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#you can pry this headcanon from my cold dead hands

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BOLD all that applies to your muse.
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William Thomas Denbrough!

eyes:  blue | green | brown | hazel | gray | gray-blue | other
hair:   blonde | sandy | dark brown | black | auburn | ginger | grey / white | multi-color | other
body type:   skinny | slender | slim | built | curvy(ish) | athletic | average | muscular | pudgy
skin:   pale | light | fair | freckled | tan | olive | medium | dark | discolored | scarred
gender:   male | female | trans | cis | agender | demigender | genderfluid | other | doesn’t like labels |
sexuality:   heterosexual | homosexual | bisexual | pansexual | asexual | demisexual | other |doesn’t like labels
romantic orientation:   homoromantic | heteroromantic | biromantic | panromantic | aromantic | demiromantic | unsure | doesn’t like labels
species:   human | undead | shapeshifter | demon | angel | witch | ghost | incubus / succubus | werewolf | alien | mutant | android | cyborg | other

education:  high school | college | university | master’s degree | PhD | M.D. | self taught
has been: in love | hurt | ill | mentally abused | bullied | physically abused | tortured |brainwashed | shot | stabbed

positive traits:  affectionate | adventurous | athletic | brave | careful | charming | confident | creative | cunning | determined | forgiving | generous | honest | humorous | intelligent | loyal | modest | patient | selfless | polite | down-to-earth | diligent | romantic | moral | fun-loving | charismatic | calm |

negative traits: aggressive | arrogant | argumentative | bossy | cynical | envious | shy | fearful | selfish | gullible | jealous | impatient | impulsive | cocky | reckless | insecure | irresponsible | mistrustful | dramatic | paranoid | possessive | sarcastic | self-conscious | swears | unstable | clumsy | rebellious | emotional | vengeful | anxious | self-sabotaging | moody | peevish | angry | pessimistic | slacker | thin skinned | dishonest | vindictive | volatile | rude | disloyal | cruel | sadistic | masochist | violent | manipulative | vain | narcissistic

living situation:   lives alone | lives with parent(s) / guardian | lives with significant other | lives with a friend | drifter | homeless | lives with children | other
parents/guardian:   mother | father | adoptive | foster | grandmother | grandfather | uncle | aunt | deceased | disowned
sibling(s): sister | brother | none | other
relationship:   single (verse dependant) | crushing | dating | engaged | married | separated | it’s complicated

has:   learning disorder | personality disorder | mental health issue | anxiety disorder | sleep disorder | eating disorder | behavioral disorder | developmental disorder | substance-related disorder (caffeine) | PTSD | mental disability | physical disability |

done before:   had alcohol | smoked | stolen | done drugs | self-harmed | starved | had sex | had a threesome | had a one-night stand | gotten into a fist fight | gone to hospital | gone to jail | used a fake ID | played hooky | gone to a rave | killed someone | had someone try to kill them

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**DEFENSIVENESS. ARMS  CROSSED  ON  CHEST  /   CROSSING  LEGS  / fist-like  gesturesPOINTING  INDEX  FINGER   /   karate  chops   / STIFFENING  OF  SHOULDERS  / TENSE  POSTURE / curling  of  lip / baring  of  teeth.

**REFLECTIVE. HAND  TO  FACE  GESTURES / HEAD TILTED / STROKING CHIN / peering  over   glasses  / taking  glasses  off  —  cleaning   / putting  earpiece  of  glasses in  mouth   / pipe smoker  gestures / PUTTING  HAND  TO  THE BRIDGE  OF  NOSE / PURSED LIPS  / knitted  brows.

**SUSPICION.   ARMS  CROSSED /   SIDEWAYS  GLANCE /   touching  or  rubbing  nose /  rubbing  eyes   /   HANDS RESTING ON WEAPON  / BROWS  RISING  / lips  pressing  into  a  thin line / STRICT  UNWAVERING  EYE  CONTACT /   WRINKLING  OF  NOSE.

**OPENNESS + COOPERATION. OPEN  HANDS /   upper  body  in  sprinters  position  / SITTING ON THE EDGE OF A CHAIR /   HAND-TO-FACE GESTURES  /   unbuttoned coat  / tilted  head / SLACKED  SHOULDERS /  droopy  posture /  feet  pointed  outward / palms flat and facing outward.


