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#you're gnarly
disc-heads-blog · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
So This is basically proof that Jonah is bi. He's literally doing the BI FINGER GUN while flirting with Cyrus and making absolutely sure that he's gnarly Jonah has embraced bi culture
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heterophobicbucky · 3 years ago
i know disney isnt gonna let jonah like cyrus back but listen, that boy is bisexual. the way he acts around cyrus isn’t...... straight
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no-gorms · 5 months ago
Hey Annie, just want to tell you that you're awesome! Not just as a writer, but as a person too. Whenever I go through your ask-answers on tumblr I see you answer every ask with love. I love you and your fanfics!! Take care ❤️❤️🌻
Hahhh that’s very sweet of you to say so! 💖 I hope you have an awesome day. 
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that-soccer-guru · 11 months ago
In honor of Sonny Sunday, I present you with a soccer dumbass story. I was playing soccer with my niece and nephew. It was all going good, but then my niece wanted tea so I had to bring her inside. A couple of minutes later, my nephew comes hopping in on one foot and explains to me that he had decided to play soccer with the dog. He had gone in to kick the ball, and the dog chomped down on his foot and broke through his shoe and now there was a small hole in his foot.
Honestly your nephew? Kind of a mood. I feel seen. That's something that a younger me would've definitely done.
But omg you're definitely making Sonny Sunday very lively with that story. 13/10 my bro. Absolute legend shit.
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beavesaintmarie · a year ago
lol idk if i mentioned this on here but my laptop of 10 years died last week. 
and thank god for external hardrives cause that’s where all of my important documents and files for school are saved. certain things i would’ve been totally fucked without and ofc also the TRULY IMPORTANT STUFF LIKE ALL MY MUSIC, PICTURES, VIDEOS, MOVIES AND MY MASSIVE GIF FOLDERS etc. are all on there too.  
but like since my finals are gonna be conducted online in about 2 weeks i still need a laptop and obviously right now i can’t buy a new one. 
so my boy gave me his to use for the time being even though he needs it for work obviously... but he gave it to me and then went over to his parents’ house and got an old desktop they had and hooked it up so that he can use it for work and stuff. and our current desk chair isn’t the most comfortable AT ALL.....sooo....he’s taking that L for my comfort and convenience. 
but yeah so i was really upset about my laptop dying cause i get super attached to things i’ve had for a long time (baby!hoarder in the making maybe???? i am eccentric enough and i am delicate of mind sooooo that’s gonna be fun to explore in 20 years lol) and i was also having a full on anxiety attack when it first crashed cause i was worried about how i was gonna do my work and my finals and all that shit. 
and in the midst of my freak-out he said to me: ‘you know that as long as i have, you have too. so don’t even worry about it’. and he gave me his laptop. 
and like i know this isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things but that moment in it’s simplicity meant so much to me.
for someone like me, who can make the biggest mountains outta the teeniest molehills cause of my anxiety, that solid support even in my most erratic moments, is so important to me. 
like almost 10 years in, and he’s still THAT DUDE 💗
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retractedrequiem · a year ago
From here.
Tumblr media
“, dude, y’know I was gonna say it’s nothin’ I hadn’t seen before but I think yours was actually smaller than mine. Complex much?”
Kenny shook his head, taking a look around the bathroom. It sort of reminded him of Token’s, except even more lavish and ridiculous. Blue eyes shifted back to the other... well, him, while he went on his little rant. Holy shit, was this really another version of himself? Was this something he could have been? The mere concept made his nose want to wrinkle in distaste.
“Silk bathrobe or trash bag, a rat’s still a rat, buddy. You just carry a different stink than I do.” And Kenny would take his literal stink from being poor over this guy’s “I’m a shitty person” reek any day.
He rolled his eyes to the way-too-high ceiling at the accusations, his expression anything but amused. Did this version of him even have any friends? He couldn’t imagine the guys wanting to stick around him if he had his head this far up his own asshole. “I don’t want your stupid house, dumbass. I didn’t just wiggle my nose and click my heels together and poof here on purpose. I think something got fucked up after the last time I died. I went to Hell but when I came back... it was here. Definitely not in my bed.”
It was a throwaway comment, but after his hissy fit, Kenny was sort of hoping this other version of himself would blow a complete gasket at the thought of him being in his lavish bed.
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astrobiche · a month ago
🕸️ Pluto's shadow 🕸️
⚠️ TW : mention of trauma, body dismorphia, bullying, SA, abuse etc..
this is NOT a fluffy post, it's dark and will make you uneasy. So, if you're not comfortable with these themes please do not read this. ⚠️
Do not reword, copy or plagiarize my work. This post was done based on my own interpretation so take it with a grain of salt.
Tumblr media
In the book "healing pluto wounds", a particular line caught my attention, one that speaks of how the conjunctions Pluto makes (especially to personal planets) can sometimes indicate trauma, which of course is just one of the many ways plutonian energy can manifest once fused with another planet.
This post will only focus on the challenging aspects of plutonian energy. Please bear in mind it bestows many gifts and treasures once the transformation is complete and the Phoenix finally rises from the ashes, in all its splendor and glory.
Trauma is anything that creates suffering, but one thing is certain, we never come out of it the same. It changes us. So pluto, being the planet of rebirth and transformation, can force us to experience suffering to attain its purpose of rebirth. It destroys to create all over again. While this applies mostly to pluto conjunctions, any other hard and tight aspect can bring about some of the gnarly yet unnecessarily storms the planet sets off. This can also apply to scorpio/8th house placements.
🦂 Pluto - sun : trauma could be related to one's identity, the ego is constantly being reevaluated, changed and transformed. It's common for these natives to feel lost or unsure of who they are deep down, as the ever-lasting metamorphosis of who they are is incessantly operating. The natives could be compelled to hide a side of themselves that could be seen as taboo, so they stay secretive about it in order to survive. (For example, they could grow up in a religious family but end up being atheists, knowing they won't be accepted, they have to keep this side of them hidden). The father could be secretive as well or abusive. Possible daddy issues. Trauma could have to do with self-expression as well, where the native could have been lighthearted and expressed themselves freely but experienced an event that made them turn inwards and shut off.
🦂 Pluto-moon : the home environment was likely unsafe or riddled with secrets and taboo. The kid absorbs grief and pain, growing up while being an emotional sponge. Maybe the mother was secretive and passed this onto the native. Emotions can be so intense it feels like a mini death. A turbulent inner world. The comfort zone was possibly challenged a lot. Trauma regarding one's habits or diet. Mommy issues. Feelings can be either black or white. The native could have shown a caring side that was mocked and taken advantage of, pushing them to be closed off and wary of people's intentions.
🦂 Pluto- mercury : trauma regarding one's communication style, might have happened at school, or involving speech. It could have to do with one's siblings, neighbors, relatives or occured during a short trip. The native could have seen their way of talking or thinking change drastically over the years. They could have been bullied for how they articulate their thoughts or had a speech impediment due to that. Their views on their siblings or school could also undergo many changes. Maybe they once cared a lot about grades then suddenly stopped caring. Trauma related to cars, driving. To intelligence or knowledge.
Tumblr media
🕸️ Pluto - venus : trauma regarding love and socializing. I know someone with this aspect who was traumatized at a young age, long story short, they grew up being taught love and dating was taboo so they couldn't express their attraction to anyone for years until they got into college. Trauma related to financial matters or one's art and creativity. The native could have been mocked and bullied for the way they dress, the way they do their hair, for their individual style, the way they socialize and interact with others. The native could have received unwanted attention. Obsessive or was the subject of obsession.
🕸️ Pluto - mars : trauma regarding the body. The body could have been sexualized or violated. Possible SA or slut shaming. The native could have been picked on for being competitive or independent. Possible body dysmorphia or self-esteem issues. Bullied for how they look or how they do things. Might have anger issues or the native has a tendency to keep their anger bottled up inside until it just snaps and explodes. Issues regarding sex due to it being seen as taboo.
🕸️ Pluto- jupiter : trauma in relation to one's belief system,one's religion or lack thereof. The native could have grown up in a household where religion was of utmost importance at the expense of their feelings or well-being. The native's philosophies might have been constantly challenged. Trauma related to abundance and wealth, fear of loss or overindulgence. Trauma could have occured in higher education or abroad, while traveling. it could be about the "husband".
Tumblr media
🌑 Pluto- saturn : issues with authority figures. Daddy issues. Trauma regarding discipline and achievements. Fear, rules and regulations. Feeling like we're never good enough. Like we're running out of time. Issues with not being able to be as spontaneous. Rigidity and acting in a formulated way.
🌑 Pluto - uranus : trauma related to aviation and planes. The native could have been bullied for being "different" and always felt like an outsider and never a part of a community. Paranoia revolving around one's uniqueness. Cyber bullying. Trauma induced by friendships. Being called "weird" and "unusual". The progressive and liberal ideas could have been made fun of. Or of the native's detached and objective, almost robotic nature.
🌑 Pluto- neptune : dreams could have been bashed." You won't make it, so just give up already". One's artistic abilities could have been mocked and underestimated. Being called delusional and unable to see the world for what it is. Living in lalaland. Savior or victim complex. Trauma regarding the ocean or bodies of water. Drug use (don't do it kids). Mocked for being spiritual or having a connection with the divine or the occult.
