky hesitantly picks up the toy, and she huffs, slipping on her sneakers, a pair of shorts, and a long shirt, then leaves the room. The door slams behind her, and he groans, flopping back on the carpet. This is unacceptable. This is the third time he's mentioned on his rut that he hates that she isn't a proper omega wolf.
"Damn it," Bucky curses, dropping the toy and sitting up.
His emotions are all over the place. He is still sporting a semi, but he doesn't care anymore since the only thing he wants right now has left him alone. He probably deserved that. Bucky tugs on a pair of boxers, and he walks over to their giant window, pushing it open and stepping out in the fresh night air. It feels good on his heated skin, and it calms him down, clearing his mind. Bucky gnaws his lip. She has run away. Far this time, as her scent is nowhere to be found. Just like the night that they had met. Without thinking, Bucky launches himself from the balcony and lands on the ground with a heavy thud.
He sticks his nose in the air, sniffing for a good minute and a half before he smells her. She is still mad. But there's something else there too — something he has never smelled on her before. It's bitter and acrid like Bucky has been simultaneously sucking on a lemon and inhaling the stench of rotting flesh. It's fear, Bucky realizes with a jolt. His omega is terrified. He is sprinting off as fast as his feet can carry him before he even has a second to process things. The alpha in him is screaming 'protect,' over and over until he's drowning in the sensation, rage filling him, and he wants to tear apart whatever has his omega so scared.
Skidding to a stop within a clearing of the dark woods, Bucky can barely make out the shadowy figures surrounding her. His growl is loud and clear, telling whoever is surrounding her to back the fuck off. Protective instincts well up in him so strongly that he gets dizzy. Bucky won't let this happen again. She will never get hurt while he's around. He gets in between his omega and the rutting alpha. He hears her whimper.
"Sh," Bucky murmurs, not taking his eyes off the alpha hiding in the shadows.
She makes another little noise, and the scent of her pain reaches Bucky's nose. He bares his teeth at the wolves. His omega is hurt, and there is no other explanation than these wolves. And hurting a bonded omega, especially the omega of a pack leader, is against werewolf law.
"She's fuckin' mated assholes," Bucky barks.
The wolves ooze out of the darkness then, and Brock Rumlow puffs out his chest as he recognizes Bucky.
"Barnes. Nice seeing you," he says.
"This ain't your territory, Rumlow."
"Well, no, but just imagine my surprise when I smelled such a sweet little thing out here. She was all alone, Barnes. What was a wolf to do?"
"Leave her the fuck alone, maybe?"
"What if I make you an offer?" Rumlow says casually. "What if we share, just for tonight. You and me, and I think Jack wants a turn. But he can go after us. He doesn't have a rut; he wants to fuck something. What do you say?"
"She's mine."
"Says who?"
Bucky growls warningly.
"Says that fuckin' mark on her neck. If I find out you hurt her like I think you did, I'll fuckin' kill you."
She presses herself against Bucky's back, shaking like a leaf. She nods in response to Bucky's silent question through their bond about whether or not she is hurt. Bucky doesn't even consider his next move before he rears back and punches Rumlow squarely in the nose. The cartilage shatters easily under his fist as Rumlow's nose starts bleeding.
"Don't you ever fuckin' talk to her! Don't even fuckin' look at her! She's mine."
"She's a pretty little thing," Rumlow goads. "Pretty little body to break on my knot."
"Shut the fuck up."
"Why don't you want to share? Does big ol' Bucky Barnes care about a vamp of all things?"
"Bucky," she whispers, putting her hand on his shoulder to stop him or encourage him; Bucky isn't sure.
"Hey, sweetheart," blurts Rumlow, ignoring Bucky in favor of his omega. "You tired of him yet? I know you're a vamp, but I don't discriminate."
She leans her head on Bucky's back, unsteady breaths that she doesn't need passing her lips. Bucky would think that she is in pain or terrified, but he can smell it on her now. She is still scared, but with every word that Rumlow says, she gets angrier. Underneath his own anger, Bucky feels a flicker of pride.
"Yeah, darlin'?" Bucky asks, ignoring Rumlow to focus solely on his omega.
But Rumlow keeps running his mouth:
"Bet we could have fun, you and I. If you don't mind, a little iron to keep you in line, of course."
"Let's shut him up," she whispers in the language of her homeland.
"Hell, yeah," says Bucky before he launches himself at Brock Rumlow.
Rumlow is slightly weaker than he, and they slam into each other so hard that it makes Bucky disoriented. They land together on the cold ground and wrestle, each trying to get the other to submit. Both alphas are on their rut, a dangerous combination. They are fighting to kill, and the prize? The vampire. Bucky's soulmate. His side splits open on one of Rumlow's claws, and Bucky howls in pain. He sinks his teeth in Rumlow's shoulder.
"I bet she'd scream so good." Rumlow spits blood on the ground around a mouthful of wolves' teeth. "With the fucking I'd give her."
Bucky's vision goes red, and he growls the loudest he has yet. It is like a roar that silences the forest, but Rumlow doesn't back down, not even after Bucky wraps his bicep around his neck and starts to choke him. Rumlow struggles, but Bucky squeezes harder until he becomes distracted, realizing that she isn't where Bucky last saw her. He twists his head and sees her grappling with Jack Rollins. She is bleeding from a bite on her forearm. Bucky snarls at Rollins, but he can't help her, not now when Rumlow is still trying to cleave Bucky's torso in half. Bucky blinks, and Rollins slams into a tree so hard that the whole thing sways. She's quicker than he thought.
"She'll pay for that," chokes Rumlow. "After I knot her, I'm cutting her head off."
"How are you still talking?"
Directly above them, hidden in a tree, Bucky sees a small figure leap down. He rolls out of the way just as she lands on top of Rumlow without so much as a sound.
"You'd do well to stop talking," she adds, perched on Rumlow's chest like it's nothing.
She and Bucky don't look at each other, but her plea flicker between their bond. Rollins lays unconscious but alive, and as much as Bucky wants to kill Rumlow, his omega doesn't want him to. He knows that if he said yes, she would help him. She's pretty good at tearing hearts out of chests. But Bucky agrees with her (for now, anyway) that they can't afford to start something with another wolfpack. So, Bucky drops Rumlow, who gasps for breath.
"Get it now?" Bucky says.
Rumlow growls, scuttling away as Bucky walks towards his omega. He falls to his knees and kisses her stomach, looking up at her with sorrowful eyes.
"He wouldn't shut up," she says. "Why wouldn't he shut up?"
"He won't ever fuckin' come near you again. I'll tear his head off first."
"Don't you ever run away on me again," he says, nosing the hem of her shirt up and then pressing his mouth to her bare skin. "My heart can't take it."
"Look, I was wrong, okay? I'm always wrong. I don't want an omega wolf. I want you, an' I fuckin' know that I do the same thing on my rut every damn time, but it's just the rut talkin'. I went too far today, an' I'm so fuckin' sorry. I don't need a wolf. I need you, baby. Don't ever run away like that again. I was so fuckin' scared."
"You saved me."
"I always will. My sunshine, I'd die for ya, did you know that?"
"Oh, Buck," she says before she meets him on the ground and squeezes him tight.
"I'm here," says Bucky, burying his nose in her neck. "It's okay. You hurt?"
"Not as bad as you, baby."
"Don't worry about me; I'm healin'. You wanna go home?"
"I'd like nothing better."
"Okay," Bucky says. "Lemme carry you."
When she is safe in his arms, curled up against his chest, Bucky turns back and starts heading for the house.
"I'm sorry about the rings," she says. "I didn't know."
Bucky hums.
"I know. It's okay. I'm sorry I grabbed the iron chains."
"I forgive you. If I'm honest, I don't even remember why I had them in the first place."
"We should start labelin' things, huh?"
That brings a smile to her face. She laughs, agreeing with him. Bucky glows at being the cause of his favorite thing in the world.
"We'll have to," she agrees. "After your rut, of course."
"Yeah, after my rut," he says.
It is creeping up on him again. Bucky holds her just a little bit tighter. She snuggles into him like she's trying to hide from her thoughts.
"What?" Bucky asks.
"Can I- I mean, when we get back, would you mind if I -hmm- if I-"
"If you what?"
She does not say it out loud, seemingly too embarrassed to, his sweet baby doll. Instead, she hesitantly pushes the idea across their bond in crude approximations of the real thing, almost like a badly drawn portrait of a parent by a child. Bucky startles, understanding immediately what she wants.
"Yeah," he chokes. "Yeah, you can."
If his steps get faster, she does not comment on it.
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cold | pjm
pairing: park jimin x oc
genre: fluff, slight tsundere jimin, just cuteness tbh
words: 3, 339
summary: where jimin is ice cold but he wants you to warm him up (not in the way you think)
Tumblr media
When Jimin pulls away for the first time in a year since you’ve met him during your movie nights, you suspect that something’s up. But, you also know Jimin—he would have said something to you if there was.
You raise an eyebrow at him, “You good?”
Jimin sighs at you, frustrated and you can’t help but feel confused at the sudden shift of atmosphere. You thought picking La La Land was a good choice, but you suppose that since Jimin was a little emotionally constipated he didn’t like it as much.
“I’m not, actually.” He declares, tugging off the blanket that covered both of your lower halves and withdrew from the warmth that settled into the couch.
“Do you—” You contemplate on asking because being Jimin’s friend meant respecting certain boundaries, and you weren't intending to be that friend that stuck their nose in his business.
You choose to remain silent and purse your lips and settle back into the couch, though it felt a little empty without Jimin bunched up next to you. But he was an enigma of unopened thoughts, and the time you spent navigating the course of your friendship in the first few months was ... heavy.
He’d never tell you anything, let alone allow you to indulge in the greatness that was his mind. You’d always hear from Namjoon how much he looks up to and respects Jimin’s way of thinking and mindset, but you rarely get to see that part of him. Sometimes, you felt more of a seat-warmer than a friend. You appreciate him, nonetheless.
“Aren’t you going to ask me about it?” He pries you.
You shrug, covering yourself with the blanket in hopes that it masks your vulnerability and insecurity, too.
“I know you.” You tell him, “You don’t like being questioned unless you say something about it first.”
He purses his lips in a straight line and looks at you ... like he really looks at you. So much that you feel his eyes burning into the side of your head; as if he was attempting to unravel your mind and dig into its deepest depths to understand its content.
“I don’t …” He says after looking at you, head-turning to face the television. Was La La Land seriously still relevant now?
“But I’m asking you to ask me.” He says, and the look of surprise on your face doesn’t disappoint. You gaped at him, forgetting the fact that Ryan Gosling looked really handsome on the screen—because Jimin had just prompted you to ask him about his … feelings.
“I—I don’t understand …” You say, dumbly. He rolls his eyes at you, and you’re familiar with his expression because it’s the one he usually has when he wants to call you an idiot.
“Ask me how I feel.”
You open your mouth, then close it. Your words fail you because the entire situation was sprung onto you so unexpectedly, and you suddenly feel self-conscious about everything. Was this Jimin’s way of assessing you as a friend and throwing you to the curb after a year of being platonically involved with one another?
As if he could hear the millions of thoughts running in your head, he turns to you and grabs your cheeks in between his large palms, and this time you actually short-circuit.
Your intimacy with Jimin stopped at sitting next to each other during movie nights and embracing the warmth that your bodies radiated. Maybe even the occasional accidental brush of fingers when he hands you something, but besides that—Jimin was conservative with his touches.
You can’t lie and say that your heart doesn’t react differently, because for the most part of your friendship you’ve suppressed any romantic feelings that you had or could have had for Jimin. Mostly out of self-preservation because Jimin was just … Jimin.
Cold, aloof but still someone that cared deeply. Yes, he was emotionally constipated when it came to his own feelings, and yes —his gaze more often than not had you cowering in fear. But he never made you feel uncomfortable. Even in the silences, you spent with one another you felt safe. Home.
Not to mention, his entire brooding and stoic persona hit it really well with the women on campus—and the fact he was obscenely attractive. He and you were the types of people that remained just as friends. And suddenly, that could end tonight, too.
“What’s going on in that pretty head of yours?” He hums, eyes chasing your own but you divert your attention away from him because your eyes tell.
You shake your head, “I’m just confused.”
And confused you were because this was a territory that was unheard of for you—much less for Jimin. If only you could telepathically speak to Namjoon right now because you had no idea what to do or say.
“Well, I’ll keep it simple for you,” He says, “ Ask me how I feel.”
He doesn’t ask you anymore, instead, he insists—as if there was a preconceived answer for you already in the back of his head. Maybe this was how he softened the blow.
“No.” You push him away, flustered. “I won’t let you friend break up with me like this!”
