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#you make my day
somanywords · 5 hours ago
:DD rose, sage, lavender, and peach!!!💚
🥺🥺🥺 MEG!!!! a thousand bouquets for you, and on all levels but physical i am sitting in a cool cave with you, reading poetry. thank you for the ask, lovely!
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raksh-writes · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Huuuuuugs and love and all the best, sweetie ❤❤ And all that see this too 💗
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like-wuatafauq · 6 hours ago
I love when life insurance and mortgage protection agents call me and try to sell me shit and I just play the uno reverse card like "but how's your family doing Pam? You mentioned protection for my family, I only have cats but do yoU need a children's rider for little alex over there?"
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arabic-langblr · 8 hours ago
Hi! How do you say #freepalestine #savesheikhjarrah #endtheoccupation in Arabic?
Hi Essi  ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ #FreePalestine is الحُرِّية_لِفلسطين# (alḥurriyatu lifilasṭīn) it’s the common equivalent tag in Arabic which means “freedom for Palestine), but if you want a literal translation it’s حَرّروا فلسطين
#savesheikhjarrah : the tag in Arabic is #أنقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح (anqiḏū ḥayy-aššeiẖ ǧarrāḥ) which is almost the same but with adding the word حي which means “neighbourhood”, so the sentence will be save the neighbourhoor of sheikh Jarrah
#endtheoccupation in Arabic is   أنهوا_الاحتلال#  (anhu aliḥtilāl)
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chitsangenthusiast · 8 hours ago
Kath my beloved, I hope you have a good day! ♥️♥️ Tell me an assortment of Sokka, Zuko, and/or Zukka headcanons that make you lose it 😳
!!!! oh i would be HAPPY to!!! put under the cut bc i kinda got excited and went off lol
sokka in general <3 after the war, there was a period where sokka and toph sometimes, sometimes, traveled around the earth kingdom and swindled conniving market tricksters out of their money. katara does NOT know, zuko does NOT know it occasionally happens in the fire nation too, and aang DOES know and secretly hates he can’t tag along bc he’s far too recognizable now lol
sokka doesn’t like cooking, but unfortunately he’s great at creating delicious dishes so he’s often forced to go to be the one who cooks during camping trips. the only people who don’t get his complaining as he cooks for them, however, is gran-gran and bato
i’ve talked abt this before, but sokka keeping his hair shaved after the war to honor his lost childhood as well as acknowledge his warrior status in his own way is smth that can be so personal <3
also i....very quietly.......hc sokka as nb he/him....and sometimes also as a grey ace/demi/sex-positive ace bisexual....bc sometimes it's nice to imagine some form of representation for myself, even in the tiniest of aspects lol
zuko and family <3 for a long time after the war, ‘uncle’ was the title that meant the most to zuko. it’s smth that everyone quickly realized, so when the gaang started having kids they were adamant to make sure zuko knew he was their children’s uncle
(yes it took him off guard. yes he cried in private every single time, especially when the kids got old enough to actually start calling him ‘uncle zuko,’ even during formal events)
it’s not until he has izumi does he finally understand the weight behind the word ‘dad.’ babe was her first word, and zuko has been on cloud nine ever since
(the whole ‘uncle being the most important’ is basically why iroh never had to adopt zuko or anything - there was no need, and after chit sang wanders back into their lives and starts joking abt how he’s zuko’s father, both of them find it incredibly hilarious lol)
zukka letters <3 after the war, zuko and sokka used to send each other COPIOUS letters. zuko’s are normal. sokka’s are always sent as packets lol (he has a habit of writing down any and all passing thoughts on scrap paper that never get transferred into one single letter, so usually he ends up just compiling them by the day they were written and bundling them together)
also in their letters: they once joked about making doomsday clocks to track their daily feelings, and so now every letter starts with a tiny lil drawing of how close they are to midnight on the day they wrote it
(before they got together zuko’s midnight was ‘letting druk burn down the palace.’ after they got together, it changed to ‘moving to the swt without any warning and living with sokka,’ which sokka finds kinda adorable but also isn’t ready to be wrongly suspected of kidnapping yet)
