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#you should think about the consequence of touching my hand in a dark room
kedreeva · 2 years ago
A Little Less Celestial
Aziraphale startled awake, shoving several books off the edge of his desk and knocking into one of his bookshelves with one wing. Across the room, Crowley looked up from where he sat on the worn couch, his phone loose in his hands and his golden eyes wide. Heart hammering in his chest, Aziraphale looked over at him, trying to catch his breath.
"I fell asleep," he said, more than a little horrified at the idea. Angels did not sleep. He hadn't slept in millennia. In fact, he had only tried it once, and it had been dreadful, just an endless expanse of darkness in his mind and a total loss of sensory input.
"Yeahhh...." Crowley said, the word drawing out like a very confused question.
Aziraphale frowned. "I didn't mean to."
"It's alright," Crowley told him, looking like he understood perfectly well when he perfectly well did not. "Shop's locked up and I've just been playing games. I can go, if you like. If you want to-" He gestured vaguely in a way that told Aziraphale exactly nothing about what Crowley thought he might want to do.
"I don't sleep," Aziraphale reiterated. "I haven't slept in millennia, and certainly not on accident. That's absurd."
Crowley smiled a touch sadly. "You're less.... celestial now, angel."
"Less celestial?" Aziraphale's huge, white wings spread up, imposing and beautiful and a reminder of exactly how celestial he was, as if Crowley could ever forget. "Do I look less celestial?"
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Crowley, for once, did not take the bait. "Haven't you noticed anything else? Like getting hungry- oh, I suppose you wouldn't have, you're used to eating."
"You've been getting hungry?" Aziraphale said, a little confused himself, now. Crowley rarely, if ever, ate anything at all, despite that so many of their meetings had been over food. "You never said..."
"It's not a big deal." Crowley rolled one shoulder in a shrug, looking away. "I figure it's... just a consequence of our actions. You don't abandon Heaven and Hell without suffering a few Earthly consequences."
"We didn't abandon them," Aziraphale said softly. "They abandoned us."
"It amounts to the same thing," Crowley said, not looking at him.
"The distinction matters," Aziraphale told him, firmly enough that Crowley snuck a look before dropping his gaze back to his hands. "Or it should, at least. We didn't do anything wrong, to choose humanity. Crowley, look at me." When Crowley did, he shook his head a little bit. "Whatever is happening to us, it's not a punishment this time. You weren't cast out again. We chose to-... oh, go off together, wasn't it? We just didn't go very far."
Laughter puffed out of Crowley at Aziraphale quoting his own words back to him. He couldn't deal with this right now. Maybe not ever. "Do you have a bed?"
Aziraphale blinked at the sudden change in subject. "I- well." He didn't, actually, or at least he never had before, but if he was going to get tired and nod off and need sleep like some kind of mortal, he supposed he had better. "I haven't. I never needed one."
Crowley swallowed, opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again and said: "I have one, if you'd like. I haven't used it much."
From the look on Aziraphale's face, they both clearly understood that Aziraphale could miracle himself up a bed with hardly any effort. For that matter, he could sleep on the couch Crowley currently occupied, if he had to. The offer had almost nothing to do with convenience, since they would have to put a great deal more effort into going all the way to his place. Aziraphale hadn't visited since the night they swapped places.
"I think," Aziraphale said slowly, "that if I am to be sleeping more regularly, I ought to have one of my own."
Crowley twitched a smile at the soft letdown. He hadn't expected anything else, and it did make sense. "Do you want me to close up on my way out?"
Aziraphale hesitated, something of a shadow passing over his features. "You're leaving?"
It was Crowley's turn to be confused. "You're going to sleep, yeah?"
"Well, I- well, yes, but I-" Blood pinked his cheeks a little, something else that had never happened before, and something at which Crowley could not help but openly stare. "Doesn't it scare you at all?"
"It's just sleeping," Crowley said, but as soon as he'd said it, he realized what Aziraphale wasn't asking him. "I'll walk you up," he added. "I'll make sure you're safe before I go."
Relief washed clearly over Aziraphale's entire posture. "Oh, thank you."
They collected themselves from their seats and Aziraphale showed him to the stairwell that only existed some of the time, the one which led to his bedroom. Crowley had assumed it existed, if only for pretenses, and that it would be full of books rather than beds. And it was, he realized as they crested the stairs and came into view of it.
At a flick of Aziraphale's hand, the books and papers piled up like a dragon's nest jumped to the sides and filed themselves neatly onto the shelves ringing the entire room. Crowley wondered, briefly, if they were in any kind of order or if the spell had not been that specific. He supposed it didn't matter. All Aziraphale would have to do is hold out his open hand and whatever document he required would come to him like an obedient pup.
"I haven't been in many bedrooms," Aziraphale said, turning to look at Crowley from the middle of the room.
Crowley hadn't either. Most of his experiences with sleeping had been after one kind of gluttonous binge or another, and left him with very little memory of where he'd put his head when he fell asleep. "Not very many, eh?"
Aziraphale gave him a withering look. "Do you think I need to move the bookshelves first?" he said, instead of taking the bait.
"No," Crowley answered, and took a quickly, almost theatrical look around the room and then pointed at one of the more well-made bookshelves, the dark one in the corner made from some kind of very old, very sturdy and, most importantly, very beautiful wood. It leapt to his command, twisting itself up and spreading over the floor until it had turned into an equally beautiful, dark bedframe.
"Oh," Aziraphale said, surprised. "Oh, you- you've kept the shelves!"
"Very clever of me, wasn't it?" Crowley said, a little slyly. He had left the headboard as a bookshelf, so that nothing much would have to move. Along the base of the bed were more shelves, to make room for the books that would have been blocked by the mattress. "You should make the rest."
Aziraphale gave him a hesitant smile, thought for a moment, and snapped at the frame. Pale blue tartan pillows appeared atop the plush mattress, partially covered by the matching duvet. Crowley made a slightly pained face at the decoration, but it seemed to please Aziraphale a great deal so he kept his commentary to himself.
"That wasn't so hard," Aziraphale said. He crossed the few steps to the edge of the bed and pulled back the covers, setting a knee on the mattress until Crowley made a noise that stopped him.
"In your street clothes?" Crowley asked.
Aziraphale blinked. "They're clean," he said, and Crowley rolled half his body with his eyes.
"It's not- They're- you can't just sleep in them." Crowley told him. "They're not comfortable!"
Aziraphale had the grace not to look too offended at the suggestion that his attire was not comfortable. "They are to me."
Crowley snapped his fingers and Aziraphale's clothing appeared folded neatly on a chair that hadn't existed ten seconds prior, and Aziraphale himself was newly dressed in powder-blue flannel pajamas with not a trace of check on them. He had, out of a sense of self-preservation, left off the matching nightcap.
"You've got to do it right at least once," he said to Aziraphale's frown.
With a little noise of consternation, Aziraphale turned away and clambered into the bed, one wing flicking out for balance on the squishy mattress. Crowley watched him fuss with trying to get the covers out from under himself. He finally triumphed, folded his wings tightly, and laid down on his side. Once still, his wings slacked open a little, relaxing.
"It is soft," he admitted after a moment.
Crowley grinned. He really did enjoy sleeping. It was just so peaceful. He supposed maybe if he were human, and had to have all that calming darkness interrupted by dreams and nightmares and whatnot, he might like it a great deal less, but without them it just felt like... home. It felt like being back in the void of space, with endless, comforting black stretched in every direction.
"It's better on your belly," Crowley said, gesturing as he produced a second chair and grabbed it up. "You can spread your wings out then."
He could feel Aziraphale's eyes on him in the absence of an answer, so he turned to look. Aziraphale's eyes dropped a little, just shy of meeting his. "If I did that, there wouldn't be much room for anyone else."
Crowley smiled, albeit a little sadly. "Expecting company?"
"Hoping, perhaps." Aziraphale flicked a glance up to him, though he looked like he had just given serious consideration to swallowing his own tongue to see if he could take the words back. "Silly of me, I suppose."
He began to turn over, and Crowley got the distinct impression that one of those peculiar, life-defining moments was about to pass him by so fast he might actually stumble in its wake. It was the sort of moment that required a great deal of thinking, and the sort of moment that gave one no time in which to do it in, and so when Aziraphale swung his wing out the way Crowley had just told him he could, Crowley's hand shot out and grabbed the edge of it before it could land among the rumpled covers.
They stilled.
"You have to ask," Crowley said quietly, when Aziraphale finally looked at him. He said it with no particular inflection because it meant a great deal to him, and if he had yelled it, Aziraphale might not have gotten the point over the volume. But he needed to know. He needed to know that he would not be intruding, that he had an invitation.
Gently, Aziraphale tugged his wing free of Crowley's grasp and folded it, once more lying on his side. He looked Crowley up and down, weighing something Crowley could not see, before he finally nodded. "Come to bed, Crowley," he said. "Stay with me, this once."
Crowley's heart clawed at its ribbed cage. "Just once?" He didn't think he could take that offer. It would kill him to say no, but it would destroy him to say yes. Crowley was not one for letting go of anything, much less when it came to Aziraphale.
Aziraphale swallowed, then licked his lips, and then said: "No."
With a quiet snap, Crowley's street clothes lay folded atop Aziraphale's, leaving him in comfortable undergarments. Aziraphale reached and pulled the covers toward him as Crowley put one knee on top of the bed, waiting as Crowley carefully climbed in beside him. Folding his wings tightly, Crowley got himself partially under the covers and Aziraphale threw the rest over him.
They lay there, facing one another, until Aziraphale finally spoke. "What now?" he asked.
"You just close your eyes and wait," Crowley told him. He'd never had company to try to sleep near. He did not admit to that, but he did wonder if it made a difference at all.
"Just like that?" Aziraphale said. "You just- you go unconscious just like that, just because you're not doing anything else? That seems rather alarming, doesn't it?"
Crowley couldn't help his amusement. It certainly didn't seem very prudent, considering their very long lifespans and the amount of time they were capable of spending not doing anything else. "It's not alarming, angel, it just... is."
"How do you know when to wake up?"Aziraphale asked suddenly, already starting to sit up. "The last time I slept it was only for a few minutes, just to try it."
Crowley, with all the unthinking he had done to grab Aziraphale's wing, now raised his own wing like a barrier so Aziraphale could not get out of bed, and then brought it down such that it became a second blanket and Aziraphale was forced to lie down to avoid being smothered by it. Crowley's vision went a little tipsy at the adrenaline of making that kind of move.
"Lie down, Aziraphale," he instructed. "Come here."
Without a single brain cell firing, Crowley wiggled over until he could take Aziraphale's hands in his and touch their foreheads together. Aziraphale relaxed instantly at the contact, letting out a shaky sigh obviously meant to calm him.
"I will wake us up," Crowley promised him earnestly. "It will only be for a few hours, and you'll feel good when it's over."
"I don't like this," Aziraphale said, but he grabbed onto Crowley's hands when Crowley made to release him. "Not that." He swallowed a bit nervously. "I like that part."
"Me too," Crowley ventured. He let his wing slack, let the weight of it gently blanket Aziraphale for real, and closed his eyes. "The rest won't be so bad, you'll see."
He felt Aziraphale relax bit by bit and he waited patiently until he heard Aziraphale's breathing even out into sleep. Aziraphale's hands went slack in his own, and Crowley gently disentangled them. He brushed the back of one finger lightly over Aziraphale's cheek, and smiled to himself.
In a few hours he would wake Aziraphale, and they might address what becoming a little less celestial really entailed, and some of it would be good and some of it would be bad... but for now he was content to lie here in peace beside him, just like this, and guard his rest.
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marshmallow-phd · 2 years ago
His Brightest Star
Tumblr media
Request: anon:  Request for Got7 JB: can you do a oneshot of mafia!AU where JB's girlfriend is on vacation and gets kidnapped? But she's in the dark and JB has to save her? Super angsty with a happy ending if you want? 💖
A/N: So, first of all, I am so sorry requests are taking so long! But I had to pause on my series because this just might be the perfect remedy to my sudden JB feelings recently! I hope you enjoy!
Genre: Mafia!AU, Angst
Pairing: Jaebum x Reader
The man was shaking so violently he was almost a blur. As he knelt on the plastic tarp that protected the carpeted floor, he had to have known what was waiting for him. Surrounded by seven of the most notoriously vicious gangsters in the entire country, he knew that there was no talking himself out of this. But that didn’t stop him from trying.
“P-please,” he begged. “I-I was just following orders.”
While there were several individuals glaring daggers at the man, there was one figure that was more terrifying than the rest.
