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#young tony stark

Happy Birthday Tony Stark!!

Finally got around to tracing and making digital this drawing I did years ago which was based off of this example of peak 80s Tony. Young Tony because I love him and he is not innocent of his older self’s crimes against fashion.

Probably my first proper digital art so hope you enjoy! This account is old as heck but I want to make more art so would be great to get that sweet sweet serotonin boosting validation so please reblog but don’t repost!

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Chapter 2: Forever Protected 

Description: Tony was 18 years of age when he had found out that his lasted hook up, Abbie, had gotten pregnant due to the fact that he hadn’t used protection, he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to look after a child. Even if he wanted to he was still far too young to take care of a baby. Maybe he he shouldn’t take care of it? Maybe he should up and run? Leave the baby to find another parent?

Tony Stark x Daughter

It had been a week since Tony had managed to sneak little Gracie into his home without his father finding out that she was there. Of course it was definitely not an easy task due to the fact that he couldn’t exactly control her crying when she was hungry, tired or just needed changed. Thankfully for now he’d managed to just rock her back and forth or take her outside when she cried. It definitely wasn’t ideal but right now whilst he still lived under his parents roof he had to make sure Gracie was a secret. Although he wasn’t exactly sure how long he’d actually be able to keep the baby a secret but he had to at least try.  Over that week Tony had made Gracie his number one priority, ensuring that he was caring to her every need as much as he physically could. Due to the fact that he was having to juggle his school work and looking after a baby full time, Tony was of course getting more and more stressed the longer he had to cope on his own. This was a difficult task but if he didn’t try then Gracie would most likely have to go into care. Something he most certainly didn’t want to happen since that really wouldn’t be fair on the baby. Especially not when Tony was already head over heals in love with the little bundle.  Not exactly having a crib or anything for the little girl right now since that would be way too suspicious to his parents, Tony just settled on making a small little bed for Gracie using a mix of pillows and blankets to ensure that she didn’t get hurt or fall in the night’ he always made sure that he was on the edge of his bed and that she was laying on the side closest to the wall. At least that way there was no risks of her falling off the bed and hurting herself. If anything were to happen to this little girl Tony would never be able to forgive himself.

Currently Tony was laying on his bed with his little girl laying happily on his chest completely passed out asleep, her small wisps of brown hair tickling his neck as she snuggled even closer to his body. He didn’t dare to move a muscle, too afraid that he would wake her even if he just breathed too loudly or made any sudden movement. It was too much of a risk. She was so calm and happy right now. Why would he want to disturb that? It was like she was comfortable in Tony’s arms which of course seemed to relax him a whole lot more. Just knowing that little Gracie could calm down by laying in his arms or just snuggling up on his chest was enough to melt the teenagers heart. To Tony it was the most adorable moment in his entire life, nothing could beat this moment right now. This little girl was his life right now, no matter what would happen when his father inevitably found out about his daughter Tony would always make sure that his little girl was safe. She was going to be protected by him for as long as he lived. That was a unspoken promise that he had made to the new born moments after he had held her for the first time. There was literally no words to express how much Tony seemed to love this little bundle. The one thing that seemed to worry the Stark teen was that he didn’t know where Abbie was, if he he knew where she was then at least he could try and avoid her as much as possible, it was in Gracie’s best interest to keep that women as far away from her as possible. Even though Abbie had left Gracie at the hospital there was of course no telling if she would come back or even try and get the newborn back. Something he would never ever let happen.

After around another hour of just laying on the teens chest, the week old newborn began to squirm around, signalling that she was finally beginning to wake up. “Morning sunshine, did you sleep well?” Tony asked the little bundle, knowing full well that she couldn’t exactly answer hims since she didn’t have any teeth and she couldn’t exactly speak, she was only a week old after all.  In Response Gracie just squirmed around a little, gurgling as grabbing onto his shirt with her tiny hands before reaching out to touch his face, making the teen instantly laugh. “You really are a cutie. Right lets get you clean and changed, you don’t wanna start smelling do you?” he spoke once again with a chuckle kissing the top of her head before adjusting her in his arms so that her head was now resting on his shoulder as he stood up. As a new father Tony had quickly adapted to doing almost everything one handed due to the fact that he was usually holding Gracie. He couldn’t leave her laying on his bed for too long since she just started crying which was most certainly something that he needed prevent from every happening.

