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#young mccree

*Jesses first stakeout mission*

Gabe: *sighs* looks like we’ll be roughing it out here tonight. Get comfy kid. Or as… comfy as possible.

Mccree: *looks around the abandoned warehouse and smirks* oh don’t worry I turned getting comfy in abandoned buildings into an art form.

Gabe: What?

Mccree: *walks over to a wall and rips out a bunch of the soft but old insulation before ripping a tattered moth eaten curtain off the wall* Just wait. *walks over to a bunch of large crates and carefully builds himself a nest between them all to stay hidden while he sleeps*

Gabe: *watching with slight amazement, and a shitload of heartache* …where’d ya learn this kid?

Mccree: I got good at hiding in places my pa couldn’t reach, and when I ran away from foster ‘care’ I found it was safer sleeping amongst mundane crap nobody would bat an eye at if they came urban explorin, or just lookin for a place to shoot up. There! All done. I made one for you too.

Gabe: *glances past the crates to see the unusually comfy looking makeshift beds* Thanks kid, I’ll take the first watch. You get some sleep.

Mccree: *nods and curls up on his bed after making himself comfy* sure thing boss.

Gabe: … *unzips his backpack and pulls out a big blanket before walking over and tucking it over the cowboy* sleep tight mijo…

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Mccree: *gets a poor grade on his first set of homework* …

Gabe: *quietly looking it over figuring out how he can help Jesse improve* …

Mccree: *thinking he’s in trouble, walks outside to find a tree*

*A few moments later*

Gabe: Oh mijo there you a-

Mccree: *puts a stick on the table in front of him and turns away holding his hat timidly*

Gabe: *extremely confused* mijo?…

Mccree: J-just get it over with already!!

Gabe: *alarm bells ringing off* Get what over with Jesse?

Mccree: …y-you aren’t gonna hit me?…

Gabe: *connects the dots* oh… oh mijo…

Mccree: …whenever I was in trouble my pa would make me go pick a switch for him to hit me with… a-am I not in trouble?

Gabe: *hugs him tightly* no son. You’re not in trouble at all.

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*Anger issues*

Mccree: *first official day with Blackwatch, excited for his study session with Ana and fareeha, picking out what he wants for lunch* Hey is there any ketchup?

Jack: *points to the condiments* it’s the red one.

Mccree: I know what colour ketchup is.

Jack: Oh really? I was just making sure since you can’t read. You do know mustard is the yellow one too right?

Mccree: *temper bubbling over, starts counting his fingers to calm down like Gabe showed him* one… two… thr-

Jack: WOW you can count to thre-

Mccree: *swings back with his tray*

*~a few moments later~*

Gabe: *enters the cafeteria to see Jack covered in food, his scalp split open from being slapped by Mccrees lunch tray* What the?

Jack: *storming towards a very upset mccree*

Gabe: *steps in front of him chesting up, staring the other commander down* …

Jack: *glares back at him before glaring at Mccree and walking away to go get cleaned up*

Gabe: *sighs and looks back at Mccree* what happened mijo?

Mccree: *trembling, trying not to cry with anger* I-I’m not dumb.

Gabe: *gently hugs him* I know mijo… go grab a new tray Alright? I think Morrison’s hard head has rendered this one useless.

Mccree: y-yes sir.

Gabes inner thoughts: I’m going to murder jack.

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McCree: *walks down the hall hugging himself and sporting fresh bruises*

Gabe: *walks by and stops when he sees Jesse* who did it?…

McCree: T-They said not to tell or they’d kill me…

Gabe: no son, I’m going to kill them…

*a few hours later, the bullies are beaten to a pulp, dishonorably discharged from overwatch and Gabe is treating little Jesse to ice cream*

Gabe: I will always have your back son.

McCree: thanks dad… *smiles*

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*Mccrees second day in blackwatch*

Mccree: Hey boss can I get a sharp pair or scissors?

Gabe: Firstly, no, secondly Absolutely not, and thirdly, why?

Mccree: *takes off his hat and let’s his hair down* I need to cut ma hair.


*~1 hour later~*

Mccree: *Nervously sitting in the barber chair getting his first real haircut* This is… nice.

Gabe: Mhm, and look, there’s a good looking young man hiding under that mop of hair.

Mccree: th-thank you.

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Two really quick drawings!
I’m taking way too long on my other drawings and need to focus on scholarships;;;

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I’ve been doing very bad lately so if I could get a young mc cree and hanzo, separate, cheering their small sad boyfriend on and helping them it would really help ; v ;)

*anxious squeaking* The hamster has never written for their younger counterparts. 

-Mod Hammond

Young McCree

  • He is very supportive! And a bit hot headed! So when he finds anyone giving you problems they will have a talk with him and Peacekeeper! 
  • He’s a little (more like a lot) less experienced at comforting then his older counterpart but he tries his hardest! He would like if you told him what to do so he can do it.
  • I find him to be the type to steal buy you flowers and gifts with little encouragements on them! His handwriting is god awful but it’s the thought that counts!
  • When he finds you’re sad he’ll scoop you into a hug and do that ’I’m gonna rock you while standing’ thing. 
  • If you’re sad about your body he will 100% list everything he loves about you. (Be prepared to be there for hours. He is unabashed about his affections and he won’t stop even if you want him to.)

Young Hanzo

  • He is…..very subtle. All the time. He never tells you things outright. He only starts sorta doing that later in his life or when he’s angry. 
  • When (not if, this man is very observant) he finds you’re feeling down he is immediately into sneaky praise mode. 
  • There are suddenly notes in your room and piled with your belongings. They’re almost always some sort of haiku and it honestly takes you awhile to decipher them but when you do it’s literally so sweet. Other times they’re hints to go somewhere to find something or someone! 
  • He likes to plan little events on the Shimada grounds for just the both of you. Small dinners, little picnics. This man has a lot of date ideas surprisingly? Other times he’ll leave jewels with notes that say sweet stuff like they reminded him of your eyes or of your beauty. 
  • Although he isn’t around 100% of the time due to his clan duties, he makes sure his boyfriend isn’t feeling too lonely! He also will in fact send someone to solve your problem if its external. 
  • Like? Your boss is being an asshole? Not anymore! 
  • Some coworkers are being incredibly rude? What coworkers?
  • You should probably tell him if you don’t want him to deal with the problem in the Shimada way because he will not hesitate to do anything to make his lovely boyfriend happy.
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Mccree taking care of kids when adults are talking :3

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