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#young justice imagines
daninotfound · 3 months ago
— prompt list
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
( let’s be honest it’s about time i added one to my profile )
“It’s nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today.”
“‘Cause you’re pretty, and you’re smart and you’re... ignoring me, so you’re obviously my type.”
“Your lips are warm.”
“Pretty boy, with me!” (...) “Oh, I’m pretty boy?”
“Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”
“Are you flirting with me?” “I have been for the past year or so, but I appreciate you noticing.”
“You’re an idiot.” “But you love me.”
“Could you say that again?” “Were you not listening?” “No I was, I just like hearing your voice.”
“You took all the pillows so I’m using you as one.”
“You look...“ “Ridiculous? Stupid? Out of place?” “Beautiful.”
“Y’know, when I said you’d fall for me, this is not what I had in mind.”
“It looks good on you.”
“Whenever I’m around you I get super nervous and get this weird feeling in my stomach. So, I’m either in love with you or allergic to you, and I don't know which one is worse.”
“Dude, your partner’s hot!” “Hey!”
“It’s pouring rain, why are you here?”
“I love you.” “No, you don’t” 
“It didn’t mean anything- you didn’t mean anything.”
“I didn’t know where else to go.”
“I don’t want to feel this. I want to be numb again.”
“You were a bad decision. A lapse in judgement. Nothing more.”
“Please don’t make me choose.”
“You’ll always be a friend.”
“So, this is it? After everything we’ve been through? You’re just gonna throw that away?”
“You were an investment.”
“Choke me.” “...Are you into that?” “No, I just wanna get knocked out for like... an hour or two.”
“Is that a threat?” “Do you want it to be?”
“Are you drunk?” “...No.”
“You’re late.” “I wasn’t even gonna come today, so don’t start.”
“You could always beat him with a stick.” “I bet he’d be into that.”
“Do you trust me?” “No.” “That’s fair.”
“Alright— where’s the idiot?” “Uh... I’m here.” “Surprisingly enough, I’m not talking about you this time.”
“This is a horrible idea. Who came up with this?” “You did.”
“I’ve got good news and bad news.” “Good news first.” “...It’s very unlikely I will ever do it again.”
“I’ll drink to that.” “You drink to everything.” “Cheers!”
“Keep in mind that what I’m saying should be accompanied by a five-foot tall neon sign that reads ‘I should’ve known better’.”
( if you have any other prompts you’d like me to add, shoot me an ask! )
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sheismental · 3 years ago
Damian: so you're telling me to...kill people with kindness?
Dick: yeah, that's right.
Damian: so i should kill them with what, a teddy bear? Because i could totally do that, choking them with it that could-
Dick: i don't think you fully understand the meaning...
Jason: let the boy continue, Dick, i sort of like where this is going.
Tim: of course you do.
Damian: see, i could use the stuffing of the tedd-
Dick: no! no one is killing anyone with a teddy bear!
Stephanie: that's very viable actually.
Jason: after choking them with the stuffing can we shoot them? ya' know, to be certain.
Dick: i live in a family of psychopaths.
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spooder-moon · 2 years ago
Stay - Tim Drake x YJ!Reader
Summary: As a new member of the Young Justice team you didn't feel like you were fitting in very well. When Tim Drake catches you packing your bags he makes sure to get you to stay.
A/N: So this is pretty shitty (like all my writing) but I’m really loving my lil bio Timmy atm and he doesn’t have enough Tumblr love so I’m giving him some. I guess let me know what you think? And open to writing a smut for it if you guys want. Enjoy! 
P.S: I’m gonna start a general BatBoys taglist so let me know if you want to be in it!! xoxo
“What the hell Y/N?!” That was the first thing you heard as you got back to Mount Justice with the rest of the team. It was Conner. “You just ruined a perfectly simple mission, were you trying to get us all caught?”
The mission was meant to be easy. A simple recon, get in, gather the information you need, and get out without being caught. But, of course, you had to go and screw it up by getting spotted. At least that’s what you let your teammates think when actually it was Robin that got caught. It was his first time leading a mission and you knew how important it was for him that it went well, so you took the blame.
Everyone was yelling at you and each other, some coming to your defense, some outright blaming you for the whole ordeal. You simply rolled your eyes at the behaviour.
“All of you, shut up. It could have happened to any of you,” Nightwing said as he joined you for debriefing, “Y/N what happened out there?”
You couldn’t help but be annoyed that no one trusted you, yes you’re new but that doesn’t mean you didn’t deserve to be here. In fact, your ability to teleport made you an extremely valuable asset to the team.
“What happened is that while the rest of you were doing who knows what, I actually decided to do my job and get what we came for. I was hacking into the mainframe when I got spotted, Robin was close so he covered for me. Not that any of you asked but I got the intel you wanted so here,” You threw the hard drive at Nightwing’s chest, “Hope you’re happy now, if you need me i’ll be in my room.”
You teleported into your room without another word.
Reappearing in your room, the tears in your eyes finally started to pour. Feeling conflicted made you emotional, it was hard hearing them blame you for something you didn’t even do. And even though some of the members like Aqualad and Artemis came to your defense you couldn’t but feel unwanted within the team. So you started to pack. Angrily wiping away your tears you grabbed the suitcase you came here with and started to fill it with your necessities. Going back home wasn’t ideal but it would have to do for the moment.
A knock on your door interrupted your frantic movements, the monitor on your wall showed Robin outside. With a sigh you opened the door, your body blocking the view of your room.
“What do you want Robin?” Your tone was harsher than intended. Over the short months you had been apart of the team you had grown closest to Robin, although not knowing his identity was a bit of a setback. You couldn’t deny you had started to grow feelings for the boy but that didn’t matter now anyway.
He frowned, “I came to check if you’re okay.”
You made the mistake of shifting slightly and he caught the messily, half-packed suitcase resting on your bed.
“Are you packing?” Robin’s voice was alarmed and laced with concern.
“What’s it to you?” You moved aside to let him in, not wanting others to pass by and hear your conversation.
“Y/N, I came here to apologise to you. I told the team what really happened, how it was my fault. I should have never let you take the blame in the first place.”
Softening your glare you shuffled a bit closer to where he was standing, loosening your stance. “You did nothing wrong. You wanted your first mission as a leader to be a success so I did what any decent friend would. It’s not your fault they all hate me.”
“They don’t hate you Y/N, as soon as I told them it was me they all felt really bad. They said they’re sorry.”
“That’s exactly my point, Robin. If it were anyone else to do that there’s no way they would have reacted the way they did. I’m not wanted here and I don’t belong here, that’s just the way it is.” You moved to your wardrobe, gathering more clothes to take with you.
“So you’re just leaving then?” He sounded hurt almost.
“Looks that way doesn’t it.”
You walked into your bathroom to grab your toiletries but stopped when you looked in the mirror and saw that your right cheek was covered in blood. Right. You had forgotten about the big gash you had received when fending off oncoming attackers.
Wincing at the horrific sight you reached into the cupboard below the sink to pull out your first aid kit. As you started wiping off the blood with a damp cloth, Robin came into the bathroom.
“Let me help you.” He said trying to take the cloth from your hands.
“It’s fine, I can do it.” You grit your teeth, hissing when you accidentally swiped over the cut.
“Y/N please, it’s going to need stitches, just let me help you.” You couldn’t see much of his eyes behind the mask but the tone in his voice told you to trust him. Gently you handed him the cloth and jumped up to sit on the counter.
Hesitantly Robin stepped between your legs and began cleaning your wound. It was silent at first, until you let him disinfect it, making flinching at the sting while he apologised profusely. You couldn’t help but let out a little laugh at him to let him know it was ok. That made him smile lightly.
“You are wanted here, you know?” He muttered out quietly.
“It doesn’t feel that way a lot of the time.” Looking down you avoided any eye contact with him.
“I know we can all be a little harsh sometimes but everyone wants what’s best for the team, and what’s best for the team is no one getting hurt. If today had gone any worse, you could have been killed and no one wants that, we were just worried about you.”
“Let’s not forget that you’re the reason I was in that mess to begin with.” You glared at him playfully.
“I know I know, and trust me, Nightwing gave me a big scolding. What I’m trying to say is that we all want you here. Your powers are unique, you’re one of the best in hand-to-hand combat we have, and you’re not to bad to hang around with either.” He smirked at you.
You couldn’t help but blush at his flattery, not to mention your heart was beating abnormally fast because of your close proximity from each other. You were flustered.
As Robin finished the final stitch in your cheek, you frowned deep in thought as to what you were going to do now. Part of you still felt that you should just finish packing and leave tonight, but the other part wanted you to stay, to see if you really did belong on the team.
“There, all done. It shouldn’t scar as long as you don’t rip the stitches.” Robin said as he finished placing a gauze over the wound. As if sensing your conflicting thoughts he placed his hand under your chin, forcing you to look at him directly.
“You belong here Y/N, you’re one of us now. So just, don’t leave ok. I know that Artemis and M’gann would hate to see you leave. I know I would hate to see you leave.” Your faces were just inches apart now and your breathing had faltered multiple times, hitching in the back of your throat.
“I suppose I could at least sleep on the idea.” You whispered although your decision was made in that moment, you knew you were going to stay.
“You could, but I’m hoping this will make you stay.”
Before you could ask what he meant, Robin’s lips were pressed against yours in a firm but gentle kiss. You couldn’t help but let out a small squeak of surprise before you found your eyes closing shut and your lips pressing against his to deepen the kiss. You felt his hands move up your thighs to settle on your hips as he stepped closer to you. Your arms wound around his shoulders, one hand lightly carding through his thick black locks and drawing him even closer to you.
His tongue swiped across your bottom lip before gently pushing into your mouth to tangle with your own. As the kiss became more feverish, his arms wound around your waist to pull you impossibly close. One hand came to rest on your arse as the other rubbed up and down your lower back, sneaking under your shirt to gently trace patterns on your skin. Pulling away from each other, panting, you reached a hand up to brush over his mask slightly. So desperate to see who was underneath. On instinct he flinched away from your hand. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I-I shouldn’t have-.”
Robin interrupted your rambling. “No, no it’s ok. I want you to remove it.”
Nodding you gently lifted the mask from his eyes. Cue the swoon, he was even more handsome than you thought he would be. You couldn’t help the blush that flushed your cheeks.
“Tim.” He blurted out.
You looked at him, both slightly confused and amused at his sudden outburst. “What?”
He blushed. “My name is Tim, Tim Drake.”
You grinned widely, “Nice to meet you Tim Drake.” You leant forward to press a feathery peck to his lips but he held you there longer, applying more pressure. When you pulled away Tim was flushed bright pink and you were sure you looked much the same.
“So you’re staying right?” He asked, flustered.
You laughed. Clinging to him you teleported yourselves out of the bathroom and onto your bed, reappearing with a flop and you hovering over him, causing his blush to deepen. “Yes, Tim, I’m staying.”
Kicking your suitcase off of the bed, you kissed him, hard. Because although you may not want to stay for yourself, you would stay for him.
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daninotfound · 10 months ago
the boyfriend: part two
Alternatively Titled: Batsis!Reader having a girlfriend and the Batfam finding out
Warnings: Cursing, confused/socially awkward Timmy
Dani Speaks: Since only @dovesgrangers commented on a name suggestion for the girlfriend, her name is now amara bc i feel that putting Y/G/N cuts the flow of the story, you know? You’re free to picture it with a different name, though! Also: I was planning for this to be the final part, but many of you have been sending more requests for this, so it’ll have one more part!
Tumblr media
It’s been two months since you started dating Amara.
Your brothers still don’t know her name.
Hell, they still don’t know that she’s a girl.
You’ve been careful when it comes to meeting up with her. Always trying to look nonchalant, and taking the long road when going to her place.
The really long road.
Like... thirty more minutes of driving around aimlessly in Gotham.
In the end, it’s worth it.
She’s always understanding, and has only ever asked once as to why she hasn’t met your family.
...If she only knew.
“You’ve met Duke and Cassandra!”
She would only chuckle while rolling her eyes.
“You still have more brothers, Y/N.”
You would puff a breath.
“Trust me, you do not want to meet them.”
And, surprisingly, she was okay with that.
Well, maybe she still insisted that she would like to meet the rest of your family — however bizarre they were. But she wouldn’t keep insisting to meet them until you felt comfortable with it.
You still don’t know how she agreed to go with you on a date, let alone become your girlfriend.
You could only be thankful.
And while Amara was understanding, your brothers... were not.
In their defense, you’ve never dated anyone before. They need to know you’re dating a good guy and not some asshole that will break your heart, or is solely dating you because of the fact that you’re a Wayne child.
They’ve had their fair share of those.
Also, they were not pleased with your last ‘Central City’ stunt.
In fact, only half an hour after they left the Wayne Manor, you recieved a phone call...
...from a rather distressed Wally West.
“Wally? What’s up?”
You immediately notice the tense voice he’s using. Definitely a stark contrast with his usual laid back, flirtatious demeanor.
“Hey Y/N! Oh, just the usual. Y’know, making sure Bart stays in school, finishing my Vietnamese essay, having Damian threaten to open my guts with a katana— How’s your day going?”
Ah... shit.
You supress the urge to bang your head against the table of the restaurant.
“Are they at your place?”
“Are they at my place?- Did you not hear what I just said?”
“Can you put me on speaker?”
You hear shuffling, and what you believe to be a threatening growl from Damian.
You inhale deeply before speaking.
“You got the wrong person, assholes.”
And just like that, you hang up.
Needless to say, you had to explain what had just happened to your concerned-looking girlfriend.
After that, your brothers were a lot more watchful than before.
You began to use different excuses to sneak out the Manor and meet up with Amara.
“I have a group project for my Ethics class.”
“We’re meeting up at Lorena’s to help her cope with her last break up.”
“I’m going to study with Emily to the library for our Calculus test.”
The caught onto your lies sooner rather than later.
Probably because of the fact that you didn’t have a friend named Lorena, nor did you take an Ethics class.
The first one to notice was Tim.
“So, Y/N, where did you say you were going?”
“Uh- I’m applying for the debate team. Tryouts are now at the school.”
He only leans against his palm, eyes not leaving his laptop, yet you can clearly see the corner of his lip twitching upward to form a smirk.
“Really? I have a few friends at the debate team- I’m sure I can secure you a spot.”
“Oh, no, that’s not really necessary-“
He only continues to type before adding,
“And how’s Lorena? You’ve been going to her house an awful lot lately.”
You can feel your spine growing stiff.
“She’s fine. Just a tough break up- she needs her friends there for her-”
“Huh.” He only says, back straightening
His blue eyes flicker to you from behind his screen to gauge your reaction.
“Nothing, it’s just... I don’t remember there being a Lorena in our grade.”
And that’s how you know for certain that he’s caught on.
He takes your silence as a sign to continue.
“By the way, how did your Ethics project turn out? Did you get a good score?”
You narrow your eyes at him, nearing a glare.
“You can cut the act, Tim.”
His lips twitch into a smirk before leaning over his laptop.
