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#you got the tone of the show one million percent down
harrysbbby · a year ago
Don’t Forget Where You Belong - JJ Maybank x Reader - Part Fifteen
A/N:  OMFG the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!! EEK I think y'all are gonna like this chapter also she’s LONG so grab a snack and settle in cause you’re in for a WILD RIDE!!!
Tumblr media
gif by @rudypankows
Tumblr media
moodboard by the lovely @tcmhollnd
You were sat around a table at The Wreck. Kie placed a meal in front of you and a hot cup of coffee. You looked down at it numb. You knew you were hungry, but the thought of eating made you feel nauseous.
The moment JJ had turned around and spat in your face replayed in your head like a scene from a movie. The way he looked at you… it was like he had never cared for your before, like you were the root of all his problems.
“Y/N, please eat,” Kie urged you. You sniffled, wiping a stray tear that feel from your eye, reaching forward, slowly munching on a singular fry, and taking a small sip of the coffee. Your stomach churned, as the lump in your throat made it difficult to swallow, but you wanted to make sure you showed her you were okay. She seemed satisfied with your efforts, placing a warm hand on your arm, rubbing slowly. The bottom of your vision blurred as tears threatened to fall once again, keeping your head down as Pope, Sarah, John B and Kiara spoke around the table.
“He’ll come around, alright?” John B sighed, “he’s doing a JJ thing.”
You nodded, grabbing the sandwich of your plate, bringing it up to your mouth and taking a miniscule bite. Any other time you wouldn’t wolfed it down in two gulps, but the mention of his name made you feel as if you could never meet again.
“Do you think he’ll go home?” Kie asked quietly.
“There’s about a zero percent chance JJ goes home,” Pope said.
“You okay?” John B asked Sarah. She looked drained, mainly from having to keep up with the drama of the group she was now inducted.
“Yeah,” She nodded, “are you?”
“I’m in one piece so…” he laughed lightly before turning to you, “are you going to be okay Y/N?”
You finally brought your eyes up to meet the rest of the group. Their eyes conveyed their sorrow as they took in your blotchy face. You took a deep breath, throwing your head back to blink away your tears.
“I’m fine,” you said, “I’m… going to be fine,” you corrected, collecting yourself, “seriously, guys don’t worry about me. We’re got… bigger fish to fry.”
You sent them a small smile, the only one you could muster at that moment. Your friends smiled at you.
“That’s my girl,” John B said, as Pope grabbed your shoulders from his standing positing behind you, leaning down to wrap his harms around you. You cradled his as you laughed lightly, “That’s what we like to hear,” John B said, happy to hear you laugh.
Pope let go of you, moving back to pace as he spoke,
“It's too dangerous to pawn this thing off piecemeal. So, our best bet is to go down there and get the rest of it. Bring it all up at once. Put it in-- in a safe or a vault or something. I-- I don't know. Just until we can find someone who won't rip us off. I can figure it out tonight, get it done, and we can be out there tomorrow morning.”
“Sounds good,” you said, but with barely any enthusiasm as you took a melancholy bite of your sandwich.
“Let’s go,” John B said, before Sarah threw him a look over the table.
“What about that thing with my dad?”
“Shit,” he cursed.
“What thing?” Pope questioned.
“I have to go fishing with Ward.”
“You can't get 400 mil 'cause you're gonna go kill fish?”
“Look I have to go.”
“Blow if off,” Pope suggested, “It’s 400 million in gold!”
“Make something up,” Kie added.
“Look, I-- I have to, okay?” John B said, “He... he saved me, all right? If it weren't for Ward, I'd be in foster care. I have to go. Plus, it'll be better to do it at night. Right?”
The 5 of you sat in silence. Kie sighed, looking over at Pope, who hung his head but conceded,
“Fine. Fine, go fishing.”
“And at least JJ will probably have washed up by then,” Kie said but her flat tone didn’t make it sound hopeful.
You sighed at the mention of his name, standing abruptly, chair screeching against the floorboards as you went.