He raises an eyebrow at the sudden rise of voice you admitted, “I like being your friend even if you don’t—and—and I know that yeah, consent matters—but I do not consent to be friend broken up with.”
He listens to you, and his face is still in its signature blankness and you nearly scream at how you wished he’d display a little emotion or a reaction to your blow up. But it seems that between the two of you, you were the emotionally unstable one.
“I know I can be annoying and all over the place and loud but ...” You immediately opt to self-deprecate yourself because nothing could triumph the way it felt to do it yourself than have him say it to your face, “... you’re not allowed to leave me. Ever .”
You fold your arms across your chest and look away because what the fuck did you just do and your face was undebatably on fire right now.
As if he’s noticed the way your eyes widen in realisation, he holds you again—but this time he pulls you closer to his chest until you are forced to look up at him with your flushed cheeks.
“Silly girl.” He hums and you whine.
“I have to do everything myself, hm?” He tucks a strand of stray hair behind your ears and it was instinctual for you to pull away because you’ve never felt Jimin like this before. Close, and warm—and all yours.
“Jimin I don’t understand— mpf!” And it was like a scene straight out of a romcom, and you nearly forget that La La Land was still running in the background. You felt like the main character of your own movie, and Jimin was the protagonist's love interest because he kissed you.
Jimin was kissing you.
Kissing. Like lip-locking. Sharing saliva. With you.
He pulls away too soon for your liking, but you gape at him like a fish out of water.
“You—” You stutter, and he chuckles. You feel it more than you hear it because his chest was resting against your cheek.
“Do you understand now?”
You shake your head, “... you feel bad for me?”
He snorts.
“I don’t know if you’re actually this much of an idiot, or are you just hopeless in the romantic department?” He says, and you open your mouth in the offense, ready to defend yourself but he hugs you closer to him and all you could feel was him.
“Excuse me? I’m not an idiot.”
“I just kissed you and you thought I felt bad for you.”
You huff, “What am I supposed to feel! You never speak about your emotions to me, and the most I’ve ever got out from you was a chuckle from the time where I slipped in front of the entire campus during freshers week.”
“That was when we met, yes.” He hums, “Why did you think I’ve been with you ever since?”
You still looked confused and Jimin internally sighs at the way he let himself fall for a dense excuse of a human being like you.
“Cause … you felt 'bad for me?”
"Just because you air-quote it doesn't make it any different from what you said earlier ____."
He groans, “No you dumbass—it’s cause no one makes me feel things the way you do. Strange weirdo who slipped on absolutely nothing, and as a friend who forces me to watch shitty romcoms like La La Land.”
“La La Land is not shitty!” You gasp.
He blinks.
“Is that all you got from what I said?”
“La La Land is phenomenal! All from the artistic production, to the soundtrack—so I don't know why people keep shitting on it because personally I really enjoyed—” But he kisses you again, and you melt into him immediately.
This time he lingers for a bit longer, and when he pulls away you grab onto his shirt to keep him close. You realise your mistake and suddenly push him away, but his hold on you was tight enough to resist your poor attempt.
“I like you, dummy.” He says, and you gasp.
“Nooo.” You say in disbelief.
“I like you.” He emphasises again, and you gasp. Again.
“No, you don’t.” You tell him, and he sighs—knowing that this was going to take a while.
“I do.”
“You don’t.”
“I do .”
“ Yes .”
He clamps his hand over your mouth and glares at you.
“Me. Park Jimin—likes you, ____ ____, and yes —I can’t believe I like a complete idiot like you, but I do because you fucked up and made me like you from the moment you embarrassed yourself in front of everyone so bad that it was probably the hardest I’ve ever cringed in my life—”
“—but you quite literally stumbled into my life with your whirlwind of emotions and you made me feel things that I’ve tried to avoid my entire life.” He holds your chin between his thumb and finger so you’d look at him. And you know that Jimin never lies, but something in your heart doesn't allow you that moment of happiness for yourself.
“But I'm annoying …” You say, a little unsure. Jimin simply looks at you, and you're frustrated again at the lack of emotion on his face.
“Yes, you are.” Is all he says, and you gape at his audacity.
You huff, throw the blanket off your body and make way to grab at your belongings that lay idle on the floor next to the couch. You pulled away from Jimin who attempted to grab at your wrist and glare at him so vehemently that he looked taken aback.
“This isn't a joke.” You tell him, and you hoped you looked as strong as you sounded because you felt played. Jimin didn't do this—you were just the clumsy freshmen that somehow befriended him, and he had no way out of it. So you decided to give him a way out on your own.
“Wait—of course, it's not—where are you going?” He exasperates when you make a beeline go to his door. You've never seen Jimin move as quickly as he did, but he manages to secure a tight grip on your elbow.
You try to shove him aside all while you felt like an immense idiot for allowing yourself to feel this way. To feel so human, and raw when you were with Jimin when he hadn't shown an inkling of emotion even when he declared that he ‘liked’ you.
“____—what’s wrong? Is it because I kissed you without asking you? I'm sorry but— ” He apologises and you groan.
“Stop treating me like this!” You yell at him to cut him off, “I know I'm clumsy, and a ditz—but I have feelings and it's not cool how you're doing all of—” You gesture to the hand on your elbow and to your lips, “— this, making me feel things that I shouldn't be feeling.”
“You're missing the point—!”
“Am I Jimin?” You exasperate, and he lets go of you for a moment to allow you space. “You've never shown any sign that you liked me for the past year of being friends, and now you're telling me you do?”
You scoff, “If you wanted out of this friendship, here it is.”
You reach to his doorknob with your back turned towards him, but Jimin was far stronger than you and reached out at the same time; essentially locking you into your position with nowhere to go.
“Just let me go,” You sigh, “I'm giving you your out.”
Jimin turns your body to face him and you avoid his stare. He was taller than you so being locked against the door was a little intimidating, given the fact that Jimin’s stare was nothing short of intimidating.
“Why would I want out?” He asks you, and you blink at him as if he's grown a second head.
“Now you're just treating me like I'm stupid .” You pout, “Did you not hear what I said? I know I'm annoying and I'll get out of your hair, just let me go—!”
You pull at his wrist but he holds you tighter and uses his other hand to softly grab at your cheeks to look at him. You stare at him with wide eyes and mouth scrunched like a fish, and you're sure this doesn't look the least bit flattering at all.
“Please don't dude me after I just said I liked you.” He grimaces, then sighs.
He proceeds to clamp his hand over your mouth, “Now I need you to listen to me. And I mean— really listen. Not the thing that you do where you completely ignore my point and go on some childish rampage of how I think you’re annoying and want out.”
You glare at him.
He sighs, “I don't know how explicit I have to be—but I like you. I like your presence, I like hanging out with you—and I want to date you. I want everything that's in the book of romance and relationships with you.”
Your eyes widened and you attempt to speak but he clamps down harder than you whine.
“I know I'm an emotionless brick but I've been with you for the past year and my physical presence is the way I show you that I like you.”
You blink.
“And, I don't know if you've noticed but I've been inviting you over every fortnight just to cuddle up next to you to watch movies that are cheesy as fuck because I know that it makes your heart flutter—” He looks straight into your eyes and you're sure he can feel the heat of your cheeks on his hand.
“—I didn’t say this earlier because I was under the impression that you were aware and that we were kind-of-dating but not really— clearly, I was wrong.”
You manage to rip his hand off in his moment of weakness and gasp, “Kind-of-dating? Since when did that even happen?!”
He pointedly looks at you, “You have a toothbrush at my place, half of your closet is in mine—you walk my dog when I'm not home, and I buy your favourite cereal when I do groceries.”
“Nope—the only reason I explicitly told you tonight because it was now clear to me that you weren't aware—” He gestures to your frazzled state, “—and that you said you were going out with Taehyung. Alone. To a pizza parlour.”
You barely manage to respond because he exasperates, “Do you know how datey a pizza parlour is?”
You gape at him, “Well excuse me! I didn't even know we were kind-of-dating until a minute ago!”
He glares at you, “And you didn't even believe me when I told you I liked you.”
You fold your arms across your chest, “Obviously. You don't even hold my hand, and you've never kissed me until tonight.”
You punch his shoulder and he hisses, “You didn't even formally ask me out!”
“You’re a scaredy-cat and if I did ask you out you’d probably run away from me!” He exasperates with his hands in the air.
“I’m not a scaredy-cat and I won’t run away!” You argue back and you were suddenly aware of how close he was to you.
You look up at him and notice how pretty his eyelashes were, and how he does look at you with an intimacy that you've only seen for yourself. The look that he reserved for you.
“I'm asking you out now,” He whispers, cupping your cheek.
“Date me. Be with me.”
You scoff, “God. Can’t you even be a little romantic? It’s like you’re demanding me to be with you.” You respond petulantly like a child.
He groans, “I'm not going to grovel you if that's what you're expecting.”
“Tell me why then.”
He raises an eyebrow.
You clear your throat and fiddle with your thumbs, a nervous tick you have.
“Tell me why you like me.”
Jimin stares at you and you want to complain about his stoic expression but he cups your cheeks in his hands a little harder and forces you to really look at him—as if his face held all the answers.
And when you did, you see the desperation behind his eyes, the dedication that he possesses only for you. The way he looks at you like he's meant to prove something to you, and then everything made sense to you—he wasn't inexpressive—you were just too caught up in your own world that you never noticed.
“Jimin—” Your voice cracks but he shushes you, softly.
“Listen to me, okay?” He asks of you and you gently nod.
“I like you because you're here,” He starts off and you were about to scoff but he speaks again knowing your predetermined reaction, “You’re present— always. I don't mean just because we're always together, but because even when we're texting you're there. You're involved.”
“You're expressive in ways that don't need words to tell me anything, which is why I know you like me too.”
“Cocky, much?” You scoff but the burn on your cheeks give the truth away
He smiles a little before continuing, “But that's not it—I like you because you're patient. You stuck with me being emotionally constipated for the first half of our friendship, and yet you're still here.”
“Even though you nearly ran out of here spewing some bullshit about me taking you as a joke—”
“Okay … I may have blown it out of proportion.”
“—but I wouldn't want to have you any other way. Even if it took me literally trapping you against a door for you to listen.”
You melt into his touch and look up at him, “Do you really like me?”
“I really do.” He affirms you, and you tug him closer to bury your head into his chest.
“Can you hold my hand next time?” You ask, softly. And he chuckles against the top of your head, caressing it gently.
“Of course. That's the only way you won't run away from me next time, right?” He teases.
You whine.
“I'm never going to let you go.” He tells you, “You're pretty like this—all mine .”
You smile up at him and Jimin swears his heart melts to be rebuilt whole by you again.
“But you called me an idiot ...”
“Two things can be true at the same time.”
You gasp, “Rude—!”
He shuts you up with a kiss more passionate, and a lot more eager that has your head spinning.
When he pulls away, you feel your heartbeat a little faster—especially at the string of saliva that connects your mouths.
“Mine,” He says. You can't help but nod.
Tumblr media
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unknownwriting · 5 months ago
Hello! I don’t often ask anything too scared to bother… it’s my first time to ask a request! So you are gonna be my first 😏😂 so I would like A Mirajane x Fem Reader or no gender, you can add Erza in the relationship I don’t mind Poly ;) s during the GMG where instead of Cana, R destroy the MPF, and later, R is bullied by Minerva during the Naval Battle. I want to see her/they reaction :) thank you very much ! :D
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ Summary - reacting to s/o getting bullied at the Grand Magic Games
♡ Characters - Erza Scarlet, Mirajane Strauss
♡ Warnings-
♡ Ahh I’m so happy to be your first 😏 And don’t be scared, I always love taking y’all’s requests and I’m so sorry for answering so late I hope it doesn’t change your view of me 😭🙇🏼‍♀️ but just between you and me I’m honestly a sucker for poly hc 😳
Tumblr media
- of course, just like any girlfriend would be, both Erza and Mira were very reluctant to even let you participate in the games. They just want you to stay safe
- but you did end up proving yourself to them and how you can take care of yourself. But even then they are still gonna be overprotective of you. It’s their job to be
- and of course, they get riled up every time you end up getting hurt but that doesn’t stay long after they see you win. They’re just worriers but you seem to be able to hold your own
- until the naval battle with Minerva.
- Erza and Mira thought you would be just fine. You were all the other games but this one was different. It’s was almost as if Minerva had something against you
- every attack seemed to hit you and hurt you in some way. Of course, it would sometimes hit others but you just seemed like the main goal
- it’s made Erza and Mira furious but they waited. You always seemed to pull through at the last moment, so they waiting but when then they stood on guard, Erza with her hand on her sword and Mira ready to jump in.
- they didn’t like where this was going at all. Seeing their lover getting beat, taking hit after hit. They definitely had to be something more than just winning the game
- soon enough the water around you began to darker as blood finally began to leak. This was the last straw.