**INSECURITY + ANXIETY. CHEWING  PEN  OR  PENCIL  / rubbing  thumb  over  opposite  thumb / biting  fingernails  / HANDS IN POCKETS  / elbow  bent  / CLOSED  GESTURES / clearing  throat  / “ whew “ sound  / picking or pinching flesh / FIDGETING  IN  CHAIR  / hand  covering  mouth  whilst speaking  / POOR EYE CONTACT / TUGGING  PANTS OR  CLOTHES / jingling  money  in  pockets  / tugging  at  ear  / perspiring  hands / PLAYING  WITH  HAIR / SWAYING   /   PLAYING  WITH POINTER / MARKER   / smacking  lips  / sighing  / ROCKING  ON  BALLS  OF  FEET / FLEXING  FINGERS  SPORADICALLY.

**FRUSTRATION. SHORT BREATHS  /  “ TSK ”  SOUNDS / tightly  clenched  hands / FIST-LIKE  GESTURES / POINTING  INDEX  FINGER / RUNNING  HAND  THROUGH  HAIR  /   rubbing  back  of  neck / snarling  / revealing  teeth / grimacing  / SHARP-EYED  GLOWERS  WITH  NOTABLE  TENSION  IN  BROWS / shoulders  back,  head  up   -   defensive  posturing / CLENCHING  OF  JAW /  grinding  of  teeth / NOSTRILS  FLARING / HEAVY EXHALES.

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bruised knuckles. bloody noses. eye rolling. empty bottles. messy hair. sarcasm. lip biting. unwashed jeans. coffee breath. loud music. broken neon signs. chipped nail polish. leather jackets. always wearing headphones. swearing. sneaking out at 3 am. dark lipstick. frown creases. burning cigarettes. plaid shirts. under eye circles. dark colors.


honey tea. flower crowns. giggling. blowing kisses. dancing without worries. white lace. soft textures. fluffy throw pillows. using too many heart emojis. empathy. constant daydreaming. handwritten letters. fairy lights. bullet journals. designated driver. warm hugs. garden picnics. quiet. smile lines. optimism. flowy clothes. pastel colors.

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I just read your drabble with Dick and Donna, and I'm nearly in tears. (As always, your writing is absolutely WONDERFUL!) If I may, can I request #12 with Roy and any of the Titans? Pretty please, and thank you!

Roy was doing his best not to fidget in his chair but it was becoming harder with each second that ticked by.

It had been a long time since he had done something like this and he had been nervous for the past three days about it. It had been a few unsteady weeks but he was back working with the Titans, getting his old life back on track, and this was the first time that he had tried do something with one of them that hadn’t been mission or training related. He thought that he had started small and simple, with something that was unimportant and had no real investment in but the longer that he waited the more he realized that he subconsciously put more weight on it than he realized.

So now he was sitting alone at a hockey game that he only had minimal interest in being at one his own. Being alone didn’t really matter, the arena was only half full which for Star City on a Wednesday was actually pretty good, but it was empty seat to his right that throbbed at the back of his mind.

Stars vs. Monarchs. It was always their thing before, something that the two of them had bonded over that the others just didn’t care about the same way. Maybe it wasn’t anymore. Maybe Roy hadn’t been as fully accepted back as they had told him he had been. He had known that it had been a risk, but if they were going to trust him with a bow in his hands, surely they would…


Hands shoved in his pockets, his thumb circled the metal chip on his keys. He had thought that it was stupid when they gave him his first one but now here he was on his fourth upgrade and he had grown rather attached to it being close.

He wasn’t tempted or anything, not for something small like being stood up, but he was glad it was there for him to touch to keep his thoughts from spiraling to a worst place.

“Hey, Harper. Sorry, I’m late.” Garth plopped down hard into the plastic seat beside him, shrugging off his coat to show his well worn Monarchs jersey. He passed Roy a basket of concession nachos, still hot and and covered with gooey fake cheese and a bottle of water. “I always forget about how long it takes to get from the harbour to downtown. Land dwellers sure do love their traffic.”

“Not as a rule.”

“Then why is there always so much…” Garth’s voice trailed off as he looked down at the ice. “Shoot, I missed face off? Did Raleigh give it up immediately again? He really should be on the third line.”

Garth plunged into his usual rambling commentary, paying no attention to Roy’s lack of involvement in their conversation. Roy smiled to himself, thinking of all the times that they had done this together - watch the game from either the stands or in front of the TV. It was familiar and he loved it.

