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atinycupofpositivitea · 2 months ago
From now on, whenever you have to face challenges and hardships, remember that:
It is hard.
But you can do hard things.
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photonblasters · 9 months ago
if you ever feel like you're not "smart enough" for STEM or didn't do that great in school, i just wanna let you know that i failed algebra 2 THREE TIMES and dropped my high school physics class the FIRST WEEK...
and NASA chose me to student research with them.
so what i'm trying to say is that STEM is for EVERYONE. if school wasn't the easiest for you and you're not the strongest in math, don't let that stop you from pursuing STEM. working hard for goals makes you a great scientist.
screw that stereotype that all STEM majors are geniuses who were building robots and knew how to work a microscope at 3 years old.
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motivatedaily · 4 months ago
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spiritualseeker77 · 6 months ago
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id18297 · 7 months ago
change is uncomfortable
"we do not get far unless we let go" neville goddard aka godfather once said.
learning about the law and how you can change your entire life, reality and the laws of physic — basically anything, is one thing. but learning how to use it, learning how to manifest to your favor (consciously) and understanding, that being who you wanna be might mean to change can be… a lot.
you deserve to live the life you want to have. I know it can feel weird. I know it might make you feel anxious, stressed, desperate - but that’s alright ♡. we will all go through change or have already. don’t be afraid to change. don’t be afraid to let go of your old self. don’t be afraid to chase the person you want to be. it’s okay baby, it really is. whatever you are doing and any action you are taking in order to pursue your dream life/dream self, is justified. you want to let go of an abusive relationship? you wanna change a parent‘s views? you wanna manifest being good at school even if you have failed so many times? you want to have genuine people around you? you can achieve all of that. and the important thing is, you should achieve all of that.
I need you to do whatever makes you happy and feel fulfilled. please, just try it. I know it seems scary, I know you might be afraid to fail. however, we are always manifesting. and this is a journey we are on, that YOU are on. it is okay to not manifest what you wanted. you know what you will do? reflect. change assumptions. know that it is happening.
we are not working with logic. I swear this seems so easily said but just because someone has told you that it is impossible to get an iphone for free as soon as you step in the apple store, it doesn’t have to be that way? and you could transfer this to anything in your reality. just because your friend said that she likes blue more than red, it’s not factual. YOU decide if it is. and I mean that. oh I wish I could put more emphasis on how you don’t need a success story in order to know your limits.
anything you can imagine can manifest. it doesn’t matter how AND YOU ARE NOT WORRYING ABOUT THE HOW. just know and relax. the law will work and already does so why worry? you are god, you set the rules. you don’t agree with something? then don’t. you are the judge. you tell what’s right and what’s not!
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expressionist-hira · 3 months ago
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akindplace · 11 days ago
I refuse to drown in self-doubt. I might have to live with these feelings of anxiety of the rest of my life, but I am going to live despite how much they tell me that I can't a good life, and that I will forever be just trying to survive. I am not a mess. I am not chaotic. I am a human being with flaws, one that is willing to work on those flaws so I can become better at managing my life and my health. I am not a failure. I have barely started life, and I know I will make a few mistakes, maybe even a lot of mistakes, but I am not going to allow the fear of failure keep me from trying, from having hope in the future and faith in my own capacity.
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theminecraftbee · 11 months ago
evil x is just. the funniest character on hermitcraft. they’re an evil clone of xisuma with a blatantly evil voice changer. they’re a derp, because they have the misfortune of being xisuma’s evil clone. they build a giant evil shop, name it the “evil emporium”, and put a menacing statue of themselves on it. they insist this is good marketing. this actually works, because the hermits have no self-preservation skills. they have learned social engineering. they hand out their own head as a marketing tactic. they’re trying to be an evil capitalist on a server that currently has at LEAST three of those already. they have evil timelapse music, a fact that is so funny that i will never let this character live it down.
like, they’re trying SO HARD to be evil. they’re trying SO HARD. you can do it evil x. i believe in you. be the evil villain you desire to be, i’m rooting for you.
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fortuneaday · 10 months ago
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[A white fortune cookie paper with black text on the front and an icon of a bee. It reads: This week you will be able to handle whatever comes your way.]