- almost as if it was timed, both Erza and Mira jumped up and began to make their way from the stands to the arena but they didn’t make it far bc someone each had them pinned down
- it was torture to watching their sweet lover just get beat and they weren’t even able to do anything. It was a good thing someone held them down bc they don’t know how things would end if they got their hands on Minerva
- tears threatened their eyes too as they watched your get beat over and over again. Finally, they just had to close their eyes and just listen to your painful screams
- but finally, the game was over and Minerva ended up winning but that didn’t even matter. Once the game was over, they both broke out of the restraints and made their way right over to you, making sure your ok.
- and they don’t leave you either, they are glued to your side like it’s the end of the world. They walk you to the infirmary, bandage up your wounds, get you something to eat and drink, and take care of everything little things making sure you recover
- never in a million years do that ever want to see something like that again. It’s brought tears to their eyes just thinking about what happened to you
- both of them, when you feel better, shower you in kisses, hugs, cuddles, and loving words. After everything that happened, it’s all you deserve. And even though you may feel like death, you couldn’t ask for better girlfriends.
- even tho you still hurt all over, Erza and Mira make you feel so happy and loved. You’re so lucky to have girlfriends like them
- and you better bet that the both of them are gonna go teach Minerva a lesson when you’re asleep. Bc there is no way that she gonna get away will bullying Erza and Mira’s lover
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noyasboxdye · 8 months ago
Notes: This is just a short lil thing I just came up with after reading a Hikaru fic- and I know no one is really active in this fandom but it needs to be revived. I also kinda want to start writing for them-
Character: Tamaki Suoh
WARNINGS: brat taming (?), Small Chocking, Mirror sex, Orgasm denial, Dry orgasms, piss kink, daddy kink, overstimulation (if you have on ur glasses and squint)
Title: Fucking brat
Imagine Tamaki being a fucking brat all day. Like he's been flirting with random men and women on the street while you're on your way to a diner. And when y'all get there you think he's done being a whore and that he was just cranky or something but then he sees a friend from high school and they're talking.
Tamaki's being super unnecessarily touchy with this friend. And a waiter comes over and asks what you want to drink and Tamaki "forgot" you were there so the waiter takes your orders. Tamaki introduced you to Mori.
But then he goes back to being touchy. He's rubbing up on his arms saying how much more muscley he got from high school. And after they say bye to the both of you Tamaki just pretends like he wasn't damn near on top of him.
Then your waiters fliting with Tamaki and Tamaki gives him his number saying like suggestive shit to him. And it was to the point where you had to leave 100 on the table and just leave. Y'all get home and he's acting like he wasn't doing anything wrong
Fast forward like almost an hour later this mans crying, drooling, tongue out moaning loud asf. Like begging for you to let him cum. Ignoring him and wrapping your hand around his neck forcing him to look at himself in the mirror looking at the way his small pathetic little red swollen cock hits his stomach.
Having yet another dry orgasm. Sobbing as he feels you filling him with your cum once again. His eyes rolling around in his head.
After a while, you finally let him cum but he just ends up peeing himself and making a mess. Resulting in him getting fucked some more.
Just like full-on sobbing because you're being so mean to him and he can't handle it. "Fucking disgusting whore. Did you enjoy peeing on daddy's floor huh?" the blush on his face becoming even more prominent.
"I- 'm sor- aha mpf~ ry- I- just pleash." his words slurring together as his brain becomes mush not even being able to think straight anymore. "Please what? You gotta speak up fa' me" you say slapping his ass.
"I- ahm~ Ple-" he whimpers not being able to form a coherent sentence let alone thought. "Look at you fucked dumb like a stupid little whore should be," you say getting cut off by a groan forcing its way out of you as his ass sucks you back in squeezing.
"What you like it when I'm mean yeah? You like it when I treat you like a useless cock sleeve," you say bringing your hand up to form a tight firm grip in his hair.
You ended up going two more rounds in the bedroom and another in the bath.
"'M sorry daddy. I didn't mean to be a brat." he says whispering half asleep. "S' okay doll just don't do it again," you say massaging his back and thighs drifting off into a deep sleep.
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inessencedevided · a year ago
No-war AU where Lan Wangji gets cursed and the Lans find out it can only be broken by *drumroll* an act of true love.
So Lan Xichen, knowing damwell that his brother and the yunmeng head disciple have been dancing around each other for years, sends for wei wuxian. He's wanted to matchmake them for years and he doesn't much care what anyone else says or that lan wangji may leave the clan for marriage. He only wants his brother to be safe and loved.
He's just send the letter with their fastest courier, when Lan Wangji ... just wakes up. They realise that in sending for wwx, Lan Xichen has broken the curse because the love for a brother is true love as well. Lan Wangji is thankful but also a little horrified that Lan Xichen send for Wei Wuxian because he doesn't love me back, brother.
A day later wei wuxian arrives anyway and almost breaks down the barrier at the entry before Lan Xichen can intercept him. Lan Wangji is still hidden from view around the corner because nerves. so wei wuxian goes on a tangent about how they don't have time to waist because Lan Zhan is dieing and Lan Zhan can't die! And how he loves him and they can all die mad about it for all he cares as long as Lan Wangji doesn't die!
Lan Xichen is having the time of his life. Meanwhile Lan Wangji is completely frozen, unable to move behind the tree he thought he'd step around to surprise Wei Ying, the words I love him playing on endless repeat in his head.
When Wei Wuxian is finally let in and crosses that tree he freezes too.
"You're awake already?"
"So someone else qualified for the act of true love, huh?"
"Mn. Brother."
"Your brother??"
"Mn. It was an act of brotherly love."
"Oh yeah, ha! Makes sense. So ... did you hear everything I ...?"
"Ahh, shit! If that makes you uncomfortable..."
"I'm not uncomfortable."
"I guess I'm not needed here then I'll just ... Mpf."
Cue Lan Wangji shutting him up with a kiss, cue Lan Xichen wearing his "my work here is done" smile, cue wangxian being the most obnoxious couple you know. cue a wedding planned by two over-eager and one secretly also eager sibling and of course lots of bunnies and turnip-babies
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minaramen · 21 days ago
Haruka Isumi RabbiTube Part 2 - A special and honest day
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2
Haruka: Hey, Touma! Did you buy the cake I asked for?
Touma: Y-yes, I bought it, but…
Touma: Don’t you want it to be a surprise or something?
Haruka: It’s okay! I wanted to eat a cake from that shop
Minami: Apparently he went to “Fonte chocolate” with Izumi san, Yotsuba san and Nanase san the other day
Torao: If I remember correctly, Haruka, you praised that shop before. Despite there being no reason to believe they’re better than my chef
Minami: A cake you eat together with your friends probably has a different kind of taste
Haruka: T-they’re not my friends! They’re just classmates!
Touma: Ahah, he got embarrassed! It’s good, having some stops after school! It’s the springtime of life! I also used to go to karaoke and game centers…!
Touma: Mina, Tora…what were you used to doing after school?
Minami: Work
Torao: Dates
Touma:...that doesn't sound like the springtime of life…
Haruka: Stop your speech about the springtime of life. Nobody talks like this nowadays!
Touma: Really? I feel somehow lonely 
Torao: What are you talking about? We’re living the springtime of our lives right now
Touma: Tora…
Haruka: Torao says good things from time to time
Minami: Oh, dear… poor Midou san, being told it’s only from time to time. What about once a month?
Torao: Ahah. It’s often enough for me 
Haruka: Hey…what do you think about playing a zombie game..? All of us…
Touma: Oh, I did it during my school days! I’d like to!
Minami: It’s quite a dangerous game. Can you kill them with one shot if you hit them in their head?
Torao: Mpf, we can put it here. I’ll arrange everything
Touma: Just like the tennis table, he wants to arrange it immediately. We can just go to the game center together!
Torao: I’m not sure, but isn’t it quite a noisy place? It’s better to do it here
Haruka: It’s okay, we’re noisier than a game center
Touma: Ahah, I think so too
Minami: You noisy guys, gather round please. Isumi san’s RabbiTube is about to start
*Shade in and out*
Everybody: ….
Touma:...Haru…you were magnificent…
Haruka: Hey! Why are you crying?!
Torao: I’ll corner the Gao Gao Saurus’ market. Which goods would you like to have?
Haruka: Stop it! How old do you think I am!?
Minami: Let’s prepare a question you can use to win against Izumi Iori san and Yotsuba san. What kind of genre do you prefer?
Haruka: It’s okay! You don’t have to take it seriously!
Haruka: What’s wrong with you guys? It’s annoying to have you acting as if you were my guardians!
Touma: That’s impossible! I can’t help but see you from a guardian’s perspective
Minami: The cat pose was also very cute
Torao: Was that a nyan nyan pose or something? It suited you well
Haruka: Give me a break! Don’t rewind the tape! 
Touma: …ah! There’s something I want to see once again. When you lined them up on the table!
Minami: Aah…that scene…
Touma: Yes, yes, this one! How cute!
Haruka: W-what…I’m not cute at all! I’m a man!
Touma: What? Ah, well, I was talking about the mascots
Haruka: A-ah…whatever…mpf
Minami: You were also cute. For example, when you sat hugging your knees
Torao: Did you take a picture of those animals? Let me see it
Haruka: I did, but I won’t show it to everybody!
Touma: Eeh, why? By the way, what’s going to happen to the props once the project is over?  Will we get them?
Minami: Who knows? Shall we try and ask?
Torao: If we get them this office will also become quite fancy
Touma: Ryo san may be surprised!
Haruka:...yes. I think so
Haruka: I’m kind of changing the subject, but in the end the only ones who guessed the box content were me and Minami?
Touma: You did amazingly with the Christmas Tree! I’d never get there! 
Torao: Ahah. What’s the big deal?
Haruka: You should do something for us, since we guessed it right. For example, a reward
Touma&Torao: A reward?
Touma: Ah…what can we do, Tora?
Torao: I’d prefer not to be mixed with somebody who couldn’t even guess a cat toy
Touma: Don’t say such things! We’re senburi tea buddies after all!
Torao: It’s a strange way to be buddies
Minami. Thanks for the wonderful idea, Isumi san. I really, really look forward to seeing what they’re going to do
Touma: Mi-Mina…
Torao:...well. Since Christmas is close, I’ll arrange something to give you as a Christmas present. What do you think?
Touma:...that’s good! Me and Tora will organize a Christmas party and we’ll invite the two of you!
Torao: A party? I shall call my chef and make a large-scale party, even if we’re a small group
Haruka: It’s alright, that will do. I feel like I want to have a party
Touma: You feel the same, don’t you, Haru!
Minami: Fufu. Should we agree that Midou san says good things twice a month? 
Touma: Alright! I feel somewhat lonely now that our RabbiTube ended, but..
Touma: There are even more things I can look forward to! Thank you, Haru!
Haruka: W-why are you thanking me? I should be the one who’s thankful…
Torao: I will get you some Gao Gao Saurus goods as a present. Look forward to them
Haruka: Scratch that! 
Minami:...seems like our daily life in this room will become more and more lively
Touma: Aah, it’s good if this place becomes even warmer
Touma: Oh, I totally forgot! Let’s eat the cake Haru asked for!
Haruka: Yeah! Let’s eat!
Torao: Is it the cake that makes you think about Izumi Iori and the others?
Haruka: No. It’s going to become the cake that makes me think about us
Minami:...fufu. I feel like I could create a wonderful song right now 
Touma: Ready…?
Minami&Touma&Torao: Happy birthday!
Haruka: Thank you! C’mon now, let’s make this night unforgettable! Starting from tomorrow, we can be even stronger…!
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chosetherose · 8 months ago
Mr Perfectly Fine
So I've seen a lot of theories about Mr Perfectly Fine. I think we all have. The official narrative is that it's another song "about" Joe J*nas. Gaylors think it's about Taymily. I've even seen the argument that "Mr Always Wins" is Taylor throwing shade at current beard Joe Aly*n. (Which I can definitely see, tbh. This is Miss "and you poke that bear, Taylor Kloss come out" TS we're talking about. She's no stranger to sneaky wordplay.) 
But I was listening today and another idea hit me, which I haven't seen anyone talk about so far. 
I wonder if Mr Perfectly Fine is a song about Scott B*rchetta? Specifically, about the Fearless era, when Taylor was "encouraged" to let Emily go for the sake of her career. We can all guess who would have been behind the encouraging. 
