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#you’ve got mail

yay ty Sam! this might be old but whatever I needed to think about some positives today lol

  1. It’s Friday 😭👏🏻
  2. Taylor Swift told the cheeto that we will vote him out in November on twitter
  3. I exercised again today, which literally made me happy because…endorphins
  4. The sun is out and it hasn’t been in a hot minute
  5. I finished another book
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omg hello again. in all honesty every story i have about sex with men is embarrassing. all but 1 have done me wrong god bless

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Fluffy; ocean or mountain? Ocean. I love the ocean even though it freaks me out a little (a lot)

Daylight; favorite album of all time? A fever you can’t sweat out. Revenge is a close second but I love my boy Ryan Ross.

Dobby; dream job? Currently it’s wedding planner but also I’d love to be a tour manager or location scout for movies.

Dreams; do you want or have any tattoos? Don’t have any yet but I want so many. I have a list on my phone.

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heck yes I’m doing them lol

32. favourite TS meme:


33. favourite TS quote

currently probably the one from the AMAs woman of the decade speech about doing whatever the hell she wants because that speaks to my soul lol

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8. favourite TS bonus track:

answered here

11. first TS song you listened to?

tim mcgraw!

15. favourite TS photoshoot?

the 2018 harpers bazaar one with the 70s vibes. I also love the british vogue one from this year.

39. TS song you skip?

soon you’ll get better because it makes me cry and bad blood usually

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1. favourite TS song from lover?

this is hard but cruel summer, I think he knows, and corneila street but I also adore lover, false god and paper rings.

8. favourite TS bonus track?

you are in love because the “you’re my best friend” part reminds me of something my husband did when we were dating

18. best written TS song?

all too well but also corneila street

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sunrise: pick a quote and describe what it means to you personally.

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep” idk if that’s a quote as much as it’s my favorite part of a poem but whatever lol. To me it means that even though it can be easy to succumb to sadness or what have you, it’s good to remind yourself that this isn’t the end and you still have miles to go and things to do.

bands: talk about a song/band/lyric that has affected your life in some way.

Can I talk about Taylor?? Of course I can this is a Taylor Swift blog lol. Taylor’s music has gotten me through a lot of different life stages, and aside from that, watching her navigate life and overcome adversity while still remaining kind and compassionate has always made me want to be a better person. I’m also living for her not taking anyone’s shit anymore. It really empowers me too for whatever reason lol

messy bun: the world is listening. pick one sentence you would tell them.

America for the love of all things please vote blue this November, and remember Taylor Swift is a fucking genius.

Meg I’ll be coming to your new blog to ask you about your new blog FYI lmao

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flower crown: when did you last sing to yourself?

I’ve been singing lwymmd in my head since I woke up lol

plants: pick a person to stargaze with you and explain why you picked them.

if I get to pick anyone, living or not, I’d pick my dad because I miss him and I’d love the chance to see him again. If it has to be someone living I feel like I should say my husband because romance and all that jazz, but I see him all the time so I’d pick Taylor Swift because I’m pretty sure she knows the secrets of the universe and can teach me her boss ways lol

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this is so cute and you are so cute. please be fully aware that I will be sending this right back to you lol

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ty!!! these please me and I always try to switch it up so let’s seeeeeee…

1. getting asks lol

2. how little and cute my one cat is, even though she’s ebol

3. thunderstorms

4. the knowledge that I’m making homemade crunchwraps for dinner tomorrow night lol

5. finally finding a moisturizer that doesn’t break my face out

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