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mopeytropey11 months ago
the remarkable thing about fandom friends is that even as you get older and you acquire more demanding jobs or you find a partner or expand your family or, for a thousand different reasons, you feel yourself pulled away and you no longer have the luxury of endless, uninterrupted hours to spend writing or creating or chatting online, even still we keep these points of contact and we make time for our happenstance friends brought into our lives by the universe for often really innocuous reasons and we reach out to say 鈥榟ey, I鈥檓 thinking of you鈥 in a hundred, unique iterations whenever we can find a spare minute because the thing that brought us together as friends is never the whole picture and over time we often discover that we actually have loads more in common than this one, singular interest that spanned across cultures and countries and timezones, and I鈥檓 just feeling really grateful for these people who have chosen to share parts of their lives and thus enriched my own life with their creativity and experiences and perspectives and it鈥檚 all thanks to this odd, little community called fandom for bringing good people together in its countless, unpredictable ways.
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wily-art10 days ago
The G man is buffff like extra buffff the father of the year?
Tumblr media
I'll see myself out
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kayle-does-arta month ago
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Tumblr media
Some practice sketches of two of my favorite Cyber City inhabitants (almost said bois but Swatch gave me pause).
Also some more fanart for @oposummmmfriend聽鈥榮 lovely fanfic Stepping鈥 Out.
I like to think Spamton鈥檚 complexion is slitghly more blue when he first puts on the new outfit because he鈥檚 feeling kind of sick with panic and fear. Hence the different color.
Also, you can鈥檛 tell me they didn鈥檛 a lot of selfies back in the time. Like, it鈥檚 now canon (to the fic) that these two were not strangers to physical contact. The selfie is absolutely a thing that happened, plz. And somewhere in Swatch鈥檚 phone or on a shelf, there鈥檚 def at least a picture of them two (please).
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soft-dom-energy2 months ago
鉁═ease her鉁
Let's tie you up, blindfold you and have your legs tied to a spreader bar. Taking an ice cube and slipping it inside your panties. Leaving it there. You'd look so cute whimpering and trembling on the bed, making a nice little mess. What's even more fun is me teasing you by grazing my fingers up and down your body, using my tongue to trace across your body, especially your breasts. Using my tongue to draw circles across your nipples but not sucking them, stopping for a minute and have you feel my breath on your lips. I know you'll try to lean in for a kiss but nope, I would pin you back down by your neck, gripping it firmly and whispering, "Shhh I'm not teasing you yet babygirl. Welcome to my World" as I peck your cheek gently. So cute and needy.
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legend-of-a-savior-if24 days ago
Demo Drop (An hour late ;))
Tumblr media
Ahhhh!!! It鈥檚 finally here!! After multiple months writing and sobbing over every single word I put down, I have finally been able to get it some what comprehensible!
Thank you to new and old followers (and my friends) for being patient and having faith I could actually get it out, haha. It鈥檚 not the entirety of Chapter One but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! (Coding wasn鈥檛 my main priority when writing! So as of right now, I have the links and variables I need, they鈥檙e just not going anywhere right now. That will however, be fixed in the official patch.)
So without further ado - let鈥檚 get into what you can do when you play and what鈥檚 to come...
Choose between your best friend or your bodyguard.
Learn about who鈥檚 in the dungeon and what happens to them...
Know two of the Redacted鈥檚 names!
Gain insight into a certain character...
Meet members of The Queen鈥檚 court.
Maybe end a screaming party?
Here鈥檚 the link!
What鈥檚 to come:
A new look!
A character customization page!
Choosing your class!
The rest of Chapter One!
Official meeting of the redacteds!
Possibly a stat screen!
The start of Chapter Two
And witness an argument gone wrong
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ruubesz-draws7 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here is some Mosugoji/Mothzilla art inspired by GvK Godzilla Dominion
You thought it was gonna be wholesome? Ha! Psych!! It鈥檚 angst! I promised angst, so I give you angst >:D
(No, I haven鈥檛 read the comic book but a friend of mine shared some parts of it, especially the Mosugoji parts (it鈥檚 canon!))
Anyway, this took really long to draw and I tried to make it look like a story book. Idk if I succeeded but I worked hard on it, so please enjoy the fruits of my labour and appreciate it :鈥)
Please listen to this song:
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stararch4ngell4dy6 months ago
A Little Black Bug (18+)
Karl Heisenberg x F!reader smut
This is part six to my smut series. Here is my masterlist for the rest of the parts!
Warning: Its still a smut! Rough smut this time I think. M!Domination, Consent Roleplay, you're reading this right, It's consensual. Overstimulation, Oral (giving/recieving), Fingering, Bondage, biting, choking, Mentions of blood/gore, minor cutting. Irony. I'm not good at making tags.
Summary: Their was always someway for someone to find your secrets, no matter what you did to try to hide it. Vampires may be good at smelling evidence and prey, but bugs are known for finding carcasses and sweet syrups first. Luckily, maybe not everyone sees against your view and reasons.
