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ersatzshield291 a year ago
I'm gonna tomorrow driving in the Study to are new test! But can't hold it back today to my arts #drawyouratyle or #drawthisyourstyle
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Because I'll drizzle be a around to the style! Just try like this right now! I hope you can like it all, please, get to going!馃榿馃憤
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blueskittlesart 8 months ago
oh em gee, what if kris was in ace attorney? would they look like? 馃憖
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the prosecution is about to throw an axe at you
(also bonus full kris sprite lol)
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soldrawss 7 months ago
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I care them 馃挋馃А
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upperranktwo 4 months ago
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鈽員suyu Asui - Rainy Season Hero: Froppy鈽
Happy Birthday聽Margaux 鈾 @gizaoyas鈥
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calcium-cat 5 months ago
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Wow ok, this is actually my first time posting one of my drawings on this app, but I just wanted to draw this scene from chapter 6 of the story 鈥淥ne small Dream鈥. I wanted to share it to @calcium-cat cuz her drawings are preeetty much the main reason why I drew this馃槄
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Everything about this is amazing!! I just love all the little details you put into backgrounds here, and how cute Dream looks as he鈥檚 singing to Dust!! And you did such a good job capturing Nightmare鈥檚 reaction to overhearing the long forgotten lullaby!! So cute but so angsty at the same time, it鈥檚 perfect!!!
Thank you so much for drawing this scene!!聽馃挅
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foxsoulcourt 2 months ago
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From VOGUE 23 March 2022
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moon-sun-thyme 5 months ago
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The last hours in 2021 - my last drawing in 2021
Wishing you all a healthy, happy and relaxed 2022
Lots of love !!!
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meammy84124 2 months ago
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moms and random. lol
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mmmwafflesart 7 months ago
hi!! this is out of nowhere but I just wanted to say something to some artists who have inspired me and/or I look up to!
oh my god, your art is so much fun. where do I even begin. I don't know how you do it but everything you draw just has the best vibes. your coloring, your style, it's all just. so much fun. the way you draw characters just makes me feel like I could dance and have fun with them without any fear of judgement. the coloring, shading, line art, everything works together so nicely and it's so pleasing to look at. and you, lemon and Mae's au?? I am so excited to see more, the triplets are definitely on my list of things to draw.
you're an amazing artist waffles! I love everything you draw and I look forward to every time you post!!
hey so, this ask made me so freaking happy and
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oops my hand slipped
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senditothemoonn 6 months ago
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This is fanart for one of moonlighten鈥檚 fics called Easy Exercises which you should totally read HERE
it鈥檚 part of a series of fics about scotfra and the uk bros and if you follow me, chances are you鈥檝e definitely already read it because they鈥檙e like the pillar holding up the scotfra fandom and oh my god their writing is amazing and I could rant about them all day BUT I WONT (but I will in the tags) and just AHH when I read this fic it made me smile SO HARD and I just kind of wanted to draw it. Honestly I would draw fanart for every single fic in that series if I had the time - it鈥檚 so great please read it
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kittlesandbugs 2 months ago
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"It's not like the old days, I can pay for my own dinner." "Are you sure?" Ortega looks hesitant. "I can never tell with the way you dress." "With the way I dress?" You give him a long look, crossing your arms. "I mean..." he realizes he's stepped in it, but tries to backtrack. "I mean it's fashion I suppose." "You don't have to flatter me," you say, mollified by his embarrassment. "I look the way I want to." "Joking aside, you do look better. Healthier." "Everything changes. I don't see why I shouldn't."
Malin Ryden, Fallen Hero Retribution (Alpha Build)
Outfit line up commission drawn by @impossible-rat-babies, thank you for your divine work bringing my Sidestep鈥檚 terrible 90鈥瞫 skater boy wardrobe to life. 馃グ馃挏馃槏
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silmaspens a year ago
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These little style homages have been going around so I thought I鈥檇 jump on the bandwagon, there鈥檚 so many great artists in this fandom it鈥檚 overwhelming! I singled some out and attempted to draw my Silmarillion character designs in their unique styles:
@busymagpie @celebrimbot @felixwhetsel @arlenianchronicles @cy-lindric @astronymus @mandhos @tar-miki
I had a lot of fun doing these and it really made me appreciate their artwork in such a deeper way,,, we are truly blessed to have each and everyone of them in this little corner of tumblr 馃挍
#I was gonna draw each of your character concepts too#but alas my style changes with every drawing and it wasn鈥檛 consistent at all :(#anywho let me tell you nice things about each artist in the comments :#busymagpie: friend your blending and coloring are next level! I couldn鈥檛 even come close to your technique! & I鈥檓 in love with your ears???#bless you#celebrimbot: master of anatomically correct posing and sephiroth bangs! your able to capture expressions so flawlessly it鈥檚 insane!#thank you for celeborn in new balance tennis shoes#I owe you my life#felixwhetsel: okay first off your style is adorable. the way you draw noses is precious and I鈥檓 a huge fan#secondly you鈥檙e amazing at simplifying and stylizing your characters forms! so much is portrayed through so little#masterful technique friend!