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lotsoffandomimagines · 14 hours ago
Hi Ace! Can I get headcanons for Bokuto who has a really scary, mean-looking s/o who's actually just a shy, misunderstood sweetheart. Thanks!
bokuto koutarou with a scary looking misunderstood s/o would include...
Tumblr media
warnings: some insecurity? what can be perceived as bullying? idk
Besides being known as one of the best Ace’s in Japan, Bokuto was also known by his friends to be a really goofy and somewhat sensitive guy
So it comes to a bit of surprise when he comes to practice one day and excitedly announces that he’s dating you
Your reputation is pretty different than Bokuto’s. No one really knows you all that well but you always have this resting angry expression on your face
This leads people into making assumptions about you but Bokuto knows different
Your boyfriend knows you’re just shy, so that’s why people don’t know you all that well. You’re actually really sweet too. The look you wear isn’t purposeful, once again it’s just your resting face
All Bokuto wants is for people to see you how he sees you. That way you might feel a little more confident!
So he’s always going on about how amazing and nice you are. People aren’t sure if they buy it at first but gradually people start giving you a chance
The only one besides Bokuto to not assume things about you is Akaashi
He’s pretty observant and sure, when people first look at you they might sense nasty energy but Akaashi’s easily able to notice that you’re really just an introvert who needs a friend
Meaning that you and Akaashi become fast friends after you and Bokuto start dating
With Bokuto always going on about you, the team is soon willing to meet you. You’re nervous about it but Bokuto talks you into it
Everyone surprised that, while you’re with Bokuto, another side of you comes out and everyone starts to think you’re quite adorable
Sometimes you get insecure about all the rumours about you but Bokuto is there to make you feel better 🥺
“You really don’t think I’m a bad person?”
“What?! No way, you’re adorable little baby”
Ugh he just loves you so much
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treysbimbo · 11 hours ago
leona kingscholar + his birthday.
cw: nsfw under cut — slight breeding, oral (m. receiving), face fucking, praise, mind break mentions. minors dni.
a/n: i have not watched the english translation for his bday so this is probably wrong T_T.
Tumblr media
⟶ leona isn’t a big fan of celebrating his birthday — or at least he wasn’t before he met you. you give him something to look forward to every celebration he has for his special day, the gifts he knows you spend a lot of time thinking and picking out, the sweet messages he wakes up to, and the excited face you have when you barge into his dorm room, gift bags in hand.
⟶ whenever you arrive, he’s always trying to cut the party short — he wants to just lay down in the comfort of his bed with you snuggled in his arms, a nice and comfortable nap for the both of you. after you do it for one of his birthdays, he’s already talking about how it’s what he wants for the next one, too.
⟶ he’s a little annoying too when it’s his birthday because he thinks he can get away with everything (he can). he’ll constantly ask for your affection, interrupting your conversations as he wraps his tail around you. he thinks the only person you should pay attention to is him, after all, it’s his birthday!
⟶ leona is much more gentle today than any other day, he’ll kiss all over your body, telling you how grateful he is for all you do and how happy he is to be able to call you his. it’s the only time of the year (besides your birthday) he’ll let himself be much more vulnerable and romantic.
⟶ he’s more than happy to do the work like he usually does, but he’d prefer for you to ‘treat’ him a little bit today. let him lay back and just set yourself between his legs, choking on his cock as he holds your head still and thrusts his hips upwards. he just loves the way tears run down your cheeks and drool down your chin. or, maybe he’ll be a little bit nicer and actually lay back, letting you slobber on his dick as you suck him off, low groans leaving his mouth with the thrust of his hips every now and then.
⟶ definitely wants to have you all wrapped up like a present, even though a part of him finds it very stupid. he won’t unwrap you until he’s finished fucking you silly, watching you only be able to moan and cum, filling you full as he thinks of his future with you. he’ll whisper in your ears about fucking you full until you’re guaranteed to have his children, even though he’s sure you can’t even hear him in the state you’re in.
Tumblr media
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veethe · 14 hours ago
Hey bagel, just wanted u to know that I think you’re really attractive. That’s all, keep living your life with that info!
Tumblr media
Message failed to send because of an unknown error.
Try again later.
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bakumu · 18 hours ago
cw: kisaki tetta, possessiveness, creampie, mentions of violence and murder, brainrot I guess 🙈
minors do not interact.