Tumblr media
- - -
The voice of Daniela echoed through the corridor after you walked through the doors. You saw the swarm of flies rush down the stairs by the time you pulled off your cloak hood, the bugs conjoining together to reveal your older sister鈥檚 form. You were at least glad it wasn鈥檛 your Mother who greeted you first, but the fact that it was Daniela didn鈥檛 exactly help either.
Daniela, or any of your sisters, could鈥檝e caught note of the scent of cigars and whiskey on your tongue, not to mention another particular substance that may or may not have lingered on your skin. You tried your best to clean up before you went home, but not before Heisenberg stopped you and introduced an idea for your next visit. An idea that sounded... peculiar.
He wanted to make sure you were comfortable with the idea, not wanting to push you into anything you didn鈥檛 want to do. But you agreed, that was if you could visit again.
Nothin could help soothe your anxious nerves when you stepped foot into the castle.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e back! Come quick, Theirs something I need to show you!鈥 Before you could question the woman, her hand already slipped around your waist, clutching you close to her. Most of her form disintegrated, the loud buzzing whirling in your face as she practically lifted and dragged you towards a certain direction with such ease.
When you were younger it was Daniela鈥檚 favorite thing to do with you, carrying you around like a little child with a baby doll at her hip. With your sister鈥檚 fast speed, she would play with you by bringing you anywhere in the castle within moments. Your sisters would play tag or hide and seek that way, whether by yourselves or when it came to hiding from Mother, but Bela would always make sure Daniela didn鈥檛 overdo it with you or you鈥檇 feel physically sick.
Nowadays, she rarely did it. But when she did, it would always catch you off guard without warning, giving you little time to prepare yourself. She always did it for a reason now too, leaving you wondering exactly what that would be.
She took you down the direction towards the cellars, terrifying the hell out of the maids as they stepped aside for the both of you to pass. This was a habit the maids developed, especially to steer out of Daniela鈥檚 way. Daniela was already known for causing havoc on them, the poor girls trying their hardest to not offend her in any sort of way. To make up for their harsh behavior, you would try to be nicer to those who served you. They feared you a whole lot less.
She resumed outwards passed the wine cellar into a room with iron bar caged walls, reeking with a metallic odor. You rarely went down here, the screams and cries that would come from this room would prove to be too annoying to handle.
鈥淗ere we are!鈥 Daniela finally released you, allowing you to momentarily collect yourself as the trip had you faintly dizzy. The red head smirked, a short giggle erupting from her throat as she watched you adjust your sleeves, along with brushing down your dress skirt. She started walking ahead, leaving you to follow behind.
鈥淲hy did you bring me down here?鈥 You questioned, your tone faintly bitter and raspy due to exhaustion. After leaving Heisenberg, your highest hopes were just to go bathe, have dinner and rest. Your mind was too occupied with many many things after today, and hiding all of them was your top priority.
鈥淲ell, my sweet dear sister, it would seem we have ourselves a little thief,鈥 Daniela proudly announced, gesturing her hand towards a maid girl cowering in a corner chained up towards the wall. You recognized her face, and honestly couldn鈥檛 really remember her name. She had been here for at least six months, getting well accustomed to the routine that happened around in the Castle.
She was shaking like a leaf, her hands bound with rusted chains giving her limited room to move. Her hair was in disarray, strands of it plastered to the sweaty skin of her forehead. Her eyes glistening with tears only grew wider to the sight of you accompanying her captor, her mouth opening as if to speak but quickly shut it due to fear.
鈥淲hat did she steal?鈥 You asked slowly, seeing the maid slowly begin to shake her head in shocking denial.
鈥淚 found her in your room peeking in your jewelry box.鈥 Daniela stepped closer, her smirk growing wider as she proceeded to brandish her sickle from her side. 鈥淧oor thing couldn鈥檛 keep her hands to herself, and she stole something. Caught her red handed.鈥
鈥淣o!鈥 She immediately cried out, watching Daniela鈥檚 smirk drop immediately into a deep frown. She lunged towards the girl, tightly grabbing onto her quivering jaw. 鈥淵ou dare call me a liar!?鈥 She screamed into her face, watching her eyes shut tightly.
鈥淪ee, sister?? Only a liar would look away,鈥 Daniela stated, shoving the girl鈥檚 head back when she let her go. The maid lifted her head back up, looking up towards you with fearful eyes.
鈥淧lease, y-you have to believe me Lady (Y/n)!" She tried to you, her accented voice trembling as hot tears rolled down her cheeks. "I wasn鈥檛 stealing anything, I was just cleaning your room, I swear! Lady Daniela told me to-鈥
鈥淨uit your lying!!鈥 Daniela cut her off with a loud scream, raising her sickle in the air as a threat to get her to shut her mouth. She exhaled, turning her attention over towards you. Her smile returned in an instant, handing you her sickle to take.
鈥淗ere, I saved her just for you. Besides, Mother needs more of her fresh supply. Thought my sweet sister was much better at doing the honors.鈥
The maid's heart dropped when you reached to grab the sickle without hesitation, not taking any second longer to think over the situation. Her heart began to beat faster, watching you walk past Daniela to step in front her. Your eyes were blank, your face void of any emotion as you looked down at her.
