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#your work is special!!
intermundia · a day ago
Other fic writers who’ve written multichaps, if you’re like me, you had no idea just how rare your work is. I had no idea that LT at 187k was one of 0.4% of the archive.
How many AO3 fanworks are novel length or longer? from toastystats:
Tumblr media
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srapsodia · 2 months ago
“This truly is a good spot. It’s quieter, here, away from the crush of people. And Jaskier had just known, forgoing the opportunity for dancing and celebrating with dozens of strangers to sit up here, with him, away from the overwhelming noise. He’d lead Geralt away without needing to be told he was struggling - not that Geralt ever would tell him - and brought him here with soft certainty that he’d find it far more comfortable than any of the taverns below.”
Fan animatic for @a-kind-of-merry-war’s lovely Froggy Postcard fic (part 2, make sure to check part 1 as well!)
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darkfinch · 2 months ago
i think that parker and quinn should be Weird Reluctant Friends but i also think that if they were let within 10 ft of each other for more than 15 minutes without outside supervision something, somewhere, would explode. a bank vault perhaps
#i get ''socialize with me as a person and i'll kill u'' vibes from this gentleman but parker doesnt socialize#parker just shows up and sits next to u and does her own thing. like a cat#theyre both cute little weird people just having fun in their fields...but with a sharp rithless side. also they can pick on eliot 2gether#but like. the. unbridled joyful crime-themed chaos that would occur. unparalleled#also i think (sniper) (photographer) quinn likes to Be high up but tends to take the stairs and parkers like. im gonna change ur life#put on this harness we're gonna get to the top of this building @ record speed & then People Watch To Take Notes On Human Behaviour#theyre the same age and quinn would be on the same Weird Loner Forcefully Adopted Into Loving Found Fambly path as she was ;')#I ALSO....purely hc bc quinn has 6 mins of screentime#but i hc that quinn got an Early Start to his life of crime and so is socially a little isolated & doesnt have a lot of like.#non-work hobbies. hobbies without work-related purpose#so i think he'd appreciate parker's single-minded Thief Theme to her special interests#I WISH QUINN AND ALEC WOULD BE PALS but i think they would take a while to warm up to each other#the funniest of reasons being that alecs fun nice normal well-adjusted friend vibes would like#ping every Suspicion alarm in quinns brain. why is alec offering to scrub me from this security feed for a solo job i did#why did he make me a fake passport in his free time. eliot. eliot. eliot. is this a. Grift#eliot your nerd keeps asking me if ive seen star wars#finchtalks#wow. tag talk time again i guess huh
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sobsicles · 5 months ago
My favorite things Sam did in the show
yells at his father repeatedly
flirts with demons (multiple)
threatens to shoot god before he knew it was god, then follows through years later after learning it was god
yells at babies because they're crying, and he feels his suffering is greater
kills his grandfather (mom's side)
unironically gives dietary advice when he's consumed demon blood in the past
has sex with the mother of the king of hell who had sex with his brother
plays in a genital herpes commercial
tries to be a good half-brother, finds out his half-brother is an asshole, then basically says "oh you'll fit right in"
stops having sex when it becomes abundantly clear that his dick is cursed
still gets seduced by rowena and eileen anyway (not his fault, who can blame him?)
is always the first to say "hey slow down, maybe this monster is an okay monster, maybe this monster can be friend?"
gets jealous when someone has access to better technology than him
teaches teenagers how to break the law and get away with it
is generally a happy drunk
boops dean's nose when he's high on drugs (prescribed) in a mental hospital
sam: "do you like to play with your food? roll over, lucky. speak." the skinwalker they've got tied up: "go to hell." sam: "already been. didn't agree with me."
gives literal death the hand ✋ (like he literally does, and he says "no one's asking you" to death, like lmaoooo what a legend)
lets his brother chase him around trying to hit him with a hammer just to lure him into an embrace with the angel he's had a weird relationship with for the last seven years or so
is in awe and stunned by the fact that eileen wants him bc she's so amazing (as he should bc he's right😌💅)
calls the king of hell useless
spends five minutes alone with cas and immediately works in unison with him to create an environment so chaotic that no one leaves them alone anymore
nods in agreement when he's told that he and his brother are terrible people
has a really cool imaginary friend
has a very, very hard head (literal)
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madmensideblog · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Every Episode of Mad Men The Grown-Ups — Season 3, Episode 12 dir. Barbet Schroeder
“We have a new president, and we’re all gonna be sad for a little bit. And then on Monday, there’s gonna be a funeral.”
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destellolunar · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AN AUTHOR'S JOURNEY: @klarolineagainnaturally [ao3]
A little tribute for blessing this fandom with all of your beautiful creations. Here is a list of some of my favorites fics you have written! Thank you, Lottie! 
Summary: Canon Divergent- Caroline and Klaus start an affair after finding out Tyler’s cheating, and this leads to a series of event that favor this beautiful OTP.
