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ask-kiku-and-friends · 3 months ago
((Let's start a picrew!
@cupcakes-and-british-tea @feliciohno @ask-fish-boy @ask-chibi-2p-japan @ask-octomer-arthur @faeciano @absolutelyinvincible @ask-hws-kingsland ))
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brotherbandchronicles · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Between the Games (title will probably change tho - if you have any ideas, i would appreciate them I HATE TITLES)
modern hockey au (this was supposed to be just a fucking moodboard but it kind of got out of hand so it's one my fanfic drafts now)
inspired by the song (Un)Lost by The Maine
Those times when the Skandian national hockey team ran the world are long gone. The once bright-shining star players were by their fates dragged away from the spotlight and ended up in the shadows. But Erak, who used to be the captain of the unstoppable dream team and now is the coach of the juniors, feels like there is hope on the horizon or more specifically, in the junior dressing room. He just needs to stop the young players from killing each other before the championship actually starts and explain to them that hockey is a team sport for a reason.
But maybe, the solution for his problem may be easier to find than he initially thought. And maybe, it has the shape of a kid who was dragged in front of his door by one of Erak’s old teammates.
or me thinking putting herons, sharks and wolves into one hockey team was a good idea
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levistoiletseat · 2 months ago
You are a little shit <3
Ofc <3
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nunyabizni · 11 months ago
The Czech Republic’s health minister is set to lose his job after visiting a Prague restaurant in what appeared to be a breach of emergency coronavirus regulations he had put forward in an effort to win the country’s increasingly desperate battle against coronavirus.
Roman Prymula, an epidemiologist and the main architect of the Czech regulations, was photographed on Wednesday night by the tabloid Blesk leaving the establishment, which appeared to be illicitly open to high-profile guests, hours after a fresh lockdown was imposed to combat the country’s soaring caseload.
His political fate appeared sealed when the prime minister, Andrej Babiš, told him to quit or else be sacked and said he expected to appoint a new health minister. Babiš delivered his verdict on Prymula and one of his own closest allies, Jaroslav Faltýnek, the head of the parliamentary delegation of his Ano party, at a news conference on Friday in response to the restaurant visit.
“We can’t preach water and drink wine. I think that the minister should lead by example without further ado,” he said. “For that reason, I’ve asked the minister to resign. If he doesn’t, I’ll dismiss him. I’ve asked Mr Faltýnek to resign as first vice-president of the Ano movement. I’m very sorry, he apologised to everyone for that.”
At a brief news conference, Prymula however said he had no intention of resigning and had not violated any measures since he did not meet directly in the restaurant. His comments came after Prague city council announced it would launch “administrative proceedings” against him, Faltynek and the restaurant.
Prymula was pictured without a mask – also in breach of the rules – getting into his ministerial car beside an official driver after leaving the upmarket Rio’s restaurant in the Czech capital’s Vyšehrad district.
“Prymula literally laughs in the face of all those who accept his rules in a disciplined manner,” Blesk wrote in an accompanying article.
The damaging images appeared on Thursday, a day after the Czech Republic, with a population of 10.7 million, recorded 15,000 Covid cases, drawing a rare public apology from Babiš.
All restaurants, bars and pubs have been closed to indoor customers since last week in a government decree issued under a state of emergency introduced on 5 October and due to expire early next month but which has so far failed to stem the rising tide of Covid cases.
Prymula, 58, a reserve army colonel, took office last month with a brief to bring in tougher steps to halt a sharp reversal from the country’s relative success in controlling the pandemic’s the first wave, when it won praise for introducing an early lockdown that included regulations requiring mask-wearing in public places.
He has become renowned for stern public utterances containing pleas for the public to stay at home and show discipline to stop an escalating case load that he has warned is close to breaking the Czech health system.
The revelations prompted accusations of hypocrisy and demands, including from fellow ministers, for Prymula to resign, prompting Babiš to act.
On Thursday, there were a further 14,151 cases, bringing the total number of active cases to 133,995. Nearly 4,800 people were in hospital, 735 of them in critical condition.
A record 113 Covid-related deaths were recorded on Wednesday, bringing the total death toll to 1,845.