“I won’t tell the others-“
You feel a breath of relief escaping your lips, shoulder dropping.
And just like that, the calm is gone.
You should’ve known it was too good to be true.
“If I get to meet him first.”
You ponder on the thought for a moment. Out of the four, he’s definitely the best choice.
Dick would embarrass you within seconds of meeting your girlfriend.
Jason would casually mention the fact that he owns several guns.
And Damian?
God, Damian.
He would criticize her relentlessly, claiming she wasn’t enough for you — all while constantly glaring at her.
Tim sits back with a satisfied look.
An idea sparks into your mind — might as well get it out of the way now, right?
“Although- why don’t you come with me now? We’re meeting up at a coffee shop near the Wayne Industries building.”
He tries to hide it, but you can immediately see the way Tim’s eyes widen for a second.
“Right now?”
It’s your turn to smirk.
“Why? You got something better to do?”
That leads you to this exact moment, with Tim standing by your side as you enter the coffee shop.
You narrow your eyes, scouring the place before your gaze lands on a darkskinned girl.
“Is he here?”
You grin at Tim, and proceed to stride towards Amara’s table.
As you briefly turn to face him, you can see the confusion etching itself onto his features as you stop at her table.
She stands up, and you can see she is somewhat nervous.
After all, she has only ever met two of your siblings.
The best siblings, as you often added.
“Ah, I’m guessing you’re Tim? Y/N’s told me so much about you, it’s so nice to finally meet you!”
His jaw drops, his eyes grow wide.
Oh, boy, were you gonna enjoy this.
You refrain yourself from grinning any wider as you plant a kiss on Amara’s lips before turning to your awestruck brother.
“Tim, meet my girlfriend, Amara.”
His gaze flickers rapidly between you and her, lips slightly parted.
“But you- what about- I thought-“
You tilt your head to the side.
He blinks at you, struggling to find his voice.
Ah, you broke him, didn’t you?
“You’ll have to excuse him, babe. Timmy here can be a bit socially awkward.”
Your last statement seems to drag him out of his shocked state.
“Why didn’t you ever tell me?”
You know what he’s referring to, yet you only shrug.
“You’re supposed to be a good- nay- a great detective. I thought you would’ve already figured it out by yourself.”
He turns to Amara, and finally, smiles.
“I- It’s nice to meet you too, Amara.”
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avengerdragoness · 4 years ago
And We Thought Blue Was Weird [Young Justice x Reader]
Requested by anon: “Can you do an imagine were you have the ability to control the 4 elements (like avatar) and can talk to all animals and every time your just hanging out with the yj team and there are animals around half the time you are dying of laughter at what the animals are saying and the sass but you never told them you can talk with animals cause so far it hasn't been an ability of use so they're like 'wtf is wrong with her'”
A/N: This is honestly my second draft of it so I really hope it turned out okay. Sorry it’s a bit short. I hope you love this anon! <3
“Hey guys, has anyone seen [F/n]? I have some mission details to go over with her.” Nightwing asked walking into the training room. The team members present froze and looked over at him.
“Haven’t seen her” Bart was the first to answer, speeding to stand in front of him.
“I thought I saw her going into the lounge earlier.” M’Gann came up next to him. “I know Superboy was looking for Wolf too, so if you find Wolf you’ll probably find her.” she shrugged.
“Why is it that those two are always together?” Garfield asked from atop a beam in the training room. The others shrugged before they heard your familiar laugh.
Following the noise into the kitchen, peering around the corner as to not be seen.
You were laughing and searching through the fridge. “You’re joking me, I don’t believe you.” Pulling out some ham and cheese.
“Is she on the phone or something?” Garfield looked at M’Gann who shrugged.
Closing the fridge they saw you weren’t on the phone. Hearing a bark they then saw Wolf. “You furry bastard. Seriously if the others knew, you’d be the perfect spy” tossing a piece of lunchmeat to him.
Going to turn on the stove, groaning when it wouldn’t light. The team ducking behind the wall when you went to grab the matches from one of the drawers. Lighting it you increased the flame with your powers.
Wolf barked again, “Eh, I don’t know. They might think it’s weird. Plus it’s nice just talking to you bud.” looking at where he was laying on the floor.
The team was absolutely baffled. “Guys, and we thought Blue was weird” Garfield laughed.
“Garfield!” M’Gann scolded, “That’s rude”
“She is having a conversation with a dog” Bart said looking back in the room.
“He’s a wolf” You yelled looking at the doorway. They all stiffened “I’ve been able to tell you were there since I needed the matches” hands on your hips.
“Uhh” they all said in unison. “Care to explain why you all are spying on me?” you cocked an eyebrow at the group. “Uh gotta go!” Bart said before speeding off, Garfield right behind him.
You looked at your fellow veteran members. “Dick? M’Gann? Care to explain” gesturing to the both of them. They both smiled at you.
“Uh hey [F/n] didn’t see ya there” Dick stood up straight. “Really Dick?” you questioned incredulously.
“Okay I’m just going to ask, why did it seem like you were having a conversation with Wolf?” M’Gann jumped straight to the point. “We’re all kind of curious.”
“Ooh” You said. “Why didn’t you just ask? We’ve been on this team together forever” laughing as they exchanged a look.
“You’re not mad we were spying?” Dick asked crossing his arms.
“No, well, yes. But I guess you had a reason and it wasn’t the first time you’ve probably caught one of our conversations.” Pointing at Wolf. “I’m honestly surprised you haven’t figured it out”
“Figured what out?” M’Gann asked.
“That I can talk to animals” You answered simply before turning back to the grilled ham and cheese you were making. “YOU CAN TALK TO ANIMALS?! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US?” Dick looked at you. He always acted most like when he was robin when he was around you.
“Never asked, never became of use” You shrugged.
“That’s the weakest answer ever” M’Gann crossed her arms. “What was I going to say? ‘Hey guys by the way I can talk to animals, now what pizza do you want?’” You laughed putting the pan in the sink.
“She makes a good point” M’Gann pointed out. “There’s a reason why you’ve always been the best” you smiled at her.
“I’m hurt [F/n], that wounded me” Dick looked at you offended, only leading you to laugh.
“Are you going to tell the others?” M’Gann asked. You shook your head, “Let them think I’m weird it’s kind of fun. If the power ever becomes useful we can tell them but for now let me have my fun.”
They nodded, making you think the conversation was over. “One last question. What was Wolf telling you?” Dick asked.
“That is a story for my ears only” saying before exiting the kitchen. Leaving the two stunned before chasing after you. Now they had to know. 
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dccomicsimagines · 3 years ago
Unstable - Nightwing x Reader
Tumblr media
Requested by thequeen0fh3ll  -  A nightwing imagine where the reader has energy powers that are unstable so the team doesn't trust her but one day when she saves them they see her worst memories. Being experimented on, sister dying, hearing the team call her a ticking time bomb.
You ran away with all your might. The smoke rose from the destroyed building behind you, slowly attracting attention. You could hear helicopters above you and sirens in the distance, but you kept running.
The man who had scared you so badly to cause you to lose control was only a moment behind you. You could feel him getting closer and closer. Making a sharp turn into another alley, the man skidded behind you before being right on your tail once again. Suddenly, he tackled you to the ground.
A terrified scream escaped your lips as you fought him like a rabid animal. However, the man was too strong, but he didn’t try to hurt you.
“I’m not going to hurt you. Please stop,” he soothed, holding your wrists. His voice sounded kind, causing you to stop to finally see who he was. You took in the white lens of his green mask and his green hood. It took you a minute to recognize him as Green Arrow. 
You gasped, studying him carefully. “Are you going to arrest me? Because I can’t be put in the system. They’ll find me again.” The man frowned before getting to his feet. He reached out a hand to you.
“No, kid, I’m not going to arrest you,” He said, smiling when you let him pull you to your feet. He looked you up and down before walking off. He gestured for you to follow him. “Come on, it looks like you haven’t eaten in days.” Your stomach rumbled at his words. You swallowed, knowing it wasn’t a smart idea, but you knew he wouldn’t let you go your own way. Slowly, you followed him down the alley.
“You have got to be kidding me?! We’re not having that ticking time bomb on the team!” Dick snapped, glaring at Oliver. “I saw the footage of what they did to that building and part of your house!”
“That was only because I scared them. Both times,” Oliver said sheepishly. “(Y/N) is working on their control, but they need to be with people their own age. I can’t send them to school, so this will be the next best thing.”
Both men were in the watchtower’s main hub. Neither of them knew you were eavesdropping from the hallway. You figured Nightwing didn’t know Oliver had brought you and Ollie figured you would still be looking at the stars in the garden. The ticking time bomb comment made you flinch, sending a wave of bad memories through you. You swallowed hard, pushing them down deep inside of you. 
“No, they’ll be a threat to the team. I have to think about everyone else if they suddenly get ‘scared’ again,” Dick refused firmly, crossing his arms. “I’m sorry, but no. We can’t lose anyone else.” Both men fell silent, thinking about all the team members who had been lost. 
“(Y/N) is not a threat,” Oliver growled softly after a long silence. Your heart skipped a beat when you realized he was defending you. “They’re a kid who had to go through so much that they might have trouble coping, but that’s not something to hold against them. There is nothing wrong with (Y/N), nothing that some compassion and friendship won’t fix.”
“As leader of the team, my answer is still no,” Dick replied coldly before marching off in your direction. You gasped, pressing yourself into the shadows to hide as he passed. Nightwing paused, sensing your presence. Quickly as you could, you slipped passed him and ran out to join Ollie. You could feel Nightwing’s eyes boring into your back. Your powers threatened to rise, but you suppressed them by focusing on Ollie.  
“So I won’t be joining this ‘play group’ you spoke of?” you asked quietly. Oliver jumped slightly in surprise at your sudden appearance. He looked over your shoulder at Nightwing, giving him a dark glare. 
Nightwing avoided looking at you as he went on with the mission briefing. You stood off the side, away from the rest of the team. Tugging on the sleeve of the new costume Dinah had made just for missions like this, you hated that you had to be ‘part’ of this team.
“Yes, you will. I’m just going to have to go over his head,” Oliver replied before leading you to the zetatube. 
“Alpha squad will sneak into the warehouse while Beta uses the bioship to slip on the cruise ship resting just outside of the harbor. Remember we are all looking for the drug. We cannot let the metahuman drug get to their buyers,” Nightwing explained. Your blood ran cold at the mention of the drug. You tightened your hands into fists, trying to keep your powers under control so Nightwing wouldn’t notice. That was the same drug they had gave you at the lab, leading you to the powers you could barely control.
“Beta will be Lagoon Boy, Beast Boy, Robin, and Blue Beetle with Bumblebee as team leader. Alpha will be (Y/N), M’gann, Impulse, and Superboy with myself as team leader,” Nightwing finished. You frowned slightly, knowing he put you on a team with most senior members on purpose. He was making it clear that he didn’t trust you. 
Of course, you knew you couldn’t expect a warm welcome when Ollie strong-armed Nightwing to let you be on this team. Nightwing was very hard on you, always snapping at you during training or completely ignoring you other times.  The rest of the team followed his example, obviously angry that a league member meddled in the team’s affairs. 
The team dispersed, heading to where they were supposed to met up for the mission. You started to follow Superboy when Nightwing suddenly grabbed your arm. 
“I’m warning you. Keep your powers under control or I swear I’ll get you kicked off this team, no matter what Green Arrow does,” he growled in your ear before pushing you away. You took a deep breath, pushing down the powers that threatened to outburst. It took everything in you not to knock him flat on his butt for threatening you, but you told yourself to be the bigger person. 
M’gann and Nightwing walked away together. You started to follow them when a gust of wind made your hair stir. Suddenly, Impulse was beside you.
“Don’t listen to him. He’s just attracted to you and doesn’t know how to handle it while being the leader of the team,” Bart rambled as you both walked together. You raised an eyebrow at him. “That’s how Nightwing explained it in the future after you both got together,” Bart chuckled at your stunned expression.
“What?” you gasped, glancing ahead at Nightwing who was just ahead of you. Bart just laughed before nodding his head.
“Yeah, it’s crash,” Bart said. “His name is Dick Grayson by the way.”
You felt a giggle slip out of you. That was the first time you laughed in a long time. “Really? You’re not just saying that because he’s acting like a dick?”
Bart bumped you with his elbow playfully. “I’m not. That’s really his name. Apparently it’s short for Richard.”
The laughter built up inside of you before you found yourself chuckling loudly. Nightwing and M’gann glanced back at you as Bart laughed along with you.
“Totally crashed the mode there. I just made you laugh,” Bart added as you and he met up with the rest of the group. “I feel like I just won a Nobel prize.”
You sobered when you felt the other team members’ stares on you. The glare from Nightwing made you flinch. “I don’t think my laughter is worth that much.”
Bart cocked his head at you, giving you a smile. “But it is.”
You stood in the shadows by the exit of the warehouse, standing guard and keeping an eye out for the bad guys if they came back. M’gann had connected you to the mind link that the team all shared. However, you felt distant from everyone and sometimes you notice how it was quiet for long periods of time. The silence on the link made you wonder if they had purposely left you out of certain conversations. After all, the only times you heard anyone talking was when they were talking to you.
“Can we get to work please?” Nightwing snapped, looking incredibly irritated. You studied him, wondering if what Impulse said was true.
“There is a car approaching,” you mumbled blindly into the mind link. It felt weird as you still weren’t used to it. 
“Two men just entered,” you said through the mind link. No one answered you this time. You yawned, wondering what was happening when everyone’s gasps in pain suddenly came through the mind link. Covering your ears on reflex, you quickly moved to enter the building.
Once inside, you stayed in the shadows, shocked when you saw the entire team trapped in a electrified field. They were being shocked by the field so badly, the screams through the link were getting louder. 
“Confirmed,” Nightwing snapped back before the link went silent. After a few seconds of silence, waiting for someone to say more, you sighed. You curled into yourself as the car parked outside of the warehouse and two well dressed men entered the building.
“(Y/N), take out the men,” Nightwing gasped through the link suddenly. You looked over at him and saw he was looking at you. Swallowing hard, you jumped into action. You flipped over the first man, knocking him out cold like Black Canary showed you. The second man tensed, turning to face you when he heard the cry from his partner.
Your blood ran cold when you saw his face. He smiled evilly at you. “Hello, (Y/N). Long time no see,” he sneered, taking a step toward you. You stumbled back to get away from him. 
“Take him out,” Nightwing shouted at you with his real voice. It was enough to snap you back in reality.
“Stay away from me,” you growled. Your powers flowed through your body, your hands glowing from it. The man didn’t look concerned.
“Please, the meta drug didn’t work on you, (Y/N). Otherwise, we wouldn’t have let you go,” the man continued. You swallowed hard, glancing over at the team to notice they were no longer in pain, but still trapped in the electrified field. Each one of them was listening in. 
Ignoring them, you focused on controlling your powers. “You think it didn’t work, are you kidding me?” You let out a bitter laugh, making the man freeze in fear. Bringing up your hands, you allowed the energy to gather in your fingertips.
