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nathsketch · a month ago
i love your artwork its so beautiful. do you have youtube videos?
Thank you so so much!
I do, actually! As of approximately 20 minutes ago, today, August 31st, I have a brand-new YouTube channel! Please feel free to join me in this new chapter! Let's see how I'll fare on this audiovisual journey!
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P.S: I'm terrified 🙈😆
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augusttvshow · 8 months ago
New video already 1000 views in 1h I'm so proud 😊
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beththebuilder · 2 months ago
I think I’m just going to start an Onlyfans & then just do all my DIY/Handywoman projects in bootyshorts & a white tank top. 💋 But I might be serious.
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theodorecanaryhood · 7 months ago
I'm running low on ideas!! Please help!!
Here's a headcanon! Hope you like 👍
Jason Todd dating a YouTuber. I've taken inspiration from some of my favourite YouTube channels!
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Jason met you at a podcast event
You were one of the girls being interviewed, Jason was just there as security
He does that on the side sometimes when he needs a break from the fam!
He was intrigued with you, you were quite straight faced even when coming out with a joke
You had dry humour
You were sarcastic
He started watching your channel, video after video
He subscribed of course
He met you again at another podcast
This time, he asked you out
After a few months of dating, and Jason quoting your videos all the time, he took yiu to meet the batfam
Damian recognised you straight away
'It's you, YouTube, you're y/YT/n'
Damian claimed to be your biggest fan
'You watch YouTube?' Jason questioned curiously
'Yes, what's your point Todd?' Damian asked
Jason tagged along to watch you film a video
'This fool, put a whole cereal bar in a bowl of milk. How'd they work?' You said, Jason cracking up in the background
'Pay no attention to the laughing man in the background'
Since you released the video, all the comments were asking if that was Jason Todd, THE Jason Todd
You confirmed a few videos later that you two were dating
You then did a separate channel for you and Jason
Mostly life hacks, DIY, cooking and baking...yes Jason bakes. Who knew?
Of course Damian wanted to be on your channel too
Dick even did some acrobatic tutorials for your second channel
Your fan base actually got bigger with the second channel
Jason was so happy to be with you
You were happy to be with him
Because of your dry humour and sarcasm and Jason's dark humour, the comedy content was up
Everyone fangirled when Dick joined the team
You helped Tim set up a YouTube channel for technology stuff
You helped Damian with a fitness and diet channel
Dick did a acrobatics and gymnastics channel
You had Alfred on a few times to help with the baking and cooking
Jason did a few videos about the history of the Wayne family...missing out the Bat parts
Everyone was in their element
Jason and you did a video one day, which ended with Jason proposing to you
Then you vlogged after you...of course said yes
Yup, God bless YouTube
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theloreofbushcraft · 5 months ago
🏕️Staw Stuffed Special Forces Bivy Bag Mattress 🛌 one of the most comfortable sleeps I had out in the woods (see note below) Clip from my YouTube Shelter Build video 🎞️🏕️🌲🔥🪵🪓 🏁Note: Just don't overstuff it as I did. I had to take half of that out, because it needs to be pliable in order to be comfortable. It also would make it too high and you will touch the rails of the shelter. (Feel free to ask any questions) ??? Turn on the volume for full effect 🔉 ⭐ Please Subscribe, Like and Share and ring the bell 🔔 on my YouTube channel⭐ 🔥The complete video🔥 adventure and many more are available on my YouTube channel 🪓🌿🌲🏕️🍁(Link in my Profile Bio) . . . . #bushcraftcamp #strawbed #primitiveskills #bivy #snugpak #johnbed #youtubechannel #adventure #youtuber #bushcraft #bushcraftgear #bushcrafting #camping #camp #campinglife #campfire #outdoors #fjallraven #outdoor #outdooradventures #hiking #hikingadventures #hikingtrails #hikinglife #hikingculture #woodsman #selfreliance #survival #survivalgear #tent (at Somewhere in the Woods)
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corvettesupercar · a month ago
#CorvetteSuperCars #Fam
I want to introduce you to one of our #CorvetteSuperCars #CorvetteChicks - Sarah Watkins Music Single #FallIntoMe is available
On Instagram you can find our, Sarah Watkins: @platinum__chick
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Sarah Watkins - Fall Into Me via @YouTube
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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beththebuilder · 2 months ago
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I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I just model with random objects. I promise there’s a point. 😜
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