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lordymaru · a year ago
Tumblr media
Funny thing is this is us whenever we go out somewhere.
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rudjedet · a month ago
I finished reading A Dead Djinn in Cairo and that novella/novelette has this Egyptologist’s stamp of approval. There’s not a lot of ancient Egypt in there, but what is there is well applied. It was a bit predictable (not in a bad way, I’d say it’s more a “ohh it’s THAT” predictability than an “oh God no please don’t do th--aaand there we go sigh” kind), and pretends to be a tad more clever than it actually is, but all in all, nothing that ended up being a dealbreaker for me.
So fingers crossed A Master of Djinn is of the same calibre lmao
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kitkaf · 9 months ago
why do people yearn for good morning and good night texts just join an indian family whatsapp group and you'll get sick of it in a day <33
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moonlight-tmd · 5 months ago
I said this before and i'll say it again.
Personally, i really admire Ydris as a character.
He is really interesting; mysterious, funny, cocky, a self-admirer, exaggerating on everything, almost obsessed with having all the attention dedicated to him and his dedication to entertaining others with his magic.
He is very well written, i can see him getting nicer towards mc in the general story; Ydris picking his favorite out of the small group he got to know and deciding to run with it, then later on realizing he really likes the company so he keeps mc around. Or at least that's what i'm getting from his attidute towards mc.
I just wanted to say i really like him and he's an interesting character to work with, i myself have been writing some lore and getting refferences from characters like him is really helpful.
My overall experience with him is this caption:
He is like a cat, he can annoy the hell outta people and we still love him for some reason.
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haruchio · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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titans-trash · 10 months ago
Thinking about that one Titans issue where the fab five roast the fuck out of each (their emotions are being manipulated for context) in the pouring rain and Dick eventually walks away to build a lean-to
Tumblr media
Titans (1999) 15
i aM bUiLDiNg a LeAN-tO
Tumblr media
Edit: I wrote the wrong year number when referencing sorry
Image Description under cut:
Image 1: Dick on his knees tries to build a structure in the pouring rain as Donna stands behind him.
Donna: What are you doing?
Dick: I’m building a lean-to.
Donna: Out of sticks? In this wind?
Dick (in bold): I am building a lean-to. 
Donna: Honey, if we don’t find shelter --
Image 2: The lean-to Dick was building flies apart, Dick screams “GHAAAA!” and Wally, Roy, and Garth are pictured as the angle has shifted to show where they were standing a few feet away.
Wally: You know, Batman would have had that built by now.
Garth: Batman would be safely in a cave or something by now.
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writeouswriter · 5 months ago
When will my internet connection return from the war
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thecasseejoseph · 9 months ago
every little bit counts! help this cat get her much needed meds and groceries, even with a tip of $5 you get something in return! same with $1! it all adds up and can build up to my goal of $100 🤍
Tumblr media
had to start over from the $30 i made yesterday (gas for work) but i'm gonna keep trying! over 200 scenes and thousands of lewds! i'll also be throwing in free memberships to my main onlyfans for the first time!
please click here for my payment options, only dm for paypal if the amount is at least $50 please 🤍
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aro-culture-is · 11 months ago
romo-favorable aro culture is feeling guilty for liking certain ships/tropes
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watergator · 16 days ago
is dan howell really going on a comedy tour? because that alone is the funniest thing he’s ever said or done
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rainbowdazzle · 8 months ago
people wondering why tim isn’t snuggled up to zendaya in pics like he is with other costars…
ive seen some wacko tomdaya shippers on twitter who hate tim just for being her costar/wishin her happy bday last year and this was BEFORE the premiere
last venice when his hand accidentally brushed lily’s for a second, shippers made whole videos about their love so timmy knows how that goes lmao
i’ve seen ppl on social media posts already saying poor tom and how can she go back to tom when she’s been there with timmy and ooooh i sense ~tension there and generally over analyzing their body language on the red carpet as anything from discomfort to sexual tension to “trying not to crush on your work husband” and I just saw someone say that the news in their country said they saw them “holding hands” and im like 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
THISSSSS is why two very attractive young stars are hands off lmao. especially when one of them is dating another very high profile young star (who is friends with tim) and the other one is very hyper aware of how ppl act like he’s banging any woman he so much as looks at
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humanveil · a month ago
speaking to my father for the first time in a month incident leaves everyone injured
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sealovinq · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
school has been irritating me a lot but that's ok, at least i get kisses from my demon boyfriend. 💗
[ ok to rb, s/i uses she/he/they prns! ]
tag list : @lovinggreeniehours, @usamey, @gentle-horrors, @holy-heck-i-love-my-fo, @reigenhusband, @lilacslovers, @lysandthunder, @rosepetalmimi, @softskiesahead, @jils-things, @haileyiscooldnfjdhd, @recordplayershipping, @makri, @cxrpsedance, @thatslikesometaldude [ if you want to be added to/removed from the tag list, let me know via asks or dm! ]
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girlyliondragon · 2 months ago
That moment when you see that person who insisted on hating and misgendering Floofty claim that Cromdo is the “only” non-annoying character in the game.
