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#young justice

Babby’s first light construct!

my YJ oc doing him first light construct!
I have a weird amount of drawing inspo recently, sooo, yeah

I have the headcanon that the suits Lanterns wear are light constructs, and as such when a new wearer gets the ring they’ll have the old wearer’s costume until they change it themselves.

Lantern concept © DC
Adrian © Me

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Forgot to post this a while ago, but better late than never:

Crossover art time!! (drawn by me)

please ignore my feeble attempt at drawing a background

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Request: Can you do a Wally west one? Where he’s with Artemis but the reader comes along and he falls for her. Please?

from @anon

Word Count: 1624

Warnings: the f word a couple times

Wally zipped around Central City as fast as he could, trying to stop Icicle Junior from another bank heist. At this point, he thought, he was getting a little cliche. 

“Hey, Icicle! Why don’t you try spicing things up a litte? Maybe, like, robbing something else?” Kid Flash proposed.

“Nah, bro, I’m only after that cold hard cash,” Icicle retorted while freezing the floor, laughing at his handiwork. Taking his terrible pun in mind, Wally seized the opportunity to send him flying by skidding across the floor into his feet. Icicle blasted upwards into the ceiling, knocking him unconscious. He carried him, slung over his shoulder, to the nearby police who cuffed him and slipped him into a truck. 

“All in a day’s work,” Wally smirked to himself, wiping his hands as dramatically as possible as his onlookers applauded. A girl walked over, humbly offered her hand, and introduced herself.

“I’m [y/n]. I hope you know what a difference you make to our community. I strive to be able to make a change as much as you do,” she smiled. Wally stood agog. He’d only felt like this once before - with Artemis. He couldn’t speak, instead only mumbled incoherencies. 

“I… Uh… You’re.. Thanks!” He was as red as the logo on his costume. The girl just smiled and shook his hand vigorously, since Wally was still. 

She waved and walked away, almost as if she was dancing. It wasn’t taunting but it was tantalizing. Wally numbly brushed her from his mind, knowing he wouldn’t see her again. He was happy anyways, with a girl he loved and doing what he loved most. Nothing could distract him.

A new member? Wally thought they’d had enough members by now. Well, that was a lie, they could always use more members, but he had grown to love this exact group. He fought alongside his best friend, obsessed with wordplay, his stunning girlfriend, and people he could always trust. He loved them, he loved Artemis, he loved Dick. And while he adored meeting new people, sometimes it was ok to leave things how they are.

Wally jolted out of his thoughts once he saw the new girl.

“Hey everyone, I’m [y/n]. I go by [y/s/n]. I know it’s weird to introduce myself with my real name, but I don’t want to create any doubt in your trust in me. Please feel free to do any background research you need,” she rubbed the back of her neck uncomfortably. Once she saw Wally, her eyes lit up. “Wow! Kid Flash, right? I met you a couple months ago. You had saved a lot of us from a nearby bank. I’ve had powers for a while and I did some things on my own but seeing you in person really inspired me to work harder. It’s been a while so it’s like I’m really introducing myself again.”

He stood silent.

“Oh. I’m sorry, I guess you wouldn’t really remember me, you probably meet a lot of people,” she shifted in discomfort. “Uh… I can’t really thank you enough, Robin, for inviting me to join you guys. You won’t be disappointed.” She shook Dick’s hand vigorously, just as she had with Wally before. Wally just watched. Everyone else introduced themselves and M’gaan began to take her on a tour of Mount Justice.

Artemis nudged Wally, “is everything alright? You hardly spoke at all. Not that I’m complaining or anyt-”

“I’m okay,” he snapped. Artemis shot Wally an angry, yet concerned glance. “I mean, I’m fine. I’m sorry. I love you.” He kisses her quickly and zips off to his room. Wally had accustomed to being flirtatious. Of course he thought girls were pretty - they are. Girls are beautiful. But he truly believed that he needed to make a connection with someone to someone to really feel something. Still, how could he sense something so intense and immediate with someone he’s met once? 

Wally pushed it out of his mind. He loved Artemis. They’d gone through so much together and she’d kill him if he’d ever do anything to hurt her.

Wally had specifically asked Dick to not put the new girl on missions with him as best he could, but more often than not, telepaths are needed on two sides of a mission. M’gaan often worked on Alpha squad, leaving the new telepath wherever she was needed - not that she complained being on Beta or Gamma squads. She seemed so grateful to be on the squad that it left a sick feeling in Wally’s stomach. He went completely out of his way for weeks to ignore a girl who hadn’t done anything wrong. 