“If you kill me, you won’t find her body,” the man said fearfully. “You’ll never be able to give her a proper burial.”
Something snapped within you at his words as power erupted from you. Your scream tore from your lips as the man was thrown into the wall and crashed through it to land outside in the rubble. The entire building shook from the impact as a wave of energy burst from you, destroying almost everything in the building. The team was safe from the wave, however it knocked out the electrified field around them. 
Memories flashed before your eyes. You remembered being tortured by the man before you, being injected with the meta drug, holding your sister’s dead body before it was ripped away from you, running away from armored guards with guns, and lastly hearing Nightwing warn the team that you were a ticking time bomb. 
Once all your energy was spent, you fell to your knees and buried your face in your hands. Silence filled the room, making you wonder if you were deaf or something. 
You flinched when you felt a hand on your shoulder. Your head snapped up to meet M’gann’s sympathetic eyes. She slowly knelt down beside you. You glanced passed her shoulder to find the rest of the team staring at you in horror.
“(Y/N), you know you were projecting, right? Like we saw what was going through your head,” M’gann explained softly. Your stomach dropped as you realized they all knew way too much about you. 
“(Y/N),”Nightwing whispered, taking a step toward you. 
You jumped away from him, your hand pressed over your mouth. “Stay away,” you hissed. Your body tense, your hands started to glow again.
“Calm down, we’re not going to hurt you, (Y/N),” M’gann soothed, gesturing for Dick to stay away. 
“(Y/N), may I come in?” Oliver asked, knocking on your bedroom door. You didn’t answer him, hiding under your covers. After you ran away from the team, Oliver searched the city until he found you and brought you back home. You hadn’t spoken a word since he found you. 
“No! No one was supposed to know,” you gasped, tears burning in your eyes. “Leave me alone.” A sob broke out of you as you took in their pitying looks. “I don’t need your pity.” You felt like you couldn’t catch your breath. In one quick motion, you ran out of the building. The team called after you, but you were long gone.
After a few moments, you heard Ollie talking to someone quietly before there was another knock on the door. “(Y/N), it’s Dinah. Can I come in?” You still didn’t response. After a few long minutes, your door opened as Dinah let herself in. She walked over to your bedside, sitting on the edge of your bed. “(Y/N), Nightwing told me what happened. I’m sorry you had to go through so much.” 
“Why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything,” you mumbled after a minute. Dinah laid a hand on your back, rubbing it gently.
“What do you mean?” you asked, sitting up to study both of them. Ollie and Dinah grinned. 
“It means we want to adopt you, (Y/N). If you’re okay with it?” Ollie explained, reaching out to take your hand. You blinked several times before a smile pulled at your lips. 
“I know, but these past few months I feel like you’ve become part of our family.” You looked at her with wide eyes. Dinah chuckled at your look as Ollie poked his head in the doorway to see if it was safe for him to come in. Ollie joined Dinah on the side of your bed. Dinah took Ollie’s hand before meeting your eye. “We were wondering if you would like to become our child officially?” 
“You mean you aren’t going to kick me out now that you know what happened?” you asked, letting Ollie take your hand. Dinah and Ollie shared a look with each other before studying you with love. 
“No, (Y/N),” Ollie chuckled, a little teary-eyed at the suggestion. 
“So what’s your answer, (Y/N)?” Dinah asked, waiting patiently. You glanced at the two of them, feeling incredibly unworthy, but yet you wanted to say yes with all your being.
“Yes,” you choked out before bursting into tears. Dinah grinned and gently took you into her arms, letting you cry it out. Ollie joined the hug, chuckling with happiness.
Once you had calmed down, Dinah pulled back to look you in the eye. “And now we got that settled, you have to go back to the team,” she insisted. You flinched, caught completely off guard. 
“No, they hate me. They called me a ticking time bomb, and no one talks to me except to threaten me.” You paused, remembering Impulse. “Well, Impulse does, but I think he’s insane or something. He said Nightwing only was mean to me because he likes me, but that can’t be right.” Dinah and Ollie share a knowing look before attempting to hide their smiles. 
“Well, there is a lot of things wrong with Nightwing,” Ollie coughed, making Dinah elbow him sharply. 
“(Y/N), you have to go back. The team will be good for you, even if they weren’t very accepting at first. They asked for you to come back,” Dinah explained kindly. 
You sat back against your pillows in surprise. “They asked me to come back? Why?”
“They obviously want to apologize for their behavior,” Ollie said before mumbling that they had better be meaning to apologize. 
Dinah elbowed him again. She glared at him before reaching out to take your hand. “(Y/N), I know you’re embarrassed that you projected through the mind link, but we’re hoping the team can become people you can trust.”
“But I have you two?” you replied softly. Your stomach dropped a little.
“Yes, you have us, but you need people your own age. That’s why Ollie got you on the team in the first place,” Dinah explained. You relaxed a little bit, but the tension was still in your body. 
You played with your thumbs, biting your lip. After a long moment of silence, Oliver spoke up. “Hey, why don’t you just go once? If you still don’t want to be there, we’ll take you back home.” Dinah gave him a ‘what are you thinking?’ look as you thought about his offer.
“You’ll stay with me? You won’t leave me alone with them until I’m okay with it?” you asked, making Dinah look at you in surprise. Oliver smiled, satisfied.
“Of course, we won’t leave you unless you’re ready,” Oliver confirmed.  
When you came through the zetatube with Ollie and Dinah, you froze in fear when you saw Nightwing, M’gann, Impulse, and Superboy were waiting for you. Dinah had to pull you forward when you tried to hide behind her. 
Pressing your lips together, you held out your hand. “Okay, deal,” you agreed. Oliver shook your hand before pulling you into another hug. Dinah simply shook her head with a tiny smile on her face. 
M’gann stepped forward after sharing a look with the rest of the team. You felt like they were talking through the mind link. It made you feel self-conscious. 
“(Y/N), we wanted to apologize,” M’gann began, studying you carefully. “We didn’t mean to alienate you.” She glanced at Dinah. You frowned slightly, looking at Dinah yourself. Dinah must have told them to apologize. Ollie had a satisfied smirk on his face. 
Dinah elbowed you, nodding for you to response. You blinked, taking a look at Nightwing who was standing expressionless in the back. 
“Oh, well, I see,” M’gann stammered. The others looked like they wished they could just disappear into the floor. Bart had a big knowing smile on his face. 
“But I am sorry for revealing my memories over the mindlink. That must have been disturbing for all of you,” you continued, narrowing your eyes at Nightwing. When he didn’t respond, you turned to look at Dinah. “Can we go home now?”
“It’s okay, I guess, though you aren’t the ones who should be apologizing,” you remarked. M’gann followed your gaze to Nightwing, blushing slightly.
“(Y/N)?” Dinah snapped in surprise. Ollie just smirked at you proudly. 
“You know that the only one who had a problem with me being on the team was Nightwing, if he’s not going to say anything then there is no point,” you replied shortly, turning back to the zetatube. Oliver moved to follow you while Dinah stood still, surprised by your stubbornness. 
Nightwing cleared his throat when you were about to enter the zetatube. “(Y/N), may we speak privately?” he asked, stepping forward. He started walking off, gesturing for you to follow him. You shared a look with Ollie before he pushed you to follow Dick.
He led you to the waterfall room. When he locked the door behind you, you immediately tensed. 
“Relax, I’m not going to hurt you,” Dick sighed, sinking down into one of the chairs in the room. “Sit down.” 
“I’ll stay standing,” you said sharply, watching him carefully. 
A humorless chuckle escaped Dick’s lips. “That’s fair, I guess.” He ran a hand through his hair before looking up at you. “I’m sorry for how I treated you, (Y/N). I was too focused on keeping everyone safe that I put you in danger.” You pressed your lips together, staying expressionless. 
“I should have helped you and I didn’t. I’m sorry, (Y/N). If I had known what you went through...” he continued, but you cut him off. 
“Wait, if you knew what I went through?!” Your eyes went wide. Power started glowing around your hands. “You’re only apologizing because you think I’m a victim, that I need your pity!”
“No, that not it at all,” Dick replied, flinching when he saw the glow around your hands. “(Y/N), please calm down.”
“I don’t need your pity!” you screamed, sending an energy blast into the ground as tears ran down your face. A moment later, you found yourself staring into the brilliant blue eyes of Dick Grayson.  He tossed his mask onto the floor. You froze at the sight, stunned by their beauty. 
“You don’t need pity, (Y/N), but you need people to help you and I think I can do that,” Dick soothed. You tensed when you realized how close he was to you. His lips were only inches away from yours. 
“Why?” you whispered, staring up into his handsome face. You had to admit you never notice how handsome he was before.
A smile pulled at Dick’s lips as he looked into your eyes. “I guess it’s because Impulse won’t ever stop spilling facts about the future.” You blinked, realizing what Bart must have told him. Suddenly Dick pulled you into his chest, hugging you tightly. 
You blinked in surprise that his lips didn’t meet yours. In a way, you were relieved, not feeling ready to be kissed yet. However, being held felt incredibly comforting. 
“Are you going to rejoin the team?” Dick whispered after a moment. You pulled away to look him in the eye. 
“I don’t know. There is a lot I have to work on and I still don’t have my powers completely under control.” You flinched when Dick chuckled.
“We both have a lot to work on, but we might as well do it together.” Dick took your hand. “So will you rejoin?” 
You bit your lip, thinking for a long second. “I suppose I could try.” Dick grinned, pulling you into another hug. You relaxed in his arms, knowing that your life is going to be different from now on.
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incorrectbatfam · a year ago
Dick: Are you sure you aren’t dating Conner?
Tim: If I am, I certainly wasn’t informed of it.
Dick: To be fair, if any of us were dating someone without realizing it, it would be you.
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homeispeople · 2 years ago
The Jacket
Requested by @vix360
“Maybe one that the reader and Nightwing are on the team and they're secretly dating each other. One day they show up and the reader is wearing Dick's black and blue jacket and the team gets suspicious,the two able to convince the others,but later then Dick's accidentaly ends up letting out that the reader is his girlfriend?”
This was a super cute idea and I loved writing it ♥ :
“Um, (Y/N), are you wearing Dick’s jacket?” Artemis asked suspiciously.
“Wh-what? Oh, uh, ye- yes?” you replied, mentally cursing yourself for wearing this today. It was his favourite jacket. It was greyish black in colour with blue details on it. After spending last night with Dick, you had borrowed it in the morning before heading out because it was freezing. 
“Interesting... Grayson letting someone wear his jacket.” Kaldur chimed in.
As if on cue, Dick entered the headquarters. 
“Speak of the devil...” Wally grinned.
“What’s up?” Dick asked quizzically. 
“Oh nothing, bird boy.. except we’re wondering how did you lend her your jacket. You’re so possessive about it. You didn’t even let Wally borrow it.” Artemis smirked.
You shared a look with Dick, waiting for him to say something.
“Really? A secret mission? I can’t believe they bought that!” you exclaimed to Dick later when you both were alone in his room. You two had somehow convinced the team that you were wearing the jacket for a mission. You were still doubtful if they believed it. 
“I panicked, okay?” he said, grabbing your waist. He touched his forehead to yours. “(Y/N), don’t you think we should tell them about us? It has been going on for a while. They are bound to find out some way or another.” he asked. “Hmmm, soon. Forget about them for now.” you said softly and moved closer to his face. He closed the distance by kissing you slowly, “I would love to go on but we have to get ready for Megan’s dinner party.” he said, pulling away in disappointment. You nodded. “Don’t look so sad, lover boy. I’m sure we can find a way to sneak out early.” you smiled.
You both reached the party at different times so as to not raise any suspicion. You entered the party and spotted Dick, you were walking towards him when Roy cornered you, he got extremely close to you and tipped your chin, (Y/N), aren’t you looking gorgeous tonight.” he flirted. You could see Dick give an irritated look from the corner of your eye. He got up and walked towards you two. He separated Roy’s hand from your chin and stood next to grabbing your waist. “Hands off my girl.” he told Roy.  
“HA! We knew it! Which is why I asked Roy to flirt with (Y/N).It’s not everyday that Dick gives his jacket to someone.” Wally said joyfully, fist bumping Roy who looked very amused.  
“Looks like his jacket isn’t the only thing he is possessive about.” Artemis joked and started chuckling causing you and Dick to blush. 
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dccomicsimagines · 3 years ago
Helpful Advice - Bart Allen x Reader
Tumblr media
Requested by Anon -  some headcanons or a scenario where Bart is trying to ask Wally advice about sex because he has an s/o and wants to, but is nervous
Wally had just been about to turn on Netflix and snack on a huge bowl of popcorn when a gust of wind knocked the bowl from his hand. 
“Hey Wally,” Bart mumbled as he munched on a handful from Wally’s popcorn bowl that he had grabbed before it hit the ground. He swallowed. “Whatcha’ doing?”
“Having my popcorn stolen apparently,” Wally answered irritably. Bart sat down beside him, handing him the popcorn back. “What are you doing here, Bart? Isn’t it a school day?”
“Yeah, but it was a half-day,” Bart explained calmly, waving his hand in the air. “It still took forever though.”
Wally rolled his eye, taking a mouth full of popcorn. He clicked on Netflix to scroll through his recommendations. Just when he was about to pick Particle Fever, he remembered who was sitting next to him. Quickly, he picked Inspector Gadget instead.
“Crash, I like this show,” Bart remarked happily. Wally snorted at the irony.
“So Bart, what brings you here when you could be spending the day with (Y/N)?” Wally asked as Bart stole the last of his popcorn. 
Bart swallowed before giving Wally an odd look. “(Y/N)’s school didn’t have a half-day, but I’ll see them tonight. Jay and Joan are going to visit some friends all weekend, so (Y/N) is going to spend the night.”
Wally hummed in suspicion. “Do Jay and Joan know about that?”
“No,” Bart replied carefully. He gave Wally a pleading look. “You won’t tell them, will you?”
“Come on, Bart. What do you take me for?” Wally chuckled, wrapping an arm around Bart’s shoulders. “I’m not going to ruin your and (Y/N)’s special time.”
Bart blushed, clearing his throat. “Speaking of special time, I wanted to ask you something about...” He stopped talking, unable to form the words.
Wally waited, his eye widening when he realized what Bart meant. His cheeks burned about as red as Bart’s. “Didn’t you have the birds and the bees talk with Barry and Jay? I know I was forced to sit through that when Artemis and I started dating.”
“Yeah, it left me totally feeling the mode,” Bart sighed, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. “But I was wondering about the other stuff.”
“What do you mean other stuff?” Wally asked, getting to his feet. He wandered to the kitchen to make more popcorn. Bart was right on his heels. 
“Like the details,” Bart explained quickly. He paced around the kitchen as Wally put another popcorn bag into the microwave. 
Wally shook his head. “I’m not going to talk details with you, Bart. That would just be awkward.”