Tumblr media
Thinking about being Kisaki Tetta's pillow princess who wants for nothing and has him wrapped around your little finger. He works more than he should and kills more than he should, but he spends his day waiting for the moment he can go back to his penthouse apartment and sink into your heat. He uses your body to melt his stress away while whispering the nastiest, possessive shit into your ear. "You know I'll kill anyone for you, right? You're my sweet girl, always take my cock so well. My fucking slut. Yeah? This pussy belongs to me. Say it. Who’s fucking cunt is this, princess? That’s right, it's fucking mine." Kisaki makes you cum as many times as he thinks you can handle before he fills you. He groans at the sight of your leaking cunt before he pulls you into his chest and wraps his arms around you. He vows to burn down the entire world if something ever happens to you.
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yorkieporkie · 10 hours ago
Drawing request: How about Luke and suitless Vader ? I'm dying to know how you draw Anakin
ps: your drawings are so sweet omg
Tumblr media
This was fun to draw! and thank you so much! I’m happy you enjoy my artwork
(I’m taking more requests!)
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adrellion · 13 hours ago
Okay but it's time to appreciate the relationship Fischl and Oz have.
Yes it's mainly that princess and servant one but they're also the best of friends and that's so sweet when you know that Fischl used to be alone most of the time, only reading fantasy stories all by herself.
Not only is Oz supportive of Fischls whole lifestyle, hes also just there for her as a friend or maybe tiny bit of a father figure.
It's just one of the relationships that's not as appreciated and talked about
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pharahsgf · 11 hours ago
you know what i think it's nice that lan wangji takes wei wuxian's cynophobia seriously & shields wei wuxian from what he's afraid of & doesn't make fun of him or try to tell him it's silly. most scenes featuring wei wuxian's phobia are framed as comedic & other characters joke about it a lot but iirc lan wangji never does, and while wei wuxian doesn't seem too self-conscious it's still nice that lan wangji is so considerate
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slut4dream · 14 hours ago
Okay but tell me dream is not the kinda boyfriend that If you were having a bad day no matter if it was pouring down with rain to cycle or walk or whatever to your house with flowers even if he could only stay for five minutes just so you know that he’s thinking of you and is there for you - J
this is so sweet :((( him not even knowing how much it means to u when he does things like that, he just thinks it’s normal
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frosteee · 14 hours ago
TMNT 2003: The Cute Moments (Ep. 1, S. 1 - Part 2)
[[Part 1]]
Tumblr media
Raph: Nice Dragon Kick. Ah, sweet Double Phoenix Punch. Hey, you know this one? *sweep kicks three ninja*
You could say this counts as more of a badass moment, but personally I think this is cute in at least two ways. Either Raph is making up these move names on the spot to mess with his opponents, which is adorably cocky, or these are genuine move names that Splinter taught him that Raph knows off by heart because he's a good student.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mikey: Don, are we beating them, or are they beating us?
Donnie: *notices flying projectiles of death, jumps into the truck and yanks Mikey in*
Donnie: *opening the door, now riddled with shuriken* Ask me again when we're winning, Mikey!
Donnie's 'OH SHIT' face is cute as heck. And because he's the only one who notices they're literally seconds from death, Mikey gets to live too! Hooray for bros looking out for each other!
Tumblr media
Mikey: Nice driving, Don! For a turtle with no license!
Donnie: Hey, do you want pretty, or do you want effective?
Mikey and Leo, trained ninja who just beat up a bunch of guys a few minutes ago, bouncing around the back of the truck like kids with no seatbelt is adorable lol. Also cute how Mikey expects Don to drive any better than he could when Donnie's only experience is probably definitely trucker simulators. None of them have licenses! None of them are even citizens! They're all illegal! XD
Tumblr media
Mikey: Ninjas in New York City, besides us? It's just not right!
I love how offended Mikey sounds, like the very existence of the Foot Clan is a violation of his turtle rights. We're the ninjas, it's not fair! *stamps foot* Never change, Mikey!
Tumblr media
Mikey: Show me the money, baby! WOO-HOO!
Mikey's so cute when he's excited, it's just a shame it's stolen money and not lottery money. You can just tell he knows exactly what he's going to spend it on - snacks, pizza, video-games. Nothing else. He'd give the remainder to his bros, though.
Leo's 'holy shit' stare is adorable too.
Tumblr media
Leo: Take care of this money, will you, guys?
Non-license-carrying, illegal-alien mutant turtles just DRIVE BY THE NEAREST COP CAR AND THROW A BAG OF STOLEN MONEY ON THEIR CAR AND DRIVE AWAY! THE COPS SEE THEM, TOO! The sheer ballsiness of this decision makes it so adorable. Leo is so dedicated to being a good boi, he's willing to put aside Splinter's teachings to do the right thing...