Once Tony had gotten to his bathroom he soon began to undress Gracie, making sure to lay her down on the table and keep her still to prevent her from squirming too much or hurt herself. “Alright baby girl, lets get you in the bath, I haven’t got a baby bath so I’m just gonna have to hold you up” He explained to the week old baby, even if she couldn’t understand him he still seemed to enjoy talking to her and telling her what he was doing. It made him feel less lonely. In response to Tony’s words Gracie just seemed to gurgle flail her arms about the best that she could since she still couldn’t really control her body too much yet. But no matter what she did Gracie hadn’t failed at making him smile so far.

After a very difficult half hour of trying to wash Gracie whilst she screamed her head off heavily protesting against bath time, Tony had finally taken her out of the baths and placed her on top of an open towel quickly wrapping her in it and trying his hardest to calm the little girl down but nothing that he was doing seemed to calm her. No matter what he did, whether that be rocking her back and forth several times or just bouncing her on his knee ever so slightly, Nothing seemed to work. He even tried singing to her and pulling silly faces which seemed to work for a couple of moments but then she just continued throwing her little fit. “Come on Gracie work with me here, please..” he begged the little girl who was actually working herself up a whole lot more then what was actually necessary for her little miniature protest to the water. Okay maybe it wasn’t the best idea to give her a bath right at this moment in time.

“okay sweetheart lets go to Steve’s maybe he can help..” The male spoke with a reluctant glance over to the door before staring down at the little girl in his arms who had finally managed to just fall asleep again. Since she was so young at this point she didn’t really do much which was kind of a good and bad thing for tony.

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“I’m just trying to protect you, Tony!” Mike shouted, his frustration evident. God, why did the kid had to be so stubborn? Couldn’t he see that Mike wasn’t good for him? That thought stung, more than Mike thought it would, but it was the truth. “I don’t need anyone to make my choices for me, I’m old enough to do that myself!” Tony shouted back. “And I choose you, Mike. I will always choose you, so you better get used to it”. Mike just stared at Tony, at loss for words. Then he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He was so tired. Tired of feeling lonely and missunderstood and numb. Tired of fighting on his own. But now, by some miracle, he had Tony. Kind, funny, beautiful Tony that makes him feel alive. Tony was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He didn’t want to lose him. Mike opened his eyes and gently cupped Tony’s face in his hands, starring into the warm, brown eyes he had come to love so much. “My Tony” Mike whispered and then put their foreheads together. Tony smiled broadly. “Yours” he answered and pressed their lips together in a soft kiss.

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The Love Of My Life


Chapter 1: Love at first sight

Description: Tony was 18 years of age when he had found out that his lasted hook up, Abbie, had gotten pregnant due to the fact that he hadn’t used protection, he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to look after a child. Even if he wanted to he was still far too young to take care of a baby. Maybe he he shouldn’t take care of it? Maybe he should up and run? Leave the baby to find another parent?

Tony Stark x Daughter

Warnings: mentions of sex

Everyone in America knew about Tony even if they tried to deny it they never could. 17 year old Tony stark, son to Howard and Maria Stark, was known for his several one night stands, never the same women twice (as long as he could help it that was.)  However, Tony’s incredible charm was probably one of the reasons that he most certainly always found himself in particularly difficult situations that usual almost always ended with Howard or Maria settling the problem for him. It was one of the many reasons that Tony always relied on others to fix his problems for him instead of fixing it himself. That was of course one of the many reasons that the teen had never solved a problem in his life time. 