Jaebum, leader of the infamous G.O.T. seven, was leaning up against the front side of his desk, hands in his pockets. His gaze was off to the side, ignoring the quibbling pleas of the man on the tarp.
“You should have known the consequences of following those orders,” Jackson spat behind the man.
The man was sweating so much that he was drenched as if he’d just come inside from a rain storm. His hair was plastered to his forehead and the neck of his white button down was stained where it touched skin. Just looking at him made one think that he’d been waterboarded. Not something that G.O.T. was against, but not a method they’d used this time around. This one had been too easy to make talk.
“Please, I’m not the one you want,” he sputtered. “Yes, I pulled the trigger, but it was on Seokmin’s orders. He’s the one who –hmph!”
Sick of listening to his blabbering, Jaebum shut him up with a hard fist to the jaw.
Seokmin was the greatest enemy of the G.O.T. but over the last few months, Jaebum had nearly dismantled his whole operation, taking over a majority of his territory. It’d been Jaebum’s greatest achievement. 
Bending down to meet the man’s eye level, Jaebum calmly explained, “I don’t care who made the orders and who pulled the trigger. In the eyes of the law, they’re both equally responsible. And around here we respect the law, don’t we boys?”
Snickers bounced around the room, but Jaebum’s eyes never left the man who killed one of his own. Funny how brave he’d been when facing down a G.O.T. associate. Take away the gun and he had less courage than a child around a spider.
“I’ll give you anything you want,” the man desperately offered. “I have information. Seokmin knows. He knows about her!”
Even as he tried to keep his composure, Jaebum could feel the little twitch in his facial muscles, giving away his slight moment of panic.
“You know what I want,” Jaebum smirked, although there was no light behind it. “I want your blood.”
“No, please-”
The man dropped to the floor with a nice sized hole in his head. Blood was splattered everywhere, but most of it landed on the tarp. A few droplets decorated Jaebum’s face and crisp white shirt. Now he would have to change. Standing up, he took a handkerchief out of the inside pocket of his jacket to wipe his face.
Bambam replaced his gun back into its shoulder holster, satisfied by his quick work.
Noticing what time it was, Jaebum held back a groan. Without a word, he started for the door.
“JB,” Jinyoung stopped him. It was a nickname that only the six of them could call him.
Jaebum glanced over his shoulder. “What?”
“They know about her,” Mark cut in. “What are you going to do?”
Inhaling deeply through his nose, Jaebum simply said, “Clean this up. I’m late for dinner.”
You sat there, alone, at the table set for two. This wasn’t an unusual situation. The man you’d been seeing steadily for the past two years was busy with his work often, but even then he would only be ten or fifteen minutes late. At the moment, he was going on over half an hour.
In the past if he wasn’t able to make it, he’d always call you before you even made it out of your apartment. How he always seemed to time his cancellations so perfectly was beyond you, but he always made sure to call you. As a director in an international corporation, those cancellations came a bit too often for your liking.
It was the sweet moments in between the called off dates that made it all worth the trouble. The times he’d surprise you at your apartment in the middle of the night with a new bracelet or the last minute vacations in exotic places. If you were honest with yourself, you sometimes wished the vacations and expensive gifts were replaced with more intimate moments, more domestic scenes. You wanted to cook him dinner or have a movie marathon on your couch that lasted all day. That type of life was just a sacrifice you had to make if you wanted to stay with Jaebum. And you loved him too much to give him up.
“I am so sorry I’m late.”
Jaebum came waltzing up to your table, placing a kiss on your cheek before sitting down across from you.
“I was beginning to think that you’d forgotten about me,” you whispered bashfully with pursed lips.
Leaning towards you, his eyes shined as he countered, “You are impossible to forget.”
That did it. A smile grew across your face that was impossible to fight. He always knew how to butter you up with precisely the right line.
“Did you order already?” he asked as he flipped open the menu.
You nodded. “I ordered your favorite but told them not to start cooking until you got here, in case you wanted something else.”
“No, that’s fine,” he sighed, putting the menu to the side. After taking a quick sip of the dark red wine in front of him, he lit up. “Oh, by the way, I have a surprise for you.”
Biting your tongue, you waited as you watch him pull a small envelope from the inner pocket of his suit jacket. The only surprise that you wanted was personal time with him.
Jaebum slid the envelope towards you and you picked it up with anticipation. It was a bit of a struggle to pull the papers out, but when you finally did, your jaw dropped. Inside was a plane ticket.
“Jeju Island?” you exclaimed. For the past six months, you’d been begging Jaebum to go with you.
Your father owned a small cabin in one of the more remote areas of the beautiful vacation spot. To you, it was the perfect place to have Jaebum to yourself. Cell reception was nearly non existent out there and the idea of no interruptions was about the closest you thought you could get to those little domestic moments. This was an example of a surprise vacation you would gladly take.
“I knew you would like it,” Jaebum grinned, obviously proud of making you happy.
As you put the ticket down on table next to your plate, you asked, “When do we leave?”
Knowing Jaebum, he already had everything worked out with your job and was just waiting to inform you. But the smile slipped from his face.
“Actually, I’m not going with you,” he admitted.
You blinked. “Oh. Um… why not?”
“After I booked the tickets, something came up at work and I have to stay behind,” he explained. “But I still want you to go. I know you’ve been itching to go for a while. If I can, I’ll join you in a few days.”
Completely deflated, you passed the ticket on the table towards him. “That’s okay. We can just reschedule it for another time when you can be there the whole time.”
“No, you should go,” Jaebum pushed, sliding the ticket right back to you. “It’s okay to go without me.”
You shook your head. “Jae, no, I’d rather just wait until you can go, too.”
Jaebum’s sudden rise in volume made you flinch. Seeing your momentary fright, he relaxed into his seat.
“Please, just go,” he begged. “For me.”
His pleading worried you. With Jaebum you could usually get him to work around you with these kinds of things, but right now he wasn’t backing down. He seemed almost… desperate to get you out of the city.
“Jae, what’s going on?”
“Nothing,” he insisted. You didn’t believe him. “You’ve been complaining about work for a while so I figured you needed a break. I don’t want you to stress about your job. Life should be fun, not spent worrying about work.”
You wanted to argue. The fact that he was pushing you so hard to go was strange to you. There certainly something else going on. But Jaebum was the kind of person who couldn’t be suade once he’d already made up his mind.
Lightly running your finger over the rim of your water glass, you sighed. “Okay. I’ll go.”
You were mad at him. Jaebum knew that much as he waved goodbye to you at the gate. The smile on your face was strained, not the usual bright and joyful kind he was so used to seeing when you looked at him. But he was doing this for your own good. He needed to know that you were safe while he hunted Seokmin down and ended the threat for good. You were his world and he’d be damned if he’d let anything happen to you.
The easiest way to handle this would have been to tell you the truth.
All this time, he’d kept you in the dark from his true line of work. You knew that he ran a business - a fairly lucrative one at that. You knew the six men who followed his orders without question and helped him build his empire right under the nose of the law. But you didn’t know about his dirty, bloody hands. He couldn't tell you in fear that you would leave him, disgusted by who he really was.
The day that Jaebum met you was the day his dark life gained a ray of light.
You were lost downtown, having just moved to the big city after a life spent in the countryside. A crumbled up map was clenched tight in your hand while you compared it to the GPS on your phone.
At first, Jaebum had planned on walking right by you. Everyone needed to learn their own way. But during the brief second of eye contact between you two, there was something in your eyes that made him stop. He would never be caught agreeing to the idea of soulmates, but he figured you came pretty close.
He was sure that shine in your eyes was made possible by your innocence. You saw the good in people, never assuming the worst even if everyone else could see it. Somehow, you managed to see the good in him, he who was nowhere near sainthood.
Jaebum didn’t relax as he jumped back into the driver’s seat of his car outside the airport. The passenger’s side door opened and Jinyoung slid into the seat that you had occupied just an hour earlier.
“You still think this is the best idea?” Jinyoung asked.
With a short nod, Jaebum replied, “She’s out of the city. That’s all I can ask for. Has Youngjae found him yet?”
Jinyoung shook his head. “Not yet. But he thinks he’s getting close.”
“Well, he needs to hurry up,” Jaebum growled as he sped down the highway back to their headquarters. His grip on the gearshift was tight and stiff. Veins popped up under the skin near his knuckles, but he didn’t loosen his muscles for a second.
“He’s doing the best he can,” Jinyoung defended. Jaebum rarely got upset with any of them, much less Youngjae. That kid always got the easy life when it came to their leader. Jaebum’s anger beign directed towards him now just proved how stressful this ordeal was. “We won’t let anything happen her. We promise.”
Taking a deep breath, Jaebum moved on. “Did Mark get all the cameras installed in the cabin?”
“Up and running.”
“Good.” Jaebum took a sharp left and pulled up to a heavily armed garage door. He pressed a button on his cell and waiting as the door lifted up until it was clear enough for him to drive through.
Inside the main meeting room, Youngjae was hard at work at the computer, eyes scanning the multiple screens in front of him. Mark and Yugyeom were hovering over his shoulders, also searching the monitors in case the hacker missed anything.
Jackson and Bambam were sitting on the long, dark wood table in the middle of the room, cleaning their guns.
“She in the clear?” Jackson asked, clicking the pieces of his gun back together.
Jaebum checked his watched. “Plane took off about fifteen minutes ago.”
“Good,” Bambam nodded with a smile. “No need for the first lady to get involved or hurt.”
Jaebum didn’t even fight the roll of his eyes. All the boys called you that: First Lady. Queen was a bit too haughty for your personality, but First Lady fit the angelic aura about you perfectly.
“I’m sorry, JB,” Youngjae groaned, not even looking away from the computer. “I’m trying to find him, any trace of him, but he’s deep underground. I’m going to have to try some other method.”
“Just do it,” Jaebum sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I’ll be in my office.”
No one followed him as he shuffled to his private room. The door shut with a quiet click. At his desk, Jaebum tried to focus on the work that needed to be done rather than you. For hours, Jaebum poured over paperwork, looking over his assets and the incoming shipments. He was so lost in his work that when Mark came barreling into the office, Jaebum was spooked and dropped several papers on the floor.
“JB! It’s (y/n)!”
Jaebum jumped to his feet. “What do you mean? What happened?”
Mark didn’t answer, instead running back out of the office. Jaebum scrambled to his feet, following him.
All the others were gathered around the monitors. Every single screen had the same footage on it. Jaebum could feel his jaw clenching tight as he neared the group. Someone was tied to a chair with thick rope wrapped around them, unconscious by the way their head hung down. Even in that position, Jaebum could recognize exactly who the victim was.
Seokmin stood behind you, running his sick fingers over your bare shoulder. You were still dressed in the shorts and tank top Jaebum had last seen you in before you got on the plane.
“She’s quite pretty,” Seokmin purred, moving his hand to under your chin. “I can see why you like her, Jaebum.” He smirked. “You should have kept a better eye on her. Letting her travel alone? Tsk, tsk. Not a very smart move. It was too easy to get her to go with my man as soon as she landed on Jeju.”
Shoving the others out the way, Jaebum slammed his hands down on the desk. “Where the hell is this coming from? Where is she!”
“I’m working on it!” Youngjae yelled, his fingers flying across the keyboard as quickly as they could. “The IP address is bouncing around everywhere!”
“If you want to see her again,” Seokmin’s image grinned manically. “Then come to Jeju. I believe this little cabin belongs to (y/n)’s father? Why don’t you join us? Maybe I’ll give her back.”
The screens went black. Letting out a yell, Jaebum punch the closest monitor, cracking the glass.
“He really is on Jeju,” Youngjae concluded. “The address landed there. It’s a pretty strong signal, too, considering where he was broadcasting from. Somehow he managed to break into our feed and misdirect it.”
“Pack up,” Jaebum ordered. “We leave within the hour.” He stormed away from the others, going over in his head the many different ways he was planning on killing Seokmin. His bare hands seemed the most satisfying.
The plane ride to Jeju was too long, too much idleness that left Jaebum trapped in his own thoughts.
Was Seokmin torturing you while Jaebum sat in his first class seat? Were you in hell because of him? If you both made it out alive, would you understand?
Now there was no way he could hide this world from you, not anymore. Would you leave him now as he’d always feared?
No. He couldn't let himself think like that right now. He had to focus on making you safe again. Then he could deal with the consequences.
When the plane landed, Jinyoung and Youngjae ran to get the rentals while the rest of them made sure that they were all aware of the plan. Bambam and Yugyeom were itching to get going, bouncing from one foot to the other. Those two idiots lived for rushes like this. 