Obviously MPF is like most of the vault tracks on Fearless TV. It's been reworked from Taylor's current point of view, so I wouldn't be surprised if she's angry about more than just the Taymily situation when she sings it now. But it does really fit for that. All you really have to do is change the lyric "I've been Miss Misery since your goodbye" to "I've been Miss Misery since HER goodbye" and boom, you have a song in which "he" isn't the lover but the outside influence who was instrumental  in breaking Taylor's heart. If you've ever read Jane Austen's Persuasion, just imagine Taylor as Anne, Emily (and her other girlfriends) as Captain Wentworth, and Scott as Lady Russell, who talked Taylor out of the match for the sake of her future. 
Verse 1:
Mr. "Perfect face" Mr. "Here to stay"
Mr. "Looked me in the eye and told me you would never go away"
Everything was right Mr. "I've been waitin' for you all my life" Mr. "Every single day until the end, I will be by your side"
This all seems like romantic imagery, but it could also be metaphorical. We all know that Scott and Taylor seemed like a match made in (business) heaven at first. Taylor has talked about how Scott took a chance on her. Scott talked about seeing something unique and special in Taylor, and throwing everything behind her. We all know Taylor basically made Big Machine. It's easy to imagine Scott telling a young Taylor she had the perfect face for country. It's easy to imagine him telling her he was in it for the long haul, willing to promote and develop her as an artist even if it took a while for her to break through. It's easy to imagine both of them thinking their meeting was fate - a perfect partnership that would last her entire career. 
Then comes the pre-chorus and the chorus. 
But that was when I got to know Mr. "Change of heart" Mr. "Leaves me all alone," I fall apart It takes everything in me just to get up each day But it's wonderful to see that you're okay [Chorus] Hello, Mr. "Perfectly fine" How's your heart after breakin' mine? Mr. "Always at the right place at the right time," baby Hello, Mr. "Casually cruel" Mr. "Everything revolves around you" I've been Miss Misery since your goodbye And you're Mr. "Perfectly fine"
We know that Taylor and Emily were together for nearly two years before the break up, and it seems like the break up was directly related to Taylor's increasing success. In this situation, it's not hard to imagine Scott as "Mr Change of Heart" - someone who initially encouraged a private (closeted) relationship, but then changed his mind and decided even that was too dangerous. Taylor was better off alone. She was only a teenager, after all. She had years ahead of her to fall in love again. Maybe this girl thing was just a phase anyway. She was too young to throw away the opportunity of a lifetime. "Mr Casually Cruel" is, of course, a reference to All Too Well's "so casually cruel in the name of being honest". It evokes the same feelings here. It's belittling, from someone who thinks they're older and wiser. It's easy to imagine Emily repeating some of these statements back to Taylor later, claiming they come from the same place of greater maturity. You can see how Taylor came to feel no-one was on her side, when she sings about the Taymily break up in Bye Bye Baby. 
And Scott would be "perfectly fine" after breaking Taylor's heart. Because he's not hurting. He's not part of the loss. I've always thought some of the descriptions Taylor uses for "Emily" in MPF seem overly harsh, and don't tally with her attitude in other songs. But they absolutely fit for 31 year old Taylor looking back at Scott's actions through an adult lens. Angry that he had such influence over her. Angry that he was so dismissive of her feelings, but mined them for a profit. Now she sees it all differently. She feels it was all about him, all about the impact her stardom would have on his label, and he didn't really care about her feelings at all. 
[Verse 2] Mr. "Never told me why" Mr. "Never had to see me cry" Mr. "Insincere apology so he doesn't look like the bad guy" He goes about his day Forgets he ever even heard my name Well, I thought you might be different than the rest, I guess you're all the same
Pre-Chorus] 'Cause I hear he's got his arm 'round a brand-new girl I've been pickin' up my heart, he's been pickin' up her And I never got past what you put me through But it's wonderful to see that it never fazed you
Here is where I think Taylor starts to conflate the past and present. She goes from talking about Scott's first betrayal to his last and worst one. Selling her masters to Sc**ter Braun. Never had to see her cry? No explanation for the betrayal? Insincere apology? Attempts to sign new artists to replace Taylor at Big Machine? Apparent indifference to something Taylor still hasn't got over? All of this checks out for Scott and the masters situation. Especially the line about thinking he was "different than the rest" only to find out "you're all the same". She thought Scott was like a father to her, but when it came down to it he was as greedy and self-serving as Sc**ter. 
She doubles down on this in Verse 3 and the bridge. 
[Verse 3] So dignified in your well-pressed suit So strategized, all the eyes on you Sashay your way to your seat It's the best seat, in the best room Oh, he's so smug, Mr. "Always wins" So far above me in every sense So far above feeling anything [Bridge] And it's really such a shame It's such a shame 'Cause I was Miss "Here to stay" Now I'm Miss "Gonna be alright someday" And someday maybe you'll miss me But by then, you'll be Mr. "Too late"
This is absolutely about a business man. It never fit for Taymily or Joe J*nas. It doesn't fit JA either. ("All eyes on you"? "The best seat in the best room"? "Always wins"? In his dreams!) JA wishes he'd made as much out of Taylor as Scott did. It's like the Mean Girls quote "I like, invented her!" That's what Taylor did for Scott. She put him on the map.
(Just like she's doing right now for JA. Bearding like Scott taught her all those years ago. I think the "always wins" / "alwyn" soundbite is another way of saying they're all the same to her, these men using her for their careers. She doesn't trust JA any more than she trusts Scott. The comparison is pretty revealing about her real feelings regarding JA. Pretty damning.) 
The final lines say it all. Taylor would have stayed with Big Machine if they'd been more supportive of her as a person and as an artist. They could have had it all. All the success she's experiencing now, Scott could have been a part of. But he chose another road, and Taylor was left trying to process it in her songs. Trying to claw back the rights to her work by rerecording her albums. And now all that's left is for Scott to miss what he lost - far, far too late to ever get it back. 
- ❄️🥀
(P.S: You're welcome, Lucky One!) 
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For anyone curious what that video Taylor just posted means and how we’re getting song titles from it, here’s a breakdown of how I solved it! (I’m on mobile so apologies for the lack of a cut)
First I wrote out the clues from the video:
They’re anagrams, words with their letters scrambled up, which is first evident from seeing the “ouy”: it’s “you.” So the second step was unscrambling them. The fact that most of the words are short and fairly common helped.
The next step was to figure out which words go together. This was were my years of searching for Taylor’s unreleased songs online came in handy, because it means that I know a lot of the song titles. And I have to give the Dark Blue Tennessee website (which last I knew is still up but under a different name that I can’t remember atm) some credit here, because they always posted the titles to any unreleased songs or demos they learned about, whether they had them or not. And I spent a lot of time staring at that title list lol. Anyway, what I did was cross off words I’d used, so that I wouldn’t use them twice by accident, and I started by crossing off “You All Over Me featuring Maren Morris,” since we have that song already. Here’s what I ended up with:
1. You All Over Me featuring Maren Morris
• We Were Happy
• That’s When
• Mr. Perfectly Fine
• You Don’t
• Bye Bye, Baby
- Featuring Keith Urban (by itself, because there’s no way to know which song.)
For the extra curious, here’s a breakdown of whether these are unreleased songs that are in circulation (as in, the old versions are online and you can listen to them) or not, and a guess as to which song Keith Urban might be on.
1. You All Over Me is in general circulation. It was one of the last songs to start generally circulating, but it IS around.
• There are two versions of We Were Happy in circulation. There’s a studio version, and a piano version, which has slightly different lyrics and was almost certainly an earlier version that got polished up and recorded in the studio.
• That’s When is in circulation. Looking back at my stuff, it looks like it was the song just previous to You All Over Me to start circulating. So also one of the last few songs to become accessible. It has a male vocalist singing along with Taylor, so I’d guess Keith Urban might be featuring on this one.
(Also notable is that That’s When is one of the so-called “Sony songs,” which were recorded when Taylor was briefly under contract with Sony before her debut album, and some traders used to really freak out about these songs. Out of 11 songs, 8 are currently in circulation, including this one. Of the 3 that aren’t, 2 are acoustic versions of songs whose studio versions are in circulation, so we at least have some form of them, but the third is sadly the song Nashville, which the Dark Blue Tennessee site’s summary described as the greatest song Taylor ever wrote.)
•Mr. Perfectly Fine is NOT in circulation, and last I knew not even the Inner Circle group who ran the DBT website had it. They did however have the title on their list of songs, so they knew it existed.
•You Don’t is the same as MPF above. The title was listed on the DBT website but they didn’t have it. (Not to be confused with You Do, which is in circulation and is a great song.)
• Bye Bye, Baby is a bit of a question mark. The song One Thing (in circulation, and amazing) heavily features that phrase in the chorus, so it’s possible that this is One Thing with a different title. Or it could be a different song that just has the same phrase in it, like a “You Don’t Have to Call Me” / “You’re Not Sorry” situation. We could even be getting the word order wrong and it’s actually a song called “Bye, Baby, Bye” or “Baby, Bye Bye,” in which case it would probably be a separate song from One Thing. Just in case though, I will note that there’s a photo around of a prospective Fearless tracklist Taylor wrote that does include “The One Thing,” so we know that the song was supposed to be on Fearless at one point, and we can probably also make the leap that Taylor changed the title of it, so maybe it went through multiple title changes and it is Bye Bye, Baby.
Final note, people discovered that the audio from the video is reversed, and when listened to properly the lyrics are: “Babe... I ran into you somewhere... I didn’t mean to stare... I hope she’s nothing like me, I’m sure she’ll make you...”
These lyrics aren’t familiar, so they have to be from either Mr. Perfectly Fine, You Don’t, or Bye Bye, Baby (if it isn’t One Thing). Personally I’m wondering if that last sentence might end with the words “Mr Perfectly Fine.”
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etherealluminescence · a year ago
helloo! can i request the brother with a virgin mc who’s really nervous when they get intimate because she’s scared she cant pleasure them? you can make it nsfw if you want. btw i really like your writing! i hope you have a good day 😊
Hello anon! Thanks for asking, I’ll be making this one nsfw! It’s pretty long since I included smut scenarios at the bottom of each, and as an opening to each hc! Just skip the italics if you don’t like nsfw or feel free to skip this whole thing if it’s not your style, random tumblr user ✨ And thank you I hope you have a good day too anon 🥺🥺
I’m such a kinky person who had to include tail fucking by levi even if no one agrees that is his kink and no one can tell me otherwise.
Brothers react to a f!virgin!MC (NSFW)
Quiet moans filled the air as Lucifer began undressing you. Taking off your blouse, he cupped your left breast through the cloth of your bra, eliciting a yelp from your slightly swollen lips. Slowly, he etched his hand down to your core, rubbing it.
Before he could continue, however, you let out little sobs. You thought you were ready for this, but could you really do it? You were a virgin and judging from his height he’s probably as giant down there as his ego is.
Would you even be enough for him? There’s no way, right? What if he wants you to do something? Are you just going to ruin the mood?
Confused, Lucifer immediately stops his actions and tries to console you. Did he do something wrong? Was he pressuring you into this? Did you not actually want him?
Covering your face with your hands, you tell him that you’re actually a virgin, and don’t know what you should be doing. Would he even be satisfied with you?”
“MC, darling, show me your face.” This was not a command, it was a request. He wanted you to look him in the eyes when he talks to you.
Bringing your arms down, you look up at him and start to cry a bit more. Was he going to berate you?
“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, okay? I assure you, I want to do this with you, you are more than enough to satisfy me. And all you need to do is let me hear that beautiful voice of yours.”
Now a crying and blushing mess, you bring your head up to give him a quick peck on the lips, a sign telling him you want to continue.
Deepening the kiss, Lucifer easily starts the mood back up again. Kissing, biting, and sucking all over your neck down between your breasts. Dark purple hickies covered your body by the time he was finished. Somewhere along the lines of him biting and sucking, he had managed to discard your undergarments.
His finger slowly entered you as you stifle in a moan. As he fingered you, he gradually let you get used to it before adding a second, then third, and even a fourth. The sensation was so foreign to you, but oh so very welcomed. Clenching around his fingers, you let out a small cry that it feels weird, as your sticky fluids coat his fingers and trickle down your thighs.
Smiling down at you, he removes his fingers and licks them clean before kissing you and letting you taste a bit of yourself. “You’re doing perfect, what was there ever to worry about, love?”
“Of course the human wants to do it with me, who wouldn’t?” Mammon semi-yelled in an attempt to cover his embarrassment. Taking both your hands in one of his, he slowly lowered you down on his bed as he gave you a kiss.
Before he could do anymore, you brought your knees up and told him to wait. He was sort of offended and embarrassed, but decided to listen to what you had to say.
“Im-a-virgin-please-be-gentle-with-me-and-don’t-make-fun-of-me-I-don’t-know-what-to-do-or-how-to-pleasure-you.” you very quickly said before burying your face inside of his pillows beside you.
“What was that MC? You gotta say it slower! Slower! Ya know?” Mammon responded. Truthfully, he heard you clearly the first time, but he just wanted to hear you say it again, but slower, and let him soak in the glory of this.