“I’m not talking about that!” Bart waved his hand around as he paced. “I just want to know the moves I should make or stuff I should do or expect or what protection I should use, because everyone says to use protection, but no one ever says what that means.” Bart paused, realizing what he had said. He blushed. “I know about what it means, but no one tells me what condoms to buy or if I should just pull out. I just need someone to help me, Wally. I don’t want (Y/N) to be feeling the mode while we’re in the middle of sex.”
“Calm down, Bart,” Wally soothed, placing his hands on his shoulders to stop his pacing. “You’re not going to mess up. That’s what important about sex, exploring and finding out what the other likes.”
“But what do I do?!” Bart cried, dropping to his knees. Wally rolled his eyes at the sight. 
“Okay, fine. Let’s go talk,” Wally sighed before gesturing for Bart to get up. Bart was on his feet in a flash, eager as ever. Wally refilled his popcorn bowl. He led Bart out to the living room.
Wally paused the TV, setting his popcorn on the coffee table. “First, you need to start with consent,” he began after Bart had perched on the edge of the couch like an overeager puppy.
“Yeah, of course.” Bart waved his hand. “That’s obvious.”
“Hey, it’s not as obvious as you might think,” Wally snapped. “Even if (Y/N) doesn’t say no, they could still not be into it. If they’re not enjoying it, stop, no matter how hard it is.”
Bart’s eyes went round as he nodded silently. Once Wally was sure his words had sunk in, he continued. “Now usually you start off by making out and you want to be sure you do things that turns them on.”
“How do I know if they’re turned on?” Bart asked innocently. 
Wally’s mouth dropped open. “You don’t know? Haven’t you two done something before?”
“I mean we kissed and stuff, but I don’t really know what the signs are,” Bart confessed, looking at the ground. “One time I kissed their neck in a certain spot and it made (Y/N) moan and pull my hair. It totally crashed the mode.”
“Uh...yeah, that would be a sign they were turned on.” Wally coughed awkwardly. “But you don’t want to just kiss their neck, you have to try different things too.”
Bart blinked. “Like what?”
“Geez, Bart. Haven’t you two explored at all?” Wally sighed. He ran a hand through his hair. Bart just blushed. “Okay, you can try putting your hand up their shirt or grinding your hips against theirs. Just explore. Try things and see if they like it.”
Bart nodded, wringing his hands. “So what happens after that?”
Wally’s expression soured slightly. “This is going to take forever,” Wally groaned to himself before he explained with vivid detail.
“So, how do I know what size I am?” Bart asked as he studied the box of condoms Wally had given him.
“You measure yourself,” Wally replied, getting up to grab a tape measure out of the drawer. “Go measure yourself and we’ll find the right size for you.”
Bart wandered into the bathroom, eyeing the tape measure as he went. Wally shook his head in disbelief. “I can’t believe you haven’t measured yourself before now,” Wally remarked, standing outside of the bathroom door. 
“We didn’t really have tape measures in the future. Besides I didn’t have a reason to care until now,” Bart explained through the door. He came out a moment later, blushing madly as he mumbled his measurements to Wally. 
“Okay, then the ones I have will work,” Wally reassured, guiding Bart back to the couch. Wally picked up a banana and slipped a condom on it. “You have to be hard before you put it on, and you want to roll it on with this side out.” Bart nodded, unnaturally paying attention. The two speedsters were so absorbed in their talk that they failed to notice Artemis entering the apartment. 
Artemis smirked at the sight of the condom on the banana. “What are you two doing?” 
Wally dropped the banana as both men jerked their gaze to Artemis. Both of their faces blazed red. “Wh..Whe...When did you get here?” Wally stuttered. Bart’s eyes almost popped out of his head. 
“Oh, about a minute ago,” Artemis laughed, stooping to pick up the condom covered banana. “So we’re learning about sex ed, are we?”
“I’m moded,” Bart mumbled, burying his face in his hands. 
“Bart just had some questions about sex,” Wally explained quickly, swallowing hard when he saw Artemis playing with the banana. Artemis gave him a evil smile. Bart shifted uncomfortably.
Artemis tossed the banana back to Wally. “Well, I’ll leave the two of you alone to finish your talk.” She winked before heading into the bedroom. Wally watched her go.
Bart cleared his throat. “Do you want me to go?” He eyed Wally, who was still staring at the bedroom door.
Wally sent Bart a side eyed look. “Yeah, probably.” He took some of the condoms out of the box. “You can take the rest.” Bart slowly picked up the box, his hand shaking slightly. Wally noticed Bart’s discomfort, laying a hand on his shoulder. “Bart, you’ll be fine. You love (Y/N), and that’s all that really matters.”
“I’m moded,” Bart groaned before zooming out of Wally’s apartment. Wally shook his head, heading to the bedroom to show Artemis exactly what he had taught Bart.
“So are we going to sleep in your room tonight?” you asked as Bart led you up the stairs. He turned to grin at you.
“Yeah, unless you want to sleep in the living room or something?” Bart frowned for a second. “It’s not very comfortable down there.”
“Your room it is,” you declared. Bart wrapped his arm around your waist. He swung open his bedroom door. You gasped at the sight. “Wow Bart, you cleaned.”
Bart grinned. “It took me five minutes. I felt totally moded afterwards.”
“Oh poor baby,” you teased, sitting on his bed. Bart locked the door before sinking down beside you.
“Five minutes for me is forever, you know,” Bart huffed, crossing his arms. The two of you sat in silence for a moment. “So what do you want to do?”
You laid down on his bed, kicking off your shoes. “Can we just cuddle for a bit? I’ve haven’t seen you in so long.”
Bart quickly curled up beside you. “I saw you two days ago.” His arms settled around your waist as yours wrapped around his chest. You pressed your forehead to his, sighing deeply. Bart smiled. “I love you, (Y/N).”
“I love you too,” you whispered, closing your eyes. About a minute passed before you felt Bart’s hands wander underneath your shirt. Your eyes snapped open. “Bart, what are you doing?”
Bart’s eyes grew wide as his hands suddenly stopped their exploration of your upper body. “Do you not like it?” His cheeks flared red.
Your breath stuttered. “No, I didn’t say that. It’s just you never done that before.” Bart’s hands began to wander again.
“I had a talk with Wally about some...stuff,” Bart explained quickly. His lips pressed against yours for a quick kiss before they wandered down to the one spot on your neck that drives you wild. You moaned at the pressure on your neck, slipping your hands under his shirt to lightly scratch his back. Bart gasped, moving to kiss your lips deeply. “Crash,” he whispered softly. 
You chuckled before choking when Bart’s hips started to grind against you. Bart grinned through his kiss, happy at your reaction. “Crash,” you panted when Bart released your lips. He kissed your neck again. 
Bart started to tug at your shirt. “(Y/N), do you want to have sex?”
“Yes,” you gasped, letting him take off your shirt before you tugged at his. Bart grinned as the two of you celebrated your love for each other. 
An hour later, you dozed with your head pillowed on Bart’s chest. You could hear his heartbeat, counting each one of them as you hung in utter bliss. Bart’s hand stroked your back, his eyes studying you with love.
“I’ll have to thank Wally,” you mumbled softly into Bart’s chest. 
Bart groaned. “Do we have to talk about Wally now? It’s going make me moded.”
You laughed, shaking your head. “I’m just saying you were great, Bart. Thanks for making the effort to make this amazing for the both of us.” You hear Bart’s heart skip a beat.
“So you didn’t feel the mode?” Bart asked hopefully. You smiled up at him before kissing his lips.
“No, I think we crashed the mode,” you replied, loving how his eyes lit up. He beamed back at you.
“Crash,” he whispered softly, kissing you again. He rolled himself on top of you. You laughed at the movement as the two of you went back to celebrating.
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voidgrayson · 3 years ago
Neck Kisses [p2] [SMUT]
Prompt | “Neck Kisses (#116) for Young Justice Nightwing”
warnings | smut, fluff (please do not read if you are not keen on smut, and remember kids, this is fiction, sex is nothing like fiction and be wary of who you mess around with)
a/n | this is my first time writing smut so excuse me if it sucks. please let me know if i need to be more descriptive, or any other ways i need to improve my works. enjoy :)
Your chin rest in the palm of your hand, head titled as you stare absently into your steaming cup of coffee. Steam hits your eyes, causing them to water slightly. Choosing to not want to look like you had experienced a shitty breakup, you turn to stare out the window of the coffee shop you reside in. You stare at the citizens walking the crowded sidewalks of Gotham, hurriedly attempting to find shelter in the harsh temperatures outside. Winter in Gotham was no joke, and even a hero such as yourself took extra precautions so that you could stay warm. Tugging at your pink and gray knitted scarf, you sigh softly as you find yourself getting lost in your thoughts.
And those thoughts being about, of course, your incident with Dick. 
That had been all you could think about for the past few weeks. His lips pressing tenderly upon your skin, almost like they belonged there. You nearly shiver at the thought, remembering exactly how the shoulder kiss kept you up for hours later that night. You desperately wanted to talk to the girls about it, but you knew it would result in them just teasing you in the end. Plus, Artemis, being the civilized one, would suggest you talk to Dick about it, and that is the last thing you want to do. 
Somehow, you had convinced yourself that Dick had saw you vulnerable that night, and only wanted a one night stand. That’s what he had been known for; sleeping with models for a night and forgetting about it the next day. You had respect for yourself, and as much as you fantasized about your best friend, you’d rather keep your relationship platonic than to become one of his mistakes.
Speaking of...
Footsteps approach your table, and when you turn your right, Dick is standing just beside you. He offers you a smile, and you do the same. Though you had still been coming to terms with that kiss, you didn’t want it to get in the way of your friendship. Both he and you subtly decided to leave that in the past and continue on with your lives.
“Hey,” he greets softly, “sorry I took so long, They messed up my order.”
You smile up at him and shrug your shoulders while coming to a stand, “it’s fine. Come on, walk me back to my apartment before this blizzard gets worse, yeah?”
During your short trip back to your apartment, you and Dick happily talked and joked as per usual. Their had been a couple of times when Dick allow his touch to linger on your body when he guided you down the streets, such as keeping his hand on the small of your back far longer than it should have been. You thought nothing of it, choosing to ignore all the subtly signs Dick was trying to offer you.
You hum happily when the two of you step into your apartment, It’s warm, and still lingers of the smell of your pumpkin spice candle you had lit early. Dick shuts the door behind himself and walks over to the kitchen, where he places his nearly empty cup on the dining table. You begin to take off your sweater and other winter garments, oblivious to the hungry stare Dick tosses your way as he notices your midriff when you take off your sweater. 
You stretch your limbs out and yawn, “I’m going take a nap. You can leave whenever.” This weather is perfect for sleeping, seeing as the wind cancelled out the usual bustling city noise. As you bound to your bedroom, Dick’s voice stops you abruptly.
“Actually, I- um- was hoping we could talk about something?”
Whatever it is, you can visibly see that it is eating him up on the inside. His usual smile is gone, and his hand somehow can’t stay away from the back of his neck. You frown, as you yourself had started to grow nervous. Because deep down, you knew exactly what Dick wanted to talk about, but confrontation isn’t something you wanted to deal with. What if he didn’t want to be friends with you anymore because of that awkward shoulder kiss? Or worse?
“U-Um,” you stammer, “okay?”
“Great!” Dick practically shouts, but blushes in embarrassment at his outburst. “S-So, um, a few weeks ago-”
Oh no...
As Dick struggles to explain himself, he notices your expression turning stoic yet uneasy. He watches carefully, still speaking, as you dig the heel of your foot into the wooden floor, head turned toward the ground. Dick ceases all means of speaking, and frowns. “Y/N?”
Your head snaps up at the mention of your name. There, you find Dick staring at you with worry laced in his ocean blue eyes. You notch an eyebrow and straighten your posture, hoping to fool him, but of course it doesn’t work. He is a detective.
“Y/N?” He calls out, and this time you answer with a sigh. 
“Dick, if this about that ‘kiss’,” you make air quotation marks around yourself, “or whatever you want to call that, let’s just drop it okay?”
A look of hurt washes over his face, and you nearly wince. Never had he looked at you like this, and never had you caused him to feel so much sadness. You attempt to scurry off to your bedroom, but a hand wraps around your wrist. Swiveling around, you find Dick towering over you, and you almost fall back. Thankfully, Dick wraps an arm around your waist before you had any chance to tumble to the ground. Now, he’s leaning over you, your faces inches apart. You swallow thickly, and Dick blinks in surprise. 
The two of you scramble away from each other, as quick as lightening. Even Wally would have been surprised at your speed. You rub the palms of your hands against your tights, as they had become sweaty. 
Dick runs his fingers through his raven hair, pushing his bangs out of his hair. “Look, Y/N,” he starts, “what I want to talk to you about is what happened last week.”
Your stomach drops, and your pretty sure if you look down you’d find it on the floor. Hell, you wouldn’t be surprised if you received a phone call from Clark due to how fast your heart is beating. You gulp and prepare yourself for the worst, replaying the words you expected to hear over and over again in just a few seconds: what he had did was a mistake, and he couldn’t bare to keep you around anymore.
“Y/N, last week, when I, you know, kissed you,” he pauses, and exhales deeply, “I know I told you that it was an accident but it wasn’t.”
It takes you a minute to register what he had said, and when it finally sinks in, you nearly choke because holy shit! Your best friend had actually some sort of attraction toward you, feelings that you thought he’d never return. As you listen to him ramble, your eyes widen even more than they already are. 
Dick stuffs his hands into his sweats, and starts to pace to and fro, “I know it was wrong of me to kiss you like that but I’ve always liked you. Hell, who wouldn’t? And we were alone and in a position I’d thought you’d never let me in, and I know Alfred raised me better and he would choke me if he found out I did that without your consent and-” Dick suddenly halts mid-step, lifting his face away from the floor. His eyes suddenly dig into yours, and a new type of energy that you had never seen ignites in them. Before you could even question it, he comes and wraps his arms around you, mumbling only a few words as he leaned down and captured your lips into your own, “fuck it.”
Hands grips at your waist, pressing you closer against Dick’s body as he kissed you deeply. Your body reacted instantly, your lower regions becoming wetter almost instantly. You fingers tug at the lower helm of Dicks sweatshirt, and without another word, he gets the idea.
Your body is practically lightweight to him as he scoops you up, your legs wrapping around his torso as he carries you off to the bedroom. You two never break your heated make out, never looking to check if you were going the right way or for close corners. Dick practically knows your apartment by heart, and you trusted him enough to blindly guild you there.
Your back hits the thick sheets of your bed, and you bounce a bit, a gasp leaving your lips. Still, Dick doesn’t let up. His lips finally break away from your own, only to peppermint your neck with kisses. This time, it’s not as sweet and tender as the first. This time, he’s marking you with hickies that you know will take days to heal, but right now, you don’t care. Soft, sharp moans escape your lips when his tongue suddenly comes into action, licking over the bruised areas slowly. Your fingers find themselves locked in his hair, urging him to mark you even more.
You almost whine when he suddenly pulls away from you. 