Tumblr media
Policeman 1: Did you just see that? Some little green men just threw a bunch of money at us!
Policeman 2: Heh. Rookie.
I had to include these two - I don't know if we ever see them again, but this one exchange is just too cute. The pure innocence of the young cop and the indifference of the older cop who scoffs at the idea of four green men throwing money at their car and booking it being weird - WHAT HAS THAT GUY SEEN??? I need to know!!
Tumblr media
All: Master Splinter! You're alright! *cheering*
Splinter: I am glad to see you too, my sons!
Just seeing the boys all happy and cheering together is so soft and lovely <3 They're so happy to see their rat daddy!!
Tumblr media
And shoulder-pats of affection from ultimate soft boi Raph :D
Gah, because stupid tumblr won't allow me to post more screenshots and I don't want to make too many parts to episodes (unless you guys don't mind!), so I'll write the rest here:
Happy Splinter being happy because his sons are back and because he's found a cool new home for them all (well, by accident, but still) and he can't wait to show them.
Each turtle having their own unique way of jumping into a hole to showcase their personalities is very cute :D
Raph pushing Mikey down the hole before he can utter his signature COWABUNGA is cute in a meanie-big-bro kind of way.
Mikey expressing his doubts to Master Splinter in a very guilty way: "No offence, Master Splinter, but this place doesn't seem so great". Like, he doesn't want to hurt his dad's feelings, but he also can't not say something. So cute!
Mikey imitating Splinter's old-man walk is cute in a meanie-little-kid kind of way - let's be honest, we've all done the same thing at some point!
The turtles' happiness when they finally see their new lair and how awesome it is.
Mikey being so excited he claims like two rooms for himself in the first minute of being there XD
Leo being all teacher's pet and then Splinter turning round like 'Great you boys like the house - now start cleaning! It's filthy!' and the turtles going 'Awww, man!' XD Every kid and everybody who was once a kid knows their pain lol. Adorable family moment before Nasty Saki makes his debut.
FIN! Hope you enjoyed! I'll cover Episode 2 for more cute moments soon!
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adhdculture · 18 hours ago
is listening to every version of the gilligans island theme i can find on itunes cause i crave that sweet sweet vocal harmony
You know what? That's fair. Sometimes you have to listen to one song or all the versions of the song because brain doesn't want anything else
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mueritos · 2 years ago
Hey Matteo do you have any tips on how to dress as a trans man? I don’t... really know what to wear and look nice without features I would rather not show off being more easily seen if that makes sense
I’ve actually been working on a wardrobe guide a while back, but this made me remember to finish it, so here it is! All of this is stuff I’ve learned from experience and are my preferences, but I hope you can get something out of it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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theheadcanonzone · 3 years ago
The non-IPRE balance gang just forgets how much time the crew spent together sometimes. They spent 100 years fighting together and being roomates, so that tends to lead to very close friendships.
They all know exactly what they like and what they hate. Carey once asked Magnus what Lucretia would like for her birthday and Magnus just made an extremely specific and detailed list of about 20 different items in a heartbeat and another 30 items that he said she would despise. Magnus may have said that he feels like he and Lup never hung out enough but that’s a downright lie. Lup and Magnus are so in sync that Angus asked Magnus what he though Lup would want to do on the weekend and he had decided on the perfect activity immediately (volcano hiking). 
All of the IPRE crew also played a lot of table-top games, so they are elite chess players, especially Merle. Angus once made the mistake of challenging Barry to a chess game. He lost horribly. (Barry purposely dragged out the game for an hour and didn’t lose a single piece) If you want to even try to play Yooker against Davenport you better be prepared to cry your eyes out because this man has no mercy when it comes to bets (unless your name is Merle Highchurch).
There’s also so much harmony between them. Merle and Davenport are actually very coordinated in what they do. They can dance together with their eyes closed and still manage to not only avoid any awkward collisions or mistakes, but they look amazing as they do it. Taako and Lucretia are perfection when they do karaoke together. Killian put them together to help them make up, but when the two of them are competitive as fuck, Taako immediately forgets any qualms he has about Lucretia for the duration of the song and they absolutely destroy Team Sweet Flips at their performance of “Livin’ on a Prayer”.
You can imagine the crew’s surprise when they find that Taako “I-didn’t-let-anyone-but-Lup-hold-me-until-Cycle-52″ Taaco was lying in Kravitz “I’ve-been-dating-Taako-for-2-months-and-I’m-always-ice-cold” Adventurezone’s lap in the middle of winter.
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