鈥淣o, Lady (Y/n) please! I didn鈥檛- You have to believe me! I would never steal!"
鈥淚'm Sorry,鈥 You stated with a cold tone, the corners of your lips rising ever so slightly. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 like people touching my stuff.鈥
You swiped down hard, watching the tip of the sickle pierce the supple skin on her neck. Her shriek piercing yet temporary, abruptly cut off when the blade punctured and slashed into her windpipe, severing her vocal cords. Bright ripples of blood spewed out of her opened neck, pouring down and staining her uniform as she choked, back arching as she thrashed against the wall, chains rattling with her flailing. Pulling out the blade, you swung again in the opposite direction, repeating the same action until her tender, supple neck was slashed open almost completely, the back of her tongue sticking out from the man made opening.
You couldn鈥檛 help but watch as her eyes grew unfocused, draining of all fear and pain, along with her consciousness. Men and women alike had the same reactions when you killed them, and their was always something so captivating about a body losing their soul. Like a candle with a bright strong flame, lighting up a room until you blew it out, the smoke of their existence fading away.
鈥淢mm, this one just smells like it鈥檚 going to be so sweet! Well done!鈥 Daniela congratulated after sniffing the air, giving you a small set of applause. You tore your attention away from the body, watching Daniela step over to release the girl from her shackles, allowing her limp head to fall while she quickly grabbed a bucket. Grabbing the girl by her hair, she leaned her over the bucket so her head could continue spewing blood inside, catching as much as she could before she were to put the body to hang.
鈥淲hat did she steal?鈥 You couldn鈥檛 help but ask, looking down at the bloody sickle in your grasp. Daniela almost didn鈥檛 hear your question, too occupied as she ran her fingers along the girl鈥檚 exposed fat and muscles, bringing them to her lips to have a taste of her blood.
鈥淗mm? Oh, silly me!鈥 Daniela removed her fingers from her mouth, standing upright as she reached into her bodice, pulling out a small silver object she kept hidden inside.
鈥淒oes this look familiar?鈥 She waved the object in front of you like you would a treat to a dog. The sight of it made your shoulders stiffen and your blood run cold.
It was the compass.
"Daniela," You began slowly, looking from the object towards her smiling face. Fuck! You knew you should've hid it!
"Where did you find that?"
"In your room silly! Found it while the maid was making your bed," She cackled, bringing her finger over to stroke the glass surface. "I kind of lied about the maid finding it to get you out of Mother's way, but we were running out of blood for the next batch anyway. Poor girl didn't go to waste after all."
You exhaled through your nose, feeling a fair amount of anger begin to rise in your chest. While you weren't exactly mad about killing the maid, being fooled by Daniela or not, it was the fact that she had the compass, knowing exactly where you got it from. Exactly who you got it from.
You didn't know what to say, Your mind completely blank of any possible excuse. Daniela was quick to pick up on your sudden shyness and lack of words rolling off your tongue.
"I wonder what Mother would say when I tell her about this," she cooed, seeing your eyes light up in fear. "When I tell her that her young, sweet and oh so innocent daughter had a dog in her bed the other night."
"No! Don't tell her-!"
She cut you off with a bright fit of giggles, the girl throwing her head back in a way that made you even more angry.
"Oh calm yourself, sweet thing! I wasn't going to tell her," She reached over, allowing the compass to fall into your quick responsive hand. "And I won't," She resumed, returning her fingers to her lips to suck off the remnants of blood.
You didn't know whether to be relieved or angry, even with what she just said. This was Daniela, your older sister who loved to joke and tease you for as long as you could remember. Was she being honest with you, or was she doing another one of her tricks?
"Is it just you who knows?" You asked, seeing the girl tilt her head before shaking it.
"Cassandra's aware, I think. Bela has no idea so far, and as for Mother, she has no clue. I think Cassandra just despises the idea of you with that beast, but she clearly hasn't done anything to stop you."
"And you?"
"Well, I mean, It's Heisenberg. If it was any guy from the village than it would be more romantic. The old man is as stubborn as a bull with no balls. Now that I think of it, are you fooling around with him cause he saved you before? Or has it gone farther than that?"
"Something like that," You replied while looking down at the compass, wiping away a streak of blood from the glass. It did start off as a fling, but now... what is it, exactly?
"What gave it away?' You voiced your concern, hearing her snort loudly at the question.
"You had this... glow about you when he saved you the first time, and the second. Then when he came to stay the night, a maid or two didn't exactly keep quiet." Daniela took her sickle from your hand and brought it to her lips, dragging her tongue along the surface. She giggled again, exhaling at the taste of sweet maiden's blood.
"And what kind of person would I be if I couldn't recognize the smell of man blood on your pretty lips."
Goddamnit. Of course the maids wouldn't keep their mouths shut. Gossip is practically the only form of entertainment they had here in this castle to keep them from being scared. As for the blood, well, that would kind of explain her prank.