“I think I’m gonna head home,” you sniffed, wiping your nose with the back of your hand. Your friends nodded silently. You stood for a moment before moving towards the door, before a hand rested on your shoulder.
“Y/N,” you turned to see John B standing behind you, welcoming arms opened for you. You tucked your head into his chest as his arms wrapped around you, “he didn’t mean it.”
You started to cry quietly as he held you, “I know, I know,” you whispered, “it still hurt though.”
“He’ll come around. He loves you,” he held you at arm’s length looking into your bloodshot eyes, “just like I do.”
You gave the skeleton of a smile, holding out your fist for him to give you one of the Pogue bro handshakes.
“I love you too, JB,” you waved to your friends before grabbing your keys, jumping in your car and heading him.
As you stepped over the threshold of the door, you heard your mum call your name.
“Y/N! I’m so glad you’re home, I went to the store today and I wanted— What’s wrong?”
She came to a halt, watching you standing the entryway arms limp by your sides and bottom lip quivering. She rushed to your side, engulfing you in a hug. She stroked your hair as she shushed your small cries.
“Honey, what happened?”
“JJ and I got in a fight.” You let out slowly, stumbling over the words as your body trembled, “it was… it was pretty bad.”
“Oh, shhh,” She continued to rub your back as your cried into her neck. As you calmed, she let her grip falter, allowing her to lead you up to your room. She sat you down on your bed, taking your shoes off your feet as you sat there numbly. “I’m gonna go make you a nice hot cup of tea to make you feel better, alright?”
You nodded, flopping back onto your bed. But as your mum made her way back into your room, freshly made tea in her hand she noticed your closed eyes, and slow breathing. She smiled at your sleeping form, glad to see you peaceful. She slowly leant forward and pulled your door shut quietly, allowing you to sleep off the long and emotionally draining day you’d had.
You woke up to a hand shaking your shoulder, Kie leaning over your body. Your room had an orangey glow, alerting you to the fact the sun was setting. You rubbed your eyes, confused.
“What’s going on?” you mumbled quietly, stretching your arms as you woke up slowly.
“Morning sleepy head,” Kie joked, “we’re heading to John B’s to get the stuff set up for tomorrow.”
“And you need me for that?” you asked. She laughed,
“Of course, we do, you’re in this for the long run love,” she told you. You groaned, rolling over to face away from her.
“I want to sleep for the rest of my life,” you whinged, a longer groan coming out of your moth as Kie laid on top of you laughing.
“You know you can’t do that,” she joked, before throwing you a sideways glance, “What’s this about you not being JJ’s girlfriend?”
You groaned again, covering your face with your hands. Kie laughed, pulling them away from your face. You sighed,
“I may have kissed him again last night.” You said, causing Kie to squeal quietly, grabbing your shoulders and shaking you as her body pressed you into the bed. The first genuine laugh of the day escaped from your throat. Your smile dropped as you looked sideways at her, “I thought we were good, but you heard him this morning, I.. I just ugh.” You shrugged. Kie grabbed you in a hug.
“He’s just stupid ad insecure, you know, JJ.”
“Yeah I do,” you agreed quietly. You truly did know, everything about him and you knew why he was acting this way. He was taking his insecurities out on you because he didn’t know how to deal with them. And although you were upset with him, you weren’t mad, cause you knew that it meant he truly cared because he was terrified of messing it up.
“Come on,” Kie said pulling your laissez-faire body off the bed, “Pope’s waiting downstairs.”
You conceded, allowing her to drag you out of your house.
You pulled into the Chateau as Pope and Kie discussed the plans.
“Gotta be done before my scholarship interview in the morning,” Pope said, pulling the truck and bringing it to a stop.
“Okay, well, we gotta focus,” Kie said, jumping out of the car, and slamming the door shut. You exited Pope’s door, as he held it open for you.
“Don’t worry Pope, you’re gonna smash that interview. He smiled as he shut the door behind you before turning back to Kie,
“I know. It's gonna be fine. We got John B and JJ inside the well, and me and Y/N up top. You and Sarah will be outside transporting.”
“yeah got this,” she affirmed, shifting through the things in the back of the truck.