He hovers over you, eyes suddenly softening. Both he and you knows that tonight will be the night that the two of you break boundaries, because you’ve already gone too far. But at the end of the day, Dick is still your best friend who loves and respects you. He tugs at the helm of your tights, and glances back up at you for permission. You offer him a smile, and he watches carefully as you sit up and slowly peel your shirt off of you body, tossing it to the side and leaving yourself in your black lace bra.
A smirk plays onto his face, and suddenly you’re nervous. You had heard a lot of rumors from the different models that Dick had been with about his ‘size’ and frankly, you weren’t sure if you would be able to handle it. But you weren’t backing out now.
You lift your legs so that Dick could easily strips of your tights, but unexpectedly, he manages to rid you of you panties, too. So now you’re practically bare before him, while he on the other hand is still fully clothed. You don’t comment, as you want to savor every moment of this.
Dick takes time to admire you. Your skin, though it is plagued with scars, is flawless to him. Your doe eyes reflect innocence, even though you knows you’re everything but that. He’s glad that he can finally have you in one of the ways he’s dreamed of, and hopefully after this, you could finally be everything that he wanted you to be with him.
You watch intently as he lowers himself to your thighs, placing light kisses on your skin. He takes his time making his way to your core, and this causes anticipation to pump through your veins. Little by little, he makes his way up to you inner thighs, spreading your legs as he pressed a kiss just above your pussy lips, and then-
“Oh fuck!”
You practically scream when his tongue attacks your clit. You begin to squirm instantly underneath his touch, toes arching in the process. Moving a hand over one of your hips, Dick presses you back down on the bed as you thrash about. 
“Dick- oh my-” he doesn’t give you time to adjust before you fill him enter not one, but two fingers into your wet pussy. His fingers move at an unbelievable pace, his tongue going even two times faster than that. Pleasure erupts through your body, and your eyes roll back to your head. You can feel your orgasm approaching fast, and just as you are about to cum, Dick pulls away from you. Your eyes snap open and you exhale a breath that you hadn’t realized you had been holding.
“Fuck,” Dick moans, bringing his hand to clutch the rather large tent forming in his sweats. The sight of you unfolding beneath his touch brought him so much pleasure even though he hadn’t even gotten a feel of his own yet. Oh, but he is soon, and you both knew you were going to enjoy every minute of it.
Dick pushes himself off of the bed, eyes never leaving your body. He grips his clothed cock one last time, and then he discards himself of his sweats. You moan softly at his size because damn, the rumors were true.
Dick pumps himself at a steady pace whilst watching you, who’s legs are spread out to give him a front row view of your dripping pussy. He bites his lip, toying with the head of his shaft and moaning softly. His moans turn into low growls as he inches closer to you, and in a deep, husky voice that made you shiver, and demanded that you, “turn over, babygirl.”
You wasted no time on flipping over and and getting on all fours, legs spread as you were prepared to take every inch of him. Your heart beats wildly when you feel Dick’s presence closing in on you. 
 Suddenly, you feel the head of his shaft at the entrance of your pussy, and soon he begins to massage the entrance. That alone nearly makes you cum on the tip of his cock. You’re so far gone, head thrown back and mouth agape as you moaned loudly. You knew your neighbors were going to have a few snide comments to say come morning, but you could honestly care less. All you cared about was the mind blowing orgasm that is coming your way.
Noticing that you are too caught up in the simple pleasure he was providing you with, Dick takes advantage of the moment. With one sharp thrust, Dick slides into you with ease, thanks to how wet you were.
“Fuck,” he hisses as he is finally all the way inside you. Once again, your eyes roll to the back of your head. Dick slowly pulls back out to where just the tip of his cock his inside you, and then he snaps his hips swiftly as he thrusts back into you.
When his fingers find themselves tangled into your hair, you knew you were down for.
Dick pumps into at a godforsaken pace, making you cry in pleasure. You grip the sheets beneath you, struggling to keep yourself upright as he fucked you into oblivion. Had it not been for him pulling your hair, you would have already turned into jelly.
A thin line a sweat forms on Dick’s forehead as he pumps into you. He can feel himself about to cum, but he forces himself to wait until you came as well. It was only until he felt your pussy constantly clenching around him that he knew that you were on the verge of your orgasm.
With a sharp thrust, Dick drives your body flat onto your stomach. This allows him to push deeper inside you, even though you thought it was impossible. He grinds into you, circling his hips and fucking you steadily. He presses his forehead into the crook of your neck, trying to cancel out his moans that were gradually growing louder. You, on the other hand, didn’t mind voicing how you felt.
You pant softly as he feel a growing sensation like no other forming at you core. “Dick, I’m gonna- fuck!”
Dick’s once steady pace becomes sloppy, and he’s once again slamming into you relentlessly. “Cum for me,” he demands, eyes clenched shut as he feels himself about to release inside you. “Fuck, cum for me, Y/N.”
This flips a switch in you, and your orgasm hits you hard. Your entire body shakes as you cum all over his cock. The sheets that were once clean are now soaked with your juices as they run down your lies and onto the white material.
Dick quickly follows behind you, as he announces his orgasm. “Shit! I’m gonna- fuck- I’m coming!”
He stiffens inside you, and you can feel his hot seed filling you up to the brim. Seconds pass with the two of you stuck in that position, slowly coming to you senses. Finally, Dick slides off of you and plops down beside you, panting as he gathered himself. The two of you said nothing as you lie in pure bliss, taking in everything that had just happened. 
You didn’t know which direction your relationship was gonna head after this, but that could be dealt with some other time.
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your-yandere-kiss · 2 years ago
Young Love // Nightwing x Reader.
Dick wouldn’t even realize that he was yandere...until he met you. Out of all of the Bat Family, he’s the latest bloomer. But upon finding you, he’ll catch up very quickly.
Tumblr media
He’ll meet you as Nightwing first. It was a chance meeting, a bunch of random accidents that fell perfectly into place. Your bus had broken down, forcing you to walk home. It was his turn for patrol. Someone gave you the wrong directions. He had heard of muggings around here and decided to swing by. Someone pulled you into the alley. And he saw.
“Well, that’s no way to treat a lady.”
You can’t believe that NIGHTWING is actually here, punching out your would be mugger. And he can’t believe that someone so beautiful actually exists...To your surprise, Nightwing offers to walk you home. You happily accept his offer and wave him off once you’re home.
“Good night, Nightwing!”
He thinks he’s just being nice. But it was actually the first “yandere” type thing that he ever did because now...he knows where you live. Dick tries to forget about you after that. But he can’t, no matter how hard he tries. He’ll start swinging by your place on patrol, in hopes of catching a glimpse of you. But quick glimpses aren’t enough after a while…
“What’s wrong with me?”
He’ll start studying you. He’ll find out everything he can about you. And with every little thing he discovers, Dick will fall deeper into his yandere side...and he’ll become braver. Eventually, he’ll be brave enough to finally approach you. You were working in the little coffee shop when he walked in, not as Nightwing but as himself.
“Hi, welcome to Riverside Coffee! I’m Y/N, how can I help you?”
The sound of your voice makes him smile and after that...things really begin.
“Nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Dick.”
He wants to be smooth. He wants to sweep you off of your feet and make you fall madly in love with him! But it’s so hard. Every part of him screams to just take you into his arms, to kiss you and to never let go...Dick tries to ignore it. He tries to hold back. But everyday, his resolve weakens a little.
“I just love her so badly...”
It starts small. He buys you the book you mentioned, as well as a copy for himself. You can read it together, he says, and that makes you smile. It’s a smile he wishes to see again and Dick decides to do whatever he needs in order to make his wish come true.
“But it can’t really be that bad? Can it?”
No, of course not! So it’s not bad to keep buying you lots of things. Like lunch at your favorite restaurants or that dress you were looking at or a necklace that would look so beautiful on you. He just wants to make you smile!
“Here, I got you something.”
And you are smiling. You like his gifts can’t really afford to give him anything. The first time you try to refuse something, Dick freezes. But when you explain why you’re refusing it, he smiles once again.
“Well, why don’t we go out for dinner then? That’s something you can give me.”
You can’t say no. How could you? Dick’s been nothing but a gentleman and, well, it’s just dinner right? That no big deal, is it? You wear the dress he got you and try your best not to feel so nervous...but when Dick shows up in an expensive car, dressed in a tux, your heart drops into your stomach.
“You ready to go?”
The whole ride there, Dick is talking and laughing like all of this is nothing. You’re trying to calm down but when you pull up to the’s one of the best in the entire city. And there are people with cameras outside.
“Oh, them. It’s fine, just ignore them, Y/N.”
People shouting over one another and bright, blinding flashes are difficult to ignore. They are all screaming his name, asking a million questions at once, but Dick ignores them all. His eyes are only on you as you walk into the restaurant together, his hand around your waist.
“Dick! Who’s the lucky lady?”
“How long have you been dating?”
“Dick! Dick, can we get a picture!”
It’s the perfect date. You can’t deny that you do have feelings for Dick still can’t ignore this strangeness. This unease you get sometimes when you’re with him. But you try to tell yourself that you can. After all, Dick is so sweet and handsome and he likes you so much...and you like him too. So when he asks you if he can see you again…
“I’d like that.”
The next day, you’re picture is everywhere. You’re not just Y/N, the girl who works at a little coffee shop. You’re Y/N, Dick Grayson’s girlfriend. Dick apologies for everything but secretly...he loves it. It’s as though the entire world knows that you belong to him and he just gets off on that so much.
“Oh, Y/N...”
Once you’re his, Dick will allow himself to embrace his yandere side.
“I love you so much.”
He’s the possessive type, though he sees it as being “overprotective.” And how can he not be? He’s Nightwing! He’s seen the worst that the world has to offer, he fights against it everyday. But now...he’s fighting for you.
“I want you to be by my side...”
His Y/N. His girlfriend, His everything.
“My darling.”
You belong to Dick Grayson and he’s never going to let you go.
Little Things:
He’ll start leaking where your dates will be secretly. Like I said, he enjoys seeing your love plastered all over every magazine in the city. He’ll clip out his favorite picture and keep them tucked away in a little box beneath his bed, secretly gazing at them whenever you’re not together.
“She’s so beautiful...”
That won’t be the only thing Dick will manipulate. As your relationship continues, he’ll manipulate things with very little shame.
Someone following you around?
“I’ll give you rides from now on, it’s no trouble Y/N.”
Your apartment was broken into?
“I’ll find you somewhere safer to live...”
Have a problem of any kind?
“Let me help you.”
He’ll make it look like people in your life are using you, just so you’ll push them away (because he didn’t trust them anyway). He’ll create situations where he has to save the day (just so you’ll smile and kiss him). Dick is going to do whatever it takes to make you think he’s your hero.
“Don’t worry, Y/N, I’m here for you.”
He’ll have other pictures hidden away. Ones you shyly sent him, wearing sets of lingerie that he bought for you, ones of you touching yourself. These are his favorite ones. He loves gazing at you as he touches himself, whispering your names as he does.
He won’t force you to do anything sexually. But after your first time, a few kinks will come into play. Dick wants to create sex tapes, he wants you to wear sexier lingerie, he wants to take you in all kinds of places (especially in cars), he wants you to play with yourself in front of him...and he wants you to love every second of it.
“Say my name, let me hear you…!”
He’ll shower you with gifts constantly. Some things are small and sweet, many are expensive and even a little over the top. Of course, they are all just ways for Dick to manipulate you even more.
“I got you a little present, honey!”
All the Bats are yanderes in this world and they all have darlings of their own. They help out one another in anyway they can, simply insisting that...they’re only doing this out of love. And isn’t love beautiful?
“Y/N, meet my family.”
You’ll have to quit your job eventually. Too many photographers are harassing you and causing damages and you have no choice. But don’t worry! Dick will help you out, he’ll take care of whatever you need from now on.
“It's the least I can do, this fault after all.”
But, even though your address keeps getting leaked and you keep having to move, you still won’t get a place with Dick. You say it’s too soon, he thinks he just needs to try harder. Of course, he’ll pretend to understand and accept your decision.
“I just want you to be happy, Y/N.”  
He’ll try everything to change your mind but the solution will come to him accidentally. You were kidnapped by a villain (completely by coincident, Dick didn’t plan this) and held hostage. Luckily, Nightwing showed up and rescued you just in the nick of time (just like when you met! How romantic!!)...and then he kissed you passionatly.
You slapped him.
He was pleasantly surprised.
“How dare you!!”
When his mask falls, you stare at him in shock.
“I told you...I’ll always protect you, Y/N.”
It’s then that you finally accept that something is wrong with Dick. There’s a darkness in him that frightens you but...what can you do? You love him. You don’t want to leave him. And now that you know his secret, you have to wonder...Where could you hide that he wouldn’t find? What could you do that he couldn’t fight?
Nothing. There’s nothing you can do. The second you smiled at him, you became Dick’s darling. And you always will be…He’s never going to let you go.
“I love you, Y/N.”
(Thank you to the requester!)
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dccomicsimagines · 3 years ago
Preventing the Fall - Bart Allen x Reader
Tumblr media
Requested by Anon -  Bart imagine where in the future the reader is evil, cold hearted and never speaks. When Bart comes back the reader is always joking and happy but than something goes wrong on a mission and the teams blames them. She becomes distant so Bart warns them that they are what causes her to become a villain.
Bart remembered the work camp. He remembered slaving away with the Reach overseers cracking their whips above him. The shadow of Blue Beetle hovered threateningly above, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Bart gasped for breath as he carried a block of metal twice his weight. The cold metal of the inhibitor collar suppressed his connection to the speed force. It felt like he was drowning.
However, on a cloudy day, you appeared. Within moments, the overseers were drowning in their own blood beside their slaves. Bart had ducked away behind a large piece of metal in the scrapyard. He peeked out to see you. Blood splattered across your face, beautiful and dangerous just like Bart’s father always said you were. 
Blue Beetle attacked you, but he didn’t stand a chance. Within minutes, the terror of the world was dead on the ground. Bart couldn’t believe his eyes. Someone grabbed his arm, making Bart jump out of his skin.
“Come on, she’ll kill you if she see you,” Neutron whispered, pulling Bart to a secret underground passage. Bart followed despite having never spoken to Neutron before and only knowing him in passing at the work camp. Neutron peeked out of the passage before sealing the door. “That is a monster you can never stop.”
Yet ever since Bart came back from the future, the beautiful, deadly monster that forever haunted his dreams was nowhere in sight. Although there was someone who was a younger copy, but the personality didn’t even match. Bart still couldn’t believe his eyes.
“What do I do?!” you screamed as you rapidly pressed buttons on the controller. “He’s coming after me!”
“Dodge, hermana,” Jaime cried from where he sat beside you on the couch. “Roll away from him!”
You let out another scream. “I can’t watch,” Cassie gasped, hiding her eyes. 
“You can’t watch. You’re not the one playing here,” you snapped before screaming again as your character died. “Drat.”
“I told you to level up first,” Robin said from the nearby armchair. He held his hand out for the controller. “It’s my turn.” 