Eventually Garth turned to rant about the Monarchs goalie and how they weren’t going to make the playoffs this year if they didn’t switch him out for the rookie backup more often.  “He’s got more natural skill than McCabe, Roy. And his training videos online? That kid is a beast. He just needs more ice time to get the big league experience, but he’s going to be the absolute best. The Monarchs just have to give him a chance.”

“Sort of sounds like us.” At least it did in the early days when the five of them were all full of that go get-em spirit, ready to take on the world and show that they weren’t just replicas of the mentors. They were better and just needed a chance to step into the spotlight.

“Right? And look how we turned out!”

“Yeah. Just look at us.” muttered Roy as he stayed focus on the ice. He had a feeling that Garth was staring at him, but he was doing his best to ignore any follow up questions about it. Garth took the hint and started yelling at the players on the ice, as if they could hear him from their second level seats. Monarchs scored the first goal of the game with just over three minutes left in the period, Garth standing up to cheer in his white jersey amongst the green of the home crowd, nearby fans boo-ing in a good natured way at the out of towner in their section. Garth just cheered louder and Roy pretended that they didn’t know each other.

The buzzer rang for the end of the first period and people around them started to get up to move around for intermission. Roy sank down into the seat and put his feet up on the seat in front of him, showing that he had no intention on standing. Garth sipped some of his water, and watched the recaps and interviews on the jumbotron.

It was just like old times even if it wasn’t.

“Thanks for showing up.” Garth raised an eyebrow in question and Roy simply shrugged in return, trying to play it off like it was nothing. “When you were late, I thought you bailed on me.” His voice was light and carefree, trying to show that it wasn’t a big deal and that Roy hadn’t been internally overthinking it.

Or at least he thought so.

Garth wasn’t really a hugger – it wasn’t a common gesture of affection in Atlantis – but it was something that he had adopted the more that he hung out with them as kids and there must have been something on Roy’s face that gave away how much it had really bothered him. He twisted at the waist and put his arms around Roy’s shoulder and somehow managed to tug him close despite the impossibly small chairs they were smushed like sardines into. Roy awkwardly returned the hug, and a tension that he hadn’t noticed that he was carrying melted through his spine and he curled his fingers into Garth’s jersey, feeling the stitching of the numbers on his back.

Had anyone hugged Roy since he had been back? He’s sure that it had probably happened, but right now in that moment, he couldn’t remember and he found himself struggling to hold back a bubbling choke in his throat and there was a traitorous stinging behind his eyes.

“Sorry.” Garth finally said, voice barely audible. “I would have texted.”

“But you don’t have a phone.” Roy responded with a chuckle.  He broke away and rubbed his face, not mentioning the tears but not bothering to hide them either. “We need to get you a phone, man.”

“It’s hopeless. Touchscreens don’t work underwater and even if I have one with buttons it breaks the waterproof seal and they fry the second I try to type.” Garth frowned to himself and inhaled deeply, exhaling long and slow. “I’ll figure something out. You know if you need me, I’ll come, right?”

Roy nodded and looked towards the ice, watching the Zamboni driver scrape and flood the ice, taking something torn up and making to whole and smooth again. There was something relaxing about watching the process of it being resurfaced and buffing out all the nicks and scratches to make it strong for the teams to play again.

Maybe there was hope for Roy yet.

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My Idea for the Galar region anime

(Me and a friend came up with this last night and it doesn’t apply to the show’s canon at all.)

Ash gets a letter from his older brother with nothing but a few photos and a plane ticket. One of the photos is of the Galar map, the other is of a house, and the last is of red, green/blue and leaf.

Ash immediately knew what Red is trying to say:

“Come to visit Galar. I have a place to stay and you can see me and my friends.”

For once Ash is conflicted about going to a new region. Sure, the chance to meet new people and new Pokemon is great but this was his brother.

His brother was one of the youngest regional champions in Kanto history. He left home shortly before Ash was born and only visited for holidays so Ash barely knew him. They never really had a conversation really but mostly because Red was a selective mute. When they did communicate which was rare it’s was all pictures and symbols and a lot of guessing.

It was frustrating. This was one of the reasons he never talked to red during his journey. That and he didn’t like bringing up his brother. Red was a natural trainer, never made mistakes, never failed, never settled for less than a clean win. He gave up his title of regional champion to travel the world and never looked back. It’s hard not to compare yourself to someone like that even if you aren’t related to them. Not to mention Red is just intimidating.