“Cool, I got a winch and that tin can hold over like… 200, 300 pounds.”
“Thanks,” Kie said quietly. Pope shot her a quizzical look.
“Uh, what for?”
“Stranding us. You know, making us make up.”
“What makes you think that was me?” He smiled at her. However, the cheeky grin slipped from his face at the sound of electricity whirling and fairy light illuminating the backyard.
“What the hell?”
The three of you cautiously made your way around John B’s house to be met by a string of multi-coloured lights, a hot tub and JJ popping the cork on an expensive champagne bottle. The three of you stared at him astounded.
“What did you do, JJ?” Pope asked, throwing his hands in the air as he looked around at all the stuff. Your eyes wandered across the miscellaneous items, your mouth hanging open. You could tell that this was the final straw for JJ. Your solemn eyes cast up at him as he spoke.
“I got a jet going straight in my butt right now,” his words slurred slightly as he giggled, “Y'all should get in immediately, you hear me?” he clumsily filled two flutes with the bubbly liquid, “Salud!”
“How much did this cost?” Pope demanded.
“Well, with the generator, the petrol, and oh, hey, express delivery…” he let out a drunken chuckle, “…pretty much all of it, yeah.”
“All of it?” Pope fumed.
“Tread lightly Pope,” you said through gritted teeth, knowing that this was the end of a very long, withered tether and it was threatened to break.
“Yeah, all of it,” JJ said nonchalantly, taking a swig from the bottle.
“You spent all the money in one day?” Pope asked dumbfounded.
“Yeah, burned a hole right through my pocket. But, I mean, like, come on, guys, like, look at this! Finest in jet-based massage therapy, that's what they told me.”
The three of you continued to stare at him. Unimpressed by your lack of enthusiasm he pressed,
“Kie, what?” he challenged, “Can't a man have a little luxury in life?” his voice faltered as he took off the sunglasses he’d been wearing, his tone shifting, “Come on, all this scrimpin' and scrapin'… I mean, like... guys, we— You only live once, right?”
“JJ,” you started quietly but he cut you off.
“I know you’re disappointed, it might not be up to your Kook standard but whatever, Y/N” his ability to dismiss you as if you’re nothing to him caused a deep pang in your chest but you knew it was a façade protecting him from what was really happening, “Enough of this emotional shit. Get in the Cat's Ass. Come on.”
He beckoned you all, but was met with Kie’s disapproving look,
“In the what?”
“In the Cat's Ass. That's what I named her,” he clarified, “Hey, yo, almost forgot,” he reached over flipping one of the switches causing the motor to run faster and water to trickle around him, “Yeah, that's right, I know. Disco mode. That's right, baby!”
“Are you kidding me?” Pope was fuming, “You could have paid for restitution!”
“Or literally given it to any charity!” Kie joined in angrily.
“Guys,” you tried to warn them, but your voice was too hoarse from crying that they couldn’t hear you over their anger (or the hot tub jets). They were pulling on that thread, yanking and tugging, and JJ was on the other end unravelling more quickly than he had before.
“You could have helped us buy supplies—” yank
“-to get the rest of the gold—" tug
“-- out of the well!” pull
“Okay, well, you know what? I didn't do that!”
JJ had stood up displaying the purple bruises on his body. A hand slipped over your mouth to cover your gasp as you stared at his body. His entire torso had been mangled. The three of you stood shocked as he continued,
“I got a hot tub! For my friends. I got a hot tub for my friends. You know what? No, you know what? Screw friends,” his voice became shaky, “I got a hot tub for my family!”
“What the hell?” tug
“Guys, look what I did for you! All right? Look at this! Look at this!”
“JJ” pull
“No, you stop being emotional. It's fine, okay?”
The thread had lost its elasticity. It had snapped. JJ had unravelled. Years and years of the string being yanked and tugged had led to him falling apart and he was spilling out in front of you, in the form of hot tears streaming down his face.
“I mean, it’s sweet, right? Everything—”
You pushed past Kie and Pope, your own hot tears streaming down your face for the countless time that day. You climbed up onto the sidestep of the hot tub. You reached for him, desperate to grab a hold of the shell of the boy you loved before he shrunk away so far you couldn’t get to him.