#arlenianchronicles: um girl you鈥檙e kindness personified so jot that down real fast#and yeah??? your characters are all so consistent and beautiful and emotional??? I mean how do you do that so well??? teach me your ways#thank you for your wonderful contributions to this corner of the Internet 馃挍馃挍馃挍#cy-lindric: okay so you鈥檙e one of my major artistic inspirations! your drawings radiate this elegant playfulness and I鈥檓 absolutely in awe#the way you add highlights to hair and clothing and jewelry is just *chef鈥檚 kiss*#you are truly a master *not worthy* thank you for existing and blessing us with your beautiful artworks and animations!#astronymus: my rockin rolkien tolkien friend your Maedhros and Roberto drawings are my all time favorite things#your traditional pencil work is so confident and delicate at the same time it blows my mind#I wish I had half of your talent! thank you for the inspiration <3#mandhos: okay um... who gave you permission to color like that?? save some of that creativity for the rest of us friend!#you make highlight and shadow choices that I would never think to make and I鈥檓 so jealous of that!!!#all of your pieces are conceptual masterpieces and I didn鈥檛 even come close to replicating it! you鈥檙e incredible!!!#tar-miki: thank you for stopping on this planet while you traverse the galaxy bestowing wonderful art#your style is so unique and I had such a fun time trying to replicate it!#your loving attention to eyes is marvelous! there鈥檚 so much emotion packed in them it really just takes your drawings to the next level!#Omf and don鈥檛 get me started on your clothing and coloring choices??? perfection??? God bless you!#again theres so many more artists I wanted to include! maybe next time??? if I can make myself do it???#thank you for your contributions to the Tolkien community everybody 馃挍馃挍馃挍#silmart
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niirasri 7 months ago
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Day 1: Fav character 馃槍
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agardenintheshire 6 months ago
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鈥溾業t is a gift I bring you from the Lady of Rivendell,鈥 answered Halbarad. 鈥楽he wrought it in secret, and long was the making.鈥 The Return of the King, The Passing of the Grey Company
聽鈥淎nd then wonder took [Eomer], and a great joy; and he cast his sword up in the sunlight and sang as he caught it. And all eyes followed his gaze, and behold! Upon the foremost ship a great standard broke, and the wind displayed it as she turned towards the Harlond. There flowered a White Tree, and that was for Gondor; but Seven Stars were about it, and a high crown above it, the signs of Elendil that no lord had borne for years beyond count. And the stars flamed in the sunlight, for they were wrought of gems by Arwen daughter of Elrond; and the crown was bright in the morning, for it was wrought of mithril and gold.鈥 The Return of the King, The Battle of the Pelennor Fields
My @officialtolkiensecretsanta gift for @arwenindomiel 鉁 I hope you enjoy this little Arwen edit and have absolutely lovely holidays!
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atlantic-riona 11 months ago
entirely sick of the idea that women are only strong if they are the physical equals of men. like this whole thing in literature (and basically every other type of media) where the author is like "wow! look at this strong (and sexy) woman who can punch a man or wave a sword around!! she's so strong and amazing!! and anybody who finds fault with this in the story is a stereotypically sexist ugly man 馃槍"
like for once can I get a story about feminine strengths?? women do not have to be able to punch people in order for them to have worth or be effective. they could hold political power, or societal influence, or even just have a non-combat skill, like science or weaving or something!! or even just be an ordinary woman who cannot take on people in a Hollywood style, showy fight, like most of the women I know!! come on!!
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princeanxious 9 days ago
I reblogged some of your old fanarts and I'm just. Wow. Like. I've been following you for *so long* and I don't think I ever told you this before but you are honestly one of my favorite artists in this fandom. Seeing some of your old drawings was really a blast from the past. You've improved so much in the last few years and I'm glad I got to see that <3
Keep up the good work! I hope you are doing ok <3
Just. Aaaaaaa. Aaaaaa!!!!!!!
I am struggling so hard w/ words but like. This ask means so much to me, friend. I'm just gonna sit in the corner and happy stim for a while okay? xD
And honestly, the feeling is mutual馃挍 seeing your art and working alongside you as a mutual and fellow sanders sides artist has been an absolute blast over the years and i look forward to wherever it goes in the future!! You've always been an inspiration for me to try improve and create over the years, and knowing I had enough of an impact to be one of your favorites makes me disbelievingly happy and happy stim w/ uncontrolled happy??
So I hope you have a lovely week and that you, too, are also doing okay! Stay safe and much love from this lil emo nerd prince happy stimming like a dork from validation from a super cool friend!! 馃挍馃挍馃挍
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skitter-kitter 5 months ago
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Superhero || Pokemon X & Y Lyric Animation by @shepscapades
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treehouseandmushrooms a year ago
Hello!! Just hopping by to say your art is wonderful and im so glad to have such a talented artist in the infinity train fandom!! Seriously it's . So soft... That's all. Have an amazing day:]
i drew this for u <3
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cloudgeal 11 months ago
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I made some art for hide and seek! It鈥檚 not amazing but I wanted to show some love, I am really enjoying your fic!!
Thank you!!!! omg I鈥檓 love them so much ;O; This is absolutely amazing!! Izuku being so happy chilling in the scarf and leg!!! LEG!! Owl legs are so wonky I love them so much! There is definitely a photo taken either by Mic or Aizawa and Izuku thinks it鈥檚 the most embarrassing thing ever, because excuse me?? Those are his practically naked legs they now have saved on their phone and will probably print out!!
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finiffy a month ago
How do I draw kids lmao??
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The start of a long and beautiful friendship, and their ever first exposure of creating a their first ever breach at the amazing age of 6
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