The drive to the cabin was even longer. Jinyoung followed the GPS coordinates while Jaebum stared out the window, fists clenched tight on his thighs. Jackson and Mark were sitting quietly in the back while the younger members followed in the other car behind them.
Slowing to a stop, Jinyoung parked the car outside the cabin and they all stepped out. With guns drawn, they practically tiptoed towards the front door.
Jaebum kicked open the door and stormed inside. 
In the middle of the living room was you, still tied to the chair, but now conscious. Your eyes, wet and red from crying, met his. Screams from your throat were muffled by the gag that was tight over your mouth. Jaebum took one step in your direction before something cold and metal was pressed against his head.
“How good of you to join us,” Seokmin mock. “Your arrival was quick, just as I hoped.”
“You son of a bitch,” Jaebum growled, not taking his eyes off of you. “You should have just come straight for me.”
“But where’s the fun in that?”
The others, now disarmed and vulnerable, were herded into the cabin as well by Seokmin’s men. Removing the gun from Jaebum’s head, Seokmin took Jaebum’s only form of protection and rounded about until he came to you.
“You know,” Seokmin smirked. “At first, I thought I could get some wonderful pieces of information out of her when I first had my men following her, but it didn’t take long to discover that she actually has no idea what you really are.” He cocked the gun before aiming it at your head. “Since we’re all here, why don’t you tell her the truth?
“Just let her go!” Jaebum yelled. “She has nothing to do with this! Whatever you want, I’ll give it to you! Just let her walk out of here alive.”
Seokmin smirked. “Anything I want? Really? Because I want to see you crumble. I want to see you broken. And at first, I thought that meant taking everything from you like you with me. But that’s no use. You’re smart. You’ll just find a way to build it back up again. So, instead, I want you to confess to your love. Tell her about the devil she’s shared her bed with.”
You could hardly understand what was happening. Everything had been fine when you first landed on Jeju Island. It was beautiful, exactly how you remembered with the crashing waves and greenery for miles.
A man you had never met before was standing just outside the gate exit with a sign depicting your name in his hands. He told you that he was sent by Jaebum to make sure that you made it safely to the cabin. He was easy to believe as it sounded exactly like something your boyfriend would do. But as soon as you stepped through the front door of your father’s vacation home, someone hit you on the back of the head, effectively knocking you out.
When you came to again, you were tied to a chair in the living room while a different man leaned up against the wall opposite of you, his cold eyes laughing at you. A strip of cloth covered your mouth, stopping you from asking any of the questions that were bouncing around in your head. Tears formed in your eyes until they streamed down your cheeks.
You were going to die. That was your only conclusion. And you couldn’t even tell Jaebum goodbye.
You’d hardly spoken to him as he drove you to airport, still sour that he wasn’t coming with you. What would happen to him? How would he react if you never made it back to him?
Like a miracle, that’s when the very man you’d just been praying to see one last time came running into the cabin. He had a gun drawn and when he saw you, he looked relieved. You tried to scream at him, to warn him of the man that was now behind him, but it was too late. The man put his gun against Jaebum’s head and disarmed your one hope of escaping. Just a few seconds later, more men came inside the house, including Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom. What were they doing here?
You couldn’t understand the conversation that Jaebum and the man who’d kidnapped you were having. What did he mean that you didn’t know what Jaebum was?
“JB, don’t do it!” Jackson hissed.
“There’s no point in hiding it now,” Jaebum snapped over his shoulder towards his friend. Glancing at you, there was pain in his eyes. And fear. Two emotions you’d never seen from him before. “(y/n). I’m sorry.”
With a harsh tug, the man removed the gag from your mouth.
“Jaebum,” you sobbed. “What is going on? I don’t understand!”
“Well, go on,” the man urged after Jaebum stayed quiet. “Explain to her what it is you do for a living. How you’re able to afford all those nice gifts and trips for her. Tell her or I’ll blow her head off.”
Swallowing hard, Jaebum inhaled and met your eyes. “(y/n)..... I’m not the good guy you think I am. I’m the leader… of an organized crime ring.”
You gaped at him. No. It wasn’t possible. Not your sweet, kind, easily embarrassed Jaebum. He couldn’t.
Shaking your head, you defied his explanation. “No, you can’t be. You’re just saying that. Right? Tell me you’re lying!”
“I’m not.” Falling to his knees right in front of you, Jaebum hung his head in shame. “I wanted to keep you, but I also wanted to keep you away from this world. So I lied. I told you that I was something that I’m not. I’m sorry.”
You said nothing. You couldn’t find a single word to say. For two years he’d lied to you, told you stories that never happened, talked about clients that never existed. How could you ever look at him the same way?
The man behind you laughed. “Never did I think I would see the day that Im Jaebum would be on his knees. What a wonderful sight it is.”
All the boys you’d come to call your friends were visibly angry at the sight of Jaebum - their boss - lowered to this point.
“That’s it,” Jackson mumbled angrily. “I’m over this shit.”
Turning on his heels, he took his guard by surprise and punched him in the face, giving the others the distraction they needed to fight their own handlers.
Jaebum jumped to his feet and leapt at the man who held a gun to your head. The firearm went off, missing you by maybe a foot judging by the fresh hole in the floor.
One by one, they overpowered the enemy until finally they were in control of the situation. Only Jaebum was left fighting the man, both struggling for control of the gun.
Both the man and Jaebum fell to the floor. You screamed, fearing the worst.
At first, neither body moved. But then a grunt was heard in the silent room and the man was shoved off as Jaebum worked his way to his feet. Jinyoung, the true shooter, lowered the gun in his hand and tossed it to the side.
“(y/n)!” Jaebum cradled your face in his hands before he freed you from the ropes. He pulled you in close to his chest and you cried, your future, once so solid and clear, now completely shattered.
“Hey, (y/n), it’s your favorite flintstones character! Um, I know you aren’t answering any of our calls, but please, just hear him out. He had his reasons for keeping you in the dark. And he’s not the devil like Seokmin said. He’s a good guy. Really. And he loves you. He’s a mess without you. So, please, just call him. Or see him. Please.”
You pressed the delete button before tossing your phone on the bed.
Bambam was right. You had been avoiding all their calls. And the few times they came knocking on your door you pretended not to be home. Jaebum only called once, asking for you to give him a chance to explain. It was the one message you hadn’t deleted. But he never came directly to your apartment.
Maybe that’s what you were waiting on. Maybe you wanted him to come crashing through the door, demanding that you speak to him, that you hear him out and let him tell you why he did the things he did. Of course, he told you who Seokmin was and why he had it out for Jaebum and his… gang, mafia, whatever you wanted to call it. But those were the only details he’d given you, promising to tell you the rest at a later time. A chance you hadn’t given him.
Looking back, you should have known something was wrong. The little things that you blew off because you were too blind to stop and really look at them. The late night visits to your apartment and then him disappearing before you woke up. The occasional unexplainable injury that he brushed off as nothing. The strange way the other boys would relent to Jaebum without question. All the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly now that you had the picture for reference.
The worst part of it, though, was the amount of pain that you were in after breaking it off with Jaebum. Night after night, you lied there in your bed, crying with no end in sight as you reached out to the empty spot that used to be reserved just for him. You knew what he did was wrong and the right thing to do was to walk away before you were kidnapped again; before you were killed. But you were being torn in two. Your brain was yelling at you that survival was the only option while your heart was screaming out for the man you’d fallen in love with.
You hated him. So much. But hate and love intertwined so closely, they were nearly indistinguishable.
It was almost midnight and your head was pounding, perhaps due to your latest crying session. Shuffling to your kitchen, you poured yourself a glass of water and searched your cabinets for your bottle of aspirin.
In the quiet of the night, you heard soft sobs coming from the hallway. Peeking out the peephole, you saw nothing that could be the source of the noise. But you heard it again, louder and closer this time.
Taking the risk, you opened the door. You gasped as Jaebum fell inside your apartment. He scrambled to his feet, sputtering out apologies.
When he was done, he just stood there, staring at you. You stayed silent, too surprised at his appearance to attempt a single sentence.
When he was usually perfectly put together, his white shirt was now wrinkled and unbuttoned halfway down. Red, puffy eyes gazed at you in despair. His hair was in disarray and your reflexive instincts reached out to flatten the pieces before you could stop yourself.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered. There was so much he was apologizing for in those two little words. You could feel it.
Not seeing him for so long had made it easy to ignore him. He’d held you the whole way home from Jeju Island and you’d let him, but as soon as he’d left you at your apartment, you’d cut him out of your life. Now, though, you were falling apart all over again.
Jaebum shook his head violently. “I shouldn’t have come here.”
He turned swiftly away from you. Concluding that you were an absolute idiot, you stopped him, catching him by his wrist.
“Don’t go.”
Jaebum stared at you with his mouth hanging open in disbelief. A tear trickled down your cheek and with his free hand, Jaebum reached out to wipe it away with his thumb. Then, shutting the door behind him, he pulled you close to him and brought your lips to him.
The kiss was desperate and life-threatening. His mouth was soft and sweet, just like you remembered, cradling your own bottom lip perfectly. Grabbing your thighs, Jaebum lifted you up as you wrapped your legs around his waist. One of your hands cupped the back of his neck while your other fingers slid down his chest, his warm skin coming to life under your touch.
Needing air, you broke the kiss, leaning your forehead against his.
“I’m sorry,” Jaebum huffed once again, his words breathy from the long kiss. “I just wanted to keep you safe. I was selfish. The light you give off… I didn’t want to lose it. And in the end, I lost you anyway.”
You shook your head, moving your hands to his cheeks and delicately tracing the two little moles above his left eye. It was your favorite little detail that haunted your dreams in your time away.
“As much as I want to,” you whispered, “I don’t think I can live without you.” Leaning back just a bit, you looked into those two deep russet eyes. “Just promise me one thing.”
“Anything,” he agreed quickly.
“Please, don’t ever lie to me again. Don’t keep me in the dark. If I’m your light, then let me be it in all parts of your life.”
Jaebum kissed you to seal the promise. “You are the brightest star in my sky. If that’s what it takes to keep you, then I’ll tell you everything. Just promise me you won’t run away once you hear it all.”
“I won’t go anywhere,” you promised.
Happy to finally have you back in his arms, Jaebum carried you back to your bedroom where you would make sure that he’d stay until the sun rose high in the sky. Staying with a leader of a gang might be the greatest mistake of your life, but if it kept you with Jaebum, it was a risk you were willing to take.
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kirikiribaku · 2 years ago
sleep in my bed, steal my heart
Kirishima falls asleep on Bakugou’s bed one night while they’re watching a film. Bakugou knows he should wake him up, make him go to his room, but instead he lies down next to him, face to face, watches his chest rise and fall with each slow breath.
He puts a tentative hand on his cheek. Warm. Soft. His fingers slowly trace Kirishima’s jawline, his front, his scar. There’s no reaction from him, he’s still asleep. Bakugou threads his fingers through his hair, allows himself to move closer until their knees are touching.
He’s being selfish, he knows that, taking advantage of a moment like this and letting himself imagine that maybe Kirishima wouldn’t mind falling asleep like this, that he would accept his affection silently like this- Scratch that. Bakugou knows he would. 
But he deserves better.
But for once, just at this moment, he allows himself to believe Kirishima is leaning against his touch on his cheek, that he’s sighing in contentment. Under the blanket he’s dropped over the both of them, Bakugou allows himself to take Kirishima’s hand.
And their fingers interlock, and suddenly Kirishima is awake too because his eyes shine like distant stars in the night. 
And maybe it’s the boldness and anonymity that the darkness of 3AM provides, but Bakugou doesn’t look away, doesn’t let go.
And maybe he’s asleep and dreaming too, because it looks like Kirishima is inching closer. Bakugou wants nothing more than to remove the space between them, erase the few centimeters that keep him away from the boy who‘s haunted his sleep for one too many nights.
It’s the dark and the silence and the pain of pinning and the fact that those red eyes never leave his; Bakugou finds bravery inside his fears and he brushes his lips against Kirishima’s. 
It doesn’t last longer than a second, he feels his lips won’t forget for all eternity.
When he pulls away Kirishima is still looking at him, and he’s got this sad glint in his eyes like he’s about to cry,  and by the way he lifts his hand to grab Bakugou’s neck and pull him back towards him he understands that they’ve both been longing for this for a long time.
They wake up tangled together; Bakugou’s got his nose buried in the crook of the redhead’s neck. 
Panic takes over him, he’s not sure if the memories of the night before are real, he doesn’t wanna think about the consequences either.