“Just get in!”
You wrapped your arms around his shoulders as his face fell into your stomach. His arms gripped around you manically, feeling for any piece of skin he could find. He held onto you, scared that if he let go, he would go back to where he was, getting kicked down and down further by his father. He grabbed his sides as he sobbed into you, allowing you to bring him out the hole he had been kicked down into.
“I just couldn't do it,” his voice was so broken you swore you could feel your heart shatter. Your vision was completely gone as you sobbed, rubbing one hand along his back and tangling the other in his hair, “I can't take him anymore!”
You shushed him as you placed a kiss on the back of his head. His body violently shook causing you to rock with him.
“I was gonna kill him.”
You couldn’t help the cry that left your lips. It broke you just as much as it did for him. You leant over his body cradling your head atop of his, desperately letting quietly whispers out of your mouth to centre him.
You felt extra pairs of arms wrap around you. Kie’s hair tickled the back of your neck as her head nuzzled in your neck. You could feel Pope’s arm rubbing soothing along your arm as JJ’s quiet voice came from the huddle of bodies.
“I just wanna do the right thing.”
“I know, I know,” you reassured him, voice cracking as it struggled to get the words out.
You held him for a while, all of you nestling into your group hug. You could feel JJ being to shake, from being cold in the wet and from crying so heavily.
“Come on let’s get you inside.”
You guided him out of the hot tub and into the Chateau. Pope and Kie followed you to the door but stopped before they came inside. You turned to them, pushing JJ towards the bathroom.
“I’ve got this, guys,” you assured them, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
They nodded in understanding. They both moved forward engulfing you in a hug. You smiled as you wrapped your arms around them
“Thanks, I love you guys,”
“I love you,” they chorused back. They let go exited out the door
“Good luck with the interview, Pope!” you called to him weakly, your voice not giving you much to work with. He shot you a grateful thumbs up before disappearing around the corner with Kie.
You retreated into the bathroom seeing JJ on the sitting on the toilet seat, his head in his hands. You leant down in front of him, grabbing his hands and pulling them away from his face. You ran your hand threw his hair moving it out of his face as he looked at you.
“I’m sorry,” his voice came out weakly. You nodded, showing him you accepted his apology but stayed silent, showing him you expected more, “I shouldn’t have treated you like that. You don’t deserve it.”
“Thank you, JJ,” you said sincerely. “What happened?” you asked lightly, pushing him back to lean against the wall to inspect his bruises.
“I took the restitution money I stole from Barry home to my dad,” he told you as you grabbed a cloth, running it under the water before dabbing it lightly across the bruises. “He said he wanted to use to gamble.”
You shook your head, “unbelievable,” you muttered under your breath.
“So, I tried to take it back from him and he—” his words trailed off, but you gave him another nod letting him know you understood.
You stood up, placing the cloth on the sink before holding both your hands out to him. He took them allowing you to slowly pull him up. Once he rose, he was standing close, his body almost touching yours. You leant away from him, turning the facet on allowing warm water (as hot as you could get it in The Cut after a storm) to strain out.
“You’re shivering, you need a shower,” you said turning to walk towards the door. But he grabbed your wrist, you turned back to him, eyebrows furrowed.
“Stay,” his voice was so small it was almost unrecognisable. You hesitated for a moment before nodding your head slightly.
He took his board shorts off leaving him in just his underwear as he stepped in under the water. You stripped yourself of your t-shirt and shorts leaving you in your bra and underwear. You followed him into the shower, careful to not get your hair too wet.
You both stood there for a while allowing the water to cascade down, relaxing your muscles. You slowly grabbed the soap bar, lathering it on your hands before daintily sliding your hands over JJ’s body, careful to avoid the bruises. He stood there numbly, allowing you to wash him, wishing that you would wash away all of the dirty things about him rather than just the physical on the outside.
“I really am sorry, Y/N,” he said again. You stayed focused on washing his body,
“I know,” you said.
