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#you're not my dad

Another reason this show rings so well with lgbtq audience. The CHOSEN family wins the day. Mentored by God Fathers but raised by basic and good humans. “You’re not my Dad”  Adam chooses his Father who loves him over his the biological technicality.  Aziraphale and Crowley choose each other over their clans. Anathema and Newt choose to be with each other and find their own destiny over their namesake and history. Our family  and who we love is who we choose.

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Shiro opens the window to the other's room and climbs in. He sets down a large bag of snacks. "Don't eat them all in one go, or you're just gonna get a tummy ache!" He grinned before attempting to climb back out the window.

Asugi had a handful of the goodies in his mouth before the prince had even left yet. “Shtupid Meathead…” he grumbled, smacking loudly. “I know my own damn limits… I’m gonna eat as much as I want and there’s nothin’ anyone can do about it…” 

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