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#you guys are lovely

I’ve been really stressed over the past couple weeks due to my job, but me just popping in here and seeing the lovely tags for my art honestly warm my heart and fuel me to keep going with my job. Thank you guys so much! I know it’s taking a long time, but I’m still working on additional Dark Souls + Undertale art!

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Oh thank you, it’s okay, I’m not really upset about it; it’s unfortunately not the first time that I get this kind of comments.

But I do think it’s too bad that fans are harsh with other fans just because they have different opinions on otps and such. It used to be worse with Rachel stans and Perachel shippers years ago.

I think people are just really passionate about their ships and its great but sometimes they get carried away. So guys please be nice with each other. Like seriously, I got called homophobic just because I don’t ship this wlw ship in particular. My bff who happens to be straight ships Ruegard, I’m queer and I ship Chrisse. There. No need to get heated up.

I respect the Ruegard ship, even liked some cute fanarts of them and I understand that people see chemistry between the two of them that can be interpreted as more than friendship but I guess it’s just not my case?

Again: my perspective.

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LMAO my hiatus was originally longer but wth let’s just address some things.

I needed some time to breathe - and I was correct to do so, it was actually really helpful to sort out ma life - and it left me with lots of new stuff planned (for those interested haha who knows…). I won’t be back 100% because it’s a process but yeah, taking time for myself was actually great and very helpful. yay

No hate is allowed from now on, only flowers and sunlight <3 No fandom fights, no ship fights, no hidden group chats, and no hateful anons! YAY LIFE IS GORGEOUS! I wasn’t in a good mental state to address some of this hate earlier back, but now I’m here to say: no no no no space for hate. Go do something else instead. Let’s enjoy only the good things from now on :)

I’ve deleted the older asks and am so SO grateful to have the friends I have here, they gave me space to think and to heal. They respected me and loved me and became the most wonderful online family during these hard times.

I’m going to address the other anon about the episodes gifset on other ask, but just to say: thank you for being so graceful on that. It brought reason where it was scarce (fandom fights are just crazy people shooting each other) and very refreshing for that. Will post them soon. 

I took a mini-break and end up completing my first multi-chapter fic haha need no to this more (it’s ellick quarantined together and more about it later). Also started digital art and found my place in what I’m studying, so wow a lot can change in a couple of days, uh

Anyway, I’m rambling now. Thank you so much anon! This made my day when I logged in again. <3 <3 <3 I feel so loved. 

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oh god thank you so much!!

art always needs to convey emotions, to share what you feel, every method is valid until you like what you do and you are able to share what you want to share. I felt so upset and mad and sad, but my classmates helped me a lot my family and you all too. I have all the support I need to yell her

“okay boomer”

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