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#you want to feel sympathy

“Every celebrity, entertainer, athlete, and public figure should be looked at as an enemy to the revolutionary potential of the people. Folks who hold these public positions rarely have class solidarity with working class people. They are always going to be ideologically and materially invested in U.S. capitalism because it keeps them rich. If you are inspired by the sh*t some of us say, cool. But don’t even think radical change is in our hands. Revolution comes from organized people. Join a radical organization. Preferably one that empowers all members to be leaders instead of orgs that highlight a few people as ‘leader.’ F*ck a celebrity. It is not totally impossible for a person with fame to align themselves with working class oppressed people (I like to believe I am walking in that tradition). But it is important to remember that those are a few individuals that exist in the petite bourgeoisie class. The masses of rich people in that class reproduce a liberal status quo. We might see them promote a democratic party of fascists but that’s about it.”

- Noname


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idk liverpool fans being sad they’re 4th in the premier league kinda makes me wanna punch everyone. go home. stop it.

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do you ever just have this ugly scary emotion that makes you feel so terrible? when you want sympathy and somehow express yourself in a way that gets you sympathy and then.

and then you feel like you manipulated someone into sympathizing with you, because somewhere it feels so wrong that you got it? that you got it because you wanted it and because you asked for it?

#anandita talks about her emotions#anandita don't overanalyse everything you cause or encounter challenge FAILED#anandita's sad hours#(i am not actively sad right now!!!! i found this tag and i'm gonna use it now ajahdhsh)#but like! the feeling i get when i feel like i have manipulated someone but logically i know that's not inherently menipulative to#yknow express your negative emotions because you want comfort or warmth or sympathy or sometimes#yeah i sometimes want my sadness to be seen as i feel it and like that's a form of wanting attention#and thinking of it like this#it really makes sense that i'd beat myself up over it because i appear to have some weird schema that tells me i cannot ask for attention#that if i get it ever it should be earned??? does that make any sense?#and just yeah i'm gonna sort through these emotions and grow healthier one day!#and maybe being aware is the first step to it? yeah!#and this makes me think i'm not as open emotionally? i had a phase where i used to very openly express my negative emotions#but that was unhealthy too because i wasn't anything but them? i used to feel sad and i kind of made that my whole identity?#but i think moving on from that phase i've begun to deflect my sadness even though i feel it very deeply#i don't want other people to see it and identify it with me#and maybe it's because i'm afraid i'll be perceived a certain way if i do and i don't want to make anyone uncomfortable#or obliged to be gentler or kinder (or SYMPATHIZE ureka!!!!! or pity too ig) to me purely because i am sad#but i don't know how i want to be treated? or how i want people to tread around me? or how i want comfort?#and i'm gonna figure this out#by projecting these onto my characters and resolving them ahfhsjhd#look at me revolutionising psychotherapy! this is non-directive questioning my dudes!#(just kidding!!!!! I'M NOT QUALIFIED FOR THIS STUFF)#anandita challenges her core schemas!#(but i'm kinda proud about integrating elements of cognitive therapy in resolving my fanfiction's conflicts tho)#personal attack!
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