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What Young Justice thinks of Tim VS. What Tim is actually like.

I really and honestly feel like the biggest wasted potential in Young Justice was Young Justice never actually finding out what Tim is like.

Tim spends all of his time pushing himself past his limits, and pretending to be extra tough because of his insecurities about being the powerless ones making him feel they might not want him on the team if they found out.

But yet Tim is this anxious, insecure, naïve kid, that has no idea what’s going on, and I just feel in my heart that Young Justice finding that out to be so dang interesting. It would make for such a new interesting dynamic yet they never went in that direction sadly.

They plant the seeds at the end of the series, with Cassie showing that she then knows that Robin is an act, and Tim showing up at himself in the very last issue, but Teen Titans elected to ignore that to make Tim a mysterious, show off, loner instead. Partially regressing him, and just plain making him out of character.


It’s not even a subject matter I think I ever seen in fics, but I really find the idea fascinating. Even Tim’s size is smaller since his armor at the time had molded muscle and extra padding, and I figure Tim probably had lifts on his boots. You can tell in the issue Tim’s in the baseball uniform and he’s much more skinnier.


Am I the only one that genuinely wishes they did a story on Young Justice finding out what Tim is like as Tim Drake?

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The Violations of Scent

 Having things that weren’t his or at least not meant to be his was something Tim was rather used to, it was but a second nature. For instance, the title of robin, or the seat as Wayne enterprise’s CEO. So, why did the mere fabric feel so entirely different from all the rest?

It’d been a little over a year since Kon’s tragic perish, and only 98 cloning attempts in did Tim finally break.

His knuckles bled, arms covered in micro shards of glass from constant punching, pounding and cracking of the thick glass tube that contained Superboy’s infamous shirt.

It was the last thing that smelt like him, of sweat, leather and maybe a hint some sort of spice?

Tim hugged the shirt for a long time, and he laid in the pile of glass for what felt like an enternity, though was only but a half hour.

When he finally arose, the pricks in his skin intensified with pain, so he clutched the shirt on his way to the shower.

Read the rest on ao3

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If DC puts Cassie’s character (and possibly Kon and Bart’s too) in limbo because of Young Justice (2019)’s cancellation, I think I’ll cry. (BC we all know that Tim won’t be in character limbo bc of *~Bat stuff~*)

I mean my bets are that they’re planning on relaunching Teen Titans again (since that also got cancelled). And, they’ll just include the Core 4 in that, but honestly who knows???? Like, I think I read somewhere that they were gonna re-launch anything in 2021, but I could be wrong?? But, I just don’t wanna see the buildup with her character go to waste bc we got a lot last issue!! Like, honestly I could see this spinning off into her own series, but I doubt DC would do that bc the original Cassie Wondergirl series didn’t do very well,,,,

But, out of the pre-established characters, she’s the one I’m the most worried about bc at least Kon has the current Action Comics storyline, which I feel like is setting up for him to be featured in that book more?? And, Bart was just a big player in the last Flash storyline I believe?? (I could be wrong I don’t really read Flash, but I remember seeing stuff about it?) And, Tim has Batman AND Detective Comics to appear in, and he definitely will be in at least one after restoring his role as Robin. But, Cassie idk??? Unless, they find a way to include her in the Wonder Woman comics then she’s probs gonna be in main continuity limbo for awhile. I mean ik she’s in DCeased, but that’s an AU :((

But, like I said: who knows what they’ll do??

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Bart: Who’s caramalizing onions? Don’t you guys know about apples?

Tim: Wait Bart

Tim: Do you think that caramalizing onions is putting caramel on onions?


Bart: Uh

Bart: No?

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Tim: Kon, don’t freak out, but you’re losing a lot of blood.

Tim: Can you tell me your type?

Kon, bleeding out on the floor: C-cute smile… short hair—

Tim: Your BLOOD type

Kon: …Red?

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Okay, so we all are aware that the way Lex Luther and Kon interacted during Reign of the Supermen was HILLARIOUS, 100% gen z behavior.

So, I’d like to propose dc make a show of Kon, his daddy issues and hell, just add in young justice. Do you know how funny the core four would be in a show like that?? Pure gen z humor. It’d be like the Harley Quinn show. Just. ✨Immaculate ✨

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it’s been about 8 years since i’ve had a comic blog on tumblr but i have returned… i used to blog solely about young just us, tim drake, kon-el/conner kent, blue beetle, booster gold, justice league international, stephanie brown, cass cain, and i have been out of comics for so long that i didn’t know everyone had changed names lol

i’m appalled that tim goes by DRAKE now…

anyway please like this post if you post any comics content, specifically dc! i have a huge soft spot for timkon and for the batfamily

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