Taking your face out of the pillow, you looked up at Mammon and repeated yourself. “I’m a virgin, Mammon. I don’t know how this works or how to pleasure you, but please, be gentle with me.”
Seeing his sly smile, you wanted to die. He did it on purpose, didn’t he? Before you could hide yourself from reality again, he pulls you into a deep kiss. “I’m gonna tell everyone the Great Mammon was your first in everything!”
“Ma- mpf!” You were cut off by another kiss. Turning you around, Mammon propped your ass into the air and gave it a small spank making you squeal. Today, he’ll let his little human be, and work hard for them.
Ripping off your pants and underwear, he pushed his fingers into your ass and began to slowly push in and out. His other hand worked at stroking himself, telling you to watch so you know how to do it next time, because you will be giving him a blowjob eventually.
Climaxing on his fingers, he pushed them into your mouth and told you to suck. You ate every last bit of it as if it were the tastiest substance. Pulling his fingers in your ass out, and pushed his length in, causing you to cry from the size. “You were that hungry for my cum MC~? Get ready.” That cocky son of a bitch.
Loud moans from the both of you echoed throughout the room. Levi’s hands were roaming your upper half while his tailed worked on getting rid of your lower half’s clothing. But just as he got to taking off your underwear.
You didn’t mean to, but you started to cry. You were shaking. You just couldn’t control it anymore, out of everyone, you figure Levi would be a virgin and not know what to do like you. But you underestimated how many eroge games he plays.
Startled, Levi was trying his best to function. Why were you crying?? Did you not want a yucky otaku like human? Did you not like him? Did you agree to date him for a few months out of pure pity and suddenly want to get rid of him?
Trying your best to calm yourself, for both your’s and Levi’s sakes, you let out a shaky breath and explain to him what you’re feeling. The gears in his head are finally shifting.
“You mean a beautiful and amazing person like you is a v-virgin?” Levi asks, unsure if he’s hearing it right or if you’re making an excuse.
Repeating yourself, this boy was ecstatic. It was the complete opposite of what you thought was going to happen. You mean he gets to be your first?? And otaku that likes to watch idols and plays video games 17 hours a day actually gets to be YOUR first time?
Levi was amazingly happy and even expressed that very loudly. His little tail was wagging. You couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction, soon enough forgetting your own worries.
Levi told you not to worry. Although he’s also a virgin, he’s played plenty of eroge games and seen enough hentai to know what to do!!
Spreading your thighs, Levi inches closer until you could feel his hot breath hovering over your clit. Using his tail, he pushed it into your mouth, causing you to moan in shock. As his tail began fucking your mouth, he began working on eating you out.
With one of his fingers, he reached up and began to pinch one of you buds while keeping up the pace. All of this was extremely stimulating for you, a virgin. Two of your holes were being filled and your breasts were also getting attention. Pressing your thighs against his face, you began to smush him as you got closer to your edge, which only excited him even further.
As he pulled out of your mouth, you climaxed and dug your hands into his back, leaving scratch marks. However, the night was still young and just one climax wasn’t enough. There’s a reason he was fucking your mouth, as he shoved his tail into your ass and pushed his length into you.
Swallowing, you look up at Satan to try and gauge what on earth you should do. Taking his length into your hands, you slowly began to rub and stroke, as best you knew how.
At that point, it was obvious. You couldn’t fake it. You were shaking, you looked confused, and you clearly did not know how to give a blowjob.
Satan was first to speak up between the awkward silence you two shared. Your boyfriend wasn’t going to judge you, but he wasn’t going to get off this way either.
“Do you, perhaps not you know, know how?” It was definitely awkward. The two of you were inwardly cringing. Sex wasn’t something you two often talked about, or well, ever talked about. You never thought about having sex with anyone in general.
Quickly, you responded with a little “no”.
He isn’t judgemental, he could predict it from the fact you would close your eyes if two people held hands in a movie calling it “lewd” and unforgivable. He thought it was a human joke at first, with Solomon saying that too, but the blush on your face was way too strong for it to be a dedicated joke.
Satan takes liberty to guiding your hands over the sensitive parts, and the general parts, telling you how and where to touch and suck.
While he’s explaining, he’s also boasting his knowledge of dick anatomy.
Placing your hands on his hips, you began to lick the tip of his dick before moving to the underside, making sure to give it all the attention it deserved. You soon took a third of him in, your limit, and used your hands to stroke the remaining parts.
Groaning, he entangled his fingers into your hair and began to accidentally choke you against him. Little tears were forming in your eyes, but if felt damn good to have his thick member filling you up, as you listen to hear his groans that you made.
Climaxing without warning, his hot bitter seed filled your mouth. You nearly gagged it out, but swallowed it whole in order to try your best to pleasure him. Patting your head, Satan tells you that you were amazing, and a very quick learner.
“How about we have some fun, darling?” Asmodeous whispered into your ear before biting it as he wrapped his around you from behind. His hands began to slowly fondle your breasts, but before he could any further.
You knew this day was coming. Asmodeous was the demon of lust, and he was your boyfriend. A very amazing boyfriend who held back on his lust and stayed loyal to you meaning he’s been sex deprived for months. It was finally time, or you might accidentally kill him.
You were more than willing to help your boyfriend, you really were, but you were also scared. He’s been with probably thousands of people by now- he’s probably a thousand and slept with a hundred thousand! How could you, a virgin, satisfy the master of fucking?
But only because he is the master of fucking, he could tell you were uneasy. He tried to avoid making too many moves on you, other than flirting, because he would just know you were feeling nervous, but he couldn’t understand why. He knows he’s beautiful but you don’t have to be so worried to see him nude?
Asmo began to stroke your back and slowly backed down, he could wait until you were ready. But you however, had made up your mind. You were terrified, you knew you wouldn’t be as good as him or the other succubusses who were literally born to fuck, but you wouldn’t want him to be horny and be unable to do anything about it because he loves you.
Grabbing his hand, you turned around and looked up into his eyes, and swallowed putting on a brave face. “Asmo... I’m a virgin, and I’m not sure if I could pleasure you, but if you would, please take care of me.” You started off strong but slowly began to mutter, blushing wildly.
Asmo was incredibly happy. You mean his darling MC is a virgin;; like his girlfriend was worried about pleasuring him and wants to be fucked by him?? And only him?? Ever?
He literally forgets he was trying to get the sick and begins to squeal. He’s holding your hands and telling you words of encouragement and that you’re the only one for him, and that he will teach you exactly what to do.
Groping your ass, he gave it a rough squeeze as you yelped. Taking advantage of the situation he shoved his tongue into your mouth and easily claimed dominance. Swirling his tongue around, he made sure to taste all of your mouth. You’re his.
“That’s just the basics on how to get a quick kiss~” he teased as he started to nibble on your neck. His left hand was already under your panty, fingering you, while his right was massaging your breast. Your small whimpers and mewls only encouraged him to continue and do more.
He knows he should only do so much while you’re a virgin and probably don’t have a high enough stamina yet, but damn were you sexy as fuck. You on the other hand, were drowning in pleasure as he sucked and bit your buds and was pushing even more fingers deeper inside you, hitting your g-spot.
Beel’s big figure dominated you as he pinned you down underneath him on his bed. You had always know he was tall and well sculpted, but being this close and intimate with him, you were having second thoughts.
“You’re so pretty, MC.” Beel whispered as he gently kissed you on the lips, as if going any harder would cause you some kind of harm.
Ah, of course he was gentle. He always was. It sort of made you feel bad, and even conflicted for having thoughts of being scared. But hearing him unzip his pants, and looking at his dick brought you back into reality.
There’s was no way it was going to fit. Your two hands could not wrap around that. Your mouth could not fit more than a third of that, even on a good day. How are you going to pleasure him or have sex if you can’t even fit him?
Beel was always watching you, so he could immediately tell you’re uneasy. And he immediately began to tell you not to worry, and it’s okay. And that he will stop and go get snacks for you if you want to stop right now.
It caused you to cry. He’s just so sweet, how did you land the greatest and softest boyfriend in the history of the world?
He wasn’t sure what to do so he went to his dresser and pulled out a bag of chips and offered it to you. Seeing Beel so worried and concerned made you feel a lot better.
“I’m fine, Beel. I just really love you, but I’m a virgin. I’m not sure if I could fit you, or well.. pleasure you. I’m sorry, it’s stupid.” You ended up telling him.
Did you think he was just going to go put it in without prep work?? Of course not! You silly goose, he was going to prep the life out of you. And him. Don’t worry. You probably won’t even be able to go all the way today.
“Oh.” Well now you learned about what prepping was. And you thanked whoever came up with that idea.
Bringing your thighs into his shoulders, he pulled your panties down and pushed his tongue into you, and started to swirl. One of his hands was covered in lube, working on himself, while the other was working on your ass.
Going deeper and deeper, you let out small whimpers that gradually grew into loud moans. Your body was no longer in your control, and the only thing in your mind was now your desires.
Climaxing for the first time, Beel didn’t even bother to stop. He ate you up like his favorite meal and continued to work on you, pulling his fingers out of your ass to give it a light smack before continuing his work. “One day, we’ll get to the full course, but let’s enjoy this first.”
“You’re such a good girl.” He whispered pulling you closer towards him. As he took off your shirt and bra, he gave your nipple a quick pinch before starting, causing you to yelp in surprise.
You honestly had no clue what you were doing. You knew you were being intimate with Belphie, but how did you get to this point? One second you two were cuddling, and the next he asks you to help with his hard on.
You didn’t realize there was so much to the bedroom world. There were different positions? Styles? Ways of pleasuring people? What on earth is a breastjob? Is that like plastic surgery?
Before you could say anything, Belphie could already see you shaking. Hell, you were shaking more than the time he kind of killed you.
He already had his suspicions that you had no idea how this worked, but is that really something to be scared about? He didn’t get it.
Sighing, he tried his best to tell you how it works. He didn’t want to embarrass you by making you say that you’re a virgin allowed, so in a way, he was being nice.
“Put your hands on my dick and suck. Afterwards pull out and put your breasts against it. It would kill you if we did it raw.”
Blushing, you stared at him with wide eyes. So he could already tell you’re a virgin, huh? Was it really that obvious? But before you had time to express your inexperience, and how it was obvious, Belphie unbuckled his pants and removed his boxers. He just wanted his hard on gone, not a therapy session.
Thanks, Belphie. You tried to be nice in your own way.
Letting saliva form in your mouth for a bit, you bring your face closer to his length as you open and start to suck. Belphie’s hands entangled themselves in your locks, guiding you on how to slowly bob, and when to stop.
As you removed yourself from him, he gripped you by the hips and pushed you forward, your breasts against his lower half. Parting your breasts, you push him all the way inbetween, before slowing starting to move up and down.
With the help of Belphie, you gained a steady pace and gradually began bounding on your own. His low groans encouraged you and you went as best you could. With him no longer needing to guide you, he began to squeeze and roll your nipples between his fingers, causing you to cry out in ecstasy as well.
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mypoorfaves · 4 years ago
Gold is Cold
Inspired by an amazing prompt by @blessyoy-2u
Summary: Yuuri struggles to bring comfort to an overheating Victor. However, it seems that Victor has his own ideas for keeping cool.
1100~ words
“Yuuri…It’s so hot…”
“I know, Victor, I know. You’ll feel better soon,” Yuuri reassures him, even if he doesn’t quite believe his own words. His eyebrows crease in concern as Victor continues to moan and writhe on the bed. Victor has been battling a high fever for the better half of a day, and try as Yuuri might, he can’t seem to find any medication that can help bring it down. He’s been reduced to using cool face cloths which warm much too quickly, and leave Victor complaining about the few stray droplets that end up dripping and running down his face. Occasionally they’ll reach down to his ears causing him to whine in a way that Yuuri really shouldn’t be finding adorable considering how uncomfortable he must be.
Victor shifts onto his back, spreading his limbs out even further with another agonized moan. He’s long since discarded his shirt, and Yuuri can see the fine lines of muscle on his stomach rise and fall with each rapid, panting breath. His eyes remain shut, though there’s no way he’s even close to falling asleep at this point.
Yuuri runs a hand through sweat-soaked silver hair as Victor gives another whine. It dissolves into a sigh at the ministration. “Oh, Victor…I’m so sorry…” Yuuri apologizes, although he’s not really sure what for. It’s not like he’s the reason why Victor is even sick. Victor normally has a strong immune system, but the two of them have been travelling a lot lately for competitions and the like. The close quarters of planes and the many germs, plus the added jet lag likely added to the stress already weighing on his body from his new training (and simultaneous coaching) regime.