But then he feels a squeeze in his hand, and he sees Kirishima’s messy hair sprawled on his pillow, sleepy eyes and lazy smile directed only at him and the only thing Bakugou can feel is his undying love and appreciation for the boy who owns his heart.
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fuckyeahmattytkachuk · 11 months ago
how to be a heartbreaker: introduction - rafe cameron
Rafe Cameron’s privileged upbringing has let him get away with far too much, for far too long. Between his tormenting of the pogues, running his mouth without consequence, and arrogant attitude, it’s time someone knocked him down a peg. Breaking his bones didn’t work, but maybe you can break his heart.
co-authored with my love, freya @rekrappeter
pairing: Rafe Cameron x reader, unrequited!JJ x reader
warnings: angst, starting a relationship under false pretences, drinking and drug use
word count: 1.4k
a/n: here’s the intro!!!! ah we’re so unbelievably excited to share this with you guys, please please let us know what you think!
series masterlist
Tumblr media
Your eyes tore away from the magazine you were lazily flipping through as the three boys you've grown up with stumbled through the door of the château. The argument that you've practiced for the last twenty minutes about them always being late and ditching you completely vanished from your mouth as you saw the two dark haired boys hoisting the blonde one through the house.
"What the fuck happened?" you asked, eyes wide as you jumped from the couch to help them.
JJ Maybank, your best friend, had blood seeping down his forehead and two evident black eyes forming. His nose was bloody, and the closer you got to him, you could bet easy money that it was broken. He spat blood on the floor, groaning as his two best friends, John B and Pope, dropped him on the couch. "Bastards," the blonde hissed, holding the area where his ribs were.
You stood in the middle of the living room, your hands on your hips as you waited for one of the boys to say something. You noticed the small gash above Pope's eyebrow, glancing at his knuckles to see them bloody and bruised. John B's fists were similar, his scars more evident, his shirt was ripped open, buttons missing as if it was thorn off him.
"Can someone please tell me what the hell happened," you raised your voice slightly after a hot second of deafening silence around the château.
JJ coughed, blood bubbling from his lips, "what the fuck do you think happened?"
You sighed in annoyance, walking over to your best friend and sitting next to him. You reached under the couch for the first aid kit that was strategically placed, opening it up and getting the familiar disinfecting wipes and dressings to clean the boys up. The blonde looked at you, eyes following your every move. It was something he was used to seeing, you looking after him and he realised he never voiced how grateful he was for it.
"Sit," you snapped at the other two boys standing there dumbfounded, handing two wipes to them to clean themselves up. "This is the third time this week, what the hell is going on?"
"Y/n, you should have heard what they were saying," Pope mumbled, wincing slightly when he rubbed his eyebrow. You rolled your eyes at the thought of what Rafe Cameron and his goons could say to make these boys heat up this bad.
"I hope they look as bad as you do," you directed the comment to JJ, watching him close his eyes as you cleaned the blood from his face. His breathing settled, the pain easing at your touch. "What did they say?" you asked.
Again, you were met with silence.
"It couldnt have been that bad," you muttered, feeling the tension rise around the house. JJ peeked his eyes open, looking at Pope and John B who shrugged their shoulders.
"They were just talking shit about you," JJ muttered, "Trying to get a rise from me."
You raised an eyebrow in his direction, eyes quickly scanning the cuts and bruises on his face and you couldn’t help but chuckle, "Looks like they got exactly what they wanted. JJ, I don’t give a fuck what they say about me, just stop getting into fights over it."
JJ sighed in annoyance, sitting up on his elbows bringing his body closer to yours. The blood drained from your face quickly, your heart hammering against your chest due to the close proximity. Pope swallowed nervously for you, watching your eyes dance around his friend's face. He looked over at John B, who looked between the pair awkwardly before Pope took his attention away from you.
"They can't talk shit about you and get away with it," JJ hissed.
"They've been doing it for years," you mumbled, feeling yourself getting shy. He was the only boy you ever got shy around, despite being your best friend. It all happened three years ago, when he kissed you as a way to get rid of an annoying ex-girlfriend and you realised you had stupidly fell for your gorgeous, dumb best friend. You never told him and you never acted on it, he thanked you for the kiss and skipped off to another touron that same night while you were left gobsmacked.
"Thats the thing! They can't keep doing it, someone has to knock them a few feet down!" JJ said, feeling his blood boil at the memory of the horrific words Rafe said about you.
You hushed him, placing a plaster over his forehead before grabbing the bloody wipes to toss them away. JJ moved to sit comfortably on the couch, watching you walk to the bin. "He keeps talking shit about how he'd fuck you and how he'd have you at the palm of his hand if he tried."
You grimaced at the words, looking at Pope who nodded shamefully. "Honestly y/n, we have to do something about it."
"Like what?" You huffed, throwing your hands down in frustration. "You tried beating them up, and look at you! All of you!"
"W-we thought of something else.." JJ mumbled, nervously chewing on his bottom lip.
Pope groaned, dropping his body on the couch beside JJ, "No, let me rephrase that. JJ and John B had an idea. I want nothing to do with this."
"What is it?" you asked.
John B glanced at JJ before a smirk tugged on his lips, "Rafe talks so much about having you and shit like that, we were thinking, well we can't break his bones... we're tried that... so-"
"So why not break his heart?" JJ piped up, interrupting the brunet.
"Are you sure Rafe Cameron has a heart?" You chuckled, not piecing together what they were indicating at.
"Not a very nice one but what he does have, we think you could break it," John B said. Your eyes widened at his words, suddenly entering into a coughing fit. You bent over, grabbing your stomach.
"Y-you want me-me to do what?" You coughed.
JJ jumped from the couch, despite the pain shooting through his ribs, and he knelt in front of you, grabbing your face in his hands. "Look, it's perfect. You make him fall in love with you and then you break his heart, simple."
Pope rolled his eyes from the other side of the room, "its not that simple."
"Why not, Pope?" John B asked.
Pope looked at you briefly before sighing, "this isn't some teen romance movie, life comes with complications and the big one here is that rafe is an asshole and wont fall in love with y/n."
"Who wouldn't fall in love with y/n? She's perfect," JJ exclaimed, standing up beside you. Your heart fluttered at his words, looking at him hopeful before your eyes found Pope's, who gave you that look you were all too familiar with. The look that read ‘dont think too much into it’. Pope was the only one who knew how you felt about JJ, he caught onto your longing looks and girly giggles; something he never would have connected with you previously.
"You have to do it, y/n, they almost killed JJ tonight.." John B pouted, running his hands through his tousled hair.
"Guys, I-i don't know.."
"We'll be there with you for it all, helping you, guiding you," JJ pouted, "Please, do it for me."
You crossed your arms in front of your chest, thinking of the possibilities. Pretending to like Rafe Cameron, making him fall in love with you, and ultimately breaking his heart. It would be tough, it would be painful, but it could be a way to bring you and JJ closer. "What's in it for me?"
"We'll get rid of the no pogue on pogue making rule," John B smirked, eying at Pope before looking at you and JJ. Your mouth agape, you glanced at Pope who shrugged his shoulders confused. "Come on, I know you have a thing for that Leo guy."
You let out a breath you didn't realise you were holding, relaxing your shoulders before looking around at the boys. JJ's blue eyes were hopeful, urging you to accept the challenge. John B looked as if you already agreed, sitting confidently on the chair. Pope's look was more reluctant and apprehensive, chewing on his inner cheek.
"Fine, I'll do it."
JJ hollered loudly, "Let's make you a heartbreaker."
htbah taglist (link to google form is in the series masterlist!): @solllaris @drewswannabegirl @starrystarkey93 @httpstarkey @sweetlysilent @drewstarkey @dontjinx-it @ultranikilove @spencereidbasis @meaganjm @starlightstarkey @thortheestallion @jiaraendgame @idocarealot @tempestuousjj @pink-meringues @dpaccione @arianabrashierstuff
rodeo rafe babies who said they were interested: @scandalousfemale @outerbankslut @honeyycheek @jellyfishbeansontoast @ilovejjmaybank @kindahavefeelingskindaheartless @girlsru1eboysdroo1
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sirenswansong · a year ago
when taylor swift said so i sneak out to the garden to see you, we keep quiet cause we’re dead if they knew / “marry me juliet” / and it's not theirs to speculate if it's wrong / you can want who you want boys and boys and girls and girls / nothing safe is worth the drive / the rest of the world was black and white but we were in screaming color / that’s how you get the girl / i can hear them whisper as we pass by, it’s a bad sign / something happens when everybody finds out / they got the cages, they got the boxes and guns / they are the hunters, we are the foxes, and we run / i know places we can hide / the best people in life are free / too in love to think straight / but there were strangers watching and whispers turned to talking and talking turned to screams / island breeze and lights down low, no one has to know / something happened for the first time in the darkest little paradise / for you i would cross the line / for you i would fall from grace, just to touch your face / sometimes when i look in your eyes i pretend you’re mine all the damn time / all eyes on you my magician, all eyes on us / gold cage, hostage to my feelings / you should think about the consequence of you touching my hand in a darkened room / your love is a secret i’m hoping, dreaming, dying to keep / i loved you in secret / picture of your face in an invisible locket / people started talking, putting us through our paces / i knew there was no one in the world who could take it / i loved you in spite of deep fears that the world would divide us / our secret moments in a crowded room / they got no idea about me and you / my hands are shaking from holding back from you / i don’t want you like a best friend / i don’t wanna keep secrets just to keep you / i snuck in through the garden gate every night that summer just seal my fate / i say i don’t want that, but what if i do? / all of my heroes die all alone / shade never made anybody less gay / i’ve been sleeping so long in a 20 year dark night / i can still see it all in my head, back and forth from new york, sneaking in your bed / i wanna be defined by the things that i love, not the things i hate / not the things i'm afraid of, i'm afraid of / or the things that haunt me in the middle of the night
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howyougetthenerd · 3 years ago
Parallel Wildest dreams with rep - so tall handsome as hell- handsome your a mansion, let’s get out of this town- would you run away, hands are in my hair- long night hands in my hair, no one has to know what we do -no one has to know. You are in Love, one look dark room, you can see it with the lights out -touch my hand dark room, darkest little paradise , etc.. your my best friend- don’t want you like a best friend, lost their minds-your love made me crazy . There are more but toe is new???
1989 has songs about Dianna mostly, but those about Karlie can sure be linked to reputation. There’s a pattern, a storyline, which is exactly what Toe doesn’t have.
WD: He said, “Let’s get out of this town drive out of this city, away from the crowds” //  “You don’t need to save me but would you run away with me?”I thought, “Heaven can’t help me now” //  And baby, for you, I would fall from graceHe’s so tall and handsome as hell //  Handsome, you’re a mansion with a viewHe’s so bad, but he does it so well //  You know I’m not a bad girl, but I do bad things with you -  And I heard about you, ooh you like the bad ones, tooI can see the end as it begins //  Is this the end of all the endings? I said, “No one has to know what we do” //  no one has to know His hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room //  long night, with your hands up in my hair Burnin’ it down // Swaying as the room burned down Someday when you leave me, I’d bet these memories follow you around // Hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you
YAIL: One look, dark room, meant just for you //  and you should think about the consequence of you touching my hand in a darkened room Time moved too fast, you play it back //  is it too soon to do this yet? No proof, not much, but you saw enough //  they fade to nothing when I look at him (her)The light reflects the chain on your neck // I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neckNo proof, one touch, you felt enough //  baby, all at once, this is enough You can hear it in the silence, silence //  all of this silence and patience, pining and anticipationYou can feel it on the way home //  you squeeze my hand three times in the back of the taxi You can see it with the lights out, lights out //  in the darkest little paradise Morning, his place, burnt toast, Sunday //  third floor on the west side, me and youYou keep his shirt, he keeps his word //  (s)he ain’t reading what they call me lately And for once you let go of your fears and your ghosts //  deep fears that the world would divide us You kiss on side walks, you fight and you talk // But I stay when it’s hard, or it’s wrong or we’re making mistakes One night he wakes, strange look on his face //  starry eyes sparking up my darkest nightPauses, then says “You’re my best friend.” // I don’t want you like a best friend And so it goes… // So it goes…You two are dancing in the snowglobe round and round // so, baby, can we dance oh, through an avalanche? And you understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars // I would lose my mind they say, “She’s gone too far this time" 
And why I spent my whole life trying to put it into words —> she turned it into a whole album
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kurt-nightcrawler · 2 years ago
Inspired by Gorgeous by Taylor Swift (honestly one of my favorite songs lol.) 