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enchanting-jewel · 5 months ago
Manifestation Tips:
Manifesting is getting your desires to become reality by working with the universe instead of against it. It is thinking aspirational thoughts with the purpose of making them real.
But how do you manifest?
It’s simple! If you’re new to witchcraft you’ll learn that your intention is most important in getting the outcome you want. That’s how you start. With Intention. Intention is the manipulation of preexisting energy.
1. Focus-
Clear your mind. Have no distractions. Have a very specific goal for your outcome.
2. Visualize-
Picture your desire. Think about all the details. Imagine it already has come true. Think about your feelings when you accomplish this goal. What’s the time limit?
3. Ask-
Ask the universe to assist in completing this task. Put it out there.
4. Trust and Release-
Trust in the universe and remove any doubts, fears or worries. Always stay positive and assume it is going to happen. Let the bad shit go!
5. Attract
What you put out into the universe is what you get back. Make sure you are putting out what will lead to your end goal. Use affirmations to bring the goal to your subconscious. Take actions!
6. Humbly receive-
Acknowledge and accept what you receive. Be grateful and thank the universe.
Some usefulness-
Tumblr media
Again, it starts with intention. Be clear. The more specific, the better the outcome.
I wish you all the best in your manifestations and hope this helps.
Blessed be witches,
Enchanting Nova
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bts-trans · a month ago
220503 V’s Instagram Story
Video Translation: V: Let’s have fun together next time. Let’s succeed for sure. Bye! Bye.
Trans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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a-path-by-the-moon · 8 months ago
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ilovedig · a month ago
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I think he's really gonna do it.
I don't know at which show, maybe he is waiting till Glastonbury.
But I think he's fucking gonna do it.
Maybe he's waiting for June.
I really don't know, but that's the closest he's ever gotten to saying the words.
I think it's really happening.
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motivatedaily · 5 months ago
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spiritualseeker77 · 2 months ago
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id18297 · 8 months ago
and this is YET the nicest way to put it, you guys. speaking generally, I am sickandtired of y‘all going through every manifesting page on tumblr, instagram and god knows where to collect the information YOU ALREADY KNOW. you know damn well to affirm for your desires and to simply stick to that no matter what, WHAT‘S STOPPING YOU???! babygirl I need you to start right now. put away all of your notes on your phone trying to plan yourself an ideal routine on when exactly to affirm, when to do this and that, etc. I‘m saying this just to remind you that manifesting is something NATURAL. I even hate declaring it as "manifesting" BECAUSE YOU ARE SIMPLY THINKING AND BRINGING IT INTO LIFE. the only thing you need to know about manifesting is that it’s just your thoughts! what you are thinking at any given moment, most of the time and during the day.
your dominant thoughts manifest.
you can manifest anything anywhere anytime.
the way you affirm doesn’t matter.
you don’t have to believe your affirmations (thoughts!).
circumstances don’t mean shit.
your desires are there, literally right here.
the 3d will catch up BECAUSE IT HAS TO.
you and you only are in control.
you are god.
you want it? you got it.
just start. it doesn’t matter how you do it, if you do it right, aesthetically enough, "technically" correct… even if your affirmations feel unnatural to you, there is no wrong way to manifest. yesterday I was so fed up with myself being unproductive and not starting shit (and yes, it’s because of mercury retrograde), I affirmed for 30mins STRAIGHT, only thought about my desire and did it a few times during the day. and I reached my goal.
everytime you "jokingly" say "I have my desired …", it counts. it matters to your process. and it brings you one step closer to your desire manifesting into the 3d. I know it might feel weird. for many people, manifesting feels so difficult to do because they all have this "I gotta plan x and y" mindset. don’t overcomplicate it. you have it. fuckin act like it sorry for being so mean oh lord please I love you and I believe in you babygurl!! :( ♡
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expressionist-hira · a month ago
"No matter how lonely I get on my journey, I will not reinvite toxic people back into my life."
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akindplace · 4 months ago
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My quote.
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a-wild-bloog · a year ago
book snail heard you were writing something
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alice-in-marvelous-land · 3 months ago
Stede and Ed are soulmates because Stede is the only one who could see Ed as the Kraken and still love the monster
Not love the person under the monster. But see the monster, accept it as a part of Ed and be kind to that monster
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