yours-sincerelyy · 7 months ago
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“My success comes only through Allah. In Him I trust and to Him I turn.” — Quran (11:88)
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ayaaaa-95 · 7 months ago
بما أن البلوج بتاعك جميل ممكن ترشحيلي ناس اتابعهم؟
انتي اللي بلوجاتك الكتيره اللي جميله يا غاده 😁 تسلمي ❤️🌻
انا بخاف انسى حاجه بس هو كل اللي بعمل ريبلوج من عندهم حلوين
@ghozydes @ghadasaleh94 @gajo1987 @nour-ma @nuoriyn @fatmayounissss @fl-uoxetine @amna2 @amr-m @sarah--adel @comforting-zone @yours-sincerelyy @your-fav-sky @nouranelebyary @mostafa-hamza @mahael3base @as-told-by-ahmad @alizaghloul@bonboony @shaimaafekry @shaahd @shadia-classic @khalid-genius @khaledalotaisblog @e-slam @nix-199x@sherif-abo-ghazala93 @aureat
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rueyam · a year ago
Könntest du mir bitte einige gute Blogs empfehlen? Ich bin ziemlich neu auf Tumblr ☺️💗
@ihlamurlugeceler @duladevi @mai-jou @e-oe @suemix @ruyenur @cusale @f-atigue @flowerukht @wordstohealyou @naaseeb @sabrjml @plum-japonais @redrola @pantheleo @afiyah3 @x-md5 @arsxrtis @axx-dunyaa @deinhochzeitstag @lindacrv @melodiiia @melschii @laveeyla @yours-sincerelyy @arvbicsoul @escapeethemadnesss @theflowerinhijab @hh-sh @roses-and-elixir @oddarabian @aazizam
Und so viele mehr, die mir nicht einfallen 🤍
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livefortheday-tomorrow · 7 months ago
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Post your lock screen, the last song you listened to, and the last photo I took:
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My lockscreen is Masjid al Kufa in Iraq from my visit in 2015
The last picture I took was of these Rambutan fruits which I found when I was doing groceries becuase they looked weird
The last song I listened to was (idk if this is the name of the song) lean on me when I was watching America's Got Talent sung by a choir of nurses.
I'll tag @meuvre @pokjh @yours-sincerelyy @watamazing
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kkerim · 9 months ago
Gute Blogs? ☺️
@qalb @melschii @qamaruun @jannah-js @julaibib @yours-sincerelyy
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fromhersoul · 11 months ago
🌺 Send this to ten other bloggers you think are wonderful. Keep the game going. 🌺
Thank you very much✨🌸
@ummhaya @curiositykilledthejinn @deinhochzeitstag @julaibib @jannah-awaits @miraxmind @muhtesemz @noorinhereyes @themuslimistofficial @yours-sincerelyy
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halfthebluesky · 10 months ago
@afiyah3 thank you lovely for tagging me, loved reading your facts 🤍
5 facts about me
1. I applied to nursing school in January 2021!
2. I love slow love songs, particularly in Hindi
3. Even though Urdu is my first language, I can’t speak Urdu anymore! I can still comprehend it
4. Whenever I wear earrings and lipstick, I feel very feminine and pretty!
5. I started watching Korean dramas back in high school (2015-2016?) and recently started watching again
I tag: @uildaan @afghan-blood @imanetsabr @faithlovin @yours-sincerelyy @axx-dunyaa @haya-atii @lov-e-lish @asoftloveliness
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axx-dunyaa · a year ago
Favorite Blog ?
Oh, actually i have not only one favorite blog..these are some of my fav‘s. But of course i also like every other blog from whom i reblog every day🤍🐣
@milyaket @my1ove @melschii @arsxrtis @mai-jou @cusale @ihlamurlugeceler @yours-sincerelyy @sslenophile
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youthfull · a year ago
Fav blogs?
@e-leasha @sabrinesoasis @r6 @jee-q @mindofserenity @butterflyffxct @r4biia @banaaniy @m3lii9a @concide @yours-sincerelyy
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teilzeitgeliebte · a year ago
Ich mag deinen Blog sehr. Kannst du mir ähnliche Blogs empfehlen?
