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#you wouldn’t
comradekatara · 2 hours ago
What irl pets would the gaang would keep? Thanks for doing these sorts of asks btw!
aang has a lemur named momo and a bison named appa. duh
katara has a little white cat named catara who is her one true soulmate. also duh
toph has a pet rock named mortimer and a pet tarantula named spidey.
zuko and azula have a pet snake growing up. if you ask zuko, her name is fafnir, but if you ask azula, her name is stephanie.
sokka and zuko have a frog terrarium. their frogs are named albert, salami, thomas, tambourine, leg-face mccullen, and steve.
zuko rescues a little black kitten who is missing an ear, and names him jiji.
azula either has two rottweilers (for protection) or a cat named rodion raskolnikov.
mai has lizards and also a giant fishtank filled with exotic fish.
suki has a little ratdog named gargoyle. that dog is a mess but suki loves her so much.
ty lee doesn’t really have pets of her own, but she‘s a great stepmom to mai’s lizards & fish and suki’s gross little dog <3
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ragewoman69 · 4 hours ago
I’ll be honest I’m anti haes (health at every size aka the idea that obesity does not negatively affect ones health) but it seems like a lot of thinspo/pro ana people are like… obsessed with dunking on haes/fat acceptance and it’s like girl you aren’t healthy either. not to mention the phenomenon of “fatspo”
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dyketoph · 6 hours ago
not to complain about lok’s absolute slaughtering of the characterizations of the gaang again but bryke’s decision to make aang a bad father is awful not only because it’s completely inconsistent with aang’s character but because it’s also completely inconsistent with katara’s character. like aang would love and respect all of his children and wouldn’t just focus on the child that was an airbender but if you really wanna insist he did, if katara caught even a whiff of favoritism you cannot convince me that she wouldn’t have fucking mcmurdered him
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ohbaby-obeyme · 9 hours ago
*stops writing my pledge to Cal in order to join the snuggle puddle*
Can I join in? 😳👉👈
Don’t tease me.
of course you can join, babe ♥️♥️ you always have a reserved spot right next to me, for any snuggle puddles
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*during a conversation about potential jobs, including as a restaurant worker*
My mom: points out that people tend to Perceive me as a specific gender
Me: becomes 10000000% uncomfortable with my body’s secondary sex characteristics
My mom: you could make a lot of money if you were willing to flirt with the people who are attracted to you
Me: winces in aroace
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danisdreaming · 12 hours ago
2 & 21
2. Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?
idk.. i guess again i could say blaine/sam... or rather sam with pretty much anyone lmao - like sam being buds with quinn and brittany would’ve been so much better than him dating them.. though i don’t think those two ships are even that popular so maybe that answer doesn’t really count lmao
oh ! jake and marley ! i think they’re better off as friends. they were really cute but i think that ultimately they’d never really workout long term (i mean... they Didn’t) and i think he and ryder were really good buds towards her by the end of their s5 arc
21. what are your thoughts on crack ships?
i mean, i suppose you could say i have a couple of them since i ship brittany with jesse after they had basically one (1) interaction lmfao
idk when it’s really ridiculous stuff that people do just for laughs (like shipping schue with a student or smth) then i don’t really care much, just choose to ignore it
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ham-nah · 13 hours ago
i drove by myself for the first time 😌 i went to papa murphy’s. paid for the food myself. went there. parked. got food. came back. and not a single person died. no souls were harmed. i am all powerful. all knowing. i am literally the coolest person ever and i will fight you on that. i am ready.
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jiminslight · 13 hours ago
waa don't worry, i hope you get to relax after all that hard work! today was pretty boring anyway, you didn't miss out on anything. i hope you have time to watch the concert tomorrow *legally or not*. have a good night! ♡
this is so sweet, thank you so much 🥺 i’m kicking back and watching some bts moments in chronological order from debut to boost my mood and celebrate in my own way hehe 💗 ty again, you have a good night too!! 💕⭐️
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tenshindon · 14 hours ago
Can’t explain it but the fact tien screams at tao to destroy his super dodon ray during their fight is very good for my soul
#snap chats#I touched on it a bit in my last posts tags buuut#like I said for some people who’ve experienced abuse from a loved one or close person#you never fully feel anger or hatred- like sure you might like not every person is the same#people react differently to situations and whatnot#nevertheless in Tien’s case you can tell he really can’t bring himself to fully hate tao or shen or even be angry with them#which is why his yell almost feels cathartic?#like I don’t think tien could ever properly articulate his relationships with shen and tao#let alone go in depth the emotional maze he’s trapped in trying to process his time growing up under them#so for him to just be able to vent out that frustration and pain- even if it was just to destroy a ray#I don’t know- it’s like. even if tien wouldn’t acknowledge it that’s probably what he really needed you know#and therapy. tien please get therapy 😭#please get therapy so I can stop projecting 😭#like Tien’s yelled at beams before LMAO but like. this one just felt more powerful#and it’s clear that tao had no chance of beating tien from the start#so it honestly does feel like this is Tien’s way of like. /trying/ to convey his hurt to tao even if he can’t articulate it#even if tao would never understand or get it or even care#like sometimes like. you’re arguing or someone’s yelling at you and you just kind of yell back#not because you’re angry but because you just want them to understand how you feel#I dunno <3 just me looking too deep into things again 🤧
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regalrain · 15 hours ago
I feel like the crowd favorite point was specifically aimed at me
No XD I did a poll before, Yancy is a crowd favorite all around between my followers, and for random anons to harass. Which I don’t mind,,,, I just like to poke fun,,,, I love him too,,,,
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pissfizz · 15 hours ago
I’m so glad pbdt isn’t a harem. It’s kinda funny because she hates all of the guys and all of them are annoyed by her.
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deceitful-innocence · 17 hours ago
As I mentioned I’m totally fine talking about ship things and I, of course, even get nervous. I’m rewatching FB and just had some thoughts. I wanna start by saying if someone doesn’t ship what I ship or isn’t interested that is valid. I never want anyone to feel forced. Since I started Hatori I’ve had done thoughts about potential for Shigure and him. Not enough to think of valid reasons but it’s something I would try if my partner were also interested. I like the difference of personality, the fact they understand what each is going through (as far as being cursed and living though and with it). I’ve been thinking of head canoning that Shigure was his first crush but he kept it to himself.
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seveneyesoup · 17 hours ago
pity doctor who has to be able to be a kids show bc if it didn’t we’d have a scene where the master (who’d been using a fake name) is like. call me…….. The Master and the companion is immediately like oh my god is this a sex thing!!! have i been dragged into some weird roleplay???? and the doctor and master both are like wait what
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unicornslayer15 · 18 hours ago
Hey friend! Your Melody art looked fantastic!
Thank you so much!! I’m really happy with how it turned out!!
I’m working on updating her demon form as well, so that’ll be coming at some point.
Anyways. The picture.
Tumblr media
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ziracona · 19 hours ago
It’s so upsetting when someone you like is friends with someone who not like, you just don’t like—who really cares abt that; at most it’s annoying—but like, someone who fucked up your life, stalked or harassed or really hurt you—that kinda thing. Bc you are very valid for being upset about that; it makes sense. I’d be upset too. But also you can’t control who other people hang out with and it’s creepy to try; the best you can do is be like “This makes me really uncomfortable and here’s why” in a super fucking awkward way while trying to express you’re not trying to like, give them an ultimatum or something, but like even that is only when you’re really close. If you’re not then you just what? Nothing? Drift away intentionally? What’s the solution; never make new friends in the first place???? That’s not good either!! And yet
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