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#you know what
jackdaw-jargon · a day ago
A quick note. More and more repost accounts keep popping up on this site (yeah a few of them repost with credit). Guys please DO NOT let repost accounts get popular, please keep supporting artists in the meantime. There's a huge problem of repost accounts on Instagram where they get all the traction, attention, etc. and small, original artists are constantly sidelined and forgotten. The treatment of artists on Tumblr is already shite so if repost accounts get popular here the way they do on Instagram, artists will become pretty much obsolete.
TLDR: stop supporting (liking, reblogging, following) repost accounts / reposted artwork!! please it's not even that hard!
And for those of you who argue 'BuT ThEY HeLP SmAll ArTiStS GeT ExPoSuRe!!' no they absolutely do not. They just keep reposting art from popular twitter artists without their permission or linking back to the artist. Repost accounts don't give a rats ass about small artists. Reposting will never help artists the way reblogging, following and liking does.
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beradan · 10 months ago
Whan that Novembre with his windes colde Hath called out the voteres yonge and olde And maketh hem to stande in lines longe, To signes wave, and eek to singe songes; Whan Georgia hath hirself at laste allyd With Grittye and his cursed staringe eye, And hem that counte hath made the weary weep, The pundites babbel (and a fewe not sleep); Whan eek the Elyphaunte with all his host The trump hath sounden, and hath made his boast, Around yfuckt, and eek hath finden oute, Than longen folk to go to Four Seasouns Total Landscapinge .
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aqueencomplexwrites · 3 months ago
Still thinking about this @onyxoverride
All characters are aged 18+ in this
He just feels so good with your hand wrapped around his cock, pumping him as if you hadn’t just denied him the pleasure of an orgasm. Twice.
Izuku is grabbing at the sheets, head pushing back into the pillow as he squirms, his voice getting higher as his third orgasm is approaching. His eyes roll back in his head, mouth wide open as he’s about to cum, not even going to tell you this time in case you tease him again.
Which is what you do, removing your hand from his twitching cock while he whines, shaky hands grabbing at your arms, your shoulders, short nails digging in your back.
“Please. Please let me cum!”
“I’ve been a good boy, so good!”
“I’ll do whatever you want, please!”
And so you indulge, sitting on his pretty dick, feeling him grip your hips with bruising strength. You adjust for a moment, watching his face contort in pleasure as you squeeze around him. He’s so sensitive, and looks so pretty with the tears prickling in the corners of his eyes from being denied.
You lift your hips, hands splayed on his chest, then sink back down, his hips reaching to meet your pace as you slowly bounce on his cock. He feels so good, so so good, and he’s telling you.
“So warm.”
“Fucking- hah- tight..”
It doesn’t take long for him to reach his first orgasm, body lightly shaking from how goddamn good it felt. He didn’t have time to ponder on how much better it felt than his orgasms in past as you grind on him. He looks up at you, tears falling as you gently rake your nails down his chest as he babbles to.
“‘S too much-“
“Cant-Can’t do it anymore.”
You ignore him, feeling him get hard again inside of you before you start to bounce on him, pulling louder and much more high pitched whines and moans than you ever have. The way he squirms underneath you, hands moving on you, off you. Squeezing your thighs, gripping the sheets, brushing through his hair, pawing at your hips.
It’s when you lean down to bite his ear lobe, dragging your teeth down the flesh, that he cums for a second time, his body shaking as he holds you close, burying his face in your neck from the pleasure.
You continue to circle your hips, smirking as more tears fall from his eyes.
“C-Can’t, no more... can’t do more..... please.....”
He whines, begging, but how can you stop now? You did, after all, owe him one more. Just one more orgasm.
“You can do it.” You urge him, moving your hands up to his chest to flick his nipples -causing him to jolt while his dick twitched alive once more.
He keeps you close to him as you continue ride him, babbling incoherently in your ear, begging for nothing and everything. You gently praise him, he deserves it after all. He was being such a good boy for you, doing such a good job.
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 24 days ago
Jane: Me before I get killed by the Midnight Crew
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 2 months ago
Me: *talking about wolfstar smut and going into detail about how Remus rails Sirius*
Everyone else at the dinner table: 👁👄👁
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homewreckinger-moved · 8 months ago
some badly edited rasputin because now I’m obsessed with him
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doinmybesthere · 3 days ago
you know, while we’re talking about our fav lines i forgot that i wrote this 
“What’s it like, being so in love with someone that you’d pick up your whole life for them?” Bakugou swallows.
“You know how when you were a kid you assumed adults had their shit together?” You nod. “And then you found out we’re all stumblin’ through a dark hallway tryin’ to find meaning.”
“Being in love is like, havin’ a flashlight.”
“Oh.” You press yourself against him.
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