"Look, I don't really like you messing around with that man," She stepped closer to you, using her sickle as a pointer stick towards your chest.
"But the idea of a disgusting beast falling apart by the hands of my sweet sister is just so... Ohh its just so exciting!" She giggled towards the end of her words, making a faint heat tickle your cheeks. Is she being serious right now?
"Promise you won't tell?" You hesitantly asked, feeling like you were a young teenager again when you asked that question.
"Of course!" The redhead extended her hand towards you, a firm hold on your hand. "By the way, if you come home smelling like this again, I won't hesitate to dump a bucket of blood on you to hide the stench." It was your turn to laugh, clutching onto her hand tighter.
"Its hard coming home anyway."
"You can try taking the back exits where they used to bring in supplies before it was cut off. The maids use that entrance, Mother doesn't dare come down here anyway,"
鈥淕ood, now go take a bath. You stink.鈥 She purposefully crinkled her nose before laughing again, turning around to work on the maid's body.
It was a huge relief to know that you didn't have to hide your secret as much, and to at least have a bit of support from someone. You could only trust that it would stay that way for who knows how long.
Later on after a long bath and fresh change of clothes, you traveled around the castle in search of every single maid you could. You made every maid aware two things: If they stole from you, or put their noses in places that they shouldn't, their will be very dangerous consequences. You didn't tell them what kind of consequences, but their missing maid companion was proof enough that you were serious.
Before you went to bed the next night, Daniela was the one to bring you some fragrant herbal tea and lounge around in your bed for a good hour or so. She didn't prod too much personal questions, she went for more modest ones like 'How does he treat you' or 'What's he like? No, not like that, Is he gentler speaking with you? Does that dog actually behave?'
Oh boy, she was thriving off the idea of her little sister dominating such a grizzly beast monster like Heisenberg.
"Get me out of these damn things you bastard!!" You screamed out, knowing the man could hear you from wherever he was in the factory. Whether he was in the room quietly watching you, or in another room was left completely unknown to you.
The beast had heavy rusted cuffs on your wrists, binding them together with a chain keeping you attached towards the floor somewhere inside one of the factory's many rooms. You could lift your hands despite the heavy rusted steel enclosing them together, but to be stuck against the wall wasn't the best feeling. The chain was welded to the floor, allowing you enough room to sit up on your knees but not enough room to stand comfortably for long, resulting in you sitting on the ground. To add a topping to the dessert, He had the fucking audacity to blind you. You didn't know what it was, but the material was hot and scratchy, irritating your eyes.
The man himself walked into said room, the sound of his heavy boots scraping against concrete with each step. You didn't need to see his eyes to know he was annoyed by your constant yelling and screaming.
"Y'know, To think that tall ass bitch would teach any of her kids respect is a stupid joke."
"Like fuck you deserve any respect," You spat out, venom laced in your words. "Let me go!"
Heisenberg's head tilted, not taking too kindly to your tone. He extended two fingers outwards, the metal on your wrists trembling before they were forced back against the wall, taking your form with it. Your hands were stuck raised above your head a couple of inches, acting more like prison shackles with your back plastered to the wall.
He treaded closer like a predator towards their trapped prey, crouching down slowly. "I can give you one last chance to ask me nicely, and I may just consider being gentle."
"Fuck. You."
He started chuckling, shaking his head as he stood back up slowly. "Technically, its not me that's gonna get fucked. I like your enthusiasm."
You widened your eyes in realization, starting to move your hands against the cuffs in a weak attempt to get free. The sight only made him more amused, laughing at you as he set down a sort of metal object on the floor beside you.
"That big sister of mine did a weak ass job in teachin' you some manners," He tugged off his coat and set it aside, rolling up his beige shirt sleeves before bringing his hands towards his belt.
You turned your head away, exhaling hard as your heightened hearing could pick it up, your heart pounded in your chest. Your fingers tried to slip through the shackles, pulling against them as if it was making sort of progress in your attempt to break free.
"That's not happenin' sweetheart," He commented, bringing his hand towards your cheek, harshly shoving your face back straight forward. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not every day I get the chance to get back at my sister, I鈥檇 be a fool to waste this opportunity.鈥
鈥淟et go of me!!鈥 You raised your legs to kick at his, wherever they were, seeming to work for a moment as his hand left your face. 鈥淒on鈥檛 fucking touch me again or I鈥檒l rip your goddamn head off!!鈥
His hand returned to your throat, his broad thumb and pointer finger squeezing against the sides of your neck hard, making you stiffen from the tight sensation. The material of his glove constricted against your skin, slightly being able to feel your heartbeat right in his palm.
"If you wanna be set free and run back to that castle, then you'll show me what that mouth is good for." He pushed hard against your bottom jaw, forcing your head to tilt up towards him. "If you even think about biting I'll let the lycans have some fun with you, now get to it." He let go of your head, your skin stinging from his almost bruising grip.
Heisenberg stepped closer towards you, His awaiting cock inches away from your lips, hard and needy for any sort of attention. "Open wide girl."