What was wrong with him? Nothing. Nothing’s wrong. Weeks had passed and Wally tried to keep his interactions with (y/n) limited. Every time they were alone, he couldn’t speak, he couldn’t think. Wally felt like a bumbling middle schooler who had never spoken to a girl in his life. He would blush and mumble and she would laugh and touch his shoulder, leaving an electric, warm sensation simmering between them. He pushed it all out of his mind. Yet, she still lingered. Her face lingered in the back of his mind. 

The whole mission was a bust. It was worse than usual. Every message from (y/n) set a string of guilt down Wally’s spine. Everything was wrong. He knew what the problem was but had to push it down. He had to push it down. If not then what would he do with Artemis? Wally’s focus was way off and he let Klarion get away. Again. At this point people were starting to notice, more importantly, Artemis was starting to notice. 

On their way back from the mission, Artemis seizes Wally by the arm. 

“We need to talk.”

Artemis walks Wally to her home and practically drags him inside. 

“Wally.” She tries to sound strong, but her voice begins to waver. 

“What’s wrong, babe?” Wally tries to play it off, acting aloof and out of genuine concern for Artemis and not himself. 

“I want you to tell me what’s wrong!” Tears bubbled in her eyes and her voice choked. “Do you think I’m fucking dumb? Do you?”

He panicked. “No! Of course I don’t think you’re dumb! Why would you ever say that?”
“You’ve been drifting. Drifting. I know that you have feelings for someone else. But, I just thought you loved me! After all this time, all our time together, someone new comes and you immediately catch feelings for them. I’m not stupid. I’m not blind, Wallace. Just because you try and deny it from everyone and yourself doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I can see it just as well as everyone else can. She can tell to. (Y/n), it’s not her fault, but it is yours. I know you flirt, I know you fuck around with girls. But it’s different. You don’t do that with her. I can tell you’re nervo-”

“I never did anything with her! I hardly even talk to her!”
“That’s not the point, Wally. That’s not the point. I need you to tell me you only love me and that you don’t have feelings for her. If you lie to me though, it’s over,” she began to sob. The vulnerability was not something she shared comfortably, only to her closest friends, and this kind of pain wasn’t something she wanted even Wally to see, especially since it had come from him. “I need you to tell me. You’re also an awful fucking liar.” Artemis tried to laugh through her tears.

“Artemis, I… I don’t know what you want me to tell you. I love you, more than anything in the world. But I think I like her. I don’t know why. She’s nothing like you and you’re the only person I’ve ever loved. I just… I can’t help it.”

Artemis crumpled to her knees. “It’s over. Get out. You have my fucking blessing or whatever, go be with her. I don’t care. If she makes you happier I can’t stop you.”

Wally struggled for months. Artemis was the only person he’d ever loved, ever felt something that deep for. But he slowly watched her grow, get better, become happy. She even got herself a girlfriend. That sucked for him, but it was the message he received that he could move on to. A few weeks later, he felt strong enough to finally make a move. 

Wally asked (y/n) to step aside after a group dinner. 

(Y/N) laughed when they finally got to be alone together. “What’s up?”

He couldn’t help but smile at how cute she was. Her laugh was bubbly and her smile captivating. “I, uh, just wanted to ask you something.”

“Oh!” She giggled. “Let me guess.”

“No no no no you don’t have to do that.”
“Okay so you’re asking me on a date, and you’re gonna wanna go to a movie, but after lunch and not dinner so it’s not too serious, and you’re gonna choose the movie but I get to choose the food. Is that right?”

“I mean–”
“But afterward we’ll kiss and then probably…” (Y/N) winked.

“I…uh…” Wally turned beet red. Almost as red as his hair. “I mean, I guess that works too.” 

“You could have asked me earlier! I mean I’ve been waiting forever.”

“I wasn’t ready yet. I needed it to be the right time.”

“Nows as good a time as any I suppose, I’ve liked you since the very first moment I met you. But warning you, I’m in it for the long run.” And with that, she laughed and started darting away to catch the rest of the group.

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Tim drake for the character ask?