© 2021 astrobiche All Rights Reserved
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rebeccccccaaa · 3 months ago
ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴍᴇ ʀɪɢʜᴛ _____________________
ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀ’s!ʙᴇsᴛ!ғʀɪᴇɴᴅ!ʙᴜᴄᴋʏ ʙᴀʀɴᴇs ᴀᴜ
sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: You and Buck have always been close growing up but you two soon learn that the line that separates friendly and flirting is a lot thinner than you think.
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: fluff, slight angst bc u got a shit bf, big bro vibes from bucky, smut duh [18+ minors dni (slight praise but also slight degradation, marking, belly bulge, squirting, fem!rec oral, unprotected sex, plz be safe irl, slight choking, pet names: darling&princess, i think that’s it lmk plz)]
ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ’s ɴᴏᴛᴇs: hey assholes i'm back for the time being lol. I have a few ideas and fics I'm currently writing right now so do not fret.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You knew this was a horrible idea. 
It’s Saturday night and you and your boyfriend were back in another night club after being kicked out from one just hours before. Daniel had gotten too drunk, as he always does, causing you to kindly ask the bartender to cut him off. Daniel didn’t take that too lightly resulting in a gnarly swing at the poor guy just doing his job. 
Security threw you out and Daniel called an Uber to go where you thought was going to be your apartment but twenty minutes later you pulled up to another club practically on the other side of town. You yelled at Daniel but he pushed aside stumbling inside for yet even more drinks and mistakes waiting for him inside. 
You sat at the bar simply drinking some water and snacking on some peanuts keeping your eye on your garbage boyfriend. You're constantly checking the time on your phone, annoyed with every passing minute. It was 2 am and you just wanted to go home and sleep. You were even debating texting your brother Steve hoping you could just crash at his place not too far from where you were but it would be incredibly irresponsible to just leave Daniel in the state he’s in. 
So you waited and waited and waited. Your eyelids felt heavy and your energy was just completely drained. You were basically a zombie. It wasn’t until a guy approached your half asleep body that you felt a sense of alert. Daniel was shit-faced so you were practically defenseless. 
“Hey,” the guy shouted over the music.
“Sorry, I’m not interested. My boyfriend’s-” you quickly said, only to be cut off.
“Don’t worry. I’m not gonna hit on you. I’ve got a boyfriend of my own,” he chuckled, making you breathe out in relief. 
“Sorry,” you cringed at yourself. 
“It’s alright; but uh, I hate to be the one to tell you this. You might want to check with your boyfriend,” he said sympathetically. 
You pushed your way through the crowd scanning every face in search of Daniel. What did he do? Is he hurt? Did he get in trouble again? Is he getting arrested? Where is he-
“Daniel?” you said eyes tearing up a bit. 
His arms were wrapped around another girl’s waist as he kissed her the way he kissed you. She practically moaned as their tongues slobbered disgustingly with each other. Their hips grinding against each other proactively as if you weren’t even there. Sadness turned to anger, and anger turned to rage, gripping Daniel’s short hairs and pulling his head away from whoever this girl was. 
“What the fuck?” the girl complained, her eyes completely bloodshot. 
“Did he tell you that he was here with his girlfriend tonight?” you're sad with gritted teeth. Daniel stumbled around still unable to register what the hell was happening. 
“Oh my god, you forreal?” she said.
“Who fucking cares? She’s a prude anyway. I got more action with you than I did her in the past, what, six months?” Daniel slurred. 
“You know what, you’re a fucking prick, dude. She deserves so much better than you; I bet your dick is small anyway,” the girl said.
“Fuck you too bitch,” Daniel spit. 
“I can’t believe you,” you said. 
“Oh, whoop-dee-doo, big fucking surprise. Babe, you’re a prude. Can’t you see it? I don’t know why I’m wasting my time with you anymore,” he practically puked out the words without any second thought. 
“Fine, then I hope you enjoy the rest of your night, you fucking asshole,” you stormed away holding in the tears; he wasn’t worth it. 
Almost three am and you just dumped your cheating lowlife boyfriend on the other side of town. Steve wasn’t answering his phone and you even wanna be near the club anymore. Walking speedily staring at your screen desperate to call an Uber home, you bumped harshly into a hard chest falling to the ground on your bum. 
“Fucking hell, I’m so sorry, darling,” the man said helping you up by your elbows.
“It’s ok. I wasn’t looking- Bucky?” 
“Oh, hey kid. What are you doing? It’s like three in the morning and you don’t live anywhere near here,” Bucky said, crossing his arms. 
“Daniel got himself kicked from the one by our apartment and Ubered here instead.”
“So where’s Daniel?” Bucky scowled; he’s always hated that guy, so did Steve.
“Probably fucking some other chick in the bathroom,” your voice cracked. 
“It’s nothing; I just want to go home,” you cried.
“Hey, it’s ok; it’s ok. Do you wanna crash at me and Steve’s? He’s gone for the weekend with Peggy; you can stay in his room at least for the night,” Bucky offered; so that’s why Steve’s not answering his phone. 
“I don’t wanna intrude on your night. I can just call an Uber, it’s fine.”
“No, it’s not. Steve’ll kill me if he found out I left his baby sis alone in the streets of New York at three in the morning. It’s not a problem, we were just bar hopping and I stopped drinking ages ago.”
“Are you sure, Buck?”
“Of course,” he smiled warmly at you. 
“Hey, Nat!”
“What’s up?” a beautiful redhead approached you both.
“Gonna head home ; don’t do anything stupid,” he chuckled. 
“You too,” she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, “Catch you Monday?” 
“You’re stupid. I’ll see ya,” Bucky laughed before grabbing your hand and headed towards his apartment. 
“Thanks again, Buck. For letting me stay here tonight,” you said once you entered his apartment. 
It had been a while since you hung out at your brother’s apartment but nothing’s changed. Typical men and their inability to change even a throw pillow. You set your small bag on the couch before Bucky led you to Steve’s room. There were pictures of you and him posing at Steve’s graduation; and later your own. Pictures of Steve and Bucky at a theme park, during a bar-be-que for Steve’s birthday. So many memories that Steve held onto in his room. 
“Time really flies doesn’t it?” Bucky said, slightly startling you.
“Sorry,” he chuckled.
“No, you’re fine. But you’re right. Feels all these pictures were taken yesterday,” you reminisced. 
“I got you some clothes if you need to change; I’ll give you privacy,” Bucky said, slipping from the room briskly. 
You sat on the bed frustrated with everything. Your body was so drained from being up so early in the night, to the fight with Daniel. The past couple months with him were so awful. He was just so mean to you all the time and you didn’t know what you did wrong. Where did it go wrong? When did things shift?
"Is everything ok, darling?" Bucky asked quietly, knocking on the door when you hadn't come out after a while.
"What did I do wrong? I thought he loved me," you choked out. 
Bucky sighed as he walked over to the bed sitting beside you before engulfing you in a warm hug. You cried into his shoulder and Bucky couldn't help the anger that bubbled inside him for your excuse of a boyfriend Daniel. He never got along with the guy and now he finally has a reason to knock his teeth in.
"You didn't do anything, I know it. That prick wouldn't know love if it hit him in the face. It's his loss. You deserve so much better than that asshole. Look at me, you're so beautiful and funny and fucking adorable; any guy who can't see how perfect you are, is a dense piece of shit." 
"James," you whispered. 
His words made your heart skip and your stomach flutter. But Bucky’s always had that effect on you. Even growing up. You weren’t going to sit there and pretend that hearing his words hadn't had a deeper effect than they would’ve coming from Daniel. Sometimes you wondered what being with Bucky would be like. You’re not the first to admit how handsome Bucky was and growing up you did have quite the crush on your brother’s best friend.  
You don't know what it was, whether it was the alcohol still swimming through your veins, or just feeling so vulnerable being in Bucky's arms but you wanted him badly. You needed him, needed to feel something again. And you knew he could give it to you. You pressed your lips to his and in an instant his hands dropped to your hips pulling you impossibly close against his body. Your hands went to the back of his head as you kissed him messily. Your noses bumped and teeth clashed but it was the best kiss you’ve ever had. 
“Fuck, your brother’s gonna kill me,” Bucky mumbled, almost to himself, as he slowly laid you down on your back.
Bucky’s hands trailed up your thighs, squeezing the soft flesh every now and then as he continued kissing you passionately. Your own hands couldn’t help but tug at his shirt desperately. When he did so, your breath was completely taken away. It had been years since you’d seen Bucky without a shirt. 
Not only had he been quite skinny just like your brother back then, but not long after leaving for college with Steve he was in a bike accident that left him with ghastly scars and burns along his left arm and shoulder. Since then, it’s fair to say Bucky never really ever took his shirt off. It had taken years just for him to remove the glove he’d always wear to cover the scars on his hand.
“You’ve gotten so strong, James,” you grinned, reaching out to brush the flexed muscles running down his front. 
He simply stared at you with an anticipating and anxious expression on his face, waiting for you to state the obvious. When you didn’t, when you pulled his head down to kiss him once again, he almost cried. Bucky hadn’t been with a woman in so long, afraid of this very moment. He knew at that moment, there was no one quite like you. 
Bucky fell in love. 
“Let me take care of you, darling. You’ve been so good to me,” Bucky whispered huskily in your ear as he trailed his hand under your own shirt brushing his fingertips along the underside of your breast.