Yuuri is surprised he himself hasn’t fallen ill yet, but it means he’s able to look after Victor now. Not that he’s able to do much besides provide a comforting presence…
“Don’t apologize…” Victor whispers, his eyes cracking open to reveal the usual bright blue glossed over with pain and fever. “Not your fault.”
“I know it’s not, I just wish I could do more for you,” Yuuri says, voicing his frustration. His fingers continue to run soothingly through Victor’s hair, then after a few more strokes he grabs the washcloth resting on Victor’s foreheadーboth are much too warm. The bowl of water Yuuri has placed next to the bed has already reached room temperature. Yuuri takes the cloth and deposits it in the water, picking up the bowl.
“I’m going to get you some new water. This isn’t cold enough, and we need to get your fever down. I’ll be right back, just stay here.” Yuuri doesn’t really know why he adds the last part; Victor seems far too out of it to even consider moving. He barely even seems to register Yuuri leaving the room as he turns on his side, spreading out again with a frustrated sigh which then turns into a handful of dry coughs.
Yuuri returns minutes later bearing a bowl of ice-cold water and a brand new cloth, hoping the combination of the two will help Victor feel at least a little better. Surprisingly, when Yuuri pushes open the door the rest of the way (he had left it mostly closed but open a crack when he left), he doesn’t see Victor on the bed.
Panicking, Yuuri places the water down and frantically looks around the room when he at last lays his eyes upon Victor. He’s standing on shaking limbs, his back to Yuuri as he rummages through his impressive collection of medals. Yuuri sighsーpartially in relief, partially in exasperation. He’s just about to ask Victor what he’s doing when the man in question pulls out a shining gold medal and holds it up, inspecting it, before nuzzling his burning cheek into the metal with an unrepressed noise of relief.
“Victor?” Yuuri finally asks, and Victor quickly turns to face him. A bit too quickly, evidently, as Victor stumbles with dizziness and almost falls flat on his face. Yuuri runs to catch him before he hits the ground, the medal falling out of Victor’s hand and onto the floor as he lands on his knees, supported by Yuuri. “What are you doing up?” Yuuri asks. Victor’s skin is scorching, and the way Victor is sagging against Yuuri sends copious waves of concern coursing through him. “You should be resting. Come on, back to bed.” With that, Yuuri begins to stand, carrying Victor’s full weight.
He deposits the older man onto the bed then moves to retrieve the water he just brought into the room, picking up the discarded medal on the way. It’s one of Victor’s many Grand Prix gold, Yuuri notes. He sets it down on the nightstand next to the water, fishing out the cloth. He wrings out the excess moisture and applies it to Victor’s heated skin, giving a small smile at the relieved sigh he gets in response, glad to at least provide some level of comfort to his sick fiance.
“You wanna tell me what you were doing up? Why were you going through your medals?” Yuuri inquires, brushing back Victor’s sweaty fringe to rest the cloth on his forehead. Victor’s eyes flutter open at the question, searching around the room as his hands grope around for something. For what exactly, Yuuri is not quite sure. He gets his answer when Victor’s hand brushes against the ribbon on the nightstand. Victor pulls at it, dragging the heavy metal attached on the end towards him. He rests it against his cheek once more, again feeling relief at the cool contact. “Victor?” Yuuri asks, torn between amusement and concern.
Victor murmurs something unintelligible that Yuuri doesn’t catch. “What was that?”
“…Come closer.”
Obliging to the request, Yuuri leans down close to Victor, listening carefully. The cloth still rests on his forehead, the cool medal on one of his cheeks. The other is highlighted a bright red from his fever.
“Gold is cold,” Victor says, and Yuuri nods in sympathetic understanding, but Victor isn’t finished. “Violets are blue. Win the Grand Prix, and I’ll marry you~”
It takes Yuuri longer than it should to register the fact that what Victor has just said is a poemーa marriage proposal at that. By the time he finally does, Victor is already asleep with a smile on his lips and a Grand Prix gold pressed to his flushed cheek.
I have ko-fi!
EDIT: @blessyoy-2u did some great art for this piece! See it here!
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remusroses · a year ago
O’knutzy Halloween!! Who hands out candy to the kids? Who eats most of it? Who goes all out for decorations? Who begs the other two to do a couple costume? Who puts on the horror movies? Who closes their eyes during scary parts? And any other headcannons you have!
This ask is so cute!! Thank you for sending it! *You can always send me requests btw, for full fics or hc or whatevs, I can’t promise I’ll get to everything but I love trying to :))*
Enjoy <3
Right before Halloween the boys all go to the store together and they buy sooo much candy because ”What if a little dude in a Spider-Man outfit turns up a little later and there’s nothing left for him?! Not risking that, baby.“
That candy is not for them, obviously, but it’s the small fancy packets and it’s just even better
And because they bought so much Finn is genuinely confused as to why suddenly it looks like there won’t be that much left for any late night kiddos
Leo just shrugs and says nothing
So it stays a secret until Logan comes to hug him from behind and it crinkles
Him and Finn gasp and Leo sighs as they pull out all the little plastic wrappers from out of his hoodies front pocket and they end up laughing so hard because it’s just not ending
”Now the kids won’t have anything, Nutty!!!“ ”There’s plenty left.“ ”Never know you’d be the one to hoard candy, baby.“ ”I‘m not.“ He totally is.
The candy is not enough and so when a little late night wanderer ends up at their door, Leo is forced to do the walk of shame and tell them they don’t have candy
They open the door to a little boy in a princess dress, who doesn’t even ask for candy because „DADDY ITS LEO KNUT!!!!!“
The dad is a little embarrassed by the screaming but asks if his son can take a few pictures with them none the less, and how could any of them say no to that smile??
Logan totally beams at him
”I love Belle. Always watched the movie with my sisters.“ ”Really?? It’s my favourite movie!!“
But he keeps glancing at Leo, almost exploding when they take the picture and he gets to sit on Leo’s knee
”Your my favourite player“, he whispers in his ear before he leaves again, and Leo wants to cry but in a good way because it’s just too cute
Instead of candy, they pull out some of their clothes sent in from the organisation and sign it all, and the boy leaves telling his daddy that this was the best Halloween ever
The dad gives them a grateful smile when he runs off, saying that he had been teased by some other kids about his outfit and that they probably just made his whole year
They end up just watching Beauty and the Beast
There is, however, the Teams Halloween party, and they put their brains together to find a truly ✨hilarious✨ couples costume
”We‘re not doing that.“ ”But it’s so -funny-“ ”Absolutely not.“ ”You wanna do something sluttier??“ ”We‘re not frat boys, guys. Surely there’s something better.“
Leo finds there’s nothing better, at least nothing he can come up with, and so it is decided
They arrive in their full glory as the ✨Powerpuff girls✨
Too many pictures are taken, and many laughs are exchanged before theyre even through the front door
They remember the last Halloween party, when neither of them were together or really happy, and it’s so crazily different that it’s almost unbelievable
In a good way, a very good way
Making out in Sirius‘ bathroom
who’s hosting the party again, this time with Remus bc they’re living together 🥺 so rlly it’s ✨their✨ bathroom
In the end it’s a tight race for winning the costume contest between them,
Coops: wolf and lion in very sleek suits and fitting make up
And the Pots family: Luigi and Daisy (couldn’t resist with the red hair and all) and a not so smol anymore baby Harry Mario <33
”We look hot, we have to win. I‘m your Captain. It’s rules.“ ”It’s dictatorship, is what it is. We are the most creative here. Also look at Leos little face, he would be so sad if we lost.“ ”Not to be that person, but you will break Harry’s heart. He will cry, and he will never hear the story of how he won costume contest the year he was born.“
Lily, or as everyone but James immediately calls her, the evil manipulator, wins with her team, and no one can stay mad for long the way Harry holds his little medal 🥺
Still, Leo is grumpy™️
Which is slightly surprising to everyone
”I didn’t squeeze my butt into this pink skirt for fucking nothing, mpf.“
Logan grins and leans over to whisper something in his ear, and when Finn bends over he whispers it to him too, and suddenly no ones grumpy anymore but instead very eager to head home
Finally being home and ”Your legs look so fucking good in that skirt but you gotta take it off now“
Just lots of laughing fumbling around with the costumes trying to get them off because they’re tight and also
”Nooo, it ripped, now we can never wear it again!!“ ”Tremz, no force on earth could make me wear this again, but good try.“
”I said off, baby.“ ”I am trying!! Toujours si impatient. Pff.“
Them finding they’re tagged in a picture from Halloween with the little boy in the cute dress, and reposting it after sending them a little message
Making out with candy sticky lips and trying to seal their lips together with it like they’re in kindergarten
Leo gets tummy aches from all the candy and the boys laugh at him before doing everything to make it better
Taking down the decorations very soon after Thanksgiving so they can put up
Somehow, that is kind of their favourite, because they bump against each other trying to reach up places, Logan getting teased by Leo for asking him to get things, having music play, joking around and laughing
It just feels so natural, the energy of it all, the smiling and the humming and the little kisses exchanged, putting up lights and little stuff they totally unnecessarily got at target
Because it’s theirs, and because it’s perfect
Perfect just for them. ❤️
I have never experienced much with writing headcanons haha I’m usually more of the fully written out kind yk but I have fun with these because they don’t take as much time, so thanks if you enjoyed this! :))
@lumosinlove owns these Halloween babes 🥰
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redrosesartcabin · 8 months ago
Kenji x first perspective female reader:
Things happened
(Hey, how is it going peeps! This was requested by @xxno-0xx . I hope you all, and especially the requester, like it. Only one warning: It involves some swearing, so if you don’t like that don’t read. If the requester doesn’t like it, please tell me and I’ll edit the story! Also: The story plays somewhere either between season 2 and 3, or somewhere around season 3. Though not in a canonical episode)
It’s crazy how things sometimes happen.
A very vague description, I know, but it’s the only way I can convey how I feel.
Things happened that made me have the opportunity to go to Jurassic Worlds Camp Cretaceous.
We had won the league as the best female Baseball team, with the price being -besides the typical golden trophy and some media glory- a trip to Camp Cretaceous for one of us. And as the team leader, I was chosen as the one who can go.
“Oh no it’s fine!”, I had said. I already had a funny feeling about the trip. But they all had insisted, “it’s fine”, they had said, “it’ll be cool” they said.
Oh and weren’t they just so right. I am super peachy.
Practically prancing through the jungle and killing Dinos with my little finger-
Ok that’s enough, I think y’all got the gist: The shit had hit the fan.
Things happened, that made everyone be gone, and suddenly it was up to us to survive on this pretend Prehistoric nightmare.
At least my beloved baseball bat had survived the fall of the Camp Cretaceous building. After that discovery I didn’t let go of it anymore. I took it everywhere with me, hitting every living being that even dared to breath in my new found friends direction.
Friends… I had never thought, before the evacuation of Jurassic World and all that crazy stuff happened, that I’d ever call any of them that. I hadn’t really found any of them to be friendship material. I love baseball and building things out of wood in my free time and had a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. The only person in the group who had come close to that was Yaz, but she had been so closed off, that I couldn’t really tell before we became a group that fought for their survival. Darius also had been ok, but I was older than him and we didn’t have anything in common, so that checked itself out. Everyone else sort of annoyed me in one way or another. Especially Kenji’s pompous ass. He had appeared very full of himself and just generally narcissistic, or at least painfully self centered and pretentious.
Now imagine how surprised one might be, when one figured I was crushing on the guy.
Let’s just say, that things happened that made me see Kenji in a completely different light.
Turns out he has a good enough sense of humor to catch my drift when I speak “in sarcastic” as he likes to call it. Turns out, he was a loyal and fun friend. Turns out he was just a lonely soul, neglected by a father whose work is more important to him than his own son.
Everything turned out different than it appears about him. He still sometimes annoyed me with his pranks and especially when he wouldn’t shut up about his wealth. The latter however became very apparent as the means to show that he was someone, although he didn’t need to prove that anymore. But of course he would think that’s how people would like him, his father had taught him no better.
The first thing I mentioned somehow makes me love him even more. It annoys me, gets such a rise out of me, that it’s somehow funny again. It gives me a spark and Kenji seemingly seems to enjoy seeing that spark. And him enjoying that spark makes me somehow happy as well. It would start with a cat fight and ended in rigorous laughter.
“Why so serious?”, he would sometimes ask when I’d respond with a glare towards him when he’d steal my bat for what felt like the fifty millionth time.
“You’re getting so creative. I barely saw it coming”, I answered dryly and one could practically see the words alternating between being written in small and big letters.
“Well then you should have no problem finding your sweet baby bat then”, he cooed. Looking deep into his dark brown eyes and almost devilish handsome grin made me both want to punch and kiss him, which may have made me irritable and even madder.