On this very particular morning Tony had been awoken by his phone making an incredibly ear piercing noise signalling that he was getting a early phone call. “what the hell?” the teen spoke aloud to himself, still quite confused as to why someone would call him at 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning. What was even crazier to him was who was on the other end of the phone call. This was odd. “Hello? Its Tony Stark speaking. Who is this? and why are you calling me so early in the morning? could this matter not have waited until later? or maybe never? I’m quite a busy man” The teen began. His tone a lot harsher the he ad actually intended it to have been. But in the 18 year old’s defence it was way too early in the morning to even be remotely kind. Especially when he could be doing much more important things to fill his day, sleeping until late afternoon and then going out to a bar to hook up with several incredibly sexy women who he would sleep with and then never call back. That was just a part of the Stark’s life that he Thoroughly enjoyed and didn’t exactly plan on changing any time soon.

There was a small section of silence once Tony had finished speaking which lead him to believe that the person on the other end of the phone had hung up but that just wasn’t the case at all. In fact after a couple seconds they spoke “Good morning Mr Stark, I apologise for the early call but I’m afraid this can’t wait.” The women began. From the sound of her voice it was easy to tell that she was a very polite women, especially due to the words that she had chosen, But to Tony it was actually somewhat adorable for some reason. Maybe she was calling for a early morning booty call? But it was strange that she called now.

“Okay well can you please make this quick because I really just wanna go back to sleep” He rudely spoke before interrupted himself with a mighty yawn that he seemed to be holding in since he began speaking to the women on the phone 

“I once again apologise Mr Stark, I’m calling from New York hospital, my names Lucy. I was Abbie Harts nurse during her birth. Unfortunately after she had given birth earlier this morning she left, only leaving us your phone number and information telling us that you are in fact the father of her daughter. What I’m saying is that I’m afraid you’re going to have to come down to the hospital” The women spoke slightly confused as she spoke, it sounded like she was actually quite shocked that Tony Stark himself was actually on the phone with her. Just from the first words that she had spoken it was clear that she happened to be a fan of Tony, not that that was hard since Tony himself had appeared in a whole lot of advertisements in magazines and sometimes he had even been the star of the front page. So it was definitely understandable that the Nurse would be a fan.

As soon as those words had left the nurses mouth Tony could have sworn that his heart had stopped for at least a couple seconds, making him drop the phone after a few more moments, it was clear that he had been shocked by this entire experience so far. It wasn’t easy for the teen, especially when he’d just found out that he could potentially be the father to this child. After around 3 more minuets of complete silence on both ends of the phone, Tony finally picked up his phone taking in an extremely deep breath, trying to fill his lungs with air, before he spoke again just letting the nurse know that he would be on his way as soon as he could actually be bothered to get out of bed. That in itself was a challenge for the 18 year old boy. No one could blame him though, the kid barely slept on a good day due to the fact that he had tests and projects to plan for at MIT. So was pretty easy to realise that he was extremely pissed that he had had to wake up so insanely early, especially due to the fact that he was used to waking up late in the afternoon.

After a long half hour of trying to force himself to actually get up and out of bed, he finally managed to get up and dressed into an old faded pink t-shirt and some slightly tighter black pants to actually try and accentuate his entire body. It was clear as day that he was putting a whole lot more effort then normal into his looks due to the fact that he was going out into public. Even if he was just going to the hospital to look at a baby that he didn’t even know existed till half an hour ago and to be completely honest he wasn’t actually sure that he even wanted this baby. Especially when this thing was most likely going to cry and shit everywhere for the first few years of its life. That was something that Tony did not want to deal with. What if it wasn’t even his and the nurse was just playing a practical joke on him? But if that was true then how did she know about Abbie? And most importantly how the hell did she get his number if it wasn’t from his last year hook up? If this was a prank then it was most certainly a very well calculated one at that.