Word Count: 1.1k
Warnings: swearing, drunk people, and sleeping together
Enjoy! (I do not own anything!)
Tumblr media
The team was celebrating another successful mission. A group of mutant kids in Austria were being used for experiments. Everyone was able to escape safely when the X-Men came. It was like many of the missions they’d done before, but it was (Y/N)’s first. 
You should take it as a complement that I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk
She got a little to acquainted with a bottle of vodka and was imitating her victim of the night- Warren. 
“Ugh Peter. I’m too cool for you. I wear black leather jackets... Scott even your girlfriend wants me! Uwu.” 
You should think about the consequence of your magnetic field being a little too strong
“You know she’s hammered, right?” 
“It’s obvious.” 
“Don’t take her mockery personal. She actually really likes you.”
Warren’s eyes widened, “What?” 
“Yeah, (Y/N) doesn’t shut up about you. Says your gorgeous and she can’t focus when you’re around.” 
And I got a boyfriend, he's older than us
“I thought she was dating Alex.” 
He's in the club doing, I don't know what
Peter shrugged, “I heard he had a thing for Hank. I dunno if he’s still with (Y/N).” 
You're so cool, it makes me hate you so much (I hate you so much)
“Warren!” She called out. 
“I hate you.” 
“Gee, thanks.” 
“No... No... Not like that! I mean like, you’re so cool. You put no effort into anything and yet, here you are,” She flicked her hand at the rest of the crew, “A ten among sixes.” 
Whisky on ice, Sunset and Vine
“Uh, thanks.” 
“Anytime. Here lemme fill this for you.” She took his cup and put ice in it, then poured some whisky. “The vodka is crap. I figured you deserved something better.” 
“Thanks... Again...” Warren turned to look for Peter, but he was now talking to Jubilee about some seafood restaurant she worked at in Cali two summers ago.
You've ruined my life, by not being mine
(Y/N) sighed taking a swig from her cup. Warren raised an eyebrow, “You okay?” 
“No actually, you’ve ruined my life, Warren.” 
You're so gorgeous. I can't say anything to your face—   'Cause look at your face
“You’re so fucking pretty. But like, I can’t say that! That’s weird to call a guy pretty— at least that’s what I’ve been told. Plus you’re too stubborn to take the damn complement anyways!” 
And I'm so furious. At you for making me feel this way
“And it pisses me off! These feelings. You’re not the kind of guy who’d requite them anyways.” 
But, what can I say? You're gorgeous
“But you’re so pretty and just— ugh. I’m gonna go find Alex or something... I think I’m gonna be sick.” 
“(Y/N) wait—”
You should take it as a compliment, that I'm talking to everyone here but you (but you, but you)
(Y/N) quickly vanished it seemed— leaving Warren to sulk and process what she said. ‘If she likes me so much why’d she skirt?’ 
‘She’s trying to make you feel flattered.’ Warren looked at Jean, who had two fingers pressed to her temple, ‘The complements, avoiding you, her way of flirting is kinda confusing to be honest.’ 
And you should think about the consequence, of you touching my hand in the darkened room (dark room, dark room)
Warren grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and dragged her out to the dark hallway. He couldn’t tell, but she was very flustered by the assertive attitude. 
If you've got a girlfriend, I'm jealous of her. But if you're single that's honestly worse
“Are we—” 
“You shouldn’t be single. That’s worse than you not being mine, you deserve someone.” 
'Cause you're so gorgeous it actually hurts (Honey, it hurts)
Ocean blue eyes looking in mine. I feel like I might sink and drown and die
He looked into her eyes once his adjusted to the darkness. (Y/N) felt like she could drown in his, all the different shades of blue coming together to make one that the ocean was jealous of.
You're so gorgeous. I can't say anything to your face (to your face). 'Cause look at your face (look at your face)
And then she kissed him. In her drunken state and Warren’s shocked state he wasn’t sure what to do.
And I'm so furious. At you for making me feel this way
“Do you... Not like me?” 
But what can I say? You're gorgeous 
“It’s not that— Trust me. You’re just kinda drunk and you have a boyfriend and-” 
You make me so happy, it turns back to sad, yeah.
There's nothing I hate more than what I can't have. You are so gorgeous it makes me so mad
(Y/N) frowned, “Those aren’t good reasons to not kiss back ‘Ren.” 
You make me so happy, it turns back to sad, yeah. There's nothing I hate more than what I can't have
“I’m single. Alex and Hank have been dating for months. I’ve been trying to flirt with you since you got here.”
Guess I'll just stumble on home to my cats. Alone, unless you wanna come along, oh
“Guess I’ll just go back to my room alone...” She started to leave him, but he held her hand preventing her from doing so. 
You're so gorgeous. I can't say anything to your face (to your face). 'Cause look at your face (look at your face)
“Come with me!” She tugged him in the direction of her room, excited but also a bit unsure of what she was doing.
And I'm so furious (I'm so furious).
At you for making me feel this way (feel this way). But what can I say? (I say) You're gorgeous
“You’re too drunk to do anything like that for now.” 
“Do what?” 
“Oh! Fuck. I mean we can if you’d like—” 
You make me so happy, it turns back to sad, yeah. There's nothing I hate more than what I can't have. You are so gorgeous it makes me so mad. You're gorgeous
“How about I buy you dinner first?” 
You make me so happy, it turns back to sad, yeah. There's nothing I hate more than what I can't have. You are so gorgeous it makes me so mad
“It’s too late for that right now.” 
“I meant tomorrow, if your hangover won’t be too bad.” 
“Come,” She patted the other side of her bed. Warren kicked off his boots and climbed in. 
(Y/N) snuggled up to him and was out within seconds. Warren quietly laughed to himself, admiring her.
He kissed her forehead and turned off the light.
You're gorgeous
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holylulusworld · 2 years ago
One wrong decision
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s just wrong…but at the same time so good. But all the wrong things have their consequences.
Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Sharon Carter, Brock Rumlow
Warnings: angst, pregnant reader, fluff, language, attempted kidnapping, characters death, violence, blood
Wrong-Right Masterlist
 “Do you think he will torture her?” You ask Steve changing into your pajamas while he looks out of the window to not cross a line again.
“Bucky is not the Winter Soldier anymore. Tony and he will find another way to get information about other moles within the headquarter.
“What Sharon said…”
“Y/N, you’re not crazy or a slut. This was our fault, all of it. We drove you crazy and didn’t think about our actions. Buck and I; we are sorry, for everything. He might not show it, as he’s hiding his feeling behind his flirtatious character, but he’s missing you.”
“We should get some sleep. Natasha wants to go to the mall with me tomorrow. I need new clothes. I only got what I was wearing that night and three shirts and a pair of pants from the trunk of my car.”
“One of us will come with you and keep you safe.”
“I will not discuss this. Promise me to wait for Bucky or me. If not Tony or Sam can come with you.”
“I will not go shopping with Tony!”
“Now sleep, Baby and I’ll make sure no one gets close to you.”
“Night, Steve.” You say pecking his cheek.
“Night, Y/N.”
Running along a dark corridor while a faceless man is following your every step you start screaming.
Your hands are balled to fists when you wake up still screaming and two super soldiers run into your bedroom.
“What happened? Are you hurt? Did someone attack you?” Bucky stammers looking for any sign of an intruder.
“Nightmare…always the same. Sorry.” You whisper.
“Nightmare? Do you want to talk about it?” Steve asks.
“I’m running away from a man without a face. He wants my babies and I know if I stop running he will get me; so I keep on running and then he grabs my shoulder and I start screaming. That’s the point I wake up…”
“Shit, I’m sorry, Y/N. Shall Steve stay here?” Bucky asks and you shake your head.
“Can you…both stay here?” You ask still shaking from the dream.
“Sure. We’ll get our pillows and sleep on the floor.”
“You can sleep in my bed but no touching.”
“We promise…no touching,” Steve says.
Fast asleep you don’t feel Bucky gently stroking your back while Steve watches you sleep peacefully.
“We really messed up Stevie. I don’t know how to fix the mess I made.” Bucky whispers.
“All we can do is keep on trying to make it up to her and protect her.”
“Sounds like a plan. Tomorrow Tony and I will continue our interrogation. I hope to find out something more than the name of the dead bitch attacking us in France.”
“You can do it, Buck. Let’s have a rest for now. Jarvis is observing the room and Tony installed cameras all along the hallway this morning.”
“Sometimes I could kiss Tony…uh…don’t tell him so.”
“You would rather kiss, Y/N.”
“She will never let me kiss her again, Steve. You, maybe…but I messed up for a whole lifetime. I’m lucky if she let me see my child.”
“We should just show more patience than in the past. Give her room, freedom to make her own decisions, Buck. Now sleep and I’ll take the first shift.”
“Shift? I thought Jarvis is checking the tower.”
“I trust now one, Buck. I mean the Avengers, yes…but no one is better in protecting her than you and me.”
“You really love her…”
“Just like you, Bucky. Now sleep or she will wake up.”
“I got everything I wanted.” You squeal and Natasha smiles at you.
“So Captain Overprotective let you go with me?” She asks.
“With you and Brock. Sam will come later too. Damn, he’s like a helicopter dad right now.”
“Y/N, I hate to say it but Steve is right. If Hydra is after you and the babies it’s better to be safe than sorry.”
“I know, but I don’t like the way Brock looks at me.” You whisper and Nat raises an eyebrow.
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t know, just a hunch I guess.”
Looking up from the underwear she was just checking Natasha stays closer to you. Her instinct tells her to always trust a hunch.
“Stay close to me. Did you get everything you needed?” She asks and you nod glancing at the bags standing next to you.
“Yeah…why? Is something wrong?”
“I trust your hunch. Brock said he wants to check the garage but he didn’t come back for over forty minutes. I thought he’s around but when I check the transponder he’s wearing I can see he’s still at the garage.” Natasha says showing you her phone.
“Okay. Just relax, Y/N. Maybe it’s nothing but I’m going to call Steve for back-up. Sam didn’t show up either. I don’t like it, not at all.”
“I’m asking you one last time before I will start cutting you open. Who is working for Hydra within the tower?” Bucky yells and the woman flinches. Shaking in fear by now she realizes the money is not worth it to get tortured for.
“I only know two names. One is an Agent of Hydra, the other an informant.”
“Names! Now!”
“The Agent’s name is Rumlow, Brock Rumlow. I don’t know the name of the other person, but I know it’s a woman and that she was close to Captain America some time ago.” She stammers and Bucky’s eyes widen.
“James, we got a problem. Y/N and Natasha are shopping…with Brock.” Tony says already running out of the room to call Natasha.
“Fuck!” Storming out of the room Bucky runs toward Steve’s office. Ripping the door open so that he breaks the door handle he looks at Steve, terrified.
“What’s wrong, Buck?”
“Brock…he’s Hydra…fuck…he’s with Natasha and Y/N.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, …we need to get to them as fast as possible. Tony is calling Nat…”
“Let’s take the jet…now. Call Y/N on our way, Bucky.”
“We got another problem, Steve. The other mole is a woman.” Bucky says running toward the jet with his friend. “I think it’s Sharon.”
“Sharon? God, she saw Nat and Y/N leave this morning. Even if Brock wasn’t able to tell Hydra their position…Sharon can as she heard Nat talking about the mall…”
“Shit…my phone won’t work. How about yours?” Natasha curses.
“No service either. You think it’s Hydra?”
“Let’s ask someone else for a phone. Over there…the girl.”
“Hi, my name is Y/N could I borrow your phone? Mine has no service and I need to call someone important. I will pay for it.” You ask the girl staring at her phone.
“I got no service either…sorry. My friend over there too. She wanted to call her mom to pick us up.”
“Okay. This might sound crazy but grab your friend and leave the mall right now. It might get dangerous in here soon.” Natasha says and the girl nods.
“I was in New York when the attack happened. I know you’re an Avenger.” The girl says before running toward her friend.
“What now, Nat? We can’t take the car as Brock will wait for us.”
“We will take the elevator and ride it to the top of the building. There’s a helicopter landing pad. I still got my emergency transponder. We wait up there for Tony to pick us up.” Nat explains but you shake your head seeing at least five agents entering the building.
“Nat…we should go…now. Hide between other customers and try to reach Tony…anyone.”
“Let me use the transponder so our team can find us. Stay close to me.” Natasha says grabbing your arm to drag you through the mall.
Careful not to run to not draw any attention toward you your friend guides you through the building.
“We should toss our jackets away. Maybe Brock told them what we are wearing.” You whisper and Natasha nods.
“They should be here soon,” Brock says grinning at his fellow Hydra Agent.