Fuck this, you thought. This man wasn't gonna let you go until you did what he asked. You tried to lean your head away, but it only pressed up against the wall behind you, leaving you no choice but to do what you were told. You inhaled slowly, bringing your lips closer until they touched the warm tip, opening them slowly.
Heisenberg slid himself in, letting out a faint groan as your warm tongue brushed against the underside of him. You were hesitant in sucking on him, trembling a little as you moved your head slowly, taking him in and out of your mouth. His hand found a spot on top of your head, moving his hips slowly as he guided his cock in and out of your mouth at a reasonable pace. You closed your eyes, hating that this was bringing a warm sensation in between your legs.
His pace started to quicken a little, thrusting more into your mouth with an occasional grunt or two. He pushed back into your throat without any form of warning, forcing you to choke out a series of loud, dirty wet noises that echoed throughout the room. He pulled out seconds later, leaving you gasping for air.
It was barely enough time to settle your breathing before he slid in again, keeping a harder grip on your head as he shoved his cock down your throat. He repeated these actions, getting off on the sounds of your gags as more saliva spewed from the corners of your mouth, dripping down your chin and rolling down your neck. The way you鈥檇 harshly breathe through your nose before he shoved his cock back in, he swore it was only making him harder.
He released you again, this time giving you more than enough seconds to catch your breath, coughing as you felt the mess sink into the fabric of your black dress. Heisenberg kneeled down again in front of you, taking hold of your wet chin with a more gentle hold.
鈥淕od you鈥檙e gorgeous,鈥 He commented. 鈥淵ou have no idea how long I鈥檝e wanted to do this, to take that bitch鈥檚 innocent daughter and turn her into a sobbing, shaky mess.鈥
鈥淕ood luck with that,鈥 You muttered, practically feeling a broad grin forming on his face, his tongue running along his sharp fangs as even more lustful ideas came to mind.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 a challenge I can initiate, let鈥檚 see how long you鈥檒l last before you start to beg.鈥 You moved your head away again, but he caught it back in his grip as he pulled you in for a sharp kiss, forcing his tongue past your lips. You let out a faint whine of discomfort, pulling more on the shackles that wouldn鈥檛 budge. You lifted your legs up again, the bottom of your boots scraping against the ground in your struggling.
Heisenberg saw this as another silly attempt at getting out of the shackles, making him grunt in the kiss as he brought his hand up to still your arms.
鈥淢mm!鈥 You tried breaking from the kiss, making your face wince when his arm kept pressing harder. 鈥淔-fuck! Stop, that hurts!鈥
鈥淚t hurts huh?鈥 He looked over towards your shackles, seeing your arms lightly start to tremble in the soreness. He pondered for a little bit before he clicked his tongue and flicked his wrist, the metal shackles releasing from the wall and falling down into your lap. You exhaled lightly, feeling the cooling relief momentarily flood through your muscles.
鈥淏etter?鈥 He asked.
鈥淢ore than better,鈥 You responded, quickly maneuvering your shackles to blindly swing at him, striking him against the lower side of his jaw.
He was momentarily stunted, not expecting a move like this to come from you. It was an absolute surprise, the man blinking as he processed what just happened. The pain was momentary, the man huffing in amusement as he rocked his own jaw slowly.
鈥淣ot bad, definitely a lot harder than the first time,鈥 He stated, looking back to you. The metal began to vibrate on your wrists, forcing your shackles towards the wall again, twisting your body awkwardly towards the left. His hands clutched your hips, forcing you to face the wall where your hands were bound. They eagerly ran down the curves of your body before he pulled up your skirts, exposing your lower half to the chilly air in the room. His hand stroked the sides of your hips more slow, squeezing a handful of your ass before making quick work of disposing your underwear.
Smack! You gasped when his hand harshly spanked your side. He did so at least three more times, the stinging quickly forcing you to bite down on your bottom lip, preventing any whines from leaving your lips.
"Did it feel good to hit me?" He asked, squeezing the tender, stinging flesh. "Must've felt good, right? Hitting a 'dirty dog' like me?"
"I'll fucking do it again if you don't let me go!"
"Hmm, You're so cute when you're angry, you know that right? You get all bratty an' make so many empty promises."
"You mother-!" Your voice cut off when a cool surface pressed against your thigh, the sharp tip running lightly along your skin. He saw your spine stiffen, smirking big as a he could make out a look of heavy concern written on your face. Wait, he didn't say anything about-
"Now's the time you should start shutting the fuck up," A newfound fear washed over your form, distracting you as his leather clad finger ran along the lips of your pussy, gathering your slick and rubbing the outside of your hole in a teasing motion, purposefully avoiding your nub.
The sensation of those rough gloves made you shiver, the scratchy material making your hips move away from his grip. "Stop, don't-"
"Don't touch you? That's hard not to do, you're so soft and wet! And for what reason I wonder? Is that bitch's daughter such a slut for choking on my dick?" He pondered while teasing you with his fingers, one of them slowly slipping inside. The thick, coarse material of his glove had you feeling a faint stinging sensation, forcing you to clench on him without meaning to. Just the fact that you did made you blush at your screw up.