His lips pressed softly against your hot skin along your neck before standing up between your legs at the end of the bed. He pulled your shirt off then played cheekily with the straps of your bra that you still had on. You smiled back at him with the same playful stare, reaching behind you to unclasp the material. 
You could see the way Bucky’s eyes darken and his pupils widened as he stared in awe at your naked chest. Your skin bursted into chills under his hungry gaze even though you felt like you were burning up. Bucky leaned forward kissing down the valley of your breasts, nipping once in a while playfully before laying you back down. He shimmied you out of your bottoms easily, kneeling on the ground leaving you completely bare before him. 
“You are absolutely stunning, princess,” Bucky whispered, running his hands up your thighs slowly. 
“Bucky, please. I need you,” you whimpered. 
“Don’t worry, darling. I promise I’m gonna take good care of you,” he smirked devilishly. 
He pushed your knees open, eyeing the arousal that glistened between your thighs. He brought his fingers up to you slowly rubbing your slick around before finally pushing a thick and long finger past your folds. Your body shuddered solely at the foreign but pleasurable feeling, already moaning softly. 
Bucky’s cock strained through pants upon hearing your beautiful moans; they were like music to his ears. He couldn’t help the way his hips would buck into the mattress in a desperate attempt to relieve some pain from his erection. Soon after he pulled his fingers from you slowly only to thrust them further in you, curling his fingers just right. 
He brought his mouth down to you, wrapping his lips around your clit sucking harshly. You gasped and your back arched, overwhelmed with pleasure Bucky was giving you with just his mouth and fingers. All the times that you’d given yourself to your ex, he had never made you feel this good before, feel this full; let alone with his fingers. Bucky was taking his time with you solely for your own pleasure and it made your heart swoon. 
Your legs trapped Bucky’s head between your thighs, squeezing as he continued to eat you out like a starved man. Your hands went to his hair pulling on his dark locks causing Bucky to moan deeply against you. You were so close to a release; your legs shaking violently and your stomach tightening. 
“Come on, princess. Want you to come all over my face. Can you do that for me, darling?”
“Be a good girl and make a mess,” Bucky teased.
His fingers moved faster as he swirled his tongue around and over your clit just as quickly. You were becoming overwhelmed and that coil bursted in the pit of your stomach. You pushed Bucky’s face from you, shrieking with pure pleasure; Bucky’s kept the rapid pace with fingers as you fell over the edge.
“Fucking hell, that was so hot, princess,” Bucky said standing up; his fingers, arm, his chest was covered in your arousal. 
“Did I do that?” your voice trembled. 
“Because of me,” Bucky winked playfully.
“I didn’t know I could do that,” you let your head fall back on the bed as you briefly caught your breath.
Bucky grabbed his shirt that he discarded not long ago and quickly wiped his chest and arm before discarding his pants and boxers. He nearly moaned at the feeling when he finally freed his dick from the restraining garments. His hand instantly wrapped around the base before pumping himself a few times. 
You brought yourself onto your elbows momentarily ogling at the sight of Bucky completely bare before you. Your mouth practically watered at the sight. Bucky crawled over you kissing you deeply and messily; but perfectly. He pulled away and you both had goofy smiles on your faces before bursting into a fit of giggles, Bucky’s head burying into the crook of your neck.
“You’re so goddamn adorable, princess,” Bucky’s voice was muffled. 
“Bucky,” you whined. 
You couldn’t resist squirming underneath the burly man. Although, you’ve just had what was probably the best orgasm you’ve ever had, you wanted more. You needed more; you needed Bucky. 
“I got you, darling. I got you.” 
Bucky wanted to tease you more, make you beg, but he was just as desperate to feel you as you were. He propped himself up on his elbows kissing you one last time before reaching between your bodies and lining his dick with your entrance. Both you and Bucky moaned simultaneously as he stretched you out; curses spilling from his lips as incoherent moans fell from yours. 
“So fucking tight, princess. Squeezing my cock just right, aren’t ya?” he whispered.
“Fuck, I feel so full,” you whimpered.
Bucky began to slowly move his hips in and out of you deliciously. He quickly picked up the pace, jetting his hips rapidly making your moans louder. Bucky sat up on his knees and gripped your waist surely to leave bruises in your wake. This new angle surprised you and you couldn’t help the squeals and moans that left your mouth. You chanted Bucky's name like a prayer; as if it was the only word you knew. 
Bucky watched you carefully, your face contorting with pure euphoric pleasure. He couldn’t help notice the small bump in your lower belly and without a second thought, he grabbed your hands pressing them firmly over your tummy. 
“You feel how deep I am, darling? Fucking poking through,” Bucky grunted. 
“Shit! Oh, it feels so good,” you moaned. 
“That’s right, no one’s ever gonna fuck you this good again. This pussy’s mine now,” Bucky growled. 
He took one of his hands and wrapped it around your throat squeezing the sides gently but firm at the same time. Your eyes rolled back and you moaned even louder, confident that the neighbors were sure to complain in the morning. Feeling Bucky’s hand around your neck was so exhilarating; you and Daniel had never ever experimented with anything beyond a pair of handcuffs, and that particular night went horribly. 
You like being choked by Bucky. 
“Fucking slut; you like this, don’t ya?” he came down to whisper huskily against your lips. 
“Mh-hm,” you moaned with a devilish grin, your bottom lip resting between your teeth before your eyes rolled back again. 
“Such a fucking beauty you are.”
Bucky hips snapped in and out and he knew it wouldn’t be long until he needed to release.
“God, I’m close, princess,” he growled. 
His hand moved to rest on the back of your neck to pull you up so you straddled his thighs and your chest was flushed against his. Your sensitive and hardened nipples brushed against his slightly sweaty skin causing you to shudder in pleasure. Bucky’s lips attached themselves to your skin along your collar bones sucking harshly leaving purple marks all along.
Your legs shook once again as they did before and soon enough with an arched back and shout of Bucky’s name you came all over his cock. Overwhelmed with your sex, Bucky bit harshly on your shoulder in a poor attempt to muffled the loud groans and moans he elicited. Feeling your velvety walls squeeze tightly around him pushed him over the edge, coating your walls with hot ribbons on cum. 
He fell forward almost crushing you but you were too tired to complain. Bucky continued to pepper soft kisses all over your skin whispering how good you were to him, how beautiful you looked. Just absolutely showering with compliments. You felt him slowly getting off you, probably afraid he was crushing you, but you didn’t want him to leave just yet. 
“Don’t,” you whispered, wrapping your arms tightly around his body. 
“I don’t want to crush you, darling.”
“You’re not.”
Bucky chuckled before settling completely above you, careful not to make you uncomfortable. Hardly any time went by when he felt the even and soft puffs of air hitting his skin, sure that you had fallen asleep. He picked himself up and with major guilt for his best friend, picked you up from the bed and walked you to his own room. 
After he was sure you stayed sound asleep, Bucky grabbed a clean pair of boxers and hurried himself to Steve’s room again. He collected all the discarded clothes and the dirty sheets and tossed them in the washing machine to clean right away. 
He hadn’t meant to fuck his best friend’s little sister, let alone in his own room, on his own bed, but it all happened so fast. 
He went back to his room letting the clothes do it’s thing, and quickly grabbed his phone. He messaged Steve, telling him that when he got back for his weekend with Peggy, he really needed to talk to him. 
Tonight made Bucky realize how much he loved you. Growing up, you two had always been close. But he doesn’t know when he stopped being friendly and instead began flirting. Bucky wanted to be with you; he knew it now more than ever. 
Bucky watched your gorgeous sleeping form on his bed. He smiled to himself before opening the window; the sun already rising and those beautiful golden rays seeped through the glass window, making you look angelic. He crawled into bed cuddling flushed against your naked body. He chuckled softly when you realized he’d returned, wiggling even further into his arms. 
“I love you, Bucky,” you mumbled. 
“I love you, too, darling.”
And he really, and truly did love you. As did you love him. 
ᴛᴀɢʟɪsᴛ: (For all my work)
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idrellegames · 15 days ago
how do you add a stats/relationships menu into the side bar?
This is how you do it in the SugarCube story format (if you're using Harlowe or Chapbook, you'll need something different).
Adding Text to the UI Sidebar
You can add pretty much anything to SugarCube's UI bar by creating special passages and putting your desire text (navigation links, titles, subtitles, author name, whatever) within them.
These special passages are:
Like all of SugarCube's special passages, the names are case-specific and you have to use them exactly as written (i.e. StoryMenu will populate the menu--story menu, storymenu, storyMenu will not).
Any text inputted into these passages will display in the sidebar, like so:
Tumblr media
Using the Story Menu
To add navigational menu links, you want to use the StoryMenu passage. This passage will only display links (any text that is not a link will not show up).
Inside the StoryMenu passage, you can add the links to your menu pages with either SugarCube's link mark up (the square brackets [[ ]]), the <<link>> macro, or an HTML data-passage attribute.
Tumblr media
That will add links to the sidebar.
Two Types of Menus
Now, you need to consider what kind of menu you are making.
Using a Dialog Box
The first option is that your navigational link opens a Dialog box that contains the information you want to show the player.