“No, I mean, I’m so sorry. You’ve done nothing but look after me since the day we met yet I treat you like shit. I’m just, terrified that I’m not going to be able to be what you deserve. What you need. I— you’re perfect, Y/N. I just don’t know if I can…”
You stopped the movement on your hands as you looked up at him. His eyes were rimmed red and his cheeks were puffy. Your hands slowly slid up his body to rest on his neck as you pulled him towards you.
“You’re perfect to me,” you whispered before placing your lips on his. He returns your passionate kiss immediately, placing his hands on your hips as he pulls you as close as possible. You don’t even care about your hair getting wet as he deepens the kiss, his hands sliding around to your butt. Your hands tangle in his hair as you moan into his mouth.
He reaches behind you to turn the shower off. Both of you getting out, quickly reaching for the first towel you see you pat yourself dry so you’re not dripping before handing the towel for JJ to do the same. As soon as he’s done he tosses the towel to the side before grabbing your face and leaning down to capture your lips into another kiss, walking you backwards into his room at the Chateau. The back of your knees hit the bed, causing you to fall back. JJ’s body hovers over your own as he kisses down your neck. Your breathing quickens as you tug on his hair. He trails his feather-like kisses back up you neck before pressing a passionate kiss onto your lips, before pulling back, staring at you in the dimly lit moonlight.
“Y/N, I love you,” his voice is nervous, but at the same time certain. It sounds different to the other times he’d said it- not like the time you bought the boys burgers after a long day fishing, or when you successfully hooked him up with the hottest touron at the party, or when you would help him with his school work. This time, and you could tell by the look in his eyes, he meant it.
“I love you too, JJ,” you said back with as much certainty. He smiled as he pulled you into a kiss, catching the backs of your thighs and pushing you further into the middle of the bed, allowing him to crawl on top of you.
He continued to kiss you and you could feel him get hard between you. You moaned as he grinded into you before a hiss escaped his lips.
“What?” you asked, watching him retract from you quickly, a hand flying to his side.
“Ahh, sorry,” he sounded in pain, “it still really hurts.”
You crawled out from under him, kneeling on the bed with him. You grabbed the sides of his face, pulling him in for a deep kiss as you guided his body down onto the bed, before carefully straddling his hips. He pulled back, a curious look on his face.
“Just trust me,” you whispered, smirking as you murmured against his lips, “besides, weren’t you the one saying you wanted to be beneath me?”
A grin spread across his face as he eagerly grabbed the back of your head, smashing your lips against your own.
And so, you and JJ loved one another. It was something you had always known, or dreamed about, or both, but had never imagined actually happened. But as you spent that night with him in the spare bed in the Chateau, admiring each other in a more vulnerable light than ever before, you somehow fell even more in love with him.
And the butterflies in JJ’s chest flew viciously as his heart pumped blood so fast he felt like he might’ve died at times. But the feeling of kissing you, loving you and knowing you were his allowed him to let his guard down, pass you the thread, and allow you to stich him back together again.
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bandblogging · 2 years ago
I thought you were okay with this (Josh Dun Imagine)
Requested: jup yay, anonymous asked: Reader is Tyler’s sister and josh and the reader have been dating for a while and Tyler wasn’t okay with it at first but he’s better now and one day josh and the reader do something Tyler doesn’t approve of (hickies, pda [smut or no smut idc]) and Tyler gets angry and then josh is angry and everybody’s angry but then it’s nice in the end              
Words: 2.9k
Warning: Swearing, small amount of things of sexual nature
Sum.: Request + you went to an award show with Josh and your brother, after the night ended with another "award" for Josh, Tyler is pissed at finding you covered in hickeys and such
A/N: I hope this is what the Anon in mind :), please let me know if this was smutty enough or if you wanted more, also in general please tell me how smutty I should/could go                                                                      
Award shows had always been a tricky thing for you. You were invited along most times, Josh's plus one. And even though you didn't enjoy all the attention sometimes it felt good to get all dressed up and feel extra good about yourself. This time was no different. You had sat out the last two award shows and Josh had begged you to join them this time. You glanced one last time at yourself in the full length mirror that was hung up on the wall. Your floor length dress was a beautiful shade of dark blue that matched perfectly with Josh's suit jacket. "Ready?", Josh snaked an arm around your waist and smiled at you through the mirror. You nodded and turn towards him to press a kiss to his cheek.
