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The fishing tactics of the Great Blue Heron vs Great White Egrets appear to be quite different. From what I’ve seen and others have commented on, the white heron or Great Egret using a stomping method to stir up debris or small organisms that attract prey, fish in this case, for them to strike at and eat. Great Blue Herons have a more laid back, patient approach. They stand still for long periods of time, waiting for an unexpecting fish to swim along to become lunch. That all said, a quick Google search shows most sites having their fishing styles or techniques being similar. But there is more… Great Blue Heron fishing tactics: “Their method is rather simple. Usually they stand motionless in shallow water. When a fish comes by, out goes the long neck and the fish is seized. The heron moves around slowly, but most often they just stand still and wait until a frog or a fish comes within reach.” Source: Great Egret fishing tactics: “Great Egrets wade in shallow water (both fresh and salt) to hunt fish, frogs, and other small aquatic animals. They typically stand still and watch for unsuspecting prey to pass by. Then, with startling speed, the egrets strike with a jab of their long neck and bill.” Source: PDF about Great Egrets using bait to lure, attract and catch fish: “First Records of Active Bait Fishing for Great (White) Egrets (Ardea alba)“ SO we see that great egrets or white herons have been seeing using baits as methods of luring fish. This is very similar to what we witness the great white egret doing in this wildlife footage. Neat to see the egret and blue heron fishing next to each other! For a second there, I thought they were going to battle each other. The great egret caught more prey, but the great blue heron caught the largest fish! #BirdsOfPrey #Herons #Fishing Great Blue Heron vs Great White Egrets - Fishing Tactics by pijnacker01

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Mein Blog und mein YouTube Kanal werden weitestgehend unpolitisch bleiben. 👀

Aber wenn es um das Bedingungslose Grundeinkommen (BGE) geht, da bin ich ein unerschütterlicher Verfechter. 💪🏻😌

Und wenn es um Mental Health Awareness geht, was sogar sehr viel damit zu tun hat. 👀💫

Und sobald ich wieder aus dem Krankenhaus raus bin, werde ich auch endlich mein Video zum diesem Thema machen. 🙏🏻

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—> He was working; It appeared he always was working, typing away in some sickening stupor while others were outside, sang, lived lives. There should be more of that, he thought. There should be more living, more singing, more loving and more humanity. It’s why he was here, after all.
—> And yet, as the door opened, he had something to be afraid of that took him by too much surprise, too much fear, too much, too much, too much. 

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