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#youtube drama

Ugh, finally left the Edwin’s Generation/Homeboy’s Got Receipts stream. I usually just unsubscribe and ignore creators I hate but I actually like the guy sometimes lol. But tonight, man he was just a mess. Sometimes you get a peek when he literally fights with people in the comments but he has a really toxic side to him that just fires off randomly sometimes.

Tonight, it was supposed to be about the Chris Hanson Onision documentary, instead it was mostly about criticism from another YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn. More or less what happened was that no YouTuber wanted to be on the documentary because of the lack of trust and the fact that everyone doubted they would keep the victims who wanted to remain private out of the show. Edwin joined anyway despite literally everyone else warning him not to do it and be careful so, he made a stream where he got drunk and heated, even when he wasn’t drunk though, he made a bunch of remarks saying how “Everything is okay” he’d talked to producers and “thoroughly vetted” them to make sure the private victims wouldn’t be exploited. Big Shocker, it happened anyway. Jaclyn then made reviews of the episodes and criticized how Edwin handled his info on and off the show.

The toxicity comes when just a few minutes ago (that I’m writing this) he made this whole stream freaking out and trying to start a fight with Jaclyn. Did she come off condescending, yes, should that affect the validity of her critique, no. She made some really good points but the fact is that Edwin just can’t take criticism. He cried and gas lit, “forgot” about the vitriol he was spitting in the chat, it was just awful.

To top it all off, something that Edwin has been criticized for the longest is the company he keeps. He tried to criticize Jaclyn for being friends with Blare White when ON STREAM Augie RFC defended Shane Dawson and his racist videos which then led up to EDWIN attempting to make a racist allegory about “Running into thugs and rappers in an alley” and having something bad happen to him.

Needless to say I’m out, but I wanted to express my final thoughts.

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Hi, thanks for sticking with me through the whip lash I’ve been giving everyone on this blog, I think I finally found my groove with how I want to approach topics and drama going on. I think the blog will get some rebranding with the “tea” stuff and It’ll just be more commentary posts on the situations. Thanks to people who have reached out to me after the drama channels post I made, you guys are very sweet and really helped me get back into writing.

I just want to preface this with a warning that I won’t include a lot of information about two individuals in this drama, I’m just going to focus on Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star in this situation because I think this is more important that the drama that went down. It is horrible what the hair stylist said about a certain influencer who wears a lot of pink, has been very controversial the past two years, and was a close friend of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson. 

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I am so glad that Trisha Paytas is finally speaking out against Shane “i’M aN eMpAtH” Dawson. Trisha isn’t a good person by any means, but she is SO loyal and for Shane to just treat her that way just so he can stay friends with Jerkface Starlord is despicable. I can’t believe I was ever a fan of him ffs

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Don’t know how controversial this take will be but I think if you run a YouTube Drama channel you legally should not be allowed to own land.

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If y’all cancelled Shane Dawson (as you should) but not Trisha Paytas, you are a hypocrite and transphobic against trans men.

Our suffering at her hands was negligible for you because our issues do not matter as much as your entertainment.

We barely even exist in discourse, we are invisible, and yet she still went out of her way to target our already incredibly marginalized community.

Everyone just used her BPD as an excuse for her transphobia and gave her a free pass because she’s funny on H3H3.

Like, damn, y’all are out here cancelling Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star with your whole hearts (rightfully so) as if she wasn’t out there doing the same shit.


Y’all remember this? I remember this.
She made a mockery of the struggles of trans men and its like everyone forgot overnight??

She’s built her entire career the same way Shane Dawson has.
Through bullying, fetishizing, and mocking POC, trans people, and every other minority under the sun.
She has actively used our genuine struggles to garner clout and spread misinformation and hate.

Don’t give me that

“BuT ShE hAD aN IdENtitY cRisiS fOr ReAL ThIs TiME”

bullshit. She has been profiting off of shit like this since the early 2000′s, it’s what she does. It was a fucking Zac Efron cosplay, you would have to be legitimately brain dead to think it wasn’t a stunt for attention.
Do y’all need things spelled out for you with alphabet magnets?


She’s a narcissistic troll that will do anything to stay relevant.

Just like her buddy Shane, she is normalizing bigotry under the guise of humor and trolling.
The shit she’s doing isn’t harmless.

Now she’s getting bullied by the toxic, racist community she surrounded herself with and everyone is all, “OhHhHh poor Trisha.”

Cry me a river.
I want you guys to have the same energy for Trisha that you do for Shane or you’re fake as shit and you’re not an ally to transgender men.