"Stop touching me you fucking dog!" You growled out, feeling his finger leave you automatically. His hand cupped your mouth, pulling your head back as he pressed you against chest, the sharp edge of his knife meeting the damp skin at the front of your neck.
"Dog huh?" He snarled in your ear, "Well now, If you think that I'm such a dog I'll start fucking you like one."
The polished steel slid down your back, slicing through the material of your dress, your front growing exposed to the quickly warming air. His cock forced itself through your walls without any form of warning, accompanied by the wetness that followed his words. You stifled a groan in his hand, all while he practically moaned against the shell of your ear from you stretching around him, taking him in so well.
His arm wrapped around your stomach, holding you close as he started fucking you with a fast pace. Your held back whines were momentarily muffled in his hand before he removed it, bringing it towards the back of your neck to keep your head towards the wall. Your body was starting to betray you, clenching around his cock more as the wet sounds increased. You tried covering your own mouth, not wanting to grant this man the satisfaction that he was making you feel good.
The shackles grew more weighted, rattling against your skin while growing heavier and heavier, the metal scratching against the wall as it was pulled downwards, taking you with it. The shackles weighed you down to the floor, Heisenberg's hand reached over to push your head down, fingers tangling into your hair with your cheek plastered against the dirty floor.
He didn't let up in his pace, going even harder and rougher at this new delicious angle. His cock hit straight against your sweet spot repeatedly, causing your back to arch as a broken series of moans left your lips, breaking away from the unwilling fa莽ade you set up.
"That's it, let those pretty sounds out sweetheart." He ushered you more, feeling the way you gripped his cock harder with his pace. You tried biting your lip, tried holding back from your mouth opening but nothing would work, your mouth almost permanently kept open from each sound that left.
"Fuck, you're so good," Heisenberg groaned, slapping his hips harder as his grip on your side was almost bruising. "Can't wait to hear those sweet begs next."
You almost forgot about the scenario, right when you were beginning to feel the rise of your peak drawing closer. Heisenberg didn't even need to hear it in your voice to feel the way your cunt gripped him harder, feeling your hips almost tremble underneath his grip. You tried to quiet yourself again, but that did little to nothing.
The bastard could tell the signs, pulling out before you were moments away from reaching release. He leaned down and spread your flower open with his hands, marveling at the sight of your hole clenching over nothing. This made a whine angrily leave you, feeling yourself throbbing for something that was no longer there and a rejected release.
His hot tongue swiped along your opening, rumbling at the taste of your sweetness. The sensation made you whimper a bit more, your fingers securing around the chain attached to the ground to give you something to hold onto. He dove more into your pussy, using two of his thick fingers to draw out more of your juices for his tongue to gather. Your slick would鈥檝e trickled down your thighs and to the ground if he hadn鈥檛 lapped up every drop with his tongue.
鈥淔uck, I might just keep you here,鈥 He muttered, using his thumb to deliver harsh circles against your clit. 鈥淟ock you up and eat you forever. A perfect hole like this shut up in that damn castle is goin' to waste all alone.鈥
You hated this even more, you told yourself in your head. The idea of Heisenberg locking you here in this disgusting room and abusing you for his own pleasures was sick. It was sick, you had to tell yourself, but the feel of his tongue and his fingers had your back curling and your hips rolling, returning to you the deep, rich pleasure that started developing again into a second hopeful release.
He was more merciful this time, keeping his mouth attached to your pussy as the heat in your core grew quicker. He delve his fingers in you a lot faster, the thick leather of his gloves brushing against your sweet spot roughly.
鈥淢mm!鈥 The whines didn鈥檛 stop leaving you, pulling on the chain tighter as your body felt hotter and hotter.
Then, he stopped all stimulations. His tongue left you, as well as his fingers. Once again, you were left on the tip of the edge, only to be stilled and yanked away from the pleasure. A louder groan left you, beyond irritated with this man who was practically staring at you with a shit eating grin.
鈥淛ust look at you, you鈥檙e too pretty not to ruin,鈥 He cooed, running his hand along your soft skin as you quivered with a rage of emotions, wishing you could see him so you could glare daggers at the man.
鈥淢m, f-fuck,鈥 You panted, exhaling hard through your nose.
鈥淵ou got something to say, kitten?鈥
You nodded slowly, feeling defeated at the thoughts that went through your head. The edging was growing too much for you to bare, your muscles straining from how close you鈥檝e been, only to be denied again.
鈥淧lease,鈥 You began, biting your bottom lip a little as you struggled to get out what you needed to say.
鈥淯se your words sweetheart.鈥
鈥淧leaaase,鈥 You repeated out in a whine, 鈥淧lease, fuck me. I can鈥檛- I want to come. I need to-鈥
鈥淵ou want me to make you come? You want to fall apart on my cock like a good little bitch?鈥
鈥淕od, yes!鈥 You whined out more, feeling his actual fingers lightly brush against your clit in a teasing manner. He removed his glove, groaning at just how drenched you were. He could slide his fingers in so easily, your cunt clenching around his fingers greatly inviting them in.
