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writingraven · a day ago
When You Need Motivation Imagine…
(for the people who crave external validation)
have realistic expectations… but dream a little too — you deserve it <3
➵ someone rereading your book because they love it so much
➵ someone analyzing your characters and plot
➵ someone relating to your character and feeling seen
➵ someone making headcanons about your character you didn’t even consider but oh my gosh yes that’s so true
➵ someone giving you five stars
➵ someone recommending your book
➵ someone quoting your story
➵ someone noticing the littlest detail you never thought anyone would pick up on but they did and they love it
➵ someone tagging/annotating your book
➵ someone making fanart of your characters/setting
➵ someone making memes about your story
➵ seeing someone read your book in public
➵ someone posting about how amazed they are at your brilliantly creative mind
➵ someone begging for a sequel
➵ someone getting a tattoo to represent your story
➵ having a book signing / meet & greet
➵ someone asking you to sign their copy of your book
➵ someone asking you for writing advice because you’re an inspiration to them
➵ your story becoming a tv show or movie
➵ someone reading your book in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years
➵ your book being turned face-forward on someone’s bookshelf so they can always admire it
➵ your book being discussed in a book club
➵ someone gifting your book to a friend
➵ friends reading your book at the same time to enjoy it together
➵ making someone’s day by simply responding to a message/comment about your story
➵ bookstore employees playing that recommendation game, getting your genre, and immediately running to find your book from the shelf
➵ someone trying to shift to your world
➵ your character being someone’s favorite book boyfriend/girlfriend
➵ someone smiling while reading your book
➵ inspiring someone to finish their own story
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mysdrym · 2 days ago
I, for one, am very proud of Jonathan for taking up parkour. 
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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople · 8 months ago
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expressionist-hira · 27 days ago
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bestyouuniveristy · 2 months ago
Have patience with yourself. Nobody ever got better overnight. You’ll get wherever you need to be in time. For now, remember that every day that you survive is a step forward, and you have survived many tough days that you thought wouldn’t pass. Be proud of yourself and keep going.
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daisyprayers · 2 years ago
Experiencing burnout in an area you love doesn’t mean you are no longer passionate about that thing, or are any less good at it. It’s often an indication that there are other parts of your life that need your care. A garden looks most beautiful when every flower is watered, and you deserve to nourish yourself in the same way. You will flourish again.
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oliviafitmomof3 · 2 months ago
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whydamnitwhy · 7 months ago
The hilarity of Andrews Gay Panic™️ when, on his BIRTHDAY, his crush (who he knows just found out he’s gay from Renee) comes into his dorm saying things like “Can we talk?” And “I wouldn’t crash your birthday party if it wasn’t important.”
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mychaptersarebeautiful · 7 days ago
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Via NAMI on Facebook.
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kittenwitchandthebadvibes · 12 months ago
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inmomentsofhappiness · 3 months ago
Make your energy the prettiest thing about you.
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luxsocialite · 6 months ago
You are art
Art is precious, creative, beautiful, meant to be adored and gazed upon. Art is unique, inspiring, timeless, has many layers to it.
You are art
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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople · 2 months ago
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expressionist-hira · 2 months ago
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Me: mentions childhood incident I thought was normal
Friends: ummmm that's emotional abuse
Me: starts noticing how I tend to have panic attacks or dissociate when my parents do or say certain things, tries to talk to them about it
My parents: You're lying and making this all up
Me: spends years thinking that I'm crazy and blaming myself
You're not crazy - someone is gaslighting you.
You can speak up.
It is never your fault.
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bornanoldsoul · 9 months ago
start to romanticise your life. please please please. do it. it's going to change you. it's not silly or stupid i promise. pay attention to the smallest things: how the cream in your coffee is creating galaxies, how the wind is making that tree look like it's dancing, how someone's hair is moving while they're walking. notice every inch of everything. it's so important. because it's when you start romanticising your life that you become grateful for what you already have.
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oliviafitmomof3 · 11 days ago
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 4 months ago
The day I decided I didn’t deserve to suffer anymore was the day I started living again
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prettypositivity · a year ago
sending love to those that are struggling with something they haven’t told anyone about. stay strong. keep going. it will work out. I promise
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fell-star-if · a month ago
Me scrolling the tags of Shian and look at their post related to boost my mood from the Thesis
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You got this Jaune, beat that Thesis paper up-
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