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slfcare · 13 days ago
It’s okay to let things go simply because you find they’re not worth your energy. Whether it’s a craft you no longer enjoy, a relationship you’re getting tired of saving on your own or an argument you’ve tried and failed to resolve. Walking away, and knowing when you should, is very valuable.
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akindplace · 3 months ago
Some people are committed to misunderstanding you. They are blinded by their own judgements. You cannot make they see what they don't want to. Instead of trying to constantly prove yourself to them, try to ignore their remarks and if it possible, remove yourself from their presence.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to be as far away from people who purposely don't want to understand you and respect you, and are committed to judging you as harshly as they can.
Instead of trying to open their eyes, close the door on that relationship if you can, because you don't deserve someone who always questions your worth, who invalidates you and is often so cruel. You deserve better than that. You deserve to not have to prove yourself, you shouldn't have to fight to be heard, seen, and given space. You already have those rights and they are inherent to you.
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zorgishborg · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
It's been a while since I've drawn Otto, I missed him
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expressionist-hira · 22 days ago
When Post Malone said,
"Everyone tells you that you deserve better but no one is willing to give it to you."
I felt that.
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chaseschases · 7 months ago
you deserve a life that’s more than fine!!!! you deserve a life where you wake up every morning and are glad to be living!! don’t let a single soul convince you that you deserve an alright existence!!!!!!!!
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You deserve to be surrounded by people who help you grow and heal.
You deserve an environment that you feel safe in.
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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople · 4 months ago
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eccobluu · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Don’t listen to the little voice that says mean things :0
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chaoticaindica · 4 months ago
It's always "you deserve better" and never "I know you deserve better and I'm willing to be the person you deserve because I love you too much to loose you and see you settle down for something less."
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the-healing-mindset · a month ago
Tumblr media
If you feel like you’re in a place that is keeping you stagnant, then you probably are. Signs of this include but are not limited to:
Feeling like there is nothing left for you in you present environment.
Feeling burnt out all the time.
The people in that environment doing whatever they can to keep you in place.
Being told that anything you do to help yourself move on or grow will ever work out. (BIG RED FLAG)
Everyone in that environment wanting to talk down to you.
Intimidation tactics
Really, the list goes on. Those are just the ones that I could think of immediately because I have had those happen to me recently, with some coming from my own family. If it becomes a battle just to navigate your environment from day to day, look into getting into an entirely new one. You deserve an environment that is continuing to challenge you and that is placing new and exciting opportunities into your life, not one that is chipping away at your livelihood.
It may be scary and it may seem overwhelming at first, but that’s where faith comes in. Look at your skill set. Take a hard look at the work you have done. Look at all you have overcome. Chances are, what you have far outpaces the environment you are in.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/Dentalprofessionalsworldwide/posts/3077739902477864
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 9 months ago
Maturing is realising some relationships were never meant to last even if you wanted them to
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jacketbones · 8 months ago
Gaster: I need you to swear-
Y/n: Fuck.
Gaster: ... Swear as in promise.
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akindplace · 5 months ago
Reminder: you are more than two years into a world pandemic, an economic crisis, and still people expect you to work the same way and go back to your workplace even though there is a new mutation of the virus. It's a recipe for feeling burnt out and anxious. It's okay to feel depressed, to be grieving, to be missing living a "normal" life, to feel unsafe and angry at your government. It's also okay to feel numbed out after all that has happened. However you may feel, it is okay. And it is okay to demand better conditions for healthcare and work in this time. You are not too demanding or too dramatic. It is okay to want to do more than just survive. Give yourself credit for going through all of this and how strong you have been. It was not easy, but you are here, fighting for your life and your rights. You are so brave. Be kind to yourself during these trying times.
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arsonistjughead · 9 months ago
polly is literally the most tragic character in riverdale. she got pregnant at a young age, felt like she needed to run away, was taken away to the sisters before she could do that, found out about her own boyfriend's death significantly later than everyone else, joined a cult to cope with her boyfriend's death, had to watch cheryl blossom be more of a mother to her own kids than she was allowed to be, had her relationship with betty and alice completely shattered, and in season five when it seemed like she was finally starting to mend things with her mom and have a good life with her kids she was brutally murdered as a sex worker. they never give this girl a break.
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expressionist-hira · a month ago
You don’t have to accept things you are not okay with.
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chaseschases · a year ago
to all my trans friends: you are not bad for correcting people’s use of your pronouns or your name. you are not selfish. you are not greedy. you are asking the bare minimum of them. correcting people’s use of your pronouns and name is important, you deserve to be acknowledged.
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icanseeuslostinthememory · 10 months ago
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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople · 6 months ago
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drewsbarrymcre · a month ago
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I don’t think you’ve ever done anything i’ve asked straight off, have ya? 
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grubloved · 5 months ago
this is the tragedy of the commons:
Picture a pasture open to all. It is to be expected that each herdsman will try to keep as many cattle as possible on the commons. Such an arrangement may work reasonably satisfactorily for centuries [...]
As a rational being, each herdsman seeks to maximize his gain. Explicitly or implicitly, more or less consciously, he asks, “What is the utility to me of adding one more animal to my herd?” This utility has one negative and one positive component.
1) The positive component is a function of the increment of one animal. Since the herdsman receives all the proceeds from the sale of the additional animal, the positive utility is nearly +1.
2) The negative component is a function of the additional overgrazing created by one more animal. Since, however, the effects of overgrazing are shared by all the herdsmen, the negative utility for any particular decision-making herdsman is only a fraction of 1.
Adding together the component partial utilities, the rational herdsman concludes that the only sensible course for him to pursue is to add another animal to his herd. And another; and another. . . . But this is the conclusion reached by each and every rational herdsman sharing a commons. Therein is the tragedy. Each man is locked into a system that compels him to increase his herd without limit–in a world that is limited. Ruin is the destination toward which all men rush, each pursuing his own best interest in a society that believes in the freedom of the commons. Freedom in a commons brings ruin to all.
this is Garrett Hardin's Tragedy of the Commons. this example was given to me a lot in my education, with the moral: commons cannot be free because everyone will try to get theirs and it will destroy everything. a lot of people cite variations on this idea as the reason why capitalism is the only way forward.
my question is: who is taking care of all these goddamn sheep? what herdsman on the PLANET wants as many sheep as possible? why is it assumed that more sheep would not also result in more work? why is it assumed that the herdsman would want more money at all? who is buying all of these wares? why is it assumed that there is infinite demand? what would the herdsman be buying with his money? why is it assumed that there is infinite things for him to buy with that money? why is it assumed that the degredation of the land he lives on is something the herdsman would not care about? why is it not his problem? why would he not care as much about the land as he does about his sheep?
these herdsmen do not exist in a vaccuum. this example presents itself as basic and universal, but it's not! it's contingent upon a lot of external implied factors! commons do not always degrade!
this example is only positing that in a system where you need to produce profit to live (!), where using resources more does not require any more labor on your part (!), where you additionally do not give a shit about the resource (!), where there is an infinite market to buy things from you (!), and infinite things to buy (!) people will follow a model of infinite growth. that is a lot of caveats!!! those are all very avoidable things!
Each man is locked into a system that compels him to increase his herd without limit–in a world that is limited. Ruin is the destination toward which all men rush, each pursuing his own best interest in a society that believes in the freedom of the commons. Freedom in a commons brings ruin to all.
the 'system' these folks seem to be locked into is not 'a society that believes in the freedom of the commons', george!!!! it seems like maybe it might be something else!!!!
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