“Finding? Why should I find anything if I have a living and breathing treasure map. Come here!”, I demanded with a creepily sweet grin as I’d walk towards him. Then he’d run, I’d run, we wrestled for a second on the ground only to break into a laughing fit, rolling on the floor, crying tears, resolving this nonsense prank and then getting back to either relaxing or fighting off Dinosaurs… again.
I didn’t think, however, that anything could happen between Kenji and me.
For many a reason, though only two are essential: For one, we were busy surviving, one barely had time to get downtime with the group, yet alone for themselves. Secondly, I didn’t really know, or couldn’t really tell, if he felt the same. Maybe it was my own insecurities coming to light or something, but I just couldn’t really believe it.
Seemed unlikely.
But then things happened.
Kenji and I were on the run from an especially nasty, big Dinosaur. We had been collecting some water in big canisters and wanted to head back to camp when it sneak attacked, unexpectedly.
It snared at us, opening its huge mouth, showing a row of thin, long, sharp teeth.
“Fuck off, you tooth pick mouthed asshole!”, I hissed back at it, flailing my bat at it in panic.
The reason for my irrational action was mainly, that we were stuck between two huge rocks, backed up against another rock with no way out.
Maybe hills or mini-mountain were a better description, but it’s also not important.
All that I could think of was that we were stuck and that little fucker wanted to eat us.
“Calm down, y/n, this isn’t making anything better!”, Kenji tried to reason with me. I was close to shouting some obscenities at him or a dry ‘got a better idea, genius!?’, but this time his dark brown eyes, that often had a mischievous twinkle, calmed me, instead of creating the usual spark. I crawled closer to him as we were pressed to the stone wall.
The Dino however wouldn’t give up. Vehemently, it pressed its ugly snout between the walls, stretching its uncomfortably wet tongue towards us and exhaling a nauseating breath.
I was paralyzed, as I looked at that thing, not knowing what would happen next.
Suddenly, I felt my bat being taken out of my hand. I watched as Kenji took on a fighter stance, the bat positioned over his head, ready for the hit.
“What are you doing! Didn’t you just tell me that we should calm it?”, I asked. He turned around, a frown adorned his face, “I said you should calm down”, is all he answered before he darted towards the animal.
“NO!”, I heard myself scream. I had never heard such a sound come from my throat. It was shrill, loud and all in all I couldn’t recognize myself. I was terrified, even more than when I first caught sight of this beast that had brought us into this situation.
Everything seemed to pass by in slow motion as I saw Kenji swing the bat towards its snout. At first I thought it was over for him as the Dinos mouth opened, the teeth seeming to scrape Kenji’s head, that’s how close it was to him… but then I saw Kenji swinging the bat again, directly hitting its head so that it flew against the stone wall. The beast wailed in pain, seemingly backing up, and just like that, it was gone.
“I… I made it”, Kenji first whispered, before he laughed, repeating, “I made it!”, even louder, jumping into the air and forming a victory fistbump in the air.
“That was awesome! Did you see how- Y/N?”, Kenji’s joy subsided as he looked into my angered expression. With a swift motion I took my bat back, glaring at him as I pressed out, between gritted teeth “let’s just go, hero”
Kenji seemed to have caught the sarcastic undertone of me calling him a hero, because I could physically feel his mood shift closer to mine, “hey what’s with that attitude? I just saved our lives!”
“By doing what I also wanted to do. Great!”
“You were panicking! I don’t know if you would’ve gotten a good hit by panicking. Besides, I couldn’t risk you getting hurt!”, he explained.
For a second I could feel my heart flutter, but that didn’t help my opinion on what just happened.
“But you were ready to risk yourself?”, I asked, my tone bitter.
“Why are you so mad?”, he asked, “we are safe, what more could you want?”,
“I-“, I stopped in my tracks, thinking. Yeah: What was I so mad about? He was right, I had panicked. Panic never helps with concentration and right decision making. I found it impressive, that he had the courage and the focus to fight the Dino off. But I just couldn’t fight off the thought of it going wrong. What if he would’ve been eaten?
“What-“, I wanted to repeat what I had been thinking, but could feel a hiccup, breaking the tear flood inside me. No- I was not going to cry. I took a deep breath, looking directly into his confused visage, “- what if it would’ve gone wrong, I’m just… I- I wouldn’t have known what to do without you. I can’t imagine being without you anymore”.
I saw and heard him gasp, his glance unfreezing from his confused state.
“I didn’t realize I was that important to you”, he answered.
I chuckled, too embarrassed to look him in the eyes, “everyone is important to me from the group, I wouldn’t have liked any of them to risk their lives for me but- but especially not you. I- I can’t believe I’m going to say this - I had vowed to take this to my grave ya know-“
“- Get to the point”, Kenji urged me.( I wasn’t looking at him, but he later told me he had smiled whilst saying it, I however thought he was getting annoyed and was almost too scared to continue. Stupid how that sometimes works)
“- I, eh- I’m in love with you I think. Or at least I definitely feel very strongly for you”, I confessed, “there! Now you have something to use against me. Finally got something you can laugh at again on this miserable Isla-mpf”, my self deprecating monologue was interrupted by soft lips catching mine. It almost took my breath away, but then I leaned in, still not believing this was happening, though it definitely was.
“I’m not going to laugh, I love you too. I wouldn’t be stupid enough to risk everything if I didn’t”
“That’s cheesy, but I appreciate the honesty”, I said, wearing my usual shit eating grin as I regained confidence back.
“Oh look who's talking now”
“Oh shut it!”, I laughed and just like that, I found myself kissing him again.
“And here I thought I had to worry, but you two just ran away to make out”, I suddenly heard Darius in the background, half serious, half amused by the moment he found us in.
I quickly broke away from Kenji, grinning sheepishly, “You know how it is Darius: You get chased by a Dino, and then you need a kiss to make the boo boo go away… just so happens I got a bit of a chap on my lips, and Kenji wanted to make it real good again”, I explained, earning a silent chuckle from Kenji.
Darius rolled his eyes, but couldn’t hold back a smile either, “let’s get you love birds home”
And so things happened. Did we have much time to enjoy us being a couple? Not really.
Did more things happen, making everything crazier and tougher?
Did the rift between Darius and Kenji make me anxious as I was sitting by Kenji’s side, as he, with an expression that was too serious for my liking, drove the yacht?
But I know, that at least he’s by my side still, as am I, and we will make things happen so that we can finally be free from this place.
Hopefully, we’ll make it.
Depends on what the Dino on the yacht has to say about it...
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teen-cups-au · 4 months ago
💉Recovery 💉
Part 24
Warnings : Light angst
Mugman sighed and smiled softly "Daww!!! Come here! Big overthinker!!!" he said and hugged Cuphead from behind. Resting his head on his back. He then gently touch Cuphead's head with his own *clink clink *
"COME ON CHEER UP!" *clink clink clink clink * Cuphead said nothing.
"Come on cherry 🍒 cheer up!!" he said and rubbed his face affectionately on Cuphead's back. Cuphead chuckled with some tears still running down his eyes.
"Cherry?" he asked perplexed. "Well you like red! You are red and you love cherries! So that's your new nickname." he said.
"Whatever you say little watermelon!" Cuphead said wiping the tears away from his eyes.  *Sniff, sniff *
"Watermelon? Not Blueberry ..? " he asked.
"Well when you call me cherry 🍒 I'll call you  watermelon 🍉. When you call me 🍓strawberry, I'll call you blueberry." he said.
"Fair enough!" Mugman said raising his eyebrows. Cuphead looked away. Still remembering what happened. "Cuphead on normal circumstances it wouldn't have been like this! Believe me! Even if I still got Cracks it wouldn't have been like this! Stop worrying about it!! I mean it!" he said. Cuphead nodded.
"There much better! Now... Come on big bro give your baby a smile and a hug UωU" Mugman said. Cuphead chuckled.
"Im your baby! Look at me! woah woah woah ... I want milk!"  Mugman said and faked a baby's wail.
Cuphead looked at him.. "....." Mugman stopped. "... Woah?.. dada?" he asked trying not to laugh. Cuphead couldn't help it "PPPFFFFFTTTTT!!!" he laughed.
"De heck are you doing man?" he said and burst into laughter.
"what? You called me «my baby» may I remind you.... mom."
"Mug!" Cuphead said,sternly yet playfully "Yes mom." Mugman replied smirking
"Mugman!" he repeated. "Yes Mom." he answered casually.
"Muuuuuuggg!" he said "I said. Yes mom!" Mugman said.
"Mugman.!" he said. "Dad?" Mugman said.
Cuphead face-palmed. Mugman chuckled.
"Are you kidding me?" Cuphead asked. "Are you kidding me?" Mugman repeated.
"Stop!" Cuphead said. "Stop!" Mugman repeated. Cuphead stared at him. Mugman stared back. "Mugman I am serious." he said. "Mugman I am serious." Mugman repeated. 
Cuphead pulled his tongue out making funny faces. Mugman did the same.
Cuphead  turned his back. "Mpf" he said Mugman asked concerned "Cup?" Cuphead said nothing. "..." Mugman apologized "Sorry just trying to lift your spirit!" he said turning his back.
Cuphead found the opportunity. He turned around and grabbed him gently by surprise.  Cuphead started trickling him tenderly attacked him with kisses. He kissed his face his straw his nose, his forehead. Mugman giggled. "Hey! That's cheating!!!... Help I am under attack!!! Affection attack!"
Cuphead kept kissing his cheeks, forehead, straw and nose. "Gotcha!" he said smirking.
Mugman said "Yeah yeah you got me!" he said softly
Cuphead hugged him and rested his head on Mugman's head. He kissed his straw and rim of his Mug.
"You feel better?" Mugman asked his voice muffled. "Yeah" he said.
"Come on Mug lay down on my thighs."  Mugman did as he was told. Cuphead spread aloe all over his back. Then put bandages.
"There.. and done!" he said. "Thank you!" Mugman said. "Come on let's check your fever!" Cuphead said. He checked his temperature. "37. 8"  he said.
I'll go bring the injections. He injected them on his shoulders. Mugman didn't complain.
Later he hugged him again and gave him coconut water. Then he put him to sleep.
"Goodnight!" Mugman said
"Goodnight!" Cuphead said.
The time was around 4-5 o clock in the morning.
♥️End of part 24♥️
Thank you for reading!! 💙
Doudy (mod) : They dork
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macademics · 7 months ago
Sero-nii, and others in the Bakusquad(excluding Bakugo) I think I fucked up. I was a little sleep deprived last night and I kissed Bakugo! And told him it was a good luck charm! I shouldn't have done that, not this soon! You guys just got back! I should have thought it through more! *groans and hides face in hands while blushing*
Tumblr media
Sero Hanta: *place a hand over your shoulder* "Well, last time I checked, he didn't took it too badly-for his standards I mean-so, I'd say to not be so worried about it!" *side look at Admin Mom* "And you should do the same, Steph..."
Admin Mom: *endlessly walking in circle* "Telling me that will not be much of an help, you know?!" *bites her hands*
Tumblr media
Mina Ashido: *catches Admin's hands* "Don't do that!! You need those!" *smiles* "Relax, you two, I'm sure that everything's fine!!"
Admin Mom: *tearing up* "B-but..."
Tumblr media
Kirishima Eijiro: *trying to calm both down* "Yes, nothing serious has happened in both cases! This is only a good sign!!"
Denki Kaminari: *nervous smile* "Yeah guys, you don't need to be so tense up and agitated about it!" *fidgets* "You're making me nervous too..."
Admin Mom: *heavy sigh* "You're right, it's just-"
*Infirmary door slams open*
Everyone: "BAKUGOU!!"
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki: *points at the admin* "YOU!!"
Admin Mom: *relieved* "I'm so glad to see you're fine!!"
Bakugou Katsuki: "DON'T YOU TRY TO DO THAT SHIT AGAIN!!" *popping explosions from his hands* "YOU TRIED TO BRAKE ME!!"
Kirishima Eijiro: *holding him back* "NO SHE DIDN'T!!"
Mina Ashido: "Yeah, you don't have to be this angry, we all just wanted to give you some encouragment!!"
Denki Kaminari: "Yeah man, don't you remember that we all did it?! It wasn't just Steph!!"
Sero Hanta: *concerned* "Hey now, don't you think you're exaggerating things?!"
Bakugou Katsuki: *growls* "NO, I DON'T FUCKING THINK SO!! I'VE SPENT THREE DAYS IN THERE!!" *hissing* "You should be punished!!"
Admin Mom: "I..."
Bakusquad: "BAKUGOU!!"
Admin Mom: *kneeling down* "You're right..."
Bakusquad: *shocked* "EHHHH?!?"
Admin Mom: "I've been too reckless and didn't thought of the consequences, therefore, he's right and I should make amends for what I did!" *looks back at him* "What do you think I should do?"