Why I like them

I love my Timmy boy!!! Amazing 10/10 tries so hard and is great at it, cute, adorable, supportive brother to Dick just ashdnfkl

Why I don’t

He’s not in many episodes and when he is he hardly talks so not much to not like about him :// (I could never anyway)

Favourite episode

True colours, fills the role as squad leader amazingly as always <3 (also puts up with Arsenal’s shit)

Favourite season

Season 2

Favourite line

Ughhhh nothing he said really stood out to me and I’m sad abt that :((

Favourite outfit

Robin outfit, but the season 3 one with the hooded cape, really just makes it


Timkon and Timsteph


Dick ofc batbros for lifeeee


He once shaved his head so it was shaped like the arrow symbol from Avatar, didn’t regret it at all

Unpopular opinion

Nothin to say ma’am

A wish

Yeah can this kid have more scenes pls and thank you

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

Idk, don’t leave him on the sidelines again??? Aha basically a rehash of my previous answer

5 words to best describe them

Clever, insecure, BEAN, supportive, focused

My nickname for them

Timmy bean <3

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Ed for the ask meme! Sorry for being late!

Why I like them

V sassy boi but also a sweetheart, also the HAIRRRR

Why I don’t

No particular reason

Favourite episode


Favourite season

Season 2

Favourite line

Can’t think off the top of my head hhhhhh

Favourite outfit

His outfit as The Golden One, also the Cowboy Bebop hair is 1111/10




Runaway squaddd


Just to fuck with people, he teleports in front of them while doing some weird shit (eg eating a stick of butter Bart made him do it), and then disappears before they can say anything

Unpopular opinion

Zilch unpopular opinions

A wish

Keep the hair the way it is DO NOT CHANGE IT

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen


5 words to best describe them

Sassy, f l o o f, supportive, cool, kind

My nickname for them


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OG young justice team with demigod S/O's (like from percy Jackson)



Originally posted by amirnizuno

  • Obviously, you’re the child of Poseidon
  • Date nights aren’t too showy, often going out on swims or a simple movie night.
  • If you ever need help adjusting to the mortal world, Kalur will be very understanding and does very well in teaching how to adjust and fit in.
  • Doesn’t mind you’re more powerful than him but he will still be a little worried for you in battle. 
  • If you want to learn hand-to-hand combat, he’d be more than happy to teach you.
  • If you’re anything like your father, you are ruthless to anyone who dares to cross you, and crossing Kaldur is like crossing you so he kinda has to reel you back in when you get too threatening.
  • You two are very much the parents of the Team, making sure everyone’s okay and lightly scolding them when they’ve done bad.
  • It’s a very secure relationship since you two trust each other completely.
  • He’s very easy to make blush if you kiss him or any other kind of PDA, especially if you do it in front of someone in the League.
  • “(Y/n), you could get us in trouble.”
  • “Sorry, Kal, I couldn’t resist.~”



Originally posted by detectivecomicsgifs

  • You’re the child of Athena (well, more like an adopted kid but you still inherit some of her abilities) which makes sense considering that Robin is a tricky little bird.
  • Much like him and Batman, the two of you don’t need to talk in battle since you guys seem to think alike.
  • He also doesn’t mind that you’re more powerful than him unless you embarrass him in front of Batman or something, then he gets all flustered and pouty.
  • You’re a sucker for that creepy laugh and cute smile of his.
  • Will offer to teach you hand-to-hand combat if you decline he’s fine and won’t pry into the matter any further, but if you say ‘yes’ then he’s gonna get so excited.
  • If you also have trouble adjusting to a mortal lifestyle, then he doesn’t mind helping you introducing you to ‘normal’ mannerisms.
  • You’re accepted into the Batfamily with no problems or qualms at all, you’re just one of them, so accept it.
  • Expect a lot of greek mythology pick-up lines that backfire on him when you correct him mid pick-up line about a fact or something about a family member.
  • “Alright, so in order to succeed in this mission, you’re going to have to-”
  • “Take out all the system remotely while also creating a distraction so you can slip past? Good idea, (Y/n).”
  • “I am so in love with you right now.”

Kid Flash:


Originally posted by christopher-reeve

  • Child of Hermes, loud and proud!
  • Since Wally doesn’t believe in magic, you like to fuck around with him by doing…you know, magic! 
  • It’s very entertaining for you to watch him struggle trying to justify your magic and abilities but go off, I guess?
  • You two still love each other deeply, being one of those couples that are incredibly obnoxious but you know that they’d take a bullet for the other.
  • Expect him to challenge you to races to prove whose faster, you or him.
  • Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. Wally knows when you purposely lose a race and when you don’t so don’t think you can get away with going easy on him.
  • As for adjusting to the mortal world, you’re don’t really need help. After all, you adapted pretty quickly, which is another thing Wally loves.
  • Someone who can roll with the punches.
  • He denies the fact he’s dating a bonafide demigod and calls you his ‘Diety’ or ‘God/Goddess’ for the sake of irony.
  • “Hey, I realized if we had kids would they be like 25% god or something?”
  • “If we had kids, they’d be 100% awesome!”



