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laurens-german · 3 months ago
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“What will NY152 say today, I wonder. I turn on my computer. I wait impatiently as it connects. I go online — and my breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words: "You've got mail." I hear nothing, not even a sound on the streets of New York. Just the beat of my own heart. I have mail. From you.”
YOU'VE GOT MAIL (1998) dir. Nora Ephron
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lovinghaikyuu · 3 months ago
Daily roommate texts ft. Oikawa and Iwaizumi
Requested by @special-simp (I hope you don’t mind me tagging you!)
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talldecafcappuccino · 4 months ago
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sleeplessinseattlee · 6 months ago
the meg ryan rom com trifecta of you’ve got mail sleepless in seattle and when harry met sally are some of THE greatest movies ever made. they also encapsulate every human emotion. if you can think of an emotion not portrayed in those three films it doesn’t exist
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slowmotiondoublevision · 15 days ago
I hope animal anon is having a great start to 2022!!!!! Here's a penguin and a koala for them where ever they are! 🐧🐨
you hear that animal anon??? we love you and hope you’re having a happy new year!!!!
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ppersonna · 10 months ago
you’ve got mail! - knj | m
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➳ summary - Working for a big company is stressful. Working directly under the CEO as his personal secretary is even more so. Instead of entering your daily thoughts into a diary, you’ve taken to sending emails to a blank email address to record your thoughts. You don’t count on them ever being read and you certainly don’t count on the one man who you consistently type about to be… the owner of that email.
💌 the ‘bitches only’ instagram
➳ an sm au with @ppersonna​ & @untaemedqueen​
➳ masterlist  
previous chapter & next chapter
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moviesandfood · a month ago
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You’ve Got Mail
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carathebloom · a year ago
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Carathebloom instagram
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nikadd · 5 months ago
not to literally Scream but if we are actually getting a you’ve got mail au two person love triangle on ted lasso. i’m gonna. i’m gonna scream
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undercvermartyn · a month ago
when it comes to shameful celebrity attraction, i used to clown ppl who were in love with willem dafoe but then i saw pics of him from platoon and it was like oh 👁👁 i still don't agree but i get it
real talk anon; was gonna clown you but then pictures of him in 1975 came up in my google search and…you might 👀 …. have made points 👀
like you; still not my cup of tea but i get it
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ronanlynchgender · a month ago
Chapters: 1/5 Fandom: Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater Rating: Not Rated Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish, Minor or Background Relationship(s) Characters: Ronan Lynch, Adam Parrish, Richard Gansey III, Blue Sargent, Henry Cheng, Noah Czerny, Calla Lily Johnson, Persephone Poldma (past) Additional Tags: You've Got Mail AU - freeform, Fluff and Fun
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chdarling · 3 months ago
The you've got mail moment!!! idk whether that part was inspired by you've got mail or just happened to be similar but it made my silly little heart flutter!
It was! It was! It absolutely was!! 😂😂😂🥰🥰🥰
I was just telling @the-dream-team the other day that I have a bunch of little Meg Ryan rom com references sprinkled around TLE2 (only 2 have been published as of today lol). I didn’t know if anyone would pick up on them or not, but I am an outrageous Meg Ryan fan so I couldn’t help myself. 😈
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lovinghaikyuu · 4 months ago
Hello :D if you do headcanons, could you do haikyuu characters with a s/o who does theatre? Maybe with the captains?
Haikyuu captains with a s/o who does theatre
Featuring: Daichi, Oikawa, Kuroo, Bokuto, Ushijima, Kita
Requests are open
Tumblr media
• He’d be really supportive and go to as many of your shows as he can
• I don’t think he’d usually like plays/musicals but he very much enjoys watching yours!
• He would definitely drive you to and from rehearsals and always brings a snack for you too
• Asks you how rehearsal went and listens to you rant if you need <3
• Gives you your favorite flowers after every performance aw
• I headcanon that he enjoys theatre himself, so he’s super happy that you do as well!
• He’d want to help you practice by reading the other character’s lines or singing the other parts in a song; he loves it
• Probably gets a little upset if you have to kiss one of the other actors, even if he knows it’s fake
• He tells all of the volleyball team members when you have a show so they can come watch as well
• Has an album on his phone with pictures of you and him at every one of your shows
• Definitely cries during all of your sad scenes
• Never fails to bring up your talent in a conversation
“Actually Y/n does theatre themselves, they’re unbelievably talented.” “I’m honestly surprised they haven’t been casted for Broadway yet.”
Yes, he’s actually said that before
• Is super interested in how things work backstage and asks you a ton of questions which you love answering
• He honestly gets super into the storyline and thoroughly analyzes the characters while watching and rants to you about it afterwards
• Sings along to musical soundtracks with you
• Your biggest hype man before and after your performances
“You were so good I kept forgetting you were acting!!” “How were you able to sing that high?!”
• Whenever you have a show, he’d be the first one there. Literally just sits in the auditorium for a good 30 minutes before it starts (or waits outside if the doors don’t open that early)
• He’s another one who would be so supportive (but who am I kidding, they all are)
• Always the loudest one cheering, and is left speechless from your acting/singing every time
• Never stops bothering the people sitting next to him by bragging about you
“Do you see that person over there? That’s my s/o, aren’t they amazing??” “The best in the whole cast if you ask me, don’t you think?”
someone please tell him to be quiet
• Is very proud of you and tells you all the time
• Shows up to all of your performances even if he’s super busy
• He tries getting to know the other actors as well and spends forever chatting with them if he picks you up from rehearsal lmao
• Laughs at all of the jokes even if they’re not actually funny
• I think he’d honestly forget you’re acting at times
“Why were so mean to that boy? He did nothing to you.” “Were you actually crying? Are you okay?”
• Videotapes your performances even though he’s not supposed to
• Another one who tells his friends about your shows so they can come watch
Sometimes he brings his grandma too :’)
• He’s always trying to get a seat closest to the front so he can see you better
• Listens to you practice at home and loves hearing you sing <3 he claps for you after every song you practice
• Loves to watch musicals with you and listens to you talk about them
• He’s literally the sweetest and is always telling you how talented you are
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alwaysbeyondhope · 5 months ago
Like shopgirl
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aubade-cafe · 8 months ago
💌 for @himitsu-luna
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“Look! There’s a Ferris wheel!”
He grabs you wrist and pulls you through the crowd to have a closer look.
“Should we ride? Just once, the view must be amazing from up there!”
The joy lighting up in his eyes makes it impossible for you to deny his request and even though you might be afraid of heights, it’s okay because he’s with you.
Tumblr media
-> have the nicest day and remember you’re loved 💕
Tumblr media
Send one yourself!
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slowmotiondoublevision · 12 days ago
🐄 also bee did you see that jack is teasing b4??
HE BETTER NOT BE PUTTING ANY SADNESS BACK IN SATURDAY NIGHT THOUGH THATS RUDE TARYN lol. no but i will be so excited for a new bleachers album *soon* enjoy this appropriate for the conversation photo lol
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send me a 🐄 and i’ll reply with a random picture i have saved
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deandykery · 10 months ago
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coffee-study-coffee · a year ago
If you’re a studyblr user wanting the Meg Ryan look this fall raise your hand 🙋‍♀️
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itspileofgoodthings · a year ago
in honor of @septembersung watching You’ve Got Mail and loving it, please tell me your fave moments from it in the replies and reblogs.
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therapeuticss · 7 months ago
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You've Got Mail (1998)
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