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#you're just saying that now
dinosaurrainbowstarfish · 13 hours ago
I’m not a news site and you shouldn’t get your news from tumblr but I’ve got to say, I’ve seen a lot of pretty sketchy retellings of news stories lately that don’t feel like...deliberate misinformation? They just feel like random twitblr users trying to replace the work of journalists without actually having the resources that real journalists have. This is a problem because it DOES skew information, even if unintentionally. Sometimes, in the case of the palestine situation, I haven’t actually seen a lot of good journalism (except from democracynow, which you all should really check out, their journalism is user supported, high quality, and they report stories that are not shared elsewhere--for example when the news broke about the university using the remains of dead black children without their parents’ consent, democracy now was the only news station I saw that actually went and interviewed someone who knew the victims). But there’s other cases that mainstream journalism covered pretty well that tumblr is leaving information out of. Namely, the recent action taken in Glasgow to stop immigration enforcement from taking two men away from their families.
Here’s a Guardian article about it. The Guardian US is a news source I typically trust, although their record on trans issues is sketchy and they definitely are mainstream, but no news site is perfect and I really suggest reading this article before you finish reading this post.
Again, I haven’t seen like.....disinformation about this? But the article includes some details I haven’t seen any tumblr post mention, so here are a few direct quotes, taken somewhat out of order because I’m assuming you read the article:
“Salih, who had been at the protest since the morning, is a Kurdish refugee and co-founded the Glasgow Girls campaign in 2005 with fellow pupils to prevent the deportation of a school friend and fight against dawn raids.
Earlier Salih questioned why the widely condemned practice of dawn raids appeared to be recurring 15 years later in Glasgow , the only dispersal city for asylum seekers in Scotland. She also highlighted the jarring impact of carrying out such an action during Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim festival marking the end of Ramadan, in one of the most multicultural areas of the city and within the constituency of the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon.”
“Aksu added: “For this to happen on Eid, which is meant to be a time of peaceful celebration, is horrifying. It is no coincidence that it is taking place when a new immigration bill is being prepared.“
“The second dawn raid in Glasgow within a month appears to show a further escalation of the UK’s hostile environment policy. While the SNP government has argued strongly for Scotland to have control over its own immigration policy, not least because of the country’s unique depopulation pressures, it remains reserved to Westminster.“
(end direct quotes)
There’s a ton of information in there that I haven’t seen mentioned, including names of organizations that one could get involved in if one were local to the raids, politicians who might be contacted, immigrant and local perspectives on the issue. All of this is lost when people summarize articles without having context for them, even if the articles themselves are actually linked with the summary.
I’m not saying people should doxx themselves by giving precise locations, just, I’d like to see less article summary and more pulling direct quotes from journalistic articles.
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adhd-shaiapouf · 16 hours ago
I uh. think I might get the 2nd vaccine dose today
#i am tearing myself to pieces over this :////#i KNOW its safe and i KNOW my right wing family is wrong i know i know i know but my anxiety wont let it go#i didnt really react at all to the first one and i know I'll be okay with the 2nd one; i know so many ppl who got it and are okay#and im really beginning to realize how much my parents' opinions dont matter.. they wont like my adhd or my being trans either#and those 2 are fundamental to who i am... this is such a huge psychological upheaval for me and im gonna need so much help after this#im so nervous but know getting the 2nd dose is good; also i may not be so lucky if i get covid again#my anxiety about coming out is making all my nerve stuff just a little worse too; im taking stock of all my symptoms right now#like. growing up while watching the radicalization happen is like. you grow up with your family saying the sky is red and you KNOW#you KNOW that it's blue! ppl you trust tell you it's blue! but you're so so afraid of what will happen if you try to counter it#the idea of being able to leave is something i never could've considered until recently.. i have an apartment deposit down and everything#i know I'll be okay after the shot. i know i know. my family doesnt have a right to know and it's not like they'll believe me anyways#it's all gonna come to a head next week but i really wanna assert myself as a person who makes independent choices#i dont wanna live like this anymore and i think I'll be able to get out soon.. so uh. wish me luck i guess#but yeah.. vaccine......... i want to try and we're gonna have to keep me calm the whole wait time afterwards#im gonna have to talk to all the medical staff to feel okay too#aaaaaa i hate my anxiety i hate hate hate hate hate this; it's gonna all reach fever pitch and fall apart from there#i do think they've earned a wake up call; i want them to have no choice but to LOOK#anyways here's a monologue in the tags i guess; i have a lot on my mind of course U_U#hoatm rants
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Honestly the worst thing about Aaron is that I frequently use him to personify my feelings of existential dread so I frequently imagine him glancing over my shoulder to see what I'm doing. Right now I'm watching videos about preparing fish and other sea creatures for food.