Vielen lieben Dank♥️ Es gibt echt unglaublich viele schöne Blogs Ano und ich persönlich lasse mich sehr gerne von @ruyenur @oddarabian @yours-sincerelyy @duladevi @miraxmind @fiqalbic @roya-m und @znbb inspirieren♥️ Gibt natürlich noch mehr, aber an die denke ich zuerst🌹
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stormsinsolitude · a year ago
Fave blogs?
@sufferconsciously @yours-sincerelyy @lightuponlight1 @julaibib @delezahra
Many many more that I unfortunately cannot recall
Anyone who I reblog from, I like
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yours-sincerelyy · a month ago
You ask me about true love and I speak to you of all the times God has saved me.
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beshnav · 2 years ago
I was tagged by @marsupial-medichlorian to describe myself using pics i already have 😀 this is one of my favs to do!!!!!!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I tag @deadtigris @hussainthemvp @baqlavas @bintelgranada @babaswole @queenjafari @p-aradis @alberolingarn @yours-sincerelyy @lovenpomegranates 🤩🤩🤩‼️‼️‼️
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rayasor · 2 years ago
Top 3 fav blogs ?
I cant really say 3..i like a lot of blogs!
@bakwaaas @yours-sincerelyy @barakah-x @islamic-art-and-quotes @bintalkhaleej @londoninlove @znbb @poeticxmind @runtothefuture @beautyofsoulsss @goldhijabi @julaibib @thinkofitasablessing
And the list goes on basically everybody that i follow lol❤❤❤
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trojansblr · 2 years ago
Trial number one.
Tumblr media
You encounter a serial killer, what do you do, player? 
> I choose to run.
> I choose to scream.
> I choose to pass out.
> I choose to face him.
> I choose to be saved by someone. 
Select your answer and be prepared for the outcome. 
@getmemyfries . @abangtanfangirl . @worldwidebt7 . @sincerelyys . @callingholly . @hwanggeum-ashi . @silviasgotyourback . @triggeredtessa . @investigativelewis . @la-vie-en-tae . @bunnybubkook . @file-missing . @enchantedesme . @victoriadecouto . @niniklip
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bennasc · 2 years ago
Pass the happy! 💜 When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications!
AHH so many things make me happy!!$$:!/!!
1. My family and friends ofcourse ❤️
2. Praying
3. Good music & poetry
4. Dressing up/doing my makeup
5. Going on adventures & being annoying I LOVE ANNOYING PEOPLE
@yours-sincerelyy thanks, love ur blog btw!!
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uresuchadork · 2 years ago
Haunted Stories
I'm thinking this'll be right up your alley. also, @triggeredtessa @callingholly @sincerelyys you guys might enjoy these too 👻👻
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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rmkive12 · 2 years ago
when you call your friend but you don’t succeed... yes @sincerelyys this is for you
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p-i-n-k-melancholy · 2 years ago
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my ideal weather would be comfortably sunny in the early morning throughout the afternoon, with soft heat that caresses your back as you walk, and a calm breeze. trees and flowers blossoming, some leaves decorating the floor. brightness decreases&it becomes colder as sunlight farewells the sky, until we reach rain and sometimes gentle snow. perfect nights for tea, cuddles and layers of blankets. rain continues and slowly dissolves into the next sunrise.
text cr. @yours-sincerelyy
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getbestlyrics · 2 months ago
My Little Love Lyrics – Adele
My Little Love Lyrics – Adele
Presenting the lyrics of the song “My Little Love” sung by Adele. The producer of this song is Greg Kurstin. Song Details Song: My Little LoveSinger: AdeleProduced by: Greg KurstinAlbum: 30 (Target Exclusive)Written By: Greg Kurstin & Adele Song Lyrics My little loveI see your eyes widen like an oceanWhen you look at me so full of my emotionsI’m findin’ it hard to be here sincerelyI know you…
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