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🔷Truly know your value ♥️ Transform your life ✦ Spiritual awakening

Truly know your value. Transform your life. Open up to a spiritual awakening. God, life or evolution, however you refer to the source,  wanted us here and hence it called us forth. God already declared that we are of value, and it only brings things of value, that it needs to continue itself, to contribute to whatever life  or God or evolution is doing at this point in time. Nothing exists until it’s time, until it has been called forth.   Life creates billions of people, long before me and you and will do so long after me and you are gone. So life had options, it is not out of options. Life didn’t choose us because there were no other options.  There were billions of options. Life chose us because it was consciously choosing us. It understands and knows our value.

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Note to any writer aiming for publication – you should NEVER have to pay anyone for publication. They pay you. That’s how it works. If you’re talking legitimate. Publishing companies offering these amazing packages that want you to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars upfront for their company to publish your book…no. They pay you up front for the rights to your story, for the rights to your book, for the rights to publish it. That doesn’t cost you. It pays you. Your story is gold, so don’t let anyone and their scams make you think it’s coal. You know very well – with patience, endurance, and determination, it will shine like the diamond it is. Believe in your dream and believe in yourself.

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The great also have great flaws.
A diamond without flaw is a diamond without fire.
Beautiful flaws are more valuable than perfection, for each flaw is unique and rare in its own right.
You are not made less by that which is different in you, no, you are made greater still.
What you are is blindingly rare and fantastic in ways that earthly minds cannot measure. There is no granularity fine enough to map out the tiny and deep cracks of your soul, no yardstick to stretch across the breadth of your spirit.

Never confuse the world’s inability to measure your value with your true worth. They have limited tools and yet would measure the limitless.

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