Bakugou Katsuki: *thinking* "Hmmm..." *gets close*
Mina Ashido+Denki kaminari: *worried* "B-Bakugou...?"
Bakugou Katsuki: *raises hand before admin's face* "..."
Kirishima Eijiro+Sero Hanta: *alarmed* "H-HEY!! STOP-"
Bakugou Katsuki: *smacks admin's forehead with a finger* "Be more careful, next time, it wasn't fucking funny!"
Bakusquad: *even more shocked* "!!!"
Admin Mom: *passing a hand over the point* "I... I will! I'm sorry..."
Bakugou Katsuki: "Mpf" *notice you* "Why are you here?" *lightly blush*
Sero Hanta: *still shocked* "H-ha, it's because... of that kiss..."
Bakugou Katsuki: *flushes* "AGAIN?! WHAT'S THE PROBLEM WITH THAT?!!"
Mina Ashido+Denki Kaminari: *unsure* "W-well..."
Bakugou Katsuki: "It was for good luck, right?! Then don't be so worried like that!!" *walks away* "Let's go!"
Bakusquad: *following him* "Hey, wait!!"
Tumblr media
Shūzenji Chiyo: *sighs* "All things considered, it could have been worse..."
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thorinthehottotty · a year ago
Imagine being really oblivious that Kíli likes you and essentially ignoring him
Tumblr media
A/N: Kíli Ktuesday!!!
Warnings: Fluff
"Wow, you look radiant today," Kíli chirps to you. You smile up at him and pat on the arm.
"Yeah, bathing will do that. Thanks, Kí. You’re so sweet.” You chirp to him, beaming. You miss him deflating.
“You look absolutely gorgeous today,” he tries, “The sun is bringing out the red in your hair.”
“You’re so nice, Kili! I don’t deserve you.” You tell him and playfully shove him before moving on to help Bombur with cooking. This time, you completely miss Kili gesturing to you in frustration and the chuckling of the surrounding dwarves.
It’s not until later that night, when your quietly mooning over him joking with his brother that Bilbo says anything. “What’s the matter?” He hums as he puffs on his pipe. 
“He’s just stupidly handsome. It’s so unfair.” You sigh into your palm. It makes Bilbo snort around his pipe. 
“The lot of them seem to be ruggedly handsome.”
“Yeah, but Kili’s got those big brown eyes and those... lips that just always look like their begging to be kiss, ya know? That and he’s quite possibly the sweetest little bean out there!” Bilbo pauses and looks at you, a bit confused.
“Did you say... ‘kissable’?” You flash him a sheepish grin.
“Yeah, a bit much, sorry.”
“Why don’t you just accept his advances?”
“What advances?” Apparently Bilbo wasn’t the only one listening because Gloin and Bofur both spin along with the hobbit.
“What advances!?” They all repeat.
It startles you so much you nearly fall over, blushing as they all gape at you. “Yeah?”
“What do you think of all his winking and complimenting.”
“He’s being nice?” You offer. It has their jaws dropping.
“He told you last week that you looked like you were crafted by Mahal himself.” You shrunk back at Gloin’s flabbergast expression. “Oh, lass. She’s painfully oblivious to the boy being beard over toes for her.” 
“He’s certainly not into me.” You deny. This has Bofur rolling his eyes and hollaring over to the brothers. You turn cherry red and quickly try to stop him with a ‘Nonononono! Bofur stop!”
“Lad! Tell the girl how you feel very bluntly. She doesn’t seem to be getting it.” Kili glanced at you, confused. 
“She just called you kissable. Just kiss her already!” Gloin called. You didn’t expect the way the prince’s eyes light up with excitement. You want to melt into a puddle of embarrassment. 
“That was a private conversation!” You hiss as Kili stands, already darting toward you. “You don’t have t-mpf!” And he’s pressing his lips to yours eagerly. Maybe he did like you...
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no-life-biatch · 11 months ago
I Love You And I Miss You Gray X Male reader (Oneshot)
The sky was a beautiful white for a very special day for a day called Christmas. You have been dating Gray for almost a month now, what was the problem you ask well y/n didn't know what to get for Gray it was so hard to decide you wear going to make a scarf but you knew he didn't feel the cold. You didn't know if he likes sweets or not (Idk if he does, I have seen the anime in ages) so that was kind of off the list. Your magic was information like a robot's eye (you know how it looks up information and stuff like that) you also an Earth dragon slayer. As you were walking along the streets looking for something nice for him maybe buy him some flowers since you are the man of the relationship (Winky Wonky). Gray is on a mission today as well, but he will be home today he has been on this trip for almost a Month. I miss him... Something glowed in the corner of you eyes so naturally you walk over to it. It was perfect it was the thing that would fit perfect it's the ideal gift for a partner. It's a ring but not just any ring it's a couple ring but there is some magic behind it of course. You can transfer some memories (And keep them) to the rings with a screen like how Hibiki Lates does his thing (I'll put a photo down) and put photos into the ring. (I'll find a picture of the ring just the ring) It was perfect it was 120 Jewels for 1 I wanted a pair my poor money oh well it will be worth it. TIME SKIP It took me hour and a half to set it all up, but I finally did it I put anything on it. I really hope he likes it. Now all we had to do was wait for my handsome boyfriend to show up it shouldn't be to long now. *click* He is here I told him too come to my house when he finished his mission, I was getting nervous now. "Hey, I'm here" he said waiting for an answer "Hey Hun, I'm in the dining room" I said while fumbling with my hands. He sat down and looked at me I looked into his eyes. I got up and hugged him he hugged back after a while I pulled back and kissed him on his head. "It's been a while baby" I said looking at him directly in his eyes. "I know I'm sorry" He said while looking at his hands "it's fine babe" I said holding his hand "Here Merry Christmas Baby" I said Handing him a box already wearing my ring. He opened the ring and gasp. "It's a couples ring I promise next time a ring shows It will be when I ask you to marry me" I said smiling at him. He nodded he smiled brightly while putting it on this finger. "I love it" he said while "I Gla-MPF"I was cut off by Gray suddenly kissing me. I kiss back slightly moaning. TIME SKIP (YOU THOUGHT Not today Sorry) After our lovely night I forgot to tell Gray about his ring the whole week. We hang out that whole week we ate cake we were at home cuddling or sleeping, messing around or just looking at the night sky. Evenly Gray had to go on a mission with Lucy, Natsu, Erza and Happy. GRAYS POV Why do I keep agreeing to go with this Flame brain... oh right I need jewels! I was in bed I was missing Y/N so much that I was clutching my pillow pretending I was cuddling him in his warm arms. I looked at my ring a smiled I brushed my finger against it. Suddenly something popped out it made me jump a little I closed my eyes thinking something was going to hurt me. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a picture... It was me and Y/n I smiled and swiped to the right it changed into another picture. Picture after picture I was smiling what I didn't know was I had tears in my ears Picture after picture I was smiling what I didn't know was I had tears in my ears. I swiped right again. "Ahem Hello is this thing on? "A voice said it was black a hand was pulled away from the camera (pretend cameras are a thing) good thing Gray had a room to himself another way he would've woken someone up. "Hello Gray I just want to let you know that no matter how far away you are I will always love you, you mean the world to me, for you I would walk to the ends of the world Just to be with you, you
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Jason Todd x Reader
Request: Hey could you do “Such poison from a pretty, honeyed mouth.” and “Bite me.” with Jason Todd, please?
Summary: Jason and the reader get into a fight after a recon mission goes wrong
Tumblr media
“I can't believe you, you, you asshole!” You yelled at Jason, slamming the door to the apartment behind you closed
“Me? Me, the asshole?" he laughed “Doll you sure you’re not talking to a mirror?” Jason rolled his eyes as he walked to the fridge talking out a beer.
“Hardy Har, Bite me.” You seethed, you honestly could not believe this man. He messed up the whole mission and yet he had the audacity to be mad at you. Unbelievable.
“Listen love, I don't get why you’re so upset with me. I did absolutely nothing wrong, if I remember correctly you’re the one who got us caught.” The young man walked over to the couch and sat down stretching his feet out.
You spluttered at him, “I only got caught because your dumb ass went in guns blazing! If you just listened to me we would have stopped to deal.”
Jason then glared at you, “I’m sorry babe but you seem to remember this situation very differently than I do.” He put his hand to his chin in a mock of pondering, “In my recollection, we did stop the deal.” His last words were said with venom, a tone you heard all too frequently.
“Jason!” You yelled as you waltzed over to him, “You killed all of them, that's not stopping a deal, that's manslaughter!” 
The man in question stood up, his form towering over you. He’d really like to not have this conversation with you, it's bad enough that he had to have it with every single one of his family members, he thought you'd at least be on his side.
“You say manslaughter, I say getting the job done.” He grit out, looking down at you, “They would’ve killed us if I didn't. Plus! They were selling to children. Children, (Y/N)! You think they fucking deserved to live?”
You honestly couldn't believe him. You knew when you teamed up that he had some… issues to work out, but you never expected every mission to end in a fight.
“You are such a dickwad, you know that? You come into every battle with the intent on murder, could you for once not be such a fuckass and try to keep your cool?”’ You were radiating anger, fists in balls as you glared up at him
“Such poison from a pretty, honeyed mouth.” he mocked as he sat back down, ignoring your anger.
“God! I can’t stand you sometimes!” You walked away, more like stomped away, from Jason and headed towards your room.
“That makes two of us sweetheart!” He yelled back, obvious disdain in his voice.
You slammed the door and laid your back against it, trying to let yourself calm down. You couldn't believe him, why couldn't he just take responsibility for his actions? It pissed you off to the nth degree.
Staying there for a few minutes, you managed to bring your anger down and went to go sit on your bed, head in your hands. It was just so fucking frustrating! How could the two of you be a functional team if every time you went out it ended like this
A knock sounded at the door. Against your better judgement you tiredly called out, “Come in.” 
The door opened and there stood Jason, his leather jacket and boots now long gone, in the doorway - a look on his face you couldn't quite place.
You sighed, “Listen dude, if you're just here to yell at me about how your morals are superior, you can save it, I really don't have the energy to- mpf!” 
You were cut off mid sentence as your body was lifted off the bed and into a pair of strong arms.
“Jason?” You look up at him from the.. hug(?) in confusion, he's never acted this way after a fight.
Jason looked down at you and you could see the gears turning in his head. “...Jason?” You asked again, he was just staring at you.
His tongue darted out of his mouth and licked his lips quickly, “You okay there…” You questioned, still trapped between his chest and his arms. 
“Yeah…” he finally spoke, “I just, there's something I really need to do.”
“If its apologize, I told you it's fine, I just don't have the energy to bicker any-”
Before you could finish Jason captured your lips in his, slowly moving his hands to cup your cheeks. You were shocked at first but then slowly melted into it, leaning into him more. You reluctantly pulled away and looked down.
Though you couldn't see his face, you could tell he was smirking, “There. Thanks doll, really needed that.”
You frowned into his chest, was this a one time thing? You thought, Or does that mean…
You felt fingers lightly lift your chin up to face Jason, “What’re you thinking (Y/N)?”
Breathing in, you collected yourself not knowing where to start, first you were fighting with him and now, now this?
“I- um, was this like a one time thing or can we do that again, if not that fine. Really it is.” You gave him an awkward smile and he chuckled in response, then dropped his voice to a lower octave.
“I dunno love,” He whispered into your ear, “Would you like to do that again?”
Your face flushed a deep red colour and you bit your lip in contemplation. C’mon (Y/N), what's there to think about of course you want to do that again.
So without hesitation this time, you smashed your lips up against Jasons, who returned the kiss just as eagerly. 
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What's your current ranking of vault tracks? Mine is YAOM > we were happy >= bye bye baby > Mr. perfectly fine >>>>> don't you (I don't know why but don't you sounds a bit scary to me so I don't listen to it that much)
You forgot that’s when I think ... Soooo I’ve been having a hard time ranking them because I like them for different reasons ...
Bye bye baby (which is the grandmother to it’s time to go which is like top five all time for me like I love it so much) is a recent infatuation and I love MRP ... those are my two faves to sing to
YAOM however I also love? I love that I can listen and think about things (not nec people, maybe people situations) that are still all over me and like vibe to it
Don’t you- I love the production it just feels chill even tho it’s kinda sad and also it’s like I Almost Do in a sense
That’s when I love the like maturity of it? And I love keith and I love duets
And we were happy I feel like is a precursor to happiness just in the sense that it feels like it’s a solid appreciation of times that were good even if they are gone now?
So like ... I’m stuck on ranking maybe it’s MPF= BBB = YAOM > don’t you > that’s when = we were happy? Idk typing that makes me sad because the last two I love they can’t possibly be last ??? I’m struggling man
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