“Don’t forget to tell them I want Steve on my own. Brainwash him, torture him whatever you have to do to make him mine.” Sharon says.
“You will get your reward, Sharon. Now shut up like a good girl until we got hold of Agent Romanoff and Y/N.” Brock grunts and the blonde woman glares at him.
“Fine. But you better remember my reward.”
“Sharon don’t worry, you will get what you deserve for sure.”
“Oh, no Natasha. There are more on the other side of the mall. What now?”
“The roof is too risky. Damn…we need to try the garage. If only Brock is down there I can take him down and we get the hell out of here. I got an emergency responder in the car too. It’s safe, the car is bullet-proof.”
“If you think it’s the only way out, I’ll follow you, Nat.”
“Good. We take the stairs over there to reach the garage. The elevators are too risky.”
One last glance toward the Agents Natasha leads you toward the staircase close by. Praying Steve or anyone else is already on their way. If she has to fight alone she knows there’s no way out. She will lose her friend to Hydra and her life.
“How long?” Bucky asks pacing around the jet.
“Ten minutes, Buck. Calm down. Bruce will land the jet on the roof and provide back-up. It’s too risky to let the Hulk out in a mall full of people. Tony is trying to evacuate the people and Thor will take everyone out leaving the building.”
“What about Sam? Did you reach him?”
“No one could get hold of him. Clint is on his way to Sam’s girlfriend’s place with Wanda. Maybe he just didn’t hear his phone.”
“But you don’t think so, right?”
“No, it’s not like Sam to not answer his phone or miss an appointment. I got a bad feeling Buck and I’m sure it will get worse. Eight minutes. Get your gun ready. We will take some assholes down.”
“Swear words Cap?”
“Shut up, Bucky. I got no nerves for jokes right now. They are after her once again.”
“You will hide behind this car. Do not come out till I tell you so.” Natasha whispers watching Brock talking to a woman. “Shit…that’s Sharon. She doesn’t know what she got into. Now I need to save her too.”
“Please be careful, Nat.”
“Don’t worry about me. Stay here no matter what. I’ll take him down, save that stupid bitch’s ass and we get out of her in no time.”
“I know you are a tough chick…still, be careful.”
“Will do so.”
Walking toward Brock as if nothing is wrong Natasha smiles at her ‘colleague’.
“Where is Y/N?” He asks.
“What do you mean? She should be with you Rumlow!”
“No, she isn’t with me, Romanoff.”
“This can’t be, Brock. You called me and said that Y/N is with you, waiting into the garage for me.” Natasha lies her gun already unlocked.
“Romanoff…I’m pretty sure she ain’t here,” Rumlow mutters glaring at Sharon and you use the moment to aim a gun toward his head.
“I know, Brock. She’s safe with Steve. Did you believe we are dumb? Sharon step away, I’ve got this.” Nat says not seeing the gun in Sharon’s hand.
“No…I think I’ve got this.” Sharon says pulling the trigger. Seeing your friend falling to the ground you start shaking. The worst is Sharon aims the gun toward Natasha’s head.
“You’ve got two choices, little girl.” Brock chuckles. “Come out and Agent Romanoff will survive. Or stay hidden we will find you either way and your friend dies…ugly and painful.”
“Y/N, run! You are close to the door. Just run to the elevator. Tony will be here soon.” Natasha coughs and Brock kicks her hard.
“Please don’t hurt her even more. I’ll come out.” You say.
“Don’t Y/N. You know what they are up to. He will not shoot you. Run, just run!” Your friend pleas but you slowly walk toward Brock.
A grin on his face he aims the gun at Natasha’s head while Sharon walks toward you, the gun still in her hands.
“I should just kill you, but Steve will be mine either way. I guess being a guest of Hydra is far worse than getting killed by a bullet.” Sharon chuckles.
“Stop babbling, Carter. Get her over here.” Brock orders not seeing someone sneaking behind his back.
“Sorry I’m late to the party,” Sam says smashing his fist into Brocks' face, knocking him out.
“Sam?” Natasha coughs…”You look awful.”
“Had my own party on my way to the mall.”
“Well, then I can kill you.” Sharon chuckles aiming the gun toward your head.
Calling your name Sam watches the scene frozen to the spot as Sharon pulls the trigger. A shot echoes through the garage before he can react.
“Where?” Bucky asks running after Steve.
“Garage. Hurry, Buck.”
“I’m on it. Where’s Tony?”
“Takes care of the Agents inside, along with Thor. There are more Agents than we thought.”
“He better doesn’t use his lightning in there.”
“Shut up and run faster,” Steve yells panic in his voice.
Falling to the ground she looks up at you in disbelief. Blood is seeping out of her chest and she starts shaking.
When you look toward Sam you can see the shock all over his face. Not him was shooting Sharon, no, Natasha is still aiming her gun at Sharon.
“Revenge is best served cold, a good friend told me once.” She chuckles and you sniff.
“Y/N? Natasha?” Steve yells through the garage.
“They are here. We need an ambulance. Nat got shot and Sharon…well, I guess the bitch is dead.” Sam yells back.
“Y/N? Are you okay? Are you hurt?” Bucky stammers checking on you while Steve checks Sharon's pulse.
“How’s Natasha?” Steve asks while Sam adds pressure to the wound at her stomach.
“Lost some blood but she’ll live.” Sam answer.
“Did she hurt you? Y/N?” Bucky asks again.
“I’m alright, James…Nat?”
“She will be okay, Baby. Let’s get out of here.” Steve says softly.
“Steve, I’m sorry. You were right…with everything. We shouldn’t have gone to the mall without you or James.” You whisper. “Nat got hurt because of me.”
“Bitch, I got hurt as Sharon shot me, not because of you. Now grab your bags and let these two lovesick idiots bring you home. I’ve got this.” Nat chuckles.
“Romanoff, you are hurt. Let me carry you and Tony can take care of this piece of shit.” Sam says kicking Brocks balls.
“My hero.” Nat jokes.
“Damn right. Falcon at your service, ma’am.”
“You better not let Bruce see you are flirting with his girl or he will ‘hulk’ around.” You tease.
“Let’s get out of here,” Steve says grabbing your bags while Bucky picks you up in bridal style.
“I can walk, Barnes…but I like it when you carry me.” You whisper leaning your head against his shoulder.
“Fury is taking care of Rumlow and he will inform Sharon’s family. He will hide the fact she was working for Hydra, of course.” Tony explains.
“We need to double check everyone able to enter the tower, Tony.” Steve says worriedly looking at his friend.”
“Jarvis and I are on it. We will check every single person working with or for us. The private section will be a restricted area. Guarded by my robots. No one will get in or out of the headquarter without me or Jarvice noticing.”
“Where’s Y/N?” Sam asks.
“At the medical area to check on Nat. Bucky is with her. She wasn’t letting go of him after what happened.” Steve sighs.
“You know she loves you, man. I saw the looks Y/N gave you since she’s back. Don’t let him steal her attention.”
“We both want her and she wants us, at least I hope so.”
“You mean Bucky and you want to share her?”
“I think so…”
“Go and get some rest, Y/N. I’m fine, don’t worry. Bruce is right next to my room and he will check on me, promised.” Natasha says while you hold her hand.
“You almost got killed because of me, Nat.”
“I’m always in danger. I’m an Avenger, Y/N. Now go.”
“Bucky bring her to the penthouse and don’t let her out till she slept a bit. But give her something to eat first. My girl is starving.” Nat chuckles and you pout.
“Do you feel better?” Bucky asks covering you with a blanket.
“Not really, James. Natasha got hurt, Sharon is dead and Sam is pretty beaten too. This happened only as I wanted to go shopping for panties and socks.”
“Panties?” He asks wetting his lips.
“I’m not in the mood for flirting, James.”
“I know…sleep a bit. Steve will be here soon.”
“Can you stay too? I don’t want to be alone. I’m not forgiving you…but stay.”
Sitting down onto the bed Bucky watches you snuggling into your pillow. His eyes drift toward the door as Steve enters the room with a serious expression.
“Is everything alright, Cap?”
“Not really, Buck. Tony made a fortress out of the tower but I’m too pumped to relax. They almost got hold of her today.”
“Shh…give her a break.”
“Sorry… If you stay I can go to my room or sleep outside.” Steve says.
“No…please stay…I want to feel safe…” You sniff, hating your weak state.
“You want us to stay?”
“I’m not forgiving you two, but I’m safer with both of you by my side.”
“Then let’s try to make the best out of the situation.”
“Yes, Captain.” You tease.
“Natasha is going to be okay, Y/N. Don’t worry. She’s one tough cookie.”
“I know, Steve.”
“That’s not your fault, it’s Hydra’s.”
“Still it was my wrong decision making it possible they got close to me and my babies. I’m going to listen to you…at least for now.”
“We will talk about this tomorrow. Now sleep a bit.”
“Anything yet?” Natasha asks looking over Tony’s shoulder.
“You should stay in bed, Nat.”
“She almost got kidnapped today. I failed…we all failed her today. I will not let this happen again. I will find all the moles in our organization.” She says narrowing her eyes.
“You think she knows more than she told Bucky?” Tony asks.
“Bucky is a little teddy bear by now, Stark. Let me handle this.” Natasha says getting a knife out of her pants. “She will tell me everything when I’m done with her.”
“Do I want to know anything about this?”
“No, Tony…you better leave the room now.”
“You know where to find me.”
Watching Tony leave the room Natasha starts smiling. “Now милая моя (my darling/beloved) you will tell me anything I want to know…”
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Cherry Bomb | Drabble
1. “Do you ever think that we should just stop doing this?”
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lee Taeyong x reader Genre: FWB!au, Noona!reader, suggestive themes, light smut, angst Words: 793 words Notes: Just a lil’ something, something based on a dream I had last night. Shout out to my bae @noonachronicles for being my muse and fueling my newfound love for Taeyong.
The sound of the dressing room closing behind you heightens your senses. Without glancing back, you already know who entered the room. You feel it in the air; the shift in tension, the rise in temperature, the quickened beating of your heart. 
Taeyong is here. 
Trying your best to appear unaffected, you stay put and continue what you were doing before he entered. However, a pair of frim hands landing on your hips halts your movements. Without uttering a word, you turn to face him. The gaze he greets you with nearly brings you to your knees; dark, lustful, passionate, pure sin. It’s comical really; how a man three years your junior can get you so affected with only a look. When taking on the job as NCT’s head stylist you never could have imagined you would end up in this situation. 
You always knew there was this undeniable attraction between the two of you, it had simply been a matter of who would cave into temptation first. That person ended up being Taeyong. He had been high on post-performance adrenaline and needed to release all that pent-up energy. The image of you bent over his dressing room table that greeted him after opening the door sent his blood straight to his cock. Paying no mind to the possible consequences, he made his way over to you. Let’s just say that the next few moments led you to being perched onto that same table, legs spread wide and biting his shoulder in an attempt to keep quiet while your orgasm surged through you. 
Quickly you both fell into this ‘friends with benefits’ situation, never really calling it what is was but going through the notions anyway. While subtlety had been his main priority in the beginning, the fact that you made him feel so good about himself and gave him the confidence he didn’t know he needed caused his actions to become more brazen and reckless. Every time he did something inappropriate - touching you in public, texting you when his members were near, showing up at your doorstep,… - made you more worried that someone would soon find out. 
Much like now when he entered the room with the clear intention of ravishing you, the haze of lust and sexual desire clouding his brain so much he forgot to lock the door after entering. In no time he has you pressed against the mirror, attacking your neck with kisses and bites while his hands grope at your behind, pressing your crotch further into his. You feel his arousal pressing against your thigh and you have half a mind to continue this when a voice in the back of your head tells you otherwise. 
“Taeyong… Taeyong stop.” You sound breathless when you finally gather the words to speak that have been running through your head ever since he entered. His voice is rough and filled with arousal when he replies.
“What is it? Did I do something wrong?” The seriousness in your tone fills him with worry, wondering if he stepped out of line or did something you didn’t like.
“Nothing’s wrong it’s just…. Do you ever think that we should just stop doing this?” Your question feels like a cold shower after a sauna; suddenly he feels wide awake, the haze from before gone from his mind. 
“What are you talking about? You want to end things between us?” His uncertainty is almost palpable, his eyes saying words his mouth never could. Do you really want to break things of with him? He thought everything was going great? Had he read the signs wrong? Did you no longer want him? Looking at him you feel the doubt you once had leave your mind, how could you ever want to end things with this man? 
