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#you’re important
spywitch · 9 hours ago
Okay but people r still annoying when they try to make a point and their point is absolutely right, but they intentionally make the point in a vague and edgy way that someone who has not been in that loop of discourse would not understand just to intentionally make people mad and come to argue with it in a way that is easy for you to them look really stupid because they had no idea what your actual reasoning or point was to begin with.
Like it feels like people really go Out Of Their Way to make every discussion or debate a display of how much they know and how haha dumb all those people who haven’t heard of this stuff before are
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linabeanart · a day ago
hey i just want to tell you that i love you so much and i'm so happy i know you and that we're friends!!!!!!
🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 well I love YOU so much & you mean so much to me I’m so so so so so glad to be able to know you & be so close with you!!!!!!
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garliclesbian · a day ago
hey everybody i should totally be studying so of course i will use this space for somebody, really anybody, to explain to me why supernatural in “don’t call me shurley” suddenly acted like music and song were their thesis media, like it had been a part of the narrative the entire time. when it simply wasn’t. it wasn’t. why did god start talking about the beauty of music (and go on to later play a cheesy white boy song himself??) when music had never been a part of the narrative - meta or otherwise - other than “we play classic rock cause we think it’s cool”
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Daily reminder that you still being here makes you a warrior, makes you a champion, makes you a fighter, makes you a badass, makes you a bright shining star, makes you capable of taking on anything, makes you a hero for others, and overall makes me and others incredibly proud of you! Keep fighting! It’s worth it! 🙏🏼
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agalaxyofshadows · 3 days ago
Pass the happy! 🌻 When you receive this, list five things that make you happy and send this to 10 of the last people in your notifications. 💛💛💛
omg I’m replying to this so late but !!! the happy chain worked, I am happy :)
• art, just all forms of art. I love creating art and just admiring the talent that so many wonderful artists have, and the passion that other artists and I both share
• nature. the beauty of this earth baffles me everyday. isn’t it amazing that we were born onto such a beautiful planet?
• teaaaaaa. tea makes me so happy. a nice cup of black tea with honey to relax, a cup of energy tea with caffeine to help with my adhd, a nice bottle of sweet tea <3
• reading. being able to create insane realities and fantastical worlds just inside my own brain because of weird characters formed into sentences on paper or on a screen is just so amazing
• soup <3 I would try to say something pretty like I did with the other but tbh soup is just really good :)
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youjustdrankcement · 3 days ago
To whoever might need to hear this:
Even if you don’t see your purpose in the world, you matter, you’re important and you have value
Did you know that oxygen — one of the most essential things for your survival — has a teeny tiny roll to play in the cell respiratory? A highly complex and intricate process with a lot of steps and oxygen — which WE CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT — only steps in at the last step to produce water. This whole chain of reactions and processes to keep your cells and you alive and going and without this simple tiny last step it stops working. One of the most essential elements to our survival makes up for what could be seen as a minor part in the biological process that enables our very existence.
So even if you don’t see your function or purpose or feel like your roll in the world is small — it matters, it’s important and it’s valued and SO ARE YOU and without you the world wouldn’t be the same. You are amazing, never let anyone ever tell you differently
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angelreid · 6 days ago
congratulations again bestie!! <3 so happy for u!! 🫔
thank you nati!!! <3
have I told you how sweet you are before? Always enthusiastic and upbeat, there is never any negative vibes/energy from you. You’re amazing! I, and I’m sure everyone else, love seeing your dad jokes. They put a smile on my face when you send them or I see them on my dash. A big thank you for spreading positivity on this platform because as fun as it is, sometimes we need it and you provide it!! Also, it’s infectious. Really proves you have a heart of gold and the humor of a very funny, hip, retired, stand up comedian grandpa (and we love you for it) also you’re sooooo pretty tf
I need to read your fics and perhaps leave a bunch of compliments on it because I just know they’ll be good
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pinazee · 6 days ago
Here’s my issue with Delilah:
The “he was never there for me” excuse is bogus cause apparently they had pizza night every Friday. That’s at least one night a week she could have used to talk to him about her needs.
And also, “something changed with him the last 2 years”. Uhh yeah, his friend had CANCER. Take the backseat for a minute damn woman.
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remygardner · 6 days ago
rider safety and their own personal safety should be the priority of the sport, something that the FIM knows and that Fabio also knows especially after Jason’s death.
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iansfreckles · 6 days ago
i just think that s1 to s3 gallavich 🥰🥺
yeah 🥺 they were just small idiots with crushes who liked to hang out and fell in love under metal scaffolding and nighttime and secrets and risk and then they were boyfriends with the world fighting against them 🤕
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9luttony · 7 days ago
Why does everyone make such a big deal about age? Are you not a blog on the internet that anyone can get access to, so what’s the problem?
okok i have 2 be honest, i genuinely dont care about you, your thoughts, your opinions and even the sheer entitlement you think u have. but i thank you for solidifying my desire to delete this blog <3 cheers luv
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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