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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#you can do this

This is for everyone who still feels hurt or has just had a heartbreak or rejection from someone you love. 
I know it’s hard, but you have to go through it. Maybe you think what is lacking from me, am I not enough, or is there someone better than me. I want you to know,

there is nothing wrong with you
you are enough
you are still beautiful
you are awesome
you are worth to be loved

You must know to feel pain, disappointment, even what you are feeling right now is normal
everybody experiences it
it might take months, I’m sure you will be able to let it go
treat yourself with compassion
it doesn’t matter what he thinks of you
because there is nothing wrong with you

maybe he can’t see how valuable you are, it’s his loss, not you

forgive for criticizing and blaming yourself
forgive yourself for thinking you are worthless
forgive yourself for being human
forgive yourself because you know you are very valuable to be loved
you have done the best

there are still many people who support you and they love you as you love them
they accept you for who you are as you accept them as they are
you are still doing your best
and i want you to know i love you, baby.

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🤎 things you can control 🤎

  1. How you react to people and situations
  2. What you eat
  3. How you treat your body
  4. How you treat yourself
  5. Who you spend your time with
  6. What you do in your spare time
  7. How clean your home/room is
  8. When you sleep
  9. Your thoughts

💔 things to let go of right now 💔

  1. worrying about what has happened in the past
  2. the need to be in control of everything
  3. the idea of a “perfect life”
  4. fear of the unknown
  5. unhealthy relationships
  6. worrying about things you can’t change
  7. the clothing you haven’t worn in over a year
  8. that job you hate
  9. overscheduling your life
  10. comparing yourself to other people
  11. placing your partner(s) on an unrealistic pedestal
  12. going small when you can go BIG
  13. your insecurities
  14. a negative body image
  15. fear of failure
  16. clutter in your home/room
  17. procrastinating on important things
  18. overspending
  19. your pride
  20. worrying about what others think of you
  21. excuses
  22. your dependency on social media
  23. your comfort zone
  24. failing to care for your physical health
  25. grudges
  26. lazy habits that are holding you back
  27. past debts
  28. the belief that the “grass is always greener”
  29. gossip
  30. guilt and anger over past events
  31. any possessions that don’t bring you joy (yes, mari kondo…)
  32. unrealistic expectations
  33. trying to make everyone happy
  34. old things you can donate or sell for cash
  35. overindulging in unhealthy habits
  36. jealousy
  37. anyone and anything that doesn’t make you happy

🤎 you can control more than you think. stay strong 🤎

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Change is

Standing in front of a mirror and accepting what you see, even if you don’t like it yet. speaking up where used to remain silent, even though your voice is shaking. Taking a bite of that burger, or two, or three, even if it’s guilt that you swallow with it. Wearing that one dress with the embroidered daisies, even if you see your curves before you see the happy smile on your face. Standing up every morning, even if the purpose of your days seems to remain missing. Taking that risk, doing that thing you always wanted to do but never dared to. To never give up. To be, and to become.

Change is a journey, not a destination

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