Originally posted by detectivecomicsgifs

  • Child of the war god, himself, Ares.
  • How you and Conner start to get close is when you’re being shunned by your aunt Diana because your dad and she don’t have the best track record, he feels your pain and you two kid of bond over that.
  • Play roughhousing isn’t uncommon but you two are a lot softer than you seem, favoring to cuddle in comfy silence with each other instead.
  • Literal war couple, both of you equal in power and strength and can trust that the other has your back during a battle.
  • Both of you adjust to normal human mannerisms together, since you’re both kinda clueless about it.
  • You two also bring out a softer side in each other because you two know you can vulnerable around the other without fear of ridicule or teasing. You guys just understand each other.
  • Only gets better when Wolf joins because now you three are in the living room just napping in a comfy doggy pile.
  • Both of you are resting your heads on a napping wolf where your cuddling Conner, the Team is surprised to see that he’s the little spoon, but know better than to bring it up.
  • Villians are very hesitant to fight you two because they know that separate, you guys can be taken down, but together you guys can raise hell if angry.
  • “Oh! Sorry if I hurt you, Conner!”
  • “As if you could.”

Miss Martian:


Originally posted by captainpoe

  • Child of Demeter and I might be going off Lore Olympus because why not?
  • You can see M’gann’s real form but it doesn’t scare you after all if you can handle seeing a god’s true form then you can handle M’gann’s.
  • You two are literally the cutest since your often baking with each other, watching her favorite reality TV show, or just being wholesome.
  • You two get very awkward when it comes to PDA so it’s nothing more than comforting shoulder pats and the occasional kiss on the cheek.
  • Both of you have shape-shifting abilities but you’re slightly more mastered in yours, so you offer to help her whenever you can.
  • You both listen to each other intently as she tells you about Mars and you tell her all about Olympus.
  • Someone help Psimon if he thinks that he can hurt your M’gann because there won’t be a god or goddess alive that can save him from your wrath. You’re Demeter’s kid, after all.
  • You don’t mean to but you kind of reinforce her intrusive mind-reading behavior but that’s only because it was also a normal part of your childhood so if she’s apologizing for accidentally reading your mind, you tell her it’s fine.
  • The team has to step in and remind you why it’s a bad thing.
  • “Oh cool! You made me cookies!”
  • “Well, you were thinking about them earlier and- Hello, M’gann! I did it again…”



Originally posted by sailorsmoon

  • You’re the child of Apollo (I feel like it makes more sense) so it does feel kind of weird that you’re dating someone with the same name as your aunt.
  • Think of nicknames for her quick because you honestly can’t bring yourself to call her ‘Artemis’ unless it’s an emergency or if you really want something.
  • If she ever feels insecure about herself being a hero or her abilities as an archer, you are going to make sure to list all the reasons why she is THE BEST hero until she’s back to her fully confident self.
  • You’d feel very honored if she told you about her past and congratulate her about it, acknowledging how brave she was to tell you something so personal.
  • But seriously, how can she feel so insecure when she’s literally dating a demi-god? I mean, that’d be a pretty big ego-booster in my opinion.
  • There are nights where you two just like to stargaze as you point from constellation to constellation and tell them her about all the stories behind them.
  • If I had to choose who influences who more, I’d have to say you. The only reason why is that your able to warm up and get close to Artemis in way no one has for a long time, you’d rather die than break her trust, and she really finds it assuring knowing that you’ll be with her through thick and thin.
  • Her mom really likes you since you’re a big motivator for Artemis to stay on the straight and narrow.
  • There’s mutual respect between you and Cheshire and Sportsmaster not only because of your skills but because of your adamancy on keeping Artemis safe and your loyalty to her.
  • “Do you have my back?”
  • “(Y/n), you know I always do.”