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haikkeiji · a year ago
thanks for the tags @airybby, @cali-writes-sometimes and @cupofkenma !! this was so much fun 💕
rules: go on pinterest and type in “[your name] core aesthetics” and make a mb!
Tumblr media
seems pretty soft,,,
tagged: @kawanisshi @ushiwakaa @sosugasweet @shishinoya @kitashxnsuke and anyone who wants to do it~
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xiaq · a year ago
Auto Correct Profile
My name is: Erica
My age is: Ultron
I live with: regrets
I was born: April of 1564 at Stratford-upon-Avon
My body is: ready
My body is not: even kidding
I am a fan of: the slow burn
I am not a fan of: Trump
My ideal partner is: crime
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nrhfzh · a year ago
Hii!! List five things that make you happy, then put this in the askbox for the last 10 people who reblogged something from you. Get to know your mutuals and followers ❤️
alright! Here's mine!
🎀 Airports - whether I'm off flying or just came back
🎀 Coffee - it calms my morning
🎀 Gifts - that'd how you show me you love me
🎀 Hiking - the sight you get when you're on top
🎀 Limited items - well, its limited! Probably, exclusive.
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beguilewritesstuff · 2 years ago
I wasn’t tagged by anyone; I saw @martial-quill do this, and I wanted to too :) 
musicals or plays lemonade or iced tea strawberries or raspberries winter or summer pandas or koalas beaches or forests
planets or constellations
pastels or neons diners or cafes unicorns or dragons gemstones or crystals hummingbirds or owls fireworks or sparklers (loud noises scare me!) sunflowers or hydrangeas brunch or happy hour sweet or sour rome or amsterdam (a thousand times, Amsterdam) day or night classic or modern art sushi or ramen polka-dots or stripes macarons or croissants glitter or matte (depends - glitter eyeshadows, matte lipsticks) aquariums or planetariums road trip or camping trip coloring or water colors fairy lights or candles honey and lemon or milk and sugar (no sugar)
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veryintoscience · 8 months ago
losing your mind?
you ever get bored and just. . . draft a whole ass cult ? because i did. you should too. we can compare notes. 
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xirlos · 8 months ago
Have I not signposted my IDs properly? Do I actually need to state that I’m a half caste? Do I need to put “Germanic Indoslav” in my bio now? I mean, my gender stuff is there, at a glance. “Gendervoid” is still kind of laughed at and you won’t see our flag in most pride shops but it’s a thing.
In the words of a certain Mike Wazowski, if you’re gonna insult me, do it properly
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dizzydancingdreamer · 4 months ago
Give me plus size women in main character roles where the story does not revolve around them being plus sized in the slightest—
Show me post-apocalyptic plus size women with nail studded baseball bats and hand guns and the ability to use both and use them effectively—
Show me a rebel plus size woman screaming for the freedom of her people with a bow and arrow strapped to her back and her fist raised and winning—
Show me a plus size woman who is desired— who is falling in love without thinking twice and fighting for that love and then show me that love withstanding every trial that’s thrown it’s way—
Show me a plus size vampire who is the epitome of desire and sex and lust and beauty and grace and everything so fucking delicious and wanted—
Show me the queen of dragons with thighs that her knight would cave for— beg for— and show me her burning cities to the ground and not regretting a single damn second of it—
Show me something that rivals The Maze Runner, The Notebook, The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries and give me plus size women in the same roles as Teresa, Allie, Katniss, Daenerys, Elena and make it about the adventures and not about how they’re afraid to look in the mirror—
Show me fearless, loving, loved plus size women on the big screen slaying dragons and slaying men and, yeah I’ll say it, fucking men too—
And women—
Show me plus size women who don’t hate themselves— who have thick arms and thick tummies and— god— thick thighs and love themselves—
Show me plus size women loving themselves and show me them now
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phoenixtakaramono · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Stolitz Comic - Reverse Uno
My headcanon of what happens if Stolas found out about Blitzo’s hallucination....
“Darling, why didn’t you tell me this sooner?”
“Gee, Stolas, maybe because I was embarrassed and didn’t want you to know I’m afraid of intimacy and that I’m...maybe...starting to fall for you? ...Dammit, truth gas, when are you going to wear off?”
(For the Helluva Boss S1:E6 art challenge)
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