After a whole ten minuets of putting gel into his hair to at least try make himself a little more presentable, he finally managed to grab himself an apple before exiting the house and going straight over to his fathers car. Right now he couldn’t care less about the fact that his father was most certainly going to kill him for not only taking his car, but for also getting a women pregnant. Something that his father had warned him about several times, but the teen had just batted him away explaining to Howard that there was most certainly no reason for him to worry. In fact he always wore protection. Or at least he thought he always did. Maybe he was insanely drunk when he slept with Abbie?Upon getting out of the car and entering the hospital Tony was quick to try and find the women that had gotten him up so early, taking in a deep breath in before he began to speak. Of course not bothering to listen to anything that she had to say. He just wanted to get this all said and done so he could go home and go back to sleep as quickly as physically possible. 

“Where is this child then? and do you even have any proof over then that women’s word? I slept with her last year around September time if that helps?” the man spoke as he followed the nurse into a separate room with a glass window that looked into the baby nursery. He didn’t really care how his tone sounded or that he was being rude to a nurse who was only doing her job by caring for her patients.

“Ellie will bring your daughter in for you in a few moments, shes just feeding the other babies, she shouldn’t be too long. And as for the dates, I’m sorry to say but September last year is exactly 9 months before this exact date. You’re most certainly the father. However if you do in fact need more confirmation then there is the option of taking a DNA test to make sure that she really is yours” The nurse explained with a cheery smile on her face, even though she had every right to be rude back to him, she was still extremely kind and polite to him.  

As soon as Tony heard that one word letting him know what gender his child actually was. Tony had always wanted a little girl, when he was older of course, to look after and care for, maybe even pass on his own knowledge involving technology to the little girl. Okay maybe Tony was already in love with this child and he hadn’t even met her yet. But soon he’d be able to meet her not long now. “Daughter? Its a girl?” He asked soon getting the confirmation that Tony had indeed heard her correctly, The one thing that did seem to just leave Tony’s head was the fact that he would most certainly have to talk to his Father. But that didn’t even seem to cross his mind right now. All he was thinking about right now was the fact that he was about to meet the baby that may or may not be his.Tony continued to talk to the nurse with a much nicer smile on his face now as they discussed what would be happening when he finally got to meet her, considering the fact that tony couldn’t actually just take the baby home. There was a process that had to be followed no matter who the man happened to be.

But after a couple more moments, Ellie, the other nurse, finally seemed to arrive, a huge smile planted on her face as she calmly moved her arms to show the gorgeous little bundle of joy that lay sleeping in her arms before she spoke. “Hello Mr Stark, this is Little Gracie. Now the mother had named her a few moments before  she left, you can still change it if you do decide to become her legal guardian but its up too you.” she explained before slowly making a gesture to allow the Stark to hold her, which of course the teenager quickly accepted almost too quickly. 

“Hello little Gracie” Tony spoke gently grazing the back of two of his fingers against the newborn’s delicate skin. watching as she seemed to squirm closer and closer into his touch forcing an even wider smile appear on the teens face. He could most certainly get used to this. Of course he had instantly fallen in love with her. This baby really was his.

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Young!Tony Stark aesthetic moodboard //