You entered the car, closely followed by Josh who immediately sat on your dress. "You're going to make it wrinkly", you whined and slapped his shoulder before trying to pull it out from underneath him. His laughter roared through the car and he tried to stand up awkwardly to help you out. "Thanks", you muttered under your breath. When you were both properly seated Josh's hand grabbed yours and squeezed it slightly. You saw him smiling out of the corner of your eye but you knew this gesture. "It's fine Josh! They love you, you are going to win this damn award and I am one hundred thousand percent sure of that. You two worked so hard on this and it will pay off!", you spoke in a quiet and loving tone while squeezing his hand back. "You know me to well", a little chuckle left his mouth and he shook his head with a grin on his lips. You continued the rest of the car ride with only small talk trying to keep his mind of the imminent award show. But as soon as the car stopped you could feel his breathing speed up, a clear sign that he dreaded what was going to happen next. You knew exactly what situation was waiting for you out there, hundreds of paparazzi waiting to get their perfect picture of him and you, millions of questions and commands being thrown at you. Tyler and Jenna were a few cars behind you and so you were the first of the duo to arrive, to get bombarded by all the attention. You squeezed Josh's hand a last time and then let go of it. "Let's go Josh, let's get it behind us", you shuffled a little to be able to get out behind him in a few seconds. The door opened and your ears were filled with screams and yells. Josh left the car but leaned towards it with his right side, offering you his hand to hold while getting out. You got out of the car without stumbling and smiled at Josh before turning towards the screams. The next twenty minutes were going agonizingly slow but also were overwhelming. No matter how many times your boys had stood on the red carpet and no matter how many times you had done it, it would never stop to terrify and excite you at the same time. The blood was rushing through your veins and when you finally reached the private room for you all, adrenaline was still filling you. The smile dropped from you face trying to relax it a little, knowing your face would be stuck with a smile on it for the rest of the evening anyway. Josh sat down on the couch and sighed loudly. Tyler followed suit and threw his head back onto the headrest. Jenna appeared next to you and pulled you into a tight hug. "You look beautiful ", she whispered in your ear and smiled at you widely when she pulled back. "Oh yeah, says Mrs. Gorgeous over here", you laughed.
A few hours later there was only one category left before the one the boys were nominated in was being awarded. You took a sip of your water and felt Josh tense up next to you when the current winner went off the stage. He had one hand placed on you leg and he was tapping his fingers in a wild rhythm you didn't recognize. Tyler was sitting on your left side and kept glancing over at you and Josh but his head turned towards the stage when their category was called out. Both had their eyes fixed on the host and the tension at your table could have been cut with a knife. "And the winner is...", the voice that came out of the speakers made a dramatic pause and you held your breath in anticipation,"Twenty One Pilots" In a matter of milliseconds the boys jumped out of their seats just for Jenna and you to follow suit. You hugged Josh and kissed him quickly, congratulating him while doing so. When you turned around Tyler was already pulling you into a tight hug. "I am so unbelievably proud of you big bro", you hugged back tightly but pulled away quickly to let him walk towards the stage. While accepting the award their speech may or may not have caused you to cry a few tears of joy and pride. Jenna and you were standing with an arm around each other listening intently to what they were saying.
The rest of the award show went by in a flash and just like predicted a smile never left your face for the rest of the night. Your hand was intertwined with Josh's when you left the building on your way to the car. Tyler had reserved a table for all of you at a restaurant and so now you were trying to stuff four people in one car. Getting out of it at the restaurant was even more difficult then getting in which ended in a laughing fit of you and Jenna watching the boys trying to leave.
The table was out of the way of the others which provided a nice bit of privacy to you all. During the meal you felt Tyler's eyes on you whenever you and Josh would kiss each other quickly. You knew he wasn't a fan of PDA but on this night you were happy and proud which meant you just couldn't keep yourself away from Josh.
