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#your faces look so similar?


#flick ticks, #i will say now that i've slept on it the shit i said last night was. very petty so i'm gonna go clear those out, #i definitely see where u got the idea that i'm an egomaniac based on those posts, #edit: i'm not lying to my therapist; i'm telling her i know i fucked up and i know i was the one who caused everything to go south in our, #relationship. i've been taking responsibility this whole time but i think what's happening is i never have the right words to say about, #everything. i have no reason to lie about what i did tbh- why would i lie about having hurt someone? i'm not *that* shitty, #it is entirely: i genuinely don't know what the right thing to do is. i genuinely didn't know how to control myself. i Genuinely wanted to, #fix things. it took me about a week to figure out ''hm maybe i shouldn't be doing this in case it goes wrong'' but i was so determined to, #fix everything that i was unfortunately willing to take that risk. and guess what! it fucked me over in the end who would've guessed lmao, #and yeah! i know! i know now more than ever, #i realize i'm getting my stories mixed up..... i do that too lmao...., #ok complete upfront honesty: i knew pretty early on that what i was doing might end up backfiring but i was so determined to fix everything, #i'm trying to learn that there are some things i can't fix. it's unfortunately taking a lot of stupid mistakes on my end to learn that, #but yeah. again if you have anything you'd like to say to my face you're more than welcome to. no pressure tho, #edit2: also yea i am obsessive lmao. no denying that either. i wanna say its bc when someone gives me their love & affection i kinda, #latch onto them and refuse to let go bc i wasn't given that kind of attention growing up & now i am Painfully desperate, #to get it wherever i can lmao...... i grew up very attention/affection starved & look where it got me sngnskgns, #the takeaway tho is that i don't Want to be agonizingly clingy.......its just how i am rn bc of how i grew up y'know?, #& i know your shit was kinda similar at least but everyone handles shit differently, #that's not to sat i'm always going to be like this or i'm like. Denying anything- it is genuinely just How I Am bc of the shit i went thru, #i'm going to change that but for now it's. yea. i'm a work in progress. we're both still young we've got all the time in the world to, #get our shit sorted
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