There's two ways to do this. You can make a link that opens the Dialog API using code like this:
<<link 'Relationships Other'>> <<run Dialog.setup("Relationship Other");"Relationship Other").processText());;>> <</link>>
Dialog.setup controls what the title of the dialog box is. controls what passage it is pulling the text from. If you use this method, you will need to create a separate passage titled with whatever title Story.get is referencing (in this case "Relationship Other"), otherwise it will print an error message.
This can get gnarly (especially in your navigational menu), so if you want a cleaner way of opening a Dialog box, you can use Chapel's Dialog API Macro set. Put the code into your game's Javascript.
To use the macro, you need to wrap it in a <<link>> and use single quotes to determine the text you want for the link and the dialog box's title, like so:
<<link 'Relationships'>> <<dialog 'Relationships'>>Relationship stuff here! <</dialog>> <</link>>
All of the text in your dialog popup must be placed between <<dialog>> and <</dialog>>.
This is what both of these options look like:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Navigating to a Menu Page
If you don't want to use dialog popups for your stats and relationship pages, you can create separate passages that display the relevant information (this is what I prefer to do and have done for Wayfarer).
Now, there is a problem with navigating away from the game's page to enter a menu page: you need to provide a way for the player to get back to where they were in the game.
If you have multiple pages within the menu, using the <<back>> macro or the <<return>> macro won't work and will put the player into an infinite loop and they won't be able to get back to the game.
NoReturn & Preventing Infinite Loops
To make a return link that works, you will need to add this bit to your story's Javascript:
$(document).on(':passagestart', function (ev) { if (!ev.passage.tags.includes('noreturn')) { State.variables.return = ev.passage.title; } });
This will create a function where any passage tagged noreturn will not appear in the game's history. You need to tag ALL of your individual menu passages with noreturn for this to work.
On your menu pages, you can create a return link that will send the player back to the game by using the regular link markup:
[[Return to Game.|$return]]
Or by using the <<link>> macro:
<<link "Return to Game." $return>><</link>>
IMPORTANT: The above method continues to add to the game's history. This means that the game records how many times the player goes back and forth between the main game and the menu pages.
If you are doing ANY kind of variable changes that add or subtract values on a passage, you will want to use the return link in combination with the <<back>> macro. This prevents your values from duplicating (potentially infinitely) if the player navigates to a menu page on a passage where values are added or subtracted.
You will want your link markup to look like this instead:
<<back [[Return to Game.|$return]]>>
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
IMPORTANT: If you are working in the Twine 2 editor and use the [[ ]] link markups, the editor will automatically create a passage titled $return every time you use [[Return to Game.|$return]] or <<back [[Return to Game.|$return]]>>.
You MUST delete this $return passage, or the return function will not work correctly.
Hope that helps! Good luck with your game!
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deviltoys · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— ‘𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝗽𝘂𝗽𝗽𝘆!’
itadori yuuji x top!male reader. (wc; 1.3k)
warnings. NSFW CONTENT, MINORS DNI, football au, ftm itadori, exhibitionism, choking, spanking, rough sex, dirty sex, barebacking, no prep, dacryphilia, sir k., pet name (puppy), belly bulge, implied oral.
Tumblr media
dim lights, the roar of people in the stands, the booming voice of the announcer amongst the crowd, cheerleading sqaud egging on their side in hopes of them outplaying the opposing team, and sweaty guys all lined up for a chance to win it; it was like every other friday night game. all the essentials were there.
your eyes locked with itadori’s light chestnut ones glistening with heart and motivation, he traced the opening in your movements; preparing for the golden opportunity to throw you the match winning pass. with your arms perched out in front of you he played his cards and took the risk, planting the ball right between your palms— calculated and clean you sunk the ball in-between your forearm and chest.
you had caught the toss, nothing less from the team's starting quarterback and receiver. together, you were a gnarly duo, the ultimate combination of talent.
carrying your team to victory was common practice for the two of you, there wasn't a single game that had happened throughout your third year career where you two hadn't been the mvp’s. just another notch onto the school's metaphorical belt, being a powerhouse school you had a reputation to uphold. you all had gone undefeated for years, another win was what you were known for— which also meant another reward for your puppy’s outstanding preformance on the field.
it was routine, a few months prior itadori was overwhelmingly titillated after a long and straining practice. he had outshined his fellow peers and you couldn't help but feel the need to help him relive some stress after a hard day; you'd be lying if you said you weren't a bit pent up yourself. so from then on, every match you two would win and every practice he demolished, you'd drill his brains out as soon as you two found a little privacy.
this time was different though, you were horny, he was horny— he wouldn't stop rubbing up on you as you exited the field and that was your breaking point.
at the rate in which he was clawing to remove your jersey, you were sure he'd rip the fabric right in two; he was so needy. you're dizzyingly hot as you draw an arm around his waist, letting your fingers slide between the waistband and the hem of his boxers.
“yuuji, this is your last chance. you sure you wanna do this now? because i won't be showing you any mercy puppy. practice will be a pain when you can barely walk.” you growl and bite at the nape of his neck, the gravel in your tone twisting with your hot breath only made you even more irresistible. how could he say no?
“mhm, i can handle it sir! i’ll take all the cum you give my greedy pussy!” his confirmation was only useless banter, you already had his pants pressed down to his kneepads. his milky skin was so plush, his puffy ass was messily rubbing right into your palms; just asking to be spanked into oblivion.
itadori whimpered with the sensation your warm hands brought upon his sweaty ass— the moisture from running around made the dewy flesh erupt harshly against your palm. it was far louder than expected, you wouldn't be surprised if the suspicious noise turned a few heads your direction. but you didn't care, they could watch you break your boyfriend all they pleased, you were only there to reward him.
sloppily, you drag your half exposed boyfriend deeper under cover of the bleachers. you two were sheltered by the metal seating— rows of attendees still roaming around the area, just threatening to unveil the naughty act.
you're reaching over and rubbing the front of his cunt, hastily trying to stimulate his swollen clit while itadori attempts to push the length of your cock inside of his desperate heat. your rough, broad hands spread him wide, suddenly aware of how absolutely filthy he looks. the grueling approach of your palms flushing his creamy white complexion a profound sheen of red didn't do his drooling pussy any favours— but the way you bait the head of your leaking cock over his slit makes him shudder and his brain fizzle into mush.
his cheeks were completely battered, the sting of humiliation overthrew any pain he may have been experiencing. if not, the deliciously overwhelming stretch of your cock around his velvet walls surely did the trick. you plunge inside of him and he's lost in euphoria, mind unable to function with the motion of your thrusts.
“i thought you said you could handle it baby, where's all that vigor now?” he throws his head back as you snake a few fingers around his throat, teasing a few more before finally clamping down. his back arches into your chest pads, whining and vibrating with excitement; you couldn't tell if it was how nicely you were treating his pussy or how badly he wanted to be used like a ragdoll. either way, you continued to plant rough spanks on his ass while the hand around his neck steadied your hips right against his sweet spot.
he was losing himself, thoughts disconnecting from reality.
“i..c- can't sir! m’sorry, you're too big!” despite his protests, you continue to grind the head of your cock right up against his cervix. he's physically unable to fit anymore of your thick, pulsing length inside and frowns slighty— wishing he could take you deep enough to paint his tongue white.
“can’t? i don't do, can't, puppy.” sure enough, your balls twitch once, twice, as they delve deeper into his creamy womb— so messy and dumb as he bucks his hips weakily in an last ditch effort to stuff himself full. a groan rumbles throughout your body as his first orgasm of the night shakes your shaft wonderfully, body still insisting he draw out as much pleasure as humanly possible.
his cunt splatters slick down your cock, adding to the mess that was already stirring around his tummy. the more wetness that collected the more inviting his hole was to your shaft— his stomach forming a very prominent, round bulge that showed off your cock very well. a telltale sign that his guts were surely moving to match your jabs.
it's too full— he was too full— but you didn't stop, your seed spilling out of his pussy as the sounds from his underside blended with his beautiful moans to create a lewd symphony. he was so overstimulated and so enthralled, eyes slightly crossing together and hot, salty tears leaking from his eyes as you fucked him through the both of your highs.
his cock bounced so pitifully as your merciless reign of hip-thrusts didn't slow from when you two had started. with one last, wholly thrust your warm, potent cum pumped blissfully into his infertile womb— his cunt overflowing with semen that would soon be selfishly sucked in like the rest.
the changes to his body made you undyingly hungry; wave after wave of your twitching cock just resting inside of him, desperately wanting to breech those sweet walls once more. he was bottomed out, his spent hole gaping around seemingly nothing as your dick popped out with little resistance; the cum from both of your groins pooling into a small puddle in the grass.
the way you rocked in and out of his meek, useless body made his resolve crumble so easily. his knees buckled out from under him and sent him onto the ground below— you were in need of a reward yourself, were you not?
it took him a minute, but soon you had him neatly settled between your legs; eyes wide with lust when the grin sprawled across your lips gave him the go ahead.
his body was still perfectly able to preform simple actions and that meant he wasn't finished. fucking and feeding him from both holes was your goal and let's just say a few janitors observed the two of you leaving, the quarterback snug between your arms— unable to move properly without support.
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ladyfallonavenger · 4 months ago
Seeing Stars
Chris Beck x Reader
Word Count: 3K +
Warnings: NSFW 18+ (if you're under 18 please shoo), smut, very light BDSM, sex pollen, breeding kink, mentions of death, fluff, voyeurism, best friends to lovers, mentions of previous assault.