You stuck out your tongue before handing it over to him. “Sure, because you’re an expert.”
Robin snorted before restarting the game to face the boss. Bart was in the kitchen, munching on some of M’gann’s cookies while he watched all of you. Jaime invited him to join, but he held back. He still wasn’t used to this happy-go-lucky you. Bart kept seeing you standing over the body of Blue Beetle every time he saw you and Jaime interact.
When you got to your feet, Bart stiffened. You gave him a smile as you passed to get a cookie from the jar. 
“So I guess you’re moded from the losing, huh?” Bart asked, trying to act normal. He blushed when you raised your eyebrows at him.
“It’s just a game.” You shrugged your shoulders.Your phone started to ring, making you flinch. Bart frowned slightly as you checked the caller ID.
“You going to answer that?” Bart asked after a moment when you still didn’t pick up the phone. He remembered what Neutron had told him about your home life. The team had been your one escape. Bart wondered what would happen to change that for you.
“Nah.” You canceled the call and took the last bite of your cookie. “You should play next. Did you even have this game in the future?”
Bart glanced at the screen. “No, we didn’t have video games when I grew up.” Your jaw dropped in shock.
“Oh my, then we’re going to have to fix that,” you said playfully as the others started screaming as Robin attempted to defeat the boss, You winked at Bart before sneaking into the living room.
Robin was tense from being only a moment away from losing. Just when he was about to make the final blow, you clapped your hands on his shoulders. Robin screamed, jumping halfway out of his seat. His character died on screen as a result. 
“What the heck, (Y/N)?” Robin demanded as you and the others laughed. You took the controller from him and tossed it to Bart.
“It’s your turn,” you said with a smirk. “Show us what you got.”
A smile pulled at Bart’s lips. He sped over to the couch and sat next to Jaime. Jaime showed him how to play while Robin chased you, determined to get his revenge. The sound of your laughter echoed throughout the cave. Bart had to admit it was a joyous sound. 
“(Y/S/H), catch the runner,” Nightwing ordered as he handcuffed one of the Light’s soldiers. You nodded, sprinting after the escaping soldier.
The soldier ran into the stairwell, heading up to the roof of the warehouse. You followed him, slowly gaining on him. He broke onto the roof, stumbling before jumping the gap to the neighboring roof. 
“Crap,” you gasped to yourself before you leaped the gap to follow him. You did your best not to look down. 
When the soldier reached the edge of the roof, he stopped to look down. The gap was too wide for him to jump. He glanced back at you before getting ready to jump.
“No!” You dived for him, grabbing the sleeve of his armor just when his feet left the roof. The man’s weight almost dragged you over the edge, but you clung to the edge of the roof. 
“Let me go, brat,” the solder yelled, struggling against your grip. 
“Stop struggling,” you gasped, your grip slipping. “You won’t survive the fall.”
The soldier gave you a smile that you didn’t understand. “That’s the whole point,” he sneered. He grabbed his knife from his belt and stabbed your hand. You screamed in pain, dropping the man.
Suddenly, you found yourself kneeling on the edge of the roof, staring down at the soldier’s fallen body. His limbs were thrown into unnatural positions. You knew that he would have died upon impact. You pulled your bleeding hand to your chest, struggling to breathe.
“What have you done?” Nightwing snapped, appearing beside you. You glanced up at him in horror as he stared down at the body below. 
“I tried to...he wouldn’t let me...” you stammered, still in shock. Nightwing raised a hand before turning away from you.
“A man is dead. There is nothing you can say to change that.” Nightwing walked away from you. You watched him go, tears burning in your eyes. Your stomach twisted as the guilt ate you alive.
Bart eyed you as Nightwing rambled on about some mission to do with the Reach. He knew he should be listening, but you looked so sad.
You distanced yourself from everyone ever since the soldier’s death and everyone became more weary of you in return. Neutron did tell Bart about the event that caused you to turn, but he didn’t mention this. He didn’t say how there were signs beforehand. Signs everyone would miss. 
His heart ached when he saw your expression darken when Nightwing named the members of the squads. Your name wasn’t called and Nightwing ordered you to stay behind. You hadn’t been trusted with a mission since that day. Bart’s eyes widened when he saw something in you snap.
“It’s not my fault! Stop punishing me!” You screamed, kicking a nearby chair. Everyone looked at you in shock. No one had seen you act this way before. 
“(Y/N)! Go cool off!” Nightwing ordered, pointing toward the door. You growled at him. Bart froze, instantly seeing the cold murderer you would become.
You stormed off, slamming the door behind you. Everyone flinched at the sound, sharing worried looks. Nightwing sighed before going back to the briefing.
Bart leaned over to Jaime. “What’s today’s date?” he whispered. Jaime gave him a surprised look.
“It’s Tuesday, hermano. The sixteenth.” Bart’s eyes widened, making Jaime frowned at him. “What is it, ese?”
“Is there something you want to say, Impulse?” Nightwing snapped, irritated at being interrupted. He glared at Bart. Bart simply shook his head.
“I’m moded,” Bart whispered before zooming out of the base after you.
Bart zoomed around the city. He tried to remember where Neutron had said it would happen, but it didn’t come to him. So Bart resorted to what he always did, look everywhere until he found you.
He found you in the middle of a robbery. You were in a standoff with the robber as he pointed a gun to an innocent person’s head. Much to Bart’s horror, you also had a gun in your hand.
“Let them go,” you growled. The gun shook in your hands as your finger hovered over the trigger.
“You’re not going to shoot me, hero,” the robber laughed cruelly. He pressed the gun against the person’s head making them scream. “I’ll be able to fire mine first anyway.”
“Let them go,” you repeated. “This is your last warning.” When the robber didn’t move, you pulled the trigger. 
Bart ran forward, everything moving in slow motion. He saw the bullet slowly leaving the barrel. Just as the bullet was completely out of the gun, Bart reached out to grab your bullet out of the air. He tossed it on the floor before moving to knock the gun out of your hand.
In less than a blink of an eye, the gun in your hand was on the ground and the robber was unconscious next to it. The hostage ran out of the store as you gasped. The realization of what you had done dawned on you.
“Oh no. Please don’t be dead,” you begged, sinking down beside the man. You checked his pulse, sighing in relief at the steady beat. A gust of wind ruffled your hair and a hand rested on your shoulder. You flinched at the touch.
“Hey, (Y/S/N). Let’s get out of here,” Bart said softly, kneeling down beside you. You stared at him in shock. You realized in horror that Bart knew you had almost killed someone and he must have stopped you from doing so. “The cops can take care of this.”
Bart reached to take your hand and gently pulled you to your feet. “I almost shot him,” you whispered, shaking violently. Bart gave you a smile.
“But you didn’t hurt him. That’s what’s important.” Bart gently wrapped his arms around you. “I’ll take you home.”
“No! I can’t go home,” you snapped, shaking your head. You jerked away from him, tears burning your eyes.
His eyes widened, tightening his hand to keep hold of yours. “Crash, I’ll take you to my house. We’ll have a blast,” Bart said brightly. He pulled you back into him, scooping you up in his arms. “Jay and Joan will even let you spend the night if you want. They’re crash like that.” 
You stiffened in his arms, nodding listlessly. Bart could hear the sirens of the approaching police. He pressed his lips together, tightening his arms around you.
“Hold on tight,” he warned before zooming off. He couldn’t help, but notice how limp you became in his arms as if your very life had been drained out of you.
Bart realized when he entered the front door with you in his arms that he maybe under exaggerated just how crash Jay and Joan were. Well, so to speak. They both stared at Bart in shock from the living room where they often sat quietly in each other’s company until Bart came home. 
Once Bart set you down, Joan rushed you off into the bathroom to clean you up. Jay slowly got up from the couch and began to interrogate Bart. 
Eventually, Bart admitted everything from your possible future that Bart was trying to prevent to how you almost shot a man. When Bart got to the part when you didn’t want to go home, Jay immediately offered for you to stay as long as you wanted.
Over the next several days, you stayed at Bart’s house. Bart buzzed around you, clearly happy to have you around. You were more reserved than you had been when he first met you, but you seemed a little bit happier. Whether that came from being able to stay in a safe and loving environment or from Bart’s company, he didn’t care. 
On the third day of your stay, Bart and you were in the basement. Bart was playing ping pong by himself in an attempt to entertain you. You watched him while skimming through a bird watching book.
The comlink in his ear clicked. “Impulse, come to the warehouse in ten minutes. Don’t bring (Y/N),” Nightwing said through the com. Bart pressed his lips together, coming to a sudden stop. The ball bounced past him.
“You missed,” you observed, giving Bart a tiny smile. Bart smiled back at you. He forgot about Nightwing for a minute before jerking himself back into awareness. 
“I’ll be there,” Bart said into the comlink, pressing a finger against it. You eyed him curiously while trying to hid your hurt. He turned to look at you, giving you a cheerful smile. “It’s just Wally. He needs my help at his place.” Bart’s heart sank at lying to you, but he knew he couldn’t let you know the truth. It would hurt you.
“Oh,” you mumbled, reaching for your own ear only to find the comlink missing. You had ditched it when you ran off.
“Apparently, he made a mess and he needs me to super speed to get some stuff,” Bart explained, chuckling. He zoomed off only to reappear in his Impulse suit. “Will you be okay while I’m gone?”
You gave him a smile. “Yeah, I’ll be fine, Bart. Joan still here to keep me company.” Bart studied you carefully before smiling back at you. 
“I’ll be back in a flash,” Bart teased after a long moment. He was gone in a blink of an eye.
The team was already gathered when Bart arrived. He slid to a stop next to Jaime, frowning slightly as everyone refused to make eye contact with him. 
“What’s going on?” Bart asked curiously. Everyone remained strangely silent. Nightwing pressed his lips together before finally turning away from the screen to look at Bart.
“(Y/N) is staying with you, correct?” Nightwing demanded. Bart shivered at his tone. 
“Yeah, it’s been totally crash.” Bart grinned. “We have been having lots of fun.” He glanced at the others, frowning when they continued to not make eye contact. 
Nightwing turned back to the computer screen and brought up security footage from the store. You were holding the gun on the robber. Bart flinched when he saw you fire the gun, relaxing when he saw the blur of himself stopping the bullet and knocking the robber unconscious. 
“We don’t kill people.” Nightwing turned back toward Bart. “(Y/N) almost killed that man!” 
Bart zoomed forward to stand in front of Nightwing. “No! I stopped the bullet! She didn’t kill him!” He waved his arms around, his entire body vibrating. 
“But what will stop her from doing it again?! What happens when you’re not there, Bart!” Nightwing towered over Bart. Bart blinked, the realization dawning on him. 
“You’re going to kick her off the team, aren’t you?” Bart mumbled, turning to look at the others. When they didn’t say anything, Bart knew it was true. “I can’t believe you all would be so moded.” Bart ran his hands through his hair. Your horrible future was coming true before his eyes, even after all he had done to prevent it.
“Bart, I’m (Y/N)’s friend as much as yours, but we can’t have her on the team if we can’t trust her. She has been more temperamental lately, ese.” Jaime came to Bart’s side, gently resting a hand on his shoulder. Bart shook him off, giving him a betrayed look.
Something inside Bart snapped. “This is how it all starts!” he shouted. The others stared at Bart in surprise. Bart’s body started vibrating even more violently as his anger grew. “You turned your backs on her in my future! That’s why I knew to be there to stop her from killing that man, but here you go ruining the future in the exact same way!”
“Bart, calm down. What are you saying?” Nightwing demanded, paling slightly. The room became eerily silent.  
“The (Y/N) in the future was a coldblooded killer.” Bart glanced around, satisfied by the shock on everyone’s faces. “They were a merciless murdering machine, killing humans, heroes, and Reach alike.” He turned to stare Jaime straight in the eye. “I saw her kill you like it was nothing.”
“But (Y/N) wouldn’t do that,” Jaime stammered in disbelief. He frowned. “No, she couldn’t take me in a fight.”
“Yes, she did. I saw it, hermano,” Bart insisted before turning back to Nightwing. “You throwing her off the team and robbing her of the one place where she was safe is what pushes her over the edge.” Tears burned in Bart’s eyes, but he blinked them away. “I beg of you, please reconsider. Take her off missions, but don’t kick her off the team. Maybe Arsenal can handle it, but (Y/N) won’t be able to. Please, I don’t want her to become that.” 
Nightwing pursed his lips. “Bart...I don’t...” He looked at the rest of the team, lost for words. 
Bart shook his head, stumbling away from everyone. “You know what? I can’t be here right now. You’re all making me feel the mode.” A tear slipped down his cheek before Bart zoomed out of the warehouse.
Bart took a lap along the east coast to clear his head before heading home. He burst through the front door. “(Y/N), I’m back,” he called out cheerfully. Despite being a bit forced, he did brighten at the thought of seeing you. 
“Hello Bart,” Joan greeted from the kitchen as Bart searched the house for you. “I’m making cookies.” 
“Cool.” Bart zoomed through the house. He appeared back in the kitchen a moment later, dressed in regular clothes and frowning. “Where’s (Y/N)?”
Joan pulled the cookie sheet out of the oven and set down to cool. She shooed Bart away when he tried to take a cookie from the still hot pan. “(Y/N) went back to her house.”
Bart froze. “She can’t go back to her house! She’s not safe there!” Joan shook her head, turning to start to put dough onto a new pan. 
“(Y/N) is only going to...” she began calmly. She glanced over her shoulder at Bart only to find him gone. “I swear that boy has never let’s anyone finish a  sentence.”
Bart skidded to a halt outside of your home. He noted there was no car in the driveway, but the yard was a mess of car parts. Biting his lip, he remembered you said your father was a car parts dealer, although not a very good one. 
He zoomed to the front door and raised his hand to knock only to stop when he heard a window open. Bart sped around the house, stopping just below an open second floor window. Suddenly, a duffel bag came flying out the window. Bart was so startled that he allowed it to hit him in the head. 
“Nice catch,” you said, peeking out of the window. Bart glanced up at you in shock, letting the duffel bag fall into his hands. 
“What are you doing here? You said your home wasn’t safe,” Bart argued in a loud whisper.
You rolled your eyes. “I’m just getting my stuff. My dad is never home at this time of day.”  You went back inside for a moment. Another bag came flying out of the window. Bart super sped to set the other bag down before catching the next one. 
“So you’re staying with us? Like permanently?” Bart asked hopefully when you reappeared with a backpack over your shoulder. He watched you with wide eyes as you climbed out of the window and carefully shut it behind you. You slid down the antenna pole to reach Bart’s side.
“Yeah, that’s the plan. Joan said you guys discussed it and Jay went to talk to a lawyer about it.” You frowned, adjusting your backpack. “I thought they told you about it?”
Bart blinked, having a vague memory of Joan and Jay talking about something to him before he went to bed. He was too distracted by the sight of you in his pajamas to listen to them. 
“Yeah, of course, they did,” Bart lied smoothly. “This is so crash.” He picked up your bags, vibrating in excitement. You led him away from the house and toward the nearest zeta tube. 
