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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 10 months ago
I hope you think of me and your heart breaks like you broke me
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tullipsink · 8 months ago
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I need you to come back to me. Why won’t you come back to me? //A.M
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missinyouiskillingme · 23 days ago
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justapeiceofshit · a year ago
Im so tired of not being enough for people
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mindofmeraki · 9 months ago
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- Princess Mononoke (1997)
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theotheristhedoctor · a month ago
Nick's face when Charlie says he felt "in the way" at the party? Yeah, that's the face of someone who for a moment hates themselves. That is literally the most upsetting expression in the whole show.
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sierraaaaaaaaaa · 7 months ago
I was so afraid of losing you that I missed the fact that you were already gone.
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mythoughts-and-emotions · a year ago
You promised you wouldn’t leave...then you left.
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ehwtff · a month ago
There was a small heaven in your hell, that felt like home.
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gardenoffsecrets · 7 months ago
I’m trying to forget you but I’m also waiting for you to come back
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alyw790 · 3 months ago
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 11 months ago
You will forever have a piece of my heart
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negru-diana · 11 months ago
You left. I stayed, like always.
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missinyouiskillingme · 4 months ago
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sadgirlonline97 · 6 months ago
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mindofmeraki · a year ago
...and just like that, life went on, but it was never the same
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dontcallmeidontexist · 6 months ago
I long for the pain
That comes from your departure
It means that you were here
I want the cold
I feel when we part
It reminds me we were near
I want to feel
The absence of your kiss
If it means we get to make
One final memory
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quotesyoucanrelateto · 7 months ago
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miabear915 · 9 months ago
I saw this coming for weeks now, but I tried to convince myself it wasn’t true. It doesn’t make it hurt any less. Once again I’m not good enough, and once again I give my everything just to be left all alone. How did I let myself end up here again?
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theycallmeyammy · 5 months ago
I keep trying to think of words to say
to make you come back
I normally do the leaving
It’s hard to be left.
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