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#youtuber drama

Have you ever observed apology video title? They’re literal synonyms

  • Never doing this again
  • No more lies
  • Taking accountability
  • Admitting when I’m wrong
  • Doing what’s right
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so i was just watching a technoblade reaction comp of how good he actually is and how terrified people are when they see him charging towards them. diff povs and all that. etc etc.

then this guy xQc pops up and he’s so fuckin toxic? like, the amount of salt and toxicity in the words he throws at technoblade is so undeserved like techno is such a nice guy.

xQc literally screamed stuff like “techno can eat my crusty asshole” and i??? am so mad???

techno is such a sweet and tired boi who deserves a helluva lot more respect and not all that salt that gets thrown at him.

THEN i see xQc in more comps, and learned that he apparently made anothet person cry from how much he bullied them in a Among Us game?? AND he made Toast raise his voice in another Among Us game?

someone please stop him. i hate him. he’s so annoying and so rude towards others. he throws so much fucking salt at people when he loses but boastd and says that “they arent even that good” when he wins.

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Hot take: every single YT video by one YT'er about another YT'er, that does nothing but “uncover their history” or try to invoke clickbait through leeching off the world’s need for drama, is a waste of time.

Every. Single. One.

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God I’m reading russ money’s post and I’m like super sad. Cry was my favorite person who got me through alot. Now I know he hurt so many people and what he done.

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Not to be annoying because I love jenna marbles, but I’ve seen too many posts where yall are saying, “yall are gonna cancel jenna but leave Shane and jeffree alone?” But jenna actively supports those 2 people. So like… I don’t know what that says but it says something.

I still like jenna Marbles but that part about her I was not comfortable with but it’s like her choice to do so but it made me feel weird for still liking her.

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Also I will say that being “unproblematic ” TO ME, means that you aren’t doing anything malicious or with ill intent, you know? So I get when Jenna said she didn’t want to be labeled unproblematic but in my eyes she really was y"know? She was deadass just vibing and doing whatever, so she WAS problematic but in my heart I felt she that she wasn’t anymore and therefore an unproblematic person? Like I won’t call her that or anything but I’m just saying

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