zukka husbands and kids <3 along with being known as the fire lord who’s trying to foster in peace and love, he’s also known as the golden fire lord - and it’s entirely bc of sokka and ty lee bc they pick out all of his gold accessories and puppy-dog-eye him until he gives in to wear everything lol
after he and sokka get married, his nickname among the public changes to the ivory fire lord (which isn’t technically right. it’s whalebone that he’s wearing in place of most of the gold, but a lot of people don’t know the difference)
zukka have two kids uwu izumi was born first ofc! for their second daughter tho, it took them awhile to settle on a good name for her. at one point sokka suggests ‘verza’ bc it sounds nice and has a z in it, but as soon as he finds out it means cabbage he backtracks hard on it
zuko finds this mf hilarious - but, unfortunately to sokka, he also thinks it’s adorable and so their second daughter’s name is verza lol
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aro-aizawa · 8 hours ago
on one hand, i love my writing style because for me, one of my favourite things about the fictional world is in the details. if canon brushes over how a character’s armor protects and aides the specifically, you bet im gonna go all out the second i can feesibly manage it.
but on the other hand, it means that my writing progresses so slowly. and i usually run out of steam for that specific project by the time i head into the end of the first short arc. but i can’t just. stop w the details bc then what’s the point of writing it? i might as well just write the planning for it and move on.
one day im gonna find a balance and that’ll be the day that it’s over for ppl in my fandoms. the work i’ll post then would blow you away.
#shut up danni#also like. i know this problem would maybe be fixed if i worked on original stuff#but that doesn’t interest me! my mind is boring and all my universes i make are flat no matter how hard i try not to make it so#it’s just a quirk of my brain im not a v original creative but if you guve me a base i’ll run w it#which is why i love writing fanfic smth bc i can stick so much of my ideas on subtle ways the universe works#do other creators think abt how the voltron helmets would work efficiently?#bc its bulky and yeah it pritects your head but how’re you gonna hear ppl not on comms?#my theory is it records and projects it into build in headphone speakers that are separate but near the comms#do other authors detail how recovery girl could be a hero with an inoffensive quirk? not that i’ve seen!#(my hc that syringe cane she uses used to be a sword in a sheathe and she’s swordfight villains. she medalled a lot in competitions)#do— wait yeah they do that fandom is just Like That#was gonna detail on if dp writers talk abt their hcs to how danny’s biology is but uhhhh its a common trope lmao#one day im gonna write my version for it#just struggling to think of a premise i’d want to write for it w/o my style dragging it out to 20k rip#my hc tho is body temp of 30c blood that’s not quite red but not quite green but definitely not a mix of the two#and danny doesn’t technically need to breathe but he feels more mentally stable when he does.#deep breaths being optimal to keep him at normal levels of calm but it’s hard to hide that way so he doesn’t much#also he does have a pulse it’s just so slow that if he was unconscious medical professionals would freak#one day im gonna write that in a fic but still that lack of premise that just grabs me hasn’t yet#but yeah. love my writing style would love to write it sometime :D
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milaswriting · 9 hours ago
seeing you so excited for the upcoming demo makes me feel so excited as well !! I can tell you’re putting a lot of hard work to give us a good demo update and I’m 100% it’ll be amazing <3
Aw, I’m so glad you feel excited! I’ve been working on it everyday for the past five months and have over 80,000 words written, so I really do hope it’ll be enjoyable to read <3
Thank you soo much for your ask and support 💛
~ xXx
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seungssik · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My niece came over yesterday and we made some cute bead bracelets/rings together (look at her cute chubby hands!) 🤧 she grew up in my house until she was like 2 so we’re all so fond of her 😩 you never know what little kids remember / what thing leaves an impression on them or accidentally scars them for life so I always try to be a Good Childhood Memory lol which is all fine and good until they denounce the rest of the family and want to spend every second with you and it always leaves me so exhausted T_T