“No, that’s not it. I just… maybe we should be more careful? I’m afraid somebody will find out and I don’t want to deal with that yet.” Yet. That little word holds so much more meaning that neither of you want to admit. It’s full of hope and unspoken feelings that are frankly too scary to talk about now. Understanding what you just said, he nods his head in affirmation. 
“You’re right, maybe we should be more careful for now. That doesn’t mean we can’t do this anymore right?” Glancing between your bodies, you notice that his bulge is still very much visible. Getting a hold of the lapels of his jacket, you pull him close and lean in to whisper in his ear. His breath catches in his throat when he feels your lips so close to his sweet spot.
“Of course not. But maybe you should start by locking the door?”.
A/N: I got a bit sidetracked writing this and it turned out longer than I expected. Thank you for reading!
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cars-in-space · 2 years ago
Because how could you love someone like me otherwise?
Tw: Self-loathing, self-deprecation, vague hint at past abuse, Sympathetic Deceit (Tell me if I missed any)!
Summary: Deceit wants hugs and affection, so he decides to morph into Joan to get Thomas to hug him.
Not my best work but it’s acceptable.
@chemically-imbalanced-romance​ @callboxkat
 This is for @blue--stopsigns. (Sorry if I missed anybody wanting to be tagged).
Deceit had never had anyone look at him without at least a trace of disgust or fear in their eyes. He’d only ever been chastised for being the liar, the dark side, the slippery snake. 
No one had ever tried to touch him without it being a punch or slap. He’d never held hands with anyone, never had someone lean their head on his shoulder.
And he couldn’t even fathom what getting a hug was like.
But oh, how he longed to.
How he longed to be comforted whenever he just couldn’t stand to look in the mirror anymore, shaking and sobbing at how disgusting he looked with those scales and forked tongue, curled up in the corner of his room crying into his yellow pajamas. 
How he longed to have movie nights with his friends and then pass out around 3 am, only to wake up hours later, movie still playing and everyone huddled together under the blanket, cuddling one another in their sleep. 
How he longed for Thomas to...accept him. To love him, and realize that, truly, not all lies are inherently bad. 
Like every other side, (mostly), Deceit loved Thomas, and tried to help him in the only way he knew how. 
But Deceit knew Thomas could never love him, never scales and all. The voices in his head told him so, every day. Every interaction. Every glance at a mirror or other reflective surface. 
He hated himself; why should anyone else think differently? 
One day, when Deceit was curled up in the fetal position in the corner of his room, crying, he got an idea. 
One that would not only change his day, but his life. 
It started with an innocent thought: Why couldn’t I just be Joan or Taylen? They’re both so amazing and Thomas always says he loves them! 
A sudden click could almost be heard as the wheels in Deceit’s brain began to turn. Sure, changing one’s entire form was tiring and difficult, but...the thought of Thomas telling him he loves him...
I’m doing it.
Not thinking about the consequences, Deceit started changing his features into Joan’s. Soon, he had their height, face, and wardrobe exactly right. Now to wait for a moment when Joan wasn’t there by Thomas’s side to sink in and seize his chance to be showered with adoring affection. Just thinking about it was making Deceit smile like a dummy. An idiot. A touch-starved fool. 
Because even though there was a part of him shouting not to go, not to take the risk, not to do it because he didn’t deserve affection...the rest of him desperately wanted to finally experience love. Loving and having them love you back.
Because Deceit had never had that. 
But he sure as heck wanted to start.
“I’m gonna go to Starbucks, want anything, Tommy bear?” Taylen said, smiling with their hand hovering over the doorknob. 
“Uh, yeah, maybe a...” Thomas thought about what he might want, “iced coffee?”
“With marshmallows?” Taylen asked with a smile 
“Of course!” Thomas replied with a eye-scrunching grin
“And rainbow sprinkles if they have any?” Joan added, getting up and headed to the door, bracing for the cold weather by pulling their beanie down over their ears
“Hecking superb you funky little non-binary friends!” Thomas said, “You guys know me so well!”
“Haha, well, be back soon friend-o spaghetti-o!” Taylen exclaimed, waving finger guns in the air and heading out the door
“Yep, see you later Thomas!” Joan said, smiling, “Love ya, man.”
“Love you too guys!” Thomas said as both people walked out 
Deceit had to wait a second before sinking in. He had already developed a decent cover story, so it wouldn’t be that hard to get affection from Thomas. He had also decided to use they/them pronouns when describing himself in his head, just to get more into character.
After the two friends drove off to get some snacks and drinks, Deceit rose right in front of the door and opened it. They tried to keep a neutral expression when Thomas looked at them, surprised but in the good, ‘I’m so glad you’re here’ way.
“Oh? Didn’t you just-” Thomas asked, but Deceit Joan interrupted
“I decided to stay here with you!” Joan smiled, walking over and sitting down next to where Thomas was sitting
“Oh! Well, okay then,” Thomas said, shrugging, “hey, do you have any new ideas for a-”
The sight of Thomas smiling at them was too much for Deceit; they couldn’t stand being this close. So even though they were scared, they went for it. 
They hugged Thomas, burying their face into Thomas’s neck. He just warm...
“Woah, pal, are you alright?” Thomas looked down at his friend, a concerned look bathing his eyes
“It’s amazing.” They whispered softly, mostly to themselves. Tears were forming in the corners of their eyes. Who knew affection could feel this...good?
There was still a part of Deceit that felt horribly guilty about the whole thing, saying he doesn’t actually love him and that tricking Thomas just makes him an even worse person. 
But it was easy to tune that voice out when Thomas hugged Deceit Joan back, and nuzzled his face into his hair a little. 
“Hey, it’s okay, Joangle,” Thomas said, “you don’t have to tell me what’s wrong now, it’s all good. Let it all out.” 
And that’s what happened. Deceit nearly forgot where he was, and that he had a limited amount of time before the actual Joan showed up. 
But he never wanted it to end. Ever. 
He was not going back to feeling empty and cold every day, he was not going back to feeling like he was less-than-worthless, and he was NOT going back to crying himself to sleep at night, wishing he was a normal person and hoping against hope that someone would start to care and love him. 
“Wow, really taking Taylen a long time, hope they’re okay...” Thomas said, Virgil causing him to worry about his friends’ safety excessively, “hey, do you have any ideas for a new sanders sides video? It’s been a while since the last one, and I think the Famders are getting antsy. They might start adopting my pants soon if they don’t get any new content.”
Deceit chuckled at the thought. And, of course, the knowledge that that was entirely plausible for them to do.
“Well, I suppose you could...” It took them a while to gather up the courage, “maybe give Deceit a bit of an arc? Because I think a lot of the fans believe he’s a bad person, and also an arc would just be a really cool thing to do.”
They tried to sound casual, like it was off the top of their head and they didn’t really care too much about the idea. But inside, they were on the edge of their seat.
“Sure!” Thomas said after a second
Deceit couldn’t be happier. If he got a chance to explain to the other sides what was happening...well, needless to say, the opportunity would be taken.
“Hey, wait...” Thomas thought for a second, “do the fans really hate him? I mean, I guess I could see how he might seem...problematic, but he isn’t that bad. He’s just an anti-hero. Helping me, but in his own way. I-”
The door opening cut off the star-shirted man’s words. Deceit nearly had a heart attack.
“Hey Thomas! We got the goods!” Taylen smiled
“Haha, yeah, we-” Joan cut them self off when they saw a person who looked exactly like them sitting on the couch next to his friend
“Joan? Not Joan?” Thomas whipped his head back and forth between the two people, “What’s going on?!”
“I don’t know?!” Taylen said, clutching the coffee cup in their hands
“Uh, I’m the real Joan!” In Deceit’s panic, he didn’t realize that he had forgotten to mask his own voice. He sounded exactly like himself; Deceit. The liar, the Villain, the Snake-Faced Freak. 
“Um...are you...Deceit?” Thomas softly spoke, not wanting to spook the crying crying? side.
“I’m, i’m,” Deceit couldn’t continue. He morphed back into his normal body. Then, as he saw everyone staring, he knew they were thinking about how absolutely hideous he looked. How could they not? 
Then he screamed:
“I’M SORRY!” And sank out as fast as he possibly could
Thomas and his friends didn’t know what to do, they just stared at each other for a second, not knowing how to proceed. 
“...still want the coffee?” Taylen asked, then added, “It’s still warm.”
Deceit sprinted into his room and slammed the door, probably scaring the other dark and light sides. He didn’t care. He had already ruined everything for himself. He was never going to get anymore affection. 
No more ‘I love you’s.
No more hugs or kisses.
No more love.
Not that he deserved any in the first place.
He ran to the corner of his room, curled up into a pathetic ball of sadness and scales, and sobbed. The voices in his head were screaming now; way too much to bear for the poor Snake Face. He grabbed his pillow and held onto it for dear life, imagining it was Thomas, or Virgil, or anyone. 
Not that anyone would.
“Deceit did what?!” Roman yelled, pulling his sword out a bit to prepare, “I’ll get him for what he did to you and your friends, Thomas. I swear, if he eve-”
“No.” Thomas said simply, “No, I will not allow you to do that.” Sounding a bit more like Logan, Thomas looked around at the four sides.
“Wha...what do you” Roman asked, squinting his eyes a bit as he slowly put his sword back
“Yes, I to am very confused.” Logan added, “Are you implying that Deceit was not planning something?”
“Yes, yes I am.” Thomas put sternly, then a second later added with a sigh, “I should’ve seen the fear! The sadness! should’ve seen...seen how happy he was when we hugged. He was crying.”
A silence fell upon them for a minute or two.
“Yes,” Logan cleared his throat, “that is rather peculiar, however, I don’t think that’s quite enough proof to assume he had zero bad intentions.”
“Well...we could pull him up and get him here to talk to us.” Patton suggested
“Yes, that’s a great idea Patton!” Roman said, gesturing to the fatherly side with his entire arm. 
“Wait, maybe...” Virgil began, “if he was that shaken up, maybe he needs some time alo-” “Nonsense, emo!” Roman ignored Virgil, “Here comes Deceit!”
They all were taken back when they saw how Deceit looked. 
Roman gasped a bit too dramatically. Patton squeaked in fright. Logan whispered a soft ‘oh no...’. Thomas’s eyes widened. And Virgil glanced at the scaled man knowingly, as if the emo nightmare had had to go through similar things before. Even Deceit’s thoughts were silenced for a few, terror inducing and glorious seconds.
Then they came back full force.
“Uh, uh, uh,i-i-i’m s-sor-sorry, I,” Deceit couldn’t get his heart rate to calm down. He was sweating, and his brain was pounding, and he felt so, so very scared.
He was having a panic attack. 
“Dee, shh,” Virgil ran over to him and gave him a big bear hug, tightly wrapping his arms around the crying man, “it’s all going to be alright. I swear it. We’re gonna treat you better, alright? We..” The usually anxious one’s breath hitched, “we love you.”
Deceit couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It was everything he had ever wanted and more. Tons more. 
He quickly hugged the hooded man back, sobbing into his neck.
“It’s okay, Dee, it’s okay.” Virgil turned ever so slightly in the direction of the other sides and Thomas, glaring at them each, but mostly Roman, “Things will change. You won’t feel unloved anymore, I’ll...we’ll make sure of it. Right guys?”
Virgil said, sharply glaring at the others waiting for them to speak.
“Oh! Well, of course silly! I love all my kids!” A soft ‘we’re not your kids.’ could be heard off in the distance, “Sorry I neglected you for so long, kiddo. I’m just...I feel like a bad father for making you feel this way, you know?”
They looked at Patton worriedly.
“But it’s okay! Because I’m going to make things ten times better!” Patton promised, then flew into the hug, making Deceit feel ten times warmer. 
“Yes, that goes for me too, Deceit,” Logan added, “I’m sorry for what my actions might’ve caused you. Might I offer a fist-bump or high five? Sorry, hugs just aren’t-” 
Virgil yanked Logan into the hug, Logan softly accepting his fate. 
“Well, I suppose this isn’t horrible...ish.”
“Yeah, I’m so sorry. I love you too, man. I mean it.” Thomas said, joining the group hug. The loud, mean voices in Deceit’s head now were gone, leaving only the words of admiration the other sides were giving.
“Yes...I, too, would like to apologize for my behavior. I might’ve...jumped to conclusions. I’m sorry. May I hug you as well?” Roman held up his arms, and joined the hug finally after Deceit nodded ‘yes’.
Things were finally looking up for Deceit. He was finally surrounded by affection and nice words.
“I missed you!”
“You’re great at this!”
“Thanks for your help!”
“You deserve the world, my friend.”