Not beta read, all of my work and mistakes are my own. If you enjoy what you read, please feel free to like, reblog and/or comment as feedback is much appreciated.
Thank you to @iraot for the Wheels of Debauchery Challenge. It's been fun to toy with this side of Chris Beck (whom I love dearly). Thank you to the wonderful discord group I'm in, because last night my smut muse felt sick and abandoned me due to a horror it endured and they coaxed her out again lol.
There also happens to be a guest appearance and mention too :)
My prompts from the wheels were:
Character: Chris Beck
Kinks: Breeding, spanking and voyeurism
Situation: Sex Pollen
Tumblr media
He was at his station in the lab making notes and checking on progress. Occasionally glancing up at the clock, Doctor Chris Beck felt like time was going incredibly slow. He’d been waiting for weeks for this day because his best friend was returning from her business trip to Europe and he’d missed her dearly. The truth was he’d been carrying a torch for her since he was 12. They were neighbours and had been friends from kindergarten. It was laced with many arguments as they grew up but the hostilities never lasted for more than an hour. He’d never told her how he felt, he figured it was easier to have her in his life than not at all because her was scared she’d reject him. As a result, he tried, really tried to have other relationships but they never worked quite simply because none of them were Y/N. His last relationship fell apart in quite a tempestuous manner when Beth got so jealous over Chris' friendship with Y/N and ended up giving him an ultimatum. He didn’t even take time to think it over. He chose Y/N which enraged Beth so much, she turned to her friends for support and had Y/N assaulted. Chris never looked back knowing he’d made the right decision.
His phone pinged; Y/N was delayed by traffic. He sighed and stared into thin air as he recalled the first time he realised he was truly in love with her and not the crush of a kid still lingering:
It had been one of those typical autumn evenings where rain was forecast and cold winds were expected. They were walking home from the cinema and discussing how good it felt to be away from home to study at college, especially because Chris' father had paid a year’s rent in advance for a 2 bedroom apartment for them for the year. They passed an elderly woman sleeping rough. Y/N took off her thick puffer coat and gave it to her along with thirty dollars to help her get food. That money had been Y/N’s birthday money but she was more concerned about the elderly lady’s welfare. As they walked on back to the apartment, she realised Chris was staring at her.
“What?” she asked suddenly very self conscious and tucking her hair behind her ear.
“That back there, was... was amazing” he complimented shyly and suddenly looking at the floor.
“Nah, it was important to do. I don’t understand how someone can knowingly allow their relatives to go homeless” she explained. That one act of giving made him realise how special and selfless she was. She didn’t come from a wealthy or middle class background (unlike himself where he was lucky to have two parents who worked as surgical consultants) and in that instant he knew she was the one for him.
He shook his head as he refocused on the work at hand. There’d been a lot of activity in the petri dishes over the last few days, so he’d taken up one of the staff perks of a room in the dorms for mature students or students doing Masters and Doctorates. Even if it was just for a few days, at least he knew he wasn’t missing anything. His phone pinged again. He shook his head as he noticed that the message he’d received was from another of the university professors, his friend Professor Stark. Teasing him, obviously, about being a lovesick puppy. But he was right. If anything, Tony was one person he spoke to about everything. Including the one thing Y/N didn’t know – how much he desired her after he’d watched her have sex without her knowledge. He was still ashamed of himself not just for the fact that he did it, but the fact that he didn’t tell her and also how much he enjoyed it to the point that it was still the drive fuelling him when masturbating. He didn’t even feel shame for being caught by Y/N’s then boyfriend. How could he when he made Chris promise to look after Y/N if the worst should happen to him. Setting the next petri dish down, Chris ran a hand over his face and walked over to the window. Staring down at the campus and the buzz from students carrying out their daily lives, he thought back to that night...
It was another date that just deadpanned. They were too different. She was too perky, obsessed with looks, make-up and modern trends. He figured she’d be a Stepford Wife one day. He entered the flat, hanging up his jacket, he thought he heard Y/N giggling followed by a male laugh. He rolled his eyes knowing it was her boyfriend James Barnes. A soldier studying engineering when not on active duty. It was a relationship that developed quite quickly. He didn’t hate James (or Bucky as James insisted everyone call him), but he was jealous because Y/N hadn’t let anyone else get that close to her apart from Chris.
He started walking towards his room when he heard that sinful sound of her moaning in pleasure. He stopped in his tracks continuing to listen as he began to tent in his jeans. He’d never heard anything so beautiful before. He took some quiet steps towards Y/N’s room and noticed the small gap where the door hadn’t been closed properly. He opened it just a little further to get a view of her. One glance he swore to himself but he was transfixed by her.
“Sweetheart, you’re so beautiful” Bucky muttered as he drove into her, her legs wrapped around his waist as she chanted his name like a mantra. Chris' eyes widened, pupils blown in full lust as he watched her clutching at the bedsheets in sheer bliss while Bucky continued to thrust into her and toy with Y/N’s clit. Chris hadn’t realised he automatically unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, running his hand over it and imagining himself fucking her with wanton abandon. He felt himself getting close as Y/N and Bucky’s sounds of pleasure took over his mind. He made a quiet gulping sound to stifle his own moans but didn’t realise that Bucky had heard and seen him at the door. He continued to bring Y/N closer to orgasm ignoring he’d seen Chris who was now in the bathroom.
Looking at the washing hamper he grabbed Y/N’s lace black panties which she’d put there earlier. Wrapping them around his weighty, stiff member, Chris continued stroking himself, increasing in speed as he imagined Y/N begging him to fill her up and make her pregnant. He bit his lip and choke back his groan of relief as he came all over Y/N’s panties. His ragged breaths began to steady as he realised what he did. A wave of guilt washed through him as he shoved the soiled lace in his pocket and tucked himself away. As he came out of the bathroom, he came face to face with Bucky. Stood in his underwear, his steely eyes fixed on Chris'.
“I know you were watching” Bucky spoke quietly.
“Bucky I didn’t –” Chris was cut off by Bucky raising his hand.
“I’m not going to pick a fight, relax. I want you to look after her ok. This is my last night with her. I’m being shipped to Iraq tomorrow. She’s all hopeful but the details I’ve received are gnarly and I’m scared. I’m scared I won’t be coming back so just promise me you’ll look after her" Bucky pleaded.
“Of course I will, I love her” Chris solemnly spoke. Bucky nodded and they both went their own way as though nothing had happened. The following morning was the last time they saw him as he died in action a few weeks later. It broke Y/N’s heart but Chris stayed by her side to help her through it.
Chris tapped his pen repeatedly on the lab station as he sat back down and tried to focus on his notes. He promised himself that he was going to try and tell her this time. He couldn’t keep pining for her and needed to say how he felt.
The cab was getting closer to the campus. Traffic had been a nightmare but it gave Y/N a chance to think and reflect on how she felt. She really missed Chris. Before she’d left for Europe she’d had a dream about him that really forced her to face her feelings. He was her best friend, that would always be true. But she loved him. Not just like a friend, but as someone she desired, longed for and couldn’t imagine a life without. Since that damned dream she’d been spending her spare time thinking of him only, getting off on thoughts of him doing the most sinful things possible to her body because she knew that, other than Bucky, he was the only person she’d ever loved and would continue loving because he was her everything. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and tried to keep her thoughts clean. It was impossible. Just keeping her eyes closed, images flashed through her mind: Chris stood in front of her wearing his jeans that hung low on his hips. He was shirtless and had walked into her room while she was struggling to get to sleep. She was wearing his oversized grey sweater for bed as it was approaching laundry day. He cocked an eyebrow at her realising she was wearing his top. He beckoned her and she crawled off the bed walking towards him knowing that he had the lecture look on his face.
“I’m sorry Chris, I should have asked but when I got in I was soaked to the skin and needed to shower but I’m out of nightwear until tomorrow” she explained. He nodded and took her hand in his, pulling her closer. He pressed his lips to her forehead.
“It’s ok,” he sighed, “but you do realise it’s the third time this month that you’ve done so without asking. I think you need to be punished" he spoke evenly. She glanced up at his ice blue eyes and could tell he was serious. He’d never been like this with her before. She tried to protest but her words came out as garbled sounds as he sat at the end of the bed and pulled her across his lap with some force.
“Chris... I... what are...”
“You’ve been a naughty girl and though I love it when you’re naughty, I still need to train you to be nice” he informed her. “We'll do fifteen, I want you to count them ok" he ordered making her feel like a kid being told off at school.
“Yes sir" she spoke automatically addressing him with the authoritative title, it surprised him and made his cock twitch. He lifted the sweater up, revealing her panties. He inhaled sharply at the sight of her butt. He ran his calloused hand over her peach and took a swift, sharp swipe making Y/N yelp as she called the number out, he repeated the fondling before taking another slap at her butt. By number seven he started running his fingers over her clothed core, it was wet, sensitive and she was begging for his rock hard cock that was poking her side as he continued his assault on her raw cheeks...
“We’re here miss” the cab driver’s voice tore her from her daydream. Paying him, she stepped out of the car and looked up at the building. She pulled a wry smile and knew it was now or never.