Before We Meet Again For the First Time
Summary: Klaroline Drabble Request Fulfilment for yelenablackwidownatasha on Tumblr: Please do Caroline and Klaus meet when Caroline was younger, but he changed her memory or something. In the present, Klaus is giving them back! If you could.
The Most Damning Reason
Summary: Prompt:"We got paired up in this project together and oh fuck i’ve been harboring a crush on you for like two years what do i do now (mutual pining included)"
Psychedelic Kicks
Summary: 1969. The Summer of Love. Klaus Mikaelson has flown across the pond to attend the prestigious Harvard Law School. "Coincidentally", his brother Elijah could not find him an apartment in time, leaving him to stay with a group of Americans. Among those Americans is the perky, yet demanding, Caroline Forbes. A hippie dippie love story with life-changing events.
Bored of Games
Summary: kc + enemies + everyone thinks we hate each other but we’re secretly hooking up/dating behind their backs.
The Welsh Dragon
Summary: Leading a double life wasn’t the dream Caroline pictured, nor was hunting down a creature that could be more ways than one.
Two Slow Dancers
Summary: Inspired by Mitski's Two Slow Dancers. Caroline Forbes would be the first to admit she hadn't exactly kept in touch and that her reasoning was irrational at best, but she could handle a ten year reunion! Absolutely! She was definitely not worried about running into the love of her life that had left her heartbroken, no! Caroline Forbes was stronger than that.
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aro-culture-is · 3 months ago
aro culture is spending your whole life thinking you’re an extrovert but really you’re just a major introvert with minor ambivert tendencies
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undertalethingems · 4 months ago
How do you do your comic pages? Do you use a special drawing software that give you the option of editing the dimensions of the panels? Or is it all free handed? I'm asking because I'm trying to draw a fan comic myself, and I use FireAlpaca, which gives me the option of exiting the borders and panels of comic pages, but I dont like some of its features. How do you make your pages?
my "special drawing software" is a super old version of photoshop elements XD it's from 2009, and somehow i still haven't found another program that i like better for text editing or setting up panels--mostly because it's super straightforward. there's plenty of other things it's not good at--for example, i don't think it can do outlined shapes, and it's really not the best for digital painting. So, I use other programs for that.
Anyway, when it comes to making comic pages the way i do, you can probably use the same basic technique in other programs because it's ultimately very simple. All i do to make my panels is use the shape tool to make boxes in the sizes and shapes i want; in photoshop, these shapes can automatically 'snap' into alignment with one another, which makes keeping them to a standardized size easy. so that might be something your program doesn't have--you could probably just use the rectangular selection tool and delete edges that don't line up.
once i make all the panels i need, i merge them all onto one layer, and then do all my drawing and shading in clipped layers above the comic panels. Clipped layers are super useful and let me draw without worrying about going over the edges of the panels below, and i usually only ever need a few--one for lineart, one for "color", and one for shading the backgrounds. text, speech bubbles, and other effects go over those.
so, there's no real trick to it; i know some programs let you draw comic panels and then 'cut' them to create new borders (called gutters, i think), but i haven't figured those out so i just use this cheap method.
hope that helped ^^
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allisoooon · 5 months ago
Hargreeves sibling meanness
I think only children in this fandom have some confusion about siblings being mean to each other.
It’s not that all meanness between siblings is harmless ribbing.  Siblings can be really, really mean to each other.
It’s just that meanness from your sibling hurts a lot less than if someone else said the same thing in the same way.  And usually it takes, like, an hour tops before you’re back to normal.  You will say shit to your sibling that you would never say to anyone else, and vice versa, get furious with them, and have that anger burn out really quickly because you know neither of you really means it.
Siblings don’t usually “make up” unless something truly heinous happens.  We don’t really say “thank you,” either.  Those things are formalities we have the privilege to skip with each other.
So, some things, like saying, “I still think you’re an idiot,” after they’ve saved your life, that’s just how siblings say, “Thank you” or, “My arm hurts but I’m too manly to let on.” If they’re accurate or specific, like calling your ape-bodied sibling a monkey, they’re rude.  If they’re hostile, like, “No one needs your shit, Klaus, that’s why you’re always alone,” then that’s mean, but not something that will get taken to heart once the explosion of anger dies down.
Physical abuse crosses a line.  If they’re fighting back on equal terms at your father’s funeral, they’re fair game, but if you’re locking them in an anechoic chamber indefinitely after smothering them into unconsciousness, that’s unacceptable.
In conclusion, yes, the Hargreeves siblings can be really mean to each other—but none of them take it personally.
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rat-zuki · 2 months ago
deku likes to inhale ur scent even when ur a bit musty. if u ever come home from the gym/any physical activity all sweaty he’s all up on u. i’d like to believe he has a scent kink. ur dirty panties r not safe
p-please.. the way he’d be on you the second you shut the front door, pushing you up against the wall while he falls to his knees so he can.. so he can shove his nose into your stink. @_@
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mcchasruinedme · 5 months ago
Let's face it, one of the main reasons everyone loves mcc is not only for mcc itself (which is incredibly gorgeous), but for the post-mcc chatting.