鈥淪uch a good little whore,鈥 He held onto your hip with one hand, finger fucking you at a fast pace. Your loud moans reached his ears, making him move them even faster to get your release to come faster.
And it was working, your hips practically fucking his hand as your orgasm reached at its peak once more. Heisenberg removed his fingers, quickly sucking off what he could before reaching over to grab your shoulder, lifting you from the floor to clutch you against his chest.
His cock slid back inside, giving a few hard thrusts to encourage you to finish. You fell apart instantly, crying out as your orgasm crashing into your nerves and setting your body on fire. Heisenberg nestled his head into the crook of your head and shoulder, growling at the sensation of your walls clenching him so wonderfully, coating his length completely with your sweetness. He slowed his movements a little, allowing your hips to rock as he whispered groans of encouragement in your ear, telling you just how good you felt squeezing around his cock.
He almost wished he had a mirror in front of you at this very moment. He knew he forgot something when he thought of this.
Regardless, his pounds didn鈥檛 cease. One hand held you secured to him while his fingers found your clit, rubbing quickly before you even had a chance at attempting to recover. He quickened considerably, his grunts muffled into the skin on your neck, his facial hair coarse and irritating on you.
He forced another orgasm from your body, your cries quickly becoming croaked, broken moans. Like Hell Heisenberg was gonna stop now, refusing the idea of his cock leaving your swollen folds where it belonged, where he belonged. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so fucking good, my tight little whore. Takin' me in so goddamn good, letting me ruin you. Lettin' me use you like my own personal fuck toy, but you love it don鈥檛 you?鈥
You couldn鈥檛 get yourself to speak at the moment, your mind too broken down by blinding pleasure as your nerves grew more and more fried. It was a harsh slap against your tender ass that brought you back to reality, forcing a loud yelp from your mouth.
鈥淎m I fuckin' you dumb and senseless?! Speak up! Tell me how much you love it!鈥
鈥淚 love it!鈥 You croaked out a cry, bringing your head back as your face bloomed with pure heat from heavy ripples of arousal. 鈥淔uuck, I love it so much!鈥
He chuckled against your skin, his nose feeling how rapidly your heart beat through your neck. He was so tempted to bite down on your luscious skin and taste your sweet blood, his tongue unable to help himself as he licked a couple beads of sweat from the surface of your shoulder. Despite all the arousal that flooded through his mind and his cock, he at least had some sense to know where exactly he could sink his teeth in.
He did just that, baring down on the outer junction of your shoulder, just where your dress sleeve would cover it. Your blood flooded around his lips and stained his teeth, all while the pain was surging through your nerves, melting together with the pleasure that had you screaming out nonetheless. He stopped his thrusts, breathing heavily as he sucked on your wound as if he was a vampire himself.
Your legs trembled from the overstimulation, every inch of your skin riddled with goosebumps while your muscles trembled like jelly. The shackles caused your arms to feel intensely heavy, your vision would've blurred and your legs would've given out if he didn't hold onto you.
Hs mouth detached off you, licking his stained teeth while bringing you to lay on your back. The absence of his cock left you feeling hollow as your back hit the cold floor, muscles quaking from the sensation overload occurring in your body. You felt him loom over your form, caging you in as his hands found your hips, lifting them up towards his. He rocked his cock against your folds, feeling you shiver and whine from the contact.
鈥淚 can just imagine the look on your mother鈥檚 face when she finds out her little girl鈥檚 an absolute whore." He didn't enter you just yet, leaning close to clutch your jaw with a bruising grip. You bit your bottom lip, smelling a hint of blood on his breath as a sharp object was pressed up towards the center of your throat. "When you go back you'll be so full of my seed, they鈥檙e not gonna wanna touch your blood after I鈥檓 done with you.鈥
He yanked on the rest of your dress, the material bunched up against the shackles of your trembling hands, fighting the urge to touch him as your fingers grazed along his shirt. He quickly made it known that he took off his own shirt.
The tip of the blade he brandished again ran down the valley between your breasts, your chest rising as it lingered along your pubic bone. He brought it back up wards, slowly pushing just the tiniest amount against your right breast, making you hiss lightly. Heisenberg put just the tiniest cut near your nipple, sliding his cock back inside to watch you gasp, clenching around him as your body focused more on the pure pleasure rather than the faint sting of pain. He leaned down and licked the faint bead of blood that formed, suckling on your breast while rocking into you ever so slowly.
His hot tongue felt so soothing against your skin like a warming balm, making you almost forget that he cut one of the most sensitive areas on your skin. He continued sucking while rocking his hips, moaning against your skin as your inviting walls continued to receive him. He bit down on your hard nipple, amused by your faint squeak in response.
鈥淵our body鈥檚 mine," He murmured, letting go of your breast to lift his attention back towards your blinded face, "And only mine, got it?鈥
"Yes," You nodded, nodding your head immediately.