  • I imagine he’d have a passion for photography but as he got older had to stop because Howard said it’s a waste of time and he should focus on studying instead
  • He’s good at it though, really good, it’s just that no one really knows
  • His dream? To actually be able to do what he loves
  • Howard makes that impossible
  • (Fuck Howard, we don’t like him)
  • He’s the middle ground between introverted and extroverted - enjoying the thrill of being out with friends and partying until late but also enjoying his alone time to think and reflect
  • Coffee and alcohol make up 70% of his diet
  • And I mean like, he’ll wake up, drink about 10 cups of coffee, and then be out taking shots by 11pm
  • The other 30% is greasy takeaway pizza
  • His a sarcastic little shit to any and all people that piss him off; years of not being able to talk back to Howard made him like this
  • Thinks his taste in music is a personality trait (I’m kidding he’s not that dramatic)
  • He smokes to feel the rush
  • And also because it’s an addiction at this point
  • Haha, we love childhood neglect leading us to do things we aren’t supposed that continue into our adult life
  • Lowkey depressed
  • All of his friends know but Tony won’t admit it and get checked out
  • Howard says mental illness is just a way of attention seekers justifying their behaviour
  • (Again, and I can’t stress this enough: Fuck Howard)
  • Either in oversized sweaters and hoodies or a leather jacket, there’s no in between
  • Soft boy vs. edgy boy - the final battle
  • People are just used to one day getting this bumbling mess looking actually adorable in this baggy sweater
  • And then the next getting the sass master himself, swaggering around in style
  • His basically entitled a rich boy without the self-entitlement
  • Like, he doesn’t like to flaunt it, and good on him
  • You know, before his head gets all fucked up with trauma
  • He’ll fall asleep on Rhodey’s bed (they’re roommates in college) even tho his own is like two steps away
  • Rhodey is his rock and supporter and you can not change my mind
  • This is just one moodboard, I don’t know if I’ll be building on the idea
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“Nobody Puts Tony In The Corner!”

someone…please…i’ve wanted someone to write a STony Dirty Dancing AU for two years I DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING MYSELF

please message me on @stark-charm let’s talk about ittttt

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None of ya’ll asked for it but it’s my first try

The Babysitter

Warnings: starker, techincally underage (Peter is 16 while tony is 18). HS!AU

This is my first fic, I’m sorry if it sucks. I got my inspiration from @readysetstarker let me know if you want a part 2


Peter was a 16 year old sophomore in midtown high, who lived with his aunt who was currently getting ready to go on a business trip for the weekend. May was always worried about peter being alone for more than a day so she began looking for a babysitter to stay for the weekend. This is where she found Tony Stark, a highschool senior who began babysitting for some money. Tony had gotten the message and started heading for the Parker’s apartment on the day May was leaving.

Meanwhile, Peter was complaining to his aunt for getting him a baby sitter, he was 16 and felt like he didnt need to be watched over the weekend. May thought otherwise, she countered every complaint Peter gave her, she was in the middle of packing when she heard knocking on the door. She turned towards Peter saying, “Peter, go open the door, I’m sure that’s your sitter.” Peter reluctantly left and opened the door and saw the leather jacket clad boy, with a perfectly trimmed goatee, combat boots, ripped and faded blue Jean’s and sunglasses perched atop his messy but styled hair. The boy exclaimed looking slightly out of breath, “is this the Parker’s residence? I swear I’m in the right place…”. Peter just looked the boy up and down and thought, maybe this won’t be too bad, it’s better than having one of the neighbors or an old person.

May came out just a few minutes later, “Peter this is your babysitter Tony, he’s going to be staying here while I’m gone until monday morning. Be good for him ok?” Peter just nodded, eye not leaving Tony. The boy walked in after peter moved to the side to let him in. Looking around Tony familiarized himself with the general surroundings before looking at May, “although peter is the oldest I babysat before, I’ll let you be happy to know that he’s in good hands.” With that reassurance May left kissing Peter on the crown of his head. Once the door was closed, Tony and Peter turned to face eachother, a smirk on both of their faces. They both knew that it was going to be a very fun weekend.

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Young Tony Stark, a portrait.


Thursday, June 9, 1994.

‘Sir… the winners of the science fair are here.’

‘Yeah, yeah, heard you the first time… minute…’

Tony Stark sucked in the last remaining milligram of nicotine from his morning cigarette with obscene pleasure. He was still in bed at 10am, naked, content and completely unconcerned. He very slowly exhaled the smoke with his eyes closed, his youthful face sporting a five o’clock shadow, his wild dark hair—far too long for Jarvis’s taste—sticking out in every direction. The old family butler waited patiently in the door frame with a clearly disapproving face.