Aaron has thalassophobia.
I imagine him cowering in the corner while I watch a japanese man gut a fish.
#I was going to put this in the rp blog but putting it in my personal blog because I talk about some shit in the tags#It's shit I need to talk about and I hate saying something then quickly shoveling it back into my throat#[don't get me wrong I do love him]#[It's just that whenever I think of Aaron he gives off an ocean vibe to me]#[or this feeling like my throat's closing up and I'm sinking into a deep bog of water]#[Kings Upon The Main by Thrice was what I was listening to when I was first conceptualizing(?) him]#[I also decided I wanted to make him sort of a faustian character at the time - he was very much 'stop at nothing to get what I want']#[except he had some limits himself; but he backed off too late and wound up dying in the original fanfic]#[which was fine because his purpose of existing was to die]#[he wasn't really a good person]#[he's not really like that now; he's gone through a lot of changes]#[but the fact that I made him up just so he could die kinda fits in with my existential dread.]#[doesn't really help that I used my own father as some inspiration for Aaron also]#[I always got into these talks with my father about the purpose of existence and living]#[we started talking about this stuff almost as soon as I could talk and understand engish]#[for my father I think I only existed to be an extension of himself; someone to simply regurgitate his own philosophies and observations]#[maybe that is the point of having kids in the first place; I don't know]#[but whenever I think about being a kid I just feel like I've been manipulated all my life]#[it's difficult to explain; but when you're a young person with so many expectations placed on you]#[and all the sudden the people that put those expectations on you suddenly vanish from your life; you're left with the strangest feeling of#[relief; dread; and guilt]#[or something like that.]#Kris's rambling#at least in the tags#personal#tl;dr [if you do read my tags] I got some daddy issues to work out with a therapist
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weirdo-with-a-nametag · 2 days ago
Hello everyone, I'm having a family problem
My dad has decided to push me on the matter of my voice getting deeper.
If anyone is up for discussion on this topic, I'll do a readmore in a reblog I think so y'all can avoid potentially triggering stuff.
Tags have some details, avoid if you're worried
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fieldofsunflowers8 · 8 days ago
discovering your triggers/squicks is such a strange process. like i was just downstairs eating oranges and realized that one of the topics i had thought i liked writing about and exploring is actually just something triggering but my brain entirely diverted that, so instead i spent like ages thinking that these tiny things were what upset me when it was actually really big picture.
now, the follow up conundrum: how does one escape a concept that is constantly embedded into their life when it isn’t exactly something one could just tag or anything?