Even though Tyler had invited you to theirs for a celebratory drink Josh had quickly denied saying he felt a headache approach and that you would celebrate bigger at a later date. The drive back was silent, you were still trying to come down from the high that the night had put you on. When the car stopped at your shared apartment, Josh quickly payed the driver before grabbing your hand and pulling you outside the car towards him. You stumbled a little but tried to follow him as quickly as you could. He closed the door behind you and before you could even take your shoes of he had pushed you against it. "I thought you had a headache", you raised an eyebrow and smirked at him. As soon as he had met your eyes at that moment you had seen through his lie. "Not really, well it's not my actual head that is throbbing", his voice had deepened and it made a shiver run down your back. Your mouth fell open and you shook your head. "Josh!", you tried to sound shocked and slapped his shoulder playfully. "Sorry, you're just looking extra good tonight", he stepped a little closer and his mouth immediately found that little spot on your neck that made you melt. A moan fell from your mouth and your head automatically rolled to the side to give him more access. "I don't condone lying to my brother", he interrupted your sentence by kissing your neck again. You squeaked before continuing, "oh fuck it.". Your hands had previously rested on Josh's chest but were now eagerly pulling off his suit jacket. "Bedroom?", his voice sounded more like a growl by now and you nodded quickly.  
The bedroom door hadn't even closed when you felt the zipper of your dress being pulled down. As soon as your dress fell to the ground you were covered with kisses. You stepped out of your dress and got rid of your shoes. Your hands roamed Josh's chest, opening button after button agonizingly slow. He growled and opened your bra from the back while you tried to remove his dress shirt.
Moans, growls and screams filled the room for a while until you were laying next to each other panting and trying to catch your breath. "Fuck that was... Wow", you had to breath heavily in between. Josh chuckled at your words and pressed a kiss to your sweaty temple. You curled up slightly and snuggled into his side. His arm held you in place and you heard him slightly snoring in a matter of minutes, it didn't take you long to follow suit.
A sunbeam was shining directly in your face and woke you up. You rubbed you eyes and saw Josh lying next to you still asleep. Your stomach growled and so you slowly got up, trying to not disturb the sleeping man next to you. From the bedroom floor you picked up the pair of panties and Josh's dress shirt from the night before. You quickly pulled them on, only buttoning a few of the buttons of Josh's shirt. The tiled floor felt cold underneath your bare feet when you walked into the kitchen. Pancakes were probably the easiest to whip up on the spot especially since Josh loved them. You had finished cooking around half the batch when Josh hugged you from behind and pressed a kiss to your neck. "Morning babe", you could feel him smile against your skin when he stole a pancake and sat down at the breakfast bar next to the stove. "Morning to you too", you laughed and slid the syrup over the table towards him. Just when you returned to the stove the bell rang, indicating that someone was at the front door. "Use a plate", you said towards Josh while walking out of the kitchen and towards the door.
You pulled it open only a little, aware that you were only half dressed. "Tyler, hi", the awkward tone of your voice made you cringe at yourself. "Josh up yet?", he pushed open the door a little and stepped inside. "Kitchen", you said and hoped that he would walk straight past you giving yourself enough time to race to your bedroom and get dressed. He took a few steps down the hallway and then turned around towards you. "Y/N... What in the world are you wearing? ", he held a hand in front of his eyes and suddenly you were hyper aware of what you were looking like. You closed the door quickly and stepped towards him. "I'm just gonna change alright?", you said through gritted teeth and pushed past him. You knew the comments he would make, the guilt he would make you feel. You changed as quickly as you could but when you left your bedroom you could already hear him shouting at Josh, "She's my little sister Josh! What the fuck are you doing to her." "Tyler fucking hell we've been together for years by now when will you let it go", Josh sounded irritated and annoyed. You entered the room, walking towards the stove and turning it off, having lost your appetite for pancakes. "Doesn't make it any better that you are fucking the shit out of my sister", you could swear that he even made regurgitating sounds after his comment. "I thought you were finally okay with this.",you didn't have the strength anymore to scream over this.