Chris checked his phone nervously while listening to music, still nothing. With his headphones on, he didn’t notice Y/N slip through the doors as he continued to work. She watched him for a few minutes, grinning at him shaking his rump as he sang Kiss by Prince. Her heart swelled with love for him. Sneaking up behind him, she hugged him, making him jump as he turned to face her. The sun practically shone in his broadening smile as he saw her. He picked her up in a hug and spun her around once, just happy to have her back. She placed a kiss on his cheek as he set her down. Taking a seat, she looked up at him. He was still holding her hands. He looked tired and she was concerned.
“When was the last time you ate properly Snuggle Bug?” she asked knowing he’d neglected self care for work again.
“I had a breakfast bar for dinner last night” he confessed. Y/N shook her head unimpressed.
“You need to eat" she practically ordered. He held his hands up conceding to the suggestion. He wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace.
“How was Europe?” he asked.
“It was good, they have approved my collection to be shown for Bridal Fashion Week, newcomer slot so it’s exciting. I don’t have to go to London until a week before the show in four months, then there’s 3 other shows – Italy, Spain and France. Maybe you could take a break. It would be nice to spend time in Europe with my favourite person in the whole world” her infectious grin was something he could never refuse.
“Firstly congratulations, you’ve worked so hard for this and secondly I would love to spend time with you in Europe, Care Bear. We could probably even see the Eiffel Tower" he blushed a little in his response. Y/N stood up as a signal that they should grab lunch. Chris went to grab his notes to put them away and knocked 2 petri dishes on the floor. They smashed instantly between Y/N and Chris' feet. He panicked as the pathogens released what looked like a white vapour into the room. He looked up at Y/N who handed him rubber gloves so that he could pick up the broken glass.
“Chris what was that?” Y/N asked suddenly feeling a little hotter than normal.
“Something collected from a space station that I was asked to investigate because it’s thought to be unknown to us unless I can find a reference to its growth and catalogue it" he replied as his temperature rose and sweat began to bead on his forehead.
“Meaning?” she was more irritated in her tone than necessary due to an itch she couldn’t scratch developing within her.
“I’m not sure what that vapour was, it could be something or nothing” he offered with an innocent shrug trying to push down a sudden stirring in his groin. Y/N pressed her thighs together beginning to feel a warm sensation building in her core. Chris observed her squirming as he threw the glass in the specific bin. He tried to ignore the need to palm himself. Whatever that vapour was, it had ignited a need in them both that was beginning to ache. Y/N bit her lip fighting that pull inside her but it was useless.
“Chris it hurts" she whimpered as he came over to her. He realised there was a vapour he’d read about before. They’d discovered it in the 1960s and the government had secretly mass produced it to stop violent protesters by spraying large areas where protests were going to happen and this went on to become known as the summer of love where protesters were suddenly more interested in fucking and getting stoned rather than ‘fighting for peace’. The only way the ache would disappear for Y/N and Chris was either to find an antidote, which was impossible at this point in time, or they could fuck it out of their systems.
“Do you trust me Care Bear?” he asked. She gave him the stare that just spoke the word ‘obviously’. He grabbed his keys and her hand and practically ran out of the lab and over to the student quarters. Impatiently, they were through that door and instantly he had her against the wall kissing her desperately as if she’d disappear any moment. They stopped briefly for air and to undress frantically as they made it to the bed, falling onto it while in the throes of passion.
“Chris please, I need you to fuck me" Y/N pleaded.
“It’s ok sweetheart, I’ve got you" he promised. His lips found their way to the crook of her neck, licking and sucking above the pulse point and hearing her beg for him to stop the pain within. He began to trail the valley of her breasts, kneading them and rolling her nipples between his fingers as his kisses descended further until he arrived at the glorious prize he’d been dreaming of for such a long time. Her legs were spread, welcoming him as he glanced up at Y/N. Her eyes were pleading with him to end her torture. The same torture burning within him but he had to have a taste first. He smiled at her with an impish grin as he lowered his head and positioned himself. He ran his lips over the velvet skin of her inner thighs before running his nose lightly over her slit. So sensitive to his touch, she bucked up but he held her in place as he began to run his tongue over and around her clit. Her whimpers of delight were music to his ears as he continued the sultry assault on her nub. He slipped a digit inside of her and relished in her wetness and how she whined in pleasure at his touch. Adding a second finger, he felt her coming closer as he pumped them in and out. She cried out his name as she came on his fingers . He crawled over her, needed to be inside her, she stared at him as he sucked her juices off of his fingers. Enthralled by him, she pulled him to her, kissing him with a deep passion she’d never shared with anyone except the one she’d lost. Chris was her everything, sex induced vapor or not. This just heightened her need and love for him. In that kiss she was imploring him to make her his and he felt it. Lining himself up with her, he slowly pushed into her allowing her to adjust to his size. She’d never heard Chris swear so much as he stilled once at the hilt. Their eyes were fixed on each other.
“Chris I need you to move” she insisted, her skin blazing and wanting him like never before. He pulled out slowly and drove into her building up the pace. Lips caressing each other’s, his fingers laced with hers as he pinned her hands to the mattress either side of her. This wasn’t just a case of them fucking out the pollen, this was Chris’ declaration of love for Y/N. The love he’d bottled up for so long now pouring out as he made love to her.
“Wanted. This. For. So. Long” he breathed in Y/N’s ear. “Want to. Fill you up. Make you mine. Fill you. With. My. Babies” his voice was staccato as he continued to pound her with a speed that was increasing as he was closer to hitting the orgasm his body was begging for.
“Yes… oh god, yes Chris… please… I want this… I want… your babies… make me yours Chris” she beseeched between pants. Submissive and pliant to his demands. Moving out of her, despite her protests, he moved her onto her stomach and drove into her once more. She was almost crying out his name as he hit her sweet spot time and time again. Her walls tightened around his shaft as she hit euphoria, she harmoniously cried out his name driving him to spill his seed inside her, filling her up like he’d promised moments earlier as more expletives left his mouth in a primal tone that Y/N had never heard from him before. They collapsed on the bed in exhaustion as the smell of sex and sound languid breaths reverberated around the room.
Slowly he pulled out of her and she turned onto her back to face him. Chris gazed at her lovingly as he propped himself up on his elbow. Y/N ran her hand over his cheek and craned her neck upwards to kiss him gently.
“I love you” he confessed as their lips parted, “I’ve loved you for so long and was a coward about it” he confessed as he locked his lips with hers again. As the kiss ended she could only offer him a soft look of reciprocated love.
“I love you too, you’re all I thought about in Europe. I just wanted to come home, to you. I knew I loved you but like you just said, I was a coward too. Scared of rejection, scared at the prospect of a life without you and scared that even now, you might have some sort of feelings for Beth and I’d lose you completely” Chris quirked a lopsided smile at her words.
“Beth could never compare, the truth was it would never have lasted. She hated you because I called out your name during sex three times. It’s probably why she came after you when I picked you over her. I’m sorry Care Bear” he spoke softly finally cuddling up to her.
“You’ve nothing to apologise for Snuggle Bug. But what is this? What are we doing?” she asked needing to know. Something Chris always loved about Y/N was the way she always put things into clear perspectives and wanted honesty about the way things were.
“Y/N, I want this. Us. I want you to be my forever. We’re way beyond dating stage and whenever I think of my future I only see you, you really are the sun in my life” he admitted. She nodded at him, a welcoming smile sweeping across her face, expression filled with docile love.
“And you are my moon and stars. I only think of you in my future too Chris” she revealed. She placed her head on his chest suddenly feeling very sleepy but very fulfilled.
“We’ll sort out more after you’ve slept Care Bear, you look exhausted” he insisted. She nodded in agreement and held onto him as she closed her eyes. She’d never been more beautiful to him than in that moment, knowing she was his in every way he wanted her after she revealed he was her moon and stars long before he had her seeing stars.
@navybrat817 @smokeybluebrooke-lyn @aidinniram @team-marvel13 @thatfangirl42 @iraot
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warmau · a month ago
☆ [nostalgic] summer romance!au jeno another late, sappy birthday gift for mr. lee jeno. i promised to finish the ot21s so....... find others here: johnny | haechan | taeil | taeyong | mark | jaemin | yangyang | yuta | sicheng | chenle | kun | yukhei | doyoung | jaehyun | jungwoo | ten | jisung | renjun tw: mention of ankle injury
summer is supposed to be a time of happiness, of adventure and goofing around under the constant sunlight
and so when you start summer, you are all smiles and big dreams! unfiltered energy to do whatever you want!
and whatever you want is definitely
NOT spending even a day (actually three) in the hospital after you end up falling off your bike and breaking your ankle like the absolute unlucky person that you are
"that is so gnarly dude, my condolences"
chenle mutters, skateboard under hand and shaking his head
jisung nods in agreement beside him - still wearing his helmet even after your nurse gives him a look about it
"hey, at least you're getting all this free candy?"
jaemin motions, picking up a 'get better soon' box filled with chocolates from your uncle
he pops one in his mouth and haechan swats his hand away before he can steal any more
mark sighs and gives you a sad smile, renjun puts the flowers they all bought together in a vase by your bed
it's all a little too much - and you tell them it's fine, it's just an ankle and you'll be out of here in no time
they all agree, except for jeno who is sitting at the foot of your bed with his volleyball uniform still on and his duffel bag between his legs on the floor
you keep throwing glances his way because you have never seen jeno so quiet in your life
mark - who is the brains of your friend group (oddly enough) - catches the looks of worry
so he does what any good friend would do, he tells all the remaining members he saw a machine with snacks out in the hall and they all excuse themselves with 'see you soon!'s' out of your hospital room
jeno doesn't move a muscle
"how was practice? jaemin looks happy so im guessing you guys are going to be in great shape when school starts again?"