“How was Wally’s mess?” you asked kindly as Bart buzzed around you. 
Bart paused, eyeing you carefully. “It was terrible....he almost blew up his apartment.” A small smile grew upon your lips. Bart sensed that you knew he was lying, but you didn’t say anything. He bit his lip and moved the bags into his other hand. Slowly, he intertwined his fingers with yours. You looked at him in shock before squeezing his hand gently in return. Bart grinned, drinking in the sight of you. “Let’s go home? We got modes to crash.”
“That sounds great,” you mumbled. You leaned over to press a kiss to Bart’s cheek. “Thanks Bart.”
Bart went completely red. “Crash,” he whispered, vibrating violently. You laughed at him, breaking out into a run to race him to the zeta tube. Bart blinked before following you at a normal pace. He wanted to catch you without cheating. The two of you felt like this was the beginning of a new and different future.
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Tumblr media
"All aster, no dis" i swear to fucking god, dick
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dccomicsimagines · 3 years ago
Tight Squeeze - Wally West x Reader
Tumblr media
Requested by Anon -  a small imagine for a girl having a fear of enclosed spaces. And Wally always teasing her for avoiding the harder jobs that include crawling or hiding in small places not knowing about her fear. Until to avoid the bad guys they have to dive into a tiny locker or closet and she starts having a full on panic attack and her powers start to go wild and she almost burns him until he distracts her by making out with her
Batman stood in front of you, giving the mission briefing. You tried to pay attention, but all you could hear was Wally’s chewing.
“Could you stop eating for one minute?” you hissed, elbowing Wally in the stomach. Wally choked on his sandwich. He glared at you and opened his mouth to responsed with a snarky comment.
“Pay attention,” Batman snapped. You both straightened, but you had a satisfied smile on your face as Wally had dropped his sandwich. Batman nodded at Kaldur, who stepped forward to explain the plan of action he had come up with. 
“Three of us will remain in the bioship and move in once the security is down. The rest of us will use the air vents in the building to slip in and shut down the security,” Kaldur explained, bringing up a map of the building. Your heart skipped a beat when he said air vents.
“I volunteer to wait in the bioship,” you said quickly. Kaldur looked at you in surprise before nodding. 
“(Y/N), Superboy, and I will wait in the bioship while the others enter through the vents,” Kaldur stated. The others grumbled at the thought of having to slip through the vents.
Wally elbowed you in the side. “Just like (Y/N) to take the easy job.” You glared at him, making a face.
“It’s not the easy job, because I’ll be cleaning up the mess you make,” you snapped. Robin snickered at your words, making Wally turn bright red. He bent down to pick up his dropped sandwich to hide his blush. 
“Yeah, well, at least I try to do the challenging stuff,” Wally snapped back, taking a big bite of his sandwich and chewing loudly to annoy you. You wrinkled your nose.
“Enough,” Kaldur ordered as Batman left the room. “We have a mission to complete.” Wally walked off with Robin, chuckling among themselves. M’gann and Conner followed behind them. 
Artemis appeared next to you, bumping your shoulder. “You should have punched him,” she muttered, glaring at Wally’s back. 
“Batman informed me about your...condition,” Kaldur began softly. Your eyes widened in surprise.
“It’s okay. He doesn’t know.” You shrugged your shoulders. “But he really needs to learn to eat like a normal person.” Artemis chuckled as you both followed the others to the bioship.
“That wasn’t his secret to tell,” you snapped. You flinched when Conner glanced over at you curiously. Lowering your voice, you continued. “Besides it doesn’t affect the work I do on the team.” 
The bioship was silent as you, Kaldur, and Conner waited for the security to drop. You shifted in your chair, still relieved you wouldn’t have to go into the air vents. Kaldur got up from the pilot seat and walked over to you. He glanced at Conner before sitting in the seat next to you.
“I know, but I wish I knew before.” Kaldur cleared his throat, causing Conner to look away. “I would have never sent you into the sewers during the Belarus mission if I knew.” 
You shuttered, remembering the dark, tight, and smelly sewers. Artemis had been with you and had seen your panic attack. She had promised not to tell anyone, but it seemed Batman had figured it out anyway.
“It was fine. I will be fine,” you said sharply, looking away. Kaldur frowned and opened his mouth to speak, but the bioship beeped, signaling the security was down. “We have to go.” You got to your feet. 
You were creeping down a dark hallway, heading toward the place where you were to meet Robin and Wally. The three of you were supposed to search the storage area for the stolen chemicals. 
“(Y/N), we are not done talking about this,” Kaldur began, but you didn’t hear him as you had already slid down the rope to the building below.
“Whatever,” you hissed, glancing around for Robin. “Where’s Rob?”
“He disappeared again.” Wally snorted before pushing off the wall to walk next to you. “How was the easy gig?”
“Well, look who it is,” Wally teased as he leaned against the wall. “Took you long enough.”
You glared at him, elbowing him sharply. “Shut up.” The two of you headed down the empty hallway.
“Next time, you’re have to take the “sneaking through tight spaces” part of the mission. It’s not fair that you always get out of it,” Wally continued with attitude. You had no idea why this bothered him so much. No one else on the team was bothered by you opting out of that part of missions.
“Shut up,” you growled coldly. Wally raised an eyebrow at your response as you brushed ahead of him and into the storage room. 
“Why can’t you...” Wally began, only to bump into you when you suddenly stopped. “Why did you stop?” You clapped a hand over his mouth before pointing at the two guards entering from the opposite side of the room.
You grabbed Wally’s arm and tugged him behind a crate to hide. Wally knocked your hand away from his mouth, blushing when he realized his face was level with your chest as you peeked over the crate to watch the guards. 
“They’re coming this way,” you hissed, looking down at Wally in panic. “They can’t find us before Artemis and Kaldur are in position.” Wally looked around before grabbing you and speeding off. Suddenly, you found yourself being forced into a tight dark space. 
You froze in fear, terrified beyond belief. Your lungs appeared to shrink as the air was disappearing. Wally pressed up tightly against you before shutting the door, encasing the both of you in completely darkness. 
“They won’t think to look in here,” Wally whispered into your ear. Your body started trembling. The walls were closing in on you. There wasn’t enough air. Wally could feel you gasping for breath. He frowned when he noticed how warm your skin felt. “(Y/N), what’s wrong?”
Your powers caused the air to heat up more. You couldn’t move, you couldn’t breathe. “I...I can’t breathe,” you gasped, your heart threatened to break out of your chest. “Let me out. Let me out.” Your voice grew in volume, making Wally’s jaw drop.
“Are you claustrophobic?” Wally wrapped his arms around you, trying to get you to stop moving around before you made too much noise. You started to wheeze.
“Get me out. Get me out.”. Wally flinched when your skin became almost too hot to touch. His mind was running at the speed of sound. He remember something he had seen in a movie.
“Forget about where we are,” Wally whispered soothingly before his lips crashed into yours. Your eyes widened in panic. You couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t think, but somehow you felt your lips tingling in pleasure from the pressure of the kiss. Slowly, you began to relax. The fact you were trapped in a dark tight space faded away from your mind.
Wally melted into you. He had imagined kissing you for so long, tasting that flavored chap stick that you used so much. It didn’t feel real to him, but it was. 
“Hey, Kid, (Y/N)! Are you online?” Robin asked through the comlink. You both jumped, banging your heads against the wall. 
You panted, the panic starting to return. “Wally, get me out of here,” you hissed. Wally rubbed his head before opening the locker. The guards were lying unconscious on the ground with a grinning Robin standing next to them. 
“What were you two doing in there?” Robin teased playfully. You and Wally shared a look. Wally’s face went completely red as if it were about to burst into flames. You looked away from him, unable to meet anyone’s eyes. 
“Nothing,” you snapped, savoring the fresh air. You quickly composed yourself before walking out of the room. “Let’s complete the mission and get out of here.” 
Robin watched you go, surprised by your reaction. He turned back at Wally, who’s jaw dropped as you walked away. “You must have not been that good, huh?” Robin teased lightheartedly. 
Wally’s expression slowly dropped from shock to rage. “Shut up, Rob.” Wally marched past Robin, bumping into his shoulder. Robin frowned, raising an eyebrow as he trailed behind Wally.
The mission went as planned despite the tension between you and Wally. The rest of the team seemed confused, worried about the two of you. Robin didn’t say anything, sensing that you would need to work it out for yourselves.
“They’re not feeling the aster,” Robin mumbled under his breath. 
However, Robin could see Wally was boiling with anger. He had no idea what you did to make him so angry, but he guessed it was probably what you didn’t do that set Wally off. 
Kaldur sighed, glancing at the two of you. “Enough.” Everyone turned to look at him in surprise. “Whatever happened between the two of you, figure it out right now.”
You sensed what he was talking about and tried to leave the room. However, Wally’s temper finally burst. 
Batman had left the room after debriefing the team. Wally and you stood far apart from each other. You wouldn’t look at anyone while Wally glared at you. 
“How dare you not tell us you’re claustrophobic?!” Wally suddenly appeared in front of you. You jumped back in surprise before narrowing your eyes at him. “What if something happened?! We’re supposed to be a team! We help each other and we can’t do that if we don’t know what’s wrong!”
Your skin burned, your powers kicking in as your heart burned with anger and embarrassment. “I don’t need your help!” You pushed Wally away from you. Wally gasped at the heat from your hands. “No one was supposed to know! I can handle it!”
“Obviously you can’t! You almost gave away our position by your freakout!” Wally threw his hand in the air violently. 
“Well, maybe you shouldn’t have forced me into that locker and kissed me,” you screamed. Flames encircled your fist, your emotions going out of control. 
“I kissed you to distract you!”
“You don’t kiss someone who terrified out of their mind!”
The two of you continued to scream at each other. Wally was vibrating in anger while flames danced around your skin. The rest of the team watched you nervously. 
“Should we stop them?” Robin asked softly. “I’m a little worried (Y/N) might incinerate Wally.”  
“Well, he does deserves it. You don’t kiss someone who’s in the middle of a panic attack. That’s like old school sexism there,” Artemis replied, crossing her arms with a look of disgust. 
Kaldur pursed his lips worriedly. “I believe we should stay out of it.” He looked to Conner. “Be prepared to jump between them if (Y/N) tries to burn Kid.” 
“Why do I have to get in the middle of this?” Conner retorted. M’gann patted his shoulder sympathetic. 
You and Wally didn’t hear a thing, too focused on attacking each other. “You need to mind your own business, Wally, and leave me alone,” you snapped.
“I won’t mind my own business, because I care about you!” Wally grabbed your wrists, ignoring how your skin burned his hands. You froze, stunned by his words. He took a moment before realizing what he said. “I care about you,” he repeated before slamming his lips against yours. You gasped, burning him slightly. Wally was too impassioned to care. 
“I think she’s burning him. Am I suppose to jump between them now?” Conner asked, emotionless. Kaldur looked uncomfortable while Robin snickered.
“Just leave them,” Artemis answered with a playful smirk. “He knew what he was getting into.” Meanwhile, you melted into the kiss. Your powers faded away, the flames disappearing from your skin. The others quietly left the two of you alone. Wally may have been left with some burns, but in the end, he and you found happiness in each other. 
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homeispeople · 2 years ago
Imagine Dating Conner Kent (Fluffy Headcanons)
- Getting him upto date with pop culture.
- Can be very stubborn at times.
- You’re tired of seeing him in the same t-shirt, so he has started switching it up for you.
- He likes picking you up and spinning you around.
- Is practically an encyclopedia, so he will help you out with your homework and studies easily.
- Is a really good dancer, shockingly.
- He loves the nature and will take you to camping trips.
- He loves sitting with you under the moonlight and counting the stars.
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cracraforfandoms · 3 years ago
Do not let young justice: outsiders flop Do not let young justice: outsiders flop Do not let young justice: outsiders flop Do not let young justice: outsiders flop Do not let young justice: outsiders flop Do not let young justice: outsiders flop Do not let young justice: outsiders flop Do not let young justice: outsiders flop Do not let young justice: outsiders flop
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cipheress-to-k-pop · 2 months ago
Hi, I absolutely adore your writing and it’s quite inspiring and making my imagination go WEEWOO!
Could I request something for YJ With Dick? So like a headcanon or one shot (which ever you prefer queen) where the reader is quite reserved, snarky and can get angry real fast. They have feelings for Rob and they are especially snarky to him to hide their feelings, but they eventually start to open up more and during the events of episode 24 (you know, the one at haly’s circus), they open up to him and they confess? And he does the same?
Flower Language
Pairing: Dick Grayson as Robin x Reader
Warnings: Blood and injuries and plant death.
Word Count: 3.8k words
A/N: This is kind of my take on the Hanahaki disease, kind of. This was so much fun to write honestly, I didn't realize I like all this floral stuff so much. It also reminded me of another 'True Love's Kiss' trope I wrote for Dick Grayson as well. Also I changed the episode this was based on because I’ve already done something based on the episode with Haly’s circus @hanbedumbaf I really really really hope you enjoy it! Sorry it was so late, I finished it a month back but it was in my queue.
Tumblr media
Adrenaline was a common feeling to you. A little too familiar. The life of a superhero puts you in peril more times than you would like but it was the only life you had known. You knew the familiar feeling of sweat forming on your skin and your heart pounding so loudly that you could hear it in every step you took.
However, when you heard the pounding, it was because there was a supervillain, usually hairy, chasing after you and determined to get your head on a stake.
Although, feeling your heart jump to your throat was becoming more familiar whenever you were around a certain someone. Robin annoyed you to no end, whenever he was around you couldn't help your face from growing warm and your lips from tingling to form a permanent smile on your face.
Having a crush was irritating, you couldn't think or even function without thinking of him. It was frankly humiliating, you were always so gung-ho about being bold and to the point and yet whenever you were around Boy Wonder, you couldn't help but bend your personality to something you felt like would appeal to him more.
Sometimes, you couldn't even stand yourself.
And so, as a pathetic act of rebellion, and maybe as a clear-cut sign that you had no idea how to handle emotions or anything similar to it, every time your heart got just a little soft, your tongue got a whole lot sharper. Probably not the best way to win a boy’s heart. But you weren't here for a romance story.
It was also a true sign that you had no idea how to flirt, thinking that borderline insulting witty banter was the way to go. Or perhaps it was a way of controlling your emotions, since being bitter and snarky was the thing that came easiest to you.
You seriously needed better tactics.
It was also your oblivious mistake thinking that Robin only saw what you wanted him to see. He was raised to be a detective, of course he was more observant than that. Papa (or let's be real, Alfred) didn't raise no fool.
You made the mistake of thinking Robin saw you as strong and independent and bold, just as the rest of them did. But he saw much more than that.
Robin was distressed by the number of crying faces around him, the kids were inconsolable which was understandable because of just how many things went wrong in the past couple of hours. To be quite frank, Robin was a couple seconds away from having a fit himself.