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So after my first two posts about Angelika and her situation, I thought that was it. Honestly, I expected her to either ignore everything completely or at least acknowledge that she needs to change her behavior, but she hasn’t.

What’s happening with Angelika is actually quite concerning as not only is it an issue for the commentary community as they have a huge channel like her being one of the few faces of it, but the affect her actions have on that reputation. 

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is…2016 like done? i mean technically it’s over, but is it done yet? bc culturally we have been dealing with the fallout of the one year for the next 4.5 years i mean maybe 2020 was different from other years but every year since ‘016 has had the same vaguely american passive hostility to it

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(You’re going to probably want to do your own research, I make no claims that they really did any of the things the askers claim, I’m only responding to what they bring to my attention. I’m pretty sure that these were real controversies I THINK a few years ago but with 2020 over my perception of time is off. Either way I am for sure not the expert on youtuber drama, I would suggest hopping in google and just looking it up yourself, it would probably be a hell of a lot more informative)

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Hi, wow, this has been something I’ve wanted to write for almost two years but it always felt like there wasn’t enough stuff to go off of.

Before I even get into everything, just know that I’m completely aware of what this blog is and that it centers around drama. There’s a reason my content and the tone of it has changed throughout the past two years and we’ll get into that when the time comes. I’m also critiquing myself in this post, just so no one thinks I’m being hypocritical.

Drama channels got their time in the spotlight beginning in mid 2018 during the dramaggeddon one between Jeffree Star, Laura Lee, MannyMUA, Nikita Dragun, and Gabriel Zamora. That situation was huge at the time and it helped channels like Tea Spill get a lot of attention over the next few months. The hype around drama channels and the drama community continued over the next year during the Bye Sister stuff and Jaclyn Hill’s lipstick scandal.

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Just a warning that this post does discuss the recent CallMeCarson stuff that has been happening on Twitter and the allegations surrounding him.

To be clear, I’ve been a fan of Carson and his Lunch Club friends for a little over a year now and seeing the Drama Alert video and his friends coming forward confirming what happened is disheartening. 

CallMeCarson, one of the biggest streamers on Twitch with a popular YouTube channel as well, has been exposed by two former friends for having inappropriate exchanges with minors. Noah and Traves went on Drama Alert to talk about it and said that it was the reason the Lunch Club broke up. Apparently Carson had told all of the Lunch Club members in March of 2020 about him sexting with a minor and downplayed the situation.

After this video came out, Charlie or Slimcicle, posted on Twitter detailing how he cut ties after Carson has told him, contacted authorities, and didn’t talk about it publically or come forward because he believed authorities needed to handle it. Many of Carson’s former friends including cscoop, JOKO, JaidenAnimations, Jawsh, Altrive, and Schlatt all expressed their feelings about the situation. Some just gave tweets saying they were disappointed or disgusted while others went into more detail. Schlatt made a video on his WeeklySlap channel talking about the situation and why he continued his friendship with him after he told the group about his relationship with underage girls. I recommend watching it, but I’ll give cliff notes for those who don’t want to.

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Stop scrolling mates this is IMPORTANT

Tw for p*dophilia and sexual misconduct with a minor.

For those who don’t know the famous now infamous YouTuber callmecarson has been accused of sending nudes and grooming minors. He admits this in a discord where one of his friends puts him through an arg styled thread on Twitter.

I cross posted a thread I made on Twitter with my thoughts on the issue and my concerns.

In light of the recent scandal involving Carson. I have to say this, you all act surprised that this would happen. There’s people disputing these “allegations”. This is not surprising there was just plain ignorance in the fandom and negligence on the groups part.

not only that but the whole situation is being sensationalized. Yes there will be more victims emboldened to speak out but there’s also a dark side to this kinda coverage on Twitter. That’s trivializing atrocious actions of people because you find their suffering funny. the uncomfortable truth is that the whole scandal is seen as that, a scandal it’ll be forgotten in the stream of new information.

The most disgusting thing to me is knowing this is going to be as unpreventable or inevitable. No! It shouldn’t be that way! the solution to this is issue is holding creators to a realistic standard. While I may be poc and biased I can say that this only got so bad because of Carson being white along with cis. If he wasn’t people would’ve put him under more scrutiny.

meaning that fandoms of big youtubers or twitch streamers are normally centered around white dudes as pewdipie and Logan Paul. The crux of preventing this mess is to be critical and hold the creators to a realistic standard. Aka not allowing malicious actions to slide.

TLDR I know people will either be outraged and crucify Carson. Which should happen but I also know that they’ll flock to jschlatt with the idea of him being the best and least problematic YouTuber and twitch streamer. Be vigilant and if you’re a child do not trust him.

Thank you for reading this.

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