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unmoistened · 11 hours ago
#i can't be alone for too long if i'm angry#i think i was justified in being angry last night & i believe that i did the right things for the most part but like anger feels like power#even when it isn't // cognitive dissonance? idk i'm a baby & i don't have any money#like ~i'm angry & i don't know what to do about it but i definitely feel a lot rn so 🤓 me must be strong~#idk. there was someone taking up my space; when i am doing so much to reclaim it > the way that [.] relaxes at night from the success of#the day we all had prevents anyone else from doing the same- even if they deserve it just as much / & that pissed me the fuck off#but his eyes have a sparkle i haven't seen in a long time & i can tell he doesn't mean to interrupt / he is a man & i don't really know what#is to feel like everywhere is yours as much as it is everyone else's? & then find out that like...whoops you've actually been#taking up too much space your whole life & it's not a bug it's a feature but like you gotta give some back#but nobody normal wants to find out they crossed boundaries // it sucks but it has to be acknowledged bc personal boundaries are the only#borders that really matter & our borders are confused for boundaries so much it seems#he doesn't mean to interrupt & he doesn't know how loud his body language is screaming 'i don't feel listened to!!!!!!!! can you hear#how loud my body gets?? *throws ice cube tray for some reason*~ like he is trying; this is so much better than when he was numbing himself#w the stuff every night but...he's trying to find out when his turn to speak is & how much noise he's allowed to make; he doesn't know &#that is OKAY bc he was trying; i hate when people [ingest too much of w/e] & you look in their eyes & you#can see they're not there is a certain amount you can enjoy certain family says 'a little tastes as good as a lot'#all the time but like i can't go to them for food+body stuff; there is trauma there for them & idk what it is..but at this point i'm like#' ty so so much for the body you gave me; i am doing my best to love it but i can only do it if NONE of you say anything mean OR nice about#it. nada zip zilch bc it's here now & i have it // & i forget who said it but it definitely didn't come from me first & this is rough but#~if you get to accept when [they] think you deserve their praise then you have to accept when you think they don't~#mormor wants me to get my front tooth fixed but like most people don't notice it till & smile really big & no one is#allowed to say a smile isn't beautiful somehow so w/e grandma knows i'm beautiful & she knows i can be ugly; she just doesn't want#me to LOOK ugly bc she feels it's unnecessary// but i think that it is necessary somehow \ i'm not saying i'll never get my tooth fixed but#i'll never put that jewel back in that big ring i like to wear bc it fell out for a reason but the ring still feels good to wear#there are so many typos in this but i want to LEAVE i'm BORED love you have a good day
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the-stars-love-me · 12 hours ago
Tell me some of your favourite memories from school
I know this is entirely selfish and that people have it worse out there (keep in mind that you can never compare what people go thru, I’m just saying I’m being petty about this, I’m sorry) but it sucks that me and my friends (and everyone else, for that matter) had to miss more than an entire grade and that it was our last school year so yeah tell me some your best memories so I can like thru them <33
no pressure tags : @thehottestmess @justa-pipedream @before-i-die-i-want-to-live @smr-the-tired-crackhead @zzer0gravity @book-dragon-not-worm @never-say-nevaa @thenakedcivilservant
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inejz-ghafa · 12 hours ago
i'm so sorry people are copying your gifsets becca!
honestly i’m getting more angry on behalf of my mutuals whose incredible work i keep seeing inspiring others and yet they don’t get even a quarter of the credit they deserve 😤 but thanks anon, i am all for encouraging new content and firmly believe part of the giffing process is getting inspired by other people’s work and trying out things you see for yourself - it’s how we grow! but there is a proper way to go about that, and that’s giving a little bit of credit back where it’s due.
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