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#you are being watched

My boyfriend is setting up some outdoor motion-sensing lights/cameras with a speaker and asked me if he should program a greeting.

This was my suggestion:

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Just read a little article on the future of our phones….

I used to be all up in new technology and all that. But this is pretty scary.

Apparently 5G phones can watch you, and change your phone’s content depending on your reactions. Like if you are watching a video and you roll your eyes the contents of the video will change. Or it will scan your face and change key characters of whatever you’re watching to look more like you. This seems pretty f***** up to me and I don’t think I will be getting a 5G phone anytime in the near future. I’ll save my cash and not have to worry about being surveillanced at all times.

And why do we need more than 1 camera on either side of our phones??? I am actually really weary of all this, I enjoy my little computerized phone at my fingertips at all times. But I may go back to a flip phone and a small tablet just to stay away from crazy technology and live in the real world.

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