"Shh, little one," He heard distantly and his neck practically snapped. You were crouching in front of the few who were crying, with a small nurturing smile. It was the first time he had seen you out of uniform, usually referring to you as Antheia, named after the goddess of flowers, but this wasn't she.
"I know you're scared, my flowers, but I promise, we will find your parents." You soothed, gently wiping away their tears. They still looked up at you apprehensively and with uncertainty.
"I'll show you a magic trick." You began, grinning as the kids began to smile back at you. You pulled a seed out of your pocket and held it between closed hands, using a bit of your powers and felt it grow in your palms. When you revealed what you were holding, they collectively gasped.
A bud of a flower now rested in your hand. You smiled at their innocent eyes and held it to them, "Now I'm going to need your help for the next part. Everyone has to blow on the flower."
They nodded eagerly, crawling around you and on the count of three, everyone followed your instructions. And low and behold, the bud bloomed into a beautiful blossom right between your fingers.
One of the girls clamoured into your lap to hold the flower herself and you chuckled, wrapping your arms tightly around her, "You know what this flower means?"
They shook their heads, "It means faith, and hope. If you have faith and hope in us, then you'll get something beautiful in return."
For once, they look contemplatively and you chuckled, feeling pride at the fact that you managed to sow some wisdom in their minds. The girl that had been sitting in your lap turned in your grasp, with the flower in her hand and then reached up to tuck it behind your ear.
"For me?" She nodded happily and you smiled widely, kissing her cheek, "Thank you, petal."
Satisfied that you were able to calm them down, you gently placed the girl back on the floor before moving away from the group. Just as you were about to join the others, you ran into Robin. You didn't know he had just seen the whole thing.
Pulling the flower from behind your ear, you handed it to him, "You know in some cultures, this flower means to pick up the slack and stop looking like a confused chicken." You snapped.
Business as usual.
Robin looked back to the flower you had slipped into his hands, you had said it meant faith and hope, and you had given it to him. He looked back up to see you shuffling away from him quickly, a blush on your face. He smiled.
You were more nurturing and kinder than you let on, it was like it was programmed into your personality and yet you never showed it when you knew they were watching. That wasn't the only part of yourself that you were hesitant to show them.
And the more Robin observed you, the more he realized that you used flower language to depict a lot of your emotions. It was a silent way of letting them out, without having to tell other people what's really in your heart.
You thought you were sly about it, but nothing went under Robin's radar.
Everyone was watching a movie on the flat screen in the rec room. You hadn't realized you were so tired, the movie was boring, something that M'Gann had picked and you hadn't slept the night before, busy patrolling your city.
Your eyelids began to droop before you could even understand what was going on, your head lolling as you drifted in and out of consciousness.
Robin hadn't realized that he was napping through the movie until he felt a weight on his shoulder. He nearly jumped awake and glanced to his side to see you sound asleep, breathing gently. He nearly chuckled, was this what you looked like when you weren't scowling at everybody?
His heart skipped a beat, god, were you beautiful. The smell of flowers vaguely hit his nose and he noticed the red gardenia plant growing steadily in the corner of the room.
'Red Gardenias means a secret love,' Robin recalled from a book he had read, 'It's a secret way for someone to say I love you.'
He glanced back at you still sleeping peacefully, face completely relaxed and briefly wondered if your powers were taking the lead on your emotions and making gardenias grow around the cave. Or were you dreaming about something?
Something in his heart grew, here you were sleeping against his shoulder, making symbols of a secret love grow around the room. This had to be a sign of something, right?
Before he could contemplate it any further, you squirmed and then began to stir. Your eyes fluttered open, hazily taking in your surroundings before they landed on the boy beside you and widened in size, skin darkening with a blush.
"Why the fuck didn't you wake me up?" You snapped and turned on your heel to stomp out of the room without even waiting for a response from him. The others who noticed the way he was just staring at the place you were in surprise. You always do such a 180 when you're around him and conscious.
"Wow, sunshine's crabby in the morning." Wally commented from beside him. When he didn't get any response, he looked over to see Robin with a silly smile on his face.
Dick couldn't stop himself from grinning. The gardenias were still blooming.
"Antheia, do you think you will be able to stop the plants from growing any further?" Batman turned to face you, only to find you staring at him with a hazy, blank expression.
"Antheia?" Robin called but you didn't even flinch, your eyes were locked onto the holo-computer, seeing the thick vines that were twisting and turning. Their call was overwhelming, you could feel them grow even beneath your feet. It was like a siren was blearing through your head.
You couldn't tell what they were trying to say, it was like they were muffled. It was confused and lost, following Ivy and it was happy listening to her. And yet, it was feeling pain, the Justice League was busy pruning her as we speak. It was scared, crying out for someone to help them and you felt obligated to help. Your mind was getting heavy, throbbing with an oncoming migraine.
"(Y/N)!" Your eyes snapped open and focused onto the boy in front of you. Everyone was staring at you in concern and you blinked, suddenly not able to remember what the hell was going on. You were just trying to focus on something other than the screams and cries of the plant.
"......What?" You asked a little dumbly, noticing the concern on Robin's face. The plants were still crying. You couldn't get the painful sound of their screams out of your mind. You felt like curling up into a ball and crying.
"Batman asked if you would be able to stop the plants?"
"Oh, um, no." You answered in a distracted way that made his face pinch with worry. His hands were still grasping your shoulders tightly, keeping his face in close proximity to yours. You didn't even realize, too out of it to even notice.
Robin on the other hand felt his cheeks get uncomfortably hot the more you stared at him with those innocent, beautiful eyes of yours. If Batman hadn't been breathing down his neck, he was sure he would've kissed you in the moment.
Unfortunately for him, his dad always knew how to ruin the moment. And he would continue to for the rest of his life. Until death do them part. Even after the two of you grow up and live together, the Batman would find some way to interrupt your fun.
"The mission."
Oh. Right.
"Robin!" You screamed when one of Ivy's plants wrapped around his neck and slammed him against the trees. They didn't let up curling tighter around his throat. Fear struck you as he began choking from breath and you knew you had to do something.
Suddenly murderous intent took over you and you glared at Ivy who returned it with a smug smirk of her own. Oh, how you'd rip that smirk off her face.
"Okay Ivy, you wanna play? Let's play." You ground out, slamming your hands against the vine around Robin's neck and it began disintegrating beneath your fingers. He fell to the ground, gasping for breath and you tuned out the sound of the plant crying as it died beside him.
Ivy heard it just as loudly as you had, she screamed and more plants lunged towards the both of you.
"Go help the others! I'm about to snap this twig." You spat at Robin, using your powers to kill the roots as it reached you. It was working slowly, your powers weak to the pain of the plants around you. Even as every cell of your body told you not to, you clenched your fingers into fists and watched as the creeper feel to the marsh, dead.
You engaged in battle with Ivy. Plants were screaming for mercy all around you but you couldn't stop for even a second. Life around you was trembling but you had to keep fighting the villain in front of you because if you hesitated for even a second, many more would die.
Thorns scratched your skin, drawing blood and curled around Ivy, sinking barbs into her skin.
"Face it girlie! You're never going to overpower me!"
"Oh, I'm not trying to overpower you, just distract you long enough for Robin to get rid of the control system." You replied, just as smug as she had been at the start of the fight. Now you got to see her face melt into one of panic just as Robin jumped over her head and to your side with a grin identical to yours.
"Cover your ears!" He sang, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and ducking, covering your body with his own. You were grateful for it; you weren't sure you could even keep your body upright at the moment.
Then you heard the explosion and your heart stopped. Every single fibre of your body burned red hot fire as you heard screams and cries around you. Bile was crawling up your throat and your breathing got thin. They were sobbing a heart-broken wail and your eyes misted at the mere sound.
Without realizing it, you were gripping onto Robin's hand, brows furrowed together. The sound of the explosion cleared, the Injustice League was captured and he pulled you up to stand with the others.
It was silent for a moment. You had won.
And then the consequences of your actions hit you.
Everyone's necks snapped towards you when you let out a heart-wrenching sob. Robin, who was standing right next to you caught you just in time before your body hit the ground. Pain exploded in your chest as you began wailing against him.
"(Y/N)? (Y/N)! What's wrong?!" He panicked but you didn't respond, crying into his chest as you gripped his cape in an iron fist. Everything hurt and all you could feel was sorrow and guilt.
The other heroes crowded around you but your eyes were screwed shut, tears making your eyes sting. Robin held onto you tightly, pulling your body against his as you continued to cry.
"What's happening?" Artemis murmured, looking around to see the environment change before her eyes. Everyone else followed her lead to see how leaves began rotting, then the trees. The smell was pungent. Thorns and weeds were crawling up the dying trees, pulling them into the swamp.
"(Y/N) please, what's wrong?" Robin whispered in your ear but you couldn't hear him. The sounds of plants screaming and wailing was echoing through your mind. How they begged you to save them. How they begged you to stop.
And then it got hard to breathe, your chest constricted and you were wheezing. Robin had to watch in horror when petals and blood poured from your mouth. You were choking, throwing up and sobbing in his arms, and he was unable to do anything to help you.
"Flash get her to the Batcave." Batman said gruffly, he was shocked and worried for you but didn't say anything, not wanting to scare his son more, "Sending you the coordinates now."
"Alfred prepare the med-bay."
Dick watched with a sinking heart as he handed you into Flash's arms. It took him a few seconds for his mind to stop whirring, he was still kneeling in the swampy marsh when the team huddled around him.
"It's gonna be okay." Wally murmured, wrapping an arm around his shaking body.
"We just have to hope for the best."
When the others had gotten back to the Cave, you had just been moved there, after being looked over by Alfred. He joined you in the med-bay, wanting to keep an eye on you. But as of yet, you still had to wake up.
Dick wasn't supposed to be listening to the adult’s conversation, but he couldn't help himself, he had to know if you were going to be okay.
"The situation is undeterminable, sir. But as of now, the flowers that are clogging her respiratory system keep growing. If we don't find a cure for this, it's inevitable that she will suffocate and pass."
His heart stopped. Die? You couldn't die, not when he still had so many things to tell you. For so long, he hadn't told you of his feelings, wanting to keep the relationship between the two of you professional. But now more than anything, he wished he had said something.
There were so many things he didn't get to do with you yet. You had yet to give him a bouquet on your first date. He wanted to lay in bed with you, smelling fresh flowers as you told him what different plants symbolized. He had yet to see moments where you can't control your powers and make plants grow around the cave.
He hadn't even given you a flower yet.
"Rob listen, I did some research on this 'disease'." Wally said, falling into step with him, "It's called the Hanahaki disease."
"That's fiction Wal—"
"But that's the best we've got right now." Came his curt reply and Dick's heart clenched.
"Hanahaki disease is a fictional sickness that only occurs when someone is suffering from unrequited love. The victim will cough up flower petals that symbolize their love. This disease is only cured when the victim's feelings are romantically returned." Wally read off his phone before turning to Dick with a smile.
He raised a brow, "What?"
"You have to kiss (Y/N)!"
"Yep! You have to return her unrequired love!"
"Wally that's ridiculous, kissing someone doesn't cute anything."
"Well, it's the only thing we have. And for (Y/N), we need to try anything." He said, pushing him towards the med-bay. His voice was tight and tense, like he was holding onto his as his last hope and Dick prayed that it would work when the door of your room came into his sight.
You were asleep and if he hadn't known any better, he would've thought you were healthy. Wally closed the door behind him, leaving Dick alone with you. The only sound in was the beeping from your heart monitor and your light wheezing. It was getting harder to breathe.
Dick inched his way closer to you, watching as your eyelashes fluttered gently in your sleep. Leaning over the bed you were lying in; he pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead before moving his head in line with yours.
"God, please let this work." He whispered and your bottom lip was caught between his. It was feather-light but yet, electricity was buzzing through his veins and fireworks went off in his mind.
For a minute, nothing happened and his heart clenched in his chest before he kissed you a little harder. This had to work because they didn't have any other lead. Dick felt you exhale feebly against him and he almost gave up hope.
But then you took a deep breath, stealing the breath from his lungs and he pulled away quickly to see your eyelids fluttering open. The colour was returning to your cheeks and your eyes were sparkling up at him. You smiled gently and he blinked away tears of relief. Thank goodness.
'His eyes are blue' You thought, staring deeply into them. They were beautiful, alluring. You didn't know why but just looking into his eyes was addicting. Was this what it felt like to be so deep in love? That even his eyes were enough to captivate you?
"I'm so glad you're awake." He muttered, cupping your cheeks firmly and planting another kiss on your lips. You giggled lightly, heart overjoyed to find the boy you had been in love with for so long had returned your feelings and you responded to the kiss eagerly, placing your palms over his hands and leaning into him.
With your regaining strength, you felt a flower materialize in your hands. The stem between your fingers brought you comfort just as the scent of the flower brought you back life.
When Dick pulled away, you delicately slipped it into his hands and he turned his attention to it, blue eyes softening when he recognized this particular flower in his hands.
"It's an Aster." You whispered quietly, lips brushing against his and he chuckled. It was the only flower you thought of when he came to your mind, "Get it?"
Dick turned his eyes away from the blossom and looked at you again. Your heart jumped, noticing just how much love he held in them. Eyes you could swim in, overflowing with love for you. Suddenly you were overwhelmed, feeling adoration and attraction. You needed to be closer to him, even though he was pressed against you.
Your fingers curled into his collar and pulled him closer to you, slanting your lips over his in an open-mouthed kiss. Dick gasped against your lips, startled for no longer than a second before sinking against you and wrapping an arm around your waist to pull you closer.
Your lips moved gently against his, the blushing flower trapped between both your bodies. The smell of fresh flowers clouded Dick's mind with everything that was you. Your hair, your smile, your lips. If you kept kissing him like that, he was certain he'd forget his own name.
And then you pulled away and Dick noted that you were as beautiful as a fresh flower. Your skin was glowing with life and your tired eyes were twinkling. You smiled sleepily at him, eyes closing shut and he lowered you back to the bed. Immediately, you slipped back into slumber, exhausted from the day's events.
He watched for a couple seconds, making sure you were able to breathe without any problems before realizing he should tell the others that you were okay.
He slipped out of the room quietly, stealing a final glance of you sleeping peacefully in the bed and a huge smile grew on his face, "She's awake."
It was only then he noticed just how colourful the room had gotten in the few minutes he was with you.
The walls were covered with vines and roses of different colours, camelias and carnations of different shades. It littered the room, not leaving a single inch of the wall untouched and scattered petals all over the floor like confetti.
Different creepers hung from the ceiling, dusting all the superheroes with sparkling pollen and colourful petals. Not to mention there were stems crawling up the Justice League members, flowers hugging their ankles lovingly.
Batman looked a lot less intimidating with petals in his cape and a rose stuck behind his ear. Robin blushed at the sight of everyone giving him knowing smiles.
"We noticed."
Aster: This flower became a symbol of love when in Greek mythology it was placed on the altars for the gods. So now, when you send a bouquet featuring this vibrant bloom, the message of "Take Care Of Yourself For Me" is implied. It conveys deep emotional love and affection for someone.
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