Originally posted by kaldur-ahms

  • The child of Hecate, demi-god of magic.
  • Klarion is very fearful when fighting against Zatanna, he may be a Chaos Lord, but you’re literally the child of magic incarnate so he’d rather not.
  • You like to attend Zatanna’s shows and have a look of amazement and awe every time, even though Zatanna is pretty sure you’re much more capable of her when it comes to the mystic arts.
  • Bitch, you’re mom MADE the mystic arts, yet you just like seeing your Zee perform.
  • She looks so happy, so at peace, and it just makes your heart flutter thinking about it.
  • During the events of ‘Misplaced’, you got so scared when she put on the Dr. Fate helmet because even you couldn’t get it off and you knew there was no amount of magic that could. You thought you were gonna lose your Zee.
  • You feel guilty admitting this but you felt so glad when Zatara traded spots, yes Zatanna had become distant with you, but you’d rather have that than her being enslaved to the helmet till the end of her days.
  • She warms up to you again and apologizes while you assure her there’s nothing to apologize for. You two plan a whole weekend where you can catch up and spend time with each other, just you two.
  • You help her whenever you can when it comes to magic but she knows you do it more for yourself than for her, but can she really blame you? You just want to spend as much time as you can with her.
  • “Zee! That was amazing, you’re improving so much!”
  • “Well, I had a great teacher, (Y/n).”
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Happyhoganon: Would you describe the DCEU?

Hello!!! Welcome :D Crossing fingers to not make an eyesore post, but I will try my best to explain them! :D 

  • Aquaman: I have a current story called Taming of the Tides and it’s an Oceanmaster/OC pairing. My OC is Mera’s younger sister and her name is Nothea, or Thea for short. She is compared as Xebel’s other princess because she is outshined by Mera who is far superior with her hydrokinesis mastery, but the sisters deeply care for one another. She goes with her sister to Atlantis to train with Queen Atlanna and meets a young Orm Marius as a result. I want it to follow events prior, current and post-movie. Currently on pause because I had trouble mapping out the story. I was halfway through the first chapter and I just got stuck. I have occasionally opened it up and wrote here and there, but not much progress has been made. Hopefully putting the section together with manips and gifs will get me inspired. 
  • Shazam: I had an idea for a Freddy/OC story called Words Don’t Come Easy and it focuses on an older Freddy with my OC, Theresa “Tessa” Strickland in their final year of high school. It is meant to be a polar opposites attract as Tessa is one of the school’s cheerleaders and a smart student in contrast to Freddy. She ends up being his Chemistry tutor during their junior year and has an on and off attraction to him which ends with her forcibly dating someone else because she thought her crush on Freddy was for convenience’s sake. He saves her in his hero form and she ends up crushing on the wrong version of him. 
  • Suicide Squad: I made this on a whim and called it You Don’t Own Me and I have two sister OCs. I’m revamping everything so I don’t have much for now. I can confirm one pairing so far: GQ/OC, my OC’s villain name is Spectra and she was nabbed by the Scarlet Speedster. 
  • Young Justice: Contrast has been in the works for over a decade. I was obsessed with this show and still to do this day, occasionally do Robin’s “unwords”.  I have a set of cousins, Avaline “Ava” Hamilton and Jeremy Morris who are sidekicks to Ice and Fire respectively. They adopted the names Cryofrost and Hot Spark and are auditioning to join The Team. Ava is paired with Wally West/ Kid Flash while there is a slight crush on Artemis for Jeremy. Ava is a special character of mine because she is the first that I really laid out a detailed plot for, but action scenes are NOT my forte, so I have been struggling to write this. She is such a firecracker and I can’t wait to make more headway with this story. 
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Do you have any angsty fic recs that center around Dick?

The bullets we take

It’s hard being a teenage superhero, but it’s harder when you’re Batman’s teenage superhero.

It’s even harder when you get kidnapped and you don’t know if you’ll ever see your family again.


A clatter echoed throughout the Batcave as the brush dropped from Dick’s hand, bats squeaking in protest at the sudden burst of noise.

Dick turned to face his mentor, his normally bright blue eyes full of horror and fear. “I…I almost died.”

After the events of Performance, it suddenly hit Robin just how close he had come to following in his parents’ footsteps.


Robin has to deal with the consequences of a team mission gone wrong.

(Warning for attempted non-con)

souls don’t break around here

“Get down here now, or I’ll snap this kid’s leg”

Bruce froze. The man had Dick by the ankle, wrench held threateningly above his shin. The boy was sprawled awkwardly on his back with one leg held aloft in the tight grip of their jailer. Bruce didn’t need the white lenses to be pushed up to be convinced of the fear on his son’s face.


Batman and Robin are captured and the consequences lead Bruce to wonder if he made the right decision in making Dick his partner

(Warning for attempted non-con)

(Not) Enough

After the training simulation goes wrong, Bruce takes his kid home.

Job performance

This isn’t the most gruesome scene that Dick has ever seen. Not the worst thing he’s ever seen. Not really.

“Stay back,” Robin says. “Can’t contaminate the scene.”

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