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art--school--wannabe · 10 days ago
hhhhhhh it’s so weird being transmasc and attracted to men because like how do you even explain that Yes you are attracted to men but even before you came out it was always like.  exclusively in a gay way 
#like ok irl i would just copy how cis girls like acted around guys but like otherwise??#i mean ok aside for like joe jonas i can't think of any like.  Famous Men i was attracted to as a kid but uhhhhh#idk.. i hate saying it but i guess the first time i really like started understanding my sexuality and how it related to my gender was uhhh#with.............certain...............anime series and the path that kind of takes you down when you're 12 which i'm embarrassed as shit to#talk abt* but like........ idk it introduced me to at least vaguely mlm narratives for the first time so yeah....#i guess in retrospect the way i viewed certain narratives made sense but that doesn't make up for the REALLY weird fetishizing in the fandom#like i kind of hyperfixated on this one ship that at the time was fine i guess because they were both characters my age so of course#i'd kind of focus on characters my age since like yeah of course and they were a relatively healthy place for me to project my identity ig..#but now????  yikes yikes yikes because looking back that fandom was CREEPY and definitely not kids my age or queer at that.  yikes yikes yik#yikes*.. i dunno.  i don't look at that particular anime anymore bc of certain transphobic bullshit the english translation in particular pu#pushes* (the original source material isn't innocent but the creator at least TRIED.. english decided to misgender aforementioned trans char#character* COMPLETELY but um.. yeah.. even putting that aside though i could not make myself watch that now.#like sure it made sense when i was 12/13 and like just abt on the brink of starting to understand my identity buut...#yeahh.  yikes.  i think i had a tumblr back then (don't think i recycled it for this blog lmao) but luckily i didn't engage with like ACTIVE#fandom.. so glad abt that.  even though....................................p*nterest was bad enough of a fandom ig#y'all basically know which anime i'm talking about but yeah.  idk.  viewing it as a queer person is one thing but like#literally making really creepy source material and then translating it to also be transphobic and then like#a majority of cishets in the audience fetishizing MULTIPLE things that definitely should not be even looked at by them..#no real excuse for the original content or how several communities interpret it but like#as a young closeted queer person i guess you take what you can get and cling on to it for dear life no matter how awful it is ig..#ok but putting THAT thing aside i think the real way i found out i was not-looking-at-men-in-a-straight-way was by dating a girl actually#she was kinda my best friend of sorts at the time?????#she was uhh.  exploring her sexuality so like we dated for like three days (i said 'hey' after the third day)#and i was like this feels weird.  but not in a gay way like in a 'how did i get here and why am i walking you to class' kind of way#like i guess i was put in the more masc-coded role there and it was just.. Not For Me#so like yeah.. that was my.. ~only ~m/f relationship aside for the person who detransitioned.. no judgement to her but it's complicated to e#explain*#anyway yeah that former best friend i think she identifies as lesbian now so like good for her ig even though i don't appreciate#how she misgendered me in front of sharptooth when i agreed to take her to warped tour like three years ago.  haven't seen/heard from her si#since*
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firelord-frowny · 10 days ago
idk why this is on my mind, but 
given that i am a Scaredy Cat, i don’t use public transportation very often, and the handful of times that i have, i’ve always been in the company of someone whose primary mode of getting around is the subway/bus.
so like. one day, i’m going with my frand to... somewhere in dc lol i don’t remember exactly what occasion it was. But anyway, this particular station was very low-traffic at the time, with only a few people around. No crowds, no lines or anything. 
We’re goin down the escalator, and we’re just standing, not in any hurry. And then I became vaguely aware of people coming down behind us. I’m not really paying attention to them and one of them sighed real loud and then just kinda squeezed their way past me, and i kinda saw them roll their eyes, and i’m like???????
and then my frand mentions to me that it’s like a ~unspoken rule of the subway~ to stand to the right on the escalators so people who wanna get down faster can do so with ease. 
Perfectly reasonable and sensible rule! One that I am glad to now know so that I can take care to be courteous to others on the rare occasion that I take the metro. 
but like WOW whyyyYYY are people so committed to being Rudely Righteous when they could instead just... Not Be Like That?
Like, if someone is in your way, and they don’t seem to be aware that they’re in your way... there is a HELLA EASY solution to that, and it’s called “saying ‘excuse me.’” Like, why would you just stand behind somebody and be Loudly Annoyed that they don’t realize you’re waiting for them to move, when you could just say excuse me??? 
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