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#you said it
lukeskywalking · 11 months ago
While the EU/Legends is far from perfect, something that I LOVE is how Luke is super gentle and kind, but also fuck off powerful and firm when he needs to be. Like, when a certain someone widely considered to be one of the strongest sith OF ALL TIME starts acting up, Luke basically tells him to take a seat and uses the force to keep him seated while lecturing him. KING SHIT
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the-places-you-go · 3 months ago
"Geez, it’s hard to be creative under pressure"
- Marinette Dupain Cheng
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maybe-your-left · 23 days ago
Hi! I’m the anon who said a while back that It would be hot if lady gaga and Adam driver had an affair and looking at the new photos of them 😩🤤. Literally foaming at the mouth. Babe I want to see the sex tape as well. So bad. Also the photo where Adam is looking at the stocking 👀. I’m not going to survive the press tour.
hello fellow thirsty anon…. the size kink…
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theyarebothgunshot · 4 months ago
Monkey anon -
You know, that does sound more like J*red. My mind did briefly settle on that possibility, but I’m still high off Cockles fumes. But yeah, J*red doesn’t seem to be in too much of a rush to alienate them, though. Which is a crying shame. Cuz it’s made me respect him less.
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super-sootica · a year ago
Hey remember when Jensen, Jared, and Misha joked about filming more in one of their backyards? I need that not to be a joke now. I know those little shits have stolen enough from set and they have two impalas to fix this shit. Even if it is pure crack and Ass the angel makes out with Bean in the impala while Ham drives. I need something better
That would be nice.  I’m so waiting to hear more from them.  They can do it, if they choose to.
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hernameis-goldie · 3 months ago
3am Thoughts
I stepped outside in early morning
The cold, wet grass underfoot
I stared up at the inky, dark skies
The twinkle of the stars looking back
The cool air catching in my breath
I wish to be among them
Among the exalted ones
High above and away
- Goldie
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headlesslament · 3 months ago
i finally took a half a bar for my anxiety and i feel so much better but i’m also high asf overposting all over social media
ima hate it tmrw but fuggit 🤪
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shawnsmusical · 4 months ago
She may have a fat ass but it looks heavy and weighing her down.
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leobashi · a year ago
Nach Henrik: Look, preening is romantic. Me handcuffing you to the bed is sexual.
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abedsmessedupmeta · a year ago
I mean the fact that every time a driver leaves RBR they are happier and perform better at this point are the drivers the problem? 🤡😶
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silveredsound · a year ago
"While Styles’ attachment to anything draws appeal to the project..."
- Dateline, 11 Sept 2020
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spiderc0rpse · 10 months ago
sometimes it’s better to not understand beach house lyrics
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astrugglestreet · a year ago
Apparently twitch is having issues preventing streamers going live. I didn’t wake up at 2:30 for nothing
Brilliant. Well they better sort it out quick cause it is now 2:44 and I am fading. FADING.
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