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Headcanon- Best Friends with Wally West

@offendedfishnoises Here ya Go! Love ya Fishmom!

Comments are always appreciated, Loves!

A/N: I really want to bake cookies and eat them with someone. Screw math. :)


-       Wallace Rudolph West is a cutie pie, a goofball, and your best friend. You pop out the full name when you want something from him.

-       Your Number one favorite red head.

-       You met him in the library, and its story that will go down in history. He was trying sneak eat in the library while you were studying for your math test. He tripped and dropped the 6 boxes from his backpack, containing the 3-course meal he called a snack. The clatter attracted the attention of some people who were heading over and you rushed to help him stuff him food boxes back into his bag before anyone saw.

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Headcanon- Birdflash Besties

Requested by @offendedfishnoises I love you to the moon and back, Fish! Theres a second HC coming right after this, because I’m in a wally west mood.

A/N: I’m so horribly sick and I cant even tell if this was actually good, but it got me in my birdflash heart. @river-bottom-nightmare sob with me.

Comments are always appreciated!


-       Wally and Dick are absolute madlads. When they’re together, good luck to anyone around them.

-       Dick and Wally spend endless hours on the manor. Not in it; ON it. These two geniuses like to climb the exterior and walk on the roof. Dick gets a kick out of giving Wally a little heart attack by doing flips on the roof tiles.

-       Once, Dick almost slipped and Wally freaked out and rushed to catch him, but the little surge of lightning blew the power out of the manor. Needless to say, they ran to central city for a bit.

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Foul language? Check. Authority issues? Check. Memories stolen from the kid a mysterious necromantic cult murdered to create you? Check.

Modern life is complex. Modern life is significantly more complex when you’re a necromantic monstrosity made of equal parts dead kid and corrupted holy magic. For extra kicks, add an Atlantean heart transplant, a seemingly unrequited crush on a merman, and a plot to overthrow the government. Welcome to life as Roy Harper.

Well, a Roy Harper.

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tim: when you have yoted all your yeets, simply find yourself a yeehaw

bart: ah, truly prolific

kon: sometimes i think i can smell colors when i close my ears ya know!

cassie, shoving pillows and homemade sandwiches in their laps: good lord all of you rest, eat, please function at a decent level you absolute train wrecks

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Animated Bird

  • International Animation Day: Dick Grayson as Robin (Various Continuities)
Today is International Animation Day (28 October) and to celebrate this auspicious day and in conjunction of the Octogintennial of Robin, I thought it would be doubly apropos to do a photoset of Dick Grayson as Robin in the many animated television and films that he had starred in.

Image Source:
  • Batman: The Animated Series (Middle Left)
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Upper Left)
  • Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem (Lower Middle)
  • DC Super Hero Girls (Lower Right)
  • Justice League: New Frontier (Upper Right)
  • Teen Titans (Center)
  • Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (Lower Left)
  • The Batman (Middle Right)
  • Young Justice (Upper Middle)
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SURPRISE! So I’ve been reading some Super Sons stuff and…yeah I’m a terrible person lol xD I’ll be making more of these as a series. Who else do you wanna see? Will also accept Marvel kids as well :3 

Yeah this will also be added to the BNHA/MLB headcanons x-over— 

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