Delia was quick to encourage Ash to visit Galar. She wanted her sons to interact more since they never grew up in the same house but she knew with time they’d be inseparable.

She was quick to remind Ash that Red cared about him a lot, after all those hats where all gifts from his brother and all those postcards he sent was to help encourage Ash to see the world.

Slightly unsure Ash does take a plane to Galar to meet Red at the airport. Almost immediately he’s intimated by his much larger and more muscular big brother. But suddenly Red pulled something out of his bag. It was a red and white baseball hat with a few personalized pens attached to it and he gave it to Ash.

Red wore one just it but with a few different colored pens. Ash smiled as he put on his new hat and walked with his brother to the place he was renting on the edge of Wedgehurst.

Ash is immediately greeted by Red’s Pikachu who was helping green and leaf set up Ash’s room. Unlike Ash’s, Pikachu was very meticulous and he wanted the room perfect for Ash. The bedspread had to have 3 more pillows, the bookshelf had to have just enough books but not too many, and the bed for Ash’s Pikachu most be up to his standards.

When the brothers arrived Green and leaf we’re quick to marvel about how much Ash had grown and how small he looked compared to his pictures. They talk about what he was like when he was still a baby when they first met him.

They all eat dinner together with their Pokemon and tell Ash they were taking him to the research center tomorrow to get his first Galar starter.

Ash is uncomfortable that for once he was being talked over not too. Right after he was sent to bed, something else he wasn’t used to. In the past, he had set his own hours and while he usually did sleep around this time being told to was different.

The next day Red’s Pikachu who was named Raijin or Rai (Thunder in Japanese) for short woke him up with a slap on the nose. After eating the breakfast Leaf cooked and changing clothes Ash met with Red at the door bit Red just pointed him back upstairs.

After a few moments of confusion, Green responded.

What he’s trying to say is; “change your shoes it’s to wet outside to walk around in sneakers and put on a raincoat.”

Ash did as told but even more, he felt like he was just being ordered around. So what if it’s wet, usually if it rains he’d be fine.

As the group walked around town they stopped to talk to locals ask about goods spots for rare Pokemon Ash spotted something running around the corner and immediately tried to run after it only to Red grab him by the collar and scolded for running off of his own.

Time and time again he would be instructed what not to do or treated like a toddler. It was: “Ash please don’t run into the fog.” or “Ash, why don’t you go play with your Scorbunny but don’t run to far from the house.”

Green was the worst because he was bossy and never let Ash out of his sight and Red always agreed with him. Leaf was more hands-off but she didn’t care one way or the other.

“Stop treating me like a kid!” He yelled finally. It was right after they went left a battle tournament and told Ash he couldn’t enter.

Red gave him a stern look before pulling Ash away from the crowd of people exiting the match. He sighed and gave Ash an irritated look, he wasn’t used to finding the right words but he tried his best to get it across.

“Ash, you are a child.” He said simply with that same expressionless face.

“I can take care of myself! I know what I’m doing! I’ve done it before, I didn’t need you before and I don’t need you now!” He yelled before running off to sulk.

This is why he didn’t want to see Red. He traveled across many regions, fought his own battles and learned his skills the hard way. He didn’t have his brother hanging over his shoulder telling him what to do or teaching him anything. Just when he became the Alolan champion suddenly he was important enough to see, but not when he sent Red a letter a few months before he left home to travel across Kanto. Where was he then, where was the brother who seems to care so much?

Ash hid in a nearby park in the base of a tree. His eyes stung and the more Pikachu and Scorbunny tried to cheer him up the worse he got.

He was found by a boy his age who was training with his Grookey. It turned out they had something in common, their brothers were both league champions. Hop wanted to get strong enough to challenge his brother one day and take his place as champion. He wondered if should challenge his brother. Would Red finally take him seriously

That night after Red found him sulking and dragged him home, Ash hatched a plan.

He packed a few outfits and other necessities. The next morning he was gone without even a note. In the most childish sense of the word, he ran away from home.

In the following weeks’ Ash, Hop, and Marnie made their way across Galar. Each of them trained hard to make it to the championship all the while going on adventures. Overtime Ash felt a bit of jealousy towards his companions, at every competition their families were there. Their brothers were so supportive and called every day without fail. Ash barely glanced at the crowds because if Red was there and he lost…he didn’t want to face that. 