You had done it too many times, you could still remember all the times this argument had come up like they were just yesterday. You and Josh had been dating for over two years by now and in the beginning it was incredibly difficult for Tyler to accept it. You had kept it a secret from him for a while, wanting to figure out if you two would work out together before breaking it to him but it only made him feel lied to. He wasn't okay with you dating his best friend, his band mate. He worried that if things didn't work out it would get too awkward with you being family and so being still involved with the band one way or another. He also worried that you would get hurt, not intentionally of course, but he knew from first hand experience that touring and having a significant other was difficult. All the long times away, only phone talks and having to worry for somebody halfway across the world was hard and painful at times. You used to fight about this a lot, at some point your were close to giving up and ending your relationship with Josh, but he always convinced you otherwise. It had been two years and even though it was hard at times you fought through it, you felt like it made your relationship even stronger. After a year of you and Josh dating Tyler had calmed down and even if he wasn't fully happy with it yet he had accepted the situation. Sometimes there were some snarky remarks but for the most part he didn't say anything and was even happy when he saw you two together happily. Sadly his yell interrupted your thought and pulled you back into the present. "She is covered in hickeys and scratches, are you an Animal?", you saw Tyler pointing a finger at you. You hadn't looked into a mirror yet but you believed him straight away. Josh wasn't looking much better anyway, thankfully Tyler couldn't see his back from where he was standing. "Fuck you Tyler!", you spat back at him and slapped his pointed finger. "You and Jenna aren't much better, I've seen her after a night with you and she does not look any different. You aren't innocent either.", your tone was cold and stern. "But you're my little sister and he is my best friends, that just disgusting. You're both like family", he shook his head and you couldn't tell if it was disappointment or anger in his eyes. "But we aren't! We aren't relate, he treats me very well and goddammit yes Tyler we have sex just like you and most other people in this world. You barged in here this morning, we didn't want you to see it. We don't want to taunt you with it, but you have to accept it", all anger left your body and the only thing you felt was sadness and disappointment. "And I ask you to leave if you want to talk this shit. Just get over it and accept us", your voice broke slightly towards the end and you had to bite your lip to stop it quivering. You walked to the front door in a fast pace and opened it widely, looking at Tyler and pointing towards it. "I love you but we don't want you here if you're going to act this way", Tyler slowly moved towards the door and looked at you with a sorry expression before walking out the door. At least he knew when to leave.
When the door closed you felt arms wrap around you and a kiss pressed to your head. "You know that he will be standing on the door step in a couple of hours to apologize right?", Josh had dropped his head on your shoulder and whispered into your ear. You slowly nodded. It's what he always did, always promises for it to have been the last time, that he would be okay with it now. And you would accept, obviously, family was one of the most important thing in your life.
It took a day this time for him to come back. The door bell rang, Josh had left the house earlier to go to the gym and so you were lounging in just some sweats on the couch. When you opened the door the look on his face could have said it all. "I'm sorry Y/N", he moved inside and took his shoes of. "I know I said the last time that I would be okay with it and I kind of was but yesterday I don't know. I guess it just rubbed me the wrong way.", he followed you into the living room and sat down next to you. "I should be the bigger one in this situation, I am the older one but I am just worried. I trust you two completely, sometimes I just...", he sighed and placed his head into his hands. "I am genuinely sorry for what I said yesterday and how I reacted. I was wrong, I want to try and keep my mouth shut if it should bother me again. I don't want to think about you know doing that but please promise me to be safe", his cheeks had turned pinkish when he looked up and you could feel the awkward tension between you two. "It's okay Tyler. We are safe, in all ways. Josh is probably as good as a boyfriend could get, so please don't worry about us, he won't get rid of me that quickly.", you chuckled sightly and leaned on Tyler. "But you need to promise me to keep your thoughts about those concerns to yourself and let us be, please!", you sounded tired and almost defeated. "I promise, I promise on my spot as the favorite Joseph!", he wrapped his arms around you and you could feel his laugh roaring through your body. You shook your head and laughed with him, hopefully this would be last of theses conversations.
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