‘Oh come on… you know I hate it when you give me the long face… and this isn’t even a joint.’ His voice was deep, sultry and playful, the words slipping out fast and effortlessly, confidence and power oozing out of his every pore.

‘I only do that face because I am fully aware of—’

‘Where’s Gloria?’

Jarvis cringed but remained extremely professional.

‘Did you mean Claudia, sir?’

‘Ah. Mmh.’

‘She left half an hour ago.’

‘What? Why?’

Jarvis pressed his lips tightly together, pondering his answer. ‘I believe she felt a little mistreated.’

Tony abruptly looked at him, startled. ‘Mistreated? What the hell is that supposed to mean?’

‘Well, sir… you do know my personal opinion on how romantic encounters should—’

‘Oh come on! She got to spend an entire night with me, here; I offered her some Château Margaux and—what are you saying, that I was a heartless jerk? I thought we were past such futile moral judgements, Alfie.’

Again, Jarvis visibly cringed at the annoying Batman reference—as he always did whenever his young boss felt like comparing him to the fictional butler— but he went on in his perfectly polite British voice only now slightly tinted with sarcasm. ‘I wouldn’t go as far as employing such a derogatory term, sir.’

‘I was the perfect gentleman given the circumstances. A little blunt, yeah, maybe; but it’s not my fault every chick I bring ends up falling head over heels in love with me.’

Jarvis tried really hard not to roll his eyes at that, he really did, even though Tony’s tone clearly pointed toward self-derision.

‘I was very clear with her from the get go’, the young billionaire went on, getting rid of the sheet covering him and standing up on the bed in full naked glory. ‘I asked her if she wanted to have some fun and we had some fun! Where’s the harm in that?’, he asked, shrugging, his voice and body language ever so slightly betraying his repressed guilt. He then hopped onto the floor, walked up to the coffee table a few feet away, picked up a pack of cigarettes and shook it out a little before taking another one with his mouth.

‘Perhaps it would be preferable to consider human emotions in a more complex and empathetic fashion, sir, especially since the women you—’

‘Oh spare me the moralistic tirade. Is the smartphone kid here?’

‘I believe he is, sir.’

‘Good. I don’t care about any of the others. I’ll have lunch with him!’ Tony said with the new cigarette trapped between his lush lips in the corner of his mouth, widening his eyes in a comical way as if to say: I gotta see that fucking thing with my own eyes!

‘You do have to pose for Forbes magazine with all of them, sir, and you already are a few minutes late to your appointment with Mrs. Norman.’

‘Eh, she’s used to it. Where’s my fucking lighter?’

For what seemed like the hundredth time, Jarvis cringed, but he didn’t say anything. Christina Norman was the billionaire’s personal stylist and make-up artist.

‘Shall I bring you breakfast, sir?’

‘Nah, I’m good.’

‘Sir, cigarettes are not—’

‘I said I’m good! God! Will you stop treating me like a freaking child already? Oh, there it is.’

‘Then may I suggest you cease to behave like one, sir?’

Damn. Touché. Tony let out a little scoff at that, but deep down, it kind of hurt.

‘I’ll be downstairs in ten minutes. Thank you, Jarvis.’

‘Alright, sir.’

He fucking hated photoshoots involving other people than himself. He didn’t know why exactly but he did. Of course everybody would blame his flamboyant narcissism, but only he knew it was deeper than that. He was literally unable to connect emotionally with anybody—or maybe he never really cared to—and so all his smiles during those kinds of events always looked forced, because they were. He took on the habit of wearing sunglasses for that very reason, so that the fakeness of his social and very public persona wouldn’t seem jarringly obvious. Whenever he showed up to an event, he could feel the atmosphere of the place shifting, everybody changing, tensing up in anticipation and, sometimes, in pure awe. He loved it. He loved it and hated it.

(Excerpt of chapter 27 of Too Much Like Me)

Full fic on Ao3!

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