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#you know Im right
The Narrator, condescending, with a bit of gay subtext:
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graveyard-collection · 4 months ago
Villagers in minecraft technically don't have assigned genders, but the humming sounds a villager makes sound primarily masculine. If you hit one with lightning, it turns into a witch, whose cackling sounds rather feminine. In minecraft, too much lightning can trans your gender. Evil X is primarily associated with lightning. In this essay, I will-
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jaymesdoodles · a month ago
c!clingyduo are the type to drop their forks on purpose to go under the table to plan something or talk shit about the others
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long-boy-in-the-soup · a month ago
I hate to say it but if there were to be a Destiny movie, Chris Pratt would be cast as Cayde
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potato-republic · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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absolution-in-absentia · 8 months ago
Lil Nas X and the band Ghost should get together for the ultimate Im fucking Satan Song
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jackles-coded · 2 months ago
Look all I'm saying is it wouldn't hurt to have a scene with Josh and Eddie, okay? With Eddie and Buck in the same room even. You know Josh is going to see through that shit in 6.7 seconds flat.
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hello-yue-here · a month ago
the biggest innacuracy about college au fics in every genre is the lack of drama between friend groups.
like yes we always get the drama between the main ship in the fics
but you know DAMN WELL there is even more drama in the friend group.
hate to break it to yall but college au atla? katara is talkin MAD SHIT on toph. toph is too. suki is constantly pissed off with something zuko did. aangs usually just vibing. theres always one guy just vibing. sokka straight up hates everyone. its a mess.
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luckyyharms · 8 months ago
there are 3 types of people in this fandom:
the god complex
crippling depression
depressed god
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marsuro · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
attacka you
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catboyoowada · 8 months ago
i feel like both mondo and kiyotaka would be type to wear hawaiian shirts on vacation but in extremely different ways like you know since mondo DOES have a sense of fashion he would probably pull off some cool classic bisexual look while kiyotaka would only wear it because “WELL we ARE on vacation so I AM wearing THE vacation outfit” and be standing there looking like someone’s dad
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Okay BUT
Tumblr media
Is the same as this:
Tumblr media
I do not accept criticism.
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