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#you dont find a relationship like this every day!!!!!
notedchampagne · 2 years ago
dave and karkat are affectionate with each other in the most unexpected but also in undoubtedly endearing ways. one day you find them at walmart and daves sitting in the cart while karkats trying to push his husband and half-filled grocery cart down aisle 4 while theyre planning if the weathers nice enough to go for a walk in the park at sunset because karkat wanted to bring dave there so he could take pics of the one tree he mentioned he likes one time but on the other hand dave already rented out the entire movie theater so they could watch to all the boys ive loved before and try sitting down in every seat to determine which one is the best seat to view the movie at and also he likes watching movies with karkat another day you find an earth-c biz magazine with an interview on dave and karkats relationship and it spans 6 pages but they dont even really answer the questions lmao. the questions are the typical “favorite trait? what are your dates like? why do we keep seeing you recreate the titantic pose on your roof every other thursday? whats the haps about the marriage” and dave & kkats answers are all like “we need to go shopping soon dave. we need groceries dave. i know were immortal but it cant be healthy to always be on the brink of scurvy. whens the last time we ate a ‘vitamin see.’ oh hm oh yeah we do the titanic pose because its fun. whatre we here for again oh right marriage? yeah rose and kans marriage was bopping karkat cried a lot during the vows it was kinda cute but then he wiped his nose on my cufflinks which was fine i guess i kinda ordered that suit on a one-time basis anyway because i had it embroidered with rap lyrics in silk and i dont even know if that could survive the most delicate of caressing handwashes. i think i sold it on ebay idk where it is rn also karkat we need to go shopping soon im craving those long ass blouses that were apparently a trend?? idk but they look so soft and warm hey magazine dude have you noticed roxy and i were syncing up outfits lately were like the fashion twins now except were not twins but yeah like the peach booty shorts?? the jean tuxedo shirt?? im making bounds in history you better believe it” a week after that you just find them walking down the street happy and chatting and it looks so domestically normal and different from the usual grand gestures you find on the media you almost think theyre cosplayers. they next day they are cosplayers and they attend earth c comic con dressed as themselves and nobody believes that theyre legit. this post went off topic but so do dave and karkat
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