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πŸ’‹to Constance

💋 – Is your muse a good kisser? Would they consider themselves one? 


[No she really isn’t. Spends too much time doing research and ohohohoh’s into the void. Her drive to restore her family’s honor pushed aside those things.]

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Oliver was lounging about as he had been staying with Harley for a while now. He liked her a lot as he was just casually reading some old magazine he had found. He was bored and wanted to have a little fun but didn’t know what. He sighed as he then glanced out the window. (Harley Quinn.)

Watching Oliver for a bit, she decided to go over to where he sat. She was bored watching him from the kitchen after having fed Bud and Lou. Sighing as she waited for the food to finish, she placed her arms on the counter with her chin resting on them. “I’m bored and from what I’ve seen, you are too!” She said, “How about you and I get the hell outta here and go do something crazy!”

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Oliver whimpered as he came up to the goddess. He had a nightmare and he needed cuddles more then ever “ mo-miss Bast? I had a nightmare.” He told her as he almost said mom but caught himself from doing so.

“Oh dear…” Her voice was worried yet held a string of comfort as she held her arms open for him.  “Come here. It’ll be alright.  Do you remember what I’ve told you about nightmares?”

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❀️ Constance to Human Oliver.

“Why aren’t you a saucy thing? I shall make you one of my servants! Oh my genius astounds me! Ohohohoh~”

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Are you… trying to cuddle with me?(any female muse to Oliver.)

gets chloe king (because she’s mai, which is basically a human with cat-like abilities)


“No! Yes? Maybe…” She said, quickly. “You just.. You looked cold. I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. I can stop if you want.”

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Kiss(to any muse.)

Send a word and I will write a drabble or headcanon based on it

     “Kotomi-chan, what do you think would happen if I gave you a small tiny peck on the cheek?” asked the young Oni with a tilt of her head.

     The young cat girl looked at Jade with wide eyes, feeling her face go hot and red from her question. Koki glanced from side to side, not knowing what else to say to the question besides a simple response. The tips of her ears folded down, tucking her hair behind her ear.


     “W… Well, what… do you think…?” Koki asked.


     “Well, I think it will be kind of cute!” Jade responded quickly.

     “I don’t… know…” replied Koki. She seemed anxious to answer that question. Jade’s confidence was growing and was tempted to try it.

     “Oh, come on, it won’t be so bad! Just one peck?” She was desperate to try it. Koki sighed, rocking slightly from side to side, “O-Oh… I guess so–”

     Immediately, a peck touched Koki’s cheek. Koki seemed to react so flustered that she squeaked like a kitten, covering her face with her hands and tucking her legs into her chest. Jade let out a hearty chuckle, going pink in her cheeks.

     “Oh Kotomi-chan, that was adorable!” She laughed. “That was so cute!”

     Koki retorted, squeaking angrily, “It is not! I am not cute! I am nooooot!!” She weakly hit Jade’s arms in rebellion, not wanting Jade to laugh at her.

     “No need to hit me! It was quite adorable!” Jade patted her shoulder, assuring her that she didn’t mean to tease her. But, overall, she found her reaction quite cute.

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@youngkopa | continued!

The blonde seems to be oblivious to the staring at first, her shirt being tossed aside before she starts working on her jeans. It’s only when she looks up that she notices the boy staring at her from across the way. At first she freezes, unsure how to react…but then an idea comes to mind: why not keep going and tease him a little bit? He’s cute after all.

So, Emily finishes unbuttoning her jeans, but she turns to put her back to the window, slowly bending over and pushing them off to expose her legs. Her tail lifts to show off her backside as well.

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Oliver was relaxing as he was sitting on a sofa reading a regular book. He lived next door to (female muse of your choice) and he hadn’t met her yet but sometimes he had seen her. She was pretty as he slowly glanced over to the other window as he spotted her.

Emily is the new girl next door, her family having moved in due to her parents landing a permanent music gig in the city. It just so happens that her window is directly across from Oliver’s, and she’s totally forgotten that there are other people that might be looking in on her from that window as she begins to undress, starting with tugging off her shirt and revealing the pretty black bra she’s wearing underneath.

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*+:。.。 { @youngkopa} nonhuman sentence starters
          “W-What are you?” (From Human Oliver.)


“… is that truly your finest greeting? i must admit i am quite disheartened by your callousness.” zhan tiri figured ghosts to be a common enough phenomenon or superstition to cross over that pesky speed bump of encountering an immortal being such as herself… but apparently there was more apprehension than it was worth exploring, “consider me a who. Who am I? Well, that’s a wonderful question to ask!”

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@youngkopa​ wants an animal companion!
Requested Muse: Tiffany


Tiffany is sitting quietly in her unit, listening to the other cats around her complain about being locked up. Oh get over it, she thinks to herself. You didn’t really expect the humans to let you wander and ruin their precious shelter did you?

Her head turns to look at her unit mate: a small orange tabby kitten, currently lying in the corner upset. He’s new, and since the other units are full they had decided to put him in with her. She gets up and wanders over, being cautious in case he was one of the more feral ones, before settling down near him and gently nudging his cheek with her nose.

“It’ll be okay. You’re cute. Someone will adopt you soon.”

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@youngkopa​ liked for a starter

“Oh, careful!” Rapunzel cried steadying the little boy who had run into her and bending down to retrieve the ball he had been chasing.

“Here you are,” she said handing the ball to the boy and smiling warmly.

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β—‰(to Jessica.)

◉ Face-Lands-In-Cleavage cliche

“Why do I have a feeling you did that on purpose?” Jessica asked.

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It’s Sinday! Send 💋 to straight up kiss my muse!

The little feline boy had always held a soft spot within her heart as she gave him a quick hug, she felt his chaste lips upon her cheek and she let out a laughter that was filled to the brim with warmth.  

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