And Deceit’s personal favorite:
“I love you.” 
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terri9274 · 3 years ago
Taylor, Zolita & themes of secrecy
I recently listened to come home with me by Zolita who is an out and proud lesbian singer/songwriter and it had a lyric that reminded me of Taylors music and the themes of secrecy(closeting) that have become very prominent recently(reputation) but have always been in her music to some degree.
Tumblr media
"We don't have to tell nobody"-Zolita
"Sneaking out late tapping on your window, when we're on the phone and you talk real slow, cuz its late and your mama don't know"
"So dim that spotlight, tell me things like I can't take my eyes off of you"
"Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone"
"I'll be waiting, all thats left to do is run"
"So I sneak out to the garden to see you we keep quiet cuz we're dead if they knew so close your eyes escape this town for a little while"
"I don't wanna hide anymore"
"Get me with those green eyes, baby as the lights go down"
"Don't say yes, run away now"
"He said lets get out of this town drive out of the city away from the crowds"
"I said no one has to know what we do"
"They are the hunters, we are the foxes and we run"
"I know places we won't be found"
"I know places we can hide"
"All alone or so it seemed but there we strangers watching and whispers turned to talking and talking turned to screams"
"One look, dark room, meant just for you"
"Please leave me stranded, its so romantic"
"We say nothing more than we need I say "your place" when we leave"
"Island breeze and lights down low no one has to know"
"Something happened for the first time in the darkest little paradise"
"Echoes of your name inside my mind halo, hiding my obsession"
"Come here, you can meet me in the back"
"Gold cage, hostage to my feelings"
"You should think about the consequence of you touching my hand in a darkened room"
"Your love is a secret I'm hoping, dreaming, dying to keep"
"I loved you in secret"
"Picture of your face in an invisible locket"
"I loved you in spite of deep fears that the world would divide us"
"I'd kiss you as the lights went out"
"Our secret moments in a crowded room they got no idea about me and you"
"All of this silence and patience pining and anticipation my hands are shaking from holding back from you"
"All of this silence and patience pining and desperately waiting my hands are shaking from all this"
"Everyone thinks that they know us but they know nothing about"
"I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck"
"You don't need to save me, but would you run away with me"
"I want your midnights but I'll be cleaning up bottles with you on new years day"
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letstalkaboutsebbaby · 2 years ago
Gradually - Chapter 6
It’s almost tomorrow, I’m sorry. Also, @crossbowitch thank you, babe!
Here it is:
You enter the Blackwood’s house at night trying to steal Constance’s cookbook but you end up getting something very different.
Pairing: Charles Blackwood x Female Reader
Author: Deb @letstalkaboutsebbaby / @letswriteaboutsebbaby
Rating: Mature
Warnings: smut, dark.
Waking up with a strong pain in your head, you try to sit when Charles get closer and help you, giving you a glass with water that you drink quickly.
“How are you feeling?” Looking worried, he kisses your hand.
“Like I’m going to throw up and my head is made of steal”
You look around his bedroom and everything’s out of place, it looks like a tornado entered the room.
“Why am I here? I should be in the hospital.”
He sits by your side and gives you a suppressed smile
“Well, you can’t. We need to think about the consequences here, dear. And nothing good could come up from you going to the hospital blaming my cousins, right? They were only trying to scare you.”
“To scare me?!” You stands awkwardly and he holds you still even when you try to push him away.
“Yeah, You’re obviously alive, right?! If they were aiming to kill you, you would be dead.” it gets clear he’s trying to hold back from yelling and you want to yell back.
“That’s very reassuring, Charles!”
He holds your waist against his hips and slides a hand to cup your jaw. “Look at me, doll. I have a plan. Everything’s going to work out just fine if we stay quiet about this and just wait a little bit longer.”
“You don’t even care, do you? It’s just a risk to your goal...I’m just a perk in all this...dispensable, unrequired” judging by his lack of response, you might be right. He’s using you. Not that this is a strange concept, he says that every night for a month and you realize you’re so very ignorant. You thought it was a game but the reality it’s that you play a brief part in this plot and no one would even care about your end. “That’s the reason you’ve never made love with me...right? You don’t like me. You’re just taking what you can”.
“You may have hit your head too hard, y/n. You better stop this line of thought. I’m not discussing the subject anymore. Come, let’s take a bath.” he says walking towards the bathroom and holding your hand.
While you keep reasoning everything, he takes off your clothes. You don’t even notice when it was that you’ve been put to the bath but it surprises you to feel his arms bringing you closer. You have always asked him to join you in the bath, and it took all this drama to make him do it.
Hands drifting all over you, mouths kissing your neck...this would be perfect if you weren’t feeling like a walking dead. You’re no longer sure if you’ll ever leave this house. Charles lathers your body and scrubs your back. “Lean back here, princess”
“Let me go home, please”
He brings you close and hold you hard against his chest. “Never. Dear, please, just drop this” he sounds desperate and you start to cry.
“Charles, I don’t feel safe in this house anymore.”
“You don’t have to give them classes anymore, ok? I’ll work it all out” he grabs your breast and whisper in your ear “Do you think some pleasure can make you forget that, babe?
“I don’t feel safe with you”
He freezes and you feel him taking a breath before touching his forehead to your neck “Don’t say that, doll. I’m sorry. I should have been looking for you and it’s my fault...but please don’t say you don’t feel safe with me. You’re my precious kitten, I won’t ever let them do anything bad to you. I’ll take care of you, love, I swear”. Love. It’s the first time he calls you love. You want to believe he means that but it can be just one of his schemes. “Doll, look at me…”
“I don’t know your plan, you don’t tell me anything, Charles. And now they’re trying to kill me and I don’t even know why!”
“Merricat wants me to go away. I guess she thinks I’ll leave if you do. Constance thinks I’m going to marry her. She’s problematic. Her past drove her unstable and...”
“You told her you’re going to marry her?!” You interrupt.
“Have you ever kissed her?”
“No, princess. You’re all I want, love”
“Don’t call me love” you say standing up and leaving the bath tube. Charles follows you and wraps you in a towel. You feel so numb and sad you can’t look him in the eye. If you had done that you would’ve known there are tears in his eyes.
“I’m going to get you dinner”
“Make sure it’s not poisoned” you reply quickly and before you can say sorry, he’s throwing you at the bed.
“Stop this fucking shit! I said I’m one will ever try to hurt again, you hear me? You’re mine and I’ll take care of you!” he yells right in your face and you close your eyes, looking to the side. He opens your legs and rests his naked body between them, his hard dick lounging in your pussy. “Please look at me, princess”
You do as he says and he kisses you softly. “You have no idea of how scared I’ve been, doll...please don’t doubt I care about you”
“How would I know you do?”
“Babe, I sleep with you every night, feeling your body against mine, touching you, making you give me the best kind of power I could hope for, love. You’re everything but dispensable. You’ll be the owner of this house, love. We’ll reign together.”
“Don’t call me love”
He kisses your neck, one hand holding your hair to control your movements. “I’ll call you whatever I want, you’re mine” he starts to move his body and his cock slides over your folds, his lips finding their way through his collarbone and descending to your chest. “Tell me you want me, dear”
The want to say it it’s big but you need to be strong, you need to show him that what happened wasn’t acceptable. It was a crime! And he’s expecting you to just let it go....
“Tell me you want me…”
“You have never wanted me before”
“I always did. I just never deserved you. I still don’t, love...but I need you to stay. I need you to know I care. Please trust me again. Let me love you, y/n”
A tear fall from your eyes and your heart is in pain for him and for yourself, but you want him and if you can make him change his mind, you’re going to try.
“Show me, Charles. be a good boy and show me how you feel, handsome” he doesn’t give you time to regret your decision, entering you in one hard stroke. He lifts his upper body a bit and goes back to kissing you with a devoted passion.
“Say that again, love. Tell me I’m your good boy”
“Are you? Are you my good boy? Make love to me, Charles”
“Fuck…” he proceed to make that the craziest day in your whole life, starting by being poisoned and finishing with the highest pleasure ever.
tagging: @crossbowitch @littledarlinhavefaithinme @axelwolf8109 @buckys-other-punk @teainaukgarden @slowlywithfreedom @cchellacat @loricameback @stachestachestachesebstan @eurynome827 @spacemansam @jobean12-blog @book-dragon-13 @thesaltyduchess @chuuulip @msruchita@lookwhatyoumademequeue @prescription-yee-haws @joannie95 @awkwardfangirl2014 @they-are-coming-soon
  If I forgot someone or you don’t want to be tagged anymore, just let me know, please ;)
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ok but mr bowery touching her hand must have been very significant for her to mention it in several songs: you should think about the consequence of touching my hand in a dark room -> something gave you the nerve to touch my hand -> walk past quick brush -> your touch brought an incandescent glow - soooo what was with his hand touching skills that made her fall for him 👀
okay right????? the way she romanticizes the tiniest moments is so special
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rptheturk · 3 years ago
Holding out for a Hero, Chapter 2
Since I’ve gotten some pretty good feedback, I’ll post this next part early. Still working on the next chapters. Also, can someone tell me how to link back to previous chapters?
Summery: What happens when things go wrong in the Mindspace and Virgil ends up missing.
Chapter 1
Chapter 3
Footsteps echoed down the corridor of the mind palace, black boots could be seen. Walking with a purpose, the aspect commonly known as The Prince, or Creativity, was frowning as he was lost deep in thought. He had seen both Logic and Morality within the past twenty four hours, but what about Anxiety? He couldn't figure out where Mr. Dark and Dreary had gone. Neither of the other two sides had known either upon questioning, they both thought that he’d show up when he wanted to be found, that he probably just had to get away for a bit to ground himself. And he had just checked Anxiety's room too, but there was no clues to be found. His headphones were laying on his bed, as if waiting for a master that would soon appear.  If Virgil really was off somewhere, he should have taken them with him.
Sighing as he pinched his nose, Roman headed back to his room, wondering if he could use one of his special tools to find the dark trait. Perhaps the magic mirror, if he could figure out how to word the request correctly. He had never tried to use it to find something outside his own realm, but it was always worth a shot. Syncing out and into his room, he looked around. Nothing looked disturbed. The posters were still in place, and so was his mirror and everything else But not that... lying on the middle of his desk was a note addressed to Prince Roman in large script. Walking closer, he stopped right before the desk, reaching down, his heart beat increasing his in chest. That writing didn’t belong to any of the Sides, nor to Thomas himself. Stopping before the touched it, the feel of magic radiating off of it was tingling his skin, daring any to touch it and suffer the consequences.  Pulling the dragon hide gloves out of his pocket that would protect his hands from any magic, he opened it and started reading, anger filling his eyes as the words became clear.
 Prince Roman,
If you want Anxiety back and in one piece, come to my tower on the far side of the kingdom. Good luck getting past all the challenges that bar your way. You have until the sun sets on the third day from when you read this, there is an enchanted hourglass with this that shall mark the time. It starts now.
Growling in frustration, he took the hourglass and attached it to his belt, trying not to watch the black sand fall, trying not to think about how it could be counting the breaths that Virgil had left. He could only be thankful that she didn't know Anxiety's true name, that she couldn't use him against him at this moment. True names had power, and she didn’t need that power over Virgil.  Conjuring up a note of his own, he sent it to rest on the kitchen table for the others to find as he slipped through the magic door to his part of the mindscape, the one that held his kingdom. It was time to face the Dragon Witch and make her regret taking Anxiety from them. They had all just gotten him to open up and to trust them; he would not be forsaken. Harnessing up his horse, he nudged it into action and it reared, bolting out of the stable that vanished behind them as they headed west, towards the far side of the Kingdom where the witch's tower dwell; where her power was at the highest.
Wind whipped his hair as they ran, all thoughts focused on the tasks at hand. What would try to stop him? Would she face him this time? What has she done to Virgil already, and what would she do?  Of course the ever present question of how exactly did she get Virgil was bubbling in his subconscious. She could only affect the areas inside of his part of the mindscape, or if he brought her out as they had done in the one video. Had Virgil entered this room and thus the creative mindscape somehow?
Bending lower over the horse to where he was nearly parallel, he urged the mighty steed on, hoping that the others would forgive him for taking this quest on his own. There was no time to gather the rest, and he was the only one who knew how to face the dragon witch. The other two would just slow him down and cause potential disaster, they didn’t know how to summon the things he created, how to face adversity like he did, and he didn’t need any more potential hostages. Roman hoped to have their Anxious side back before anyone noticed they were gone.
 “I’m coming Anxiety, hold on. Hold on until Morning.”
@emphoenixcat,  @milomeepit
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