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15 Jan 2021

Why the fuck do you have to crawl back into my heart

And make me love you again?

I have someone I love and they love me back!

Yet you’re here now too.

You’ve come back.

I can’t let myself love you. I shouldn’t love you!

I have someone!

You can’t love me now ! It’s too late !!

And yet here am I crying.

And for what?



Love itself?

I wish I could hate you.

But I can’t.

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Thank you for this wonderful Surprise 🥰 #youknowwhoyouare #itstheseasontobejolly #veganfriends #december2020 #itstheweekend (at Manila, Philippines)

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<div> —  ItsTeeDoubleU </div><span>The most important letter in SUCCESS is U. U are in charge of your success, nobody else! U can do it. U have it in U. So whatever it is U Desire go get it. Be Determined stay focused stay positive and grind and grow.</span>
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How it must feel like to leave your co-workers behind while you go on leave

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I had a girlfriend who was obsessed with theses little guys, almost got one this weekend

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<div> —  unknown </div><span>Love yourself enough to take actions required for your growth, cut yourself loose from any negativity, feed yourself in a healthy manner, forgive yourself and move on.</span>
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Obsession is a disease. Get well soon

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you are a stalker

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“Remember being broke as fuck but now I’m pulling up in a rover truck”

This one is for tof

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You have the cure for the Corona- I mean Rakghoul disease.

Do you give it to:

A - a corporate jackass who will sell it for a profit

B - a doctor who will give it out for free

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Fuck you for making me scared to love. 

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