"Say my name," He ordered as he stopped moving, the sharp blade finding its way to push against your throat, making you swallow thickly.
You said his last name in what he felt was a weak tone, hearing the blade clink to the floor beside your head. A somewhat harsh slap struck your cheek, making you gasp louder than you intended. This man... this man was really testing boundaries.
"All of it!!" He shouted, leaving you to wonder if he was staring at you with those gorgeous glowing eyes.
"K-Karl Heisenberg!!" You cried out more, your voice cracking towards the end of your sentence.
"That's it, that's a good little kitten," Heisenberg muttered, his hand securing itself on your throat while the other grabbed ahold of your shackles, moving your body to fuck you onto his dick. The pace was quickly growing brutal, feeling your sore insides erupting to life as another orgasm threatened to erupt.
Without the blindfold, he would've been able to see the tears that poured out from your eyes from the overwhelming pleasurable sensations. Instead, they soaked into the cloth that kept you in the dark. He shifted his grip from your neck towards your leg, lifting it up to rest over his broad shoulder.
"Fuuuuck!!" You screamed out as his pace continued to get brutal, the angle his cock hit inside growing too much to bare. Your fingers scratched against his wrist along your shackles, almost being able to draw blood.
"You wanna come again?" He panted, seeing you quickly nod your head like an obedient little pup. "Is it getting too much for my little kitten? Tell me!"
"I wanna come! Please!" Your voice was rough and broken, your mind long lost of any other thoughts other than Heisenberg, your body falling apart from absolute euphoria and agony.
"I鈥檒l stuff so much of my cum in all of your pretty little holes, taint your perfect body with everything I have. Is that what you want sweetheart?"
You could only nod.
"That's my good girl. My little slut, show me you mean it."
Barely seconds after he said so, you reached your third and most intense orgasm yet. You cried out, screaming a bit even as you threw your head back against the cement floor, clenching so hard around his cock so tight it made the man groan in compliance with your sounds. It was like your pussy was trying to keep him stilled and unmoving, but he continued to fuck your body until he reached his own release.
His head lowered down towards you, fingers gripping your chin to kiss you. You tasted your blood and whiskey on his tongue, unable to help yourself as you kissed him back, shattered whimpers leaving your mouth into his.
He tore away from the kiss, loudly cursing as he came inside. The hot sensation inside made your body spasm, your hips and legs quaking from exhaustion and overstimulation. Heisenberg's hips staggered, slowing himself until he came to a slow stop, keeping himself buried deep inside you as possible. His chest rumbled heavily against yours, a dark primal growl leaving through his bared teeth as his face lingered close to your bitten shoulder.
Both of you were a panting, sweaty mess. You felt like you couldn't lift any part of your body if you tried, your shackled hands resting limp over your stomach.
The blindfold came free from your eyes, revealing your vision to the handsome man discarding the cloth to the side. You squinted a little, meeting the gaze of Karl as he stared down at you, his hair speckled chest heaving with a fair amount of sweat over his brow, rolling down his neck.
A proud smile started growing on his face, letting out a breathless laugh as his two fingers lifted your chin, seeing your own tired smile begin to form.
"Not once did I hear the safe word, I'm impressed. You're tougher than I thought." He mused, seeing you huff while you shook your head slowly.
"I was worried that I wasn't gonna be the best actress," You admitted while watching him run his hand through his sweaty locks of disheveled hair, chuckling as he brought his attention over towards your shackles.
"You were perfect."
The pieces of metal began to break apart without him laying a single finger on them, bits and pieces rolling off your stomach to clink and rattle on the ground. You lifted your arms a little, feeling your muscles shaking lightly from your exhausted nerves.
Karl brought his hands to your thighs, lowering them into a more relaxed position after he pulled himself out. The man licked his lips, watching as your hole started to secrete an opaque liquid, his evidence of his words lingering in your head as you felt the warm liquid drip down slowly from your hole.
Your faint hiss tore his gaze away, seeing you slightly glance over towards your shoulder. It had stopped bleeding due to all your blood flow from your intense arousal, now all that lingered were red beads crowning the wounds, turning dark red after oxidizing.
"I didn't hit you too hard, did I?" You asked him out of pure concern, but exactly sure when he told you to 'attempt' to fight back.
"What, this little bug bite you did? Oh no, I've clearly had worse (Y/n), you barely dented me." Karl leaned over to run his tongue over your bite wound, lapping up the blood in a peculiar attempt to soothe the wound, kissing the skin around it seconds after.
Your weak arms raised when you brought your hands behind his back, fingers lightly running along his skin. You would find a pale groove of an old scar and allow your fingers to trace the line, closing your eyes as Karl couldn't help but trail a line of kisses up your neck, the rough skin of his lips and prickly sensation of his facial hair brushing against a spot on your neck that made you hum, fueling the embers of your abused core.
"Is it over?"
A heavy chuckle left him, the vibrations tickling your neck lightly.
"What, you think I'm done with you already?"
- - -
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