It's just- there's this strange joy you feel when you see a bunch of players who wouldn't normally interact that much hop in a call with others and talk about whatever comes on their mind. It's also a great insight into what your favourite cc is actually like, how they talk with others when they're not rp-ing, or whatever. There could be ten people in the call and only one person would be live, just hopping around the server, and yet the viewer count barely goes down because let's face it, this is also what we're here for.
A few main instances I remember are MCC 7, where Techno joined Dream's vc and they talked like 45 minutes straight about what they did and felt (so much rivalstwt content it was amazing), MCC10 where it was Tommy, Wil, Techno, Tubbo, Philza, Niki, Pokimane- who would've thought? There was also MCC12, on Phil's stream, where a bunch of them were on a crown and Wilbur really wanted to 'go inside it', and a CaptainPuffy stream (idr when) where Dream and a bunch were in the call (Noxite was there too? I think?) And they were talking about MCC in general. I also can't forget the memorable MCC...13? Where Wilbur punched his CPU to end the stream with others in the call.
(Of course, I've only mostly watched Techno's POVs of this, so if anyone has anything more I'd love it if you would add it)
And I think that that adds a charm to MCC that makes it really special. As the high of the tournament and Dodgebolt wears off, they just chill and relax and talk about whatever they want. People congratulate each other, laugh about funny things that happened, and have a great time in general. There's no expectations, no strategy-hell half the time the creators forget they're even streaming- basically, it's just a time to vibe.
So basically tl;dr: post-mcc talks are lovely because we get to chill and laugh, as do the creators, fun times all around baby.
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samodivas · a year ago
idk call me crazy but maybe cottagecore isn’t an evil White (TM) propaganda machine in its essence, and maybe some of us just like the idea of a house in a village, or by the woods, away from this nightmarish existance, with appreciation towards our native folklore, perhaps particularly those of us who’s countries have been fucking decimated by economic, political and/or social devastation in the past century :)
Edit since this is getting popular: this has nothing to do with the North American “untouched land“ ideal. I’m literally talking about village life in places where the locals have been for millenia, accross the world, not America, and not solely Europe. This is a reaction specifically to the claim that such ways of life are inherently colonialist, capitalist or white supremacist - there’s been comparisons with the WW2 “farm for aryan glory“ propaganda and shit like that.
Edit 2: about the tags
#y'all love throwing around the word 'indigenous' to prove your point but all you do is showcase your ignorance#obviously there's issues within this trend that need to be addressed but you are all reducing it to your narrow#black and white ideas on how society works and just.... Godddd you're really something special
These tags are specifically in reference to Americans refering to one group as “indigenous” to Europe, on a purely racial basis. The same basis that nazis used to determine that that same group deserved to be exterminated - a handful of common physical features. They are not the only group that deserves visibility and respect, and reparrations.
I don’t expect Americans to know, let alone care, about the nuance of ethnic tension and discrimination outside the USA. The point was applying the absolutely same lens, with no thought to the actual history or social dynamics to all of them.At that point it wasn’t even about cottagecore (it’s a dumb trend, whatever) so much as US-centricism.
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theater-flags · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
trans flag, picked from mitsuha miyamizu and taki tachibana of your name!
requested by anon
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storm-driver · 10 months ago
still baffled that Axel remembered Ventus all those years later when he saw Roxas and chose to say nothing about it. and then when everyone was like “oh we gotta find Ventus,” Axel didn’t mention that Roxas looked IDENTICAL to Ventus because that probably could’ve been a good fucking thing to know going into KH3 
#kingdom hearts#i ranted a lil in the tags im sorry#i am still of the opinion that ventus' connection to sora was handled poorly in kh3#because first of all you dont just learn about where one of your ally's hearts is and just say 'oh cool#moving on'#fuck you mickey#that was a big deal and it should've been TREATED as one#and second that special connection they had did jackshit during the rest of the game#like there's the implications that sora lost his shit and charged terra recklessly BECAUSE it was ven that got struck down first#but that is ONLY speculation and we have not gotten any confirmation on that#and his reaction in remind#to try and catch ven's body and looking behind himself to see he'd failed completely and ventus had still been wasted#that was some touching shit and i want MORE OF IT#like prior to releasing ventus that shit was so important#ventus quite literally shaped how roxas looked and felt as a person#and he made sora speak up several times to try and find aqua#basically made sora more impulsive about going after her than sora already was#he spoke up when vanitas appeared and showed that his heart being inside sora was enough to physically affect sora if vanitas was nearby#and ventus was also able to just make sora freeze in place by trying to reach out to him and let him know he could wake up#but AS SOON as ventus is out of that throne it's like they're just two dudes working in the same office building#which sucks and i want them to be friends more than that
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