there isn't any response and jeno is almost hidden with the way his head is hanging low and his hands are clasped on his knees
"it's my fault you're in here."
you puff your cheeks and cross your legs
"oh please! it's my own fault! is that why you're acting all sad?"
he doesn't answer and the lack of communication is making you nervous more than it is making you angry
jeno and you are close, to the point of knowing each other's parents by their first names and who your first kisses were back in middle school
he has never been one to lack the words for a conversation - at least not with you
you wish you could scoot closer and pinch his cheek or poke his forehead
but your cast is restricting movement and these days touching jeno feels......different
"i should have stopped you before you went down that hill, i was there and i couldn't save you-"
"jeno, im not made of glass and plus im not even that hurt!"
he finally shifts so he can look at your leg, propped up on the pillow and covered in its cast that has been brightly decorated with signatures and doodles
the way his gaze travels up your hospital gown and to you, you know he isn't registering anything you're saying
you sit up a little and hide the wince behind another set of promises to jeno that you are ok and you don't need him to blame himself when he has so much more going on on his plate
"you and jaemin are going to graduate after the upcoming semester and that means it's your last year with the volleyball team. you should focus on practice and being the best you can be - when i can get myself up on those crutches ill come visit to see how you guys are doing!"
he seems to soften, the sharp angles of his face that have just gotten more handsome as he ages still somehow manage to look sweet and youthful
he picks his duffel bag up off the floor and leans toward you like he's going to push some hair from your face or kiss your forehead
he's done both before - but this is the first time the gesture has made the blood in your veins stop and something imaginary clog in the back of your throat
instead of doing either jeno seems to buffer as he hovers above you, reaching out to fluff the edge of your pillow
"ok, but also you have to be serious about your recovery."
he pulls back and the same concern as before washes over him, his vocal tone lowers
"don't go doing anything dangerous."
you point to your cast with a half-smile
"i don't think that's going to be possible."
you get discharged from the hospital the next day, not that it brightens your summer any further, you basically just end up trading the hospital bed for the four walls of your own room
the group chat explodes with more well wishes
but you change the subject, all the pity makes you cringe
'how was volleyball practice?'
several people start typing - except for jeno
jaemin's reply comes first, 'it was good!'
followed by jisung's, 'but.....jeno didn't show up...'
renjun adds 'he said he wasn't feeling well - don't worry!'
you furrow your eyebrows
'has anyone visited him? does he need medicine?'
haechan texts something before anyone can really stop him, 'im pretty sure he's just being sad - if he had the stomach flu we all be sick. we eat together everyday.'
'haechan!' mark replies as jaemin sends a shaking his head emoji
'wait. jeno is sad?'
it goes silent and then suddenly jeno is typing
'im not sad, im fine. ill be at practice tomorrow.'
you let out a sigh you didn't know you were holding in
it's only natural that you, as jeno's friend, would be worried about him. at least, that's what you tell yourself.
to be honest - now that you're not out enjoying summer - you're more than ever stuck with your own thoughts and the most recent string of them is: what changed between you and jeno?
for years it had been easy going fun, the simple enjoyment of each others company
but ever since it started getting warm enough for t-shirts - there has been a shift in the central point of you and jeno's friendship
you are suddenly hyper-aware of how strong the outline of his arms looks.
you notice when he wears different cologne.
you see the way other people turn their heads to look at him when he walks by, the way they pick up on the handsome features that make up your best friend
and you can't help but feel something cruel and cold fester in the pit of your stomach when you think jeno might one day look back at that stranger ..... and notice their features too
you sit up, which is a mistake because you shift your foot and it makes you yelp, but you look at your phone again
the gc has moved onto topics of video games so you message jeno outside of it
'hey, if something is wrong you can tell me'
he reads the message and doesn't reply. you tell yourself that's totally fine.
a couple of weeks pass before anyone lets you limp out of the house by yourself
you've mastered crutches and when you really need something, one of your friends delivers it
although recently, it seems to be everyone but jeno
everything otherwise seems normal
no one really talks about volleyball - which is fine, you just assume they're busy practicing
and so you hobble down to the school gym that's still open for the student-athletes during the break and are secretly happy to bump into mark who helps you with the stairs
"by the way, don't be upset with him ok."
mark says before you enter the gym - you look at him with a raised eyebrow
"upset with who?"
mark swallows - just tilts his head and when you go inside you look everywhere, you see everyone, but you don't see jeno
"im guessing he isn't in the locker rooms?"
you ask mark with a deflated tone of voice, mark shakes his head
"he hasn't been to practice at all."
you can understand why no one had told you.
like mark said, they knew you'd get on his case about it - which is what you plan on doing when you end up on his front porch
jeno comes down with messy hair and basketball shorts on. he's not wearing a shirt and immediately you think you lose the ability to speak
"you shouldn't be walking around just yet."
he says and you frown
"it's been a while now, plus im not here about me. im here to ask what you think you're doing."
jeno crosses his arms and you hate the involuntary flex of his muscles.
actually, you don't hate it, you hate that you stare when you don't mean to.
he ushers you into the backyard and motions for you to sit on one of the patio chairs
he's still being the same thoughtful guy you grew up with but you're beyond confused
"are you quitting volleyball - why aren't you going to practice?"
"im not quitting. i just don't feel like it - i don't feel like doing anything."
you reach out with one of your crutches to poke him, he makes a face
"im the one with a broken ankle - im the one who gets to be depressed. c'mon, tell me what's really wrong."
jeno falls silent, you notice that he hasn't completely shaved and there's a bit of a shadow on his jawline
you swallow the sudden dryness in your throat
this is your best friend since you were kids. you are literally not going to think anything but pure thoughts from now on. ok. stop. don't you dare.
"that's the thing. you have a broken ankle, you can't even go to the beach and im supposed to do what - enjoy the summer without my best friend?"
he throws his hands up and you see an expression you barely ever get from jeno form on his face
"i could have stopped you from being reckless, i could have made sure you weren't in that stupid cast and that you could-"
you cut him off and he looks at you, the momentary distraction of your newfound attraction to him dissipates as you grind your teeth
"i told you that it's no way your fault i got hurt - plus it's not like you personally broke my ankle and im not suffering torturous pain. things happen like this in life - don't beat yourself up about it!"
you wish you could get up to make your point, but the best you manage is a shaky lift grabbing onto your chair
jeno gets up to help you but you shoo him away
"it hurts me more to see you moping around on my behalf! did you think about that, how it would make me feel to hear that my injury is making you slack on the things you like?!"
he blinks and you suddenly feel a rush of different things
one is that you hate how he seems to be so full of pity for you, another is that you hate how he's kind of right about this summer being pointless now that you can barely move, but the last is that because of all these things happening you can't even properly wrap your head around the fact that you think you like him
and not in the platonic way you'd been beating on liking him your whole life
so to add this to the pile - you take your crutches and give him a stern look
"just start going to practice. i told you when i was in the hospital, i'll always come to cheer you on when i can. that doesn't change for me, broken ankle or not because you're my best friend and i want to see you succeed."
and i love you
you don't say the last part, you bite your lip back and although you can't storm off in your usual fiery passion, you make it out of his backyard and let a heaviness fall off your chest as you somehow manage to get back home
the sound of messages incoming on your phone are drowned away by your tiredness
i just want to be a source of happiness for you, i never wanted to be your burden jeno.
the next day there's a knock on your bedroom door - you tell them to come in and go wide-eyed when you see jeno there
he's in his volleyball uniform and he's holding something in his hands
"im sorry. you were right, i can't use you as an excuse to be lazy anymore. i brought these."
he hands you the tupperware of cookies and you are about to ask him if he made these when jeno's familiar, warm laughter fills your room
"i didn't make them, they're chipsahoy but i thought the gesture could count."
you look down at them - he's so silly.
you look back up at jeno's smile - i really love him.
"good. now go have fun at practice, ill visit you guys later in the week."
he comes closer to you and suddenly the air in the room stills, he leans over and you think you can feel the temperature of your skin rise to an unsafe level when he hooks his pinkie with yours
you nod and he disappears with a wave. you sit in your bed and hold the cookies.
maybe breaking my ankle and not spending every minute around him might actually have been a good thing.
as you promised, you show up to practice at the end of the week.
jeno is there and he lights up when he sees you, helps you with your crutches and everyone gathers around to tell you how thankful they are that you went and got jeno to comeback
jisung randomly sputters a, "the only person who can control him is you. it's like he's your boyfriend."
mark catches the look on your face before jeno does and flicks jisung on the head, "what do you know about dating - c'mon lets go get water for everyone."
the comment swims around your head for the entire time you're there - and you don't know it, but it swims around jeno's as well
when practice is over, jaemin offers to drive everyone home - no one agrees because they're probably terrified of his driving
and jeno says he'll be the one to walk you home
it's nothing unusual, you've been with jeno throughout your whole childhood, but there seems to be a weird pause among your group when he announces it
when you and him set off toward your house, mark does something weird - he winks at you and you take a second before
oh - he knows i like jeno doesn't he?
you can only go at the of the equivalent of snail's pace, and jeno matches it without complaint
you don't say anything and it makes it that much harder to distract the chanting about how good he looks and how you can't believe you're that person who fell in love with their best friend and how this summer is so confusing its almost vomit-inducing and-
"hey, would it be weird if i liked you?"
it feels like the earth itself has been dropped from the shoulders of atlas, you think suddenly all the gravity has gone and disappeared
you stop and look at jeno who sets his bag down on the asphalt
the boy you met when you were young is suddenly not a boy anymore, his shadow is tall and mature against the setting summer sun
"liked me?"
he scratches the back of his neck and then nods
"i had said i can't use your injury as my excuse to be lazy. i actually wasn't being lazy, i was just going through a hard time because i thought i had hurt the person most important to me in the world."
your heart thumps against your chest so hard it kind of hurts
"yeah, and i realized your friend can be the most important person in the world - but i think it's different the way i feel about now......i like you."