It wasn’t like his friends knew that he was a runaway, he pretended that this was what Red wanted and he lied whenever they asked where his family is. 

Deep down Ash hoped that Red did go to one of his battles and that when he won, he’d be proud. He wanted his brother to see him as an equal and for once understand him. He wanted to have a real conversation. 

In the end, Ash didn’t make it to the final battle against Leon. The honor was reserved for Hop, who earned the right face his brother. Still, this didn’t lift the weight in his chest. Yes, he had been here before but not when he had so much on the line. He knew he should be out there cheering his friend on instead of hiding out in the locker room but he was going through something right now. Ash was doing everything he could keep it together when he heard the door open. He turned to see Red who was as stoned face as ever. Ash could feel the lecture coming and the disappointed glare that would be aimed at him. Only it never came.

Red closed the distance between them slowly as though Ash would runaway at any sudden movements. He pulled Ash into a hug, it was so nice, so soft and so gentle. Ash didn’t realize how much he missed this, he missed this feeling. But why? Why was he here hugging him when he messed up? Ash had run away, disobeyed him and in the end, lost the league. Unaware Ash had begun crying.

“It’s okay. You did your best and you did so well.” Red said softly, running a hand through the 10-year-old’s hair.

“But…I lost. You were right, I couldn’t do it.” He sobbed into Red’s shirt.

“No, don’t say that. I never thought for a moment you couldn’t win, and I don’t care if you lose a battle. I’m proud of you. No matter what. Look I’m not good with words or conversations but I’m trying to get better. I realized I messed up when you left. I need to explain.  I didn’t want you here because I don’t want you to be like me. I took battling so serious back then, I cut myself off from the world to focus on training. I forgot how to talk to people after years of isolation. When I returned I had missed so much especially your birth and had hurt mom so much. I want you to live your life Ash, for you to be a kid for once and explore life outside of battles. But I understand now, you aren’t me and battling is how you explore.” It was the longest Ash had ever heard Red talk for and every word was sincere.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left. I should have listened.” Ash buried his head in Red’s arms “I missed you.”

“I missed you too. But I was also worried. Next time, please rely on me more. It’s a dangerous world and I need to protect you whether it’s a wild pokemon or cold weather.” 

After Ash wiped his tears and calmed down they went to their seats back in the stadium were Blue and Leaf were waiting. it was then Ash noticed the red jerseys they were wearing with his number printed on them. Whether he knew it or not they were always cheering for him.

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I'm pretty sure we ALL need to know all about Bucky's bath bomb collection


im thinking a fan maybe gave him a little gift basket as a thank you for doing what he does.

there’s some candles and relaxation stuff in it-including a bath bomb from LUSH

bucky’s confused at first. because there’s this weird ball thing that smells really good and is really colorful in his hands and what the fuck is this?

sam explains it to him and suggests he use it so it’s not put to waste.

bucky reluctantly agrees

he’s stood in his bathroom for a good ten minutes looking between the colorful bomb in his hands and the filled bathtub feeling like an idiot for being so nervous about this

but can you really blame him? he’s still recovering from all the bad he’s done as the soldier and only uses weapons only when he has to

he never thought he’d use a bathbomb in his life

he rolls his eyes at himself and throws it in

the fizzing and colorful bubbles pull him in immediately and he’s honestly hesitant to step into the tub because it’s so pretty and he doesn’t want to ruin it

and the smell

he’s a sucker for mint and citrusy scents (idc what anyone else has to say abt it)

after the bomb fully dissolves he gets in and swirls his hands around the water with a huge grin on his face because why the hell didn’t they have this in the forties?

his skin is so fuckin soft afterwards that he makes everyone feel his arm to prove his point

feel my arm

dude no

c’mon man do it! it’s like a baby’s butt!

later that night he goes online and orders an excessive amount of bath bombs in various different colors and scents because hes determined to try them all

he’s most excited about the golden egg one because who wouldn’t want to bathe in gold?!

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Random Headcanon

So according to that log from one of the DN books (I think it was one of the How to Reads?) thats been floating around Tumblr, L canonically drinks about one coffee a day give or take. Now maybe it’s just me since I usually have minimum of 2 or 3 coffees a day, but that’s basically nothing on the scale of coffee obsession, so hear me out:

L is one of those people who claims to be addicted and obsessed with coffee but only ever orders a caramel chocolate Frappuccino from Starbucks like a stereotypical white chick with zero shame. Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk

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