Like, nobody in this game is annoying, and even then those that think they are are subjective tbh.
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discogojo · a month ago
people on tumblr are j SO dry like making mutuals is SO hard and atp im just like fuck it i dont need no moots im happy w my 2 tumblr moots
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radscorpionsandrifles · 5 months ago
One thing that I hate about Fallout as a fandom is that it feels you can't have your own opinion.
If you NV isn't your favorite game you get screeched at.
If you say you like 4 more then most of the games in the franchise people yell at you.
If you have a single opinion about 76 that isn't, "it's okay," or, "it's trash," you get yelled at.
Can idk we let people have opinions?
I've been seeing posts on social media and Steam blow up like this recently. They aren't hurting people, let them like the game they like, and relax.
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hella1975 · a year ago
chena going from ‘i’ll break his legs’ to ‘you should have dragged him if it meant bringing him back to us’ is making me emotional and idk why
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witchysolfan · 10 months ago
Non-Andean people: Pachamama is an all benevolent Goddess Mother Earth Blessed Be uwu
Me: She’s a blood thirsty goddess that was not all benevolent but wasn’t evil either. She’s just a force of Nature. She brought the harvest but when there used to be bad harvests human sacrifices of children were done to appease her. Anyways, here’s some Halloween fake blood candles I got to honor Pachamama with as we’re past the whole human sacrifices thing today : ) Oh and also a hole to fill with some foods and Chicha as we do give back to the Earth in August 1st.
Just because Pachamama is an Earth Goddess does not mean she is your ‘Nature Hippie Good’tm
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bluehairperson · 9 months ago
I had a thought the other day, while daydreaming, and I ended up imagining Valerius going to Julian for a co consultation and tries to flirt with him but FAILS epically. Julian is so focused on his work/being serious that he doesn't get the clue either and Val was half offended and half turned on by Julian's serious face. And then Jules went "alright then, time for *insert medical jazz*" and put his gloves on, Val changed to "count me as both scared and horny"
Aasds, lmao.
Personally I can't imagine Val flirting with Julian on purpose much. For the events before and during the plague I envision more of a "I have no idea why Lucio keeps you at his court but he seems to trust you, so you're on thin fucking ice" that develops in a "ok, you're actually trying to take care of him, for which I'm glad, but you're not acheiving much so I'll just let out my frustration on you" thing.
What I can envision tho is Julian catching Val and Lucio making out on accident, panicking and bolting away. And while he stresses about having to talk to Nadia about their affair (which of course she already knows everything about, because she's not dumb and because Val and Lucio are both really obvious and kinda not really trying to hide it much) Val makes sure to be left alone with Julian somewhere private to threaten him to keep his mouth shut. But he says it like "If the word goes out I'll make sure to have you whipped in the dungeons even if I'll have to do it myself" or something like that. So Julian is honestly scared af because he knows he means it, but at the same time he's like "😳😳😳W-Whipped? 😩💦". And Val gets grossed out and leaves. But at the same time he's kinda like "touching Devorak would be gross, but would it be worth it just to let him catch these hands? 🤔🤔🤔".
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spicey-mlm · 4 months ago
Had a totally shit day so uhhh I’m probably gonna jack off later and see if that makes me feel better 🥴
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