"i love you."
you blurt it out before you can even really stop yourself, jeno looks shocked for about a second before it breaks into a big smile on his face
the one you haven't seen in what seems like forever, the one that feels genuine and right
"oh cool, i actually love you too - i just didn't know if i should say it-"
"can you come over here and kiss me, these crutches are kind of making it hard for me."
no one is surprised when you and jeno announce in the gc that you're going on your first date
mark tries to act it, but literally everyone is like finally - you do ask mark if he knew all along about how you felt and he goes i knew how you felt and how jeno felt. you two are open books.
the date isn't as thrilling as you both might have wanted, the broken ankle is still kind of getting in the way, so jeno takes you out to the lake and does all the rowing himself
you offer, since it's your hands, but he insists he can do it himself and he does. seriously, he's way stronger than you remember him being a year ago.
you guys eat on the grass when you get back and he effortlessly picks you back up onto your feet, you swoon everytime but try not to show it
and when jeno drops you off - he kisses you again, and this time he doesn't have to have you tell him to - he picks the perfect moment
being his best friend and dating him doesn't change too much, it's just you're now holding hands everytime you hangout and you're kissing in the back of jaemin's car much to his disappointment and well
it's just made everything easier - you're not wrapped in your head about what's different, because nothing is, you just are honest with how you both feel
jeno and jaemin even get visited by scouts for volleyball and when jeno tells you about it you try to jump up to hug him and he's like bABE CAST but too late you're like OW and he's like oh god oh god let me hold you
you're like jeno let's learn to bake cookies for real so we don't have to buy chipsahoy to give each other and he's down for it but then you both almost set the kitchen on fire and call renjun like ten times to ask about the recipe and basically you are both banned from baking again
your cast gets filled in with hearts from let him lay his head on you when he's playing games on his phone and you're like watching him play and when you get bored you're like let's kiss instead
jeno leaves all his hoodies 'accidentally' over at your house because he knows you like wearing them but won't admit it outloud
the summer continues on until suddenly it's colder outside and the reality of school coming back dawns on everyone
and also, you get the date for when your cast will be removed
jeno asks if you're going to keep it once it gets cracked - you say you might, you woulnd't want to lose all those cute hearts he scribbled on them and he just smiles and kisses your forehead
"i'd scribble all the hearts everywhere for you."
"that's cute, we should save that for when we get married."
and you do save it for then - years later when you're showing jeno the design on your invitations
beside both your names is a cluster of different hearts, all doodled by jeno himself
"how'd you get these?"
"kept a part of my broken cast."
he stares at you with wide eyes
"im joking, i got them off a napkin you doodled on when we were at dinner."
jeno pokes his tongue out at you and you giggle as he wraps his arms around your waist as to not let you get away
the softness of your love and silliness of your friendship is still there
it'll always be there - through all the broken ankles, casts, and doodled hearts to come.
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artinvain · 23 days ago
A Sunday kind of love
Tumblr media
Paul Lahote x reader
Your love with Paul is easy like breathing and something that lasts the hardships of the week and the joys of the weekend. A Sunday kind of love.
warnings: unedited, none, fluff, allusion to smut if you squint and blink really fast.
The first time that Paul sees you is actually before he phases. He meets in the hallways of the reservation high school, he passes by you in a rush and turns to look at you one last time as you leave, tears streaking your face. He still thinks you're the most beautiful one he has ever seen. He doesn't see you again for a long time. Until now.
Now he sits on his knees before you, looking at you like you've stopped the world from turning. He's just seen you, falling in love with him, begging him to stay, yelling at him to go, sitting with him through it all, old and frail and together, as always.
He sits on his knees and stares up at you as though you're anchoring him to the earth because you are, and he knows you can feel him too. Although your adoptive sibling Bella is pulling you away, yelling for Paul to get up, neither of you can take your eyes of off each other. Bella's voice is muffled, and for the first time since his phasing, his mind is quiet and his rage is quelled. Paul's chest tightens with the swelling of his heart. The idea that you may feel the same, it's hammering in his head threatening to take him high as he rides on elation.
He only gets up when you reach your hand out to him, he gladly takes it although you barley pull him up at all. it's so nice to be holding you hand, soft and supple against his gnarly, rough one. You intertwine and your fingers fit together like they were always meant to be that way.
"Paul Lahote," you whisper and he nods, repeating your name, twisting his tongue around it, tasting it sweet and addictive.
"Let's go," he murmurs, wanting nothing more than to crane his neck slightly and slot his lips against yours. They're calling out to him.
"Hey," Bella yells still from behind them. "When Paul, breaks slightly out of his reverie to look at her, he's calmed only be your hand squeeing his. Bells takes a deep breath and then looks over at Paul. "Take care of her,"
Paul keeps true to his promise. When you're in your twenties, the both of you move from Forks so you can continue you're writing career in the city. And so he can franchise his auto- and trade shop. He finds a pack there, one that phases occasionally and runs together in the near by woods. He knows it means that he'll start to age normally but with you by his side he doesn't mind. You're happy and he's happy. Sure it was hard for the both of you to leave family but sometimes change is good. For once Paul isn't the second in command, it's a luxury to relax and be a pack member, he has time to be more than a wolf, he can discover for the first time who Paul Lahote really is. You're a best selling author within a year, most of your novels about live are inspired by Paul.
There are many little children in your new pack. You take turns babysitting the munchkins and letting them run your home amuck. When Paul sees you putting one of them to bed, your hair is a mess and you're clothes are stained with food and you look healthy tired but, you've also never looked more beautiful, you've never looked more you. When the kids are picked up and your sitting together on the couch after a bath, it slips out of his mouth and yours so naturally. Like breathing.
"Will you marry me?"
"Why can't we!"
You're not supposed to be fighting, you're supposed to have a calm conversation and one of you is supposed to recede and give in but it's not happening. You and Paul usually never fight but recently you'd both been in such different places that you'd been drifting apart.
"Paul, I don't want more children -"
"Ever?" he exclaims before you can finish your sentence
"yet! stop yelling you'll wake our child up,"
"Look, baby, just one more!"
"I can't Paul, you don't know what it's like." you poke at his chest and he stumbles affected by his offence.
"What does that mean? I'm a parent too," he rolls his eyes and crosses his arms and you mimic his position, cocking your head "you still have a career."
"That's not fair we agreed, you said you could keep writing," He argues and he's right, you hate that he's right. You thought being a primary caretaker wouldn't be so hard. you thought you could continues writing your long overdue novel but you were wrong and you were having a hard time admitting you needed help.
"Enough Paul!" you turn away from him, breathing weeping and trying to keep your tears at bay.
"My love," he comes toward you, his anger deflating at the sound of your sobs
"I can't do it alone, I can't raise her and write and I thought I could but I'm no enough," The sobs rack your tired body as you lean into him and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by him.
"you are more than enough honey, you are strong and kind and a great with our daughter you just need some help and that's okay," He rubs your back and listens to your quiet pleas to still stay at home with your daughter while you write in your home office, and "Of course my sweet,"
Paul loved that your job allowed you to be home with the kids, It's the reason you had children, neither of you trusted a stranger to care for you kids by themselves.
"we can do this, I'll take some time off work, we can do this," He murmurs into you hair and hugs you tighter. When you're both calm again you realise it's quiet in the house. Your daughter is still sleeping soundly, there's a clam over everything that hasn't been there in a while. It's like your souls find each other again.
Paul leans down and slants his mouth against yours and you reciprocate with a deep breath. You help your souls to reconnect and know each other again.
All these years later, twenty of Paul's shops open and some close, your books stay clearing off shelves, your three children grow big and strong and full of light, and the love between you and Paul remains the strongest bond, having faced every season in your lives.
Now in the inter of your years, you sit on your front porch watching your grandchildren play in the garden and giggling at their antics. Paul comes in from the kitchen with a jug of lemonade and sets it on the table. For your ages you're both still lean, strong and well... and active.
You're insatiable for each other's love and as you sit together, reminiscing on your lives Paul realises that in the end all paths lead to you and he wouldn't have it any other way.
If you've requested something from me please trust that when I am inspired I will get to it!
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holdharmonysacred · 3 years ago
The one thing I hate about the tumblr Fate fandom is that it’s small enough that we all know each other, which makes it like.... super super awkward when all the big blogs get into Drama and all these people who don’t get along keep having to run into each other
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